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May 1 - 6, 2024

Digging Into Seleucids From Alexander Balas
ALERT: God Points to the Anti-Christ with Small-Horn Heraldry (see last heraldic section)

IMPORTANT: Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names.

I was pretty impressed, in the last update, with the heraldic evidence as per discovering where the Levite blood came from that was in the Maccabees, Sadducees and Pharisees. I'm not going to comment on much of the last update, assuming you've read it before reading this continuation.

HERALDry is suspect from the Herods because Herods are listed with Haralds. Heraldry was a game of the Crusaders and Templars, who were mainly the Norman French and Franco-Belgic Flemings. The Caiaphas-like Chappes' were front-and-center in Templarism, though Hugh de Payens is said to have married Catherine Sinclair as well as Elizabeth Chappes.

Load Herod Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

The Norman king, Rollo, called his treaty with France after the Sinclairs. The latter has a base in Roslin, and they had so much money that they started to build, but did not finish, the paganite Rosslyn CHAPEL. The two Joseph surnames at can be traced to Joseph Caiaphas and Flavius Josephus of a priestly line(s), for English Josephs were kin of Chaplet-like Caplans and Chaplains. French Josephs once showed a giant swan in the colors of the five swans of Chaplets, and the latter were first found in Lorraine with the family of Godfrey de Bouillon, which was the family that first sat on the throne of templar Jerusalem.

During that rule, Hugh de Payens was placed in charge of overseeing the activities at the Jerusalem temple mount. I say that his wife's family (the Chappes') knew where there were gold treasures that were overlooked by the Roman army in 70 AD. I read that Payens visited the Sinclairs of Roslin after spending many years in Jerusalem. It seems that the Sinclairs got lots of temple gold, but why them?

The first Sinclair of Roslin was the cup-bearer of queen Margaret the ATHELing. She gave him Roslin as his base. I showed (last update) how Athels/Athols can be from "AETOLia," an area suspect with pagan Levites from the Biblical priest, Jonathan of Dan. Dans, Dane's and Deans were all first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks. It's beside the first-known English Josephs.

The "God" motto term of Sinclairs and Mens' (Midlothian with Sinclairs) is probably code for the Goths/GOTHELs because they're traceable to Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey-de-Bouillon. They share the hexagram of Edgar-connectable Hagars, the latter first found in Perthshire with Athels/Athols, and then Edgar was an Atheling king, father of queen Margaret. her husband ruled at Moray, near Perthshire. Eggars/Edgars share the lion of eagle's/Hegels, the latter from Aetolia's ACHELous river.

This makes Hagars suspect in passing through the Achelous region, and then while the AGARus river (not near the Achelous) is now the Siret, Sire's/Sirets use "panels" on their "castle while Panels are listed with EAGLE-using English Pagans, in the colors of Payens/PAGans and LePAGE's; the latter were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', Levi's, and Cavii-connectable Lys'/Lise'.

English Josephs were first found in Hampshire with English Lise's/Liss, and then Scottish Lise's/Leash's share the double chevrons of LARINs/CLARENs, in the colors of the three CHEVRons of English Clare's/Clairs (SinCLAIR branch) while French Clairs were first found in Limousin with the Seconds in the Levi motto. I'll soon show how chevrons can be code for a line(s) from the Cavii Illyrians at the Lissus river.

Plus, French Larins share the Scale and CAPES scallops while Sire's/Sirets have the "scales" of Justine's (Perthshire).

Sire's/Sirets have a "mirror" and an "anchor," and Hagar, Abraham's concubine, probably lived in Hebron with the Anaki giants. The Anchors/ANNACKers almost have the Coat of English Angers, and a satanic character, Nicholas de Vere von DRAKENberg, claimed that his Vere ancestry was in the Anunaki through a "Melusine" character whose son was a count of ANGERs soon before the Fulks took that position.

Angers share the "escarbuncle" with Hangers/Angers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Josephs, dragon-using Drake's, and List-branch Lise's/Liss'. German Dragons, sharing the red wyvern dragon with Drake's, were first found in Silesia with Lists. Moreover, Hampshire is beside the first-known Chaffs sharing the gold griffin with Hangers/Angers. Chaff-like Cavii of Lissus were on the DRIN river while English Dragons are also DRAINers.

Before knowing what the heraldic mirror was code for, I realized that the Melusine of the Vere's -- the mythical Melusine with both a DRAGON tail and a fish tail -- was the heraldic mermaid that usually comes with a MIRROR. Eventually, I discovered the Mire's/MIREUX's, first found in Anjou of Angers. That works to discover what de-Vere was secretly / gamingly referring to. And her son in Anjou was made Milo de Vere, likely code for Mile's / Mills, first found in Hampshire and sharing the border of dragon-head Ware's.

Everything in heraldry is code. Why was the top third of the heraldic Shield called a "CHIEF"? Why was the top above the Shield called a CREST? Here's from the last update with what could be a CHEF linkable to Caiaphas-like surname :

The Strongs share the Vienne Coat, and it can make some sense if the Vienne Crest is showing a chef because the giant Vienne eagle is in the colors and format of the giant griffin of Chaffs (beside Somerset). Hall of Names says that the Vienne Crest has two lions, and Lyon is near Vienne-Isere, home of Herod ARCHelaus. Chambery is on the Isere river into which the Arc river drains. The surname of Herod Archelaus was adopted from his wife, Glaphyra Archelaus, but compare with "Achelous," a good reason for tracing Methoni elements to the naming of Modane [on the Arc river].

The heraldic Chief looks like code for Chaff elements, and it just so happens that the Chief-Shield colors of Chaffs is shared with CAPES'/CAPETs. The Capetian dynasty was named after HUGH Capet, making him suspect with the marriage of Hugh de Payens to Miss Chappes. The Capetian throne followed the Carolingian dynasty, the latter founded by Charles Martel while the Myrtle's in the "myrtle bush" of Mire's/Mireux's are listed with English Martels, first found in Essex with Angers and Vere's.

The Chretiens in the Levi motto are also CRESTiens. Or, the Crests/Crete's (Burgundy with Panel-loving Sire's/Sirets) almost have the BENDy of Panels/Pagans. And heraldic bends can be of the Bends/Bents/Benns, said to be a branch of Benedicts / Bennets...whom I trace to pope Leo Benedict, known to have named the Pierleoni Jews of Rome whom were rescued by Godfrey III of Lorraine, son of Gothelo above, and father of Goda, mother of Godfrey de Bouillon. This explains why Bends/Bents/Benns share the red-on-gold roundels in the Arms of Bouillon, for Goda had married Eustace II, count of Boulogne.

Plus, the Panels/Pagans are also Pings, first found in Yorkshire with Pincs/Pinks who in turn share the Reno lozenges. The red "label" of Panels/Pagans/Pings is shared by Pinc-like Panico's/Pane's, first found in Boulogne-like Bologna at the Reno river. Panico's/Pane's put a "bird" on their tree while Burds/Burds (Cheshire with Bends/Bents/Benns) have the Bouillon flory cross in colors reversed.

German Mire's share the "green tree" with Panico's/Pane's, and while they have the tree of "green GROUNd," the other German Mire's have a "woman" on "green ground." Grounds/Grundys, kin of Rhodes', were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes', Pings and Pincs. I've been tracing the heraldic woman to VIMINacium, near Panico-like Pincum. The Greens were first found in Kent with Louvains/LOUVIERs. This picture can link to the "green snake" of Sire's/Sirets (use "fusils") because Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent with Greens/Greems/GREME's.

Rollo-connectable GRIMaldi's were first found in Genova with Segurana's while Seconds are listed with Segurs, and we can then take it to the "two green snakes entwined around a gold SCEPTER" of Seagars, first found in Devon with the Monks, traceable to Monaco, home of royal Grimaldi's. Godfreys, kin of MEATs/Meads, use the "scepter" too. Irish Flemings were first found in MEATH.

Often, green ground is substituted with a green mound, and while Mounds list Mons', Mons, beside La Louviere, is the capital of Annas-like Hainaut (in Belgium with Leuven/Louvain). The Flemish counts of Hainaut (see Wikipedia's counts/county of Hainaut) used three-and-three chevrons in the colors of the three Levi chevrons, and in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Flanders...that thereby becomes suspect as the black lion of Jewish Levi's and Capone's/Capua's.

The Flanders counts of Hainaut probably used the Coat of Italian Leuvens, suggesting that Leuven was named by Levi's. Louvains/Louviers have a giant lion in the colors of the lion heads of Chretiens/Crestiens in the Levi motto. This is how we play this game of Seek and Destroy Heraldic Secrets. French Louvier's, sharing the checks -- in (CHAFF colors -- in the CHIEF of Irish Flemings, have a Chief looking related to the one of Levi-connectable Crests/Crete's. The latter put the Levi lion in their Chief, we may assume.

The Levi motto: "Aide DIEu au second Chretien Levis." Dee's/Die's share the Second lion. They laid their secrets in the open all over their symbols and mottoes.

Italian Leuvens list Livelys, and then French Livelys, first found in Picardy (not far from Flanders) with chevron-like Cheve's/Cavetts, have lozenges (called "fusils") in the colors of the lozenges of Scottish HAINs. Thus, the namers of Hainaut trace to these Hains', first found in Dumfries with the Rome's/Rums/Rims who in turn have a "PUNGit" motto term suspect with the Pung variation of Panels/Pagans/Pings. And the CRESCENTs of Ains'/Haines' have the Lise / List pale bars while CRESSENTs are listed with CRESTs/Crete's. I'm seeing Annas the Levite.

Leuvens/Livelys were first found in Padua with Este while English Este's were first found in Essex with the Muschats/Montfitchets in turn having three chevrons in the colors of the three-and-three chevrons of Leuvens/Livelys. Italian Este's (Ferrara with CLARO's) share the eagle of SEGNi's/Segurana's. Segans/Sagans use a "SALAMander in red FLAMES,"" possibly part-code for Salome's, suspect from Salome of Boethus of a Sadducee and Herod families.

Picardy is where French Lannoys were first found who share the green lion with Lorraine's, and then the Lorraine bend is colors reversed from the bend-by-fusils of Livelys. Cheve's/Cavetts (Cave colors) use four FESSes in the colors of the five fesses of German Ducks who named BAR-le-Duc of Lorraine. The five of Ducks are in colors reversed with valence's, first found in Kent with Louvains/Louvier's).

Heraldic fesses are almost heraldic BARs, you see, and Fesse's/Face's essentially have the Segni variation of Segurana's (Genova with FAUCi's) in their motto. Segni's/Segurana's have the moline cross of Seagars in colors reversed, and Seagars were first found in Devon with Moline's, with chevron-like CHEVERs/Cheeves', and where Cavii-line Chives' were once said to be first found who share the black moline with Moline's.

The Fusils/Fusie's may have been a Fessy/Face branch, but, in any case, Fusils/Fusie's use triple lozenges in the colors of Payens/Pagans and French Page's, both first found in Dauphine with Fusils/Fusie's. English Page's (pheons) were first found in Devon with Seagars. French Page's and LePage's share four fesses (different colors) with Fusil-loving Cheve's/Cavetts and Gothelo-connectable Gots/Gode's (Goat/Gotham / Levi colors). The fesses of Lepage's (Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's) and Gots/Gode's are unusually close to one another, probably for an ownership reason that the owners knew. I regard the small heraldic details.

The last update had the Sticks and similar surnames tracing to Astakos off the Achelous river, and we also had heaps of tracings to that area of the Templarite family of Godfrey de Bouillon. The Sticks share the Coat of German Goods/Guts/Guters. Dragon-loving Gutters/Cutters were first found in Wiltshire, beside Sticks (Somerset with Roets), and Dragons/Drainers were first found in Kent with English Goods/Gude's. Goths/Gothels were first found in Thuringia with German Roets.

Why do we think that Cheevers/Cheves' (Devon with Eustace-branch Staggs/Stage's) use GOATs? The "EST MA FOY" motto phrase of Chief-like Chievers/Cheevers/Cheves' is interesting if it's part-code for Meigh's/My's/Mea's (share Fessy/Face cross), first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams and Annas-branch Ainsleys who in turn have two "my" motto terms. Cheevers/Cheves' were first found in Devon with Seagars, and with the Albins who in turn share the fitchee-formee cross of Meigh's/My's/Mea's. Lys-loving Ainsleys were first found in BASford with goat-using Bunnys. Basfords/BASHfords, possibly working off the Gaudet/Goday/Goder Coat, share the Este / Segurana eagle. "EST ma foy."

Gaudets/Godays/Goders have hunting horns while Horns, in the colors and format of Goat-loving Cheever/Cheves, were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's. Aside from the pale bars within the crescents of AINS'/Haines', the latter are likewise in the colors and format of Cheevers/Cheves'. More specifically, Bash's were first found in STANstead Abbots while Stans/Stains were first found in Middlesex with Horns. The Bash cross is with Moses'/MOESens, first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters. Pincum is in MOESia, and the Panico-beloved Birds share the AINSley martlets, red like the Bash martlet. German Base's, suspect in the so-called base of an heraldic Shield, use hunting horns in the colors and format of Jewish Levi's. ANNAS, Caiaphas' father-in-law, was likely a Levite.

One of the French Foys/Foix's were first found in Ile-de-France with you-know-who. The other French Foys/Foix's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons and fox-using Fez's/Fays. Aside from their fox, the latter almost have the Coat of Livelys, first found in Picardy with Chief-like Cheve's/Cavetts.

If the Fez's/Fays named mythical Morgan le Fay, then we note that Morgans and Moors share the giant lion of Chief- / Cheever-like Irish Keifers/Keefers/Keife's (Heffer / Coffer colors), first found in Cork with Coffers/Coffee's. The latter were first found also in ROScommon with Hanans (share Vere quadrants), and Annas of Israel was also, Hanan/Ananus. Annas' share the lone star of Varangian-like Vere's.

Templar Ties to Kiev Via Caiaphas-Line Suspects

German, ROSE-loving Kiefers/KIEVers (Silesia with Drake-related Dragons) share the red antler with Kiev-line Casimirs (from Casimir of Poland, husband of Maria of Kiev's RUS, and son of Richeza of Lorraine). The Kiev-like Keeps (Sussex with Cofferts) have the Fez/Fay bend in colors reversed. Therefore, Caiaphas elements probably named Kiev. German Keefers/Kiefers/Geifers have a "green TRIPLE mount", and Trypillians were at the Kiev theater.

The red ANTLer, which I trace to Antalya = Attalia and therefore to AETOLia, was used by Veringers of Baden, and the Arms of Baden is the Keep bend too. The Arms of Baden can be gleaned as the Casimir Coat, and then BADENoch is on the direct north of ATHOLL, believe it or not. Attalia is beside Perga, and I trace the latter to Perkins for a reason who share the Levi lion.

Badenoch slightly touches on Banffshire, where Troops were first found. Geifer-like Gofers/GoFAIRs, first found in Oxfordshire with Vere counts, use drops while Drops are listed with Trip-like Trope's. German Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. The latter were Hungarians, descended from Magyars of the Kiev theater. Why is "mago" in the Joseph motto, and is their "Cas" motto term from Casimir or his ancestry in a Cas-like term?

Gofers/Gofairs use the "Andrew's Cross" of Scotland, and king Andrew I was in Kiev with Edward and Margaret ATHELing. Athels are listed with Athols, having three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the three Levi chevrons. The Varangian Rus of Kiev are suspect with the Rose's, first found in Nairnshire, beside Badenoch, and then Nairnshire is beside Ross-shire while Ross' are said to descend from an Andrew.

English Coffers/CofFARE's, sharing the Irish Heffer crescents, were first found in Somerset with Heifers/Heffers. The latter, with lions in the colors of the Dee / Second lion, share "Dieu" with Levi's. Seconds were first found in Limousin with the Pine's possibly on the Keifer/Geifer "pine tree."

It should be added that while Levi's were at Mons, "mon" is a motto term of Heifers/Heffers who have three lions in pale to resemble the two lions in pale of Jewish Levi's. Two lions in pale in the colors of the three of Heifers/Heffers, are with Base's/Baise's, and the base of the Shield is at the opposite end from the Heifer-like Chief (I don't capitalize all heraldic symbols, just the Chief, Crest and Shield). I'll even go to the Eugene's/EWENs (may have Eggerton lion) because they share Andrew's Cross too. Owens were first found in Wales with Wine's/Winns/WENs, and so this bloodline may have been named by mythical Oeneus the wine man. Eugene's/Ewens, suspect in the "agendo" motto term of Augers/Aggers/Eagers, use an "emBATTLEd" chevron, and Battle's, first found in Berwickshire with the Aids/Ade's in the Levi motto, share the giant Chaff griffin.

The Etches variation of Augers/Eagers can take us to the giant eagle of Eggerton-related Eggs/Edge's, and then a giant eagle is with Specks/Spike's who named a location in Devon, where SPECCOTs and Spice's were first found that matches the "SPECTemur" motto of Augers/Eagers. Specks/Spike's (Gorsuch colors and format) were first found in Lancashire with the Gorsuch's who in turn share the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's, except that the latter's have no beaks while Beaks were first found in Dorset with Chaffs and Chaffins.

Eugene's may have been Owen liners in marriage to Gene's/Ganays who in turn share the giant Temple eagle. Templetons and Timple's are in Chaffin colors. Owens share the lion of Keons/Owens, the latter first found in Sligo with Hickens (drops) and Hickensons while Hicksons have eagle legs in the colors of the Gene/Ganay eagle. The Eugene/Ewen saltire is on a "flag" while Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's, and with Fulke's from Fulks of Anjou, and then Genes'/Jenne's were first found in Anjou.

Mire's/MIREUX's of Anjou use a myrtle bush while German Bush's share a giant and white fleur-de-lys with Fulke's. Gene's/Ganays were first found in Burgundy with MIRROR-using Primo's, and then Prime's (Lincolnshire with Eggar/Edgar-connectable Eagle's/Hegels) have a giant leg to go with the Hickson eagle legs. Hicks' (Yorkshire with English Bush's) share an Icky variation with Egg-branch Ice's/Ecco's. Hicks are said to be from Hikke de SAUTEby, and then French Sauts/Saults, also first found in Burgundy, share the Crest and Shield of Augers/Eagers.

Why would God use me, if indeed He is, to reveal these bloodlines, except that there's going to be a Showdown against them to the great satisfaction of the murdered Jesus? It will be a Day with millions of pre-planned details known only to God, to make the family of Jesus very happy. God does things perfectly. To all, perfect recompense. Perfect smiles to the Chosen. Perfect singing. Perfect destruction to the herd-hearted, greedy, wayward fools. Our job is to keep far off of their wide road.

The "fata" motto term of Sauts/Saults, and the "Fato" of Cheneys (SALEMAN colors and format), can be for the Fate variation of Feets who share a Pavia Coat, and thus it speaks to the line of SALOME BOETHus descended from the Laevi Gauls of Pavia. Sale's are also Sault-like Sallets, and Salemans (share Sale/Sallet bend) share the eagle of English Bush's who in turn share the black boar with BOOTHs/Boths (Yorkshire with Bush's). See, we are picking the Templars apart like buzzards plucking out the eyes of the dead elves of satan.

German Bush's were first found in Rhineland with Salome's, and Genes'/Jenne's share the Coat of Buttons/Bidens/Budins who in turn share the fesse of Butts/Bute's/BOETs. The latter's Coat is almost the one of Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia.

Cheneys are now said to be first found in Sussex with Kiev-line Keeps, and the Buttons/Bidens/Budins are from Kiev's Budini. Cheneys (Crest similar to the Buttons/Biden/Budin Crest) are in the colors and format of Bush-branch Boasts/Bois' in the "boast" motto term of Nimo's, first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps, and then Cheps/Jeepma's have a giant eagle colors reversed from the ones of Bush's and Salemans.

The Cheney martlets are colors reversed from the same of French Josephs while English Josephs were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins and eagle-using Botters/Bodins. English Josephs, kin of Caplans and Chaplains, have the Charo variation of Claro's in their motto, and they were first found in Ferrara with the Capelli's who own the "chapeau" of Buttons/Bidens/Budins.

Chaplains call their double chevrons, "chevrons," but Josephs (beside English Neals) call the same double chevrons, "chevroNELs," suggesting the Nels/Nellys (share fesse-with-torteaux" of Bents/Bends/Benns) because they share the red roundels (torteaux) in the Arms of Boulogne. The latter uses a swan too, and while English Neals share the Swan/Sion/SINE lion, French Josephs once showed a swan (in Levi-chevron colors). Note how "CHEVronel" can indicate Kiev elements because English Neals have a Coat version of Sine-loving YARborough's, a surname from Yaroslav of Kiev, son and heir of Vladimir. Yarboroughs are also Yearby while Years were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps and Guiscard/Wisharts.

The same red-on-gold torteaux are with Orrs/Ore's while the "Au's suspect in the "au" motto term of Levi's are listed with Aurs/Aures' who in turn seem to share the Ure/Orrey Coat and Crest. Orrs/Ore's have the piles of Guiscards/WIS'/Wisharts in colors reversed. Wise's and Vise's are linkable to Eustace II, count of Boulogne. English Wise's share triple chevrons (different colors) with Levi's, and were first found in Devon with Eustace-branch Stage's/Staggs and Weiss-related Moline's. Note the "leVIS" motto term of Levi's.

While the counts of Hainaut almost had the French Levi Coat, it shares three black chevrons with Mannys/Menys/Mainie's, first found in Masny of Hainaut. Masny-like Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with Minute's/Mynetts, and Manets were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Masse's having a "tree with no LEAVES.".

Guiscards/Wis'/Wisharts have "Adam Wishart de Logie" in their write-up, and while Logie's have two black chevrons as compared to three black chevrons of Levi's, the Loge's and Lochs/DesLOGES' were first found in Burgundy with the Sire's/Sirets suspect in the "desire" motto term of Guiscards/Wis'/Wisharts. Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches, and while the Loches'/Desloges' have triple cinquefoils in the colors of the triple roses of Primo's (Burgundy), the latter use a mirror while Mire's/Mireux's were first found in Anjou.

Fulk V of Anjou became a king of templar Jerusalem, and the Gettes', first found in Anjou, share the Loge Coat. The Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire with the Rose's in the Logie Coat. Nairns use the "chaplet" while the five Chaplet swans are in the colors of the swan that French Josephs once showed.

