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May 28 - June 3, 2024

Kepke's Golf Themes
My Atomic Model

Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names.

Aside from the last update, I've mentioned a teenage friend, with Kepke surname, probably in every update for the past ten or more. Mainly, he's been mentioned because of my claim that he pointed to GRAPHene-oxide in vaccines when, at 14 years of age, he chased me with a spider dangling on its web, in front of Karen GRAFF. There's more to this than the graphene-Graff similarity. I'm repeating this because, last week, I came across "GoF," the short-form for "gain-of-function."

I can't remember whether I've done an heraldic treatment on GoF. There's a few reasons as to why the Gof variation of Goffs/Gough's can be relevant (or a pointer of God) to a forced-vaccine program that underpins the coming 666 system. First reason: because Gofs/Gough's share the boar of Googe's/Goose's and Schims/Schiens, and secondly because they are in the colors of the Goose-like goat of Kepke's/Kopke's. You're probably wondering, so what? The Schim/Schien Chief shares the stars of English Gos'/Josse's. Is that all? No, that's just for starters.

Load Goff Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

The giant boar head of Schims/Schiens is not only in Kepke/KOPke colors and format, but while Kepke-branch Kupe's'/Koops use a cup-like symbol, Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Schiens and their Skin/Scan branch. The 666 system will be a SKIN-SCAN system, right? Probably.

And so it could appear that the Kepke bloodline was from Gog, and that God arranged the heraldry surrounding both Gofs and Googe's to point to the mark of the beast along with gain-of-function bio-weapons. It seems to square nicely with Kepke's pointer to graphene-oxide, but it tends to make me believe that I was correct to identify Ezekiel's Gog as the anti-Christ, something that I have reoccurring doubts about.

The Schim/Schien Chief is identical to the Washington Chief, and I recall when Washingtons were once said to be first found in Lancashire, which is where COPElands were first found who not only share the double-red Washington fesses, but have "Sir John de Coupeland, successor of de Coucy,..." The Goose's/Googe's are also Coucy-like Gouch's, you see, and while we're at it, we can go to the Couch's/Cooch's/Cauch's because they have double-red pale bars to almost match the double-red Washington fesses, in which case we can note the Gace variation of proto-Washington Wassa's. A pointer to the 666 and Washington DC together makes sense.

Once we are at the Wassa's, we can go to the WAISTells because Kepke's teen girlfriend, CHRISTINE Peare, pointed to Waistells/Wessels of Wasdale in St. Bees in Cumberland, and it just so happens that St. Bees and a Copeland location are in the Whitehaven part of Cumberland. Wikipedia's article on Copeland: "...[it was] an area of the Forest bought from the estate of St Bees Priory." It just so happens that Bee's, who are in the Beast/Bessin Coat, were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Couch's/Cooch's/Cauch's. If that's not enough, Christine's/Christians use "covered cups".

Moreover, the Christine/Christian chevron is shortened, and though it's officially called, "humetee," this type of heraldic feature has also been called, "couped," probably having to do with a shortened chevron of Scottish Coopers/Coppers. The latter use "laurel," which is in the giant cup of Larrys/Laurie's, and "Lawrence," Kepke's first name, is at times shortened to, "Larry."

Lawrence's/Laurence's love the Readys who in turn share the Christman swan while Christmans share the Kepke/Kopke and Kupe/Koop border. The giant swan of both Christmans is in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, and the English Christmans were first found in Hampshire with Cheppe's/Keppe's/Kipps. Readys are in Gof / Goose/Googe colors and format, and the Ready Crest even has a SCIMitar while Goose's/Googe's share the SCHIM boar.

Copeland was once "Kaupland," and Kaups (fairly new to me) happen to show nothing but roses in the colors and format of Goose's/Googe's and Gofs/Gough's! As Mr. Kepke almost married Christine Peare, when I was friends with them both (I was with Christine first), I'm getting the impression that Copeland and Cups/Cope's were named by the Kepke bloodline that also named Kiev, home of Rose-line Roxolani. And for me, this spells the Rosh whom Ezekiel 38 lumps in the Gog and MESHECH (some Bible versions leave out the Rosh, translating the term as "chief").

It just so happens that Ranulph le MESCHin ruled Copeland, and his father had ruled the Bessin, explaining why le Meschin ruled in Cheshire, where Beasts/Bessins and Masseys/Maceys (share Bee quadrants) were first found. This seems to be God's way of once again identifying Gog as the "beast" of Revelation.

As Kepke chased a Masci liner with the spider, we add that Massey-branch Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's. Chase's were a branch of Chance's who in turn share the Maschi (not "Masci") Chief, and Mascals were first found in Sussex with Keeps and Coppers/Coopers. The latter's chief is in the two colors of the Chance Chief. Keeps are in the motto of Hebrons, the latter first found in Northumberland with Perrins.

Things get more interesting where the Kaup roses are used by English Tate's, first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the upright Kepke/Kopke goat. But this is not all, for the Tate roses are on the lone pale bar of Roxburghs. That's not all because, while the Roxburgh Crest is almost the Christine/Christian Crest, the Tams in the Roxburgh motto are listed with Tiens/Thames', kin of Peare's. The latter two were first found in Oxfordshire with GOFers/Gophers (Gof / Googe colors). And a Kepoi location is at a Taman peninsula.

canada's Chief Public Health Officer for trudeau's vaccine programs is Theresa TAM, hmmm. She's been a typical liberal ignoramus in denial of the dangers and falsifications of Liberal-party policies.

Also, the Kaup roses are with Dansette's, and Kepke loved to dance (I've said this many times). And, aha, Dansette's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes! Kaups (new to me) must have been a branch of Caiaphas-suspect Chappes'. Scottish Chappes' use "ears of wheat", but also have a "garb," in Crest, the Keppoch symbol too that's often regarded as a wheat sheaf. The Crest of Scottish Chappes' is shared by English Josephs, and while Joseph Caiaphas murdered Jesus, Cheppe's/Keppe's/Kipps (show no Coat but have a page) were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs!

The Garb surname has the Chappes / Joseph Crest too, but adds wings!!! It's perfect where Wings/Winks were first found in Worcestershire with Chips!

Garbs use "a pair of wings", and Cass'/Cash's, suspect in the "Cas" motto term of English Josephs, use a "pair of scales" while Scale's share the scallops of CAPES/Capets'!!! They are also the scallops of Dive's (same place as Cass'/Cash's) who in turn share a FESSE-dancette (different colors) with Hoo's/Whoo's. Chappes' are also Chapats, and then while English Josephs were related to CAPLans and Chaplains, Capelli's were first found in Ferrara with the Charo's in the motto of English Josephs. Cass'/Cash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Garb-like Crabs, and with Chapmans/Chepmans who go with the Chipman variation of Chips.

The reason Dansette's were looked up at all was due to the Hoo/WHOO dancette. The WHO can be expected to push skin chips. Plus, Keppochs can be linked to English Dance's, and then Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with the SHOTs/Schute's sharing the three swords of Skins/Scans. Italian Dance's were Pero/Perino kin, and Kepke with Miss Peare were ALWAYS dancing (in bars).

Lake Tatta is at the upper Halys river, and the Halys/Haley surname happens to share the Goose/Googe / Gof/Gough and Schims/Schien boar. The Halys/Haley boars form a pale bar colors reversed from the Tate / Roxburgh pale bar. I'll add that while Kepke's brother married NIKKi Walsh, Trump said last week that Nikki Haley will be on his White-House team even though she's the enemy of his voter base.

Walsh's are from Wallachia, location of the Buzau river, and Mr. Kepke left Miss Peare to get engaged with KIM Walsh, Nikki's sister. That doesn't look coincidental. He then left Kim to go back to Peare, and finally he left Peare too. Kims share the white cinquefoil with Buzau-like Bus'. Kims essentially share the Coat of Daces'/Darcys/Dorseys expected in the "AuDACES" motto term of Goose's/Googe's (rose in Crest). It's almost the "Audax" motto term of Roxburghs, and it just so happens that Aude's, with possibly the three Skin/Scan swords, were first found in Savoy with French Chance's and French Masseys.

While Christine Peare pointed to Waistells, I trace them to Vestalis, the son of king Cottius (Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's) whom I trace to a Cotesii people (upper-right on this map) on the Buzau river (not marked on map), where I had seen Roxolani stamped upon a map. Wikipedia's article on Roxolani has them both at the Kiev area (Dnieper river) and on the Dnieper-like Naparis river (near the Buzau), and here we can add that the PEERless surname is listed with Napiers. When we go to Peartree's/Patria's, we find that they share the Trump stag head, itself in Kepke/Kopke colors and format.

The "HUMEtee" chevron of Christine's/Christians can be for Hume's/Home's, first found in Berwickshire (beside Roxburghshire) with Waistell-beloved Dove's and Scottish Tate's/Teets. "HumeTEE" can also be for the Tee's/Tease's (Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams), from the Tessin river, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found.

Why would it be necessary or desirable to incorporate graphene-oxide with the 666 system? I don't know for sure, but on top of these considerations, the Kepke-like Cheppe's/Keppe's/Kipps are in the write-up of Chips, and suddenly the heraldry touching upon these Kepke-like surnames is pointing to skin chips. This is why I began writing on the Kepke / Googe link to Skins/Scans, knowing that Kepke's takes us to Chips.

This heraldry can explain why God, who destined me to write on preparation for the 666 system, made Mr. Kepke my friend for about a decade, during which time he CHASEd me with the spider. Cheppe's/Keppe's/Kipps were first found in Hampshire with Cup-branch Copps (roses) and Chase's, you see, and while the latter share the patonce cross of English Chance's, I could add that French Chance's share the lone sun of Needle's. The skinchip, they say, is inserted with a needle, but so is a vaccine, and vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with Needle's.

As Needle's share the Hesse(n) Coat, we note further that Goose- / Goat-like Gotz's/Goeze's have this: "The surname Gotz was first found in Franconia, later Hessen..." And Franconia is where Schwabs were first found while the global-vaccine program was/is largely a function of Klaus Schwab. The latter, who wants to pioneer brain chips, etc., stepped down as the WEF leader only mere days ago, and it just so happens that Wefers, first found beside the first-known Chips, are in Gof/Gough colors and format. One half of the German Gos/Goz Coat is in Wefer colors and format.

Do you think it's coincidental that Gotz's/Goeze's share the Pero/Perino pale bar? If not, why might God have arranged that link? Perrins were first found near the first-known Goose's/Googe's.

Ranulph le Meschin above descended from Goz's. Ranulph probably named both Randolph surnames, and while Scottish Randolphs are a super pointer to the horseshoe bats at the root of gain-of-function research, they were first found in Moray while Gos'/Goz's share the Moray stars. Again, "GoF" is the short form for "gain-of-function," and you saw that Gofs sharing the boars of Goz-like Goose's/Googe's. Is that not amazing? Scottish Randolphs use both the horseshoe and the bat. Therefore, the heraldry seems not only to be pointing to an intermarried Gog-Meshech-Rosh bloodline leading up to the anti-Christ, but to vaccine poisons.

While this discussion can predict that the 666 system will be a vaccine-based DOOR pass, English Doors, first found in Herefordshire with Wefers (and their Wafer branch), share bees with Beasts/Bessins while I think the MARK of the beast will be from the Biblical Gog. Wefers are largely in Daces/DORsey colors and format. Irish Doors share the Graff/GRAFFEN/Grav lion, and Grave's/Greafs were first found beside Herefordshire.

Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts while Letters, having a "goose" in Crest, use a giant, graphene-like griffin in Schwab colors and format. Schwabs were likely from Swabia, where German Rolls were first found whom I link to Roys suspect in the motto of Googe-connectable Daces'/Dorseys (Roy / Roll / Googe colors). The Roll lion is in the colors of the Giuffre/GOFFredo/GOLFredo unicorn, white like the giant Schwab unicorn, and Mr. Kepke will soon bring us to a GOLF theme. The lone Giuffre/Golfredo star is shared by German Christmans (Kepke connectable).

This gets interesting where Kupe's/Koops use "candle sticks" while Candels/CANDI's were first found in Naples with Giuffre's/Golfredo's. Virginia Giuffre made a name for herself by first working for the mad scientist, Jeffrey Epstein, then suing some who abused her at Epstein's island, including at least one man in the British royal family. Epstein was/is a pedophile, and Kepke-connectable Kidds were first found in Suffolk with CANDYs. Pedophiles give candy to kids for abducting them.

It could appear that Kepke's golf theme points to Epstein's crime ring. He was involved with Maxwell Intelligence, and Maxwells were first found in Roxburghshire with Giuffre-connectable Googe's. The Maxwell Shield and Crest compares well to the near-same of Hawkins while Haeks/Hacke's share the giant Giuffre/Golfredo unicorn. Hake's were first found in Norfolk with the Hollys in the Maxwell Crest.

While Giuffre's/Golfredo's are in the colors and near-format of goat-using Kepke's/Kopke's, Epsteins were first found in Hesse with Gotz's/Goeze's...coincidence? I think not. Epsteins share the Coat of Muschats, first found in Essex with Maschi-connectable Chance's. The spider chase at the home of the Graffs can point to Epstein where Chase's were a Chance branch, and where Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau while Graffs/Graffens/Gravs share the Nassau/Naso lion. Italian Naso's (Kepke / Giuffre colors) use millstones while Mills, first found in Hampshire with Chase's, have a Coat like the one of Kupe's/Koops.

This part of the discussion could be implicating the British-Israeli Intelligence behind Epstein as being part of the push to poison the globe with graphene. Israel was perhaps the first-prize nation in pushing vaccinations, perhaps beating Australia.

Kepke was a shoe salesman when he met Christine Peare, and while Knight-loving Shoe's share the Mill star, Knights were first found in Suffolk with Kidds. Shoe's love the Tree's too whose True variation is in the motto of Christine-connectable Hume's/Home's. Christine's, sharing a white unicorn with Giuffre's/Golfredo's, use Kupe-like cups while Naso's may have been of the Ness' sharing the double fesses of Copelands. Copeland is at St. Bees with the first-known Waistells to which Miss Peare pointed. She made that pointer in my SLEEPing-bag dream that itself pointed to poison vaccines. I'll elaborate as I get to it, but here we can note that Sleeps have the double Copeland fesses in colors reversed. Sleeps named Sleap, a location (in Salop) at/near the first-known vaccine-like Vychans.

I first kissed Miss Peare after RUSHing up some STAIRs at the La PALOMA bar, when I owned a MUSTANG. While Vychans are in the Moses write-up as having been of the MOSTYN family, Moses', first found in Shropshire/Salop with Vychans, use a "calvary" symbol that incorporates stairs. Waistells share the dove with the Moses Crest, and with Italian Paloma's while Spanish Paloma's share the Pero/Perino and Gotz'/Goeze pale bar.

The Stairs/Stayers were first found in Kent with Sleeps, and so, maybe, Christine Peare is a pointer to Kenneth Copeland's part in pushing vaccines upon Christians, which can explain why Christine's are listed with Christians. If you've seen videos opposing Kenneth Copeland, you know he looks and acts like the devil.

Mostyns, probably a branch of Mustang-like Mustans (Yorkshire with Calvarys), were first found in Flintshire while Flints are in Stars/STAIRR colors and format, what are the chances? Pero's/Perino's, first found in Piedmont with the Domino's in the Mostyn motto, use "flaming STARs." This part of the discussion seems to have Christians all over it, and I assume persecuted / murdered Christians.

I've always said that we RUSHed up the stairs, because Kepke had invited her to the bar (it was their first date), but as soon as he left the table, Miss Peare agreed to go outside with me (to kiss), and so we rushed up before Kepke could see us. Due to her first name, I might propose here that she is a symbol of Christians rushing / retreating into the wilderness, as per Revelation 12, to live out the 1260 days of the 666 out of the reach of the anti-Christ. Kepke then becomes the symbol of the anti-Christ. I wasn't a Christian yet when kissing her, but, on the last day I ever saw her, I took her to church with me.

The Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds, and so it seems that God set up the stair event to point to the Rosh-Gog alliance. The Keppe's pointed us to Chips, and it just so happens that Rush's are also Rice-like Rish's while Rosco's are also Risco's while both surnames share the fesse of Ricks and Riggs. The point is, videos and articles on skin chips routinely tell that they are the size and shape of a GRAIN of rice, and it's spectacular here that Grains share the Grave/Greaf Coat! Grains were first found in Yorkshire with Clot-connectable Close's, and with Grain-like Grounds/Grundys; I aim to get to the latter with Kepke's golf-ball theme, you just hold on to your chair.

When we rushed up the stairs, we were rising up, and Rise's were first found in Norfolk with Risings. Rise's share the fesse of Roddens/Rodhams while Rotens and Reitmans share the same hexagram. Miss Peare was working at Reitmans CLOTHing at the time of the stair event, a possible pointer to vaccine-pointable Clots/DuCLOS', first found in Lorraine with Perins. As little as a month after I last saw Miss Peare, I was dating Lorraine, and she pointed to RUSSells. I trace Clauds/CLAUSels/Clots to the Clausula river near RHIZON. We were rising up the stairs.

Let's repeat from above while passing the Christine's/Christians: "The giant swan of both Christmans is in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, and the English Christmans were first found in Hampshire with Cheppe's/Keppe's/Kipps." And Chase's. When Kepke saw that Christine and I had left the table, he chased us up the stairs. We had been outside the doors, kissing, but about 15-20 seconds only when he barged out the front doors ANGRY as a thunderstorm.

Angers (Essex with Chance's) were a branch of Graff-beloved Anchors, and while these Angers share the escarbuncle with Hangers. The latter, first found in Hampshire with Chase's, have a giant griffin to go with the Graffen variation of Graffs.

Revelation 12 says that the dragon beast will go after the "woman" (Church) like a "flood," to prevent her from escaping into the wilderness. It just so happens that while Mostyns were first found in Flintshire (beside Hugh Lupus of Cheshire), Flints/Flans are in the format and near-full-colors of Floods/Floyds. The latter almost have the Coat of Bathers, first found beside Flintshire. Flynns have a wolf in the colors of the Bather wolf heads, and these wolf heads belonged to Hugh Lupus, son of Richard Goz! See that? This Goz was le MESCHin's grandfather. See that? Miss Peare and I on the stairs are pointing to the Gog-Rosh-Meshech bloodline to the anti-Christ.

Meschins are in the colors and format of wolf-head Wolvers (Suffolk with Rush's), and moreover Obama descends from Wolfleys, first found in Cheshire and having the Flynn wolf in colors reversed along with "FLAUNches" suspect as part-code for the Flann variation of Flints. Another surname that was first found in Cheshire was the Lupus'/Welfs, and they share the wolf heads of Skins/Scans, I kid you not. So, yes, the rush-up-stair event can point to skin chips enforced on behalf of the anti-Christ.

Obama's mother was Miss Dunham, and Masci's were at Dunham Masci (Cheshire with Rush-connectable Ricks) while Dunhams/Downhams share the Coat of English Randolphs. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with Meschins of Skipton, in Craven, and so let's add that Cravens were Rick kin. The Domine variation of Dunhams/Downhams can be in the Mostyn motto, and the Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with the Vise's expected in the Flood/Floyd motto. How could Obama not have known about Fauci's funding of gain-of-function before the entire Chinese military and government? How could Obama, a communist, not have wanted it? It's more evidence that Obama would love to destroy American society, but, failing that, he would want to destroy NATURAL white surpemacy (not to be taken as a negative thing) in the country.

As the 666 system will be facilitated by banks, it's notable that Banks were first found in Craven, more specifically at Bank NEWTON. Newtons were first found in Cheshire with Ricks. It just so happens that the Newton saltire, made of "shin BONEs," is in the colors of the saltire of Dutch Coopers. I'll return to the Bone's when I get to the BOUNCER that was part of Kepke's stair event, but here we can add that Bunkers, sharing the Bone lion, share the besants of Skipps while Meschins were married to Craven's Skiptons.

Gloucestershire is also where Mercys were first found while Mercie's are listed with the Merces' in the "merces" motto term of Skins/Scans. Put that together with the Grave's/Greafs, first found in Gloucestershire. The Marici co-founded Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found, and here it's probably not coincidental that Mars/More's/Mere's share the scallops of Italian Pavia's. I'm getting the impression that the Skin/Scan motto has the MARK bloodline, coincidence?

It just so happens to Topps were first found in Gloucestershire too, with Lady-like Letts/Late's, and this is beside the Kupe-beloved Sticks of Somerset. Kupe's have "candle STICKs" while Candle's/KENTwells, from John of Gaunt's Kendel elements, share the Lady annulets while "Lady Fortune" is in the Coat of Klaus-like Class'/Klassens suspect in the "gauntlet CLASped" of Topps. Letters have a "tuaRUS" motto term.

Lady Fortune is said to have a "banner," and it just so happens that Scottish Banners were first found in Aberdeenshire with Skins/Scan and Schims/SCHIENs while Scheins/Shiners (Switzerland with Klaus Schwab) almost have the Coat of German Banners! Lookie there. God has His thunderbolts aimed at poor-old Klaus, the betrayer of the human race. German Tabors were first found in Silesia with German Banners and Brocuffs while Brocks were first found in Essex with English Tabers.

I trace Class'/Klassens to the Clausula river, wherefore repeat from above; "Miss Peare was working at Reitmans CLOTHing at the time of the stair event, a possible pointer to Clots/DuCLOS', first found in Lorraine with Perins...I trace Clauds/CLAUSels/Clots to the Clausula river near RHIZON. We were rising up the stairs."

We were sitting at the TABLE at the La PALOMA BAR when Kepke left the table, and that's when Peare and I rose up the stairs. There is a modern Bar location in the land of the Sleep-line Selepitanoi to the west side of lake SCODra, and the Clausula is on the east side of lake Scodra. Italian Paloma's were first found in Bari, across the Adriatic from Bar. English SCOTTs were first found in Kent with Sleeps and Snake's/Snooks.

KOPLik, on the Clausula river with a Topper-connectable Dober location, is to the Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keips...see how nicely that works with Kepke and Peare? Keeps love Galleys while Gauls/Gallus'/Kalis' share the Kopple rooster while trumpet-using Calles' remind that Trumps were kin of Hahns (same place as Trumps) who in turn have a giant rooster in Trump / Kepke/Kopke colors and format. Trump's vaccine pusher was his FDA chief, Stephen Hahn, and Hahn-branch Hanns can be of the HANDs/Hanns, in Cup / Copp / Cope colors and format.

Hands/Hanns (Cheshire with Skin/Scan-connectable Lupus'/Welfs) are said to use "three RIGHT HANDS"!!! Keeps were first found in Sussex with English Rights/Wrights/RITE's (!)...from Rieti's dragonline emperors (see two updates ago how these emperors are the 4th, 5th and 6th heads of the Revelation dragon's heads). Sussex is also where the Acorns were first found beloved of Clauds/CLAUSELs/Clots.

We might expect that God arranged the Rights/Wrights to somehow link to Hands/Hanns in a pointer to the right hand, the location of the 666. And it just so happens that the myth writer, GALLUS AnonyMOUS, wrote a myth about the mouse tower of Piast KOLODziej the WheelWRIGHT, at Kopple-like Goplo (Poland). COLDs/CALTs probably have the Mieske/MESECH bull, and Kolodziej was the mythical ancestor to Mieszko I, whose wife was Dober-like Dobrawa. Dober is just a couple of miles from Koplik.

I've highlighted the Calts because Spanish Paloma's and Calderons both use "cauldrons". Calders, kin of Colts/Cults, are in Cold/Calt colors and format, and Colters (Lanarkshire with Christman-beloved Swans) share the white Catherine wheel with Wheelwrights. We can add that English Scotts also have the Catherine wheel.

Peare and I were at the table at La Paloma (Scarborough, Toronto). We were wanting to rush out to kiss each other. Kiss'/CUSH's share the Bibo rooster while Bibo's (Mecklenburg with Hahns, Trumps and Dols) are said to have the Hahn rooster on a CUSHion. Lawrence's were at a REDmaine location to help explain their "ready" motto term, and Redmaine's use more "cushions," and can be expected from Rieti with Reads/Reeds, and here we can go to the Readings/Ridings, first found in Sussex with Keeps, yet the makers of Lawrence heraldry knew nothing to Lawrence Kepke and Miss Peare.

Redfields/Redferns (Fern colors), first found in Lancashire with RedMAINE, share the martlet on gold with French Josephs, first found in Maine. Robert Redfield was Trump's director for the CDC, the criminal enterprise that conducted debilitating COVID schemes, falsely assured that vaccines were safe and effective, swept vaccine-death data under the rug, and also hyped COVID deaths to facilitate vaccine programs.

Their Redmaine location was in LONSdale, and while Irish Lane's/Lone's share the Keep bend, Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia with the Italian Martins who in turn share the Kidd and Kepke goat. Kidds were first found in Suffolk with the Beacons in the Redmaine Crest. Lonsdale share the Crest of Rieti-line Sabine's, from Flavius Sabinus of Rieti, father to three heads on the Revelation beast. It was mentioned above how Readys link to Skins/Scans.

While BURNs (Cumberland with Fier-branch Fare's and Browns/BRUNs) share a "ready" motto term, BRUNsons have a beacon in Crest too. Both beacon descriptions indicate kinship with Fire's/Firs, recalling the "fir cones" of Perrins. Brunsons were first found in Cupar (Fife, near Scottish Kidds), and Coopers/Coppers were first found in Suffolk with English Kidds. Bruns were first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears, and yet Bruns were more-specifically at SPITalfields while Kepke's spider chase points to spider-like Spitzers who in turn love the Tunnels, first found in Northumberland with Perrins. Plus, Spitzers love the Hills who in turn look like Craig kin while Cupar is at Creich while Creichs (Fife) share the fesse of Craig-branch Carricks.

Table's almost have the Shall Coat while Shells (look like Dol kin) are in Rush/Rish colors and format but throwing in a snake. English Scotts were first found in Kent with Sleeps and Snake's/Snooks while the double Sleep fesses are in the colors of the Shell fesse. Scotters/Scottows (almost the Ainsley Coat) share the martlets of Peare-related Tiens/Thames' and Pavia's.

Shalls were first found in Rhineland with Salome's, suspect from Salome BOETHus the Levite / SADDUCee, and Butts/Bute's/BOETs were likely kin of Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia with Laevi GAULs). SADDOCKs were first found in Sussex with GALLey-loving Keeps, beside the Butt-branch Buttons/Bidens/Budins from the Budini of Kiev. Botters/Bodins, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins, have a "perch" while Pierro's/Pero's and Perino's are also Perichs. Hawks were first found in Hampshire too while Hawkers have another "perch."

As per a DOOR PASS, we can go to the Pass surname because it was first found in Essex with Chance's, English Marks, and English Este's while Wefers share the eagle of Italian Este's. German Marks share the giant eagle of Dutch Tromps and DORia's, the latter first found in Genova with the Fauci's who in turn share the split Shield of Dutch Tromps. German Tromps/Trumps are in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, and it was Tony Fauci who gave the wink to do gain-of-function in Wuhan. And I fear that Donald Trump will come to power again to push yet another vaccine.

When Christine and I were out kissing near the front doors, we had passed out the front doors, and Kepke pushed those doors open but acted such that we never went back into the bar that night. Is this somehow a pointer to a vaccine door pass? Pass' share the Lawrence cross and the Jewish Levi lion, meaning that we can be on Pavia's Laevi Gauls, partners with Mark-like Marici. Wefers and Wafers were both first found in Herefordshire with English Doors and Marici-like Maurice's and Morris', and the giant Maurice lion is also the one of English Marks (not to mention Italian Gallus'). Scottish Doors happen to share the leopard faces of English Wrights/Rights! See that?

