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August 21 - September 8, 2010

August 21

I have computer problems and may not be back for days. I have a few minutes before running out of power. Be back as soon as possible.

September 7

I'm back. I'll make it as short as possible. I regret waking up early on August 21 to start the update, as there were two lightning strikes at my house, the second one disabling the modem (but not damaging the hard drive or computer operations). I drove down to an internet cafe to get the August 21 update loaded for you, only to find that the AC adapter would neither charge the computer battery nor power the computer. Seeing just ten minutes of battery power remaining, there was time enough only to give you the message above.

To provide you with a further message, I called a friend with a computer to see if she could access my files in my server's computer system. After a couple of days, we were able to access this page and others, but could not alter them (a security protection, no doubt, provided by my server), meaning that she could not add any new message to an existing page. The only way was to download an HTML editor online, but I did not want to have her pay for one. Failing to find a free one (too many sellers claim to offer a free one, but then don't let you find a link to a free one), I didn't want to burden her any longer. I ordered new computer parts; they came this morning. It is my policy not to use the public library for tribwatch email or uploading.

Below is the August 21 update that I didn't have time to load. I'll leave it up with no further comments for some days, as readers need time to discover that I'm back up. In the meantime I'll check whatever important news I might have missed in the past three weeks. I of course apologize for all who checked in regularly without a word from me. Days turned into a week, and two weeks into the third.

Jesus described the true Templar when he pointed out the aging woman at the Jerusalem Temple giving her last penny. The so-called "poor knights" of the Payen- and Bouillon-led Templars were not exactly like that woman. Firstly, Jesus became angry with Peter's sword, and ordered him to put it away, even when Peter was trying to protect Jesus' life from those who carried torches in the night of His arrest. The Lord of the Temple did not want his Church built on the power of the knightly sword. Secondly, it is said that Templars became international bankers, not exactly a picture of the old woman.

Third, the Templars were in partnership with the Catholic church, which had a good track record for co-ruling Satan's domain -- Europa -- along with the greatest powers...who got that way by the powers of the swords. Catholicism was in the habit of creating all sorts of fantasies, and even if the idea of a Jesus-Mary sexual affair originated from a Catholic, we should not view it as reliable let alone true. It is not all to the blame of pagans that there arose a pago-Christianity, for Roman Catholicism played it part in that mud too.

I'm going entertain mythical Esus as a pagan entity that took on a Christian color, perhaps from a Catholicized entity. The reason that I'm entertaining this view is because I caught the idea late in yesterday's update that there were bloodlines tracing themselves to Jesus' blood that also happen to have been the dragon cults that I'm focusing on lately.

One of the ideas I caught was that bloodlines tracing themselves to the Biblical Johns were instead Hyksos-based. Did you happen to notice that The Arms of Breslau, using both Biblical Johns, had John the Baptist centrally, with eyes closed, and apparently upon a silver platter? It just so happens that John's head was cut off by...Edomites. Yes, king Herod was an Edomite.

And did you happen to notice that the Apostle John was make to look effeminate?

As the Arms of Breslau is obviously an entity of the Piast dynasty, and moreover honors king Mieszko with its "Miasto" motto term and Massey Shield, and because Breslau is in Silesia, I am confident that Piasts trace to the Shardana=Sardinian Sea Peoples otherwise known as Pisidians of Poseidon. "Shardana" may itself have been a Shar tribe of Danaans, evoking the Carians that lived beside Pisidians. We know that Danaans were on Rhodes, so why not also on continental Rhodes, which was Caria.

As Breslau was also "Wratislav" in old times, I think the anchor in the German Bratt/Bratt Coat, and other Coats, is a symbol of Sea Peoples, perhaps even of Poseidon himself.

The Braat Coat is a Janina-type i.e. Shield-on-Shield, suggesting links to what I consider the John-surnamed families that honored pharaoh Khyan (said wrongly to mean "John," but we assume that some believed it enough to use it as their surname) and his son, Yanassi. I repeat this again because Welsh Johns and Welsh Johns/Jones use ravens (as well as axes), and recently I caught wind that heraldic ravens are called "rooks." I assumed that the rook was code for a hard-c version of "Rus," but now I'm seeing "WROClaw," the name of Breslau as it evolved from "Wratislav."

Thus, the raven-depicted Rus -- who founded Rothesay as well -- could trace to Breslau and its Bratts. Years ago I figured that Pratts were Bratts, but now I can add that Pruitts, also called Rothers, should link to Pratts/Bratts because Pruitts use ravens too. AND, as I shared yesterday, from Tim's work, Johns and Pruitts use the same motto: "God feeds the ravens."

It's starting to look like the dragon cult under Christian colors. They started out with pagan symbols, and then applied Christian or Christianized (not exactly the same thing) ones. The Esus cult apparently did the same with its axe symbol, finding a Biblical quote with an axe and applying it to the axe of the Scythians and/or Cretans and/or Hyksos.