I trace the Gettes-like Gates' to Podebrady along with the Bradys and Babe's, both of whom share the finger pointing with Logie's, and then the Guiscard/Wis'/Wishart write-up has a Robert Guiscard, son of David of Huntingdonshire, a grandson of king David of Scotland, grandson of Agatha, the woman I see in Podebrady who married an Atheling. I say that this Agatha married George, son of king Andrew I of Hungary who was in Kiev with David's mother, daughter of Agatha, and with Agatha's husband. George above was father to the Drummonds...who named Drymen in Stirlingshire, and essentially share the brown eagle in the Crest of Guiscards/Wisharts (Stirlingshire). David's wife died in Perthshire, where Drummonds were first found who share the triple fesses of Sturs (Hampshire with Josephs) while Sturlings are also Sturlings.

Wikipedia's article on king David has him sitting on a throne between two, intertwined snakes, one green and the other blue, the two colors of the VISconti snake (originally green). The first Visconti ruler of MILAN was Ottone, and Ottone's share the long perchevron of French Chappes' (same place as Mellans) while Scottish Chappes' were first found in the same place as WISharts. Milans/Millens/MELLENTs and Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives' while Mellent was another name of Meulan into which the Leavells married. Milan is the Lombardy capital, and then the Others/Otters, said to be from Lombards, were first found in Huntingdonshire, where king David above got his wife, Maud. His sister was also Maud.

It's interesting that Mauds/Maids (Cheshire with Davids) are also MOLDs while Moldova is beside Kiev. Maud died in Perthshire with the first-known Athels/Athols. The Cheshire Davids almost have the Coat of Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's because Ada of Varangi-like Varenne married the son of king David. Varenne's/Verone's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's. What don't we understand about this? Davids share the Levi lion. Where did the Levi blood come from in the ancestry of king David? Aetolia? Looks like. It looks like the Levites of Aetolia became the Laevi Gauls.

I've told of a dream I had with Miss Peare which had her on a STAGE when I was PULLING her toward me by her WAIST. I told readers that "it FELT so GOOD," and later realized that this was God's pointer to the Goth/Gothelo line, for Felts have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed. This image of the royal Guiscards has a pulley at their feet while Pullys are listed with Pullings! The stage we were on, which was originally my stage that she came to, is a pointer to Eustace II. She was originally on another stage beside me with LOUISE, and Lois' were first found in Artois with Eustace II. Pero's share the double hexagrams of Weis'/Wise's, and Guiscards list Wis'.

I'm repeating this dream because it pointed with her waist to the Wessels/WAISTells because they have a white "horse in full GALLOP" while I rode her white horse in real life, just after Mr. Kepke (her boyfriend) rode it. His father is Ukrainian, and Kiev is the Ukraine capital. I had read that the Zahringers of Baden, who used blue antlers instead of the red ones of Veringers, used the buffalo horn, and I've just found a "buffalo horn", with an antler, in the German Wessel Coat!!! I didn't know until now that it's a buffalo horn. A buffalo head is with German Pole's while Casimir was Polish.

I'm repeating this dream, that had a David Morley character in it, because the David Coat is almost the one of Gallops (Dorset with Chaffs) who in turn have a "be wyse" motto phrase while bees are used by Leafs/Leave's/Leve's. Chaffs share the giant griffin of Battle's, first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's (share jessant symbol of Morleys). The BALT-branch Bolds in the Gallop motto have a giant griffin too, and so Gallops (early in Yorkshire with Gale's and Galleys) look like they descend from the Laevi GAULs. Gallops have the Levi lion in French-Levi / Athel/Athol colors.

It just so happens that Chaff-like Chappes' and Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's who in turn use a "deer." Though I don't see the perchevron of Deers, Chappes' do use and show a "perchevron" upon which there are Morley-like "Moor heads," which recalls that my last weekend spent with Miss Peare, wee went to the home of Jeff Moore. Moor heads are tracable to Methoni elements in Modena. Deerings were from Morinis', first found in Modena. David Morley was on a motor BIKE (in the dream) while Biks/Bikers (Berkshire with Modens/Modeys) share the Deering stag heads. See any Intelligent Design in this dream?

Deer use "A galloping horse" in Crest, you see, and when I rode Peare's horse, it could have been either on a gallop or a TROT, I don't know which, and Trots are also TRUDE's, you see. This dream's final act with Peare pointed to something GOOD, and the David part of the dream was a pointer to AIDS, a bodily malfunction caused by COVID vaccines. It makes sense because justin trudeau has yet to be punished by God for killing many Canadians with his vaccine programs. It's not going to be pretty.

Vaccine problems are caused by the artificial creation of SPIKE proTEINs (read as PROtein too), and while Pero-branch Peare's were kin of Teins, Spike-branch Spice's (Devon with STAGE's/Staggs) are in Trudeau colors and format. Peare worked as a SALESMAN at REITman's CLOTHing when I first met her, and while some COVID vaccines give blood CLOTs, Salemans were first found in Surrey with Trots/Trude's. Clauds/Clots share acorns with German Dere's while Deers are likewise Dere's, and while I say that God portrayed the long convoy to the canadian capital as a spear to trudeau's head, Italian Dere's use "lances." Plus, the Claud/Clot acorns are shared by Dutch Tromps while Trumps/Tromps were Fauci kin. But this is another story, though I await something against trudeau, Trump and Fauci that feels so good.

In the dream's second-last scene, I was on a STAGE alone when Miss Peare visited me there for the last scene with waist pull, and I often represent Masci's in events and dreams. With Maezaei on the Oeneus river, and with mythical Oeneus of Aetolia giving birth to Methoni in Messenia, I'd guess that proto-Maezaei were in Aetolia too. They can be gleaned in OenoMAUS of Grecian Pisa, mythical king of Amazons. Italian Pisa is where Mosca's were first found, and the Moschi mountains, near Mus of Lake Van, were at the original land of Amazons = Meshech. Amazons then moved to Mysia.

The Stage's/Staggs put "a cross PATEE between antlers", and while Masci-branch Messina's have a patee cross, Messina has a Patti location. Pattys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire with eagle-loving Eggs/Edge's and Hagel-connectable, Masci-loving Wings/Winks. Messina's share the patee crosses of Peks, and the Pincum location of Panico's and Pincs was at the mouth of the Pek river in Mysia-related Moesia.

This map shows the Picensii Illyrians/Moesians centered on the Pek (not marked), and beside the MARGus river that is fed by the Moschius river. My Masci-line mother was born and raised in Picenze, and the PECHENegs had an empire centered at the Kiev area. Margys (Ayrshire with Pickens/Pike's) are listed with Macey-like Mackeys, and Mackesys are listed with Margesons (Sussex with Keeps). King David's mother was Margaret.

Wikipedia: "...the Pechenegs were referred to as Pizenaci, Bisseni or Bessi". Meschins ruled the Bessin, very traceable to the Bassianus' of Emesa. The Galatian line of Quadratilla Bassus is to the Quade's sharing the Coat of Irish Mackays. Meschins then ruled Cheshire, where Davids and Bessins were first found.

It is said that the Bessi people of Thrace's Hebros/Maritsa river were priests of the Satrae Thracians, and they must have named the Satyrs, mythical goats. Mythical Marsyas was a goat, and then Massyas, beside Emesa, was also, Marsyas. Picenze is in the land of the Marsi.

Note that Carrick-connectable, Maritsa-like Marits nearly have the French Levi Coat while French Merits have the Israel/Ishmaelli Coat. MARJory/Margaret Carrick, mother of Templar-supporting Scottish kings (after the time of king David), may have named the Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire with Carricks). But was she named after the Atheling line of Margaret, David's mother? English Kerricks were first found in Cheshire with Welsh Davids.

The bottom half of the Italian David Coat almost has the Merit / Israel/Ishmaelli Coat, and the top half shares the Orange Coat (giant HUNTING horn) while Ada of Varenne was wife of Henry HUNTINGdon, son of king David.

While English Rings are Orange-like Rangs, Irish Rings/Cranns almost have the Coat of Huntingdonshire's Others/Otters.

The "wlad" motto term of English Josephs can be for the Vlads/Flattens, suspect from king Vladimir of Kiev, who share the Chep/Jeepma hexagram. CHEPstow is in Monmouthshire with Mago, and "mago" is another motto term of English Josephs. Magyars were beside the Varangians of Kiev. Majors/Magors (look like Annas kin) were first found in the Channel Island with the Poindexters who in turn share the lone star of Shoe's who in turn have variations like the Scauts of Sauts/Saults. English Sauts/Salts, first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons, have that star in colors reversed. Hicks are said to be from Sautebys.

German Sauts/Sutters and Scottish Michaelsons are in the colors and format of Scottish Michaels, and the latter were first found in Surrey with same-colored Salemans and Salmons! Michaelsons were first found in ANGUS with Suits/Sutters! English Sauts/Salts have a "BROKEN chevron" while Broke's/Brocks were first found in Essex with the Brooks sharing the scallops of English Michaels (Surrey). German Michaels share the CHEP/Jeepma hexagram, and Surrey is near the first-known Capes'. Chappes' are also Cheaps. Broc is in Angers, and Angus' share the Annas star.

The Book of Enoch (I don't think it's Inspired) tells that the black boar was a symbol of Edom, and that's the symbol of Bush's and Booths/Boths. Salome of Boethus was a Herod, and Herods are known Edomites. Then, while the last update was on Edomite-liner Time's/Timms, and on an island of Sapienza within the Oeneus-related Oinousses islands, I've just found the "OpTIMA sapientia" motto phrase of Salmons!!! I treated a few sapien-like motto terms in the last update, but missed this one from Salmons. Scottish Anders/Andrews, with a Moor head, have a "sapientia" motto term. The Arms of Morano have Moor heads, and Morano's were first found in Modena.

Bush's and English Bushers can be from "BOZRah, the Edomite capital of Esau. Boys/BOETs/Boeddu's share the bull on blue with Bosers, and Boeddu-branch Beautys/Bowds were first found in Dorset with Bushers. Scottish Bois'/Boasts are in Saleman colors and format.

We saw Kiev-like Cheevers/Cheves' with goats, and so we can tend to prove that this goat is for the namers of Gothelo and/or Goda, along with the goat-headed Templar god, Baphomet. Gothelo's mother, Goda, birthed the first king of Templar Jerusalem. Kiev-line Keeps "weaver's shuttle" while German Weavers/Webbers, with almost the French Temple Coat, have a "Gott" motto term. But there's more because Weavers/Webbers were first found in Saxony with giant-goat KEPke's/Kopke's and giant-goat Weiss', and the kicker is where Weavers/Webbers share the Crest of Weis-branch Wies'. It's a kicker because Weis' are also Wise's while Vise's (Sussex with Keeps) are the ones sharing the black cross between antlers of Eustace's, and Goda above married Eustace, father of the first Templar king of Jerusalem.

For a long time, I haven't had access to Coat descriptions, but I can now say that the Eustace cross is called a "cruciFIX" while Fix's/Ficks were first found in Saxony too! The Templar flag is a potent cross, shared by Cross/Croce's (Lincolnshire with Eagle's/Hegels) who in turn have a "Cruce" motto term. CRUCifix. This is blasphemous, for templar elements to use the symbol of Jesus as code for their lines from the killers of Jesus. The potent cross was taken off of the crutch symbol...because Crutch's are also Croce-like Crooch's (look like a Crux branch).

Fix's/Ficks (black eagle), in the Walsh motto, share the fleur-de-lys of Artois-liner Arrows/Arras', the latter first found in Staffordshire with the Lawns who are linkable to the Weaver/Webber motto term, "uns." I've said many times that my old friend, Mr. Kepke, broke off with Miss Peare and got engaged to Miss Walsh.

While Casimir of Poland married Maria of Kiev, Polish Casimirs show only an antler BENDwise in the colors of the Keep bend, and Bends/Bents/Benns (Cheshire with English Temple's) are expected from the Pierleoni which Gothelo's son went to assist. English Temple's essentially have the giant CHEP/Jeepma eagle while the latter, sharing the Goth/Gothel hexagram, have it half in the colors of the Weis/Wise hexagrams. The latter use two of them, as do the Pierleoni-like Pero's/Perino's in the same colors. Perino-like Perins were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's share the Keep / Casimir bend because Casimir's mother was Richeza of Lorraine. Perins and Lorraine's share beakless eagles.

"PERsequeris," possibly part-code for Segurs, is a motto term of Eustace's and Stacys. The Seconds in the Levi motto are listed with Segurs, and moreover Seagars were first found in Devon with Eustace- / Stacy-branch Stage's/Staggs.

This part of the discussion goes to the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, you see, where Laevi lived who predated Caiaphas and Annas in that place by about 200-300 years. There was plenty of time for Laevi to make their way to the Israeli theater via the Galatian, Quadratilla BASSus. Why do Keeps have a "GALLEY" ship. Gauls were Gali/Galli to the Romans.

The Uns' in the Weaver/Webber motto are listed with Lunds/LWNs, and they not only share the lion of English and Irish Lawns, but the latter share the Keep bend. Moreover, while English Lawns look like they share the Weaver/Webber stars, Uns'/Lunds/Lwns are in the colors and format of Bassus-like Bash's. The Uns variation can now trace to the Una/Oeneus river because it was home to Maezaei while Julia Bassianus (her father was a pagan high priest of El-Gabal), whom I see descending from the Bassus Galatians (they were high priests of Cybele), was also Julia MAESa. She was born in Syria along not with Seth, father of Annas, the high priest of Israel.

Do we get this: BASford is where Annas-branch Ainsleys were first found along with goat-using Bunnys, and while Basfords/Bashfords share the eagle of Este's, Perins, and Segni's/Segurana's, "Gott SEGNE uns" is the full a Weaver/Webber motto. English Weavers (Cheshire with Temple's) use "esto."

The Bash cross is in the design of the Eustace / Vice cross, and in the colors of the same cross of Moses', the latter first found in Shropshire with Baldwins. Baldwin I, son of Eustace, was the first Templar king of Jerusalem. Bash's describe their Coat with a "a gold cross in BASE," no coincidence because heraldic descriptions rarely use "base" for a symbol in the base of the Shield. Therefore, the heraldic base looks like it's from Bassus' (I've seen one webpage call the latter "Bassianus").

To show that Bash's can be of the Gothelo line, repeat: "Gaudets/Godays/Goders have hunting horns while Horns, in the colors and format of Goat-loving Cheever/Cheves, were first found in Hertfordshire with Bash's." Base's/Bassens have hunting horns in Jewish Levi colors and format. Eustace's call their antlers, "horns." Gaudets are in the motto of Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Hains, and in the colors and format of giant-goat Kepke's/Kopke's. Ains'/Hains share the six pale bars on Mine's/MEANs/Menne's suspect in the "Gaudet tentaMINE" motto phase of Leggs, and Mens' have a "God" motto term, which is like blasphemy when it's code for Goat liners to Baphomet.

Mine's are also Minns, and Minute's/Mynetts (Kent with Louvains/Louvier's) are suspect from Amyntes, Galatian king and ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus. "Mean" is a motto term of Scottish Shaws/SETHs, and so the latter's Sithech ancestry could be from Seth, father of Annas.

We can now return to French Louvier's, expected from La Louviere in the HAINaut's land of Flemings. I had pointed out that the Louvier Chief is in the colors and format of the Crest/Crete Chief, and as Chretiens/Crestiens are in the Levi motto, the Crest/Crete Chief probably has the black-on-white Levi lion. It's the only thing in the Crest/Crete chief, and the only thing in the Louvier Chief is a black-on-white wolf, the colors of the three wolf heads of Quade's, who, I feel sure, are from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of LUPUS Laevillus. Welfs/Lupus' (Cheshire with Hugh Lupus of Varangi-like Avranches) have three wolf heads too.

It's important that French Louvier's and Flamingo's share the checkered Shield that is the Arms of Meulan, and I'll repeat that these checks are in the Chief of Irish Flemings while German Flemings use a giant wolf. Waleran de Laevillus-like Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan. It makes Leavells look like Levi's from Laevi-like Lupus Laevillus. Walerans (Devon with Stage's/Staggs) are in Quade colors and format, and moreover the Beaumonts of Meulan ruled Leicester, where Wode's/Woods were first found who may have been of the Wade or Quoid variation of Quade's. The Cruce's expected in the Eustace "crucifix" have a fat cross in the colors of the similar saltire of English Wade's.

The Crest of German Flemings has "ostRICH plumes" (feathers) while the Gaudet-loving Leggs have "A plume five feathers..." As Rich's/Richess' (beside Osts/HOSTs) are said to have named Riche in Lorraine', it's obvious that they were from Richeza of Lorraine, the line of Keeps. Kepke's/Kopke's are in the colors and format of the giant ostrich of Lois', first found in Artois with Eustace under discussion. The Fix's in the Eustace crucifix share the fleur of Arrows/Arras, from/to the Artois capital. Osts/Hosts are expected in the motto of Shirts (Cheshire with Bents/Bends/Benns) sharing the red roundel with Bents/Bends/Benns and the Arms of Boulogne.

Mr. Bocci Ball

I met Mr. Kepke (my age) at age 11/12, about a year after my mother and I spent a summer in Picenze. I was staying with a man married to Miss Masci, and one day he took me to his BOCCI-ball match, probably in L'Aquila. A few times, I went up to him and asked if we could leave, because, hours into this, I was bored. Each time, he would say, "UN MINUTO, un minuto." But he didn't mean it. It was a long time later when we finally left.

I've told this story a few times because, upon checking the Bocci surname, it was found listed with BROCATo's, so wild because, by that time, I was tracing Minute's/Mynetts to Amyntes, son of high-priest BROGITaris, both kings of Galatia.

This is more important now than ever because L'Aquila is tracing with its eagle to the Achelous river, near ASTAKos, and it just so happens that Bocci's/Brocato's use "wheat STALKS FANNed gold"!!! No Stalk surname comes up, but Staks/Stake's/Stacks must apply! Lookie there. God must have set me up in L'Aquila that day for making this point today. Plus, " acorns with stalks" are with German Dere's while Greens were first found in Kent with Deerings and FANE-branch Fiens/Finis'.

Mr. Bocci Ball (don't remember his name) said "UN minuto," and the Una river is the Oeneus!!! His wife was JOSEPina MASCI, and Maezaei were on the Una/Oeneus river! Mr. Bocci Ball was a metal smith by trade, a ferrari, and this looks like a pointer to Pharisees. English Joseph's have a "charo" motto term, and Charo's/Claro's were first found in Ferrara with Este's while Este's share the Aquila Coat! See how to play this game? It's easier when you know that heraldry was created by lines from the killers of Jesus.

Phreeze's/Freys' were first found in Essex with English Este's and Brocato-like Brocks and Brooks! German Freie's/Freys share the Ferrara lion. And while Josepina was a sister of Leticia, Lettice's were first found in Essex too. Leticia married Mr. Taffo, and Taphians were at Aetolia! Laodice was a common name in Seleucid royalty (from MACedon) that merged with the MACCabee-Herods to royal Cetis. Tafts/Tufts use the "phoenix."

I trace Antipater, father of the first king Herod, to Antipatria, a city off the north side of Macedon, and suspect from king Antipater of Macedon (predated Maccabees proper by more than a century). The latter's son, Cassander, was the ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, where the son of king Herod, Herod Archelaus, got a wife. Cassandra's/Casano's were first found in MODENa, and Modi'in was home to Maccabees proper. Cassandra's/Cassane's were first found in Hampshire with Josephs, and so, yes, Josepina and Leticia together can be pointers to Macedonian Seleucids. As Iotapa was from the Seleucids, perhaps her name was a Farsi version of "Josepina."

So, yes, it appears that Maccabees were from Macedonians, suspect by me from Megiddo of Israel. The end-time anti-Christ, whose end comes with a terrible battle at Megiddo = ArMAGEDDOn, is said by Daniel to be an end-times expression of the Seleucid kings. Dorians of Macedonia are expected from Dor, beside Megiddo, and while Maccabeus'/Maccabees can be expected partly from a bee-using entity such as the Boii of Modena, English Doors share bees with Boys/Bie's, first found in Berwickshire with the Dove's in the Crest of bee-using Leafs/Leave's/LEVE's. The latter were first found in Norfolk with DAGGER-using Comyns/Commings, who were of the DEXARoi of Antipatria.

Antipater's father was likewise Cassander, and this family ruled THESsalonica, also called, SALONica, which may explain the Salome's of the Herods. Wikipedia's article on the Seleucids once told that they were allied to the THESprotians of Epirus (beside Macedonia), and I trace the Epirotes of Epirus to the first Abruzzo capital, Aprutium. The Abruzzo capital is now, L'Aquila, so yes, Seleucid elements may have been to Leticia, Mr. Bocci Ball's sister-in-law.

The Coat of Lettice's (Essex with Este's) is like the one of English Carrs while Irish Carrs share the ESToiles of Balas'/Bailiss'. Alexander Balas was a Seleucid king, making the bocci-ball event look like a pointer to Balas, and Alexanders even share the crescent of estoile-using Motts/MOTTINs, first found in Essex with Lettice's. English Carrs were first found in Lancashire with the Cave's having the Taff fretty in colors reversed, and Leticia is Mrs. Taffo. Carrs can be of Leavells at Cary Castle, beside the Caens sharing the FRETTY Shield of Cave's, and Freddy is Leticia's son.

Balas'/Bailiss' have an ANTELope, traceable to Antalya = Attalia, and just like that we go to Aetolia, home of Taphians. So, yes, it appears that the bocci-ball event was for a variety of pointers now even touching upon the end-time anti-Christ.

While Taphians can be traced well to Daphne at mount HERMON, Balas'/Bailiss' have "ermine spots." Alexander was the brother of king Baliol, and Baliols were a BAILey branch, tending to assure that the line of Alexander Balas is to Balas'/Bailiss'.

Balas-like Bullis/Byllis was a location at the northern end of Epirus, and here we can point out the Bulliard variation of Bullis' because Billiards (Maine) are listed with Billets while English Billets share the Coat of Bellows/Ballots/BELLETs, the latter first found in Cheshire with English Balls while French Balls, sharing "spots" with Balas'/Bailiss', are also Ballards. BELTs (Essex with Lettice's) look connectable to the English Carrs (Lancashire with Bolts and Boltons), and so let's repeat that Irish Carrs (Bailey colors) share the Balas/Bailiss estoiles. English Beltons share the Carr / Belt chevron.

The Wade-like Wheats/Whate's (Norfolk with Leve's) in the Bocci/Brocato description share "ears of wheat" with Scottish Chappes', and while Wheats/Whate's and Josephs use "garbs," they are often called "sheaves" while Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. God must have called me to write these heraldic mysteries because my mother was from Picenze. The lines from Jesus' killers must have been heavy/important there in setting up the Templars.

Piacenza/Placentia, home at least roughly of Ananes Gauls, was founded by general SCIPio (lost war to HANNibal that year) about the time the Galatians were becoming a factor in Anatolia, and Meschins married Skiptons (Yorkshire with Gale's and Galleys). French Galli's and Galleys are suspect from king Gala, father of king Massena, and so I trace them to the Maezaei. Massena and Scipio together captured Caiaphas-like SYPHAX while he was seeking to take Carthage from Hannibal. Carthage had human-sacrifice cults along with Boofima's goat cult, and hence Boofima must have become Baphomet.