Gauls/Gallus'/Kalis' have a Coat looking linkable to Merys/Merits, first found in Normandy with Mars/Mere's/More's (share Pavia scallop), and meanwhile Morays list Merie's. Merrys/Marys share the Russell and Russi lion. Wafers, even in Rush colors and format, use "plates" while English Plate's have three of the Pavia scallops in the colors and format of Wefers. Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Plains/PLATTers, and the latter's English Platter branch has a Coat like this international marine flag that stands for the number, six. It's also much like the Murton/Merton Coat while Mars/Mere's share the Plate / Pavia scallops too.

Spanish Paloma's get interesting due to their two pale bars which they call plate-like "palets." On the left side of every UPC, on all products now purchased, the six digit is represented by two thin, vertical lines, and that's essentially what Spanish Paloma's use, and they are in the colors of the single Pero/Perino pale bar.

Then, it's interesting that while we rushed to kiss, Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire with the Perkins who in turn share the Pass lion. Plate's share the leopard FACE of English Anthonys (goat head), the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Kiss-branch Custs...looking like a pointer to Anthony FAUCi. Pavia's share also the scallop of Scale's in the "PAIR of scales" of Kiss-branch Cass'/Casts, and the latter use "fountains" while Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Case's while Chase-branch Chance's were first found in Essex with Pair-loving Peacocks.

Morris' have "scaling ladders", as do Gore-related English Trips, the latter very trackable to ancient Trypillians of the Kiev theater. Gore's share the white wolf with Gowers/Gore's while Gows/McGoo's can be the pointer to GO = graphene-oxide, and then Gore's have a Coat like the one of Gains for a potential pointer to gain-of-function, especially as Gains were first found in Huntingdonshire while Huntingdons are in Wafer colors and format. It looks like a pointer to gain-of-function as desired by the WEF.

Morris' share scaling ladders with English Bennetts, the latter first found in Lancashire with Plate's, and then Palins, the namers of the Plain variation of Platters, were first found in DORset with Pavia-connectable Moons, RUSSells, and Wefer-branch Ways/Weighs'. Plains/Platters were first found in Suffolk with Davos-like Daves', and the latter love the Jays, first found in Herefordshire with Morris', Wefers, Wafers and Doors. That works pretty good because Davos is WEF headquarters. Peare and I were RUNNING up the stairs, so to speak, while rushing up the stairs, and Runnings/Rons (Normandy with Mars/Mere's/More's and Clauds/Clausels/Clots) share the wavy fesse of Wafers, the latter in Rush colors and format.

I'm proposing that Dober on the Clausula river named such surnames as Tobers and Toppers. English Tobers (Yorkshire with Keppochs) are in Chip colors and format. Tabers are in Claud/Clausel/Clot colors and format. There is a right hand in the Topp Crest, held by a gauntlet, and Gaunts were first found in Kent with the Bank-like Bangs/Bings/Bengs who might have Tabor elements in their motto.

Back to Skin-beloved Merces'/Mercie's who share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset with Tape's/Toops and STICKs) while Tape's/Toops/TUPE's have "COVERED cups" (Christine symbol too) suspect as code for Coverts/Cofferts, the latter first found in Sussex with Keeps, Coopers/Coppers and Claud- / Tromp beloved Acorns. This works well in pointing to 666 skin-scanning machines because the candle sticks of Kupe's/Koops look like they might once have been covered cups, prior to their marriage to a Stick branch. Sticks (Somerset with Borders/BOARDers) share the Coat of Goods/Guts easily connectable to the goat of Border-loving Kepke's and Koops. And Boards were first found in Sussex with Keeps and Coopers.

When we go to Tupe-like Tuppers/Toppers (Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's), we almost have the Goose/Googe/Gouch Coat in combination with a reflection of the Gotz/Goeze Coat. I've just got to repeat here the Goose's/Googe's/Gouch's share the boar of Skin-branch Schims. Gouch-like Couch's were first found in Oxfordshire with Bankers. The My's in the translated Tupper/Topper motto were first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams, and it's where English Bugs were once said to be first found who share the water bouget (different colors) with Tape's/Toops/Tupe's. German Bugs were first found in Hamburg with goose-using German Gas'/Gascons/Gaests.

It's then interesting that Trudeau-connectable Trouts share the "trout" with German Toppers/Topfers. Trots/Trude's look related to Gouch-like Couch's. And Topps are the ones who took us to Klaus-like Class'/Klassens while justin trudeau -- a vaccine-murdering animal who refuses to repent -- is a sold-out stooge of Klaus Schwab. "Est" is a Tupper/Topper motto term.

English Marks have a giant lion colors reversed from the giant lion of Klaus'/Claus'. The latter were first found in Bavaria with Gos'/Goz's, and while half the latter's Shield is in the colors and format of Vychans/Vaughns (beside Beasts/Bessins), the other half is in Gof / Goose/Googe colors. While Ranulph le Meschin, expected with the Mieszko's from Koplik and Dober, was from the Bessin, he was the grandson of Richard Goz. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Vychans/Vaughns.

It seems that, when on the topic of Klaus Schwab, we are hovering over the mark-of-the beast program. The giant and upright unicorn of Schwabs is colors reversed from the giant and upright horse of Keips, and in the colors of the RUSH horses while Rush's were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the upright goat of Kepke's/Kopke's.

Richard Goz was the father of Hugh Lupus, earl in Cheshire, where the Lupus'/WELFs were first found who happen to share the wolf heads of Skins/Scans, which are in the colors and format of Chips. Is that not remarkable? Yes, because Chips share the gold eSCUTcheons us SCUTE's/Scutts (Wiltshire with their trumpet-using kin, the Calls/Calles') while Shots/Shoots/Schute's share the swords of Skins/Scans.

I'm seeing vaccine SHOTs for skin-scanning purchases. No vaccine door pass, no can buy your food. However, if the vaccine door pass fails to materialize, or if graphene does not become a future vaccine / mark-of-the-beast ingredient, I would yet be amazed at how the heraldry has panned out thus far.

We're not quite done because the double-tipped spear held by the eagle of German Marks is shared by SHAKEspears (beside Goose-loving Letters), who share the Coat of Kepke-beloved Goats/Gothams. Shake's use "moleHILLs" while Mole's (Roxburghshire with Goose's/Googe's) share the Goose/Googe / Gof and Schim/Schien boar. It gets remarkable because spider-like Spitzers use "hills" while Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Chips. Shake's could have used moles alone if they wanted to honor their Mole ancestry only, yet they also wanted to honor their Hill ancestry, apparently.

I'm having a problem seeing a skinchip enforced within the next three years. Things would need to move fast and dictatorially for that to happen because most people don't like the idea of a skinchip method of making purchases. They've failed to become popular in an optional format.

Let's Play a Round of Guelph

Wefer variations can be gleaned with the Wye river in Herefordshire, for Wefers were first found in Herefordshire. The Cliffords (Herefordshire) mention a Clifford location on the Wye, and then Cliffs almost have the fesse-with-stars of Hoo's/WHOO's, which looks very suspicious because the WHO is in conspiratorial cahoots with the WEF. Cliffs share the wolf-heads of Quade's/WADE's while Weights/WAITs may have named the Weigh variation of Ways. Wefers are also WAYfers/Wayfords.

The Wye's (griffins in Graff/Graffen colors) were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs while Graffs/Gravs were first found in Switzerland with WEF headquarters. Doesn't that appear like Arranged heraldry? The latter is in Davos, and I told several times that, the last time I saw Karen Graff, the pointer to graphene-oxide, she was in the apartment of DAVE OulLETTE. Letts/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire too. Moreover, Herefordshire is where Jays were first found who are in the "jay" of the Daves'/Daver Crest. The three Daves/Daver hexagrams are in Chip colors and format. Jays were at d'Gai while French Gays were first found in Savoy with Dave's/Davis'.

Doesn't that look Arranged for pointing to the ugly face of Klaus Schwab...whose voice makes it look even uglier. He looks like he should be drooling when he talks about HIS future. You're not allowed to have your say.

Dave's/Davis', first found near the first-known Fauch's, look like kin of Waterfords who in turn were first found in Northamptonshire with Face's. Dave's/Davis' and Waterfords share the lily, and Lilys were first found in Worcestershire (beside Herefordshire) with Chips, though I can't see a way to make a Lily link to Chips.

[Insert -- The day after writing here, the French Laurens were loaded to see them listed with Laurence-like Laurents, and noting that they were in Lily colors and format, I realized that these Laurents were first found in Provence with lily-using Cetis'/Sestiers. Therefore, perhaps, this is an indication that Kepke liners were related to Lilys. Laurents/Laurens can be of the Laurens/Clarens who in turn share double chevrons of Lise's/Lease's, the latter first found in Dumfries with Larrys/Laurie's. Isn't it conspicuous that the latter use a giant cup (partly in Kopff/Kopfer colors)?]

Keep the Chip- and Skin/Scan-connectable Welfs in mind because I have a GOLF-ball story to add which involved Mr. Kepke, and Welfs were also GUELPH's, who had merged with Italian Este's i.e. sharing the Wefer eagle. The Wefers are in the colors and format of the "lucies" (fish) of Ways/Weigh's, but then these lucies are very linkable to the same-colored "pikes" of Geds, the latter first found in Fife with Botter-connectable Balcons. Italian Botters were first found in Lucy-like Lucca. Pike-loving Geddes' may have been a branch of Gates', the latter first found in Devon with English Pike's.

The Lawrence turbot fish are in the same colors as the Way/Weigh and Ged fish, and so I can glean here that Lawrence Kepke points to the fish in the Arms of Rieti, an Arms that's linkable to the Caens who were first found near a slew of surnames under discussion. Caens were first found in Dorset with Pitts who in turn share the checkered fesse of Scottish Wrights/RITE's, and then BIRDIE's, with another checkered fesse, are listed with Partys while Perts/Petts share the stork in Crest with Pitts. Birdie's go with par, and Pars have the double fesses of English Wrights/Rite's!

The "TRIdent" of Troy-like Turbots (Trout/TROWbach colors) may be for some Troy branch because Troys share the Wye griffins. This makes TurBOTs suspect from a Troy-line merger with Botter elements. German Troys (Mecklenburg with Trumps and Hahns) are in Trump, Hahn, and Kepke/Kopke colors and format. Trout-like Trots/Trude's were first found in Surrey with English Gays.

The Roet-related Jews/Chews once showed the Troy / Wye griffins, and Hall of Names still mentions them, but the Jews/Chews are now showing what look like eagle heads, and they are in the colors of the Wefer eagles. The Trump-connectable Shots/SCUTE's (Wiltshire with Troy-like Tree's/True's/Trows) have a CHEWte (beside Jews/Chews) variation. Chips/CHIPMANs use an "ineSCUTcheon" while their Scute/Scutt kin use "deer" while Deers/Dere's can be in the "ponDERE" motto term of Chapmans/Chepmans. English Mallets (Suffolk with Dave's/Davers and Buckle's) use the "deer" while French Mallets/Malo's show nothing but buckles in Chip/Chipman colors and format.

Note "inescutCHEON," for Keon-branch Keens use the escutcheon too while both surnames have a "fish" in the colors of the Turbot fish. The Keens share a "cat-a-mountain" with Chives', and this goes to the Lucca cat, yet "BOT" is a motto term of cat-using Clan Chattan. It can suggest that the TurBOTs borrowed the Keen / Keon fish. The Keons show a Hone variation while Hone's (Hampshire with Keppe's/Cheppe's) can take as to the One variation of INNIS, suspect in the "INEScutcheon."

[Insert -- Kepke's father had seasons' tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs. One night, Lawrence invited me, and the thing I remember most, aside from Toronto losing 4-2 against the Boston Bruins, was DAVY Keon, the Leaf's captain. The event suddenly looks like an arrangement by God to verify that the Lawrence turbot tail was related to Keens and Keons, yet I'm expecting a pointer here to Davos too with the Welsh Davy surname. Keons were first found in Sligo with Halys'/Haleys sharing the Googe / Gof boar.

As per the Boston Bruins, it's just incredible suddenly that German Bruins are in the colors and format of the AIDS'/Ade's, kin of Welsh Davids! COVID / mRNA vaccines produce AIDS in people. Welsh Davids have the Coat of Welsh Davids. Bostons share the Coat of Hume's/Home's who in turn love the True's who in turn look related to Innis-like Ince's and Inch's. Hume's/Home's were first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's (!!!), and with the Dove's in the Crest of Dove-like Davys. The latter were even first found in London with Tooths, suggesting I've been correct to see Tooths in the "to the" motto phase of Hume's/Home's.

What would be the chances that Aids (Berwickshire with Gords/Gordans) are in the motto of Levi's while the Maple LEAFs can point to dove-using Leafs/Leve's? Maple's share the Gord/Gordan boar head, and the vertically-split Shield of Fleetwoods, the latter first found in Lancashire with Mapps/Mapsons and "Be"-using Lawrence's. Fleets almost have the Coat of Flags/Flecks, the latter first found in Norfolk with bee-using Leafs/Leve's? What are the chances? Lawrence Kepke's surname took us to the Chappes', first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's. What are the chances?

Irish Bruens/Breens were first found in KilKENNY while Kennys were Brown/Brun kin. The other Browns/Bruns share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans, and the latter were kin of Moses' who share the "calvary" symbol (different colors) with Keens! English Bruns were first found at the London theater.

Bostons were first found in GATTONside, and cat-using Cattons/Cetins/Cattans ("meTUIT foVEAN lupus"), I kid you not, were TAIL/Tailer and Tiller kin!!! The turbot TAIL! I'll explain later why they were related, but suffice to say here that Gattons share the One/Innis stars, and the latter surname even shares a "Be" motto term with Lawrence's. "Bot" is the motto term of Veans in the Catton motto. The Tute/s/Tuits in that motto were first found in Norfolk with Cattons/Cetins, BRUINs (!), Lucca-like Luce's, and with Gangs/Geggs sharing the Davy cinquefoils. Davy Keon lost to the Boston Bruins.

Cattons/Cetins were first found in Norfolk with Castons/Catesons (Gaywood colors) suspect in the Castonguay variation of French Gays, and GAYwood is in Norfolk too, where Bags (and cat-using Keats) were first found who are part of Kepke's golf theme, as I'll show shortly below. I'll even add now that after Kepke and I stopped collecting golf balls in our plastic bags, we became golf caddies, and Caddys can be gleaned as a branch of Keith Catti! Lookie there at what just popped up. As Gaywood have the towers of Thors in colors reversed, the CATESon variation of Castons looks like a branch of Gates' (Devon with Thors, Keen-like Kenns, and Luce- and Geddes-beloved Pike's). End insert]

Jews/Chews were first found at Clutton of Chew. Cluttons/CLOTTons (Cheshire, beside Levers/Livers) share the gold rooster with the Lever/Liver Crest, yet the latter's is standing on a trumpet. Levers/Livers, sharing part of the Ince / Inch Coat, were first found in Lancashire with Clouts/Cloughtons and Scute's/Scutts. Shots/Chewte's were kin of trumpet-using Calles'. Klaus Schwab can be pointed to by Clauds/CLAUSels/CLOTs. The Cluttons/Clottons share the annulets of Severs (Somerset with Clutton). It appears that God is blaming Donald Trump for blood clots.

Luce's/Lucys make their pike fish in the colors of the Luciano fish, and these Luciano's were first found in Rome with Rite- / Rieti-like Rita's (Wright/Right/Rite colors).

Rita's use "PIECEs of wood" while Woods were first found in Leicestershire (beside Hands/Hanns) with the Dexters who can point to the dexter = RIGHT HAND. There's a right hand in the Topp Crest, though "right" is not a part of the official description at hall of names. And TOPoje (Albania) is at least near the mouth of the Apsus river of the proto-Dexter Dexaroi Illyrians.

Scottish Wrights/Rights/Rite's were first found in Berwickshire with Luke's/Luckys and Peace-beloved Dove's, and we might even guess that the 666 will be fashioned openly in the image of Lucifer.

Peace's are Paise's too while English Page's share the Paloma dove, and English Packs were first found in Sussex with English Wrights/Rights/Rite's. The Rieti-line Sabine's (Norfolk with Luce's/Lucys) share the red bull with Pack-beloved Anchors, and with Dexter-connectable Daggers/Dackers. Here we can go to German Decks/Daggers because they share the squirrel of Squirrels, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Chips. Miss Peare pointed to Waistells (Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers) while on a DECK, and Squirrels love the Peare-related Tiens in their motto, a motto that includes "ferme" suspect with Azzo of Fermo, founder of the House of Este. We are back to golf-like Guelphs, and so we have got to repeat that Lupus'/Welfs (same place as Hands/Hanns and RITTers/Rutters) are in the colors and format of Chips with their wolf heads shared by Skins/Scans.

A year before Kepke dangled the spider, he and I were collecting golf balls in three golf courses, all on the Rouge river after it passed Markham, Ontario. We would carry a plastic bag, wade through this small river of about 20 feet wide at dawn, and fill the bags with balls. We'd then sell them back to golfers when they came around.

The Fauci's were a branch of Genova's Fieschi, and the latter were partnered with Bag-related Grimaldi's, both Guelph supporters. We were collecting golf balls in our plastic BAGS. The Bag cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk with Bags), and so this recalls that the Welsh Davys share the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils. Bags were first found at GAYwood, and the Jays in the Daves/Daver Crest were at d'Gai. See that?

Note how the Arms of Fieschi is like the international marine flag for, six. One half of the Monaco Coat has six, six-pointed stars in the colors of the one of CHEPs/Jeepma's, and the latter has a giant double-headed eagle in the colors of the giant, one-headed eagle of Doria's, the latter first found in Genova with the Grimaldi-Fieschi partnership. The Doria eagle also of candle-stick Kupe's/Koops, and Sticks were first found in Somerset with Grimaldi-connectable Cocks.

My mother has a Grimaldi maiden name, and she was born in Pike-like Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila, and while Aquila's share the Coat of Italian Este's, the Fieschi are said to have been of a CHIAVari location. L'Aquila happens to be where Sheaves'/CHIAVA's were first found. And Sticks are said to have "gold sheaves" while Golds, first found in Suffolk with Candys (Monk colors and near-format!) and Candle's/Kentwells, share the giant lion on the other side of the Monaco Shield.

Plus, while Kepke was chasing a Grimaldi liner, me, with the spider, Aquila's were first found in Campania with Kupe-beloved Candels/Candi's who in turn share the Tromp and Luciano eagle, yet it's also the eagle of Massi's/Mattis' (Abruzzo with L'Aquila) while Mathis' share the moline of CHIVES' because Cavii Illyrians were at the Mathis river, just south of the Clausula river. Rooster-using elements (Gallus' / Kopple's) to the Massey-like Mieszko PIASTS were on the Clausula, and we will see more Gallus-connectable roosters shortly.

My mother is also a direct Masci on one side. Massi's/Mattis were of Massa-Carrara, at PISA and LUCCa, and Luciano's were first found in Rome with Italian Galli's and Pool-connectable Rita's. Between the six Monaco hexagrams, there is the same lion of Rita's and Pools/PULLs while Purple's are also PurPULs, first found in Norfolk with Sabina's so that Monaco's and/or Grimaldi's appear descended from Vespasia POLLa, wife of Flavius Sabinus and mother of the Revelation dragon in Rieti. Cocks were first found in Somerset with the Saffins, who once came up as "Sabina," and the Sabines of Rieti are "Safini" to Italians. Meschins married purple-lion Skiptons.

The Keppe's/Cheppe's/Kipps and Chase's were first found in Hampshire with the Hawks who in turn have "purple pilGRIMs' STAVES", and Pilgrims were first found in Norfolk with Purple's, Bags, Cockers/Cockets and Fieschi-like Fiscs. The royal Grimaldi's of Monaco use a purple throne, and Pike's were first found in Devon with Monaco-branch Monks who in turn have a COCKaTRICE, perfect where Grimaldi's share the Cock Shield, but perfect also where Keeps are in the Hebron motto along with Trice-branch Trysts. Monks are why royal Grimaldi's use a monk as their symbol.

CHIPmunk. I can't recall the surname having a chipmunk. The "ad" motto term of Fisks can be linked to ADA of Warenne where Warrens share the Clifford Shield while Cliffs share the Fisc stars. Yet these are the stars also of Hoo's/WHOO's. The WHO is on-track to mandating skin chips globally, it seems. I don't see how they could get this done in a few short years, but, perhaps, the skin chips will become a thing AFTER the mark of the beast is introduced without the skin chip, perhaps with a chip in a plastic card. The Fisc motto term points to AIDS by vaccines, especially as Vychans were first found in Shropshire with Cliffs/Cleave's and Meschins. The latter are in the colors and format of Clavers/Cleavers, first found in Norfolk with Fiscs.

Norfolk is where Risings/Risons were first found while Irish Lacys/LASS' have a "gold eagle rising". The Pilgrim Crest shows as a scimitar, but it's called a "cutLASS," you see, and then while Rise's were first found in Norfolk too, they share the Coat of Gruns who come up as "Grine," which was looked up as per the PereGRINE variation of Pilgrims. Irish Lacys/Lass even have a purple lion.

The Cocker/Cocket Coat looks related to Coat of Cuts/CUTE's (Cough colors and format) who can be in "cutlass," especially as MontaCUTE's were first found in Somerset with Cocks who both share the same lozenges...tending to prove that Pilgrims were Grimaldi's. English Lacys have roundels colors reversed from the same of Cuts/Cute's, and Luce's/Lucys were first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims and Cockers/Cockets. Cuts/Cute's look related to the Coat of Faiths (Norfolk) while Feets/FATE's have their Coat three times with English Grimms/Grime's. Faiths look like kin of English Bakers (Norfolk) while German Bakers (and Rieti-line Pollocks) essentially have the Grine/Grun Coat. Griims were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds while Scottish Drummonds and English Bassets (Staffordshire with Grimbalds) share the triple fesses of Grimms/Grime's. Staffs/Staffords may have been a branch of Pilgrim-beloved Stave's (Northumberland with Grimms/Grime's).

Over the Monaco lion there is an illegal silver fesse with gold roses upon it, illegal now because heraldry is no longer permitted to have silver and gold in contact. It was likely reserved in the past for a special bloodline. The same gold-on-silver is used by Hawks. The "Strike" motto of Hawks must be for Strickland/STICKlands, one branch of which happens to share the Meschin and Flag/Fleck scallops! The other English Stricklands/Sticklands are in Monk format and near-full colors, and they use a "A turkey-COCK in its pride"!

The Monk lion heads are in the colors of the RITTer/Rutter lion, and the latter's "garbs" could once have been "sheaves." The Malta's, with the Ritter/Rutter lion, we may assume, are in the translated motto of Ritters/Rutters, "Love of Malta." Malta's add a column while Malcolms/Columns share the red stag head with Scottish Reeds.

Flags/Flecks are excellent here, not only because they too were first found in Norfolk, with Fulke's even, but because Fly's, first found in Hampshire with Hawks and Drake's, are said to be from a Flavius entity that became "Flagi." But there is more, for the Fulks of Anjou were given a mythical Tertullus while Tertulla of Rieti was mother to Flavius Sabinus! But there's more.

Drake's have a "fly-catcher" phrase for their translated motto, and while cat-using Catchers were first found in Norfolk too, the Drake term for "fly" is "muscas" while Muscas'/Mosca's were first found in Pisa, beside Lucca, and Lucca's use a giant cat!!! And Drake's share the wyvern dragon (different color) with neighboring Tile's/Tillys (Dorset with Pools/Pulls) while Tillers and tails/Tailers were from the Tilurius river, also called the CETINa while cat-using Cetins/Cattans were first found in Norfolk too! I've insisted in the past that the Tillers and tail/tailer lions are in their colors due to a relationship to the same-colors cats of Chives'! Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila.

And Italian Botters (probably in the "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan), first found in Lucca, can be shown to have the bend of Chattans and Chatans (the latter share the Balcon bend-with-roses). English Botters/BODINs were first found in Hampshire with Drake's, Fly's, Hawks and Buttons/BUDINs. Italian Botters are also BOTINI's, and while Kepke's father, a Ukrainian, would drive us Kepke and I to the golf courses, Budini lived south of Chiava-like Kiev!!! Just look at that.

Dutch Boths/Botma's show a fish in Turbot-fish colors, but Hall of Names says it's a "gold fish". It just so happens that Butts/Bute's/Boets have a "gold fish" too. Lawrence's and Burns share a "ready" motto term while Burns share the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Boths/Botma's (showing in Ready colors). I found Boths/Botma's by loading "Bade" to find that Scottish Bauds also come up as Bade's, and then noted that the latter surname shares the "trident" with Turbots (Ready colors and format). Turbots were first found in Yorkshire with English Boths/Booths, and the Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire with Ready-beloved Swans. Bothwells share the Lynch Coat while Lings use fish heads, called "ling's heads," in Turbots colors and format, but adding a chevron so that both they and Lynch's look like Feller kin.

Fellers were definitely the makings of Rockefellers, and Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with the Babcocks/BADcocks, which is why I had loaded "Bade" in the first place. BABcocks/Badcocks are said to have had a Badecok branch in Dorset, where Babe's were once said to be first found, but are now said to be first found in Suffolk with the first-known Lings.

Beside Dorset is where Babcock-related Cocks were first found, and here we can add that Babe-like Bibo's/Bible's share the red rooster with Babcocks and Cocks while German Babe's are Bible-like Babels too. Can we be pointing to Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17? Couldn't we expect her through the Roman emperors in Rieti? I see her as end-time Rome, and dictatorial Rockefellers are on a high level in that dirty entity. Babcocks are also BATcocks while Cock-like Cough's use a "baton" while Batons/Bastons share the black bat with Bats. The latter share the saltire of Hunts/Hunters (Shropshire with Bats) who in turn are in Kopff/Kopfer colors and format.

Kepoi is in the TAMAN peninsula of Caucasia while Cauc-like Coughs/Cuffee's use a "tamen" motto term. Coffee's are also Kopfer-like Coffers, and Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset with Cocks and Chaucer-branch Chasers. I assume that God set up the spider-chase event with Kepke knowing I'd be writing this paragraph if He did so. It was pointing to poison vaccines on Doner street in Gormley (Ontario), and Gormleys are also Grimes', kin of Grime's/Grimms. Gorms/Blue's were first found in Arran with McAbbe's (Doner/Donahue colors) who in turn share the Coffee/Coffer fesse, but McAbbe's also share the "salmon" of Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with Cofferts/Coverts, Babwell-connectable Courts/Coverts, Keeps and Coopers/Coppers.

Now that I have Coat descriptions, I can see what exactly surnames use. Doners happen to share the "serpent" with Larry-like Lara's who in turn use "cauldrons" while Calders were first found in Inverness-shire with the Gows/McGOO's who I think point to GO = graphene-oxide aside from Kepke's spider chase on Doner street! Kepke can be called, Larry. I'll add that Larsons share the giant red-on-blue bull head with new-to-me Moskowitz's while Danish Larsons share "buffalo horns" in Crest with Moskowitz's. Keeps and Lorraine's were from Varangian Rus, founders of Moscow.

Fellers are FellTRAGERs too while the Rook write-up helps to explain Tragers. German Tragers (Bavaria with Kopff's/Kopfers) have the Keep bend that is almost the Rocco Coat, and Rocks with Rooks were first found in the same place with Keppe-connectable Chips. See that? We can now trace Rockefellers to Grimaldi's via the Cocks. English Tragers have "Cornish CHOUGHs." Cockers/CocKETTs may have been Cocks married to Ketts/Kite's, both first found in Norfolk with Cats/Keats.