I don't know the original name of the Esus entity, but the peoples must have been a crane- and bull-depicted peoples who renamed their god after Jesus, for Esus is symbolized as a man with an axe at the foot of a tree, a tree with cranes and a bull in its branches. As it was John the Baptist who alluded to Jesus as the axe at the foot of a tree, ready to cut down the Pharisees, I would suggest that the same pre-Esus entity also took John the Baptist as their symbol. You get it. I'm thinking that the Piasts of Breslau were linked to the Esus cult.

You may have read where I traced the crane goddess (as a theory) to Ranulf de Gernon...because the crane goddess was Gerana. Well, as the son of Ranulf le Meschin, Ranulf de Gernon was of the Mieszko bloodline of Breslau/Silesia Piasts. That's the first clue of an Esus link to Piasts. The second is the bull used in the Mieske/Mesech Coat. Both German Bratts and German Mieskes were first found in Prussia, to no surprise.

Recalling late yesterday where the black bull head of the Mieskes was linked to the same of the Sias/Say surname, we expect a trace of Piasts to ancient Sais on the Nile delta, and to mythical Bast. This webpage tells that Gerana was a goddess from Africa, and related to Pygmies, a term smacking of the Pikuat/Peguat alternative name of Sais. The page then links Gerana to a Kyknos bird (sounds like mythical Cygnus the swan, of Liguria) of Sybaris in southern Italy (near Laus), what I gather was a Hyksos entity.

INDEED, as I identified "Cygnus" as Kikons of the Hebros river, and they in turn as mythical Ixion, it's not a coincidence that Gerana was made the mother of Mopsus, a Lapith entity, for Ixion was king of the Lapiths!

Abraham was in Egypt for a spell, says Genesis. This opens the door to the coming down of Nahorites, for Nahor was Abraham's brother. Or, Nahorites may have come to the Nile delta whether or not Abraham trekked that way. Again, Nahor's firstborn, Uz ("Uts" in Hebrew) sound like the founding tribe of the Uat cult, Nahor's second-born, Buz, sounds like the Buto variation of the Uat cult, and as Buto was a Chemmite capital, Chemmites appear to have been named, not after Cimmerians as I claimed days ago, but after Kemuel, Nahor's third-born.

The update page that was titled, Danaans were Cimmerians, has been changed to, Danaans were Cambrians. The idea that "Cymbri" refers to Cimmerians may be wrong. I've yet to go over all the theories making that link, to re-weigh the soundness of the evidence. Perhaps we've been deliberately misled. It struck me this morning that "Kemuel," when a 'u' becomes a 'v,' becomes Kemvel>Kembul. It just so happens that Cambridge is on the north side of CAMULOdunum (= Colchester). AND, the Kimbals/Kimbles (Shield-on-Shield) were first in BUCKinghamshire, not far from Cambridge. (Lightning struck my phone line as I wrote this paragraph, and killed the modem, the third one that's been fried by lightning. If it's a Sign , I don't know what it means, but could indicate that what I'm writing is, not only wrong, but not to God's liking. Or, can satan direct lightning to my telephone post?)

In other words, places like SiCAMBRIA, Cambrai (Merovingian France), and Camber/Cumber of the Brits, as well as the Cymbri of Jutland/Denmark and perhaps also the Cymri of Wales, may be from Kemuel Nahorites rather than Cimmerians, and all tracing back to the Chemmites of the Nile. I had traced the Nile god, Khnum (i.e. like "Akhmin/Khent-Min," the Egyptian name of Chemmis), to the husband of the mythical "Gyptis" princess at the founding of Liguria at Lacydon. AND, the idea that king Cygnus of Liguria came later can suggest that Ixion's Hyksos came into contact with Chemmites of Liguria, which is exactly what the father of Cygnus suggests, for he was king Sthenelus = Sithones, whom I have recently traced to Set(h) and therefore possibly to Sais. Remember, I trace Cygnus to Lycurgus (Ligur-like term), mythical king of the Edones, and Edones (a real people) did in fact had a Sithone tribe.

Again, but with an additional point or two: as I identify Edones with the Adonis cult in Sidon and other Phoenician realms, but linked to PosEidon (or was the code intended as PoSeidon too?), a Nahorite identity for the Buto cult supports my old trace of Poseidon to Buz. This compels me to identify Poseidon at ground zero as the Bast/Baset aspect of Uat/Buto (both were lion goddesses)...meaning that the Poseidon line to Phoenicians was from Nahorites, which jibes with my trace of Phoenicians proper to the Pan cult, whom I traced to Lake Van (founded and named by the "Poeni"-like Biaini peoples), where the Nairi lived and had an empire.

Articles I've read claim that the Buto and Bast cults came early in Egypt's history (though it's wrong to date them as old as 3,000ish BC), in pre-Hyksos times. It suggests that the first empire on earth, said to be Egyptian, was a Nahorite one, of Poseidon, Zeus, Cronus, and Uranus and Gaia. It all makes a Uranus link to Haran -- "Nahor's city" -- feasible, and thus suggests that Gaia was a tribe of Gaham (end of Genesis 22), another child of Nahor.