King Gala was also Gaia, and while Gala's share the gold rooster with French GAYs, the latter were first found in Savoy with "leaves"-using French Masseys. Leave's/Leve's use the dove.

About five minutes after introducing Mr. Bocci Ball, I looked out my front door to see the first dove/pigeon of the year (haven't even heard one yet). It walked through the ROCKs I finished planting yesterday into a GRAVEL bank off of the driveway (rocks give the gravel stability). I reflected on this where Pigeon-like Pageons are listed with French Page's and Lepage's while English Page's (Devon with Rock-related Rods) use pheons and "doves." French Page's and Payens/Pagans were first found in Dauphine with Galli's and Galleys.

Gravels are listed with Dutch Grave's while French Grave's (Roque/Rock colors) were first found in Languedoc with RODez's, and with Roque's/Rocks and proto-Rockefeller Roquefeuil (married Rodez). English Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Staks/Stacks suspect in the Bocci/Brocato Coat. The gravel bank is a part of the DRIVEway while Drive's/Drove's (Hampshire with Josephs) have the Chives quadrants in colors reversed.

The reason for mentioning Mr. Kepke when introducing Mr. BOCCi Ball is that I had already looked up the BOCHs to find the giant Kepke/Kopke goat. Keeps (Sussex with Saddocks and Boards) love Weavers/Webbers while English Webbers were first found in Somerset with BOOK-using Roets and Borders/BOARDers. I got BORED watching bocci-ball games with adult men, and Boards (ANTELope) share the eight martlets on a border with Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks, a branch of Chaddocks and Chadwicks both of which have the eight-martlet border in the same colors as the one of Boards. The Saddocks share the Levin martlets. German Bore's use pots while Pots and Potters were first found in Hampshire with Josephs (have a Chief in Pot Chief colors and format).

As Minute's/Mynetts use "open helmets", we check other surnames with helmets, or the helmet-using German Helms. From there, we go to the English Helms, using Payens-connectable pheons, and first found in Surrey with Salemans. We then find that English Helms are in Sale/Sallett colors and format while the latter likewise have the pheon. Then, Payens/PAIONs/Pans share "spur rowells" with PANters who in turn have helmets.

The Paioni were to the east of the DRIN river, and while Drains have an ORANGE lion, Dragons/DRAINers (Kent with Minute's/Mynetts) have the three Minute/Mynett helmets in colors reversed. The Pendragons, from the Penestae on the Drin river, have the Sale/Sallett fleur-de-lys in colors reversed, and while Penestae were at Uscana, Oscans were on the Salto river. Dragons are Drainers too, and Drains list Draynes' while the write-up of dragon-using Tile's/Tillys says that the latter took a manor in a Draynes Cornwall, where Pendragons/PenDRAYs were first found.

The Tile/Tilly "BATTLE-axe" now traces well to the Axius river of the Paioni, and of course also to an Axe river in Somerset, near Bath and the first-known Tile's/Tillys of Dorset (beside Drake's), where Chaffs were first found who share the Battle griffin. Battle's were first found in Berwickshire with the Dove's in the Crest of German Tile's/Tillers (Austria with Teals and Scherfs/Schere's). Teals have a Coat version of the Wilkins,the latter first found in Glamorganshire with Welsh Tillers and dragon-using Lewis'. The vertically-split Wilkin Shield is shared by Scherfs/Schere's.

Lewis', Wilkins and Seatons share the green dragon with Baits/BEATHs (Fife with Seaton-branch Side's), and an axe river in Devon ends at Seaton while neighboring Battins/Badens (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's) have more axes. Beets (beside Seatons/Sittens) are excellent for sharing the fat cross of Balas'/Bailiss', first found in Glamorganshire! The Axe river of Somerset is smack near the first-known Bullis'.

German Beths share the Coat of Hooks (Devon with Hazels), both in BELLamy colors and format, and while Seatons/Sittens share the Bellamy Crescents, the latter, looking like kin of HOCKeys and Hazels, were first found in Shropshire with Bait-like Bats.

As Bellamys are said to come from a ruler of Montgomery, Montgomerys (share Paisley anchor), first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Paisleys, probably share the Hook Coat, almost, for a related reason. But Bellamys may not have been Bell elements until they ruled Belleme i.e. might not have been Balas elements by blood.

Potential Bellamy elements seem to be in the write-up of Bohemian-suspect Beams (share Stewart lion and Pike trefoils). Bohemia was founded by Boii, and Boius was a region at the upper Apsus river near Bullis. While the location of Bailleul-En-VIMeu of Baliols and Baileys can be of the Vim variation of Beans, Beams have: "The surname Beam was first found in Normandy where the family was formerly Beaumis, Beaumeys, or Beametz and are from Beaumetz, near Abbeville". Bailleul-En-Vimeu is six miles from Abbeville. Beaumonts/BEAMonts/BELLmonts (share Montgomery fleur) were first found in Dorset with Tile's/Tillys. Italian Boys use the Bullis-like bull, and English Boys/BY's are likely in the motto of Roet-related Gords/GORDANs. Bull-head Beaumonts share the lion of Bohemia, we may assume.

Somerset is where Severs and Roets (and Gordano) were first found; the latter share the boar heads of Spears (and Gords/Gordans) who in turn have "tilting" spears while Tiltons/TILEtone's/Tilts ("wheat BUNCHES") could be a Tile branch, especially as German Tile's/Tillers have the annulets of Severs in colors reversed. The Cherrys in the "bunches of cherries" of Froggits share the Sever annulets, and Bunch's share the fleur of Teals who in turn share the Tile/Tilly dragon. The inclusion of Roets and Spears makes Tiltons/Tilts look like they borrow from the Coat of English Peters (Devon), from Peter Pollock of Rothes castle.

Pendragons show an oPEN helmet in Crest, though it's only Minute's/Mynetts who describe theirs with up-like, "open." Pendragons use "A helmet with the VISOR UP," and Visers/Fisers use fish in the colors of the Ham and MacAbee "salmon." UPtons, with the Chives moline in colors reversed, were first found in Cornwall with Pendragons. Chives' are from the Cavii on the Drin river!!! I don't remember knowing that Pendragons use "viser up," and therefore I'm not familiar with Uptons, especially as relates to Pendragons.

I am taking you to the rulers of Cetis descended partly from Tigranes VI. These rulers put forth CHARAX Proculus, who was in my last update with the CARRICks/Kerricks and Kerricks. The latter use a "galTRAP," and here I find that Uptons have "a war horse with TRAPPings gold". I showed how "proculus" can be in the portcullis gate of Porters/Pawters, first found in Hampshire with the same colors Potters, and with dragon-using Drake's, and it just so happens that Potters are in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers.

The Uptons have a "Semper" motto term while Brocato-connectable Brocks were first found in Essex with Sempers/St. Pierre's. Brock-branch Brocuffs share a "sphinx" with one of the OPENheimers! And Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Pennys/PENES'!!! Beauty. It's proving that "open" is code for Penny liners. These Openheimers have a Coat much like the one of Carricks. The design of the Openheimer eagle is in the Crest of German Hagels. "Semper" is translated by Uptons as "Always," a motto term of Annas-line Ainsleys.

Both Openheimers were first found in Rhineland with Salome's, and the other Openheimers share the three motto terms in the Arms of Rothschild.

The Priestlys, with two symbols of the Abruzzo's/Abreu's, both sharing the lion of Upton-like Hoptons, have a cockaTRICE while Trice's/Trysts were first found in Cornwall with Uptons, and with the Tristans who were part of Arthurian / Pendragon myth. The horse-using Hebrons, with a "tryst" motto term, were first found in Northumberland with Horse's in the war horse with trappings of Uptons. Priestly once showed the same symbol as the Kerrick "caltrop" and "galTRAP," yet Priestlys called it a "grappling hook," according to houseofnames, which later changed it to "grappling IRONs." Grapps/Grape's are also Agrippa-like Gripps.

Priestlys have a "BROKEn spear shaft," and Mr. Bocci Ball of Abruzzo pointed to Bocci's/BROCato's. To show that God perhaps intends to point to English Balls, using a "FIREball", Fire's have a Coat reflective of the Trapp/Trapper Coat, both first found in Austria with German Golds. Uptons have "trappings GOLD," Bocci's/Brocato's have "wheat stalks fanned GOLD," and Brockets/Bockets have a black "stag" "gorged in gold." Golds, sharing the giant Freie/Frey lion, were first found in Suffolk with Upton-like Hoptons while Hoppers/Happers were first found in Wiltshire with Freys/Frys.

Hoptons are also HOBtons, first found in Suffolk with TIGRanes-like Tigers, while the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs should be code for the tiger-using Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire with Arthurs). This is pointing to OPgalli, Galatian wife of Tigranes VI, for Hope's were first found in Shropshire with Hobbs'/Hopps' (share eagle of neighboring Temple's). I never would have guessed that Hobbs/Hopps have a "tiger," but it comes with a "broken spear" while Hope's use a "broken globe."

Recall the Gallops (same place as Chaffs) from Miss Peare's waist scene, for they are said to be named after a Gall-Hope merger, suggesting, OpGALLi, if correct. Peare's are expected as kin of Laevi GAULs with a branch transitioning into Galatians. Miss Peare worked at REITman's clothing when I first met her, and PIERleoni Jews were in Rome, where RITa's were first found who share the giant lion of French Gauls/Gaulets.

The Hope's named Hope in DERBYshire, and Derbyshire is where Langford-branch Longfords were first found while Langfords, sharing the Trot/TRUDE Coat, were first found in Bedfordshire with TRUDeau-beloved Deer who in turn have a "galloping horse" in Crest. Trudeau's were first found in the same place as Chappes' who in turn have a "perchevron in BASE." Amyntes, ancestor to BASSus', conquered DERBE.

I trace something in Derbe to the naming of Derbyshire because it's where HOPE's were once said to be first found who named Hope there, but also where Brogit-like Froggits were first found.

By the way, the apostle Paul was of Tarsus, near Cetis, and he went to the Gentiles of Anatolia and beyond during the time of Tigranes and Opgalli. As we all know, he with Jesus established a church in Galatia. But we hear of nothing in Armenia or Cilicia.

I've suggested that Ardiaei Illyrians, when they disappeared from Illyria about the time of royal Galatians under discussion, appeared in the naming of ARTEMidoros, son and heir of Amyntes. Artems/AITons and Levi-beloved Aids were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs, you see, and Eitons were first found in Shropshire with Hope's. Aids were kin of Welsh Davids (Cheshire with English BALLs), and Eitons almost have the Welsh David Coat.

The dragon in the Eiton Crest is in the design of the one in the Crest of Scottish Mans/MENTs ("ardua"), and then while Amyntes-like "manet" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, it's just BOCCI-BALL amazing that Mans/Ments are in the colors and format of Minute-related Dragons/Drainers!!! Malcolm III was father of king David, and "ardua" is shared between Mans/Ments and Malcolms/Columns. Manets were first found in Savoy with Leave-loving French Masseys while English Masseys share the quadrants of German Mans/Manners.

English Maine's, using the "dart," were first found in Devon with Darts/DARDs, from the MONunius DARDanians (could have named HasMONeans, see last update for that idea) who married royal Ardiaei. German Mainers/Mains/Meinecke's share the giant Manet eagle, probably the black eagle of L'Aquila, but they also share the double fesses of Sleeps, important, for while God showed us that Sleeps are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians at the southern end of Ardiaei domains, the Selepitanoi are beside the Abreu-like Abri on this map. I've been telling for years that Darts/Dards have one of the ermined fesses of Sleeps.

King Arthur was given a round-table symbol because Table's share blue roundels (Herod-like hurts) with Irish Arthurs, and then Rounds, in Pendragon format and colors reversed from them, have a "sleeping lion"...probably the "couchant" lion of Tints. Rundels/Roundels, first found in Kent with Sleeps, share the Alan Coat almost, expected as a version of the Hicks Coat, because they are from the marriage of Alice of Saluzzo to FitzAlans of Arundel. Alice was the daughter of Luis of CEVA, and Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila.

It was with Miss Hicks that the Sleep link to Selepitanoi was made, and Hicksons have black eagle legs highly trackable to L'Aquila. Recall those grappling HOOKs of Priestlys (Yorkshire with Hicks), for Hicks-branch Hooks were first found in Devon with Chives-related Hykes'/Hake's, and with the Tristans having pheons for a trace to the Penestae / Paeoni. The other Tristans, sharing the VISE stag head, were first found in Cornwall with "VISor-up" Pendragons and Uptons (Chives moline in colors reversed).

"Le Morte d'Arthur" might even be code for the Lee variation of Leghs/Leigh's/Leys, for they were first found in Cheshire, beside LIEGHtons/Leytons (Shropshire, with Sleap) while Hicks are said to have been at Low Leighton (Essex with Rounds and Aquila-connectable Este's).

The descriptive "OPen" term of Minute's/Mynetts can be a double-code, one for Pendragon elements, and the other for the same as the "up" in "VISor up" of Pendragons. Vise's share a black stag with Brockets/Bockets, and Brocks have a lion holding a dart. The Brocket/Bocket stag is lodged, but not called such, as others call their stags when lying down. Lodge's/Loge's were first found in Suffolk with Tigers and Hoptons, and Mr. Bocci Ball is pointing to Galatians. I see OPgalli in the "OPtem" motto term of TIGRanes-like Teague's/Teegers. Opgalli was a Galatian thought by some to be Jewish. Perhaps an Herodian "Jew."

Brocuffs are also PROKOPPS, suspect from Prokopia, wife of emperor Michael I RANGabe, and his surname can be to the ORANge's, but then the ORIONs/Irons of AIRAINES, near ABBEville (Picardy with Cavetts/Cheve's), can be traced to MacAbee's/MacABBE's of Arran. DRAINs have an orange lion. Mythical Orion was from Boethus-like Boeotia, and so the MacAbee salmon look like they are from Salome Boethus, especially as Arran is beside Bute, which was earlier, ROTHESay. The Butts/Bute's/BOETs almost have the PIERRO/Pero Coat.

It appears that "Arran" and "Airaines" was from some Boeotian entity mythicized as "Orion" the hunter, to be lumped in with Artemis the hunter in the boar of Calydon. It was her boar, and the myth had a wild HUNT for this boar, we get it. Plancia Magna, descended from Galatia with Mr. Bocci Ball's un-minuto event, and her mother, were high priestesses of Artemis.

We can add that Rams and Rains/Raines' were first found in Essex too, where also the Motts/Mottins were first found, though they named Motte-Henry near Rennes. Renier/Rainier of Montferrat was near Saluzzo, suspect from the Salyes Ligures, and Reno's/Rhine's can link to the line of Salome Boethus in Rhineland because they share the lozenges of State's (Cheshire with Sales'/Salletts) suspect from the Statielli Ligures of the Savona theater. And the Savena flows at Bologna along with the Reno. The Statielli could have been in Ceva at the Cevetta river, recalling the Cavetts/Cheve's (Picardy with Airaines). Luis of Ceva married Thomas of Seleucus-like Saluzzo.

The Statielli are said to have been "on the road from Vada Sabatia, near Savona to DERTona (TORTona) and Placentia." Darts/Dards/DERTS, first found in Devon with TORTeaux-using Tristans, Pines, and Tanners! It appears that Dardanians named Dertona. German Tans/Tanners use "pine cones" probably for a Pinnes, king of Ardiaei, and Statielli are said to have been between the TANARo and ORBA rivers. Olba, home in Cetis of the Kennati priests, is thought by a Wikipedia writer to have been, Orba, too. Cetis'/Cetiers use the lily while Lille is in Artois. Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with HOPkins, and so Opgalli seems especially to have been with the Ardiaei removed to Galatia.

Ardiaei were also, Vardaei, and Vardys, with what looks like a boy-king in Crest (though called a "man's head"), were barons of La Ferte, suspect with Ferte-Mace of Maccabee-line Maceys. Ferte-Mace is off the Orion-like Orne river flowing lower into the Bessin, and Orne's/Horns are in Lily colors and format. I showed how Orions/Irons link to MacAbee's. The father of mythical Orion was at TANAGRa (Boiotia), the line, I think, to TANKERville's, who named TANERdevilla. Some say that Boii named the Bessin's Baiocasses. The line of Amyntes became the royal Bassus' of Cetis.

Vardys (share Fier/Fear moline) can be traced to Albania's Fier country with the Fiers/Fears, Daggers/Dackers, and Fare's (Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Vardys). We are near the Penestae capital here, and therefore near the DRIN. Drains share the rare, ORANge-colored lion, and the Chief, of Blacks (Lincolnshire with Tankerville's), and then Orange's, with a giant hunting HORN in the colors and format of the giant FRET of Vardy-like Verdens/Verdons, were first found in Buckinghamshire with Orange's.

The Verden-like Wardens (PEAR for a potential trace to Laevi Gauls) were first found in neighboring Hertfordshire with Brockets/Bockets. Pear(e)s were first found in Oxfordshire with the Pistol-loving Hopkins while Hope's/Hopers were first found in Shropshire with Pistols (and early Sleeps). Warrens (Suffolk with Hoptons and Tigers) share the English a Ward Shield, and Irish Wards were first found in Galway with "OPtem"-using Teague's/Teegers. Arthurs, suspect with the Hobs/Haps in their motto, were given the ROUND table, and while Rounds love Sleeps, Hoptons have a "lion surROUNDed by crosses."

BY THE WAY, Pistols, in Leven colors and format, were first found in Shropshire with the LEVens and HOPE's/Hopers! Levens share the Tease/Tyes and Annas star, and Tease's are from the river of the Laevi GAULs. Plus, the Annas Coat is almost the one of WIGGONs (Cambridgeshire with Annas' and Capone's), who likewise share the Leven stars, while Hanna's were first found in WIGTON of GALLoway. The Wigtons share the star of Capone's, yet it's also the star on the Chives moline, and Chivasso is not far from the Tessin river of the Laevi Gauls.

Watch this: Wigtons use a border while Borders were first found in Somerset with Ducks/Dax's who in turn share the other set of Tease/Tyes stars, and then Tax's/Dax's/Dacks share the swords-in-saltire with Borders, in the colors of the saltire-with-LEAVES of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks! The latter describe their Coat with "One [leaf] in the CENTER, and FOUR all aROUND." It just so happens that Centers share the Peare leopard faces while Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia on the Tessin river! And "FOR" is twice in the AINSley motto.

The Meschin-related Travers in the motto of FORE's/Forez's can go to Chives of Tarves, who named Chivasso in the region of the first-known Masci's and Pero's/Perino's, not far from Pavia. Forez is where Capote's/CHAPPUS' were first found sharing the roses of nearby Galleys/Galets who in turn have several Galatia-like variations.

I've read that Galloway was named by the same as named Galway in Ireland, where Teague's/Teegers were first found, thus making them suspect from Opgalli and/or her Galatian family. The Diems in the Teague/Teeger motto are listed with DITTmayers. Ditts/Diots use stripe-less tigers while Hoppens/Hoppers/Happers have a "SubDITus" motto term.

DittMAYERs look like they were named by the Mayers/Majors who not only have a Coat like the Annas Coat, and who not only love Anchors/ANNACKers, but share the red greyhound with LYNX-using Pannys/Penes' while lynx-using Lynch's were first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers. The Tease's/Tyes' are also Tighs, and Teague-branch Ticks were first found in Yorkshire with Tickhill, where Hanna-like Anne's/Hanne's were first found. Julia TYCHE was a Galatian, some making her the daughter of Artemidoros, and giving her the husband of Julius Bassus QUADRATUS. This picture is Opgalli central.

The Wards sharing the checkered Shield of Warrens were first found in Northamptonshire with the Cabbage's in the PLANT/Planque Chief. This looks related to Hamelin de Warenne, son of Geoffrey Plantagenet. Plants/Plantagenets were first found in London, beside Surrey, the latter having been a bastion of the Warenne's who married a son of king David of Scotland. Geoffrey Plantagenet, son of a Jerusalem king, married the daughter of king David's sister.

Seleucids Possibly at Mythical Avalon

I have a long-standing claim that Bute is the mythical Avalon, where Pendragon's son, Arthur, was given a death. I trace "Avalon" to the Velino river at Rieti, and to mont Velino off the Salto river up in Abruzzo. But I also trace "Avalon" to Aulon/Avlona smack where the Atintanes lived who must have named Cornwall's Tintagel, birthplace of this same Arthur.

I'm repeating those things because Bullis, at the Atintanes theater, is suspect in naming, or vice versa, Alexander Balas, king of the Seleucids who named Sardinia, where the first-known Avezzano's were first found. Shirts/SHARDs share the three torteaux of Bullis'/Bullards. Avezzano is a location smack beside mont Velino, making the Seleucids suspect upon the Salto and Turano rivers, both in Sabina, and it just so happens that Seleucus-like Sellicks almost have the Sabine Chief, and Slicks/Sleigh's use owls, as do Teggerts, while Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Tigers. Slicks and Sellicks thus appear linkable to the Seleucid line of Tigranes.

Hopkins, looking like they share the Coat of Baliols, were first found in Shropshire with Harcourts. The Baliol write-up says that Baliols were over a Harcourt fief. As Shirts/Shards were of HARborough's, I see the Shirt/Shard peacock as the HARcourt peacock. The line of Opgalli was merged with Seleucids, you see, and Baliols are suspect from the Balas Seleucids. The Hopkin-beloved Pistols (Shropshire with Hope's/Hopers, beside Shirts/Shards) are in Shirt/Shard format, and in half their colors.

Opgalli was wife to the line of Tigers, first found in Suffolk with the Beacons/Bacons in the "beacon" of German Balli's/Belli's. Baileys share the Moray stars and the boar head of Innis, the latter first found in Moray with Bellys. It seems that we've found more Alexander-Balas liners.

Belly-related Carpenters and Italian Belli's are linkable to the Coat of Sallows (Shropshire with Hope's/Hopers and Arundel-related Alans), a branch of Arundel-related Swallows, from Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luis of Ceva at the Cevetta river. Baileys are said to be from a location in Picardy, where Cavetts/Cheve's were first found. Luis and Alice were both in Piedmont, and Piedmont is where Italian Capra's/Cavrini's/CRAVETTi's were first found. They share the goat of Bunnys while Bunns were first found in Oxfordshire with Baliol-connectable Hopkins.