Possibly, if not probably, Ketts/Kite's and their Kitt branch were Kepke-connectable Kidds (Suffolk with Babe's, Candle's and Candys). Rocco's essentially have the Goat/Gotham Coat while Kepke's/Kopke's have a giant goat. Rocco's were first found in Naples with same-colored Candels/Candi's suspect in the candle sticks of Kopke-branch Kupe's/Koops. We are making a hard Kepke-line link to poison Rockefeller vaccines, industrialism, and globalism. Mystery Babylon is depicted in chapter 18 as industry.

Years ago, the bend of Italian Botters was normal, straight, but since then houseofnames began to show it curved, and it just so happens that this rare feature is shared with Rita's.

Plus, Chives-connectable Massi's/Mattis' share the checks of Italian Fulks, the latter first found in Tuscany with Pisa and Massa-Carrara, and the same checkered Shield was used in the Arms of Massa-Carrara. These same checks, upon a fesse, are used by Scottish Wrights/Rights/RITE's, first found in Berwickshire with Luke's/Lucks!!! It's now proof that Rite's were from noble or even imperial Rieti elements. Fulke's share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys/Maceys, and Chives-related Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with Luck-like Loches'/Locks, LOGE's, and Messeys/Messier's. Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches.

More: French Loge's can be expected in the "log proper" of German RITTers/Riders because English Ritters/Rutters have the Malta's in their translated motto who in turn share the giant lion of English Loge's/Lodge's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Mallets! The latter share the "deer" with Monk-like Irish Munichs.

English Riders share the crescent German Turks, in case it applies to the turkey-cock of Hawk-connectable Sticklands, yet the Rider Coat is almost the one of Pattons, until recently said to be first found in Shropshire with Rudes'/Rudge's. Pattons have "A sparrowHAWK RISING proper"!

Risings/Risons, who look like Pollock kin, were first in Norfolk with Rieti elements galore, including Hawk-beloved Pilgrims, and even Spear-like Sparrows and Spare's! Risings/Risons have the Arms of Pola/Pula (Istria) in colors reversed, suggesting strongly that emperor Vespasian was from Istria elements. Isters/Asters can be in the motto of Fieschi-branch Fiscs (Norfolk with Barks and Bucks). Barkstone is where Riders were from while Barksdale's, sharing the Buck motto, have the symbol of Rothschilds who were in turn from Rothes, where Pollocks came to rule.

But there's more, because I've mentioned Kepke's black lab, Blacky. The Blacky surname helped me to establish that Blacks and Blake's were from the Naro/Neretva river because Nero's/Neretti's share the vaired chevron of Blackys. It just so happens that Nero's/Neretti's were first found in Lucca, where also Massars/Massai's were first found who happen to use the gold-on-silver of Monaco's and Hawks!

Vespasian, son of Vespasia Polla became the Roman emperor within a year of Nero's death. it could seem that God named Blacky without the Kepke family knowing it. Nero-connectable Nerets, who might just have a version of the Arms of Fieschi, were first found at the Dol theater in the province of Vilaine, and the Vilain Coat is essentially the one of Irish Powers, first found in Devon with Monks. Monks trace excellently to "Monaco" because German Munichs share the Fisk Shield.

The "Sic" motto term of Fiscs (almost the Grimaldi Coat) can be for Sichs/Sykes' because the latter, though they show a Tertulla-like turtle in Crest, are said to have "A demi triton adorned with FLAGs"!!! I haven't known that until now. Fiscs were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks, Fountains, and Tertullus-line Fulke's.

Sichs/Sykes' use "fountains" while Fontana's look slightly related to Italian Fulks. Plus, the triple fesses of Fountains are in the colors of the triple chevrons of Taddei's (Florence with Fulks) while Sichs/Sykes' have the Tattons in their write-up. One of my grandmothers, born in Picenze, was a direct Taddei, and Tattons are said to have married Massys of "WithenSHAW".

Turtle's are listed with Tuttle's/TOOThills while Tute's/Toots (Yorkshire with the Sledmere-branch Sykes') share the Tatton crescent. The other Toothills share the "Cornish chough" with English Tate's. This may reveal that Tute's / Toots were Tertulla-of-Rieti liners. She was married to Flavius Petro, and the Petro Coat (Spanish) looks linkable to Spanish Fontana's. The "Sapiens" motto term of Sichs/Sykes' looks like "Sabinus," the name of Tertulla's son.

Ahh, note that golf flags go on the putting green while Greens are Grimaldi-like Greme's/Greems too. Putts are listed with English Pots while German Pots (German Fulk and CALDER colors) share black wings with German Fulks and Dutch Flake's! German Pots share the "CAULDRon" with Spanish Paloma's.

It seems that God gave me/us the golf theme with Kepke because He knew I'd eventually load Putts to find them with Pots, and because he knew I would think of Poti, a city in Colchis that was also, PHASis! The bloodline of the biblical Abraham was in Colchis, and it was the location of the golden FLEECE. VesPASia Polla must have had a first name after Colchians of Phasis. It can explain why Pasi-branch Packs were first found near COLchester, which I trace to the COLapis (Kupa) river of Croatia, exactly where the Argonautica myth traced Colchians!

Phasis is not far from Kepoi, and I've read that pheasants were named after "Phasis" while Pheasants/FESSants (Face's/Fessy = Fieschi?) were first found in Sussex with Packs and Keeps! I think Grimaldi's were from "Crimea," near Kepoi. It appears very much that some branch of the namers of Kepoi named the Kupa river, which Colchians, I assume, renamed to "Colapis." Luce's/Lucys (Norfolk with Fiscs and Grimaldi elements) are said to be from Passy and Falaise.

The Colapis-like Clappers (Surrey, near Colchester) almost have the Grimaldi / Fisc Coat! Clapton is in Somerset with the first-known Cocks sharing the Grimaldi Shield! It's all falling together. Clubs/Clobbes' were at Farndon while Farndons almost have the English Pace Coat!

I had forgotten until writing the paragraph below that half the Arms-of-Rieti Shield is purple, but then the Shield of Phasis-connectable English Pace's is purple too! It's all falling together, now going to the purple throne of Grimaldi's, and the the purple robes of the Revelation harlot who rides on a beast descended from the emperors of Rieti! I always trace that harlot to the "great mother" goddess, Cybele, wife of Attis, and mythical Aeetes of Colchis was definitely word-play on "Attis." The Cabel surname, first found beside the Rieti-connectable Caens, share a fretty Shield (different color) with Caens. Cabyle was near Sub Radice, and the Cabel Cot is much like the Radice Coat.

Colchis is now Georgia, highly suspect with the true background of the St. George flag of England, for Georgia was part of the Crusades, and even shares the Templar cross of Jerusalem in red. It's interesting that English George's were first found in Dorset (beside Flys) with Caens who share the fretty in the Arms of Rieti. The same Arms looks like it has a Templar on horseback.

Fieschi are said (their Wikipedia article) to be from "FLIScus," having a "Fly" look. It reminds that the patron saint of Picenze is FELICE, evoking the golden fleece! Lookie there. Italian Felise's were first found in Rome with Rita's. Felix's were first found in Sussex (beside Fly's) with Packs! Bango.

Keens use a "Felis" motto term while the Keen "fish" is in the colors of the fish now showing for the Arms of Rieti. Flys were of Flavius > Flagi while Flag variations are like those of Flesh's who in turn share the double chevrons of Chaplains and English Josephs! The latter were first found in Hampshire with Fly's, and the latter have martlets colors reversed from the giant one of French Josephs. Flesh's have the vertically-split Shield of Fleetwoods while Fleets almost have the Flag Coat. Fieschi-branch Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with FLAX-breaker Brays while Flesh's are Flaxmans too.

German Bakers look related to the Fliss/Fliess Coat while English Bakers (Norfolk with Flags) share the Flag scallops. This gets better where Pollocks were from Rieti's imperials while Jewish Pollocks share the German Baker Coat. English Bakers look like Faith kin, yet I also see them as kin of Cabbage's (same place as Brays) in the "cabbages" of French Plants i.e. from Fulk-Plantagenets.

The mythical golden fleece was probably a take from the fleece story in Genesis pertaining to Jacob, Abraham's grandson. It means that someone in Jacob's descent modified the story to myth a sign that his family was in Colchis. After Abraham's first wife died, he re-married Keturah, and their son, Medan, can be traced excellently (evidence won't be repeated here) to mythical Medea, the Colchian princess that Jason of the Argo ship married, and it was this Jason who stole the fleece from Medea's father, Aeetes above!

Caens were first found in Dorset with Pools/Pulls and Cutters, and I think the latter were from "Kotor" (beside Rhizon), itself very traceable to the Biblical Keturah above. Kotor was at the border region of the Cavii Illyrians, and Cave's share the Caen and Rieti fretty. The Fieschi are said to have developed into "the Fieschi Ravaschieri Princes of Belmonte," a location in CALABRIA, and it just so happens that Belmonts/Beaumonts (Coat looks related to Pools/Pulls) were first found in Dorset with Caens, tending to make another link between the Fieschi and the imperials of Rieti. Calabria is where Mota's and Motels were from! The Arms of L'Aquila has an "ImMOTA" motto term, and Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. Fieschi were at Chiavari. See all that?

It appears that the one half of the Monaco Coat uses the Belmont/Beaumont lion while the other half can have the Pool/Pull and Rita lion. Beaumonts ruled Meulan while the Arms of Meulan is almost the Fisc and Vair Coat. Clappers use the Fisc and Grimaldi Coat with vair fur, and while English Vairs (Essex with Colchester and PASSE's/Pascals!) are listed with Vere's, and while Scottish Vere's are listed with Weirs, Irish Weirs essentially share the Grimaldi Shield.

Thanks to my Sleeping BEAUTY dream of 1979, which is stacked with heraldic links, I've known that Clappers almost have the Beach/Bechs Coat, and while Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus', emperor Titus was a son of Vespasia Polla. The GYRONNY pattern in the Titus Coat is suggesting the Grening/Greening bloodline, and so the Greens/Greme's/Greems could have been Grimaldi elements. Greenings share the Passe/Pascal cross.

A Mr. Grimaldus is online said to have married Crispina, daughter of king Rollo, and the Crispins were at BEC Abbey, which owned TOOTing Bec (near the first-known Beach's/Bechs)...a location of London, where Tooths were first found. The Clappers and Beach's/Bechs must be a part of this picture. We saw the Toothills listing Tertulla-like Turtle's. Crispina's mother was, I assume, Rollo's wife, Poppa of Valois, and it just so happens that Valois'/Valais'/VALOURs (looks related to Rollo Shield and Crest) share the triple Turtle/Toothill crescents. Tute's/Toots/TOUTs were first found in Yorkshire with Rolls/Role's, and with Bush's and Booths both of whom share the black boar with Rollo's who in turn have "passe" and "tout" motto terms! Lookie. Rollo's, sharing the Valery chevron, are in the colors of French Pots.

The Rollo boar heads are in colors reversed with Roets and Gordans, and Roets were first found in Somerset with a Gordano area smack beside CLAPton.

Plus, the Arms of Meulan is the Coat of English Vaux's/VALLibus', making the latter look related to the Valois bloodline. Beaumonts descended from Humphrey de VIEILLES of the Harcourt Dane's. Rollo was a Dane, and Harcourts were first found in Oxfordshire with English Crispins.

As Claptons and Clappers are suspect from Colchians of Croatia, let's add that the Argonautica had Jason's Argo ship said up the DANube river when headed to Croatia. Cuppae is between the Danube and the Pek while Peks/Pecks were first found in Essex with Colchester. Jason and Medea had been made the mythical king and queen of CORINth, and while mythical Coronis was a crow, I trace her to the Ceraunii Illyrians suspect as proto-Croatians. The Arms of Croatia shares the Fisc / Vair Shield.

Clappers have a pike fish in Crest, possibly from the Pyxites river of Caucasia, near Rize and ARDahan, both traceable to the Ardiaei of Rhizon.

The Templar cross of Jerusalem, which was gold-on-silver, the now-illegal colors of the Monaco stars, used the potent cross shared by SHEETs/Skate's, Sheds/Scheds and Skeets'/SKITs while the Assi's, suspect in the "assiduus" motto term of Fisc-loving Sichs/Sykes (suspect with a turtle in Crest), were first found in SHETland, beside the Peace's/PAISE's of Orkney! Lookie there. Assi's, possibly from the namers of the Azov sea, location of Kepoi and Crimea, use a Fieschi-like "Roman fasces". The Azov sea was home to the TOREATae SCYTHians, who may have named Tertulla of Rieti, and others before her with the same name.

While there's a Ukrainian Roman surname, Italian Romans, first found in Naples with Kepke-connectable Candels/Candi's, have a giant wolf on a colors-reversed version of the Ukraine flag. The wolf is in the colors and format of the Kepke's.

I've said many times that Kepke, who sold shoes when he met Miss Peare, points to the shoe boutique, in Kiev, of Michael Zlochevsky, Ukrainian owner of Burisma Energy, the Ukrainian company that hired HUNTER Biden for a million dollars annually to do nothing but launder American tax dollars in Ukraine. The Monks might just have named the Mink variation of Ukrainian Munichs/MINNITskys, for Mr. Zlochevsky moved to Monaco, can we believe it? Hunts/Hunters are in the colors and format of the Kepke-related Kopff/Kopfer surname (Bavaria with Rothschilds/Roddensteins and Bauers).

The Minnitsky variation of Ukrainian Minks recalls the "ImMOTA Manet" motto in the Arms of L'Aquila, for the Balance's in the description of Assi's have the Manet Coat in colors reversed, and Balance's (Warwickshire with CAMPs) share the giant and white eagle with L'Aquila's, first found in CAMPania with Italian Romans. Mota's share the Kaup roses, and this now gets amazing because rose-using Ukrainian Romans look like kin of both German Rosers/Rose's and Welsh Rosers/Rogers while French ROUGE's/Rogers were first found in Savoy with Manets. Kepke and I collected golf balls in the Rouge river!

Our favorite golf course was CedarBRAE (Steeles Ave., Toronto), and Brays/Brae's (Northamptonshire with Fieschi / Fauci-branch Face's) use a Flag-like "flax BREAKER". Face's/Fessys share the Savoy Coat, and Fauch's were first found near Savoy. I'm debating whether Kopffs have a version of the PUTTER/Pewter Coat, which itself has both the Manet and Balance eagle. Kopffs are the ones in the colors and format of Hunts/Hunters, first found in Shropshire with hunting-horn Breakers. "Kopff" could be a play on "Cough," for Putters/Pewters were first found in Cornwall, where one expects Cornish choughs to trace.

Irish Munichs are in BURley/BOURly colors, and Burisma-like Buris'/Burys (Irish) share a green Shield with them. Irish Munichs almost have the Coat of English Powers (Devon with Monks and English Buris'/Burys) while Danish Bowers/Pauers (Denmark with Munks) can apply here because Bowers (five, bunched arrows) and Bauers have green Shields too, as do proto-Rothschild Pollocks. Irish Munichs were first found in Munster (named by Munks?) with the Bricks while Barksdale's/BRICKdale's (Lancashire with the Bury location of Holds/Holts) share the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild. Barksdale's/Brickdale's called them, "SHEAVES of five arrows."

The PURpuls may have been a Purr-Pully merger, and Purrs are listed with Purys/BUREYs (share POLESdon/Pules stars), first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Crispins. Purrs/Purys/Bureys are in Polton colors and near-format. In the sleeping-bag dream, I was PULLING Miss Peare by her waist, and Pullys are also Pullings, first found in Yorkshire with purple-lion Skiptons and Lacys while Irish Lacys have another purple lion.

Kepke convinced me to go see Karen WHELAN (lived on his street) one last time when she was leaving me for another guy. I'm repeating this here because Whelans share the Brick Coat...with the Massey fleur-de-lys, and so Bricks and Barksdale's were likely from Ranulph de Briquessart, father of Ranulph Le Meschin, by bloodline. Kepke discovered from his neighbor where she was dating her new man, and they chose a restaurant in the Scarborough Town Center, several miles from her home, and this happened to be where Kepke was selling shoes at the time. He and I would eat at this restaurant often when I was selling shoes in the same mall, at the same time that he was selling them, though we were in different shoe stores.

So, that's what we did, we got to the restaurant before she walked in with the new man, and I got up to speak to her, one last time, and parted ways with her when she indicated she wanted to stay with him. No surprise.

By now it seems a no-brainer that Putters/Pewters use the eagle of L'Aquila. Putts/Pots, same place as Keppe's. I've told the story many times of Kepke and I sitting on my Mustang's hood, and I've told that this car's official color is pewter silver.

Two white surnames share the black eagle with Putters/Pewters and L'Aquila. The Deaths in one White motto were Mott/Mort kin, and that goes to the L'Aquila motto. Motts/Morte's share a giant and white crescent with German Silvers, the latter first found in Hesse with Epsteins, and Waters, sharing the Epstein Coat, were first found in Essex with Motts/Morts.

Putters/Pewters share the eagle of English Backs (same place as Cocks) while Bachs/Baghs share the vaired fesse of English Silvers, and then Bags share the Grimaldi ads Cock. As Gernons are now suspect from a Grimaldi > Greem > Green line, it's notable that English Silvers share the lion of Gernons while Gernons were at Montfitchet while Epstein-connectable Muschats are listed with Montfitchets (Essex with Waters and Fitch's).

Severs (Somerset with Backs and Cocks) and their Saffer branch look related to the Coat of English, Sever-like Silvers. Earlier, it was said: "The Cluttons/CLOTtons share the annulets of Severs (Somerset with Clutton)." Jews were first found at Clutton. The Mustang-hood event involved Allison Bauer, my Jewish girlfriend), and she points to Rothschilds because she and I (and Kepke too) were working at KNOB Hill Farms grocers at the time. Knobs (Bavaria with Bauers and Rothschilds/Roddensteins) probably share the Rothschild/RODDENstein arrow, and Roddens/Rodhams are in the colors and format of AIDs, which can contribute to blood CLOTs.

Vychans were first found in Shropshire with a Rodden river, with early English Rothes', and moreover Severs were first found in Somerset with proto-Rothschild Roets. Blood clots can sever small ARTERies, I suppose, and Arters were first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's.

I've told that the write-up of Scottish Allisons (POTTER colors and format!) looks like they were related to the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. Mustang-like Mustans (Yorkshire with Sheffield location and Keppochs) are in the colors and format of Keppoch-related Sheffields who in turn use "wheat sheaves" (the same Keppoch sheaves are called "garbs," but "sheaf" looks applicable to Sheff-like names). The Chips have: "...William Chepe was listed at Sheffield in 1369." Shefers/Scheafers almost have the Kepke/Kopke Coat, and were first found in Hesse with Silvers and Epsteins, and the latter share the Coat of Muschats, a possible branch of Mustans (have one of the triple Muschat chevrons).

It just so happens that while Hawks (same place as Potters!) love PilGRIMs, Allisons (Potter colors and format) have a "hawk's head" in Crest!!! This comes after the Putters/Pewters took us to Allison Bauer, whom I dated in the pewter Mustang for a couple of months. Having made the Allison link to PilGRIms, I can now go back to GREENs/Greems because a putter is use on a golf green! Bauers, Bowers and Burleys/Bourlys have a green Shield, and the latter were first found in Somerset with Pile's who could have named PILgrims. Until weeks ago, Pile's were said to be first found in Northumberland with the Pilgrim- and Hawk-beloved Stave's/Stevensons, but also with the Vails in the Allison motto.

This Allison discussion should link to the Golfins/Gulls, and so we can add that English Gulls were first found in Kent with Greens/Greems and Greenwich's.

Kepke and I were sitting on the Mustang's hood spotting Allison getting into a car, and Hoods show the same bird as English Allisons. Hoods call it a "Cornish chough", and Putters/Pewters were first found in Cornwall. Coughs have a Coat version of the Cough-like Cockers/Cockets, the latter first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims and Bags, and Bags share the Cock Shield.

Later in this update, I say: "And wow, the Coughs and Cuffs [share Hoff/Hough bend] are essentially in the colors and format of the Greeners/GreenHOUGHs".

The Hawk Motto Strikes

Back to the Stricklands/Sticklands with the "turkey-cock in its PRIDE," for I had recorded that the Arms of Rieti uses a "pratus" or similar motto term before knowing of the Flys, and before knowing that Pratts (Norfolk with Fly-connectable Flags/Flecks) have a Coat much like the Fly Coat. Pride's/Prude's were first found in Lanarkshire with the Swans/Sions in turn beloved of Lawrence-beloved READys.

Swans/Sions trace to "Savona," a Ligurian location beside Fieschi elements because there was a mythical swan king of Liguria, Cygnus/CYCNus, son of king STHENelus. The latter looks like code for the tribe that named Sion as "Sitten." Cycnus looks like code for the Cicones/Kikons of Thrace, at MARonia, to be exact, on shore from Myrina of Lemnos. Marone's, sharing the Googe / Gof boar, are in Mar/Mere/More colors and format, and "CYCnus" was possibly play on a term modified from "Gog" before a myth writer turned it into "cygnus = swan." Lake Sevan, once named after Gog, is in Armenia.

Kikons were made related in myth to the Hebros river, and Hebros elements are suspect to the Marsi of Abruzzo on the Salto river that flows through Rieti. High up on the Hebros was Ares-like Arsus, and Aphrodite, wife of Hephaestus of Lemnos, was committing adultery with Ares, the Roman Mars, co-founder of Romans with a wolf entity. Romulus. The constellation of Cygnus the swan is beside the wolf, Lupus.

Look at what I've just found from the old pagan stupids: "Lupus belongs to the Hercules family of constellations, along with AQUILA, Ara [like "Ares"], Centaurus, CORONa Australis, Corvus [means "crow"], Crater, Crux, CYGNUS..." Coronis the crow was daughter to Peleg-like Phlegyas, and the Biblical Peleg was a son of Eber, the founder of Hebrews. Coronis' brother was Ixion, whom I had been identifying, years ago, with "Sion" at mount Hermon, location of Dan (northern Israel) which I trace to the Dananns of Argos, and Hercules was a Danaan.

The Argo ship stopped at Lemnos, so that the crew could mate with its Amazons, before going to Colchis to get the golden fleece, which was the ram of HERMes, code for Armenians at mount Hermon along with Harmonia, daughter of Ares. Jason and the Colchian princess then ruled CORINTh, probably the namer of mythical Coronis and Zeus' father. Zeus was given a faggot symbol along with Cygnus, and Ares had a pedophile symbol. Disgusting Greeks. The namers of the Lupus constellation may have named the Welfs/Guelphs when the bloodline contacted proto-English speakers.

Cygnus was made to "love" a son of Helios of Rhodes, an island that I trace to Rhodopolis near the city of the golden fleece in the land of the Lazi, of LAZONA, suspect by me to "Lazio," the province of Latins at Rome and Rieti. The Greek wolf line of Leto was "Latona" to Romans. Rieti thus looks like a Rhodopolis element itself suspect from the Rus that I see descending from the Hros after which Ares was named, and he was even made the father of Erotes (word-play on pedophilia and sex).

Myth placed this Ligurian son of Helios at the Rhodanus river, now the Rhone, where Ligurians were founded, specifically at MARSeille. They were founded by Greeks from PHOCaea, near the mouth of the Hebros river of proto-Latin Lydia. Lydians also founded Etruscans who had Hercules, a faggot, as a chief God. The Phocaeans founded Ligurians at MARSeille, and FUCino was ground zero for the Marsi of Abruzzo.

I didn't know this until now: "Greek colonists from Phocaea founded the colony of Massalia[1] (modern-day Marseille, in France) in 600 BC, Emporion (modern-day Empuries, in CATALONIA, Spain) in 575 BC and Elea (modern-day Velia, in Campania, Italy)." Helios was also, "Sol," and the Sols/Solana's (giant sun) were not only first found in Catalonia, but have wolf heads in its border. Heraldic-loving families honored their pagan past.

Aquila's were first found in Campania along with wolf-like Hirpini. The latter looks like "harp," and the Lupus constellation happens to be beside Lyra the lyre = harp. Catalonia is also where Lara's were first found, who use "cauldrons." Lears were first found in Ligurian-suspect Leicestershire.

At the time that I first saw the Arms of Rieti and its motto, its fish were in the colors of the Pride/PRUDE fish ("lamPREYs"), you see, so that Prude elements look like Pratt branches. Preys were first found in Auvergne with Prude's/Prats. Lams were first found in Northumberland with Reds/Reeds and Hawk-beloved Stave's. The fish of Rieti are now in the colors of the turbot fish of Lawrence's of REDmaine, in Lancashire with the first-known Strike's/Strackers in the motto of Hawks. Hawkins use a "pret" motto term.

English PRAYs are also PRATers/Preters, and their wolf heads are in colors reversed with Cliffs. Strike's/Strackers share the Coat of Ligure-like Leghs/Lighs, and the latter were first found in Cheshire with the early Cliffs in turn said to have married Styche's. That goes with the Stickland variation of Strike-like Stricklands. Clifftons (Lancashire with Strike's/Strackers and CAVE's) share the cinquefoils of Potters (Hampshire with Hawks and Putts/Pots). Cave's share the fretty now showing in the Arms if Rieti, yet it's also the fretty of Caens, the latter first found in Dorset with Chaffs and Chaffins.

Flys were of Flagi while Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Fish-like Fiscs while "wahREIT" is a motto term of German Fishers/Fischers (Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's) who have a "fish on water" in the colors of the Lawrence turbot. English Fishers were first found in Essex with Waters and Chase-branch Chance's. See how easy it is to play this game? Just follow the clues.

Flys were first found in Hampshire with the Hawks and CHASE's, and it was the Hawk motto ("Strike") which took us to Stricklands/Sticklands sharing the Flag/Fleck scallops, which are also the Casser/CASSE scallops. Chaucer-branch Chasers were first found in Somerset with Kupe-beloved Sticks. Stricklands/Sticklands use "holly" in Crest, and Hollys too were first found in Norfolk, with the Hawk-beloved Pilgrims even, but also the CASE's and Cass-beloved Fountains. Hole's/Halls (share Holly dog) were first found in Lincolnshire with Fish.

Kepke's spider chase at the Graff residence looks like it belongs to this part of the discussion, and so it's interesting that the Graff Chief shares the demi-lion in the Chief of Prude's/Prats, the latter first found in Auvergne with the Bauds in Kepke/Kopke colors and format. Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps.

I'd like to present a possible pointer to the WHO here, where the Prude's/Prats have a Coat like the one of Hows who in turn have a Hoe and Hoo location in their write-up. Hoo's/Whoo's share the stars of Cliffs (Shropshire with Fish-connectable Vychans) who in turn share black wolf heads with Hows. The WHO is likely in $$$cahoots with Fish-like Pfizer vaccines. Vissers/Fisers use "fish."

Hoe's/KEOGH's share the blue Vere boar, which in colors reversed could be the white-on-blue GOOGE boar. Hoo's/Whoo's suddenly look like Gog elements. Scottish Vere's/Weirs, suspect as a Werp branch, were first found in ROXburghshire with Googe's! Vere's ruled Oxford (beside Hows) for centuries, where Gofers/Gophers were first found. Hoo's/Whoo's share the stars of Fiscs (Norfolk with Irish Pratts), and Fauci's with Fieschi's were at the CYCnus theater of COCK-related Grimaldi's.

Roxburghs, from mythical Ares elements, were a branch of Rocks (same place as Chips and Rooks) who share the Prude/Prat trefoil, and Chips are linkable to wolf-head Skins/Scans, a branch of Schims/Schiens sharing the Googe / Gof boar, and moreover Irish Kennedys, first found in TIPPERary with Hoe's/Keogh's, use the SCIMitar. The Skin/Scan and Lupus/Welf wolf heads are colors reversed with the Sols/Solana's (share sun with Rooks), and Javier Solana may still be an invisible "boss" of Europe i.e. in cahoots with the WHO. Sole's/Sola's, in the motto of Hague's/Hate's (share Gofer/Gopher saltire), use fish. "Sola" is a motto term of How-like Hower(d)s, and Hovers/Hoffers/Hoffs can apply with Hoffs/Hough's (Cheshire with Sale's, beside Sole's/Sola's).