The Gerana crane goddess was associated with a Cronus-like term, so that we get it: the bull-and-crane cult of Esus was from the Cronus>Zeus cult of Moloch, but then apparently doing what satan's sons do best, disguising themselves as the bloodline of Jesus while making Jesus look like he was NOT the son of God, but rather one who had an affair with Mary Magdalene (or worse), an affair that, supposedly, His Apostles covered up and didn't report to the world.

Then there's the Hurrian-of-Haran trace to Horites of Edom, whom Esau conquered and ruled. These Horites are suspect as the founders of the Horus cult which was itself the central aspect of the Buto and Bast cult, suggesting a merger of Edomite-Horites with Egyptian Nahorites. Later we find two Edomites named "king Herod," apparently named after Horites, both of whom would persecute Jesus. The second king Herod had the head of John cut off and brought in on a platter. Later still we find an Esus cult depicted by bulls and cranes linked to Piasts who used John's head on a platter as their central symbol. Where were the Horites among the Piasts, and were they Horites tracing back to the king-Herod bloodline?

What about Wratislav=Wroclaw? WRAT looks like a Horite variation? AND, Horites of Edom were Seir-ians, while Seleucids -- especially the Soter Seleucids -- were in Syria (see yesterday's trace of Soter and/or Soetr to Wroclau/Silesia), which was also called Aram, the name of Kemuel's son. Genesis 22 does not name the sons of any of Nahor's sons, except for Aram, son of Kemuel. Why?

Just remember, in case it turns out to be true, that the Herod bloodline might lead to Wroclaw, and might therefore be symbolized by the rook=raven, perhaps even the castle that's called a rook, perhaps even the moline-type cross that has ends looking like the ends of the rook in the Rook Coat. Yes, the raven and the rook are Rus symbols, but if Horites were foundational to Horus, and if he was code for the Hros peoples, then Horites were proto-Rus. I would fully expect Edomized Horites in red-rose Rhodes (the island is said to be named after its roses, but I think that's a ruse), and I would expect Horites at the bottom of Rosicrucianism.

It dawns on me now that the goat head growing out from the Chimaera dragon's back is an excellent example of a Pan-based Phoenician alliance with Nahorite (i.e. Poseidon) Phoenicians...if "Chimaera" is a Chemmite-Kemuel entity. On the other hand, Cimmerians were in the Lycian domain where the Chimaera was located.

I'm loath to identify Kamiros of Rhodes with Kemuel, because I think a Gamir=Cimmerian identification is solid. It dawns on me now that Cimmerians may not have been Gomerians at all. I took the position early in my studies that the two were not the same peoples, but succumbed to it by force of all the historians who make the link. At first, I had instead linked Cimmerians to an As/Asi/Assi peoples, and I now see that Nahor has a fifth son, Hazo, who might have become the Asi. The point is, Cimmerians may have been named after Kemuel elements, in which case I could again say that Danaans of Buto were Cimmerians.

That works very well with Danaans at Lindos of Rhodes. Both the Danaans and the Kamiros founders are thus Chemmites, and it just so happens that the Kimbal surname (I'm assuming for the time being that it was directly after "Kemuel") was first found in BUCKinghamshire (i.e. like "Pach/pech" et al that I trace to Nile-delta Hyksos) near LONDON. Interestingly, Geoffrey of Monmouth had London founded by mythical Brutus, a term that should trace to Bruttium, which had an eastern border at the Sybaris river i.e. where mythical Kyknos was located with Gerana's Pygmy elements.

[End of August 21 update]

I have some key points to make, and no doubt there will be an avalanche of discovery with the many keys presently at our disposal. But for some days, I should allow time for readers to tune back in before going on.

September 8

Reading up on the news of just the past couple of days, it's already apparent that not much has changed in the Iraqi and Palestinian situations. And the Obama boomerang has not yet turned in his favor.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that the world has not yet entered the 70th Week. But betting men can be wrong. I would place that bet only because I wouldn't bet on the opposite at this time. There is no anti-Christ movement apparent to me in Iraq. The mandatory skincode system seems to be too-far off still. The floundering of Obama's political life, and his not yet showing activist Christ-like colors of the false-disciple kind, are some evidence that he is not the False Prophet.

It's important to me to point out to you that I am not trying to convince anyone that we have entered the 70th Week. Perhaps we have, and perhaps things will move along quickly and suddenly at any time, but it is not my intention to exaggerate the news to make you believe that we are at a precipice when we may not be.

The primary order of "business" is to watch the result of the current governmental vacuum in Iraq. Has it been correct to assume that Isaiah's "king of Babylon" and "Assyrian" has been waiting for Obama to clear out of Iraq before launching his mission/headquarters into Mosul? That old Assyrian capital remains the primary option for acting as Insurgent headquarters. If it proves wrong that Insurgents had everything planned for an uprising soon after Obama declared the end of combat operations a week ago, then perhaps the anti-Christ mission starts shortly after the next deadline, the end of 2011, at which time all U.S. forces must leave Iraq. The American military has decided to concentrate on Mosul between now and the next deadline, a very interesting scenario. Don't miss what's about to happen, because it could be "it."


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