As the Arms of Boulogne use torteaux, it seems that Boulogne was from a family in Bullis, perhaps a Seleucid family. The Bullis/Bullard torteaux are called "RED coins." Reds/Reeds were first found in Northumberland with Baliols and Baileys, and the latter's Bene kin were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Reeds and SELLers (Seleucids?). Northumberland is also where Greys were first found while Bologna's use greyhounds. I don't have a comment on the Coins/Coens/Cohens at this time because I can't find a pertinent one.

The amazing thing now is that AVEZZANo's, kin of French Champagne's, are the line to/from AVESNes, where ruled a Margaret, wife of Mr. Dampierre of Champagne. The Baliols are said to have ruled a Dampierre entity! Bingo, this tends to prove that Balas'/BAILiss' were from Alexander Balas along with Baliols and Baileys.

Thus, Mr. Bocci BALL of the L'Aquila area, some 50 miles from the Salto, can be pointing the Alexander BALAS, can we see God's wisdom and power in this? The "un-minuto" event is pointing to the line of the anti-Christ, and this event came with me, who was destined to write a book on anti-Christ prophecy and tribulation preparation.

I am dumb-founded at how evil pastors are all across the world for not cautioning their sheep to store tribulation needs, even when the wave of Christian persecution can be seen rolling in. I would not have called them evil five or ten years ago for this ignorance, but by this time, they seem evil enough to me to be more concerned with food on their own tables than for the starvation possibilities of their sheep. My reasoning is that pastors don't want to see church dollars decline as members spend their savings instead on stocking up.

In the meantime, evil globalists are busier, and more committed than pastors, in their task of making it impossible for anyone to stock up. I'm getting the impression that many pastors desire to be honored by globalists leaders and their local-political puppets. The shame of pastors in this neglect looks like the engine of great apostasy, the unprepared foolish virgins who sleep and not wake up until it's too late.

Italian Balli's share the double Sleep / Ness fesses. Repeat from when Mr. Bocci Ball took us to Manets: "German Mainers/Mains/Meinecke's share the giant Manet eagle, probably the black eagle of L'Aquila, but they also share the double fesses of Sleeps,..." The Ness'/Nice's can be traced with Parr-related FurNESS' to Pharnaces I and Nysa of the Pontus, descendants from Seleucids, and beside Tigranes and Opgalli. Pharnaces "was the son of King Mithridates III of Pontus and his wife Laodice, whom he succeeded on the throne." Mithridates' mother was Laodice, daughter of the Seleucid king, Antiochus II.

Daniel 8 and 11 tells that Seleucids would evolve into the Roman beast, and here we see the Roman beast in the environs of Israel, for Tigranes and others of that region were client kings of the Roman emperors starting with Julius and Augustus Caesar. And I've shown how the Galatians to Plancia Magna go to Tertulla, mother-in-law of Vespasia Polla, mother of three emperors, the 4th, 5th and 6th heads of the Revelation beast. Julia Polla was a Galatian, daughter of Julia Tyche.

Revelation 17 implies that the 7th head is a minor player, and that the end-time anti-Christ, the 8th head, would belong to the seven in some way. When and if I identify the anti-Christ, I may be able to show how he's from a Seleucid line.

As Mr. Bocci Ball can point to English Balls, who have a "fireball," we can take this to Fire's/FURs for the makings of FURness'. The latter have "a black SEATed", as do Chaffins, and while Seats/Seates' were first found in Lancashire with Parrs and Furness', they have a Cetis-like Cedes variation.

The black seated dog. Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's who in turn have a "par" motto term. The double fesses of Parrs are in the colors of the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'. The latter's double fesses are in the Arms of Ille-et-Vilaine while Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Levins, and the Levins apply the martlets of Saddocks to their Chief while Saddock-branch Chaddocks / Chadwicks had Lancashire elements.

I think it's really amazing that while bocci ball is called "lawn bowling" in North America, Bowlings share the Coat of Sadducee-like Saddocks! Bowlings, Bole's and Bolingbroke's were first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks to go with the BLACK, seated dog. Plus, Bowles' and Bole's share the black boar with Rollo's, and lawn bowling involves rolling balls to a target. The target in lawn bowling is a "jack," and I trace Jacks to Ajax, the god of the Kennati priests of Cetis! Bowles' even share the scallops of Jack-branch Joke's!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe it.

Bowlings were first found partly in Yorkshire with English Jacks, Bush's, and with the Calvarys sharing the Bowling Coat but with owls instead of the Saddocks / Levin martlets. The Owls/Howls are beloved by Teggerts, and first found in Suffolk with Tigers. Bowles' look like English Bush kin, as do Bowels/Boswells. The latter share white cinquefoils with Bus', and the latter's are in both colors of the same of Dogs/Doags.

OH WOWZERS!!!!!!! Belgian Bole's/Bollers have "three wheat stalks", as do Bocci's/Brocato's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's no denying that God arranged for me to go to the bocci-ball match! German Bole's use "comPASSes" while "passe par" is a Rollo motto phrase.

Lincolnshire is also where Aquila-like Cheile's were first found. If we ignore their two bendlets, they have only a bend showing, as does the Coat of Belgian Furness' in the same colors. The Cheile's share the Coat of Belgian Gone's/Guenets (share Gaunt bend), probably from Belgium's Ghent/Gaunt.

Back to the Atintanes of the Bullis area, for Tints were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's. Atintanes were on the Aous river while Os'/Oz' share white bull heads with Bulls/Bule's, and moreover the Osts/Hosts (Somerset too) have the Bull/Bule head too while the Shirts/Shards (share Tiss/Teese chevron), sharing the red roundels of Bullis', have a "HOSTis" motto term.

Avalon was home to mythical Morgan le Fay, and while Glamorgan was earlier, Morgannwg, Glamorganshire is where Ballas'/Bailiss' were first found. Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with the Tiss'/Teese's expected in the "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards. So, yes, SELEUCids through Sardinia were apparently in Avalon, especially as Lise's'/Liss' almost have the Sarde Coat. Sarde's were first found in Provence with the Durance river of the SALYES LIGures. SALES'/Salletts were first found in the same place with Shirts/Shards and Lighs/Leghs. Lise's were from Lissus of the Cavii, and Leggers/Salingers/Sellingers/Ledgers share the Cave Shield.

Alexanders, sharing the crescents of Deaths/Darths and L'Aquila-connectable Motts/Mottins/MORTs, were first found beside Arran and Bute, and the myth, "Le MORTE d'Arthur," is where his death on Avalon was invented / established.

The "paratus" motto term of Uptons is at least similar to a motto term once shown by Wikipedia for the Arms of Rieti i.e. at the Salto river. Pendragons, with a chevron in Upton colors, have the Sales/Sallett fleur in colors reversed. The Arms of Rieti shows fish, which might be salmon as code for Salemans and same-colored Salmons. The emperors of Rieti descended from Tertulla, wife of Flavius Petro, father of Flavius Sabinus, and Tertullus of Perga was husband to Plancia Magna, a Herod-Maccabee whose father, Plancius, was from Galatians. Plancia Magna descended from Alexander and Tigranes Maccabee.

"Magna" is a motto term of lizard-using English Walkers, and LIZARTs are listed with the Sarde's above. The same Walkers use "HONESta" while Hones', first found in Hampshire with Lizart-connectable Lise's/Liss', share the double fesses of Honeys and Parrs.

"MAGNum in PARvo" is the Little motto, and Little's with Liddle's (Roxburghshire with Walker-like Walch's/Walsh's) can be from Lydians at SARDis. Liddle's share the spur with Walks/Wachs, the latter near a location in the Little write-up. Leto/Latona was the mother of Artemis, the goddess of Plancia Magna. Artemis had an essenes bee/honey cult at Ephesus, and Honeys use the bee. Plancia is to the Plants/Planque's who in turn use "cabbages" while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Ladys/Laudymans sharing the annulets of English Walkers.

Artemis was the twin of Apollo, and the latter was given nine, female Muses, the number of witches on Avalon, where Morgan was the chief witch. Apollonia is beside Aulon/AVLONa, near Bullis (lower-left of this map). Again, Bullis-like Balas' were first found at Morgannwg. The Dassaretae shown to the north side of Bullis were otherwise the Dexaroi. Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with a Liddel location, beside Letters.

Plancius-like English Planks were first found in Wiltshire with Phreeze-branch Freys while German Planks share the giant lion of Freie's/Freys. English Planks have a lion in the colors of the near-same lion of Cabbage's. The reason that Geoffrey Plantagenet is suspect from Plancia Magna is that her husband, Tertullus, is the name of a legendary/mythical Tertullus, ancestor of the Fulks who birthed this Geoffrey.

The Plank- and Planque-connectable Cabbage's have the Levi lion in colors reversed likely because they have one of the Levi chevrons. Cabbage's share the Sales/Sallett fleur-de-lys.

Fulke's were first found in Norfolk with Fulk-like Flecks/Flags while Flys, of a Flavius or Flagi location, were definitely from the Flavians of Rieti. This makes me think that Tertulla of Rieti was related to Tertullus of Perga. The latter was related to a Mr. Simplex, and "Simplex" is a motto term of Perga-like Perkins who share the Levi lion. Apollo's/Apollonio's/Polloni's share the "green tree" with Panico's of Bologna, and Bologna's look like Fulke and Belgian Fleck kin.

This picture can trace a Bullis family to the naming of Bologna, especially as we see a Boius region on the river of the Dexaroi, for Boii were in Bologna. Boius is on a lake Lychnidus that is the source of the Drin (Drilon) river to which I trace proto-Maccabees, and Boii also conquered Modena about 50 years before Hasmoneans are first known at Modi'in.

One clarification on why Panico's are expected as kin of Greens is that Greenwich's (Kent with Greens) share the Coat of Odins (Yorkshire with Bruce's/BRUISE's, and Panico-branch Pincs and Pings/Pagans), both showing the same crozier while English Crozier's (LIDDESdale of Little's / Liddle's) share the Panico fleur-de-lys. The Greenwich "crozier staff" is said to be "deBRUISEd, and Odins call it just a "gold staff." Staffs/Staffords were first found in Staffordshire with English Lane's/Lawns, while French Croziers, looking like kin of Lano's/Lane's from Bruce-line Brescia/Brixia, were first found in Auvergne with Bullis-connectable Bouillons ("bello" motto term). De-Bouillon's father is the line to/from Staggs/Stage's (share Belly chevron) while Greens show nothing but "gold stags." English Crozier's: "A stag's head." While Bouillons have the Bird/Burd flory cross in colors reversed, the Panico's place a "bird" on their green tree.

The Galatians from which priestess, Plancia Magna, descended may have been the Laevi Gauls i.e. from pagan Levites who knew themselves to descend from Jonathan of Laish. This family may have established a long-standing rivalry against the Moses-branch Levites. Laevi Gauls appeared in Italy only about 1,000 years after Jonathan. She and her father are known to have descended from OpGALLi, and so we take the lizard of Magna-trackable Walkers to the French Lise's/Lys', first found in the same place with Levi's.

Read also as, OPgalli, for the Sabines had an Ops/Opis cult. The Greek cult of Apis was a bull-and-bee cult. "Apis" means "bee" to Greeks. It may have named the ColAPIS river near the Boii of Pannonia. It may have named Pisa and the Pisidians. HOPkins, first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's, use PIStols. Poseidon's brother was a bull, even the Moloch bull. Poseidon's other brother, Hades, suspect with the Hatti, may have named the ABYSS (from the Greek, abyssos). The Apsus river at Boius comes to mind.

"Simple" is a motto term of Spree's, first found in Cornwall with UPtons and Trysts. Simple's (same place as Spree-related Speers) share "KEEP tryst" with the motto of horse-head Hebrons, the latter first found in Northumberland with Horse's in the "war horse" of Uptons. Keeps use a "GALLEY," and Keips, with a giant horse, were first found in Nuremberg with the Kopple's who in turn share the Gallus/Gaul rooster. Italian Gallus' share the giant HOPton lion! Kopple's, much like Cabbage variations, are from/to Goplo, the ancestry of Mieszko II, father of Casimir, the line to Keeps, Keips, Kepke's/Kopke's and Keppochs (Yorkshire with horse-head Galleys). The "fus" motto term of Wards can be for Fusie's/Fusils, first found in Dauphine with same-colored French Galleys and rooster-using Galli's.

I've known that Antiochus IV of Commagene, in the quote below, was descended from the Seleucids that the prophet Daniel pits with the end-time anti-Christ, but I don't recall anyone telling that Alexander Maccabee (in the same quote) descended from Seleucids, though I suspected it myself, descending from Alexander Balas, the Seleucid king thought by some to have been a son of an earlier Antiochus VI, the successful invader of Jerusalem whom most know as the one slaughtering a pig in the Jerusalem temple.

After the first five Maccabee brothers were successful enemies of the Seleucids, Alexander Balas entered into an alliance with one of them, Jonathan. While "Balas" evokes Mr. Bocci BALL, Seleucids may have named the Salyes Ligures (DURANce river), in which case they can trace to the Salto and TURANo rivers of Abruzzo. Saluzzo is near Turin.

Jonathan Maccabee He may have been named after the line of Jonathan the pagan priest of Dan. The five brothers lived at Israel's Modi'in, and mythical Oeneus was made the father of Methoni/MODON. Methley-branch Medleys use the Tigranes-like tiger. I'll repeat here that the rooster heads of Jonathans/Jonas' (Pharisee-connectable FREIENwald) are in the design of the rooster heads of Blue's/Gorms, first found in Arran with salmon-using MacAbee's. The latter, along with the Visers/Fisers suspect in the Pendragon helmet, are in Phreeze/Freys colors.

Here's on Alexander, grandson of Tigranes VI and Opgalli:

Tigranes had arranged with king Antiochus IV of Commagene, with whom he was an ally, for the marriage of Alexander [Maccabee] to Antiochus' daughter Julia Iotapa. The betrothal was held in Rome after Tigranes' coronation. After the betrothal, Nero crowned Alexander and Iotapa as Roman client rulers of the small Cilician region of Cetis, which had previously been ruled by Alexander's Seleucid ancestors, then by Archelaus of Cappadocia, and then by Archelaus of Cilicia and Antiochus IV. Alexander and Iotapa ruled Cetis from 58 until at least 72.

"Commagene," like the "Comme je" motto phrase of Wards (same place as Cabbage's and OPenheimer-beloved Spinks) is like "Comminges." The latter is a location in southern France where Herod Antipas was banished while his brother, Herod, married Glaphyra Archelaus of the Cappadocian Archelaus' in the quote above.

Comminges is at TOULouse while Tools share the lion of Drops/Trope's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Comyns/COMMINGs, and with Glaphyra-like Clavers/Cleavers. Drops/Trope's and Cabbage's both have white lions in their Chiefs. Cliffs/Cleave's look like Cleaver kin, and Cliffords, sharing a wyvern dragon (different colors) with Warrens, share the checkered Shields of Wards and Warrens. Ware's have the dragon too, and Warings share the same checks. Cliffords were first found in Herefordshire with Jays possibly in the "je" motto term of Wards.

I didn't plan on coming to Cliffords, and here they share the UPton motto, "Semper PARATus." Irish Pratts (Norfolk with sphinx-using Hips') are from Rieti along with their Fly kin. Fly's are in the translated motto of Drake's who in turn have a giant wyVERN dragon, red like the one of German Dragons, first found in Silesia with sphinx-using Brocuffs! Sempers, same place as Brocks. It's OPENheimers who have a sphinx, and "open helmets" are with Dragon-related Minute's/Mynetts! Mr. Un-Minuto pointed to Bocci'/BROCato's! The latter use wheat, and Wheats/Whate's were first found in Norfolk too while Weights are in Quade/Wade colors and format.

Another giant wyvern is with Tills/Tile's who may have named QuadraTILLa. Quade's are from Quadratilla Bassus, daughter of Quadratus Bassus who in turn married Julia Iotapa above so that he became a ruler of Cetis. Tillers and Tailers share the Cabbage lion. Tailards share the giant patonce cross with Brockets/Bockets, and Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex with Brocks and Brooks. Tailards were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Julians having a similar Coat, and the naming of Julia Iotapa could have been the Julian line.

Mr. Bocci Ball was pointing to Alexander Balas, and here we can add: why might Balas'/Bailiss' have been first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers? French Balls/Ballards share large ermine spots with Balas'/Bailiss'. Tile's/Tills (Dorset with Palins, beside Bullis'/Bullards) are in the colors and format of English Balls who in turn share the giant Balloon/BALIN / PALIN lions.

Patents/Pattens share the vaired Shield of Schole's (Yorkshire, beside Hebrons), and Eschol was a valley in Hebron. Tailards share the Quadratus-like quadrants of L'Aquila-connectable Keele's/Kills, first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois'.

Quadratus was descended from the ATTALid dynasty out of PERGamon, named after king Attalus, and then Aetolia-line Attalia is a dog's walk from PERGa. Plancia Magna in Perga was descended from the same Herod-Maccabee family as Quadratus' wife. He himself descended, long after king Attalus, from king Amyntes of Galatia, suggesting that these royal Galatians of the first century were descended from Attalia and/or Perga. Perkins have the Levi lion. Perkens (not "Perkin") incorporate the Coat of Feathers who in turn have an ANTELope in Crest. Attalia was also ANTALya.

Jonathans, from Jonathan the Levite of Laish (Phoenicia border), could easily have been in Pisidian Attalia with the migration of Poseidon elements out of Phoenicia. Poseidon was god of the sea, likely named after Tyrian sea-farers, the Sea Peoples, and Attalia was mythical Atlas of western Atlantis. Jones' share the giant lion of Atlas'/Atleys. Jonathans/Jonas' show only rooster heads, often symbol for Gall- / Galina-like surnames.

IOtapa may have been named partly after Io, goddess of Argos, home of Danaans, and Laish became, Dan. And then we find that Quadratus, descended from an Attalus character, had a daughter who married LAEVillus.

I now take you to Amyntes, conqueror of Derbe, son of BROGITarus, whose line I expect to Froggits, first found in Derbyshire with the DANE line of Cnuts in turn in HOPE and Fusil/Fusie colors and format. Cnuts share the crescents of Pattons while Tailards have a patonce cross. Meschins of the Bessin were Danish Normans who married TAILLebois', and so, yes, QuadraTILLa may have been named from proto Taillebois' / Talbots / Talls (share bees with Bessins). Might they have been from "AtTALia." I see Quadratilla as the mother of proto-Carricks, and the Cnut crescents are also of the Riders in the Crest of Carrick-branch Craigs.

Froggits have a "bunch of CHERRIES," and the Bunch's have lozenges that they call "diamonds" because Irish Diamonds ("fusils") share their fleur-de-lys. Moreover, Irish Diamonds have a "MISERis" motto term while Misers (Cornwall with Pendragons, their UPton kin, and Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews) use CHERRIES.

Next, we note how the Cherrys (Derbyshire with Cherry-loving Froggits) look like "Cary," for Leavells were at Castle Somerset with the first-known Severs who share the annulets of Cherrys and VITA's. The neighboring Saffers, with a "Vita" motto term, were first found in Devon with English Diamonds, Tailard-connectable Hykes'/Hake's, and early Chives' (share Hykes/Hake quadrants), and then Julia Maesa Bassianus was a wife of Julius AVITus. Vita's, with the German Tile/Tiller annulets in colors reversed, were first found in TARVISium while Chives' were first found in Tarves. Chives' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Carrick-branch Craigs whose motto terms should be for lines from Vibia, daughter of Vibius, and mother of Lupus Laevillus. German Greggs/Graggs share the split Shield of English Lawns sharing part of the Carrick motto. Scottish Greggs almost have the French Levi Coat.

Carrots/Carews, sharing "bien" with the Carrick motto, and having three lions in pale in the colors of the three chevrons in pale of Levi's, share the French Quarre/Carre lion, and these Quarre's/Carre's almost have the Massi/MATTIS (and Fulk) Coat sharing the checkered Shield once used by rulers of Massa-Carrara.

Miser variations are like the Masser variation of French Masseys/Massa's while Massars were first found at Lucca, at Massa-Carrara, near the first-known Moscha's. Carrara's thus look like Carrick elements. This picture looks like it's coming from Julia Maesa, which may have been a surname of her husband. English Masseys and Maceys were first found in Cheshire with Kerricks, and then Carricks/Kerricks use the Meschin-related "talbot."

Julia Maesa Bassianus, daughter of Julius Bassianus, was the sister of an empress, wife of the wicked emperor, CARACalla, who minted coins in Olba, home of the Kennati priest of Cetis, the line to CARRACK-related Kennedys (Tipperary) who share the helmet with Pendragons (Cornwall with Tippers who share dolphin with Scottish Kennedys), and a blue sleeve with Tippers. Quadratilla was mother of CHARAX Proculus.

Marjory Carrick married a Bruce of Annandale, and Annandale's look like Jardin kin. Brossets/Brusetts share the Bruce lion and the Masci fleur-de-lys. As Bruce's were anciently Brusi's, I trace them to the "Abrussi" of Abruzzo, and while the line of Justine of Picenum is suspect at Abruzzo's Picenze, Bruce-branch Brice's have two clues to kinship with Justine's. Bruce-branch Brush's were first found in Suffolk with Marjorys/Margree's ("daisies").

Brice's share stars in the two color schemes of Tease's/Tyes', first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas-like Ainsleys. To put it another way, Bruce's share the ANNAN(dale) Coat (Tease/Tess saltire in colors reversed) on a gold Shield, and Brice's share the Annas and Adam star. Adams were at Annandale, and English Adams Once said to be first found in Annandale) are in Ainsley colors and format. Adam Kilconquhar was the first husband of Marjory Carrick above.

For tracking the Tease/Tyes stars, we note that SUTHERlands share them while telling that they are the Moray stars in other colors. Brice's use them, and were first found in Moray. The same stars are with Prets in the Moray motto. Prets were first found in Staffordshire with the Arrows in the Coat of Margys/Mackeys (Ayrshire with Carricks and Craigie's). Suits/SUTHERs were first found in Angus with the Deas'/Dais' who share the "daisy" with Marjorys/Margree's (beside Deise's/Diss'), and Angus' share the Annas star too.

Cats and Tigers

It all tends to prove that Carrara was named by the line of Charax Proculus and/or Caracalla (married BASSianus). Lucca's share the cat with Chives', and Luce's were first found in Norfolk with cat-using, Tiller-related CETins/Cattans, and with cat-using Catch's and Keats (three black cats in pale much like Carrot/Carew Coat). Then, the Catti-branch Keith/Keaths, with nearly the Caddy Coat, were first found in East Lothian with BASS'.

Carews are in the write-up of dragon-using Tile's/Tillers as the owner as a Draynes manor in Cornwall, that passed later to "J. Tillie Coryton, Esq." Corytons (Cornwall) share the saltire of both Kilpatricks and English Corys, the latter having a version of the Scottish Kilpatrick Coat. Scottish Corrys (Dumfries with Kilpatricks) share the green dragon with Kilpatricks. I trace the latter to Antipatria near the Penestae line to PenDRAGONs.