Rooks were once said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Gofers/Gophers. With Chips, Rocks and Rooks all first found in the same place, it points hard to Rockefeller vaccines, for Roxburghs have a "AUDax" motto term while Roquefeuil is in Aude province. Aude's (Googe / Gof colors) almost have the three Skin/Scan swords. The Aude Coat is on a black Shield with Pool-beloved Pollets (probably from Vespasia Polla), the latter first found in Somerset with Cough-connectable Cocks.

Rooks use a "sol" motto term, and their motto with chough-like bird in Crest looks related the Cornish chough while TIPPERs (CORNwall) have a cuffed, blue sleeve to match the sleeves of Coughs and Cuffs. The latter two share the Hoff/Hough bend, and the latter were first found in Cheshire with early Cliffs (almost have the fesse-with-stars of Hoo's/Whoo's) and Sale's/Salletts. Coughs and Cuffs share the "dancette" feature with Hoo's/Whoo's, and while Coughs and Cuffs have Coat versions of the Sale's/Salletts, the Salemans (and Salmons) suddenly look related to same-colored Hoo's/Whoo's, important where the Ham "salmon" are in the colors of the Visser/Fiser fish. Hams were first found near the first-known Hoo's/Whoo's.

The Cornish chough is in the Crest of HOOds/Hutts whose Chief is in HOO/Whoo colors and format. Huttons, with Hooten-like variations, are essentially in Hoo/Whoo colors and format. Huttons have "stag's heads" while Stage's/Staggs were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hutts and HaZELs, and with the ZEALs/Seals expected in the Hood/Hutt motto, "Zealous." Zeals/Seals are interesting for sharing black wolf heads with Cliffs, but Zeals/Seals and Hazels share the fesse of Weavers (Cheshire with Cliffs, and where Hazels were once said to be first found).

Crossing the Hazels here is excellent where Hazeltons share the Weight/Wait motto while Quade's/Wade's share the three wolf heads of Cliffs. Repeat from above: "Cliffs share the wolf-heads of Quade's/WADE's while Weights/WAITs may have named the Weigh variation of Ways. Wefers are also WAYfers/Wayfords."

While Cuffs were first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/Danse's, the Dansette's (same place as Chappes') suspect in the Hoo/Whoo Coat share the Kaup roses, but they are also the roses of Roxburgh-connectable Tate's (Cornish choughs). The three Dansette roses are white, same as the three Cornish roses, and while the latter Coat is almost the one of English Lowers (Cornwall), Lows, first found in Worcestershire with Rooks and Chips, share gold wolf heads with Lupus'/Welfs and Skins/Scans in the colors and format of Salemans. Worcestershire is also where Babcocks/Badcocks were first found who share th Cock rooster.

Ahh, Lower-like Lowrys are listed with the Larrys/Laurie's having a giant Kepke-line cup partly in Lower and Kopff colors.

Gog-suspect Cocks trace to the Ligurian region of CYCnus, and I've just found KIKE's listed with Keogh-like Keach's/KETCH's. I doubt they were branches, yet the latter have a giant and Grimaldi-connectable "GREEN leaf" while Leafs/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims. It could indicate that Cat liners formed a CYCnus-like variation when the two lines merged. Chattans were first found in Roxburghshire with Googe's.

Cat-using, Ketch-like CATCH's/Catchers (Norfolk with Cats/Keats) are in the "fly-catcher" phrase of the translated motto of Drake's (Hampshire with Pilgrim-loving Hawks). The Cygnus constellation is near the Aquila constellation, and "Aquila" is in the Drake motto.

The first-listed Kike liner was Mr. Keche, and then the Kygs are also in the write-up. Cycnus was related to Sol, and Sole's/Sola's along with Keach's/Ketch's share the black border with MontaCute's, the latter first found in Somerset with Borders, and beside Catcher-like Cutters (Drake-like dragons). It recalls my short dream shared with readers a few times, where I was KICKing a crow with both my LEGs (pointer to Ligurians?) that was intend to land on a STOVE BURNer. We saw the crow amid the Cygnus family of constellations. BURNs happen to have a "ready" motto term while Readys show only swans!!! It's Cygnus-perfect. That dream is over a year old, and only now does it get deciphered? There's probably more to it. The Evers/Eure's in the Burn motto, and probably in the motto of Hawk-like Hicks too, share the gold boar of Weirs/Vere's (Roxburghshire with Googe's).

Stove's are listed with Stave's, first found in Northumberland with the Greys in the Cute/Cutt greyHOUND, and while Cute's/Cutts are in Dent colors and format, Dents were first found in SEDburgh, where I trace SITTEN-branch Sedans/Siddens. Cycnus' mythical father was, STHENelus, and Stove's/Stave's were a branch of STEINs and Stains! That's amazing.

Steins were first found in Norfolk with Crows who share the camel head with Pepins/Pepys and Pattersons/CASSANE's (See Casino's below). Crow-branch Crawls, like the Crail variation of Crabs, were first found in OXfordshire with Gog-suspect GOFers/Gophers that can be pointing to GoF = gain-of-function, and this keeps us on-topic with the WHO pushing a new round of forced vaccinations just as soon as the goons think they can get away with it. Crabs pointed to the Apophis asteroid that returns in the constellation of Cancer, and ancient Apophis was also, APEPI, a HYKSOS king. It was Miss Hicks, who pointed hard to that asteroid in several ways, who caused me to introduce Stanleys.

Burners have the quadrants of English Cox's in half their colors, suggest that, indeed, God gave the stove-burner dream to point to Cycnus-branch Ligurians. These Cox's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Crabs sharing the Burn fleur-de-lys. Anybody see a burning asteroid here as recompense to the world for pushing the 666? The crab constellation is Cancer, and the Chaunceur variation of Change-branch Chance's pointed to this constellation. It just so happens that while Changer variation of Change's (Hampshire with Chase's and Cassane's) is in the motto of Stanleys (Cambridgeshire with English Cox's and Cass'/Cash's), Irish Cox's share the triple fesses of Casino's/Case's and Change's/Changers. Spanish Casino's are in Burner colors.

Crows were first found in Norfolk with Case's, kin of Leslie's who are in turn in Kick/Keck colors and format. Miss Hicks had an aunt who married Mr. Casey (he sold my Texas house), and Scottish Caseys, with crow's heads, were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions! Hicks use a buck's head while Bucks (Norfolk with Crows and Cockers/Cockets) share the motto of Irish Cox's.

The Stout family of Vikings owned the raven banner, and while a raven is a species of crow, Stouts/Stows, first found in Cambridgeshire with Changer-loving STANleys, have the triple fesses of Changers (same place as Sturs) in colors reversed. Cox-like Oxfords have the three Stout/STOW fesses. Stove's/Stave's/Steinsons were first found in Northumberland with stork-using Store's/Sturys while Stainers/Stiners (Somerset, beside Sturs/STOWers) use the stork. Stainers/Stiners share the solid chevron of Bash's while the Goats in the German Stein/Steiner Coat, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Basford, and the latter is where goat-using Bunnys were first found. Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire.

The crow was wanting to land on the stove burner, where one cooks, and Coke-branch Cooks (purple quadrants) were first found in Essex with Stove-branch Stinsons. Irish Caseys have a version of the Stain Crest, making it more likely that Caseys were a Case branch while Case's were related to Crows, and thus it makes it more likely that Cass' were related to Crawl-like Crails/Crabs (same place as Cass') to which we might link the Crab-like "garb" of Irish Caseys. Stains share the double fesses of Flags in the motto of Casey- and Stain-beloved Clouds.

While Mr. Casey sold my Texas property, I had purchased it from Mrs. Teague. I have wrongly been saying that she was born Miss Friend because I had read that Don Friend, who shares the COOKsey ranch with her, was her brother. Recently, I learned that she was born, Miss Cooksey, and that Don had married her sister, making him the brother-in-law. It just so happens that Cookseys share the three cinquefoils of Gangs/GEGGs, first found in Norfolk with Casey-beloved Crows (!), with Cook-connectable Purple's, and with the Bags (share Cock Shield!) having these cinquefoils in colors reversed.

The "crowing roosters" of Crows were possibly called cocks because they are colors reversed from the Cock rooster. Perhaps the Crows had a falling out with the Cock ancestors, and stopped using "cock." The Camels in the Crow and Crawl Crests were first found in Somerset with Cocks.

Note that Miss Cooksey married Mr. Teague, for Teague's have a Caige/Keague variations like the Keogh of Whoo-connectable Hoe's. Cage's look like Gates kin.

Next, we take it to the Coke's who share the white ostrich with Cooks. Coke's almost have the Coat of Wefers except that half the Coke Coat is in the colors and format of Tudors, first found in Herefordshire with Wefers. I wouldn't be writing this except that, a couple of hours earlier, wondering if God arranged a Tedros-like surname, I entered "Tedder" to find it listed with Tudors. Tedros is the chief of WHO! It appears that God arranged the Tedders to connect WHO with the WEF. Wafers are in Tedder/Tudors colors.

This got me wondering whether Teeters/Deeters could help with the pointers to Tedros. I could see no way to link Teeters/Deeters to topic aside from the bio-weapons labs at Fort DETRick. But then I remembered Mrs. Teeter. I saw her run over her CAT while she was driving through her GATE. After the tire went over it, it jumped in pain a couple of feet into the air, then dropped to the ground and died on the spot. I therefore looked up the Wheels/Weals to find a blue boar head in Crest to match the blue boar in the Crest of HOE's/Keogh's. That's at least a hmmmm.

Tire's (MacDonald kin) are expected as part of the "terras" motto term of MacDONALDs. They share the black fitchee in the Arms of the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. Some Clan Chattan members were MacDonald kin.

Wheels/Weals were first found in Shropshire with Alans of Dol and Talbots, while whale-using Dols were early found in Pomerania with the first-known Teeters/Deeters who in turn use a "dog" often called a "talbot." Whale's/Whele's (share Keep bend) were first found in Berwickshire with Tate's/TEETs. Wheelers are listed with Whalers. It appears that God set up the cat to be run over as evidenced by these apparent pointers to vaccine schemes by Tedros and company.

Teeters/Deeters almost have the Fortuna dog while "Fortuna" is a motto term of Irish Barons who in turn have a blue boar in Crest. Schims/Schiens share "fortuna" with Irish Barons, and the Googe/Goose and Schim/Schien boar is the HOE boar in colors reversed. Italian Barons can be gleaned as a Bruno branch while the Fortuna dog belonged to the house of Canossa (see Wikipedia) out of Lucca, and Lucca's use the giant cat. Lucca is in Tuscany along with Bruno's and Barons. BRUNsons share the MacDonald / Tire eagle.

Scottish Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with Keith Catti, and these Fortune's share GYRONNy (different color) with Rone's. Read also as "gyRONNY." GERNONs share the BRUNSwick Coat, and while Gernons were at Montfitchet. Montfitchets are listed with MusCHATs.

Is the RUN-over cat a pointer to Tedros? Runnings/Ronns, possibly of the Ronald variation of Donalds, have the wavy Dol fesse on red, and the one on red is also the one (both colors) of WEFer-branch Wafers! It's working. The cat was RUN over as a pointer to Tedros and the WEF, both stationed in Switzerland.

Irish Barons share "audaces" with the Googe/Goose motto. The latter have the Mole boar while Wheels/Weals have moline crosses. Moline's were first found in Devon with Baron-like Bronsons.

Irish Barons share the Lady annulets while Klaus-like Klassens/Class' have "Lady Fortune". Clauds/CLAUSels/Clots share the Tromp acorns. Irish Barons were first found in Waterford with Whale(r)-like Whalens, and with the Trump stag head (in the Arms of Waterford County), and Dols (Trump colors) were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps. Why might this run-over cat be pointing to Barron Trump, son of DONALD Trump? He's 18 years old now.

The cat was run over by Mandy Teeter's wheel, and purple-lozenge Mandys/MUNDys have a Chief in the colors and format of the Bag Chief while Purple's were first found in Norfolk with Bags. Mandys were first found in Derbyshire with Coke's while Cooks use purple too. Minds/Munds were first found in Shropshire with Wheels/Weals, with the Rudes'/Rudge's sharing the Mandy cross, and with Vychans sharing a Brown/Brun Coat. MOUNTains were first found in Essex with the Peacocks in the Mund/Munt and Manner/Maness Coat/Crest. Scottish Mans (DRAGON) are in Wheel/Weal colors and format, but also in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers, the latter first found in Kent with Munds/Munts.

Plus, I've just found Cookers said to descend from "'MANDevilles from the castle and barony of Manneville...", and Manneville's/Mansville's look related to German Manners and Bees. Mandy was driving through a GATE at the time she ran over the cat. Gates', a possible pointer to Bill Gates in this Tedros context, look like kin of Doors (Herefordshire with Wefers and Tedders/Tudors) who in turn share the bee with Munds/Munts, and we may add that Mounts / Mounds share the giant Strike lion.

Strike-loving Hawks use purple too, and hawk-beloved Pilgrims were first found in Norfolk with the Steins sharing the Cooker/Coker Coat, with Cockers/Cockets in turn using "A MAN's head", with Cats/Keats whose Coat is almost the one of Gates-like Cates', and with bee-using Leafs/LEVE's. We can point here to the AIDS in the motto of French Levi's because Cates' share the Coat of Jewish Levi's, and moreover the Aids'/Ade's have a different-colors version of the Cooker/Coker Coat. The latter have leopard faces while Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with them.

In my first conversation with Mandy, when I first saw her, I asked about the cars parked on the highway's shoulder outside the home of Mrs. Teague. I had driven past these cars a couple of hours earlier, on my first day back to Texas for that year (1999). Mandy said it was the FBI looking for the murdered body of the infamous atheist, Madalyn O'HARE. They found the body later buried on the Cooksey ranch (which was rented out to hunters). How might this relate to anything under discussion?

English Hare's share the double fesses of peacock-using HARcourts (Oxfordshire with Bee's). Scottish Hare's (AYRshire with Scottish Ayers) have the double fesses of PeaCOCK-loving Manners/Maness' in colors reversed, and Irish Hare's/Jarrys share "fear" in their motto with the motto of Manners/Maness'. The Fears/Fiers, first found in Middlesex with Stein-branch and Stains, can go super with the Mandy wolf head "with FIRE coming from his mouth", and moreover Hare-like English Ayers/Eyers and Here's/Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with Mandys and Coke's. Steins are the ones sharing the Cooker/Coker motto. I find the heraldry concerning Mandy's possible pointer to Madalyn O'Hare quite incredible, as if, perhaps, God wants to disclose that He arranged for her to be cut to pieces and buried on the Cooksey ranch.

O'Hare was the one who went to court and succeeded in taking PRAYER out of American schools. Prays/Praters share the white wolf head of English Pratts (Essex with MOTTs), yet the Pratt wolf head (in Crest) is half black, the color of the wolf head in the Mandy Crest that has "with fire COMING from his MOUTH." Irish Pratts were first found in Norfolk with COMINGs/Comyns, from Kuman in FIER county, with Todds, and with Dade's/DEEDs, and then the latter, perhaps of the Deeter variation of Teeters, share the Prayer scallops, believe it or not.

Plus, Deeds (red-Shield version of the triple Coming/Comyn sheaves) are in the motto of Flemings who can use "fire" extra-appropriately when they marry Fire liners. Seatons/Sittens (share Fleming border) were Flemish, and they use "A dragon SPOUTINg fire." Spottens/Spauldings have a short "sword" looking connectable to the Coming/Comyn "dagger," and though it seems it was once a dagger, it could have become a sword due to the Pratt-like "Paratus" motto of Swords. The Pride/Prude's in the TURKey-COCK of Stricklands/STICKlands were first found in Lanarkshire with Flemings, and Sticks have a black-Shield version of the Coming/Comyn Coat. Scottish TURKs use "...a flaming MOUNT in base."

Irish Prays share the Coat of Trots/Trude's, first found in Herefordshire with English Helms. Tedders/Tudors use helmets, and there's a giant one with German Helms. It might be interesting if Helmans relate because they have the international marine flag for "six" in colors reversed. I can't say whether this flag is a pointer to 666. If Helmans named Helms while Hells named Helmans, it's interesting that Hells share the Crab/Crail Coat while Haleys/Hellys have the Googe / Gof boar.

Gog was from lake Sevan while there is a white swan head, symbol of Liguria-suspect Leicesters, in the Crest of Lilys while Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with Gofers/Gophers. I showed how Liguria's Savona was related to the namers of Sitten at Swan-line Sion, and while Seatons are Sittens, Seats are Cetis-like Cedes' while Cetis'/Sestiers use a lily.

The Stricklands/Sticklands with the TURKey-cock share the PATEE crosses of Massena's and Peks, and have a "VOLONTE" motto term while Roman emperor, VALENTinian I, traces to Wings/Winks, first found in Worcestershire with PATTYs. KilPATricks and Patents/Putins were first found in Dumfries with Scottish TURKs. Larins/Clarens, sharing the double chevrons of Scottish Lise's/Lease's (Dumfries), have a "tuirc" motto term.

The bigger point is that while Massena's have a version of the Masci Coat, my mother was born and raised in Picenze while the Picensii Illyrians / Moesians are on the Pek river (not marked) upon this map (top center-left). Masci's use wings for the Vinkovci location of Valentinian I, husband of Justine of PICENum, and his father, emperor Gratian, can be tracked to the Greats, first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons, and with the Reds/Reeds from Rieti suspect with the Redmaine of Lawrence's. The Pek flows near CUPPae (shown), you see, suspect with the Kupe's/Koops and their branches, and Reds/Reads have a motto, "PAX COPia." Kaups share the roses of Pollock-connectable Paisleys.

Then, while French, Peck-like Packs share the red bull with Sabine's, "Pace" is a motto term of Scottish Turks suspect in the Stickland turkey-cock (Cocks were first found in the same place as Sticks). While the "pieces of wood" of Rita's can be partly for the Peace's/PAISE's, English Packs (Sussex with Keeps and Coppers/Coopers) share the anchor PAISleys/Pasleys and MontGOMERys (share Masci fleur). Paisleys/Pasleys were from Spear-related Pasi's/Pace's whom I trace to VesPASIa Polla, for Roet-related Spears were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Montgomerys (near the first-known Pride's). Roets share the "book" with Scottish Reeds (Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's and Skins/Scans), and Books were first found in Berwickshire with Wrights/RITE's.

English Pasleys have the triple fesses of Moesia-like Moisens in colors reversed. The map shows the Picensii near a Moschius river to their south while the Moschi mountains of CAUCasia were in the land of Gog, and near/at a PYXites river. Moses'/Moesens are also Moys, connectable to Moyne variation of Monks. Cuppae is the "city of doves" to explain the dove in the Moses/Moesen Crest.

Ezekiel lumps Gog, Rosh and Meshech with "GOMER," you see. Montgomerys almost have the Coat of Leicesters (Cheshire with SAVA's/Savage's) while Root-related Woods (share "savage" with Montgomerys) were first found in Leicestershire. English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Sava-like Sheaves'/Shaws, and the Kupa/COLAPis river is a tributary of the Sava river while Cups/Cope's are also COLPs/Culps suspect in the "culpa" motto term of PULLens/Pullys (share Sabine scallops) and English Patents/Pattens (Essex with Peks/Pecks).

Pasi's/Pace's were first found in Bologna with the PANICO's (share Masci fleur-de-lys), and PINCum, shown as "Punicum" on the map, is at the mouth of the Pek river. English Pace's use a PURPLE Shield, and were first found in Cheshire with Picots having "pike heads," and with Masci branches. The PurPUL variation of Purple's can be not only of Pools/Pulls, but of Rieti-line Pullens/Pullys who named Pully in Switzerland, interesting where German GOODs/Guts, sharing the Stick Coat, were first found in Switzerland too. The turkey-cock Stricklands/Sticklands use a "GOD" term in their translated motto.

Stricklands/Sticklands have a "bucks' head" while English Bucks were first found in Norfolk too. a buck heads is also with Hawk-like Hicks, a branch of Hooks (Devon with Monks) who in turn share the Leicester Coat. Leicester is on a LEGro river while Leghs/Lighs, potential Ligurians from Fieschi elements, share the Coat of Hawk-beloved Strike's.

We arrived to this topic from collecting golf balls in the river, and while the balls were put into the river by golf clubs, the Clubs/Clobbes' (Cheshire with Pace's and Balls) were first found at Farndon while FARdons (Cheshire) almost have the Pace Coat, purple Shield included.

A golf FAIRway is called a "course," and while Course's almost have the Coat of German Turks, and while one Stickland Coat has the turkey-cock, the other Sticklands share the Fairway scallops!!!! It's the Scottish Turks with the "Pace" motto term! Pattons, first found in Cumberland with Fare's/Fairs (from Fier county, ALBANia), share the Turk and Course crescent. Albanys (Shropshire, where Pattons were once said to be first found) share the giant Lavan/Louvain lion.

The Fairway Coat is almost the one of the Travers in the Fore motto! When one drives a golf ball down the fairway, toward other golfers, they yell, "fore"! Fore's are listed with Forez's, and while Fauch's were first found in Forez, Fauci's were first found in Genova with the Guelph-supporting Fieschi!

Note that golf has a "chip shot," for Shots/Schute's have three swords in the colors of the three swords of Skins/Scans, and the latter's wolf heads are shared by Guelph-branch Welfs who are in turn in Chip colors and format while Chips share the gold-on-red eSCUTcheon of Schute-like Scute's/Scutts! Lookie there. And the latter were first found in Lancashire with Travers.

I trace Sticks to the Astikas' of VILNius, and here we can add that VILAINs have nearly the Coat of Levins/LIVINGs who were in turn first found in Westmorland with both Stickland surnames. The Fieschi were from counts of LAVAGNga. Lavans/Louvains (share Massin/Mason lion) are said to be from "Lovergne." Whether either of these surnames were from Lavagna, I can't be sure, but Astikas' married Traby while the three strings in the Arms of Traby look like code for 666.

Some suggest that end-time Gog will be a TURK. Can this explain why the Turks have made it to topic? Gogarene/Gugar, off of lake SEVAN, is now at the Armenia-Turkey border. SAVONa is near ground-zero for Fieschi. The Savena river flows near Panico's of the Setta valley (Bologna with Pasi's/PACE's). The Pride's, in the Stickland motto with "turkey," were first found in Lanarkshire with SWANs/Sions, and while Sion of Switzerland is also Sitten, Seatons/Sittens look like they could have named the Setta valley. The Seats/Cedes' share the double PALE bars in the Arms of Vilaine. Pale's/Palys were first found in Yorkshire with Pullens/Pullys.

Palmans/Pelhams (swans) have "A silver peacock in its pride."" While the Arms of Rieti has a "pratus" or similar motto term that Wikipedia article on Rieti removed, the Coat of Peacocks/PEAS' (Essex with one English Pratt surname, and with Patents/Pattens) looks linkable to the ones of English and Irish Pratts. French Prude's are Prats too. Sticklands love Pride's/Prude's.

The Fear variation of Fiers is in the Peacock/Peas motto, and I've read that Peacocks/Peas' were a sept of Vespasia-line Pollocks (near first-known Pride's/Prude's)...who share a green Shield with PEACE's/Paise's...meaning that the Rita pieces of wood can be for the Peas variation of Peacocks. Pasi's/Pace's are also Pascels while Pass'/Pascals, first found in Essex with Peacocks/Peas', have a lamb while Lamps/Lambie's (look like Great kin) can be in the "lamprey" of Pride's/Prude's.

As per the Pilgrim staves, Stave's were a branch of English Stinsons and Steins (Norfolk with Pilgrims, Irish Pratts and Heads/Heeds). Stinsons were first found in Essex with English Pratts and Este's (look like Head/Heed kin). Stave-branch Stains were first found in Middlesex with the Fiers of Fier county, location of Kuman, the latter being the line to Norfolk's, dagger-using Comyns/Comings who also mention a "DEXTER paw." Both Paw surnames use peacocks.

Popping Golf Balls

Decades after collecting golf balls with Kepke, probably less than ten years ago, I had a short dream about the time I told readers that Kepke reminded me of Donald Trump. I saw golf balls popping up everywhere out of the white ground. That's all there was to this dream. I had no idea what it meant at the time, years before anyone knew of Tony Fauci.

The dream brought Guelphs to mind, but houseofnames has no such surname. And so there was eyes open for Golf-like surnames, and some time later I found the Golfin variations of Gulls. One of these Golfins/Gulls is in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, how about that. I can now add that these German Golfins/Gulls have a giant "MARTLet" (used by French Charles', code for the Carolingian line of Charles Martel) while English Martels are in Chip format and colors reversed from them. But if God really wanted to point this to skin chips, why not have Martels in the same colors as Chips?

To my amazement, although Golfins/Gulls show three hammers in red-on-gold, Hall of Names describes them as "Red with three gold hammers"!!! UNBELIEVABLE. English Martels are in fact in Chip colors too! And Hammers were first found in Sussex with Keeps! This just floors me.

These Martels are also MORTels, and first found in Essex with Motts/Morts. It's suggesting the possibility that the line of Charles Martel was out of L'Aquila (where I trace Motts, Mota's and Motels), which can explain why English Charles (Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds) share a white eagle with Aquila's. English Charles' share the CHILD and Lorraine eagle while Lorraine's share the Keep bend because both surnames descended from Maria of Kiev. While the gold balls were popping out of the ground, Charles Martel descended from popping-like Pepins of the MEROVingians who themselves descended from king CHILDeric. MARUVium was named by the Marsi of Abruzzo, and when my mother and I stayed in Picenze for the summer, she stayed with her debilitated mother in whose large home lived a Maria, mother of Mauro. It looks Marsi.

My mother was staying at the home owned by her Grimaldi father, who had passed away by then. Mr. Grimaldi owned the village FLOUR MILL, beside his house, and while Flowers are like "Flavius," they happen to share the cinquefoil of Potters, first found in Hampshire with Putts/Pots, Kupe-connectable Mills, and Keppe's/Cheppe's/Kipps, can you believe it!!?? Kaups are the ones sharing the Mota roses!!! Therefore, the golf-ball dream is to be linked to Kepke and I collecting golf balls (about 1.5 years after I returned from Picenze).

Outside of their flour mill, on the street, there was a WATER TAP, which was a small statue of a CHILD POURing water from his penis. I would drink from it not making anything of it, but maybe God is suggesting that pedophiles were in that village, for Waters (Essex with Martels/Mortels) share the Epstein Coat.

A small child and pedophilia were the symbol of Ares, whom the Romans called, Mars, and it just so happens that while the ancient Abruzzo capital was APRUTium, APHRODite was the special mate of Ares. This was the proto-Rus bloodline to the Varangians of Kiev, and Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila, I totally get this.

I recall the day when Mars-like Maria was introducing herself to me at that tap. That's why I've just looked up the Tapps to find the fesse of French Pots, which recalls the Putts/Pots whose double fesses are in turn in colors reversed. You can't believe I'm telling the truth about that tap; you think I'm making it up.

Moments before looking up Tapps, the Augets were looked up because they are in the motto of English Charles', and Augets/AUGERs/AUGE's have the Coat of French Pots in colors reversed. You can't believe me. You think I'm making the tap-scene up. Eggs/EDGE's, first found in Worcestershire with Chips, are excellent here because they share the eagle of French Charles!!! I don't have the time, nor the corrupt spirit, to make up stories merely to entertain readers. There is an Edge-like Wedge surname, and gold wedges are golf CLUBs used for doing CHIP shots!!!!!!!