Caracalla made his mother's father a ruler in Dalmatia, though I don't know exactly where. Cetins, with even a "lupus" motto term," are not only like "Cetis," but the Tilurius river of Dalmatia was also the Cetina, and so Quadratilla Bassus of Cetis seems to apply to Tillers, for they place black roundels on their lions as Cetins/Cattans place them on their cats. The Cetins/Cattans (Norfolk with Haydens) call their white cats "spotted," as do Haydens (share HADDington cross) with their white "TALbot," and Talbots were first found in Shropshire with the Bellamys sharing the fesse-with-crescents of Tillers, both sharing the crescents of Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian with Keiths/Keaths of HADDINGTONs).

Bellamys have a "SCEPTer in Crest" while emperor SEPTimius Severus was Caracalla's father.

Cetins/Cattens use a "foVEAN" motto term while Veans/Beans belonged to cat-using Clan Chattan. Chattans/Cato's, first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells, and sharing the bend of Italian Botters (Lucca), share the "castle" (different color) with Cetins/Cattans. The latter's castle is said to have "towers," and then "tower" are used by Chatans (not "Chattan"). The latter were first found in Limousin with Levi-beloved Seconds/SEGURs while Seagars, first found in Devon with Severus-linkable Saffers, have another scepter, making the latter look like code for SEPTimius Severus.

Irish Godfreys have a scepter, and English Godfreys share the "Saracen" with Cetins/Cattans. It's possible that "Charax" was a form of "Saraca." English Godfreys have a version of the Meat/Mead coat while Cetins/Cattans have a "METuit" motto term.

The Cetins/Cattans, sharing the black fitchee of Tarves', use a "cat-a-mount." Chives', first found in Tarves (Aberdeenshire with Craigs), do not mention, but show spots on their white "cat-a-mountains." These lions are in the colors of the three lions in pale of Tails/Tailers ("leopard" in Crest), colors reversed from the three cats in pale of Keats. Talbots (share red lion with Mounts) were first found in Shropshire with the Hope's who in turn use "surMOUNTed" in their description. OPenheimers may have been of the Heimers sharing the red fox in the Mount Crest. English Bass' have GREYhounds while Greys have the Talbot Coat in colors reversed.

Repeat from above: "The Diems in the Teague/Teeger motto are listed with DITTmayers. Ditts/Diots use stripe-less tigers while Hoppens/Hoppers/Happers have a "SubDITus" motto term." It's got OPgalli all over it along with the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers. The stripe-less tiger is also with Maybe's in a near-copy of the Cetin/Cattan Coat. The Maybe DRAGON has black roundels linking thereby to the roundels and spots of Tillers and Cetins/Cattans.

But here we can add that Ditts, in Hickson colors and format, were first found in Staffordshire with BASSets and Hicksons while the latter share the Coat of Helds/Helts, first found in Silesia with German Dragons and sphinx-using Brocuffs. Maybe-like Mays share billets (different colors) with French Bassets. English Dragons were kin of Minute's/Mynetts having "open helmets" while OpenHEIMERs have the sphinx too. Open-like Hoppens are listed with Hoppers/Happers. Heimers use foxes while Billet-branch Bellows/Ballots have a fox head. The Ships, using "bellows," were first found in Oxfordshire with Dragon-loving Bee's (May colors) possibly in the MaBEE variation of Maybe's.

The Noe's/Nauds/NEAULts, possibly in the "TREE with NO leaves" of Masseys/Masse's, have a "sailing ship" while Sails/Sale's/Salletts were first found in Cheshire with English Masseys and Ship-beloved Bellows/BALLots...and BALLs too. The Sail/Sale/Sallet Coat is incorporated into the Bee Coat, and Leave's/Leve's use bees and "TREE leaves", belief it or not. As Tree's/Trews were first found in Wiltshire with English Neals, the Neaults look to apply, and so, yes, "tree with NO leaves" looks like part-code for Noe's/Neaults.

English Neals even have a "NOmen" motto term. They were first found in Wiltshire with SALESburys, and with the Hoppens/Hoppers/Happers having a "salus" motto term, belief it, it's true. Salesburys (beside Leavells and Beaumonts) look like kin of Leavell-related Beaumonts.

The "cat" in the Chives Crest is in the design and colors of the giant "leopard" of Mosca's, and the Massi's/MATTIS' apply to Chives' because Chives' share the Mathis moline-with-star, making Massi's/Mattis' (near FLOREnce) trace to Cavii on the Mathis river, and explaining why Masseys use FLEUR-de-LYS, for Cavii at Lissus (near the mouth of the Mathis). Mathis' were not only first found in Burgundy with Messeys, but with Severus-connectable Saffers, and with Saffer-connectable Drays who in turn have beakless "ducks" in Saffer colors and format. Severs were first found in Somerset with Ducks.

Pendragons are also PenDRAYs while English Drays are also Dragon-like Driegh's. English Drays share the gold drops of Darlene's, the latter first found in Devon with English Saffers. The drops of Darlene's fill their Shield, as do the same-colored drops of Cnuts, the latter first found in Derbyshire with the Haddens having a motto, "Suffer." Chanuts, with the Cnut chevron "inVERTed," were first found in Burgundy with Saffers and Save's.

Safe to say, the line of Septimius Severus was to king Cnut of the Dan-like Danes. Cnut-related Hope's were first found in Shropshire (beside Derbyshire) with a Market-DRAYton location, and where the Pattons were once said to be first found who share the triple Cnut crescents. The Patton Crest shares the rising "hawk" with Hobs/Habs, though Pattens call it a "sparrowhawk." Sparrows, sharing the white unicorn head with Cnuts and Heeds, were first found in Norfolk with Heeds and Haydens, yet the Sparrows put this head in a crown as code for the Ceraunii Illyrians, beside the Maezaei whom I trace to the naming of king Massena.

Amazingly, I have inadvertently found the Solo variation of Salome's from the "Solo" motto term of Sparrows. The Sola's/Solneys (in the Hate/Hait motto) were first found in Derbyshire! The beauty here is that the Hope's/Hopers were of Derbyshire while Hob/Hab-like Hoppens/Hoppers/Happers share a "salus" motto term with Sparrows! Sparrs share eagles (different colors) with Hobbs'/Hopps'.

One Sparr surname shares the FERTE eagle, and giant, red one shared by Syphax-like Spike's/Specks, first found in Lancashire with FRETTy-using Cave's and Seats who in turn have a Cetis-like Cedes variation. Spike's/Specks named a location in Devon, where Saffers and Syphax-like Spice's were first found. Spice's are in the colors and format of Trudeau's, first found in Ile-de-France with Syphax-like Chappes' i.e. the Cavii may have named Caiaphas-like Syphax. He was a Numidian ruler (probably of a Massy-like people group to which Massena belonged) captured by SCIPio and Massena, and put under house arrest in Rome, and where Italian Galli's were from. Massena was son of king Gala. Seats/Cedes' share the SKIPP besants.

Plus, Rome, home of the Pierleoni Jews, is where Rieti-line Rita's were first found who share the giant lion of French Gauls/Gaulets (Anjou with Rieti-line Fulks). Rome's Galli's share the rooster (different colors) with German Gauls/Gallus' and French Galli's.

Italian, Capper-like CAPRa's were first found in Piedmont with Massena-branch Masci's. This line named FERTE-Mace, and le-Meschin ruled beside the fretty-using Cave's. Cappers were first found in Lincolnshire with le-Meschin's wife, and with Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels who in turn use plates while Plate's were first found in Essex with Skipps. Le-Meschin's brother, I think it was, married SKIPtons.

Burgundy is near the first-known Galleys/Galets (Dauphine with Chappes-connectable Payens) sharing the Chanut chevron, yet it's the chevron also of "inverted"-like VERETs/Verona's (Payen / Cnut / Hope colors and format), first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' while Galleys/Galets essentially share the Chanut Coat except that they apply the roses of Capote's/CHAPPUS'. The latter use nothing but a Caiaphas-like Chief with roses, and it's the Chief also of Majors/Mayers who in turn share a giant anchor (different colors) with Hops/Hope's/Hoopens/Hopfers.

I think this part of the investigation makes it possible that OpGALLI was named after the French Galli's/Galletti's (Dauphine) rather than the Gauls, but so hard to say for sure since Gauls may have been named from Gala himself. As Galli's/Galletti's share the gold rooster with French Gays (Savoy with Hope-connectable Fore's/Forez's), I trace Galli's and Galleys to king Gala/Gaia of the Numidians, whose descendant, Juba II, married the Archelaus' of Cappadocia, beside Derbe and lake Tatta. Perta was on Tatta while Perts/Petts were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins. Gala's son, Massena, can be to the Massys of TATTon. Tattons share the greyhound with English Galleys (Yorkshire with Meschins of SKIPton, and with Tatton-connectable Tute's).

Haddens share the scimitar in Crest with Ainsleys who in turn share the Bunch fleur-de-lys, and we saw the bunch of cherries from Derbyshire's Froggits. Froggs, first found in Shropshire with the Hope's (Cnut colors and format) who named Hope in Derbyshire, almost have the Fogg and Figg Coats, and while Foggs share the Cnut-Crest unicorn HEAD, in the colors of the unicorn heads of Hayden-branch Heads/Heeds (Norfolk with Haydens), and while Ainsley Earhardt has a daughter, Hayden Proctor, the Figgs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors.

Ainsleys were first found in NOTTINGhamshire, suspect from king Cnut/Canute, explaining the Note/Nott variation of Cnuts. The Head/Heed write-up: "The surname Head was first found in Norfolk, but we must look to Nottinghamshire to find the first listing of the name, Thomas del Heved..." Houseofnames at times confuses readers like that.

The Massi/Mattis and Italian Fulk Chiefs have the Temple eagle, and while English Temple's were first found in Cheshire with Maceys/Mace's, the latter share the triple stars of French Temple's. Fulke's were first found in Norfolk with Luce's and all the cat liners, and while Italian Fulks were first found in FLOREnce, they have a giant fleur-de-lys half in the colors of the Massey fleur.

English Temple's tell of their trace to Templars, and while German Fulks have a pair of giant "black WINGs" in the colors of the Fulk / Temple eagle, yet they are not said to be eagle's wings, though they show as such. It tends to emphasize the Hagel-related Wings/Winks from emperor Valentinian I. Likewise, the black "wings proper" in the Scottish BASS Coat have no bird species attached.

Fulk V of Anjou was a Templar king of Jerusalem. He was father to Geoffrey PLANTagenet, and the Plant-beloved Cabbage's share the Tiller / Tailer lion. The Cabbage's have this lion in their Chief, as do English Bakers (Norfolk with Backers, Flags/Flecks and Fulke's) who in turn share the Flag/Fleck and Meschin scallops. Baker-like Backs, first found in Somerset with Wing-related Hagels, share a giant, black eagle with Temple's, and the lions under discussion are in the colors of the Eagle/Hegel lions.

German Fulks tell of the Shield "BEARING two black wings," and then Bearings are listed with Beckerings while English Beckers have a reflection of the checkered Shield of Italian Fulks. The stag head in canton square of BEARings/Beckerings (Devon with Berrys and Beers, beside Backs) is in the colors and format of the Cetin/Chattan canton square, and then while the latter have the Vean variation of Beans, the Bene variation of Beans is in the Becker motto.

Back to the "bunch of cherries" while Cherrys share the ANNulets of Severs and Vita's. Emperor SEVERus married the Bassianus sister of Julia, wife in turn of Julius AVITus, and Quadratus Bassus was the grandson of Julius Severus of Hasmon-like Akmonia i.e. the HASmonean ancestors of Maccabees are suspect there.

Has of Albania is on the Drin river of the Cavii and Penestae, and while Pendragon birthed king Arthur, Arthurs were first found in Bearing- / Beer-connectable Berwickshire with ARTEMs/Aitons while king ARTEMiDORos was father to this Julius Severus. The Ardiaei were together with the DAORsi at the north side of the Cavii, but the Ardiaei disappeared from there not long before Artemidoros. Can we see how Joseph CAIAPhas can come from a merger of Cavii and Laevi-Gaul elements at/near Akmonia (Phrygia/Galatia).

On this map, Bassianus-like Bassania is between the Cavii and the Mathis river (not marked. BASSANia is shown about the sail of a lily in the wind from Lissus, and English Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with BASINGs/BasingSTOKE's (eagles), which recalls the "stalks" of wheat of Bocci's/BROCato's. Stocks/Stoke's (PemBROKEshire with Parrots) share the Eagle/Hegel lion. Clare's ruled Pembroke, and Scottish Lise's share the chevrons of Clarens/LARINs and Clare's. French Larins (Provence with lily-using Cetis'/Cestiers) share the scallops of Capes' who in turn have the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots.

Armine's are also Balas-beloved Ermine's while French Hermans were first found in Provence too, even with Liss-branch Lizarts, and then Balas' are also Bailiss'. Alexander Balas was an Antioch-based Seleucid, and they named Sulcis ate Sant'Antioco of SARDinia while Lizarts are Sarde's too. Perhaps this Lizart line is partly why the anti-Christ is described as a dragon. SARDis was the Lydian capital on the HERMus river.

German Hermans show a flag (though called a "penon") while Hermons were first found in Norfolk with Flags and Steins. Flys of Flagi were first found in Hampshire with Lise's/Liss'. Penons have eight-pointed stars colors reversed from the same of Dutch Steins. German Steins can be sharing the goat of Capra's/Cabra's, first found in Spain with Penons.

The Insons in the Stock/Stoke motto are also ENSons, and Annas' were also the Ennis' and ARNISS'. If you look south a ways, from Bassania on the map above, you can see "Arnissa" on the Genusus river. Also, look up-river from Bassania to OENeum. On this other map, "Oneum" is near the mouth of the Tilurius river.

Oeneum is in the land of the Taulanti, and, AMAZINGLY, Talants were first found in Cornwall with Ennis/Enys' (and Pendragons)!!! I think this is the first time for making this link, tending to prove that Annas liners were married to a Taulanti family out of the Arnissa river. Talants are in the colors and format of Meats/Meads (married Arthurs of Clapton), feasibly from Meteon not far north of Bassania. Italian Bassins/Basso's share the Coat of Goats/Gothams, first found in Nottinghamshire with BASford, and the latter is where Annas-branch Ainsleys and goat-using Bunnys were first found.

While Medleys (same place as HOPE's) use the tiger while Mead-branch Meadows were first found in Suffolk with Tigers, Talants are also in HOPkin colors and format, suggesting Taulanti links to the line of Opgalli and Tigranes...which married the Bassania-like Bassus'. Talants have "eagle legs" colors reversed from the eagles of Basing(stoke)s and Temple's (Cheshire with Leghs). The Talant eagle legs are in colors reversed with Hicksons, first found in Staffordshire with the Parrot-like Prets in the Meat/Mede motto. Hicks' share the AINSley fleur-de-lys, and we just saw Talants linking to Annas-branch Ennis'.

As Aetolia is suspect from "aetos" = "eagle," note how ATTALia may have named the Taulantii. It makes sense with OENeum in the Taulanti picture, for Oeneus was a mythical king in Aetolia. It begs whether Levite liners were at Oeneum. It can explain how Lissus of the Cavii got Levite liners, for Taulanti were in the midst of the Cavii. Talants are in the colors and format of Trudeau's, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's, Cavii-like Chappes', and Lissus-like Lise'/Lys'.

Talls share the bee with Leave's/Leve's, and the latter share the dove in Crest with Stocks/Stoke's while Dove's were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs, Artems/Aitons and Levi-beloved Aids. Laevi Gauls are suspect with Ardiaei in the family of ARTEMiDOROS, grandson of BROGITarus, and while Doria's married Arduinici (in Oneglia), Doria's (Genova with Bocci's/Brocato's!) have a giant eagle colors reversed from the Talant eagle legs. English Doors use more bees!

Stocks/Stoke's put an "olive branch" into the "beak" of their dove, and English Olive's share the black greyhound head with English Bassins while part-black greyhounds are with Pennys'/Penes' (Northamptonshire with Olive's).

It's interesting that stalk-like Staks/Stake's were first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's using "organ pipes" while Organs share the TenPENNY Coat. However, Tenpenny/Tempanny variations don't all look like they could be from Penny elements, though they do look like they can be from the Teins/Tams/Thames' sharing the Let/Late stars. The Chief-Shield colors of LETs/Late's is in colors reversed with Annas', which is what makes annuLETs suspect as code for Lets. The Letter branch was first found in Westmorland with Levins, and Letter-branch Lauders were first found in Berwickshire. Levens (not "Levin") were first found in Shropshire with Hope's, and share the Annas star.

Tenpennys/TEMpannys could be in the "opTEM" motto term of Teague's/Teegers. We saw Julia Tyche above, and she was the mother of Julius Severus under discussion. Teems use a "blade" while Blade's (share white pheons with Notting(ham)s and Pilate's) were first found in Yorkshire with Ticks and Anne's/Hanne's of Tickhill (near Ainsleys and Annas' of Nottinghamshire). Nottingham-connectable Cnuts were Hope kin. OPtem. Anne's/Hanne's share the stag heads of Poppins of Basingstoke.

Tenpennys/Tempannys use the "lizard" while Lizarts (Provence with same-colored Cetis'/Cestiers) almost have the Coat of English Lise's/Liss'.

Wow, the Wikipedia article on Julius Severus has: "More certainly, he was the son of Gaius Julius Quadratus. He is known to have a brother, Julius AMYNTianus, and he is attested to have married Claudia AQUILLA." It was Mr. Bocci Ball in L'Aquila, with his un-minuto events, who pointed to Amyntes!!! WOW! I don't think I've come across Claudia Aquilla before! Zikers.

One webpage has: "...Claudia Aquillia, the high priestess, descendant of kings, Daughter of the Metropolis, wife of Iulius SEVERus..." It doesn't say what she was a priestess of, maybe lawn bowling. If she was of a Claudius family to Clauds/CLAUSELs, they are in Hope colors and format. Claus' share the Coat of Frane's, the latter first found in Shropshire with Hope's. FRANE's use the border while Borders were first found in Somerset with Friends/FRIENs and SEVERs.

The Clausula river, at the northern boundary of the Cavii. KOPLik is on the Clausula, and Kopple's share the German GALLus/KALIS rooster while Italian Gallus' share the Frame lion, colors reversed from the Frane lion. Trumpets are used by Calles' while Dutch Tromps share the Claud/Clausel acorns.

Was the Claudius family from "Calydon"? The Khaldi were in Armenia and/or the Pontus while I trace Parrs and Furness' to king Pharnaces of the Pontus. Parrs and Furness' share the black border with Claus', Frane's and Montacute's (Somerset with Borders). Why might Montacute's share the Bunch lozenges? Perhaps it's because Bunch's were first found in Perthshire with Claud-like Celts/Cults connectable to PONTIUS Pilate.

Koplik is also Cupionich, like the ancient Caepionis surname very traceable to Capone's. English Capone's share the Chives star while Italian Capone's (probably the Levi lion) were first found in Campania with Aquila's. A QUINTus Caepio as the grandfather of multiple JUNia Caepionis', and Jeune's (Cambridgeshire with Capone's) share the fleur-de-lys of Niss' while queen Nysa was wife to Pharnaces above. Niss' are in the colors and format of Clots/DuCLAUDs, both sharing the QUINT chevron, and then Clauds/Clausels are Clots too. With the Clausula at the Cavii theater, did Cavii name Caepio's?

Amyntes' father was the high priest of Cybele, and Capelli's were first found in Ferrara with Este's sharing the Aquilla Coat. I can trace Capelli's to Cabyle in Thrace (THRAKO) because it was on the Tonzus river while Tous'/Tonso's use "gold buttons" while Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire with DRAKE's) share the Capelli "chapeau" (= a cap). Cap-using Cappers, first found in Ayncourt, are said to descend from "Capella." Drake's share a red wyvern dragon with Cliffords who in turn share the checkered Shield of Ayncourts (Lincolnshire with Aquilla-connectable Keele's/Kills and Cheile's).

As Buttons/Bidens were a Boet branch, perhaps the Boethus house of Sadducees was in the temple to Cybele prior to officiating at the Jerusalem temple. Valentins were first found near Ferrara and Este while emperor Valentinian I was born in CIBALae. He married Justine of Picenum while Mr. Bocci Ball lived in Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila! Lookie there. Mr. Bocci Ball's wife, Miss Masci, was descended from Taddei's while Tattons married Massys while lake Tatta is off the Halys river of the Hatti who were in turn in myth code with Attis/Atys, husband of Cybele. Attis was at times made the sone of Cotys, but Attis was usually made a son of Manes while "manet" is a motto term of L'Aquila.

Drake's (same place as Dragon-connectable Porters) have the Aquilla's and Muscas' in their motto, and Ayncourts are said to have been over a "lordship between MAMTes and Magny..." Muscas' are listed with Mosca's at the Massa-Carrara theater, and Masseys/Masse's were first found in Savoy with Manets. Mannys/Mainie's (share Porter cinquefoil) were first found in HAINaut while Ayncourts are also AINcourts/Ainays. Massi's/MATTIS', first found in Abruzzo with L'Aquila, almost have the Ayncourt Shield, and then Scottish Mathie's are also Magny-like Maghans/Makens/Manns.

While Massi's/Mattis' share the Temple eagle, the latter were first found in Cheshire with Timple's/Temperleys who are in Mathie/Maghan/Mann, Templeton and German Caplan colors. Templetons share the star of Mathis' and Chives'. Timple's/Temperleys look related to the Chaff-branch Chaffins (beside Hampshire), first found in Dorset with Joseph-connectable Ports who in turn are in English CAPLan colors and format.

Mythical Manes is suspect from Mannae of ARMENia (ruled by Tigranes and Opgalli), and while giant-eagle Manets are Manai's too, Armine's were first found in Lincolnshire with Eagle's/Hegels, and with Drain-related Blacks from the Neretva river of the Ardiaei and Daorsi. Plus, Mannys/Mainers share the triple chevrons of Cotys'/Archdeacons, and they are almost the French Levi Coat.

English Mathie's/Matthews have triple chevrons too, colors reversed from the same of Clare's while Claro's/Charo's (Ferrara with Capelli's) are in the motto of CAPLan- / Chaplain-related Josephs motto. This gets better because the triple Mathie chevrons are gold, same as the triple chevrons of Tenarre's/Tennards (could be Denardo branch), first found in Burgundy with Mathis'. If we remove one of the Tennare/Tennard chevrons, we're left with the French Chaplain Coat that shares its double chevrons with English Josephs.

TenNARRE's are in LeNOIR/Neret colors while the Neretva was also the Naro. Lenoirs/Nerets were first found in Brittany with the Dol Alans, and the latter removed to Shropshire, where Ten-like Thens/Tyne's were first found who have TEN bars. TENnarre's come up as "Tenas," and then Tennis' (share Peare leopard faces) were a branch of Tiens/Thames'. Tennis' have a Tennarre-like "temere" motto term. Ignoring the stars in the Tiens/Thames and Peare Coats, they are in Arthur colors and format, and I trace Arthurs to the Ardiaei of the Neretva river.

PERkens look like Peare elements because they almost have the Peare and Tiens/Tames chevron-with-stars. Plus, Perkens incorporate the FEATHer Coat while the martlets of Feets/Fate's (share Pavia Coat) are in the Tiens/Thames Coat. Therefore, Perkins have the Levi lion...we may be confident from a Peare trace to Pierro's of Pavia. However, the Feather antelope reinforces my trace to Perkins to "Perga" (home of PLANCia Magna) not necessarily meaning that Peare's / Pero's/Perichs / Pierro's/Perichs were named from that city. Yet, Pero trace to that city looks even better where Plancia-like German Planks share the Pierre lion. Petty-beloved Needle's, first found in Shropshire with Thens/Tyne's, share the Fetter Coat.

I've shown details on how Plancia Magna and her husband trace to Tertulla of Rieti, and here we can add that while Perkins are Parkings too, Parks share the checkered fesse of Wrights/RITe's, making the latter look like Rieti elements. These checks are even shared by Italian Fulks. Perga is beside ANTALya, and Parkers (Flake colors) have an ANTLer. The Parker Shield is in the colors of the neighboring English Planks. The other English Parkers look like they have the Fleck-connectable Flatts/Fletts (Float branch) in their motto, and Flecks (Fleet kin) were first found in Norfolk with the Fulke's who were a part of the Planque/Plant line from a mythical Tertullus. Flake's probably have the German Fulk wing.

Perkens/Parkinsons were first found in Lancashire with FleetWOODs, and then Woods, first found in Leicestershire with Perkins, share the club with Fleets ("ARM holding a club") and Holdings/Holdens. Fleets were first found in Lincolnshire with ARMys/Armine's, possibly from Tigranes of Armenia.

Tenas-like "Tenax" is a motto term of Rundels/Roundels (almost the Alan Coat) suspect in the "around" term of the description of Peare-connectable Tease's/Tess', for this description also has "green leaves pointing DOWN" while Greens were first found in Kent with Rundels/Roundels, and then Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Arundels, English Wrights/Rite's (leopard faces), Leopards, and Pugh-like Pucks. Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with the Parsons sharing the Tennis LEOpard faces. As Pierleoni were of pope Leo and a Peter character, the leopard elements of Peare's seem to bond Peare's to Pierleoni, and while Pierleoni were first found in Rome with Rita's, Tertulla of Rieti was wife to Peter.

Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars" while Stars were first found in Wiltshire with English Planks. It's beside Castle Cary of Leavells, and while Perkens can be gleaned (by their Coat) as kin of English Carrs, Irish Carrs share gold estoiles and a white chevron with Stars. Irish Carys have variations like those of Kerrys, and the latter were first found in Montgomeryshire with the Pews/Pughs sharing the Perkin Coat.

As Lyds/Lite's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, I'm guessing that German Litts have the fleur-de-lys of Pews/Pugh and Perkins for a related reason, for Little's have a "MAGNum" motto term. The Fleetwoods have a Coat looking related to the one of Wakefields of Liddel, and Wake's were first found in Lincolnshire with Fleets. Walks/Wachs share the Pew / Perkin / Litt fleur-de-lys too, as well as the garb of Wakefields. The tiger-using Ditts are suspect in the Walk/Wach motto. Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks while Irish Kilpatricks share the Pews / Perkin / Levi lion, and point out its "dexter paw" on the "HEAD" of a dragon. Dexters were first found in Leicestershire with Perkins. Fiscs, sharing the Pew motto, were first found in Norfolk with Heads/Heeds and Patricks.

As Pews are listed with Puck-like Pughs, and because Pucks are listed with Buckle-like variations, I checked for a Bew surname, which happens to share the double lions in pale of Jewish Levi's. Planque-beloved Cabbage's/COBBolds (Pew lion in colors reversed), in COPPle/Kopple colors, were first found in Northamptonshire with Cup-branch Cope's (Copp branch), and Bews use "COVERED cups" while Coverts were first found in Sussex with COPPers. Pucks/Puckle's show hands while hand-using Hands are mainly in Cup / Cope / Copp colors and format. Copple's/Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with Keips while Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coppers. Copps were first found in Hampshire with Kopp-linkable Mile's, and with Ghents who are in turn in the colors and format of the Bew cups. Koop-branch Kepke's/Kopke's share the goat of Kidds, first found in Suffolk with Buckle's and CANDLE's. Buckle-using Buncle's are in the colors and format of Sticks in the "candlesticks" of Koops. Copple's/Kopple's are in the colors and format of Candels/Candida's.

Tease's/Tess' (PEERless saltire in colors reversed) were first found in Switzerland with German Caplans, a potential way to trace Caiaphas elements to the Ticino river. French Josephs once showed the Chaplet swan, and Swans/Sions can be trace to Sion of Switzerland. Pavia was also Papia, and Papa's share the swan of Dale's (Yorkshire with Pavers and Pavia-related Feets/Fate's) who might just be in the RunDALE variation of RunDELLs/RunDILLs/Roundels. Dills/Dile's are in the "crocoDILE" of Irish Dene's, a branch of English Dene's (Sussex with Arun) sharing the giant Dill/Dile lion.

Dells share the hand from a cloud of Jewish Arens/Aarons, and Arundels were named after ARUN, a location in Sussex, and then Sussex is where Hams were first found who share the "salmon" of MacAbbe's of ARRAN. Arundels were therefore Alans in a location named by elements in Arran, or Picardy's Airaines and/or Abbeville, and then the Baileys are said to have named a Bailleul-En-VIMeu location, six miles from Abbeville. Vims are listed with the Bene's in the Bailey motto. The Rundell/Roundel sword now looks like the Baliol sword, and while the former use a "RED grip" on their sword, Reeds and "Grip"-using Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Vims/Bene's. Baliols are said to have ruled the fief of DamPIERRE.

The "targe" motto term of Vims/Bene's can be for the Target variation of Tigranes-connectable Teggerts! The target ball in lawn bowling pointed to Ajax.

Leslie's were earls of Rothes while Rothesay was the alternative name of Bute, i.e. beside Arran. Leslie's of Scotland were founded by Bartholomew, and the Apostle, Bartholomew, is the patron saint of Armenia, though I haven't seen any historical proof that he was the apostle to Armenia. He was given a skinned-alive symbol that belonged in myth to Apollo and Marsyas, though it may have origin in the Skin surname, first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. We can't trust anything in Christian history arising from claims by state churches.

I just can't make out exactly where Caplans were in Switzerland, but they share the Chief-Shield colors of Capes' and Parrots. The latter can be of the Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's on the Ticino river's Pavia location.

Mannys/Mainers share the cinquefoils of Potters, in turn in the colors and format of Mynett-related Dragons/Drainers. Pendragons were first found in Cornwall with Cotys'/Archdeacons, though the latter were also first found in Devon with Maine's. Potters were first found in Hampshire with Mens-loving Poppins/Pophams of eagle-using BASINGstoke, and with Buttons/Bidens. Basingstoke's share the Doria / Temple / Massi/Mattis eagle.

These Galatian rulers were intermarried with TECtosagii branch of Galatians, and the TICino/Tessin river of the Laevi Gauls is honored by the LEAVES-using Tease's/Tess'/TECKs (Switzerland with the Ticino canton) while Tease's/Tyes'/TIGHs were first found in Nottinghamshire with Annas-branch Ainsleys.

If TecTOSagii were named after a Tos-like entity, note the Tous'/Tosino's/Tonso's above, for they have a "MAN" and also share the eight-pointed stars of German Teegers (same place as Diems/Dittmayers in the Teague/Teeger motto). It just so happens that while the Tous man wears a "shirt," Shirts/Shards are in the colors and format of Hand-loving Mainards, the latter first found in Suffolk with Tigers.

The Mainard Crest can be the Eustace Crest because Eustace II was in Boulogne while Shirts/Shards (Cheshire with Hands/HANNs and Temple's) share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne. Moreover, Godfreys almost have the Meat/Mead Coat while Meadows ("virTUS") were first found in Suffolk too. The last three surnames all have pelicans while Pellicans were first found in Maine. Suffolk is where Tigers and Teggert-beloved Owls/Howls while Howells share the Pellican tower.

The Howell Coat is in colors reversed with English Thors, first found in Devon with Maine's and their beloved Darts/DERTs, and with a Seaton location. Red roundels are officially torteaux while Dertona is also Tortona. This recalls the Toreatae scythians of lake Maeotis, a fellow tribe of SITTAceni. Seatons are also Sittens, and share a "yet" motto term with Hope's/Hopers. The Panico's, with a "bird" on their tree, were at the SETTa valley near that Savena river, and lake Sevan (also Lychnis) in Armenia had a Sadducee-like Soducena location. Sevan-like Swans are Sions too while Sion is also, Sitten. Plus, Setta-like Seats share the besants of Hope's/Hopers.

Therefore, was Tigranes and Opgalli at Soducena, and did a family there name Sadducees of Israel, since he was descended from Maccabees and Herods of Israel? No, because Sadducees predated him, yet as he may have been from the Sadducees, it can explain why he was appointed the king of Armenia. Armine's (Lincolnshire with Cappers) share the Chief-saltire combination of Annan(dale)s, and the chief priest, Annas/ANANus, was likely a Sadducee. Plus, Bruce's of Annandale are to the Brush's, first found in Suffolk with Tigers. Sevans/Sevens share besants with Hope's. The Au's in the Levi motto are listed with Aurs/Aures' while "aura" is a Sevan/Seven motto term.

Cappers use "bands" on their caps while Bends/Bents/Benns were likely from the Pierleoni Jews. Bands/Baunts/Bans show nothing but "oak LEAVES", making the Pierleoni look like a Levite line. Oak leaves are with Oaks (Somerset with Severs, beside SALISburys) who in turn share "salus" with the

It's interesting that the Seven surname could have developed in honor of SEPTimius SEVERus, and then Septons/Saxons were first found in Lancashire with Seats. The latter use "wings exPANDed," and then while Wings/Winks were first found in Worcestershire with Sevans/Sevens and Valentin-beloved squirrels, Saffins/Savens were first found in Somerset with SEVERs and BORDERs. Panders share "spur rowells" with Panico-branch Payens/Pans/Pagans. Wings/WINKs were once said to be first found in Perthshire with Border-loving Justine's and Bunch's; with Justine's because Cibalae is also VINKovci.

Panico-beloved Birds/Burds (beside Seats) are in Bunch colors and format. The Froggit BUNCH of CHERRIES. Cherrys share the Sever ANNulets. Annulets (different color) are also with Froggs. Caiaphas, son-in-law of Annas. BUNKers share the besants of OPgalli-suspect Hope's/Hopers, the latter once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Froggits and Cherrys, but now first found in Shropshire with Froggs and tiger-using Medleys. The Bunch motto is translated as "Cherish HOPE," we get it.

It seems clear enough here that Hope-beloved Broke's/Brocks -- but also Brocuffs and Brooks -- were from the namers of Brogitarus, wherefore he may have been Opgalli's ancestor. Brogers share the scallops of Mallets (Suffolk with Tigers), and Bruggs look like Chives kin. Brockets/Bockets list Brogetts.

Tigers are now more suspect from "Tigranes," and Froggits from "Brogitarus," because Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Bunkers and Bunkle-beloved Buckle's. Hope's use "A BROKEn globe..." and translate their motto as, "Yet MY hope is unbroken. My's, in the Ainsley motto, were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and Ticino-river Tease's/Tyes', and the latter share the Annas star. Bunkers share the Bone and Bunn lion, and Bunnys were first found in the BROXton area with Ainsleys.

The "Yet" motto term of Hope's and Seatons is suspect with Yate's because they have a "portcullis gate" suspect as code for Charax Proculus. Gates', sharing the Bunker lion, were first found in Devon with a Seaton location. As the "stalks" of Bocci's/Brocato's can be for Staks/Stake's, first found in Gloucestershire with Yate's, it seems that the broken items of Hope's is also for Brocato's.

See how important is the BUNCH of cherries of Brogitarus-suspect Froggits? Froggits tell that a Pavia-connectable "parrot" is "FEEDing" on the bunch of cherries, and Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat. It's got the Laevi all over it. Parrots, with a Chief-Shield colors of CAPES', use pears while Pears were first found in Oxfordshire with Bunny-line Bunns and HOPkins. The Hopkin chevron is colors reversed from the Pear chevron. The Feet/Fate and Pavia martlets are used by Pear-related Tiens'/Thames' (Oxfordshire), and they with Pears share the stars of Lets suspect in annuLETs. The Tiens/Thames Chief even looks related to the Anchor/Annacker Chief.

Annas' father was SETH of Syria, not far from cat-like Cetis, and Seths/Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Bunch's. As Birds/Burds and Bunch's share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, note that Ainsleys of BROXton were first found in BASford with Bunch-like Bunnys. Basfords happen to share the Aquila eagle. Why could it appear here that Bassus' were of Annas-liners? Wasn't Annas of Israel a Levite by blood? Can't we expect him, therefore, from Laevi-branch Galatians?

Galatia-like Galts first found in Perthshire with Seths/Shaws and Bunch's. Galts share the giant bear with Beers, the latter first found in Devon with MULE's, with Walerans, and with BEARings/Beckerings who in turn share the Arms of MEULan. Waleran de Leavell of Castle Cary married Beaumonts of Meulan. English Vaux's share the same checkered Shield while French Vaux's are listed with BELLeveau's while Beaumonts are also BELLmonts. Though in different colors, Vaux's/Belleveau's share three roses on a bend with Carys (Somerset with Castle Cary).

Bash's, first found in Hertfordshire with Brockets/Bockets, and sharing the red martlet with Birds/Birds (share PROCtor Crest), have the cross type of Jaspers whose giant anchor should be for the Anchors, with an Annas-like Annacker variation, who have the Bunch lozenges in colors reversed. Jaspers are suspect in the motto of Cherry-connectable Carrots/Carews (Cornwall with Jaspers and Pendragons).

Brox's are listed with PROCKs/Brocuffs who in turn share the sphinx with OPENheimers while Amyntes, father of Artemidoros, are in the Minute's/Mynetts with "open helmets." Mr. Bocci ball pointed to Brocket-like Bocci's/Brocato's.

Charou's/Carons use Massey-related besants and Massey-connectable fretty. The Jasper scallops are shared with Tailbois' and Garden-branch Jardins (Angus with Gardens/Jardens), expected in the "Garde" motto term of Carricks. The Chief-Shield color combination of Jardins is shared by ARMINE'/Ermine's, first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois', and Opgalli was queen of ARMENia. Gardens/Jardens share the boar head of Ridings/Readings while Riders are in the Craig Crest.

If Jaspers were Gaspers, note that the latter have a GasPARIN variation while they and Perins, both first found in Lorraine, share the same chevron with Dutch Beckers/Bakers who in turn have "poplar LEAVES". While Pero's are Perino's too, Pears are listed with Pearls while Perrels have a giant eagle in Eagle/Hegel colors, and it's the giant eagle of Baker-like Backs (Somerset with Hagels, Piers/Pierce,s, and PERCivals) in colors reversed.

Pavia was also Papia while BASSets almost have the Coat of English Leavells. Poppins/Pophams (Basingstoke) were first found in Hampshire with BASing(stoke)s who in turn have six eagles looking connectable to the six, same-colored fitchees of Tarves'. While Chives' were first found in Tarves, the Basing eagles are in the colors of the one in the Chief of Massi's/Mattis' while Chives' were Mathis kin. Massi's/Mattis' were first found in Tuscany with the Ferrands who in turn share the checkered Shield of Checks/Checkers (Hampshire).

Beckers/Bakers use poplar leaves while "populo" is a motto term of Bassets. This looks like Laevi Gauls with the Bassus > Bassianus bloodline, and we can add that French Bassets show only billets while English Billets were first found in Devon with early Moons. Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Lawns while Perrils were first found in Launay while Launays are also Lawnys (share PERCY lozenges). Launays/Lawnys were first found in LONdon with Parrot-connectable Capes', and then a parrot is used by Pettys, first found in Warwickshire with English Gaspers/GasPERE's. Warwickshire is where Meats/Mede's were first found who could be in the "METuit" motto term of Cetins/Cattans.

Launay is in Brittany with Alans, and French Alans with French Julians, both first found in Languedoc with Pierre's, essentially share the Chief of GasPERINs who in turn share the Pierre lion. It's got Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia all over it. Perrins were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, and Gasperins were first found in Vicenza with squirrel-using Valentins while Squirrels have a "Teins" motto term.

Italian Pavia's have a version of the MOON Coat, and I say Moons are from MONunius I, who lived in time to birth the HasMONeans, suspect out of Akmonia. As I said theoretically that Ardiaei removed to Akmonia, so we find that they married a daughter of Monunius II. Moons were once said to be first found in Devon with Ash's/Esse's and Hazels/Hessels, potentially from the namers of HASmoneans. Aside from their canton square, Cetins/Cattans are in Moon colors and format, and the Cautes' in the Cetin/Cattan motto are listed with Cotta's, first found in Languedoc with Julians, making them suspect from Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar. Moons share the crescent of English Tute's while the "meTUIT" motto term of Cetins/Cattans should be for the Tuits/Tute's (Norfolk with Cetins/Cattans).

Small Horn

Last night, Saturday, I thought to check a Biblical anti-Christ title to see if God arranged heraldically to point to him or his characteristics. There's no Ant surname for checking "anti-Christ," just an Ant river in Norfolk for the Antrim/Antingham surname, and its symbol doesn't make me see anything pertinent. I did note the "Christi" motto term of Bouillons.

[Insert -- After writing far down below, Alexanders were loaded to find the Irish branch "first found in Down and Antrim"! We are going to see hunting HORNs soon along with Small-surname links to Shropshire, where Hunts/Hunters were first found who share the vertically-split and counterchanged Shield of Scottish and Irish AlexANDERs. In a different color, Danish ANDERS' have a vertically-split and counterchanged Shield too, and they apply the wolf of Flynns, first found in Antrim (Ireland)! We've got something going here.

Plus, we read: "the Manor of Antingham was held by Turstin FitzGuy," and then French Guys show nothing but a pale-bar-by buckles in the black color of the pale bar of Russian Alexanders. French Guys were first found in Picardy with Bailleul-En-VIMeu of the Baliols / Baileys. I may as well break it to you here that Bailey elements are all over the discussion after this insert, so amazing.

The VIMs/Bene's were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Petersons below who share the swan in the Crest of English Guys/Guise's, and the latter's Coat is much like the one of Quince's in the "quince" held by the Sforza lion. Sforza's enter the discussion below with Swedish Petersons. End Insert]

Then I thought of Daniel's "small horn" title for the Seleucid anti-Christ, and this clicked very well. Let me show you. Scottish Smalls were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, from Vespasia Polla, mother of three heads of the Revelation dragon. Pollocks use a hunting HORNs. Already, we have a story.

Pollocks share a white hunting horn with the Mullets (Auvergne with Bouillons) in the "mullets" of Swedish Petersons. Then, while I trace Peters to the Peter Pollock, Peters share the swan with Scottish Petersons who in turn have a version of the English Small Coat. I then noted that Petersons were first found in Aberdeenshire with dragon-using Mans, apparently pertinent because: "...and behold, eyes like the eyes of the MAN were on this horn, and a mouth speaking great boasts."

A mouth on a horn, when treated heraldically, can go to AVARAN Maccabee of out of Modi'in, for Haverans have the Horn/Orne Coat in the colors of MacAbee's of Avaran-like Arran. I showed above how MacAbbe elements of Arran can link to a location of Baliols in Picardy. "Avaran" could have modified to "Aurran." Modi'in elements can be to mouth-like Motts/Mottins, you see? I'm wondering how the eyes can be treated heraldically.

Although the Peterson Crest shows as a swan, the description at Hall of Names calls it a pelican. I can explain this, but first, let's add that Pellicans were first found in Man-like Maine with Bullis-connectable Billets/Billiards, and with the French Josephs once showing a swan. Maine's were first found in Devon with English Billets, and so we might ask whether God gave the small horn the big mouth of a MAN for this Maine connection to Byllis-like Billets.

Plus, Horn- and Heron-branch Haverans have a pelican in Crest. Then, Pullys, from Vespasia Polla, use the pelican and the Joseph martlet. Plus, pelican-using Biggars/Giverns were first found in Lanarkshire with swan-using SINE's/Swans in the "sine" motto term of Petersons. Givens (Lanarkshire) have swans, and Givers are listed with Eure's/Ivers who almost have the Coat of Bee's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Govers/Gophers/Gofers.

While Governs look like kin of Swedish Petersons, Governors look like kin of Peterson-connectable Smalls! Giuffre's use a giant, white unicorn in Governor colors, and Govers/Gophers/Gofers (Oxfordshire with Bee's) have a saltire in Governor-cross colors. German Mans share the Bee quadrants, and Bee's incorporate the bend-with-fleur of Seleucid-possible Sales'/Salletts. Goffs/Gough's share the boar of Googe's/Gouch's, but it's also the boar of Skin-branch Schims/Schiens/Chands.

Aberdeenshire is also where Leslie's, Seleucid-possible SELLERs, and Skins/Scans and Schims/Schiens were first found. Skins/Scans have become suspect as a pointer to 666 skin-scanning machines for buyers and SELLERs. Pollocks married Leslie's in order to allow Leslie's to become earls of Rothes. Sellers share the swan in Crest with Petersons and Peters.

This can indicate that Swedish Petersons share the Irish Leslie lion, yet the Peterson lion is in the Coat of Smells having the Scottish Leslie bend in colors reversed, and sharing a buckle on blue with Scottish Leslie's. Plus, Smells share the bend of two Peter surnames as well as the one of Pierre's who in turn share the Swedish Peterson lion. I think these things clinch Smalls with Peter Pollock.

I'll add that Slows, Smalls and Scottish Petersons share the cross of English Merits while French Merits share the Coat of Israels who in turn have an ISHMAELLi variation. Were Smalls and Smells a variation from the latter surname? Will the anti-Christ be from Ishmael? The Small unicorn is said to be "couchant," and the only other surname I know of with a couchant term in its description are the Tints, from the Atintanes at Bullis! With my expectation that Epirus was named by Apiru = Hebrews, might the Ishmaelite Hebrews have been there en-masse? Apiru were in Babylon.