Wedge's are even in the colors and format of English Auge's/Aggs, and the Wedge motto is shared by Vince's/Finch's, first found in Hertfordshire with Childs (and Scale's and Beach's). Cass'/Cash's use "scales," and while Finchems (and Beaks) have the triple fesses of Cassers/Casse's in colors reversed, the latter were first found in Gascony with French Martels. The Clobbes variation of Clubs looks like "Clovis," Childeric's heir, and Clubs/Clobbes, who took us to Fairways above, are even in Child colors and format. Recalling the hammers of Martels, it's amazing that German Hammers share the giant lion of English Augers/Etches'. I find this heraldry amazing, but there is more.

I could even say Sich-Sich-Sich, because Sichs use "fountains," and the tap was a fountain!!! Waters are Waterville's, and Waterfords/Waterville's use both the same fountains and "water lilies" while Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Chips and Eggs/Edge's!!!! Wedge's were first found in Somerset with the Backs sharing the giant Manet eagle (probably the Arms-of-L'Aquila eagle), and it's colors reversed from the top half of the giant Egg/Edge eagle. Waterfords were first found in Northamptonshire with Face's while Fauch's were first found in Savoy with Manets while Fauci's were first found in Genova with Bocci's/Brocato's and Grimaldi's.

Repeat from above: "...the PUTTER Coat, which itself has both the Manet and Balance eagle." The Balance's/BALANcors share the top half of the Egg/Edge Coat, and Balans/Balaams (Suffolk with Charles') are in Potter colors and format!!!! I'm just shocked with all of this heraldry as it unfolds. The Augets in the Charles motto can be gleaned at Pot kin!

Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, and French Crispins (Lorraine) share the "pomegranate" with Charles-like Carls while Carlsons were first found in Suffolk with Charles'. The Carls have "pomegranates, SEEDed RED," and while Seeds are also Cetis-like Cedes', Cetis'/Sestiers use a giant lily, and were first found in Provence with Augets. Seeds/Cedes' even have a "demi-COCK, WINGs expanded". Vince-like Wings/Winks were first found in Worcestershire with Lilys, Chips and Eggs/EDGE's, and Vince's share the Wedge motto!!! It speaks for itself. Golf wedges do chip shots, and Shots/Schute's share the swords of Skins/Scans, first found in Aberdeenshire with Carls and Red-branch Reeds!

The Grimaldi write-up uses a "frock" term, in association with the monk symbol of Grimaldi's, while Frocks/Froggs and Foggs / Figgs look very related to the Coat of Wedge's (Somerset with Grimaldi-connectable Cocks). Monks come up as "Moyne," and the Moses'/Moys were first found in Shropshire with Frocks/Froggs and Masci-line Meschins. Mr. Bocci Ball pointed to Bocci's/BROCATo's, from king BROGITarus of Galatia, whose son conquered Derbe, suggesting that FROGGITs, because they were first found in Derbyshire, were from "Brogitarus."

Bocci's/Brocato's came to topic years ago because the owner of the house I stayed in, for the summer that my mother spent in Picenze, was a bocci-ball player. There was even a bocci-ball ring owned by the neighboring local pub that stretched across his own backyard.

After dinner on most nights for a long stretch, I would help myself to a chewing GUM at his place, because he had the local corner store, German Gumms list Gomers, you see, part of the Gog federation in Ezekiel 38. By trade, Mr. Bocci Ball (don't remember his name) was a steel worker, a ferrari, and here we can add that Ferrara's share the giant Auger/Etches and Hammer lion while steel workers use hammers. Plus, while Aquila's share the Italian Este Coat, Este's were first found in Ferrara. English Gumms were first found in Cambridgeshire with Figgs (share Fogg Coat).

Just realized: Figg-like Fix's/Ficks (Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's) happen to share the Manet eagle, and then the hammer-using Martels/Mortels were first found in Essex with English Este's and MOTTs expected in the "ImMOTA Manet" motto of L'Aquila. Often, a steel-worker's hammer is used to CHIP off welding residue, and Chips are in Martel/Mortel colors and format. Chips share the gold escutcheon of Scute's/Scutts while golf chips shots point to Shots/Schute's.

AMYNTes is why I highlighted the MINNITsky variation of Ukrainian Minks. Mr. Bocci Ball took me to L'Aquila one day to watch his bocci ball matches, and I got so bored I asked him if we could leave about four times, and each time he would say, "un minuto, un minuto," meaning "in (just) a minute." He never kept his promise. Minute's are listed with MYNETTS, first found in Kent with Foggs who essentially have the Wedge Coat.

Wedge's essentially have the Purys/BUREY Coat while "Pour y" is a motto phrase of Manners/MANESS' while the Manets are also Mannez's. Is that not more amazing? Yes, especially as the double fesses of Manners/Maness' are colors reversed from the same of Putts/Pots. This is why I highlighted the small statue of a CHILD POURing water.

While German Belows and Cheps/Jeepma's almost have the giant Tromp eagle, and while Chalice-like Calles' have trumpets, English Belows have "An arm pouring water from a chalice". What can we make of the further fact that Calles' were Shot/Schute kin while Chips look like kin of Scute's/Scutts, first found in Lancashire with a Bury location, and with trumpet-using Levers/Livers? Is Donald Trump going to push skin chips? Bury of Lancashire is where Holds/Holts were first found who share the double Putt/Pot fesses!!! It tends to prove that the Purys suspect in the Maness motto have a Burey variation from the namers of Bury.

"...Maria, mother of Mauro. It looks Marsi." Auge's/Aggs have a "Moor's head," symbol of Morano's while Mauro's are also Maurino's. They look like Mauritanians (Massena-line Numidians?), who I trace to Spanish Murena's/MORATINs (eagles). This goes back to TERENTia Murena, and Terents/TARENTs (eagles in Morano colors) not only have the Child Coat in colors reversed, but the Mota-branch Motels are said to have had a location of Taranto.

Marano's/Mauritano's were first found in MODENa with Morano's and Morinis', and Motts/Morts are also MOTTINs while Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with the L'Aquila-connectable Sheaves'/Shaws whose "VINCit" motto term can take us to Vince's (same place as Childs). The Morinis' happen to share the double fesses of Parrs (Lancashire with Holds/Holts and Murena-beloved Towers) in the "parvenir" motto term of Manners/Maness' who in turn have the double Hold/Holt fesses in colors reversed.

And as Manners/Maness' were a branch of Mens', we now go to the "Mens" motto term of Este-loving Pepins and Poppins! The golf balls were popping out of the ground! French Pepins are amazing here because they once showed a gull in the colors and format of the Golfin/Gull "martlet" (Charles Martel was a Pepin on his mother's side). French Pepins are said to have a "bird" in the colors and format of Golfins/Gulls, and above it the Pepins share the crescents of German Julians (Saxony with Kepke's), kin of English Gulls! Lookie there. Poppins were first found in Hampshire with Keppe's/Cheppe's and Putts/Pots.

English Gulls were first found in Kent with the Dovers (COCKatrice) who in turn have the Flower Coat in colors reversed, and Flowers share the cinquefoil of Potters, first found in Hampshire with Poppins. Poti was also Phasis, and VesPASia Polla married Flower-like Flavius'.

Her first name may be of the namers of Visconti's, who ruled Milan, where Mauro's/Maurino's were first found. Ottone Visconti was the first ruler of Milan, and Ottone's were first found in Umbria with pomegranate-using Grazi's, and then the pomegranate-using Carls were first found in Aberdeenshire with Milans/Millens/Mellents and Mellansons. Umbria is near Arretium, home of the husband of Terentia Murena. Ottone's look like kin of French Chappes' who in turn have Moor heads.

Although German Golfins/Gulls appear to use a gull, it's said to be a "martlet," and it's in the white color of the martlet of Kupe-connectable Mills.

Keeps love Galleys, and while French Galleys and Galli's were first found in Dauphine, the Galli's share the rooster of French Gays, first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's and Fauch's. Again, Italian Galli's (another rooster) were first found in Rome with Luciano's, and Luke's/Luckys have a Coat similar to the one of English Galleys (Yorkshire with Sheaves-connectable Keppochs).

Dutch Golfins/Gulls use a robin-like "bird", evoking a golf "birdie," and while Birds/Burds look like BUNCH kin, Kepke came storming/rushing up the stairs and asked the BOUNCer to kick Peare and I off the La-Paloma property...for kissing. He had a moment of losing his mind for the infraction I committed against him. To put this another way. BOUNS'/Bone's were first found in Sussex with same-colored Coopers/Coppers, and with Keeps. Bunkers were first found in Suffolk with Kidds (share Kepke goat).

I think I can now decipher the dream as God's exposing golf balls that were once hidden in the ground. That is, He's exposing GoF all over the place, the gain-of-function that Fauci denied being involved with, but that was proven just last week to be driven by him (without any possibility of him denying it any further) when his right-hand man, David Morens, squealed on him in the United States congress. The golf balls may have been popping out of white ground because one of the English White's has leopard FACES (Fauci branch) in the colors and format of the Morens Coat!

Kepke and I collected golf balls at age 12 and 13, about the same time that I recall taking hockey shots against him, at his garage door, while he had his GOALIE STICK. In fact, at age 12, before I became friends with him, I was playing organized hockey, and remember getting a break-away against him while he was playing goalie. Later in life, his brother would play goal in every game we played when renting arenas weekly.

The point is, Spanish Gulls share the double fesses of Harcourts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with goalie-like Gollys/Gullys (share "sine" motto term with English Gulls), who in turn can be gleaned as a branch of English Gulls! The latter have the six pale bars of German JULians in colors reversed while English Julians share the cross of Gollys/Gullys, and if that's not enough, German Julians were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's.

So, you see, with the Kepke's playing goalies, it appears like extra evidence that the golf-ball dream is to incorporate Kepke's pointers to graphene-oxide. I highlighted the hockey STICK because Sticks share the Coat of German Goods/Guts, first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens and Klaus Schwab's headquarters. It just so happens that English Goods were first found in Kent with English Gulls and English GODfreys.

Harcourts were first found in Oxfordshire with Golfin-connectable Gullys, and the Arms of Oxford shares the elephant, in the same color, with Scottish GROUNDs/Crannys, recalling that the golf balls were popping out of the ground. The Amore's suspect in the Ground/Cranny motto were first found in Oxfordshire too, and elephant using Mascals were first found in Sussex with Keeps and Koop-like Coopers/Coppers.

I didn't know the Kupe's/Koops have candle STICks until weeks ago. Italian Candels/Candi's share the giant Tromp eagle, and English Candys were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds and Candle's/Kentwells.

Plus, while golf balls were POPPING out of the ground, Mens'-loving Poppins (Hampshire with Chase's and Copps) can be gleaned as kin of Keiths/Mascals (beside Mens' with "GOD" motto term), first found in East Lothian with FAUCets, and while Kepke and I began to caddy at CEDARbrae golf course immediately after we stopped collecting golf balls, Caddys, first found in Yorkshire with English Grounds/Grundys, are in Keith/Mascal colors and format!!! Astounding. Cedars/Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire! Keith-related McKinneys share the Kim Coat while Scottish Grounds/Crannys have a motto, "Amor proXIMi."

Yorkshire is also where Rhodes' (and Keppochs) were first found who almost have the Coat of English Grounds/Grundys. The Door-beloved Bee's, first found in Oxfordshire, are suspect in the "Be" motto term of both Deer-beloved Gallops, and the Lawrence's (Lancashire, beside Yorkshire) who in turn can be closely sharing the Ground/Grundy / Rhodes cross. Kepke is Lawrence by first name. Gallops/Gollops are now becoming suspect as a branch of Golfins/Gulls.

Deerings may have been from Morens'. The Marine's, with variations like those of Morens', were first found in Hampshire with Chase's, and the Marine-branch Marines' were first found in Kent with the Morinis-related Deerings. This is amazing because Deerings ("ROEbucks' heads") share the buck heads of popping-like Poppins, first found in Hampshire too! The popping golf balls are pointing to David Morens. Poppins are even in Chip colors and format, and Popleys were first found in Yorkshire with Grounds/Grundys.

Roe's were first found in Norfolk with Chase-like Case's whose buckles in turn (shared by French Mallets) can be linked to deer-using English Mallets, and while French Rays have a giant escarBUNCLE, Buncle's use buckles in Morens colors and format! That's amazing because RAYburns use the "roebuck DRINKing" while Morens' have "rayed" stars.

Drinks/Drengs happen to share the lion of Rhodes-related Grounds/Grundys, and while Rhodes' have a "Robor" motto term, "Robur" is in the RayBURN motto. English Rays were first found in Cumberland with BURNs who in turn share a "ready" motto term with Lawrence's.

The three golf courses (all along the 9th Concession) were on the Rouge river while Rouge-branch English Rogers have "deer" looking connectable to the "deer" of Trudeau's. I've mentioned many times the Kupe's/Koops and Kepke's/Kopke's share the border of Justins for a pointer to justin trudeau, the most shameful Schwabite in the world. English Rogers have a "nosTRAQUE" motto term while Tracks/Tricks/Triggs (Yorkshire with Turbots) share the "dart" with the "naked man" in the Crest of trudeau-like Trouts. Toppers/Topfers (Kepke/Kopke colors) have "trout swimming" while Swims were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. These trout, for both surnames, are in the colors of the Turbot "turbots" (fish) while the Lawrence Crest has a "turbot tail".

As young teens, Kepke and I would enter a street-SEWER pipe that drained its waters at the Rouge river. As the Sewers (Angus, near Skins/Scans) are listed with Shuters/Suters, let's repeat from above: "...share the wolf heads of Skins/Scans, which by the way are in the colors and format of Chips. Is that not remarkable? Yes, because Chips share the gold eSCUTcheons us SCUTE's/Scutts (Wiltshire with their trumpet-using kin, the Calls) while Shots/Shoots/Schute's share the swords of Skins/Scans." Scute's/Scutts (Lancashire with Lawrence's) use "deer."

The "crane" in the Scute/Scutt Crest should be code for Crauns/Crane's because they were first found in Suffolk with "deer"-using Mallets, but also with Kepke-connectable Kidds, and then Scottish Kidds were first found near Sewers/Shuters/Suters. German Suters share the hexagrams of Deering-connectable Morens'.

The crane-using Grounds/Crannys are excellent here because Grounds/Grundys and Rhodes' share a "leopard" in Crest with Sewers/Suters. But the "staff raGULLY" of English Crane's is also excellent, especially as Lawrence's have the Ground/Grundy cross with a "raguly" pattern! The golf balls coming out of the white ground are again pointing to David Morens.

Melita is an island near RAGusa, home of the Saraca's whom I trace to crane-using Sharks. Between Melita and Ragusa are the Elaphiti islands, tending to explain the Ground/Cranny elephant. Suffolk is where Mallets and Lodge's/LOGE's were first found who in turn share the giant lion of Marano's (same place as Morinis') and Mallet-like Malta's. French Loge's were first found in Burgundy with Loches'/DesLOGES' who in turn share the triple cinquefoils of Gows/McGOO's, the potential pointer to GO, the short-form for "graphene-oxide."

It is amazing that the Readys expected in the "Be ready" motto of Lawrence's are in Wefer / Gof / Goose/Googe colors and format. It's amazing because the Goose's/Googe's share the SCHIM boar while Readys have a SCIMitar in Crest. The Letters (beside Gallop-loving Waistells) love the Goose's while Letts were first found in Gloucestershire with the White's now suspect with the Morens Coat. Deers were first found in Bedfordshire with the Lutons in turn sharing the giant Grave/Greaf eagle. See how this all connects together on things pertaining to Mr. Kepke?

Letter-branch Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Waistell-beloved Dove's and Aids/Ade's, and it was Kepke's teen girlfriend, Miss Peare, who pointed to Waistells when she appeared in my dream (decades later) about the same time as the golf-ball dream. She appeared in my sleeping-bag dream which itself had pointed to poison vaccines causing AIDS, for that dream had a David character while Welsh Davids were kin of Aids/Ade's. The latter were first found in Berwickshire with AITons who in turn are much in Ground/Grundy colors and format. The Grounds/Grundys add the martlets of Peare-related Tiens'/Thames', both first found in Oxfordshire.

The David MORley character in the dream, a possible pointer now to David Morens, was riding a motorBIKE, suspect with MODERna vaccines, but, in any case, Biks/Bickers share the Poppin / Deering stag heads. Deerings have a write-up with a Morens' branch in their ancestry. Note how "moDERNa" has a buried Deering-like term.

And wow: English Morleys (compare with Aids/Ade Crest) happen to share the leopard faces of the English White's now pointing even harder to the Morens surname. Morleys were a branch of Morlands, the latter first found in Westmorland with Letters. Scottish Morleys/Mauls were first found in Yorkshire with Grounds/Grundys.

I showed how David Morley pointed to Aids/Ade's and therefore to AIDS by vaccines. The Morens-like Morano's use three MOOR HEADs while Heads are also Heeds, and then there are three "OLD men's heads COUPed at the SHOULDERs, CRINEd", with Head-like Ede's/Eadys/Eddys. Oldens/Eldens were first found in Westmorland with a Morley branch, and Oltens/Oldhams uses owls while Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Edens, COUPers/Coppers, and Mallets.

But lookie: Par(r)s, reminding of the "par" in golf, have "A woMEN's head and shoulders" to go with the couped head of Ede's, and it just so happens that Parrs have the double fesses of Morinis' in colors reversed, who are the Morens-like surname in the Deering write-up! Mallets use "deer."

Scottish Crone's almost have the "fussily" Shield of Grimaldi's. I've been wrongly calling it "lozengy." "Fusils" are a type of lozenges because Fusils/Fusie's use "lozenges." The "fish ISSuing" in the Crest of German Scottish Crone's tends to assure that Crone's use the Grimaldi. ISSa is an island near the Saraca's of Ragusa. Melita is between Ragusa and Issa, and Mallets were first found in Suffolk with Coopers/Copper expected as part of the couped heads of Ede's. Scottish Crone's were first found Argyllshire with Malcolms/COLUMNs while Mallet-like Malta's use a column.

I'm not very familiar with Ede's, but they definitely look like a Head/Head branch and linkable to Morano (Moor heads), a city on the Sybaris river with SARACena. Sharks share the crane with German Crone's, and the Ede-beloved Crine's (share Massey fleur) are listed with English Crone's while Irish Grounds/Crannys use a crane too. Golf balls were popping out of the ground, and Poppins not only share the Deering stag heads, but have a "Mens" motto term to go with the "old mens" of Ede's.

Mens' were first found in Midlothian with EDENburgh...beside the first-known Keith Catti of HADDington. Haddens, sharing the Mens and Poppin Chief-Shield colors, use a "SCIMitar" while Schims/Schiens were first found in Aberdeenshire with Crombys. Crombs/Crums, in Crine/Crone colors and format, happen to have a CAT in Crest, and then Keith Catti were a branch of Caddys (Yorkshire with Crine's/Crone's)!!! Kepke and I were golf caddies together.

Cat-loving Crombs/Crums were once said to be first found in Berkshire i.e. with Biks/Bickers, and with Sheaves'/Shaws expected in the "sheaves of wheat" of Caddys. These sheaves (though called "garbs") are shared by Dade's/Deeds, first found in Norfolk with Cats/Keats, other cat-using surnames, and Shaw-related Comyns.

The crane of German Crone's holds "a rock in its foot", and Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Eggs having an Ede-like Edge variation. Ede-loving English Crine's/Crone's have the Crombe's and Croume's of Worcestershire.

If true that God was intent on giving Mr. Kepke a golf theme, then we might look at other golf terms, such as the Bogie's (BOLOGNA colors) of BOLGYNe of Fife. Kepke-connectable Scottish Coopers/Coppers were first found in Fife, along with the Bolgyne-like Balcons who I link to Botters/Botini's, suspect from Budini of Kepke-line Kiev. Balcons even share the Coat of Jays, first found in Herefordshire with Tedros-like Tedders/Tudors in turn in the colors and format of Bogie's and Crombs/Crums (Herefordshire with WEFers and Wafers), both in the colors of Wefer-branch Wafers. The Jay and Balcon bend-with-roses is with Chatans while Caddys can apply here.

Balcons came to topic initially with my being on the balcony of Lorraine, and Lorraine's were from Richeza of Lorraine, mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev. Rich's/Richess', said to have named a Riche location in Lorraine, use "crosses BOTTONee", and while Crombys (BOURley colors) don't show one, they are said to have a "cross bottony." Bottons are listed with Buttons/Bidens/BUDINs, first found in Hampshire with English Botters/Bodins, Keppe's/Cheppe's, and Rich's/Richess'.

Plus, unbelievably, Botons (not "Botton"), listed with Bogie-like Boughtons, share the crescents of Hoods/Hutts, potential branch of Hoo's/WHOO's. Pars have the Morens-like Morinis fesses in colors reversed, and Morens' are in the colors and format of Bogie-like Boughtons who seem very pointable to Joe Biden. linkable to Bidens. It appears that Kepke's golf theme does indeed point to Morens and Fauci corruption. Boughtons even have a "donum" motto term while Dons share the double Morinis' fesses!

In colors reversed, the Boton/Boughton crescents are those of Scottish Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps while Keppe's/Cheppe's were first found in Hampshire with the Sturs while Stirlings are also STURlings. The latter share the Moor head with French Chappes', and with the Bouillons (Auvergne with French Bauds) who in turn share a "bello" motto term with German Bauds. Scottish Bauds use the ship while Ships use "bellows". "Pax Bello" is a motto phrase of Bouillon-like Blane's who almost have the fesse-with-stars of Hoo's/Whoo's and Cliffs (Cheshire with Bello(w)'s/Ballots), though I can't see why Blane's should apply to the WHO. As Blane's were first found partly in Wigtonshire, they probably share the Wigton stars.

As Scottish Crone's share a FUNK Coat, it's interesting that "gain of FUNCTion" might include Irish Gains'/Gainors, first found in Longford with Quincy- and Gain-like Quinns/Guinns and Faucet-branch Faughns. We collected golf balls and caddied at CedarBRAE golf club, and Brays/Brae's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Cope's/Coaps, and with the Quincys in the Faucet write-up. It's also where Face's/Fessys were first found, and so let's repeat: "The golf balls may have been popping out of white ground because one of the English White's has leopard FACES (Fauci branch) in the colors and format of the Morens Coat."

Reminder: the golf balls popping out of the Crone-connectable ground seemed to point to gain-of-function. The crane-using Grounds/Crannys use an "Amor" motto term while Turris'/Terras' use "Amore." Prince of Monaco, Mr. Grimaldi, married Grace KELLY a generation ago, interesting where Monaco's share the Kelly lion which itself looks like the Abruzzo lion. Kellys (like "Aquila") happen to share the Coat and motto of Kiev-like Keveneys/GAINE's, and then their "Turris" motto term can be a branch of the Triss variation of Trice's/Trysts in the Monk cockaTRICE, and in the "Keep tryst" motto of Abreu-like Hebrons.

Gain-of-function is going on in Ukraine probably with a plot to poison Russians if necessary, and Monaco is where the Ukrainian gangster, Michael Zlochevsky (owner of BURISma), has moved to seeking to escape Ukrainian prosecution. Monks were first found in Devon with BURIS'/Burys, Tryst-branch Tristans/Tristrams...and with Kenns, in case Kennys (Galways with Keveneys/Gaine's) helped to name KEVENeys. Kennys share the crescents of Turris'/Terras', and Kenns (Somerset with Tarrs/Terres') share the crescents of German Julians who in turn have the six pale bars of Golfin-connectable English Gulls. Kenns almost have the Gain/Engain Coat.

The Cornwall Tristans share the Vise stag head while "Vis" is a motto term of the English Falcons in the Tryst Crest. Vise's were even first found in Sussex with Keeps. Moreover, as Rams share a "vis" and "fier(i)" motto term with English Falcons, the TristRAM variation looks like a Tryst-Ram merger. French Falcons were first found in Languedoc with Gain-connectable Jeans/Geans who almost have the Keveney/Gaine Coat, and then English Jeans/Jane's are now said to be first found in Cornwall with Tristans. Falcon-like Fulke's have the vertically-split Shield of Belgian Flecks and Gains/Gainors in colors reversed.

Faucets and their Faughn branch use "compony" while Comps/Camps were first found in Warwickshire with same-colored Bogie's/Boughtons, and parrot-using Pettys. There is an Italian Camponi/Campo/CAMPOBELLo surname.

AMAZING: the pear is shared between Parrots and Hind-loving Perrys while Hind-related Parrys share the fesse of Pars! Birdie's are listed with Pardys/Purdys/PARTys (Pret/Pretty colors), first found in Bedfordshire with the Deers while Morinis' were Deering kin. Deerings were first found in Kent with PERTs/Petts, and PARTons were first found in Moresby at the DERwent theater...yet this same Moresby is in the union of Whitehaven, where Waistells/Wessels were first found, and where Copeland is located. Deerings share the Poppin stag heads while Poppins share the Chief-Shield combination of Partons. Miss Peare pointed to Waistells, and Pertons/Purtons/Peritons share pears with Parrots.

With Bogie's, Pars and Birdie's, the only thing missing is a Holeinone surname.

Morens' have a "teneBRIS" motto term while Bris'/Brix's share the Hind lozenges!!! They are in colors reversed with Parrys (Hind Coat in colors reversed). "TENEbris" can be for the Tiens'/Thames', kin of Peare's and pear-using Abotts. Abott-like Boyds, sharing a checkered fesse (different color) with Birdie's, share "confido" with Perrys.

Deerings bring back to mind that Virginia Giuffre openly accused Alan DERshowitz of abusing her on Epstein's island. Dershowitz had earlier been Epstein's lawyer, protecting him from a charge of pedophilia on that island. Might Morens be familiar to that island. The lone star in the Giuffre/Golfredo Chief is in the colors of the three stars in the Dere/Res Chief.

The Giuffre/Golfredo star is colors reversed from the lone star of tree-using Shoe's, and Tree's/True's/TROWs were first found in Wiltshire with the Trump-connectable Shots/Schute's who just came up as Show-like "Shout" by my trying a surname that can explain "DerSHOWITz." German Trow-like Troys are not only in Trump / Kepke colors and format (Kepke sold shoes), and not only first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, but share the giant Giuffre/Golfredo unicorn!

Irish Troys share the griffin of Jews/Chews (Dershowitz and Epstein are Jewish), first found beside Tree's/True's/Trows and Shots/Shouts/CHEWte's!!! Jews/Chews are no longer showing their griffin heads in Troy-griffin colors), but now show what look like eagle heads in the colors of the split-colored eagle in the SOUTHERn/Sothertons Crest.

"Show" is a motto term of Nimo's/Newmarch's, first found in Stirlingshire with Cheaps while Dere/Res-like Dero's/Ros' share the double-headed eagle of Cheps/Jeepma's, in Tromp-eagle colors. We can take this to SOWTers/Suters because German Sauters (suspect in the Hicks write-up) almost have almost have the Morens Coat.

Sauters share the fleur-de-lys of Jeune's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Ponders and Chepmans/Chapmans; the latter have a "ponDERE" motto term, and the Show crescent is shared by Chepmans/Chapmans while "show" is a motto term of Nimo's, first found in the same place as Cheaps'/Chappes'! I don't recall making that Chepman link to Cheaps before.

The SOWDens suspect in the Patterson/Cassane write-up can be traced to Casano's, first found in Modena with Morinis', Marano's and Morano's. Shows are listed with Schors while Shore's/Sheers, part of the Sheera variation of Irish Kilpatricks (Patterson branch), are in the "MAKE sure" motto phrase of Kilpatricks that includes elements of Maxwells/Makeswells (share Kilpatrick saltire).

Southers/Southertons were first found in Suffolk with Shoe-beloved Knights, Kidds and Coopers/Coppers while Cupar is at Creich while Creichs and Maxwell-branch Mackays were first found in Sutherland. Creichs share the fesse of Carricks, first found in Ayrshire with Margys/MACKIE's and Murdochs!!! The latter two share ravens hanging on an ARROW, and Rupert MurDOCH, owner of Fox news, loves Alan Dershowitz, has him on Fox news regularly. Duce/Doocy-branch Ducks share the Sutherland stars, and Duce's/Doocys were first found in Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras'.

Repeat from above: "The Maxwell Shield and Crest compares well to the near-same of Hawkins while Haeks/Hacke's share the giant Giuffre/Golfredo unicorn." Haeks are suspect in the motto of Scoots/Scougals, who in turn have variations like the Shoe's, and while Miss Hicks pointed to Scoots, they look like they were a Scougal merger with Shouts/Schute's, for the latter were first found in the same place with Shoe-beloved Tree's while the latter share the black and courant greyhounds of Scoots/Scougals.

Knights (and Blois') were first found beside the Dish's/Dice's suspect in the Tree/True "knight in ARMOR, branDISHing a sword," and Swords (Blois colors and format) almost have the Shout/Shot/Schute Coat while Shoe's have a knight. German Brands share the stars of Armors, the latter once said to be first found in Berwickshire with True-loving Hume's/Home's.

I claim that, in the Sleeping Beauty dream that had Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick, I appeared with her on Epstein's island. To begin with, I found myself in blue (ocean) WATER at the SHORE of a white beach, and Waters share the Epstein Coat. Beach's (Clapper kin, point to James Clapper, chief of Obama's Intelligence) were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, and Miss Hicks, in real life, pointed to pedophilia and the Childs.

Trump was involved with Epstein, and David Knight maintains that he met his current wife from the Epstein ring. When Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, Trump was silent rather than celebrating the arrest.

Earlier in this update, while on the grain-of-rice theme, it was said: "Grains were first found in Yorkshire with Clot-connectable Close's, and with Grain-like Grounds/Grundys; I aim to get to the latter with Kepke's golf-ball theme, you just hold on to your chair." a Couple of days later, I got to loading White-like Weights/Waits, and began wondering how they could apply to the white ground, because they are in Rice colors and format and even have an "aris" motto term.

Then, interestingly, I spotted this in their write-up: "Huchown the Wate was a tacksman in GRENYNG and Bankis in Marwek, 1492" (looks like a Merovingian location). I flipped out when loading the Grain-like Grenings/Greenings because they share the engrailed cross of Grounds/Grundys and Rhodes!!! Zikers, it appears that God provided heraldic proof that the WHITE GROUND in the dream is to point to rice-like skin chips.

Afterward, I tried for a Greener surname, and got one listed with Greenhough's, and sharing the black hunting horn with Weights/Waits. I've mentioned many times that, in a 1979 dream, God said to me, "What are your WAITing for...GO wake her." The woman in this dream turned out to be Miss Hicks in real life, who gave us an event at the Get'n GO gas bar, and GO is the short form for graphene-oxide. In the dream, she was HOVERing when sleeping, and while German Hovers are also Hoffs, the Hoffs/Hough's of Cheshire share the Greener/GreenHOUGH bend! Beauty!

Repeat from the Weight/Wait write-up: "Huchown the Wate was a tacksman in GRENyng and BANKis in Marwek, 1492." Huchown-like Hawkins look like they have the Coat of Bankis-like Banks, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. However, as the Prets are in the Hawking motto, Hawkins (Kent with Greens) can be gleaned with the Coat also of Arrows/Arras', first found in Staffordshire with Prets and Hicksons. Hawkins use a gold "hind" to go with the gold "deer" of Hookers and the gold "buck" of Hicks'. Hawkins look like they use a Coat version of the BENJamins, first found in Norfolk with Weight-like Wheats/WHATE's. God said, "WHAT are you WAITing for..."

As Banks were at Bank Newton while I woke Miss Hicks by touching her leg at the knee, note the "shin bones" of Newtons, for Hicks have a "bon" motto term. Shins were first found in Somerset with Webbers in turn sharing the fleur-de-lys of Hawkins, Arrows/Arras', Banks, and Fly's.

Greeners/Greenhough's (new to me now) were first found in Shropshire with Meschins, and Ranulph de GERNon was the son of Ranulph le Meschin...suggesting that Gernons were from Green elements. Grainers use "ears of WHEAT," and Bocci's/Brocato's, first found in Genova with Grimaldi's, have ears of wheat too while Greens are Grimaldi-like Greme's/Greems too. It could appear that le Meschin's son was a Grimaldi of the Gernon kind.

The Bocci's/Brocato's came to topic with Mr. Bocci Ball (as I call him), at whose home in Picenze I lived when spending the summer there at age 11. His wife was born Miss Masci, and while she descended from the Taddei's of that village, the Taddei Chief is absolutely related to the Chief of English Ferrands (Yorkshire with Tatton-connectable Tute's/Toots) who in turn share the vaired patee of Rice-branch Reesors/Reasons! Lookie there.

About six months after returning from Picenze, my parents moved to Senator Reesors drive in Markham! It's where I met Kepke a few months later.

I recall Weights/Waits once said to be first found in Norfolk with Wheats/Whate's, but that's also where Greenings were first found as well as Rise's and Risings/Risons, yet it's also where Taddei-connectable Fountains and Tute's/Tuits were first found. . See how nice that works as a pointer to "grain of rice." Rise's are also Rye's, and were once said to be first found in Sussex with the Saddocks who in turn use "ears of rye."

Cass'/Cash's and Kiss'/Cush's use "fountains" as well as "a pair of scales" (weight scales) in Crest while the scales of Dexters (Leicestershire with Kiss'/Cush's) are called, "Two weights hanging from a tree." There's a "dexter arm" and "ears of wheat" in a Tate Crest. Tree's/TRUE's were first found in Wiltshire with Cough-branch Cuffs, and while these Tate's use "choughs," Cough's share the blue-sleeved arm with these same Tate's. Scottish Tate's/Teets were first found in Berwickshire with Hume's/Home's whose motto, "True TO THE end," can be for Tooting-Bec connectable Tooths.

And wow, the Coughs and Cuffs are essentially in the colors and format of the Greeners/Greenhoughs while Grenings/Greenings came off of the Weight/Wait write-up.

After God told me not to WAIT, but to WAKE the woman of the 1979 dream, I thought to KISS her awake, and while Wights/Waits share the Kiss/Cush chevron, I think the "foCIS" motto term of Weights/Waits must be for the Kiss', and likely also for Fulke's/FOKES' (Norfolk with Kiss-beloved Fountains). Wake's were first found in Lincolnshire with Fountain-loving, Kiss-branch Custs! Lookie there.

Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and while Irish Kilpatricks are also Patchie's, Patch's (Devon with Hicks-branch Hooks, OAKhamptons, and with HAZELs) share black HUNTING horns with Weights/Waits (share HAZELton motto). Hazeltons show the green oak leaves of Patch's, and Oakhamptons are in the colors and format of Allin-connectable Hicks (see "All in" in the translated motto). Alans of Dol ruled Okehampton (Devon). Hunts/Hunters share the saltire of both Kilpatrick Coats, and the Scottish branch use "CUSHions"...which explains why God made me go kiss her awake (though she woke up before I kissed her).

Ahh, Fulke's/Fokes', first found in Norfolk with Purple's, use "A Shield divided PERPALE GREEN AND RED..." "Perpale" means it's split vertically in pale, suggesting that all such split Shields can trace, by heraldic law, to Purple's. The PurPUL variation got suspect above with Pullys (Rieti liners along with Fulks), yet they were first found in Yorkshire with Pale's/Palys!

The "Qui" motto term of Fulke's/Fokes' is shared by Sheaves'/Shaws because keys are the only symbol of L'Aquila's Sheaves'/Chiava's. Therefore, Fulks were at least merged with L'Aquila elements.

Fulks ruled Angers, and we saw the HANGing weights of Dexters. Angers (Essex with Sarah's suspect in the Fulke/Fokes motto) share the escarbuncle with Hangers and French RAYS!!! Those exclamation marks are for the "rayed" stars of the Morens' who are in the colors and format of the three leopard faces of English White's/WEIGHTs, and then the other English White's share the vaired Nero chevron while Fulke's/Fokes' (Norfolk with LUCE's) are said to be from Fulk III Nerra of Anjou (Angers). Nero's were first found in Lucca, and Morens' have a "LUCent" motto term while Lucents, sharing the hexagrams of Monaco's, are listed with Spanish Luca's! Spanish Luz's/Lucio's show nothing but two purple lions! The throne in Monaco is purple. The Masonic would-be Lucifer must be sitting on that throne.

The Terent Coat is almost the one of Diss'/Dice's of Disce (Norfolk with Luce's/Lucys) while English Webbers use a "disc", and it just so happens that Luce's/Lucys are said to have been lords of Dice.

Kepke's spider chase pointed to Webbers because Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle" while Kepke's/Kopke's were first found in Saxony with German Weavers/Webbers. It just so-happens that "praeLUCENT" is a motto term of English Webbers (Morens colors). I won't repeat again here how the tower of Arrows/Arras' (share Webber fleur) traces to Terentia MURENa, and to the Murena's.

Italian Fulks were first found in Florence with Tous'/Tosino's/TONSO's, and I can trace the latter's "shirt" and "buttons" to the Tonzus river of Thrace, location of ancient Cabyle, suspect with the naming of the "great mother" goddess, Cybele, the one to whom I trace the Revelation harlot said to be dressed in purple. Tous' are in the motto of Bleds who almost have the Blacky Coat, and Blackys share the vaired chevron of White's and Nero's too. Bled (Sava/Save river) is a location smack-near the Colapis river. Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Sava-related and White-beloved Eagle's. Bleds were first found in Burgundy with Save's and Fulk-related Loches'/Locks.

The Tonzus flows into the Hebros river, and Abruzzo was named by Hebrews, I claim. The Hebros was also the MARITsa, and French Merits/Merrys (Normandy with Mars/Mere's/More's), suspect with the Marsi of Abruzzo, share the triple bends of German Luz's/Lots' while English Lots (Kent with White-beloved Deaths and White-beloved Dragons) almost have the eagle of Italian Fulks. English Merits were first found in Durham with the Nero-connectable and Death-loving White's. Lots share the brown dog with Lothians who in turn share the striped hunting horn of Weights/Waits.

It just so happens that Lothian-like Lutons share the Grain eagle. The Weights/Waits came to topic with the grain of rice! Not that I'm thrilled about skinchips. The Grains share the Coat of graphene-pointing Grave's/Greafs, and the latter were first found in Gloucestershire with the other English White's!

I should probably mention that Deaths are listed with Dart-like Darths while DARDanians lived by the White DRIN while White-beloved Dragons (same place as Deaths/Darths) are also DRAINers. Drains were Black kin.

Taddei-like Tate's share the roses of Mota's and Kaups while "ImMOTA" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila (a few miles from Picenze). Tate's were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds. Motts/Morts share the crescents of Deaths in the motto of English White's

As the WHO (World Health Organization) appears to be poised this week to become a vaccine-pushing dictator in most Western countries, we can add that while WHO has headquarters in Switzerland's Geneva, the Geneva/Genova surname has wings in the colors of the Este and Segurana eagle (Kepke/Kopke colors and format). Repeat: "German Marks share the giant eagle of Dutch Tromps and DORia's, the latter first found in Genova with the Fauci's who in turn share the split Shield of Dutch Tromps."

The vertically-split Shield colors of German Marks is shared by Fauci's and Tromps. Segne's/SEGURana's, expected in the Face/Fesse and GOTT motto, were first found in Genova too, and the Second variation of Segurs (share Genova/Geneva and English Mark lion) is in the Levi motto along with the Aids. English Marks were first found in Essex with English Este's while Italian Este's share the Segne/Segurana and Perin eagle. Perins were first found in Lorraine with French CLOTs. Face-loving Perrins were first found in Berwickshire with Aids'/Ade's. Blood clots by poison vaccines.

While TRANE's/Trains share the giant Klaus/Claus lion, Pero's/Perino's share the double hexagrams of Trunks/TRANks (Franconia with Gotz's/Goeze's and Schwabs), and of the Weis'/Wise's expected in the Gallop motto. Miss Peare had pointed to Gallops for a second reason, because I rode her white horse immediately after Kepke did (real life).

The white horse of Revelation 6, some think, is the anti-Christ, whom I tentatively view as Gog, and Goose's'/Googe's are in Kepke/Kopke colors. I'm a Masci surname in a grandmother, and Meshech were a chief tribe of Gog while Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's. Maschi's share the lion of English Chance's, and here we may add that Fauch's (not "Fauci") were first found in Savoy with French Chance's and ROUGE's/Rogers. Kepke and I were collecting golf balls in the ROUGE river, and while English Rogers have stags (but called "deer") in the colors of the Acorn stag head, Clauds/Clausels and Tromps share the same acorns.

I'm not familiar with the Gotz/Goeze Coat, but it's suddenly absolutely amazing because Peare's boyfriend (almost married him) points to the Goat bloodline. The Gotz's/Goeze's share the lone pale bar of Pero's/Perino's, and the Pierro's/Pero's share the Gotz/Goeze roses while German Rose's were first found in Silesia with Wies', a branch of Pero-connectable Weis'/Wise's (Bavaria with black-goat Kopff's/Kopfers). Weiss' use the Kepke goat in the black-on-gold colors of the goat heads of Mole-like Moline's, the latter first found in Devon with English Wise's. Mole's were kin of Goeze-like Goose's/Googe's.

Mole's and Goose's/Googe's were both first found in ROXburghshire, named by Roxolani of Ukraine's Kiev, where Kepke's trace (Kepke's father is Ukrainian). Kiev probably has/had multiple gain-of-function labs where American military goons operate secretly. Note that the lone pale bars of Roxburghs can apply to the roses of Gotz's/Goeze's, for Roxolani were ROS-Alans.

I've told that, when Kepke was over to my place in our mid-teens, he said to me that the son of my mother's brother "looks like a GOOF." His surname, Grimaldi. I don't think I've realized all the implications of that event, but it's now pointing to GoF = Fauci's gain of function program. The beauty here is that Fauci's were first found in Genova with Grimaldi's, and I think the Grimaldi's may have developed from rulers of CRIMea, beside CAUCasia, the latter suspect after "Gog." COCKs share the Grimaldi Shield. The Moschi mountains of Caucasia is where I trace Masci's, and my mother's mother was born to Mr. Masci.

It gets better because Wikipedia's article on the Fessy-like Fieschi tells that they were partners politically with Genova's Grimaldi. So, at this point of this heraldic discussion, it appears that, yes, the anti-Christ will be Ezekiel's Gog, possibly from Russians in Crimea. Off the Crimean coast in Caucasia's Taman peninsula is a Kepoi location.

Although German Marks show spears, the description at Hall of Names tells that they use the "scepter", symbol also of Irish GODfreys/GEOGHerys.

Plus, this spear design with double tips shared by Goat-connectable Shakespears (same place as Waistells), has the look of a lance, which you can see in the Coat of Italian Dere's who in turn share the Chief of French Julians, Galli's, and "goose"-using French Gas'/Garce's/Garcons. Two updates ago found that "lance tips" are used by Werps, and this surname was then central to Trump's "WARP Speed" = vaccine-killer program.

It doesn't appear coincidental that Spanish Dero's/Ros' share the CHEP eagle, in the colors and near-format of the Tromp / Doria eagle. But see also the double-headed eagle of German Belows, first found in Pomerania with Trumps/Tromps. English Belows use the "chalice" while Chalice's are also Challes' while Calls/Calles' show nothing but Shot-connectable trumpets. English Belows were first found in Yorkshire with Grounds/Grundys, wherefore we can say that the golf BALLs were popping up from BELOW the ground because English Balls were first found in Cheshire with Bellows/Ballots.

The English Dere's/Deers can take us to Deerings (Kent with Goods, Godfreys and Gulls) who are said to descend from Morinis', a potential pointer to David Morens because David's almost have the Gallop Coat while the Dere/Deers Crest has a "A galloping horse." Horse's were first found in Berwickshire with David-related Aids/Aids. The "wyse" motto term of Gallops is super because Kepke's/Kopke's and Weiss' both use the goat, and both were first found in Saxony. Plus, Morinis' were first found in Modena with Morano's who in turn are in Morens format and colors reversed.

When Kepke chased me with the Spitzer-like spider, it can point to AIDS by poison vaccines because Aids/Ade's (leopard faces) were first found in Northumberland with their Rodden/RODHAM kin, and then while Spitzers' love the Tunnels, the latter were not only first found in Northumberland too, but they share the hexagram of Rotens and Jewish Reitmans. Kepke met Miss Peare when she worked at Reitmans CLOTHing.

The Spitzer "tunnel" is in the Spitzer "hill," and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the CLENT Hills, and with the Hillarys who in turn share the six fitchees of Clintons. As Bill Clinton, a Rhodian Scholar (= globalist pig) married Hillary RODHAM. Is the heraldry now suggesting that the Clintons have invested in vaccines? What wouldn't they invest in that government pushes on the people? The biggest money is where corporations can get a government(s) to urge / enforce their products. That's what lobby groups are all about.

Miss Peare's first name is Christine, and it just so happens that Christine's/Christians use cups for linkage to Cups/Cope's and Kepke-branch Koops. The point here is that while Pero-connectable Gotz's/Goeze's were first found in Franconia with Schwabs, the latter use a giant and white unicorn to match the white unicorn head in the Christine/Christian Crest. The Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, which was co-founded by Laevi GAULs and Mark-like Marici. English Pavia's share the martlets of Grounds/Grundys and Peare-related Tiens'/Thames'/Tame's (Oxfordshire with the Thames river). Per chance, the latter were named from Kepoi elements at the Taman peninsula.

I almost missed it. After arriving to the paragraph above, I inserted a few things higher up, one being the "TURBOt tail" of Lawrence's. As Lawrence Kepke points to graphene-poisoned vaccines, it seems that Lawrence's are pointing to so-called TURBO-cancers, a term used in relation to the fast-and-heavy-duty cancers popping up by some who've received COVID "vaccines." Amazing;y, turbots are fish while vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns share the Fish Coat!

Turbots are in Wefer / Gof/Gough / Goose/Googe colors and format, and Gofs/Gough's were first found near the first-known tail-branch Tillers. The latter were partly first found in Herefordshire with Wefers. There's a Iolo Goch character in the Gof write-up, said to have lived in Denbighshire, where BATHers were first found who are in Gof/Gough colors and format, and then the Chase and Chance cross is in the colors of the Bath cross. Tillers were first found also in Monmouthshire with Macey-related Fane's/Vans, from Fano near the first-known Maschi's.

I've been convinced that the Chaunceur variation of English Chance's (share Maschi Chief) points to the constellation of Cancer, where the Apophis asteroid will be when it becomes visible to the eye in 2029. Kepke CHASEd me with the spider in front of Miss Graff when pointing to graphene, and Chase's share the Chance/Chaunceur cross. They even have the same lion in colors reversed.

Tiller-like Tile's/Tillys were first found in Dorset with Turbot-like Turpens/Turbins (probably have the David / Levi lion) who in turn are in Aids/Ade colors and format. Graphene-oxide is highly magnetic, able to form clusters of blood cells i.e. clots, yet high magnetism is also able to alter cell structure, and when cells are damaged, they may lose the information that informs them when to stop reproducing when it's time to do so. Loss of that information is the stated definition of cancer.

Chance's/Chaunceur's and Turpens/Turbins both have "wings" and a griffin in Crest, and Turpens/Turbins put "blood drops" on their griffin. The Chance/Chaunceur Chief is also the Chief of Drops/Trope's in other colors who were in turn first found in Norfolk with Chase-like Case's. The Chance/Chaunceur lion is in the colors of the Graff/Graffen lion. Graphene-like Griffins share two motto terms with Fane's/Vans, and the Velis' in the Griffin motto were first found in Berwickshire with Turpen-connectable Aids/Ade's. So, yes, it seems that this picture was Intended by God with the turbot tail of Lawrence's. The Tails/Tailers even have lions in colors reversed from the Turpen/Turbin lions heads. I can't be happy about this pointer, where the lives of people are cut short suddenly by mass-murdering fiends all over this planet.


Here's a good list of nutty inventions by atomic physicists. Do realize that most of these inventions were needed due to problems in the basic atomic model, a model that is wrong from its basics. This lady is making idiots of atomic physicists, yet she's been an idiot herself because she thought that the basic atomic model is correct, and cannot see why it's impossible. She can't see that neutrons have been invented too, as well as the orbiting electron, along with the "strong nuclear force":

below id a follow-up with a panel of blind idiots with dark matter for brains. The guy with the striped shirt would have you believe that science has really found all sorts of real atomic particles, but maybe we should treat particle accelerators they way we mock climate change as a $$$ucking machine of tax dollars that then get parcelled into the pockets of the gangsters who run the accelerators. If you crash protons and electrons at super-fast speeds, you get smaller particles called, junk, but they give these small particles names as though they were not pieces of busted protons, but new finds of exciting nuggets needing fancy, entertaining names. And for all I know, electrons are also divisible into small pieces of junk, oh what fun. This video is a super piece of junk that has the "God particle" (i.e. Higgs boson) at its fractured heart, the quest to discover how the big-bang created matter without a Creator:

I don't remember what their basis is for the "dark matter" that they think should exist in the universe, but one thing I've picked up on: they never mention that the universe is filled with electrons emitted by all stars. I wonder why. Electrons are pure energy, and they are indeed "dark energy," not rudimentally because they move at great speeds, but because they inter-repel. All energy is rooted in electromagnetic force of protons and electrons. Their motion is the result of electromagnetic force.

In a jar, electrons can become virtually motionless, in a dark room. A vacuum is not empty space, but filled with electrons, yet these idiots who pretend to be genius-material will not acknowledge it because it's taboo in big-bang physics. I explained, in the last update, why electrons in the earth's atmosphere destroy the big-bang fundamentals of star formation. The big bang is more important to these creatures of satan than the atomic realities, let's put it that way.

It is impossible to physically detect an electron when it's almost motionless, as it is even in free atmosphere on a windless day. A bird flapping its wings in a vacuum cannot detect electrons because they move out of the easily way of the flapping, because electrons are not tied down to gravity. Air atoms are tied down to the ground by earth gravity, and this gives air atoms rigidity so that wings can push themselves against the atoms, and keep a bird aloft in the air.

Why don't electrons get tied down to the earth? As was said in the last update, they are repelled by gravity because the real gravity force is the free electrons in the heat of the earth's magma. They repel free electrons in the air, explaining why heat always rises, because electrons (when freed from atoms) are the material of heat, the old "caloric" that the idiots (including Einstein) replaced with the kinetic, bang-bang theory of atoms.

They were idiots because electrons were unknown when caloric was the going theory, and so when electrons were discovered, the better scientists should have known that they were not only in an electric current, but also in the air as heat, which constitutes the light-wave "aether" that caloricists expected before they knew what electrons were. The aether and spatial heat are one and the same. Waves of motion energy transfer through this aether, it's all so simple and not mind-stretching or ludicrous.

In a jar, the free electrons are not pulled in any direction by the jar itself, nor by any force outside of the jar. In the air, the electrons are not pulled in any direction against any surface. The electrons repel one another so that they are "greased" by the repulsion forces existing between them. Like when you slide two magnets together which are under inter-repulsion, it feels as though there is grease between them. It's anti-friction. Friction is from atomic attraction forces, and atomic attraction exists only when atoms contact each other. But inter-repulsion is anti-friction.

Therefore, all motion in free electrons, such as the flapping of wings, easily moves electrons aside so that they cannot be detected. They don't slow an air fan down, as do air atoms. There is no near-zero restriction to motion when moving through pure aether. This is why electrons can be termed, "dark matter" and "dark energy," for they cannot be felt, nor do they normally cast shade when shining a potent light upon them, for they are the carriers of light.

Planets are not expected to slow down when sailing through cosmic aether, because stars do not attract it. The aether forever sails away from stars, and has its origin in stars. The pioneers of cosmology must have realized that, maybe, the aether originates in stars, but at that very time, the fools were monkeying around with big-bang creation, and the last thing they wanted was an aether that was negatively charged, for this suggests that all gas atoms are under inter-repulsion too, because gas atoms are immersed in the aether. Stars cannot form from the big bang if gas atoms repel one another. That's why the fools rejected the aether, why they don't want you to know that it's made of electrons.

To the contrary, when atoms are forced to merge together in spite of their inter-repulsion, attraction forces are set up between them, as the proton of one atom attracts the electrons of the other atom. If the inter-attraction at merger is stronger than their inter-repulsion, they will remain attached as liquid/solid atoms. The thicker the aether around them, the more they will inter-repel. That is, the hotter the aether, the more they will seek to get away from one another, which is otherwise called the expansion of materials from higher temperatures. The point at which the repulsion becomes greater than the attraction is called the "critical temperature point."

Evaporation, on the other hand, which begins below the boiling point, is erosion upon atoms at the surface of the liquid. That is, as heat particles stream upward through the liquid, between the atoms, they knock surface atoms into the air in spite of the atoms being merged. Electrons move fast through a heated liquid because they are concentrated. That is, when they are closer together, they repel each other with more force, and thus take on faster-rising speeds. When they move fast enough so that the number or electrons exiting the liquid equals the number entering the liquid at the heat source, it defines the maximum or "boiling" point. Liquid bubbles at boiling are packed with electrons.

I've just listened to a video suggesting to me that dark matter was invented because cosmologists had to admit that the known amount of material in the universe is insufficient to have drawn stars together into galaxies. It seems they have used some fine-sounding excuse for dark matter's existence that has the true intention of introducing a new gravity force (from it) the existence of which nobody can disprove. This is the typical wizard spirit in the big-bang atheist.

This is a nutcracker theory because they wrongly assume that gravity exists in matter. They assume (they have no choice) that gravity formed in regions of space during the big-bang explosion to draw proto-star material to them, and as the stars grew larger, gravity force grew larger too to cause stars to congregate into galaxies.

They wrongly defined gravity as an attraction force residing in all atoms i.e. all matter. Therefore, if I understand these goofs correctly, they invented dark matter to add to the level of gravity force in the early formation of the universe, and so what a bunch of losers they are. What they don't want to tell you is that gravity cannot exist in any pocket or nook of space until atoms exist in any pocket or nook of space. If atoms repel, they can never congregate in any pocket/nook of space.

But even if gas atoms did inter-attract, or even if individual protons have an attractive gravity force, they will never congregate while zipping away from the big-bang point, because materials exploding from a single point move constantly and forever further apart. It's anti-congregational. The material does not assemble at any one spot.

And so if individual protons and electrons were flying away from the single-point explosion, they would be miles apart in no time, and nobody can be utilizing physics sanity while claiming that atomic material attracted atomic material when miles apart, and flying further apart at fantastic speeds to boot. Only an idiot willing to throw away common sense teaches such a thing as fact. Yet, they avoid this problem, when teaching it to students, by starting their diagrams with gravity pre-formed in a region of space, hoping they won't see the problem I've just described.

As gravity is in truth the negative force of free electrons, it cannot form unless atoms lose their captured electrons. For atheists, this means that protons and electrons must first come together during the big-bang explosion, and afterward some crippling/destructive thing needs to overtake protons so that they lose their electrons, so that the freed electrons can form a gravity pool. This can't happen but under the weight of star material, and weight is an effect of gravity. That is, atoms get crippled in the depth of stars when gravity pulls atoms down to itself, wherefore stars must have formed before their gravity did, which can be the case only if God is the builder of stars.