Rothes is beside the Rose's/Ras', and the latter were first found in Nairnshire with the Rats suspect in the "Ratione" motto term of Scottish Smalls. Jewish Rothschilds use roses. Rose's/Ras' are said to have married Bosco's, and while the small horn has a BOASTful MOUTH, Boasts/Bois' are said to be Bosco elements. It works where Busca is beside Saluzzo while Saluzzo branches include the Sallows while the Slows essentially have the English Small Coat. Both Slows and Smalls happen to share the crescent of mouth-like Motts who are in turn said to be from a Mott location near the Dol Alans. I think this is remarkable.

The Rothschilds and Rothschilds can be traced to Scottish and Jewish Pollocks in multiple ways. Jewish Rothchilds share the hexagram of Swedish Petersons.

Some translations of the small-horn prophecy use "human" instead of "man," but my interlinear translates, "man." That is, the horn looked like a man. However, Humans/YeoMANs are in Scottish Man colors and near format, and Humans/Yeomans not only have a broken spear while Spears were first found in the same place with Scottish Smalls, but they also have "spear cronels" for a potential trace to Bullis at the Ceraunii mountains.

For the apparent Purpose at hand, I can see God looking ahead to end-time Bible versions using "human," and then arranging a Human surname from a people out of the Bullis area. I can even trace mythical Coronis to Chora on Patmos, the island upon which John wrote the Revelation. English Crone's share the triple fleur-de-lys of Small-beloved Palms (Yorkshire with Crone's). What are the chances? The small horn is often translated as "little horn," and Little branch Liddle's share the Crone fleur-de-lys too. German Crone's use a giant crane.

The "mural" crown in the English Crone Crest is at times called a "coronal" crown, and now we know why. English Crone's are in Crow colors and format, and mythical Coronis was a crow. I view Skala of Patmos with the naming of Asclepius, Coronis' son with Apollo as the father, and Apollonia is near the Ceraunii mountains. Skala-like Scale's (Crow / Crone colors) were first found in Hertfordshire with same-colored Horns/Orne's!

The small horn also developed eyes, and the crown-using Crauns/Crane's were first found in Sussex with an Eye location. The Eyes' are listed with Eyers/Ayers, first found in Derbyshire with English Smalls featuring a uniCORN with HORN! Eye is at the Norfolk and Suffolk border, and Crows were first found in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Norfolk is where Diss'/Dice's of Disce were first found while Webbers have a "disc," and Webbers were first found in Somerset with eye-using Battins/Badens, beside the Webbs sharing the Diss/Dice eagles. Webbs were first found in Wiltshire with eye-using Stars, and StarLINGs/Starlincks were first found in Suffolk with Eye and Lings. Elon Musk's Starlinks satellite system could be construed as a spy system, eyes in the sky. SATELLite-like Settle's share the lozenges of Stars.

Settle's were first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths who in turn have a "weavers shuttle." Lancashire is also where Obama's ancestry was found, i.e. in the Singletarys who have the Muschat chevrons in colors reversed, yet Singletarys also share the black Musk/Muscat antelope. Should I even be here pointing to Musk?

General Flynn was a military Intelligence man. We saw Flynns from Antrim. Flynns are suspect with the Flan variation of Flints, who are in Star colors and format. The Bathers, first found beside Flintshire, have wolf heads in the colors of the Flynn wolf. As the Arms of Piacenza (Trebia river) has/had a blue-on-white wolf in its Arms, the Flynn Crest is suspect with the Treby Crest while Trabys/Sadowski's have a "scarf" while Scarfs share the Bather Coat (white-on-blue wolf heads).

Another mural crown is with TILTons/Tilts (probably Raggs kin) while CROWhursts have a "tilting spear" under a stripe-less "tiger." Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Eye. Crowhursts look related to Jewish Pollocks. English Weavers, a Webber branch, share the Tilton garbs, which the latter call "wheat bunches." Wheats (antelope) were first found in Norfolk with COMINGs who in turn share Weaver / Tilton garbs as "garbs of wheat." Weavers call them "wheat sheaves." Tiltons/Tilts have a "mural CROWN with a bear's head COMING out of it." The TILurius is near Raggs-like Ragusa.

A CROWNed "human heart" is with Tromp-beloved Acorns. I don't know anyone who boasts as much as Trump. Acorns, first found in Sussex with Trump-connectable Downs/Douns, look like kin of Plains/Platters, first found in Suffolk with an Eye location. The other Platters were first found in Norfolk and Suffolk, and Obama-line Dunhams/DOWNhams/DOUNhams were first found in Norfolk too, even with Rings/Ringsteads. Plates (white roundels) are on the Singletary antelope. The Musk/Muscat antelope is "RINGed gold." They are in the same design as the brown Balas/Bailiss antelope.

Ahh, English Golds were first found in Suffolk with Eye, and German Golds use "hunting horns." Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham. The Balas antelope has a "COLLAR BUCKLED GOLD," and Golds were first found in Suffolk with Buckle-using Starlincks and Buckle's! What could this story be? Is Obama going to win the 2024 election? Collars were first found in Essex with Muschats.

Collars share a crossbow with the "gold crossbow" of Stuteville's who were granted Liddel before it went to Wake's, according to the Liddle write-up. And the amazing thing is, Stuteville's have a saltire, but it's not called such. Instead, it's called a "cross 'x'", I kid you not!!!! It's as though God is pointing to Elon Musk's X!!!!

There's a Dunham-Masci location in Cheshire, of the Masseys, and Ranulph le Meschin of BEAST-line Bessin is said to be behind the English Randolphs (Yorkshire with Wakefields and Meschins of Skipton) sharing the Dunham Coat. They are almost the Wakefield Coat, and Wakefields ruled a castle at Liddel / Lydesdale in Cumberland that was previously owned by Ranulph le Meschin. It can explain why Liddle's and Litts share the Massey fleur-de-lys.

Perhaps the eyes on the small horn represent his spy machines hoping to put a lid on end-time volatility which he himself is married to. Perhaps the small horn will be in a strong alliance with Musk so as to use his spy systems, which include X. Imagine how much money a man can make selling user data to spy agencies all over the world.

Shark-related English Crane's tell of a Crannes location in MAINE. The "staff ragully" of these Crane's can be for the Raggs', first found in Leicestershire with the Staff-related Tonys. RAGUSa (near Ceraunii Illyrians) was home to Saraca's, the line to crane-using Sharks. Tonys can be suspect in the "RaTIONE" motto term of Scottish Smalls, yet it's the motto term also of Teggerts/Targets, a branch of Tigers first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's. The Crane crane is "standing" on the staff, and Stands, a branch of Norfolk's Steins, were first found in Middlesex with Horns/Orne's and PULhams/FULhams; perhaps the latter were of FULbert, father of Peter Pollock. The Herons sharing the Horn/Orne Coat were first found in Northumberland with Stein-branch Stevensons/Stinsons/Stave's/Stove's, and with the Perans/Perrins expected in the Heron and Horn/Orne motto. Perans/Perrins use "fir cones," and giant-unicorn Fire's are also Firs.

In my Sleeping Beauty dream, one of the first in a string upon my 1979 conversion (I don't suggest people view even most of their dreams from God), a shark in a Polla-connectable swimming pool half-SWALLOWED a BULLdog to its BELLY, and Bulls/Bule's share the fessewise annulets of Crauns/Crane's. Swallows were a Sallow branch. Slows were Small kin. I've identified this poor bulldog as representing Trump's woes, but I don't see how he could become an anti-Israel anti-Christ.

French Bois' have "du Bois de la SALLE," and Salemans, in Boast/Bois colors and format, were first found in Surrey with the Michaels who in turn share the mascles of English Peters. These Michaels have a "supero" motto term while these Peters translate their "major" motto term as "Superior." Supers, first found in Devon with Billets and SPURRs, use billets. I've read that Peacocks were a Pollock sept, and this checks out where the Peacock mascles are colors reversed from the Peter mascles. A boastful man is a peacock, and there's a "peacock" in the Crest of Human-branch Yeo's/YeoMANs.

The Cheneys who love the Majors in their motto are in Boast/Bois colors and format, and it just so happens that the Cheney Crest id a "BULL'S scalp". The spur is used by Little-branch Liddle's. The Little saltire is colors reversed from the Super saltire, and while Payens call their hexagrams, "spur rowells," and while Rowells are listed with Rothwells/Roswells, the same hexagrams are with Petersons and Jewish Rothchilds. Liddle's and Litts share the fleur-de-lys of Small-beloved Palms (Yorkshire with Dents). Salmon were first found in Cumberland with a Liddel location.

The Sales-linkable Dents suspect in the motto of Saleman-connectable Cheneys share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild, and with Leslie-connectable Smells. The Arms of Rothschild share the quadrants of Fasts in the "Grip fast" motto of Leslie's, and the Faust fist is with Poindexters, first found in the Channel Islands with Majors.

English Smalls put a black cross on their Slow cross so that the Small cross is in the colors of the Chain cross, and Cheneys were, for years and years until recently, said to be first found in Buckinghamshire with Slows.

French Bois' (Brittany with LeNoirs/Nerets) share the CRESSENTs of the Shows who are in turn, along with "boast," in the Nimo/Newmarsh motto. Slows and Smells share white crescents too. Cressents/Crete's share the Coat of LeNOIRs/Nerets, which is the Israel/Ishmaelli Coat on a blue Shield. Plus, Nero's (Tuscany, beside Rome) list NERETTi's while emperor Nero was the 3rd head of the Revelation dragon.

Between Nero and Vespasian were the three uprooted horns of Daniel, three emperors (Galba, Otho and Vitellius) dethroned in quick succession in 69 AD...which is why the seven heads of Revelation are the 10-minus-three horns of Daniel. That is, it's why the small horn is the 11th horn while he's the 8th head in Revelation. Daniel 7:8 says: "While I was contemplating the horns, suddenly another horn, a little one, came up among them, and three of the first horns were uprooted before it."

Both Slows and Smalls have a unicorn in Crest to boot, and the one of Slows is gold, the color of the unicorn heads of Pierce's in turn in the description of the Scottish Smalls.

Alexander Balas is thought to possibly have been the son of Antiochus IV, and the latter is wrongly thought by most scholars to be in Daniel 11:21-36. It's true that the "kings of the north" previous to Daniel 11:21 are the Seleucids leading right up to Antiochus IV, but it's clear from Daniel 11:31 (the abomination in Jerusalem) that the king of the north starting in verse 21 is the end-time anti-Christ. The text jumps from ancient Seleucids to the end-time anti-Christ without notifying the reader. It seems to be substituting Antiochus IV for the end-time anti-Christ...unless Antiochus IV is in verse 20, in which case the prophecy can lead right up to the threshold of Alexander Balas, and then substitute him with the end-time anti-Christ.

As Wikipedia's article on Clan Pollock tells that the father of Peter Pollock was a vassal of the Dol Alans, the latter moved to Shropshire (where Sallows were first found), and then married Alice of Saluzzo. If Saluzzo was named by Seleucids, then this is amazing, because we got here with English Smalls. The father of Peter Pollock could have been in Shropshire. The six pale bars of Sallows are in colors reversed with the Italian Belli's.

Scottish Smalls use the "dagger" for a trace to Dexaroi at Antipatria, suspect from Antipater of Macedon, and the Seleucids are said to have been Macedonian elements. Daggers/Dackers have a "LOYalte" motto term while Loys are listed with French Louis, and then Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Balas'/Bailiss'! Did we just stab the anti-Christ in the back, like Julius Caesar got it? The bad-mouthed anti-Christ will be suddenly and unexpectedly stabbed in the back with the sword from the mouth of Jesus.

["Loyaulte" is used by Pollets who in turn share the Baliol swords!!! I missed this until Tuesday of the following week. Pollets use their swords "points in pile" while English Pile's were first found in Northumberland with Baliols.]

The Alte's suspect in "loyalte" have one of the two pale bars of German Neckers [Pollet colors] while Glamorganshire's Lewis' (Wales with Bloods/Bluds) have "...a green dragon's head and NECK holding in the MOUTH a bloody hand proper." MOTTs not only share the crescents of English Smalls, but of Scottish Alexanders. This is where I loaded Alexanders to find the Irish branch first found in Antrim!

English Smalls (white unicorn i.e. with a HORN) were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts who in turn share the white-unicorn head with Heads/Heeds (beside Eye), and the small horn is the eighth head of Revelation 17. It's also where EYES'/Eyers were first found while "AYEZ" is a motto term of Biss' whose Coat is almost the Alte Coat.

Repeat: "The Small unicorn is said to be "couchant," and the only other surname I know of with a couchant term in its description are the Tints, from the Atintanes at Bullis!" I trace uniCORNs to the Ceraunii Illyrians on the UNA river, and the Ceraunii mountains are smack at the land of the Atintanes. Elements from the Una could have named the One variation of Innis, and I do think Una elements named Ina, the chief goddess of ancient Tuscany. One's/Innis (Moray Coat in colors reversed) were first found in Moray with the castle at Rothes built by Peter Pollock.

[It was after writing far below when realizing that the Antinghams/ATTINGhams of the Ant river are like "Atintanes." This could clinch the line of Alexander Balas from Bullis elements while showing that God is using Ant-river liners with the Christs suspect in the Bouillon motto to point to "ANTi-Christ." Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with the Mullets beloved of Russian Alexanders, and with the Foix's/Foys that can go the the fox head of Bello's! Bouillons use "bello Christi."

Bello's were first found Cheshire with Shirts/Shards, and with the Webber-branch Weavers who share the "wheat sheaves" of Attins (Cheshire). Webbs were first found in Wiltshire with Bullis' sharing the triple red roundels of Shirts/Shards. Though Attins are listed with Hattins, it just so happens that Hats/Hades' (beside Webbs) were a branch of Heads/Heeds, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Attinghams of the Ant river (and with Wheats)!

AHHH, "Hades" made me think of the "lake of FIRE" into which the anti-Christ will be tossed (Revelation 20). Lake's share the Antrim/Attingham bend!!! Balls love the Fire's!

Attention: ATTENborough's just came to mind, and they share the Baliol swords!!!! It's more proof that Atintanes moved with Bullis elements to create the Baliol surname. The Zeus bull cult at Epirus' Dodona may have named Bullis by proto-English speakers.

I had forgotten until now to check who in the last update shared the Baliol swords, and it's the INSons. The Scott-surname link to Morays is shortly below, and English Scotts were first found in Kent with Insons. Insons look related to Prude's/Pride's (beside Pollocks, and likely a branch of Rieti-line Pratts, first found in Norfolk. French Prude's/Prats were first found in Auvergne. End insert]

The Bruno's of Tuscany share the Peter and Smell bends, and Bruno's are in the BROWN boar head of One's/Innis'. It's just incredible that this same brown boar head is in the Crest of Balas-connectable Baileys! Plus, Pollocks have a full brown boar in Crest! The Small dagger, in the black lion, can therefore be the Baliol sword, especially as Browns/Bruns were first found in Cumberland (beside Baileys and Baliols) with Daggers.

Plus, while Scottish Scotts, in Leslie colors and format, share the Coat of Moray's Terras', English Scotts have: "Traditionally, they [the Scotts] claim descent from Alexander, a younger brother of John de Baliol, king of Scotland,..." This had been my first hint, a few years ago, that the line of Alexander Balas is to the Baliols, Baileys, Balas'/Bailiss', and Bellys. But I can now add that the Alexanders, with a "terras" motto term, share the crescents of English Smalls!!!!

The Scottish Small lion, which can be the Levi lion, is said to be "pierced" with the dagger, and Pierce's have gold unicorn heads. A giant and white unicorn is with Fire's/Furs while Balls (Cheshire with Bello's) have a "fireball."

Bell-branch Bellamys (beside Balls) were first found in Shropshire with Belli-connectable Sallows, and Bells were first found in Dumfries with Bullys and GREEKs/Greer!!! The Seleucids were Greeks, and Greeks share the crowns of Corons (Cheshire with Balls) and Corona's while the Ceraunii mountains are near Bullis!!! Zikers. The Cornovii founders of Cornwall were also in Cheshire, and now we can see where they came from.

The Greeks (share lion of Swedish Petersons) are probably listed with Greers because their canton shares the Scottish Gregor Coat, a version in turn of the Alpin Coat except that the latter has a "fir tree proper," and Firs are listed with Fire's! It appears that Balls we indeed Alexander-Balas liners.

And Italian Gregors share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds (share hexagram of Swedish Petersons) whose horse in turn is suspect with the same-colored RASmussen unicorn, which is the giant Fire unicorn. The latter's is split in the Templeton / Timple colors while the eagle of Temple's (Cheshire with Timple's and Corons) can be in the Greek/Greer Crest. They are the colors also of Russian Alexanders who in turn have eagle heads in the black of Temple eagle. Greeks/Greers share "esto" with Cheshire's Weavers. Bullis is in Alpin-like Albania, I think.

I'm keeping an open mind on Russian Alexanders because I expect the anti-Christ to be a Russian, perhaps a Rus of Europe, because, at this time, I can't fathom a Russian proper as the chief of end-time Rome. The hexagrams of Russian Alexanders are called "mullets," and while Mullets use the hunting HORN, Hunts have the split-Shield of Hunts/Hunters (Shropshire with Slow-like Sallows).

German Smalls have a saltire cross in the colors of the Balas/Bailiss cross, and these Smalls add an eSCUTcheon, symbol of Scott-like Scute's/Scutts. Thus, we have an incredible Small link to Alexander Balas, convincing me that God arranged the heraldry for Smalls and Horns.

The escutcheons of Scute's/Scutts (Lancashire with English Carrs) are called, "shields," and then English Shields are in the colors and format of Irish Carrs who in turn share the Balas/Bailiss ESToiles! The Serio's (Ferrara with ESTE's and CHARo's!) in the motto of English Carrs share the Belly chevron!!! Can we believe it. Charo's/Claro's share the red bull with Daggers and Sabine's, and Ferrara's share the Sforza Coat.

By now, you should know how Sabine's were from Rieti, but let's repeat that the Sabine Coat is almost the one of Seleucus-like Sellicks.

English Shields use a "PATItur" motto term while Pattys use an escutcheon called a "an ermine shield." Pattys have a Coat looking related to Scottish Petersons. Pattys were first found in Worcestershire with the Wings in the two wings of German Smalls placed on either side of their "red escutcheon," symbol also of Holdens (Lancashire with Scute's/Scutts and Bookers). Reds and Reeds are from Rieti. Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Petersons and Leslie's,

Rothes-branch Roets, sharing the "book" with Reeds, were first found in Somerset with Wing-connectable Hagels, and here we can add that Wings love the Bello-branch Billets while the latter were first found in Devon with book-using Darlene's (and Wests) who in turn share the dropped Shield of Cnut's, the latter first found in Derbyshire with English Smalls. Books were first found in Berwickshire with English Shields and Shield-beloved, WEST-connectable Dove's. Dove-loving WAISTells were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers while German Daggers/Decks share the red squirrel with Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with the Wings in the Christ/Kirst/Kist Crest. Holden-branch Holds/Holts use the squirrel.

Christs/Kirsts/Kists, looking linkable to the Dagger/Deck Coat, look even more related to swan-using Papa's. Swans are with both Christman surnames who share the border of Wing-related Justine's. The Readys, with swans in the same colors, can be from "Rieti," and they have an eye-like "aye" motto term. Readys use the SCIMitar while Schims/Schiens were first found in Aberdeenshire with Reeds. The Ready Coat is in the colors and format of Googe's sharing the Schim/Schien boar.

And Christians/Christine's have another white unicorn, with HORN, to go with the white unicorn of English Smalls (Derbyshire with white-unicorn-head Cnuts). For many years, Christians/Christine's were said to be first found on the Isle of MAN. Put that "aye" together with all of that. Danish Cnuts, from the RUS, have "pot hangers," and the griffin of Hangers (same place as Potters) is split in the two colors of the Wright/Rite unicorn.

Repeat from above: "[Derbyshire with Cnuts] is also where EYES'/Eyers were first found while "AYEZ" is a motto term of Biss' whose Coat is almost the Alte Coat." This is really clinching the heraldic pointer of the Biblical small horn to Rieti's dragon rulers. Yez it is.

Biss' (share Meschin scallops) are likely from Bisone (near Massino Visconti) in the Ticino canton, for both entities use the snake. It's the Visconti "biscione" snake. The Biss description is almost identical with the Nettle description, and then Nuttle's (Nottinghamshire) look like Cnut/Nott elements, and show a giant FETTERlock while Fetters share the Coat of Nettle-like Needle's (Shropshire with Meschins).

The Nuttle fetterlock is called a "shackle bolt." Shackle's and Bolts were first found in Lancashire with MOLEhill Shake's, and while Shackle's have a "poplar tree," Popleys/Poppeys, in Bessin colors and format, were first found in Yorkshire with NETTle's and Meschins of Skipton. NEETs share the Shake chevron. As Beckers use "poplar leaves," perhaps Beckers had been Bessins and later Bessers > Beckers. Bessers happen to be listed with French Bassets while English Bassets have a "populo" motto term.

The green "dragon's wings" in the Neet Crest suggest the green Kilpatrick dragon because Kilpatricks were on the Nith river to NETs/Nights (share Papp lion). Neets are mainly in the colors and format of Chickens (Shake's are Shicks too), first found in Suffolk with Knights/Nights. Therefore, Nettle's with Nuttle's and even Nottinghams look like branches of the namers of the Nith river.

And so, if I ask why God would use the Christ surname to point to the anti-Christ, the only thing to go on, at face value, are the ROSES in the Christ Coat. It sits well with my outlook that Gog is the anti-Christ, a Rus liner, that is, and we may also note that cups are shared between Sellers and Christians/Christine's. So, it seems to be pointing to a Rus-and-Seleucid-line character. The Rosicrucians, who claim an emperor, come to mind, who substitute Jesus for a rose on a cross. The two color schemes of the Christ roses are with the Caesar surname (Surrey with Biss'). They too show no other symbol in their Shield.

Miss Peare is Christine, and Pierro's/Pero's show no symbols but roses. Pierro's/Pero's almost have the Coat of Butts/Bute's/Boets while the latter's "fish" is in the colors of the pike fish of Geddes', first found in Nairnshire with Rose's. The latter are said to have married Bosco's, a branch of BOASTs. Italian Bosco's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's. The latter's "flaming STAR" can go to Flemings of Hainaut who almost have the French Levi Coat. Dutch Flamings share the Shield of French Louver's while La Louviere is beside the Hainaut capital. Stars use the EYE.