To put this another way, the dark matter they need to form the universe without God is a non-starter, not needed at all, wherefore dark matter, as they perceive it, or seek it, does not exist. They need a dark matter having a gravity power that pulls atoms to itself BEFORE the star is formed, but this is impossible.

You need crippled protons before gravity can form. Yes, dark matter does exist as stellar aethers, but the stars formed first, and only then did God turn on the gravity-forming process that blew electrons into outer space. Once turned on, the process is self-perpetuating because the gravity pulls atoms down, cripples them, and thereby produces more gravity force. Simultaneous to electrons forming gravity and spreading through and past stellar material into space, stellar atoms produce new gravity force i.e. new free electrons.

When a star ceases to make new free electrons, it dies out, shines no more, and the stellar material spreads into space as cosmic "dust."

Stellar light is formed when protons are crippled, for this causes their electrons to shoot out wildly in all directions, each electron forming one light wave through the aether. This is the true quanta of light: one ejecting electron forming one light wave. The harder it ejects from the proton, the stronger the light wave. Without crippled protons, there can be no light.

It doesn't matter how fast the electron ejects, the light wave will be super-fast. The electron may eject at mere thousands of miles per hour, but the wave moves at the speed of light because free electrons in the aether offer no resistance to motion. A light wave is a bump-bump-bump of aether electrons.

As God created light before there were stars or a sun, we might ask whether He first created the electron aether. Light can form in such an aether without atoms involved if the electrons can be made to move. All moving free electrons produce light. Perhaps the light on day one was not cosmic, just earth-bound.

With no continents at first, the air could have been electric from being swamped with clouds and heat. I've seen silent lightning, have you? I've seem silent lightning go off every second or two, almost having continual light. It's a rare thing, but I've seen it.

You need watch the following video but a few minutes to see how people can be rather dull who think they have a great handle on atomic physics. It's usually due to trusting "expert" physicists so as not to think out of the box. This particular magician is trying to convince you that small atomic material jiggles due to single atoms forever vibrating with no possibility of slowing down, as per the kinetic-theory view of atoms. He says that he adds light to the atomic material in order to see it better, but doesn't tell that the light is motion energy that can cause atoms to jiggle. Moreover, he doesn't know that free electrons are in the liquid which can move as currents due to gravity repelling them.

As light comes from the left, for example, into the liquid of the jar, it pushes the small items floating in the jar toward the left, duh. The liquid is a cushion so that the items rebound toward the right, duh. This is the "jiggling" he's talking about, but like a good magician this moron just tricks you into thinking that atoms are vibrating under the locomotion of big-bang energy residing in all atoms to this day. NUTBARS!

If I punch the speaker in the face, and his head rebounds toward me after it first moves away from me, is this evidence that his head is always vibrating? No. It's evidence that something punched him in the face. Light waves are punching items in a liquid continuously. It's not atomic vibrations, stupid. Remove all energy from entering a liquid, and nothing in it will move, including the liquid atoms.

Below is the same goofball "proving" that atoms have their own force of gravity...because he's taught this by "expert" physicists, and because this goof won't think out of the box:

What this goofball proved to you, if you are willing to think for yourself, is that the big bang did not ever make stars. As you saw in the video, zillions of atoms in each ball were placed at a fraction of an inch from one another, yet they did not attract each other. How, then could INDIVIDUAL atoms, miles and miles apart in the big-bang explosion, ever attract one another together by the miniscule gravitational force that each atom, according to the "experts," innately possess?

In actuality, the experts, liars as evolutionists are innately, are hard-up to prove that atoms have gravity, in order to offer proof of the big-bang creation, and this is why they set up desperado experiments to "prove" that atoms have gravity. But, as you can see, the experiments backfire explosively. I'm being kind by using "goofball."

So, if atoms have no gravity force, we need a new theory. I know the fact, it's easy to grasp, it works, it's provable. Electrons. The electrons that are a planetary body of heat pull ALL atoms, very deceptive because one tends to conclude that gravity cannot be a negative or positive force, for some atoms can be negatively charged, and others positively charged, yet gravity attracts them all.

But there is only one way to explain gravity: it's a negative energy that, long ago, at God's Creation, blew away some outer, captured electrons from ALL atoms. Consequently, all atoms became positively charged toward the gravity force, and as negative electrons attract positive forces, gravity attracted all atoms. This is the starting point for understand gravity.

Planetary moons with no internal heat cannot have a gravity force, yet the planet they orbit around can yet attract them because gravity attracts all atoms.

The question that gives me trouble everytime I tackle it is: at what temperature does spatial heat load atoms with as many electrons as gravity blew away from them? Spatial heat is electrons in the air, and in the atomic spaces of liquids and solids. These electrons squeeze in all around atoms, and load themselves upon them.

My tendency is to believe that, as spatial heat increases, it makes all atoms less positively charged than gravity alone (with no heat in the picture) had made them, and so there should arrive a temperature point when the atoms are no longer positively charged, at which time gravity ceases to attract them. Further heat should then make all atoms negatively charged so that they should be repelled by gravity, yet we never see this situation...except in spinning items. I believe that spinning items can be made lighter. I can perhaps explain this.

What may be happening is that gravity repels some of the captured electrons, of every atom, away from the bottom sides of atoms to the tops of atoms, and thus all bottom sides of atoms retain a positive charge in the downward direction, and a negative in all other directions, upward and sideways. If we then spin something very fast in the vertical direction, the negative top sides of atoms will point toward gravity in every one circle of the spin, so that the object being spun is repelled by gravity for part of the circle, and attracted for part of the circle. See this video for what looks like near-weightless metal:

We can't say the wheel appears to lose weight because the spin exerts an upward force because it has just as much downward force at any one instant. The explanation seems to be that the spin distributes the captured electrons more uniformly around each atom so that it nullifies some pull of gravity upon them. Not all, but some. However, last time I saw this, the claim was made that the weight of the metal disc registers fully when the man holding it stands on a weight scale with it spinning. I have a very hard time believing that. Perhaps it's disinformation so that the general public doesn't discover how to build flying saucers, or something.

Guaranteed, that when the man is swinging the disc over his shoulders, the full weight of the disc cannot be transferring down his body, or there would be 40 pounds weighing down at his hand. He wouldn't be able to hold it up. This follow-up video, however, shows that the weight is indeed transferring down his body to the weight scale, but I refuse to believe my eyes on this one; something is wrong:

The speaker falsifies something at 2:19, when he claims that he applies an upward force, with one hand only, equal to the weight of the disc. There's no way his one hand could lift the 40 pounds by merely the twist / rigidity of his wrist, because the disc is at the end of a rod that acts like a lever, with the axle being the hand, making the 40-pound weight have more that 40 pounds of downward force as he holds it. If the disc is right-near at his hand, he could hold it, but at the end of a 3-foot rod, no way. There's no way he could hold it at all without the wheel spinning.

Later in the video, a gadget is shown with a spinning wheel going higher when spinning faster, exactly what's expected if the wheel becomes lighter when spinning faster. The entire gadget is on a weight scale, and as the scale shows no changes as the wheel spins faster or slower, it seems that the weight of the wheel is being transferred to whatever it's in contact with.

It should be obvious to anyone that if the 40-pound disc were being fully attracted by gravity, the disc would fall at the far end of the rod, with the hand unable to keep the rod from slanting downward toward the ground. Guaranteed, that's what would happen if I were holding that rod (without spinning wheel), and I know because I've been lifting two 30-pound barbells (for years) over my head (just 5 minutes every couple of days, not trying to be a he-man). I can't hold one straight out, i.e. with one arm straight out and level. How possibly could I keep a rod level with 40 pounds at the opposite end about one arm's length from the body? Can't be done by the likes of me or the man in the video, even if we try it often and repeatedly for weeks. The spinning therefore makes the disc weigh more like about 10 pounds, maybe less, by the looks of it.

How the weight scale doesn't lose weight is a mystery. Perhaps the atoms in the spinning disc are electrically affecting the atoms in the steel bar, and perhaps the bar comes to weigh 30-40 extra pounds while the disc loses 30-40 pounds. My guess is that if the disc were swung in a circle vertically instead of laterally, the disc wouldn't feel any lighter at the top of the circle, when the disc becomes positioned laterally. I predict that the disc gets lighter only when it spins positioned vertically.

Progressively more voices are admitting that electrons don't really orbit protons, and yet the voices don't give a sensible idea of what the electrons do. These voices seem to be aping one another, telling that the electrons only circle protons, as if this is more credible than holding literal orbits. How in tarnation can electrons circle protons perpetually? Even in the dark? What causes them to remain circling, and what decides the direction of the circling?

Why doesn't it dawn on these goofs that electrons can become stationary? These goofs remain steadfast on assigning exact numbers of electrons per proton, and they really think they know exactly how many each different type of atom has. Are they loony birds? Yes, they are science quackos inventing whatever they wish, because they have declared that atoms don't obey the laws of the macro-universe. Atoms have become cartoons. One can do anything they wish with them, and so the whole world is under a spell of stupidism.

Not once have I heard anyone "invent" stationary electrons, as if somehow this defies even the laws of cartoonland. Why can't electrons be logically stationary over protons, until they are moved by the striking of energy from the outside? They are indeed stationary, yet hovering, over the proton. Due to hovering, a little light energy striking them easily moves them into swirls. When light hits them from one direction, swirls are set up, a no-brainer, but also agitation (another no-brainer) resulting in electrons jumping outward (but usually returning downward) so that the atoms grows a little larger.

That is, the outer layer of the atom with stationary electrons is closer to the protonic surface than when the electrons are agitated, which science calls, "excited." Agitation causes electrons to have more space between them, and so the electron atmosphere "grows" larger, higher from the proton. No-brainer.

In their view, atoms excited by light have the electron orbits moving up a little, further out from the proton, but why do the goofs maintain orbiting or circling electrons? Swirls are not complete or re-occurring circles, but more like air currents in the earth's atmosphere, curving about randomly due to high- and low-pressure air. Likewise, where electrons come nearer to one another as they hover and swirl, they develop higher pressure because more nearness increases their inter-repulsion. They hover because they repel one another, duh. It's just a no-brainer that they hover, for if they did not, atoms could not merge to form liquids.

To see how electrons hover stationary in the midst of negative and positive energy, seen so-called "quantum locking," which is terribly named as if they want to deceive you in how it works. Some items can get locked between balanced positive and negative energy, it's as simple as that. It should be named, electromagnetic locking.

There's no fatal-crash scenario with electrons that merely swirl from the small force of light waves causing the swirls. But at the zillions of inches per second travelled by orbiting electrons, it's the death of all atoms with certainty when electrons crash. Do they have eyes, or a computer motherboard, to prevent crashes? When light energy strikes orbiting electrons, it would changes their orbits sideways too, and so the orbits would become randomly chaotic except, thankfully, there's no such thing as electron orbits.

Besides, the goofs tell you that electrons struck by light always go into a higher orbit, which makes no sense because the light can strike the electron on the face, or on the back of the head. If on the face, it would slow the orbit, and that doesn't make for a higher orbit, but a lower one. So, the goofs just don't tell you these problems, but expect you to have zombie faith in them. They speak as though their cartoons are realities.

And nobody knows how many electrons atoms have, because only an absolute buffoon would invent the idea that every atom has one electron per one proton. And only an absolute buffoon would invent multiple protons at the core of atoms, an impossibility because protons repel one another. Why invent super-glue that keeps multiple protons together at the atomic core when it's far more logical, and devoid of problems, to view every atom with just one proton???

Each atom has one proton; every different kind of atom has a different kind of proton, and nobody knows how many electrons each atom possesses. The shape, size and electrical power level of each type of atom determines their peculiarities. Give God the glory for this invention, it is more than marvelous. Look at how many things He made with different combinations of merely protons and electrons. On top of it all, He made light for eyes from the jiggling / swirling of electrons. It's not light unless there is an eye. Outside the eye, it's nothing but waves through the electron aether, but once the waves enter the eye, color galore results.

When the energy of a hammer comes against atoms, some electrons come right off of the atoms. We can know that all friction removes some electrons because we can feel the heat entering the skin of the finger. Those are the freed electrons entering the skin as you rub any object. It doesn't matter what's rubbed, electrons come off. One can make electricity with them, or one can make heat with them. Mild rubbing causes invisible, infra-red light, but a hammer strike can cause a visible, "powerful" spark to jump out. That's from fast-emitting electrons. The faster they emit, the brighter the light, duh. The faster they enter the eye, the more the color changes. Outside the eye: zero color.

I can rub my bed sheets in the dark, and light becomes profuse. Perhaps it depends on what material the sheets are made of, but my sheets make lots of sparking. Rubbing sheets is not anything like the hard strike of a hammer, and so why do these sparks appear? I don't know whether the electrons are jumping from my hand to the sheets, or vice-versa, but they are not jumping because they are sped up by the rubbing. They jump due to electromagnetic attraction. Either the atoms in the hand or the sheets lose more electrons, and so the sparks are predicted to jump to the atoms having lost the most electrons because that substance is net-positive as compared to the other substance. The substance that's net-positive steals electrons from the other substance. The electrons are not going to jump out unless something positive comes near.

Lightning is a spark. As lightning "strikes" a tree or lightning rod, it's clear that the lightning spark does not originate in the clouds. That is, before the lightning is seen, electrons in the air are transferring into the ground through the tree or lightning rod.

When atmospheric water drops rise into the clouds and merge there with other drops, they release electrons. All atoms merging release electrons. The air becomes highly charged with free electrons, which begin to flow into the ground through anything in contact with it. Lightning forms only when the electrons from air atoms / water molecules, closest to the tree, jump to the tree bark. As these atoms / molecules thus become depleted of some electrons, they becomes net-positive to neighboring atoms / molecules further out from the bark, for which reason the neighboring electrons jump to replenish the lost electrons, yet the atoms / molecules nearest the tree lose those too into the bark.

In the meantime, the neighboring atoms / molecules become depleted and net-positive so that they are replenished from atoms / molecules further out yet from the tree. We're talking a chain reaction that goes further and further from the tree, and the reason it goes upward toward the clouds is that the atoms / molecules having the most extra electrons foisted upon them are the ones that do the replenishing.

As electrons are being freed into the air in the clouds, the clouds have the most excess electrons, with progressively fewer toward the ground. Therefore, as the air atoms or water molecules having the most electrons foisted upon them are the ones that do the replenishing, by spitting electrons to neighbors partially depleted, it's logical that the chain reaction moves upward toward the atoms / molecules having the most electrons.

This explanation can explain why the first sound from thunder is the loudest, because a tree is closer to our ears than the part of the lightning in the sky. Perhaps I've got this wrong, but when lightning strikes close to me, it doesn't sound like it originates in the sky. Hard to say. Electrons are flowing, atom-to-atom from the sky to the tree, but the first flow starts at the tree, then finally reaches the sky, and afterward the flow goes on for an instant longer, which fills the tree with electrons such that the electrons in the air atoms beside it are no longer compelled to jump to the tree.

The tree in the forest that gets struck is the one having the most positive charge in combination with the most-charged air atoms beside it. But it's complete nonsense to suggest that orbiting electrons jump atom-to-atom either in a lightning strike, or in the flow of electricity in a wire. It's such a ridiculous idea that even the goofballs admit that electrical flow has free, non-orbiting electrons. Yet the goofs are too stupid to realize that electrons NEVER orbit. The problem with humanity is that it's easily brainwashed. It's the reason that most of humanity took to false, pagan gods, such a stupid concept.

And when the "enlightenment" happened, humanity got brainwashed into the stupid idea of Godless evolution. I'm being kind with "stupid" because it's organized, gang-rebellion against God, same as what demons do. All those people who push big-bang science know the sin they are committing, and wish to do it.

When gas atoms merge to form liquids, there are no longer atomic peripheries to be seen, if you were a microscopic bug swimming amongst them, except on the outer edges of the liquid (both against the bowl and against the air). The liquid becomes a sea of hovering electrons with invisible peripheries. No yellow police tape marks the peripheries. They are there, but cannot be seen. One atom's periphery is another atom's periphery too. It must be this way, it can't be any other way, or the liquid would not exist. At any given temperature, the protons maintain the same distance from one another.

The protons swirl about when the liquid is stirred. The periphery electrons are shared by multiple protons i.e. they all attract the electrons at the peripheries. The periphery electrons are attracted by multiple protons, and this is how the atoms stick to one another even when they don't stick to the same periphery electrons when the liquid is stirred. When the liquid is stirred, protons are forced to leave their outer electrons behind while simultaneously attracting other electrons as they move about in the sea. A periphery is always maintained, at the same distance from the proton (per given temperature), even though the outer electrons are left behind and exchanged for others.

Logically, the electrons swirl about in the liquid sea too, but for as long as the proton possesses positive force, it attracts electrons to a certain distance from itself. Beyond that, the electrons are attracted by neighboring atoms.

An atomic periphery is where the outgoing positive force of the proton equals the outgoing negative force of the captured electrons above the proton. Any electrons beyond that point are repelled more than they are attracted, and yet, all electrons beyond the periphery are closer to neighboring protons so that they are attracted by them more than they are repelled by them, and this is what keeps the atoms bonded insofar as they remain a body of liquid, rather than disintegrating into gas atoms.

Only when the temperature reaches high enough to the "critical temperature" point will the atoms fly apart as disintegration of the liquid. The higher the temperature of the liquid, the further apart its protons will move. Once the critical point arrives, the protons cannot attract each others' electrons as strongly as the heat itself pushes them apart. Heat is the free electrons added to the liquid that forces protons to move further away from one another. The fewer electrons the protons share, the less bond strength they have with each other. The further apart they are forced to move, the fewer shared electrons they have. It cannot be any other way. There's no orbiting electrons here, are we nuts?

The only material difference between a solid and liquid is the number of electrons per atom. The liquid needs to be made colder to turn it into a solid. Cooling means that free electrons within the liquid are allowed to leak off, allowing atoms to move closer to each other, and thus their bond gets stronger. When the density of free electrons reaches a point, that's the freezing point, when the protons refuse to swirl about. The protons become locked into place in a solid, and here I'll confess that there's probably something going on beside added attraction force during cooling.

You have probably heard that liquids cannot be compressed, even though the electrons hover at a distance from one another. This is probably why the stupids call their very-very-very-few orbiting electrons "shells." They first tell you with straight face that liquids and solids are more than 99.9-percent space, and then they tell you that orbiting electrons form a hard shell. The fact is, liquids can be compressed a lot, but man cannot do it mechanically because the amount of force needed heats the tooling to the point that it softens or breaks down, ceasing to create added pressure to the liquid.

Compressing/squeezing a liquid will reduce its volume slightly, and it's known that heat leaks from it during the process. Why? Because protons cannot leak from it. Do you understand? There's only one thing that can leak, and it ain't protons. The stupids are too stupid to see that compressing a material doesn't produce heat because the atoms are made to jiggle more with compression. They define added heat as faster atomic jiggling/vibration. They are too stupid or willfully ignorant to confess that nothing can go on vibrating continually. Anything that you see vibrating stops vibrating, and anything you see vibrating does so because energy is added to it.

When heat is formed from any material under pressure, its the electrons coming out of it. They are being squeezed out. The electrons are able to literal flow through the atomic peripheries, and that's where they do move because its the path of least resistance for them. The electrons at the atomic peripheries are held to protons with the least force, not only because they are at the furthest distance from protons, but because there's a compliment of inner electrons beneath them that repel the outer ones outward. So, any free electrons flowing though a compressed liquid or solid will snake around at the peripheries of all atoms.

I imagine that electrical flow is exactly that: electrons pushed through the material, and forced to snake around the atomic peripheries. If they are unable to flow fast through the peripheries, the material is a non-conductor of electricity. Every material allows electron flow through it, but some allow it faster than others, and metals allow it the fastest because they have the weakest outer peripheries. That is, the periphery electrons are held to protons with the least force in aluminum and copper.

Electrons moving through/across atomic peripheries is "transfer." The material allowing the best heat transfer does not necessarily allow the best electrical transfer because different materials have different distances between protons, different sizes of protons, and probably different proton shapes too. However, it's interesting that "Aluminum has 61% of the [electrical] conductivity of copper", and, "Aluminum THERMAL conductivity is about 237 W/mK (watts per meter kelvin) compared to copper with roughly 401 W/mK". When we divide 237 by 401, we find a difference of 59 percent, almost the 61 above.

The video below convinces me further that spinning wheels lose their weight. In the 57th minute, the presenter tells of a scientist who discovered this phenomemon, but refused to tell fellow scientists for fear of being persecuted by them. For what? For showing that materials can lose weight, which evolutionary-based science cannot accept because it looks to much like electromagnetic gravity:

Uranium Has the Smallest Atom

Every proton, regardless of material type, probably has a layer of inner-most electrons that are a crust of non-hovering electrons. They are expected not to hover over one another in several layers directly off of the protonic surface, because the proton is strong enough at that short distance to force the electrons into contact with one another in spite of their inter-repelling one another. This crust of electrons explains why, when particle missiles are shot at uranium atoms, an enormous amount of heat can be released by crippling uranium protons. By "cripple," I mean that their positive force is weakened so that some of their electrons are set free.

I don't know whether some protons are fully destroyed, however, in creating heat with controlled "nuclear fission." though I do think this is the case in a nuclear bomb's chain reaction. If a few uranium protons are fully destroyed, their electrons shoot out violently because they were being held "against their will" by protonic attraction. They shoot neighboring protons and destroy / cripple them too, and so on, a chain reaction is set up. There are no neutrons, the idiots invented them. When they say they shoot neutrons at uranium to release its nuclear heat, they are completely daft.

Natural uranium is mainly uranium-238, which can be made into uranium-239, which they call, plutonium-239, which is then nuclear-bomb material while uranium-238 will not sustain chain-reaction destruction of its protons. The "238" refers to its weight. I don't know whether they can be trusted in these numbers, but what they mean is that the gas of uranium-238 weighs 238 times more than hydrogen gas. Plutonium-239 weighs a little more than the 238 times. (Solid uranium weighs 19 times as much as liquid water.)

In my atomic model, the 239 atom does not weigh more than the 238 atom, as they claim, but rather the two atoms weigh the same. In my model, the 239 atom is smaller than the 238 atom so that, at any given temperature, the 239 gas has a slightly more atoms than the 238 gas, which is the real reason that the 239 gas weighs more. Not because the 239 atom weighs more, but because the 239 atoms are smaller and therefore more numerous in the gas.

Why are the 239ers slightly more numerous in a gas at the same temperature and same pressure? Because the smaller the atoms, the weaker the they inter-repel at any given temperature. The weaker they inter-repel, the closer to one another they will come to rest, as they hover in a sea of free electrons that are fundamental parts of all gases. Between all gas atoms, free electrons are the heat of the system; at any given temperature, the density of free electrons is identical, and they will provide less repulsion-spring between smaller atoms in their midst than larger atoms, because, between smaller atoms, the springs, if you don't mind imagining them, are likewise smaller. The springs are exactly as wide as the atoms, in other words. Wider springs are more powerful in keeping atoms separated.

So, with smaller atoms and weaker repulsion between them, the closer the atoms will come to rest, and consequently the more the gas will weigh per any volume due to having more atoms. I'll offer a page below to show why all atoms weigh the same. As much as that sounds ridiculous, gravity arranges for all atoms to weigh the same, regardless of the material they make. Every molecule with two atoms merged weighs two atoms. Every molecule consisting of three atoms weighs three atoms. Every lone atoms weighs one atom.

The question then becomes: why does uranium 239 have smaller atoms than 238 or 235? One possibility is that the protons are slightly crippled so that they can hold fewer captured electrons. The 238 is found abundantly in nature, but it's only the 239 (and 235) that can be destroyed as nuclear-bomb material.

Apparently, they cripple the 238 proton such that the 239 proton is one step away from becoming totally destroyed as bomb material. The electrons surrounding the proton are its shell, and the thicker this shell, the harder to get the bullets through. I'm assuming that, when 238 is made into 239, the electron atmosphere is made smaller, easier to penetrate.

The question then becomes: why can the 235 atom, predicted to be a larger atom than 238, be destroyed? I'm proposing that they wrongly named the 235 because their understanding of "atomic weight" is incorrect. They make the "235" atom by making 238 through a special process that has more of the 235 material than natural 238 does. But, in that process, the 238 has only about 4-percent 235, and because they have found that the 235 is small, they named it with a number lower than 238 because they wrongly believe that smaller atoms are lighter. So, they gave the smaller one the name of 235.

Lookie: "The lighter, smaller U-235 moves through the membrane easier than the larger heavier U-238." I would suggest that statement is correct only in that the 235 material goes through the membrane easier because it's smaller, but in my atomic model, the smaller the atom, the more the uranium gas will weigh, and so the 235 should have been named larger than "238." Perhaps the 235 is 239 or 240.

In the total destruction of protons, all of its electrons come shooting out violently, because the proton was holding them tight in spite of their inter-repulsion. Destroy the proton, and out shoot the electrons to neighboring protons, destroying them too if the force is sufficient to do so, and, hence, the nuclear chain reaction is set up.

The "waste" uranium of electrical power plants, the result of "burned" up uranium 235, is literally hot. Not just for an hour or two, but for many years. Why? Because, they release electrons. The stupids are too brainwashed to realize that the radiation from nuclear waste is being caused by electrons shooting out of the material. Every electron emitted from atoms causes light, which is what they call "nuclear radiation." It's the powerful, invisible light that jiggles the body's cells too hard such that they can't function normally.

We read "The fission [of uranium-235] creates radioactive isotopes of lighter elements such as cesium-137 and strontium-90. These isotopes, called "fission products," account for most of the heat and penetrating radiation in high-level waste." There you go, powerful heat and light is formed from the uranium after they remove many of the captured electrons from the 235 atoms. I don't believe for a minute that the uranium changes into cesium and strontium. The GOOFBALLS are at it again, inventing things.

How do I know that captured electrons are removed from the uranium? Because, the very purpose of the nuclear reactor is to get heat out of the metal, and heat is nothing but freed electrons. They don't take the uranium protons out, but only the electrons, meaning that each atom becomes smaller, i.e. with a smaller electron atmosphere. It seems they are shooting needles into the protons, ruining their ability to retain captured electrons.

The reason that chain reactions don't become carried away horrifically is because they keep the uranium under water to keep the shooting electrons from becoming too violent to neighboring atoms. I don't know what exactly they are initially shooting at the uranium to "split" their atoms, but I know it's not neutrons. As they call the bullets, neutrons, we might gather that they don't have an electromagnetic charge, but I can't conceive of any bullet being neutral in charge, and so something is wrong here. Perhaps they need neutrons in this process (for weight) so badly that they are willing to mislead us into thinking that the bullets are neutral in charge.

Look at how stupid they are: "During nuclear fission, a neutron collides with a uranium atom and splits it, releasing a large amount of energy in the form of heat and radiation. More neutrons are also released when a uranium atom splits. These neutrons continue to collide with other uranium atoms, and the process repeats itself over and over again." The neutron that was invented due to their wrongly describing the weights of atoms, are the non-existent items that they think they are shooting at uranium atoms.

They invented neutrons purely for adding weight where they needed the extra weight due to wrongly guessing at what all the atoms weigh. And they made that guess based on the erroneous theory that all gases at STP have exactly the same number of atoms. FOOLS. I won't repent: FOOLS OF THE DEVIL. Trying to harmonize their atomic model with the big bang, they became fools of the devil.

When they say that the uranium-235 changes into the "lighter elements such as cesium-137 and strontium-90," I assume that it changes into a form of uranium where, when it's turned to gas, weighs much more than the gas from uranium-235. That is, the waste product has much-smaller uranium atoms, and therefore weighs more when turned into a gas.

I doubt very much that the solid waste product of uranium-235 turns into liquid on your driveway on a cool summer day, and so see this on normal cesium: "This silvery metal with a golden cast is the most reactive and one of the softest of all metals. It melts at 28.4 C (83.1 F),..." Normal cesium has a so-called "atomic weight" (wrongly phrased) of 133 as compared to 238 for natural uranium. And so their wild claim is that uranium-235 partly becomes cesium-137, the latter being an aberration of normal cesium-133, and so if it's obvious to anyone that uranium-235 is not cesium, the magicians in charge of science education just excuse that objection by it's cesium-137, not cesium-133.

I think you can agree with me that uranium-235 does NOT become cesium. When the dictatorial goofs make mistakes with their atomic model, they unashamedly and brazenly breed errors elsewhere, never once warning the people that maybe, just maybe, they have erred in the rudimentaries of their atomic model.

The goofs have multiple protons at the core of atoms. They assign 92 protons all stuck together at the center/nucleus of one uranium atom, which is another way that you can know you're dealing with cartoon creators. The goofs think that by shooting neutrons into the uranium nucleus, they split the 92-proton cluster into two protons each having fewer then 92 protons. And because they define something with less than 92 protons as another material altogether, that's why the lunatics tell us that uranium 235 transforms into another material altogether. LAUGHABLE NUTBARS.

It probably still looks like uranium after uranium-235 is spent, but as they think they have split each nucleus to make two or more different protonic cores, they view the spent uranium as another material(s) altogether. FOOLs disguised as professors. "When a U-235 nucleus absorbs an extra neutron, it quickly breaks into two parts. This process is known as fission..." Absorbs a neutron? Are they nuts? Like, when you shoot a bullet through an apple, does the apple absorb the bullet? Like, if the neutron is capable of splitting a protonic core, do we view it as landing gently into the core so as to be "absorbed"?

But you can be sure that they invented this neutron absorption as a desperate, off-the-wall way to explain something that their atomic model needed explanation for. By having neutrons in the picture, they likely use them to explain the changing weights of the spent uranium as they define it. Neutrons are to be viewed as weight in the magician's hat for anytime they need extra weight when their explanation of atomic processes doesn't maintain consistency with their theories.

Go ahead, try to find what they use initially to start the fission reaction, but google is stingy in revealing this, or providing anyone talking about it, we may wonder why. I found this from a Quora page:

All practical nuclear reactors are started with a startup neutron source. The original startup source in a typical American light-water power reactor is californium-252, a heavy synthetic element that has a significant spontaneous fission (SF) mode of decay....It releases an abundant supply of neutrons [= misinformation]...Originally, natural, stable antimony is loaded into the reactor. In the course of absorbing neutrons, some Sb-123 becomes radioactive Sb-124, an isotope that emits 1.7-MeV gamma rays. When these gamma rays impact beryllium, they generate neutrons according to the photonuclear reaction 9-Be(g,n)8-Be...

Sb-124 is antimony-124. They shoot it's "gamma rays" at beryllium, thinking they are producing neutron bullets for the uranium. Gamma rays are harsh light waves that excite atoms far more than visible light, and as such they remove electrons from atoms i.e. the photo-electric effect. Therefore, it's predictable that they make highly-positive beryllium atoms when shooting that metal with gamma rays. In that scenario, what, really, is popping out of beryllium as the bullet into uranium?

Beryllium is an unusual metal, assigned the same atomic weight, 9, as water. That is, we are being told that beryllium gas weighs as much as steam when the two are at the same temperature, pressure and volume. That's unusual for a metal. In my atomic model, beryllium is one of the largest atoms = large electron atmosphere. In their model, it's one of the smallest atoms. Beryllium is very brittle, which can be explained in its extra-large electron atmospheres. The larger the electron atmospheres, the greater the depth (from top down) of weakly-held electrons at atomic peripheries, which is where atoms bond.

Therefore, it's possible that beryllium atoms are being spit out, due partly to their weak atomic-bond strength, when gamma rays make some of them highly positive in charge. They would be spit out by electromagnetic force when a pool of them (at the target of the bullets) all become high in positive charge, for positive repels positive.

This conclusion that I've made in 10 or 15 minutes upon finding the quote above may be why it's hard to find what exactly the uranium bullets are sourced in. That is, they don't want people to know that beryllium atoms are the bullets because the goofs badly need and want neutrons in order to change what the waste materials that their atomic models stands better against the onslaught from the illogical claims they are forced to make as per their atomic model i.e. that uranium becomes a whole new material once depleted of some of its nuclear energy. With neutrons in the picture, they have more options on which materials to choose from.

For example, as they begin with 92 protons per uranium-235 atom, they are forced to claim that any two atoms produced by splitting the atom must have a total of 92 protons. They had the option of choosing tin with 50 protons together with another element with 42, but it's not possible to get away with that because the spent uranium simply isn't tin. And so that had to choose aberrations of elements having some unusual, extra number of protons or neutrons to fool the general field of physicists. I don't think they had the option of introducing more protons (must remain at 92 total), and so they decided to add neutrons.

As we saw, they chose cesium-137 instead of natural cesium-133. They assign the latter with 55 protons and 78 neutrons for a total "atomic weight" of 133, and so we can glean that they needed 4 extra neutrons to be able to claim that the uranium modifies to cesium-137. Where did they get these extra neutrons? Ahh, from the neutrons they claim are the bullets. And that's why they say that the bullets get "absorbed" but the nuclei. FOOLS WILL BE FOOLS, and they will fool you too. Now you know why they chose neutron bullets.

When you read the following, the writer doesn't necessarily inform you that he/she is referring to spent uranium: "Cesium-137 and its decay product, barium-137m, are used for sterilization activities for food products, including wheat, spices, flour, and potatoes. Cesium-137 is also used in a wide variety of industrial instruments such as level and thickness gauges and moisture density gauges." Sterilization here means that the radiation from the spent uranium is used to kill bacteria.

But, the point is, it's not cesium, and your impression from reading the above, if I wasn't here to correct it, is that cesium-137 occurs naturally, in nature. Here's the proof that they invented cesium-137: "Caesium-137 in the environment is substantially anthropogenic (human-made). Caesium-137 is produced from the nuclear fission of plutonium and uranium, and decays into barium-137." It's not cesium, and does NOT "decay" into barium or anything else. That is, atoms do not become other atoms. Materials do not modify into other materials altogether. They are wacko to make such claims.

Cesium melts at 83 degrees F, and barium melts at 1,341 F. Oye, demonic lunatics, they have no shame.

What is more lunatic, to claim that the destructive, brainless, big bang created all protons and electrons exactly alike in unimaginable numbers, or to claim that it created roughly 100 different kinds of atoms, each kind exactly the same in unimaginable numbers? Either way, it's complete nonsense, fantasy, raving lunacy. And when we say that these bitties were designed and created by God, the goons accuse us of being fantasyland dopes.

Neutrons were invented to make fix an incorrect atomic model. But if the model is incorrect, the fix isn't likely factual. If some goof claims that 5 + 3 = 9, another like-minded goof will come along and say that he's made a major "discovery" proving that 5 + 3 = 9. The discovery is that there's a 1 hiding behind the 5. And from that day onward, all the schools teach that 5 + 3 = 9. To "prove" that there's a 1 hiding behind the 5, he sprayed some black ink at the 5, but told the public that it's a specially-designed quantum product having a pinch of curved space and a slice of relativity that nobody can understand, and when the 5 starts to look like a 6, the whole world decides, yup, 5 + 3 does secretly = 9, as crazy at it seems. That's how physics has toppled common sense for a century, by evolutionists throwing hocus-pocus "discoveries" at the public disguised as genius moments from any of their partners propped up as science saints and heroes.

It's known that all objects, regardless of what they are made of, or how large they are, or how much they weigh, fall to gravity at the same speed or acceleration, when falling through a vacuum. If you are able to get out of the box that the brainwashers have enclosed you in, you can use this fact to realize that all atoms, of any kind, weigh the same. For weight is defined as the pull of gravity.

So, a 10-inch steel ball made of 100 zillion atoms falls at the same speed as a 3-inch rubber ball made of 1 zillion atoms, because gravity pulls each atom individually with the same force. If gravity pulls the steel atoms with more force than the rubber atoms, the steel ball would fall faster, for the speed depends on the specific force of the pull. Therefore, as all atomic materials fall at the same speed, all atoms are pulled by the same force, and this force is the weight i.e. all atoms weigh them same. "Gravity force" and "weight" are exactly the same thing said with different terms. If any physicist professor can't grasp what I'm saying here, he/she needs to find another job. Not fit to be a physics teacher.

The steel ball weighs more than the rubber ball, and will therefore hit the ground with more force (when dropped from the same height) because it has more atoms than the rubber ball, but this doesn't change the fact that all atoms weigh them same. One-hundred zillion atoms will hit the ground with 100 times the force of 1 zillion. Therefore, if any object of any material weighs 100 times more than another, it has 100 times as many atoms. If I'm the first to discover this fact, great shame on science.

So, when the fools tell you that the uranium atom weighs 238 times as much as the hydrogen atom, they have it backward. In reality, hydrogen is the largest atom, and uranium has the smallest. Uranium is amongst that heaviest of materials, per unit volume, because it has some of the most atoms per unit volume. This explains why they use uranium to exploit nuclear energy rather than hydrogen, because the smallest atoms have the thinnest electron clouds. The bullets can get through it easier than through the huge electron cloud of the H atom.

Hydrogen gas has by far the fewest atoms, per volume at STP, because it has the most atomic inter-repulsion. Being the largest atom, it also has the largest repulsion-spring between atoms, per any given gas temperature. There's a greater distance between H atoms than for any other gas atoms. There's less distance between uranium and gold gas atoms than most other gas atoms. But it begs the question: why can't nuclear energy be exploited from gold or some of the still-heavier metals? I suggest that small size is not all that counts in permitting nuclear destruction by chain reaction. The shape of the atom can play into it.

You might be hard-pressed to discover how the atomic weights were assigned to all elements. In that alone we should be suspicious. Here's a deceptive, google offering: "Atomic mass is defined as the number of protons and neutrons in an atom, where each proton and neutron has a mass of approximately 1 amu...The carbon-12 atom, which is still used as the standard today, contains six protons and six neutrons for an atomic mass of twelve amu." Achem, but they arrived at the atomic weights of the elements before they assigned their atoms with specific numbers of protons and neutrons. That is, once they arrive at an atomic weight figure, they then assign them protons and neutrons appropriate for their fallacious theory.

Approaching 1900, Edward Morley weighed the purest oxygen he could muster, and found it to be almost 16 times heavier than hydrogen gas. Under the goofball assumption that all gases at STP had the same number of atoms, science than assigned the oxygen atom and atomic weight of 16. However, I have never read that the atomic weights of all the elements are done in the same way, by weighing their gases and comparing with the weight o hydrogen gas. Therefore, I can't trust their atomic weight figures, for they are despicable liars all over the map.

Morley also helped to "discover" that 5 + 3 = 9 when he found no evidence of the aether. He and others were seeking an aether that flows across the solar system in one direction or another. They assumed that, if it existed, the earth in solar orbit would at times move against the aether wind, and at times with the aether wind. Apparently, it didn't dawn on them that the aether came out of the sun, which it does, meaning that its always flowing past the earth at 90 degrees to the earth's orbit. It never changes. The aether might slow the earth a little when striking its front side as much as the aether might speed-up the earth when striking its back side, and so there is no possibility of a slow-down effect from the aether. Instead, the aether is predicted to enlarge the earth orbit. It may have had an original orbit with a 360-day year, in which case astronomy cannot correctly discover when full moons, for example, took place in ancient times by counting back 365.24 days per year.

Plus, as electrons are not attracted by gravity, and as they are repelled by gravity toward a sky having no physical ceiling, aether electrons can't slow anything down that collides with them. For example, a feather and a steel ball both land on the ground at the same time when dropped from a height, showing that there is no friction from falling through the aether. If electrons were held tight to the ground while repelling each other skyward, they would be "locked" into position, and as such they would offer resistance for things falling through them. Anything striking them would need to exert work in pushing them out of the way against the downward pull of gravity upon them.

Therefore, as the stupids committed themselves to a gravity definition in which it attracts all matter -- committing on behalf of the viability of the big-bang theory -- they missed (or knew-but-despised) the reality that electrons are anti-gravity, and, consequently, they missed (or knew-but-despised) the reality that gravity is a negatively-charged force. Had they embraced those two realizations, they would also have understood that all atoms weigh the same, for this is how I discovered it in five minutes flat.

It went like this: knowing that gravity repels electrons, it must have repelled electrons from every atom such that every atom's periphery had a layer of electrons held to a proton by exactly as much positive force as gravity's negative force seeks to remove the layer from the proton's grasp. Right? Yes, for it the proton holds the outer layer by just a little more force than gravity acts upon it, the outer layer remains intact upon the atom.

What does this mean? It means that the outer layer of every atom, regardless of type, is radiating the same level of positive force toward the gravity force, and as such, gravity has exactly the same pull on every atom, which is defined as: every atom weighs the same. Gravity is what arranges atoms to all weigh the same, it's not a grand coincidence.

It also means that, at the outer layer of all atoms, there is G(ravity) level of positive force. It's more than G force beneath the outer layer, and less than G force above the outer layer, but is exactly G force (more or less) at the outer layer. For all atoms, regardless of how far they are from the gravity source. Whatever the G-force figure at any distance from gravity, it's also the protonic-force figure at the atom's outer layer. This is hardly genius; it's a no-brainer. I discovered it because I refused to be brainwashed with nonsense from the goons.

When driving (early 1990's) beneath the blue skies of a hot Kansas day in September, I had a realization: heat always rises because it's repelled by gravity. By that time, I was already entertaining the idea that heat is made of particles, an old theory that goes back to times before the discovery of the electron. And so, with the idea that gravity repels heat particles, it dawned on me that gravity is a negative force repelling electron particles. Once you've arrived to that, everything else falls into place with some reading up on good/true physics. I also discovered that evolutionists will be severely humbled, as in scathing humiliation, eventually.

They can hold to the orbiting / circling electron for only so long. Once that idea falls, so too does the one-proton-per-one-electron theory, a quackpot's nightmare in the making. What would possess grown men to think that a giant proton could attract only one teensy-weeny electron? How stupid can grown men be? It is clear that complete idiots got into atomic-model science, and once entrenched, they owned it with an iron fist in cahoot with winking humanistic governments.

The wackos have had about a century to change their wacko invention that gravity attracts light. Nope, not a chance have they altered course. This theory produced the "black hole," but it also denies the aether because it replaces the light wave with a photon particle. It is impossible for photons from the sun to get through 50 miles of air atoms; what is it that the goons don't understand about this? It is impossible for photons to explain transparent materials. There is no clear path through a thin pane of glass for photons to pass because it's going to strike the glass material almost as soon as it gets into it, for we know that light cannot get through a sliver of thickness into most materials. There is at least just as much "traffic" in a pane of glass as there is in cardboard, meaning that photos will crash into glass protons / electrons. It is understood that light passes STRAIGHT through glass i.e. with rebounds and deflections of light waves off of the atoms. The goofs are going to give you an explanation for how a photon gets through glass that is akin to saying that a 1 is hiding behind the 5.

Don't be deceived by drawings and computer animations "proving" photons to be part-waves, for this is cartoon trash. It's going to be over your head because its trickery, blah-blah-confusion mixed with steel-knuckle claims that you can't disprove because you can't even begin to understand what they're saying. The goofs seek to convince you that you'll just have to trust them when they, far more intelligent than you, know for a fact because expert A, B and C said so, that a 1 is hiding behind a 5.

Gravity Bashing

And so the goofs will never adopt the true light wave willingly because they have gone overboard as far as claiming curved space and black holes caused by the gravitational pull on starlight. But as light is a wave (invisible, bump-bump energy, not a material) through an electron aether spit out by stars, light cannot be attracted by gravity, especially as gravity repels the aether particles. Proud peacocks pushing embarrassing ideas can't handle rejection and shame when their house comes falling down.

Electrons emit from stars. They know that. Electrons fill space. They know that. Electrons in space constitute a sea of electrons. They know that. Emitted electrons into a sea of electrons can cause a wave just as a drop of water into a sea of water can. They know that. There can be no doubt that electrons cause waves in cosmic electrons because the latter are right beside all stars, right beside the emitting electrons. But then why have the peacocks failed to give these waves a special name? Because, shudder, best not even to mention it, for you might get the idea that they're light waves, and they will then need to bow their heads in shame for professing ridiculous, quantum-blitherings as facts.

They show a cartoon particle moving through space that looks like a water wave. Can you not see what's wrong with that picture? A water wave moves across water, but they have a wave flying through nothing. They won't even mention the solar wind when they discuss this cartoon. Their light particle IS the wave, they say, utter nonsense. They don't have a wave medium because they committed a century ago to killing the aether. They would make "dark matter" the aether if they could, anything but an electron aether...because these goons are anti-reality when reality upsets the big-bang model of "creation". The longer they maintain their lunacy, the greater their humiliation in the end. It's going to be terribly painful when God enters the courtroom with a Christian jury, and Jesus as the chief prosecutor.

After they've confused you with quantum-this and quantum-that, the give you a summary of what it all means, and leave you brainwashed with filth, hoping you'll applaud them for understanding such keen insights. Modern computer animation is death to the human spirit when in the hands of people who take on demonic plots. People will applaud the very things that kill their spirits because they have no understanding of what kills them, of what sends them into the sparking lie. Satan: feed the people sparkling poison, they will watch it.

Re-newed idea streaking across the Internet horizon: gravity is not a force. WACKO. Below is a science witch sure to confuse you with nonsense especially as she barely takes a breath to allow you to think for two seconds. Then, to show how presentations like this are killing people, here's a comment beneath the video:

@Zandaarl 4 weeks ago

As a layperson in physics, I consider myself to be fairly educated. But this was a wild ride. I went from "Wait, what?!" to "That can't be right but Sabine wouldn't tell us something incorrect." to "Oh, now I get it!" to "I'm just slightly confused but I get it but I'm not trying to explain it to my friends." Thank you Sabine for expanding our understanding and knowledge with every video!

The person making the comment above is a fool, happily being an accomplice to the destruction of others, too useless to speak up to call trash out for what it is. Here's the witch and her video, total nausea with a pinch of entertainment, free of charge (don't watch her videos with delight, you've been warned):

There seems to be a concerted effort to brainwash people into the belief that gravity is not a downward force, and in the meantime, they are re-defining gravity with illogical ideas and confusion, yet you are to worship and obey the masters because they know more than you. This new and offensive drive could be because the goofs see the writing on the wall, that people will soon go to the only logical view of gravity: sourced in negative force from hot, electron pools in planetary bodies.

Someone else in the comments, another contributor / accomplice to the growing lunacy on earth: "The best explanation for Gravity, so far! Thank you SO much Sabine!" This is flat-earth on steroids.

There is something that accelerates upward at all times: electrons. Gravity constantly accelerates them. They are obstructed by traffic as they weave around air atoms, but as air atoms grow more spare with height, that's why electrons accelerate with height. The rise of electrons produce an upward force, indeed, and they do bump air atoms upward as they pass by them, when striking their undersides, which is why the atmosphere expands higher into the sky in summer as compared to winter.

BUT, the rising electrons are not gravity. The best we can say is that they are the arm of gravity, yet gravity does have a downward force, and an upward force. It's just as blockheaded to say that gravity has no force as it is to say that magnets have no force. What are we going to call it if we scrap "force"? As electrons repel electrons so that they force one another away, isn't "force" the perfect term?

I'll admit that I don't understand electromagnet attraction at the mechanical / particle level, but it does exist. Atoms don't move downward for any other reason than the pull force of gravity. It you deny that, you've entered lunaticland, showing that you're prepared to swallow other lunacy too. There is plenty of lunacy on the Internet now, beware Christians. Manage logic.

As an apple falls toward the core of the planet no matter where one drops it upon the planet, it's pure logic that the apple is pulled by something at or near the planetary core. This has been roundly understood by most, but the demented Einsteins of the world love to play with fantasies as much as they want to teach realities. This is the trickster devil roaming the planet. It's always been here; it invented pagan gods and mythology cartoons. It succeeded because there was always a large following. God wants to know whether you love this demon of entertainment more than you respect and advertise the wonders He's made.

In a nutshell, the witch in the video above wants you to think that the earth is pushing on you upward as you stand on it, rather than gravity pulling you down against it. What an absolute physics dingbat hoping to $$$profit$$$ on "youth tonic." She doesn't give you a second to think about what she's saying, at anytime in the video, which amounts to brainwashing and its helpmate, confusion. She poisons her poisonous claim that gravity is not a force with discussions on Einsteinian relativity, totally irrelevant to whether gravity is a force...and poison is what witches do best.

One video has the title, "Does Time Cause Gravity?" It's like advertising: "I'm a calm, raving maniac, watch me prove it calmly." The witch has another video: "Physicists Find New Way to Make Matter From Light." Why not just say: "I sell poison for your mind, come'n get it." You see, the warlocks want to brainwash us into thinking that big-bang products could create matter. This idea goes back a long way. Einstein was playing with it, because he liked playing, like one likes scattering his brain. There is no such thing as E = mc2; it was a figment from explosions in his mind. It's a cartoon that engages mass to light as though they could be one in marriage. In reality, E = electromagnetism, more boring, but no stretching or scattering of your mind necessary. Play it safe, stay real, marry common sense.

I don't know what this man's positions are on atomic physics, but here he laments the shadow-banning of the aether, by Rockefellers, about one century ago:

How can a single light from the sun, formed by the emission of a single electron, get all the way to earth and beyond? One might argue that this wave will fizz out long before it reached mercury. Not if the aether electrons are repelled by the sun. In that case, there is no resistance to the wave as it passes through the aether electrons. As soon as it pushes the first aether electron, the next one starts to move, and so on, such that zillions of them move forward in one second to the tune of moving at the speed of light, even though the electron ejecting at the sun might be moving only thousands of miles per hour.

There are countless solar electrons emitted simultaneously, each one pushing the aether forward by constant inter-repulsion of particles, predicting that the aether particles ACCELERATE. It's gravity force in reverse. As gravity accelerates atoms toward itself, so it accelerates electrons outward toward earth. The speed at which the aether flies past the earth is going to be faster than the speed at which it flies off the sun.

The mechanics of the light wave are debatable, and I think it could be a challenge to explain why light travels in a straight line, but perhaps it has to do with the great speed of the wave, though not likely 186,000 miles per second in outer space. A water wave always travels at the same speed, regardless of how fast an object dropped into water moves. A fast-ejecting electron from the sun forms a harsher wave, but apparently all waves, from fast or slow emissions, travel at the same speed in an aether that has the same density throughout. The wave speed changes with aether density, however. It's not as dense further out from the sun as it is near the sun, because electrons spread further apart with time. To put it another way, they are more sparse with distance from the sun because they travel faster with distance from the sun, and they travel faster as they have more time to repel each other forward. The aether is much more dense in the earth's atmosphere because electrons get partially "trapped" in the air, and because earth gravity slows the solar electrons approaching directly at the planet.

Some of the solar wind gets re-directed by earth gravity to the sides of the planet, and it's this effect that probably forms the radiation belts. It's not necessary for the earth's "magnetic field" to repel solar electrons to the sides, because earth gravity can do the job all its lonesome. But earth gravity cannot re-direct the solar wind to the sides of the planet which is headed bang-on to the planet. The best earth gravity can do there is slow the solar wind down.

The last thing the astronomical goofs wish to hear is that stars form the light-wave aether that telescopes must look through to see stars. It seems to me that, if aether material from all the stars combined is travelling in different directions for every star pointed to by a telescope, the particular directions could cause red or blue shifts from starlight. That is, the goofs have probably got it wrong to think that red shift means the star is travelling away from earth while blue shift means a star is travelling toward earth.

Instead, if stellar aethers as a whole, when looking at any one star, are moving more toward the earth than away from it, the starlight could be re-enforced with blue shift, and vice-versa. These shifts (you'll need to study this science if you don't know what I'm talking about) can therefore indicate the direction of the aethers, not the direction of the stars. The shifts measure the density of the light waves.

However, it's debatable as to whether starlight should shift blue or red when aether is moving more toward the earth than away from it. The question would be: does starlight arrive to earth with more or less density if 75-percent of all stellar aethers are moving toward the earth while 25-percent move away from earth, as compared to viewing another star where the aethers are 50-50?

The answer should be that same as: do sound waves from an incoming train arrive to the ear with more or less density if the wind is blowing toward the ear, as compared to a wind blowing in the opposite direction, away from the ear? Either way, you can see that the goofs will need to scrap all red-shift / blue-shift conclusions if ever they adopt light waves through stellar aethers.

If you are not a committed evolutionist goofball, run from them. A goofball is a smooth-talking hairy dirtball, toxic to the soul, dangerous against your eternal salvation. This is why I disrespect them. I would feel guilty to treat them with respect in the name of humanist toleration or academic civility. Let them earn respect by at least acknowledging a Creator, for even pertinent sciences scream His existence.

If you're interested in seeing my low-grade slide presentation that's not yet a slide presentation, but does have illustrations to help you understand my atomic model: 2nd update of this past January.


On June 3, Fauci is throwing Morens under a fleet of buses:

More Fauci blocking on June 3:

Note below that Fauci says that he did not receive royalties from drug makers in relation to COVID. However, it should be obvious that when royalties are delivered to him by drug makers, they are not granted with official paper, because such grants amount to corruption for both parties. Therefore, if Fauci slipped money into his bank, from drug companies, but given to him for other falsely-stated reasons to cover the reality, he thinks he can "truthflly" say he received no royalties for his part of pushing vaccines:

Fauci can be thankful that he's not married to Ms. Greene:

It's important to Christian persecution that all the Democrat speakers objecting to Green's points are totally oblivious to her points, as though, if it's spoken by a Republican, it must be a lie and should be ignored. These demented people are the demons of Christian persecution, once it begins massively. They are conspiring together to throw truth to the ground. And love will grow cold because hatred will replace it.

Want to see a wacko one rung beneath trudeau:

The above tends to prove what many have discerned since the COVID prime monster came out of the dirtbag: globalists don't want people to enjoy recreation.

No hurricane changes over past decades means climate-change claims are bogus:

When asking for trudeau news this week, youtube canada gives me zero alternative-media videos that oppose him, meaning that word is spreading that censorship needs to be defeated in this country once and for all. The government is cancelling the voice of its citizens. What are the people going to do about it? Who's going to be a self-made leader to combat these dry souls? The common people can traditionally topple any politician if only their voices could be shared on a fair playing field. Dictators fight this tooth-and-nail by purchasing the national media. The meek and middle-class people need ways to expose and cripple the government for shadow-banning video channels in its attempt to cripple the people.

It's excellent when trudeau is inadvertently on our side by being unable to sell himself due to the make-a-show-of-it evil that drops unproductively from his blah-blah-say-nothing mouth. He's the robber of the poor, the Robin Hood for the rich in a "green" leotard. He curtsies before the rich elite whom he enriches. Instead of shooting arrows, he whooshes boomerangs that circle to the back of his own head. The sheriff of Nottingham, his girlfriend, laughs at him. And he never learns to stop doing that, he's just so persistent. His only hope is to silence the voices of the peasants, who not-so-long ago were his voter base.

Larry Brock:

Here's a waste of deer meat compliments of the communist party of canada:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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