When we add the Christ/Kist surname to the namers of the Ant river, we can get the Attinghams there, a possible line from Atintanes of the Ceraunii mountains. The Ceraunii Illyrians were on the URBANus river, and they were beside the Maezaei while Messena's and German Urbans both show the same hexagrams, which are the "mullets" of Petersons too, and it just so happens that Urbans were first found in Austria with Christs/Kists. Then, Spanish Urbans share the gold-on-blue Justine border, yet it's also the border of Kiev-liner Kepke's/Kopke's and Kupe's/Koops. I was mistaken when guessing that Kupe's/Koops use cups; they are said to be "candle sticks."

As Valentins use squirrels, that's part of the reason for my tracing Justine's to Justine, wife of Valentinian I. The latter was a son of emperor GRATian, whom I trace to the Greats (gold border), and the small horn was SPEAKing GREAT boasts. Greats, first found in Northumberland with Horn-branch Herons and Little's, share a blue saltire with German Smalls, and the latter happen to share the red escutcheon with Holdens (Lancashire with Speaks) who in turn use "allerions" as code for Allers who likewise have the red escutcheon, and moreover Allers were first found in Westphalia with Velins and Velens, and with the Nagle's/Nails/Neils who share the Great saltire.

Variations of Velins and Velens are in the motto of Feathers (antelope) who are in the feather in the MOUTH of the Rite/Wright unicorn. I'll come back to this to show the anti-Christ relevance of Wrights/Rite's. Repeat from above: "...suggesting that these royal Galatians of the first century were descended from Attalia and/or Perga. Perkins have the Levi lion. Perkens (not "Perkin") incorporate the Coat of Feathers who in turn have an ANTELope in Crest. Attalia was also ANTALya."

As Perkens were first found in Lancashire with Carrs, it's likely that Perkens put the Carr chevron-with-stars on the Feather Coat. This is to repeat that Irish Carrs share the Balas/Bailiss estoiles. The Galatians were on the Halys river, and so we can begin to glean a connection between things, such as the Hatti, on the Halys river and Bullis / ATINtanes. Did elements of the Hatti become Atin-like?

Feather-like FEETers are listed with Larins/Clarens who share the double chevrons of Lise's/Leash's who may have married Balas' to produce their BaiLISS variation, and then Liss-branch Lizarts/Sarde's and French Larins were first found in Provence. French Lise's/Lys' were first found in the same place as Levi's while Jewish Levi's share the Perkin lion. And Laevi co-founded Pavia while FEET share a Pavia Coat. Feathers thus look like a Feet / Feeter branch.

It now gets amazing because the "double-headed red allerion" of Holdens is essentially the double-headed Speak eagle, and the latter is shared by French Alex'/Alexandre's!!! What are the chances? The Shirts/Shards, sharing the Bullis roundels, are in the Tous/Tosini Coat along with the eight-pointed stars of Polish Alex's/Alexandrowicz's. Russian Alexanders have eagle heads. The Tous'/Tosini's have "a MAN's head and bust...WEARING a red shirt," and the Alex/Alexandre eagle is "WEARING a crown." Wearings/Warings were likely from Varangians, who could have named, Wieringen (Friesland).

Recalling the Christ/Kist link to Papa's, note that Wearings/Wearings (hunting HORNs) share the checkered bend of Pape's/Pope's. German Popps were first found in Westphalia with the Allers in the Holden allerions. Rollo the Rus was husband of Poppa. Wearings/Warings look related to both Breck surnames, and the German Brecks share the Papp lion. I showed how Daggers/Decks look like Christ/Kist kin, and here we can add that Daggers/Dackers share the red bull with German Popps.

The Attingham-like Attins/Hattins share the motto of VINCE's (Hertfordshire with Horns/Orne's), whom I trace to Vinkovci, home of Gratian and Valentinian. I wonder what Gratian was descended from. The Hattin variation may reveal that Atintanes had been from Hatti on the Halys river, location of lake Tatta, and Tattons of Massy (Cheshire with Sava's/Savage's) share the crescent of Tute's while English Tute's (related to Wing-using Hats/Hades') and Thwaits/Twitts were first found in Norfolk with the Ant river, with Heads/Heeds and Haydens, and with the Comyns/Comings sharing the garbs of Attins/Hattins.

Hatters use roses, and Hats/Hades' were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors, and with the Russells sharing the lion of Sava-river Sauers, Sorrys, and Rossi's. Hatters were first found in East Prussia with Kiev-like Kupe's/Koops (MOLine). The proto-Russian Varangian Rus were in Kiev.

The Halys surname even looks related to the pale bar of English Tate's (and ROXburghs). Maezaei and Ceraunii were at the Sava river, and Comyns/Comings were kin of Shaws, first found in Perthshire with Justine's, and where Vince-like Wings/Winks were once said to be first found.

Tate's share the pale bar of Roxburghs, and the Gog-like Googe's (Roxburghshire with Mole's) have boars in the colors of the Mole and Halys boar heads. The HALys' share the boar head of Bole's, first found in Lincolnshire with HALLs/Hole's, a branch of Hollys (Norfolk with the Ant river), and with Leaks/Leakeys (also in Yorkshire with Hulls). Lakeys use holly while Lake's share the Antrim/Attingham bend. So, yes, Attinghams of the Ant can be from the Hatti on the Halys. It's at Phrygia, and Apollo appears in a myth with the Phrygian goat while Apollonia is at the Atintanes theater. The Gouch variation of Googe's is like the "COUCHant" lion of Tints.

Atintanes were in Epirus, home of Molossians, whom I trace to the Italian county of Molise, on the south side of Abruzzo, and Mole's (same place as Googe's) share the Googe boar too. Moline's, Molsons and Mules' were first found between the first-known Tints and Tintons.

Russia came to get a bear symbol probably from the Veringer kin of Zahringers of Bern, and here we can add that Couch's (Oxfordshire with Vere counts) use the bear. The Arms of Oxford has a red ox while Vere-branch Fiers/Fears are of Fier county down the Apsus river from Dagger-line Dexaroi. Daggers/Dackers share the red BULLIS-like bull with Sabine's (Norfolk with ATTINGhams and Comyns/Comings). Kuman in Fier country (near the Atintanes) traces to dagger-using Comyns/Comings. The latter share the symbol of ATTINs/Hattins.

Bullis elements could have been to bell-using Double's/DoBELLs, possibly from "DuBell," first found in Norfolk with the Ant river, and with the Bucks in the Double/Dobell Coat.

The pierced stars of Sabine's and Sellicks trace to Pierce's, first found in Somerset with Sabine-connectable Saffins/Savins and Severs, beside the Polla-line Pools/Pole's/Pulls and Hats/Hades' (both of Dorset), and beside the Saffers suspect in the "Suffer" motto of Haddens and Haldans. The latter were first found in Renfrewshire with dagger-using Smalls, and then Haddens, showing nothing in the Shield but roses (same as Hatters), were first found in Derbyshire with English Smalls! The latter are the ones with a "COUCHant" uniCORN.

Derbyshire is also where Cnuts, from Dane Rus, were first found who use drops while Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with the Ant river. How did Danes become Rus? Couch's have pale bars in the colors of the Coats/COTES pale bars, and Cotesii were on the Buzau river (beside the Ialomita) along with a branch of Roxolani. Mythical Cotys was made the father of Attis, code for the Hatti!!! Lookie there. The Halys surname has a pale-bar-by-boars in colors reversed from the Roxburgh pale bar.

Coats'/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Irish Prays, first found in County Down with Irish Alexanders, though the latter were also first found in Antrim. As the Couch's were apparently kin of Smalls, can we say again that small-horn heraldry points to Alexander Balas? Yes, for Smalls share the Alexander crescent.

They are also the six pale bars of Trots/Trude's (Surrey with ROSE-using Caesars and JAMES') who in turn share the bear with Couch's and French Benjamins/JAMME's. The latter were first found in Normandy with the Mar-branch Marone's sharing the Halys boar heads. Benjamites from Rimmon were in the Rimna river (WALLACHia) to the near-north of the Buzau, and Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Hatti-like Attinghams, and with English Benjamins (almost have the Coat of Roxburghshire's Walsh's/WALCHs). This picture can be considered when asking whether God set up ANT-Christ heraldry to point to the end-time anti-Christ.

This part of the discussion recalls that the Cimmerians had come south from proto-Ukraine to conquer king RUSa of Lake Van. They made Rusa his vassal, and settled Sinope at the Halys-river theater. Rusa's descendants could thus have made their way to Ukraine, location of Kiev, explaining why Varangian Rus later came from Scandinavia to Kiev. They then settled Moscow, and may have named it if they had the family of the Dane-descended Meschins in their royal circle. Meschins descend from Malahule, Rollo's uncle.

Flavius Sabinus was father to emperor Vespasian. Sabinus was the husband of Vespasia POLLA, and Pullys/Pullens share the red scallop with Sabine's. Plus, Pools/Pulls share the lion of Rita's, from "Rieti," home of Sabinus and Polla. Plus, the Pollets (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's) in the Pool motto share the Baliol swords! Pollets have the Aude Coat on a black Shield, and Aude's are expected in the "Audacter" motto term of Pollocks! Bingety-bang-bang, the small horn really does speak. Rus-line Roxburghs, from Roxolani of Kiev, use "Audax," and Googe's/Gouch's of Roxburghshire use "AUDACes."

English Scotts (have a border) have the Catherine wheels of Catherine Roet, and Roets share the boar heads of Spears/SPEYers (Renfrewshire with Smalls and Pollocks) while Rothes is on the SPEY river. Roets were first found in Somerset with Pollets and Borders, but also with the PIERs/Pierces in the description of Scottish Smalls. PIERleoni, named partly after a Peter, were first found in Rome with Rita's, and with the Sforza's having the giant Rita lion in half its colors, and the Forts suspect in the Smell motto suggest that Smells have the Sforza lion too, which is to say that Swedish Petersons can have the Sforza lion. It makes sense with Piers in the Small picture.

Roets (Somerset with Bills and Bulls/Bule's) have a Coat much like the Bill Coat, and Bullis is also Byllus. Bills use "wood bills" while Woods are in the "PIECES of wood" of Rita's. Plus, Woods share the oak tree with Greek-related Gregors. Bills share the pelican with Pullys and Petersons.

Peace's/Paise's look like they are in the "pieces of wood" because Paisleys were first found in Renfrewshire with Rieti-line Pollocks, and with Scottish Smalls. Paisley-branch Pasi's were first found at Bullis-connectable Bologna. Paisley-branch Packs were first found in Sussex English RITE's and Hams. The latter share the "salmon" of McABEE's in turn in Peace/Paise colors and format. Baliols were six miles from Abbeville.

Humans/Yeomans were first found in Gloucestershire with the ORGAN-pipe Lets/Late's, and ORKNey is where Peace's were first found. Yeo's/Yeomans use "drakes" while Drake's were first found in Hampshire with Hangers who in turn have a split-colored griffin in the split colors of the unicorn of Scottish Wrights/Rite's. Rita's use "PIECES of wood." See that? It's tending to prove that Rite's were Rieti liners with Rita's.

Repeat: "a shark in a Polla-connectable swimming pool half-SWALLOWED a BULLdog to its BELLY..." That is, the shark's TEETH were RINGed around the dog's belly with the dog's head, shoulders and front legs in the shark's MOUTH and throat. Teets/Tate's were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Wrights/Rite's, and Irish Rings are also Cranns while English Crane's share the Shark crane while Crauns/Crane's, first found in Suffolk with English Tate's, share the Bull/Bule annulets, and even share the roses of Jumps who in turn share the Trump stag head. Saraca's were at Ragusa, beside the ELAPHIti islands, and Grounds/Cranne's use an elephant and a crane.

As you can see, the paragraph above yet traces to the Ceraunii mountains near Bullis, home of the Ant-connectable Atintanes. English Tate's have "Cornish CHOUGHs" (species of crow / raven) and share the "gold CUFF" with Rings/Cranne's, and Cuffs share the Cough/Cuff Coat, both essentially sharing the Coat of Sales'/Salletts, suspect from the Salyes Ligures along with Sallows. Mythical Coronis was a crow.

Sallows are super for their Willow tree because Willows use a "VeRITE" motto term. English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Modens/Modeys in turn having the fretty Shield of Willows in colors reversed.

Scottish Rite's/Wrights were first found in Berwickshire with Peace-loving Dove's, and so, yes, the "pieces of wood" of Rita's are telling that they were a Rite branch. Scottish Wrights/Rite's have another unicorn, partly in gold, the color of unicorn of Small-related Slows. Sallows were first found in Shropshire with proto-Stewart Alans, and possibly with the father of Peter Pollock, and then Scottish Rite's/Wrights share the checkered fesse of Scottish Stewarts (share pelican with Petersons). The other Scottish Stewarts share the white unicorn head in place if the pelican.

The "MERITez" motto of Scottish Rite's/Wrights takes us to English Merits sharing the Slow cross. French Merits are the ones with the Coat of Small-like Ishmaelli's. MeriTEZ" can be part-code for Tease liners.

The Forts suspect in the Dagger motto use an "AUDax" motto term, and Borders share the crossed swords of Tax's/Dax's/Dacks while Ducks/Dax's were first found in Somerset too. The German Daggers are Decks too so that Scottish Smalls can be honoring them, especially as they share horizontally-split Shields in colors reversed. The Palms in the "branch of palm" of Scottish Smalls share the Dagger/Deck fleur-de-lys.

The white Tax/Dack saltire-by-swords is in the colors of the saltire of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks, first found in Switzerland with the Feschs sharing white saltire-by-swords, only the latter's are in both colors of the Baliol swords. Feschs share the eight-pointed estoile of Motts.

Sabinus and Polla were the parents of emperor Titus, and so it's interesting that Titus' were first found in Hertfordshire with Horns/Orne's and Childs/CHILLs (Seller/SILLer colors and format). The Scots said to descend from king Baliol were at CHILham Kent, where Jack-branch Joke's were first found, and then Daggers/Dackers share the scallops of English Jacks while Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Smalls who in turn love the Palms (Yorkshire with English Jacks). Is this pointing the anti-Christ to the Kennati priests of Cetis?

As Plancia Magna was an offshoot of the Tigranes line to royal Cetis, I think her line should be central to the anti-Christ because "MAGNum" is a motto term of Little's. Most prophecy writers use "little horn," and I think God had to consider this if indeed he Prepared the heraldry to point to the little horn. That is, he would have tacked some important information to the Little surname and/or its branches. Little's are said to be first found in Northumberland, with Horn-branch Herons, in pre-Norman times.

The Eyes' are listed with a branch of Scottish Ayers (Ayrshire with Cetis-liner Kennedys and Carricks) who in turn have a "lighter" motto term while Lights have a Lite variation. Liddle's share the spur with Eyes'/Ayers,

As you were witness when finding Small ancestry, we had traced hard to the Imperials of Rieti, who were from Tertulla and her husband, Flavius Petro (Peter, yup). And Plancia Magna was wife to Tertullus, the line also to Fulk V, counterfeit king of Jerusalem, humanist-Zionist cult that is on steroids today with Rothschilds. I've always wondered whether there has developed an strong, anti-Biblical faction of the Rothschilian corporates who favor Palestinians more than Israeli's.

Little's can be shown to be a branch of Litts, and then Lyds/Lite's were first found in Oxfordshire with the ANTingham-connectable Lake's, and with Crow-branch Crawls. Crows were first found in Norfolk with the Ant river of Antinghams. I've shown how Lake's can be connected to Bessins/BEASTs (Cheshire, land of Cornovii). Bessins/Beasts use bees, and Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire too. Lakeys were first found in Dumbartonshire with the Hebrew-suspect Eure's/Evers who almost have the Bee Coat. I trace Bessins to the Bassus rulers of Cetis.

The "oblivisCAR" motto of Eure's/Evers can be for the Irish Carrs sharing the Balas/Bailiss estOILES. Dulys'/OILLie's/Owleys were first found in Oxfordshire with its centuries-long Vere rulers. English Este's were first found in Essex with English Vere's (share Eure/Ever quadrants) while Scottish Vere's/Weirs (share Moray stars for connection to Bellys of Moray) share the gold boar in the Eure/Ever Crest. As Vere-branch Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with Horns/Orne's and BRUNs, we take this picture to the brown boar head of Baileys and Moray's One's/Innis', for the gold boar head of Eure's/Evers can apply because Irish Barone's share the blue Vere boar while Italian Barone's were first found in Florence with Bruno's.

The Liddle write-up tells that Ranulph le Meschin of the Bessin granted a Liddel location (I think in Cumberland) to "Turgis BRUNdoz." This location then passed to Stuteville's (Cumberland with Browns/BRUNs), and later to Wake's (Lincolnshire with the Cross' in the Stuteville "crossbow"). The Little's tell of their location to the near-east of Dumfries, and the latter is where Walks/Wachs were first found while Walkers (Yorkshire with Wakefields) use a "Magna" motto term. This tends to confirm that the Little motto is connectable to the Walker motto, and it's Walkers who have the "lizard" while Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Provence with Cetis'/Cestiers.

The Wakefields are most excellent here, but I almost didn't load them. They share the green wyvern dragon (it's the Lewis dragon) with Walk-like Wilkins, first found in Glamorganshire with Balas'/BaiLISS (connectable to Lizarts-branch Liss'), and then the Wilkins even have an "Estote" motto term while Stuteville's are also Estouteville's. In other words, we followed the Little-branch Little's to Balas'.

Wilkins share the vertically-split Shield colors of Walker-connectable Scherfs/Schere's. The other Schere's have a "snake entwined around a STICK" while Snake's/Snooks share the fleur-de-lys Walks/Wachs and the eagle of Lyds/Lite's. Then, Lights/Lite's were first found in Somerset with Sticks.

I showed how Elon Musk appears to be the target of the x-cross of STUTEville's, but it hadn't dawned on me at the time that Stouts/Stows were first found in Cambridgeshire with Musks/Muschats. Also, I've said a million times that Musks/Muscats were once said to be first found in Suffolk, which is where Starlincks' and Eye are located. Moreover, having just crossed an enTWINEd snake, Twine's were loaded to note their sharing the green parrot with Peeble's while Peebles-shire is where Tweets (share pelican with Twine's) were first found. Thwaits list Twitts (Norfolk, beside Eye). Elon Musk had purchased tweeting Twitter.


This is why God gave Jesus for salvation:

This video below suggests that Bill Gates is spending world-class money to produce fake meat only because he knows that governments will force people to eat it. Imagine, producing trash knowing that governments will force-feed it to the populations by outlawing the competition...the new way to get super-rich as compared to risky capitalistic venturism:

Here's trudeau the wacko the day after he caused a wild circus in the parliament. By his tone in this video, though he's still moronic for obvious reason, the Speaker of the parliament must have had a talk with him to just answer the questions, for he's always using his parliamentary time for campaign-trail rhetoric / propaganda, like having free commercials to push his re-election. He openly and routinely accuses the opposition of being merely political rather than being genuinely concerned about his lunatic agendas, like one who has no ears to hear why his agendas are evil and crazy. He's portraying his legalization of hard drugs as compassionate and safe, what a wicked nutjob. He puts a "Safety" tag on every evil agenda he's rolls over on the country:

Another week, another laundering scandal revealed in Liberal-canadian politics. It's the Jean-Chretien government on steroids:

Here's another good ending for someone persecuted by the vaccine goons. Near the end of this video, Dr. Tenpenny warns against heavily-vaccinated, farmed salmon (usually pink salmon). Buy sardines and herrings instead, because they can't be farmed. Red salmon, last I heard, can't be farmed:

Biden wants to enforce a climate-change conspiracy, promising to activate another divisive period such as what globalists foisted in the plandemic. The problem for the globalists is that they will need a huge ramping up of election fraud in order for their puppets, like Biden and trudeau, to survive their next election:

I found the following comment in a video by Charles Stanley speaking on loneliness. What's wrong with the comment:

@jamiev7165 2 months ago
I'm having a hard time trusting God. I've been praying for good Christian friends for at least 10 years and I haven't found anyone. Every church I've been to is full of hypocrites, fake people, people who stay in own cliques, no one is friendly. How am I supposed to believe that God will answer me? I'm so lonely and broken down. I don't understand why God lets me feel so alone every day.

I think that when a Christian calls people in church "hypocrites," not only might God frown on him so as to not help him find a friend if He doesn't agree with his accusation, but, if indeed they are hypocrites, why's he going to that church?

I think that, when people go to church, they look for the same people to be friendly with whom they have cozied up to, because they have bonding material between them, and they might rarely speak to others, which is the meaning of "cliques." But that's life, I suppose. I don't like it myself. The best thing to do is be friendly to everyone, even the ones who don't have the warmth enough for conversing with us. My problem is, I don't think the back of the church, or the church pews, is a good place for socializing, unless one likes chit-chat. I therefore like small home churches.

Pastors don't encourage home churches because they fear losing wages, I strongly suppose. What pastor is going to urge the people to all get together each Sunday in various homes? Usually, a pastor signs a contract with a denominational body to make the church grow, and that contract definitely doesn't include starting home churches. Something to think about.

Here's a class-action laws suit against AstraZeneca that has apparently crossed the threshold for success. The speaker in the video should alert the viewer that the 81 dead from blood clots is likely played down by the British government i.e. it's hiding the real number:

I can't get much news these days because youtube canada, now overseen by secret forces in canada, keeps giving me the same videos for three or four weeks in a row, which makes most of the Internet unavailable to me. The secret forces know who the anti-globalist, anti-liberals are, and this is a way to make us less potent on social media in speaking out against them. I never click on a CBC or CTV video, yet daily I am fed CBC and CTV videos. If I click a video by a pastor, I keep getting about ten of his videos over-and-over, daily, for three or four weeks, even if I clicked only on two or three to begin with. It makes me afraid to click on another for fear of being swamped even longer. The swamp is swamping me. How about you?

So, by giving me the same videos for weeks, even those I've already clicked on, I'm being robbed of much of what's out there. If I click on one pastor, I don't get a choice of 10 other pastors, because the liberals don't want me to have a wide choice of pastors. It's an obvious plague from the demented liberals who have only the one goal: to rule the planet in opposition to Jesus. THAT IS THE FACT.

I clicked on videos by Charles Stanley over the last couple of days, and, right now, there are 12 of his videos in the first 16 video options. That looks like malice to me. There are many more Stanley videos deeper down in the options. This can go on for weeks.

If I ask youtube for social media news, I get many videos warning that social media is stacked with fake news. It's the way that slick, irresponsible, over-rated, propaganda-fixing, money-grubbing "news" outlets are fighting back, by labeling their mortal opposition as the fakes whether or not they are accurate in their reporting and commentating. That's so shameful. The solution: never go back to mainline news. Make them starve. Find something else to do.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture