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August 29 - September 4, 2023

I Think Vaccine Plotters are Pushing the Sick-Sick-Sick
Bill Gates is in the Glass Door
Pfister Punches to the Fauci

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

I don't want anyone to miss the following video showing absolute proof that the American government, in cahoots with local governments, has been microwaving people in their own homes for quite some time, and all the major media are in cahoots with these lunatics. As you watch this, consider how they could take out the homes of Christians in the wilderness. The speaker, who has got to be the world's foremost expert in directed energy weapons (DEWs), doesn't venture to offer a motive or game plan for this horrendous destruction.

I don't know how to explain what we see except that the U.S. military has the ability to shoot from the sky, to a pin-point target, something like a microwave gun. I cannot fathom how any human being could be so satanically lunatic as to burn people in their homes, or to make them homeless if they are not home when the attack takes place. I don't comprehend this, but I can see why God justifies Hell fire.

We need to ask how God will prevent this weapon from making us homeless or dead when living out the tribulation period, or if we speak out against climate-change goons, or if we speak out against the globalists for any other reason. Perhaps the way to prevent this from happening is to spread this video far and wide until the goons can no longer get away with blaming DEW-lit destruction on forest / grass fires. If local politicians do not admit that this weapon is being used, vote them out. Make this an issue everywhere now, all social-media outlets.

The video above tells that paid crews go around, after the homes are fried, to pick up plastics and other products that the DEWs are unable to heat up. This is being done to keep the homeowners and people from realizing that the homes were destroyed by DEWs. It means that local governments are in cahoots with the federal demons who set the fires. Media have not come out to blame the government. These crews can explain why the governor of Hawaii would not allow people into the disaster zone. Can you imagine being in your house, and then the whole place gets instantly so hot that you are instantly gone but in great pain for some seconds, maybe longer? No, you cannot imagine it. You have no idea how that experience would go. But the heartless guilty will be screeching in Hell with no mercy, that I know, for a lot longer than several seconds. Apparently, people were disintegrated in the heat hot enough to melt glass.

I don't know where to put this video on Psalm 22, and so I'll put it up top. It's an inspiring piece. You have two choices to make after watching it. Either: 1) the Apostles invented the Crucifixion to match as best as possible Psalm 22 in order to trick their brothers to steal their money on a hoax, or, 2) Psalm 22 is a God-inspired prophecy. The Shroud Of Jesus proves He was crucified, no small thing. We have no historical writing telling that the Apostles were living lavishly or stealing church money, not even from the enemies of the Apostles:

Anyone wanting evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus from the Shroud of Jesus, the one-hour video below has it, though it's not well done on the technicalities. You can find videos treating the details better. This video doesn't even do justice on the technical nature of the image, but it's a good primer due to the many points made. Don't neglect to give Jesus the utmost respect for what he did for anyone who would take the Water of Life freely:

The very Christians who criticize the people of Jesus for being asleep these days are the ones who put them asleep by teaching the pre-trib rapture. Why bother watching for the Signs of His return if He returns before the Signs? Pre-tribbers are so daft to time the salvation of the Church before the Signs that Jesus warned us to watch out for. Foolish pre-tribbers, try putting the rapture after the Signs.

God is Warning Us About Vaccine Plotters

To follow better, load Deerings now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

In the last update, Deerings were central in a pointer to Tony Fauci's replacement, Jeane Marrazzo. I have an addition to that topic using Derys. To set this up, I need to repeat that Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Kilpatrick (born Miss Hicks), had gotten a knee symbol at the Get'n Go gas bar in Camp Wood, Texas, at the corner of the Nueces Canyon road and Ranch road. The locals call Ranch road as the Leakey road because it goes of the town of Leakey (pronounced, Lakey). The items in this paragraph will be the launch pad for this next heraldic investigation, checking to see if God is pointing to Fauci and company, through those items, with clickety-click heraldic connections.

I've already mentioned that Leakeys share the lone fleur-de-lys of German, Ranch-like Rench's, and that Hicks' share that fleur. I've already mentioned that English Rench's/Wrench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the News' having a Nueces-like Nuces variation. The Get'n Go is at the corner of Nueces Canyon and Ranch roads. I've already mentioned that Hicks share the "chaplet" with News'/Nuces'. This is a good example of clickety-click heraldic connecting using the items of an event.

The last update showed that English Gore's, in Hicks colors and format, were first found in Kent with Morinis-related Deerings while Marrazzo-like Morasso's/Morazzi's are listed with Morinis'. In the course of that investigation, I found the Derys (probably share swallows with Arundels) linkable to the Arundel-Alan relationship that includes Rundels/Roundels, first found in Kent with the Deerings whose stag heads are colors reversed from the stag heads of Derys.

Hicks-connectable Gore's (Alan kin) share the white wolf with Gowers/Gore's (Yorkshire with Hicks') who in turn have a "FranGAS" motto term, which partly caused me to make a pointer of "Get'n GO" to "GOWer" because it's a gas station. But the clincher comes where Gore's share the Rench/Wrench crosslets.

However, I don't think I've yet discovered why the gas bar should point to Gowers of Gore's. I can show that Gows/McGOO's can be pointed to the GET'N Go because Gete's/Jette's/JETTINs share the Coat of Loges', first found in Burgundy with the Locks/Loches'/DesLOGES' sharing the cinquefoil of Gows/McGoo's. The latter were first found in Inverness-shire with Scottish Grands while French Grands were first found in Burgundy too. However, I don't know why this clickety-click is happening aside from the crowns of Scottish Grands, a symbol owned by Corons / Corona's, a pointer apparently to the coronavirus. Gore's are also Core's, and a Ceraunii people group were near a Gorski area of Croatia.

It's spectacular here (new to me) that the Gete/Gettes/Jettin Coat is nearly a colors-reversed copy of the Range Coat!!! Zowie. This does indeed appear to be pointed to by the Get'n Go event.

McGee's with a McGETHE variation were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Leggs, and Mrs. Kilpatrick got a knee symbol at the Get'n Go, i.e. part of her leg. Irish McGee's use leopard "faces" while Face's were a Fauci branch. Face's share the cross of Meigh's/Mee's who in turn share the boar heads of Scottish McGee's. I've said all of these things before.

Now for some new clickety-click. Derys were first found in Champagne with the Ranch-like Range's who in turn share the Coat of English Bruns of Spittlefields, and Spittle's (Dumbartonshire with GURE's/Eure's) have ROUNDELs. Spider-like Spitzers are also Spittle-like Spitzels who use the "tunnel" while Tunnels/Tunno's can be of the Tonys of Leicester because Scottish Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire. Tony Fauci can be pointed to here because a spider was used by God, I claim, with Karen Graff, to point to graphene-oxide (a poison) in COVID vaccines, and Graffs/Graffins use an anchor while Anchors almost have the Coat of Fauci-connectable Angers. Range's are Anger-like Rangers too.

Tonys were kin of HASTings while Bruno's are said to have had a branch at ASTi, beside Savage-like Savigliano. English Bruns share the Coat of Range's in turn first found in Champagne with Sauvage's. There's some tidy clickety-click. As Pelosi's were first found in Savigliano, is Nancy Pelosi in cahoots with Jeane Marrazzo by any chance? Range-like Rangels were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers/Dockers while English Daggers and English Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Browns/Bruns. I've pointed Werps to Trump's "Warp Speed" vaccine program, and Werps have a spear head in Trump colors and format, and in colors reversed from the spears of English Dockers. Docks, first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Doocys and the Stafford elements of Tonys/Tone's, share the Jean lion for a pointer to Jeane Marrazzo.

The Gete's/Gettes'/Jettins we crossed above were first found in Anjou of Angers, and count Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches. Locks/Loches'/DesLoges' and Loges' were first found in Burgundy with the Prime-like Primo's while Prime's have a giant leg. Primo's have a "MIRROR" while Myre's/MIREUX's were first found in Anjou.

The Legro river of Leicester is depicted by heraldic legs, and LEICester could have provided such surnames as Leak-like Lease's, first found in Northumberland with Tunnels/Tunno's. Leg-using Leke's/Leaks/Leakeys were first found in Lincolnshire with Dery-beloved Swallows, with the BRACEbridge's sharing the VAIRed Shield of Scottish Champagne's, and with leg-using Prime's suspect in the Lakey/Lecky motto. Brace's were first found in the same place as bee-using English Doors who in turn almost have the Gates Coat while "Be" is a Bracebridge motto term, a good reason to start pointing the door at the Get'n Go to Bill Gates. The Get'n Go leg event was at the place's door. Bill Gates was extremely happy when Trump enforced the lockDOWNs, and Knee's were first found in County Down.

Swallows share the rooted tree with Woods and Roots (Kent with Deerings). Bracebridge's (same place as Prime's) use "vair" fur, and French Vairs were first found in Burgundy with Primo's, and with McGoo-related LOCKs/Loches'/DesLOGES' while English Lodge's/Loge's were first found in Suffolk with Tunno-like Towns/Tune's/Tone's. LOCKdown! Bracebridge's and Brace's (share Lake bend), with even the Get'n Go, are contributing with a pointer to Bill Gates and lockdowns.

Brace's even share the Crest of bee-using Bistons, a branch of bee-using Beestons/Beasts, the latter first found in Cheshire with the Marble's having a giant GRIFFIN in the colors of the Camp griffin heads. Camp Wood. Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Lakey-like Lake's who not only have a form of the Brace Coat, but are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Beestons/Beasts. The Lake's even share the fitchees of Marble's. It could start to appear that the Get'n Go points to graphene-oxide thanks to the Camp griffin heads.

English Lodge's/Loge's share the Coat of MARANo's (same place as Deering-related Morinis'/Morazzi's) and MARNeys/Marners (Essex with Loges-connectable Angers) while Range's were first found in Champagne's Haute-MARNE region. Marines'/Mariners were first found in Kent with Deerings.

A thing missed in the last update is that while Marano's and Morinis' were first found in MODENa, Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with the Biks/Bikers. As was said, the latter have stag heads in the colors of the Deering stag heads. Plus, French Champagne's share the Moor head with Morano's, first found in Modena too. Berkshire is where Gore-related Windsors were first found, and so let's repeat that Gore's were first found in Kent with Deerings.

English Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire too. Dery-like Dairs/Ders share the three SHEAVES of Avisons, a branch of Avezzano's who in turn share the potent pattern in a bend with French Champagne's. Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila, not very far from Avezzano, and both were in the land of Marrazzo-like Marsi. Scottish Shaws share the "dagger" with Comyns (Norfolk with Avisons and Patricks) and Kilpatricks while Comyns share the Avison Coat. Comyns are from Kuman of FIER county (Albania), down the APSus river from the proto-Dagger Dexaroi who lived at proto-Patrick Antipatria.

Apsus-like APPS'/Epps are very linkable to an Epping location near both Middlesex and Camulodunum (Essex), and thus very connectable to the Waters and Muschats (both of Essex) sharing the Epstein Coat. Apps'/Epps were once said to be first found in Middlesex with FIERs, and Middlesex is where Bruns were first found while Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with Browns/Bruns and Fare's (giant anchor). Essex's, sharing the eagle of Aquila's and Fauci-connectable Segni'/Segurana's (in the Face motto), were first found in Middlesex too.

Apps'/Epps are now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire with proto-Windsor Others/Otters, and with Gains who share the crosslets of Rench's/Wrench's', Gore's and Windsors. The latter share the stag head of Hortons who named Horton in Northumberland with Tunnels/Tunno's, and while HORTons love the Dolphins in their Crest, Dolphins/DOLfins (Dol colors) were first found in Cumberland with Browns/Bruns. It's the Spitzers/SPITZELs who love Tunnels, and then Bruns were at Spitalfields of Middlesex. Spittals are in the colors and format of HORTs, first found in Oxfordshire with camel-using Crawls/Crowells.

Back to Fauci-connectable Angers, first found in Essex with CAMULodunum while Italian Gobels have a giant CAMEL while French Gobels were first found in Champagne, where Sauvage's were first found too, excellent because Woods, first found in Leicestershire, use the "savage," and the Get'n Go is in Camp WOOD. English Camps, with a Champagne-like Champ variation, use Graffin-like griffin heads. Griffins have a "Ne" motto term suspect with the Nee variation of Knee's, making the knee event at the Get'n Go look like a pointer to graphene-oxide, which has the short form of, GO!

CAMPbells have another "Ne" motto term!!! Campbells, sharing the Gure/Eure Crest, were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, where same-colored Camps/Champs were once said to be first found, are also Cammells. This is clickety-click. Gure-like Gore's were once said to be first found in Essex. Campbellfords/Camelfords/Comerfords share the peacock with Comforts/Comerfords (Kent with Rundels/Roundels), and Peacocks were first found in Essex with Camulodunum. Campbells are now said to be first found in Argyllshire with Seagar- and Segurana-connectable MacArthurs while mythical king Arthur was the son of Gorlois' wife.

Camulodunum is near Suffolk, where OWLs/Howls and Towns/Tune's/Tone's were first found while peacock-using Manners/Maness' were first found in Northumberland with Tunnels/Tunno's. French Champs/DesChamps (Picardy with Cavetts/Cheve's) use the owl. Cavetts/CHEVE's are from the Cevetta river of Ceva, home of Luis, mother of Alice of Swallow-line Saluzzo, wife in turn of FitzAlans of Arundel.

Arundel is in Sussex with the first-known Keeps, and while Kepke's share the white and upright goat with Cheevers/CHEVES', Mr. Kepke is the one who chased me (as a teen) with a spider dangling on a web, in front of Karen GRAFF, in the pointer to GRAPHene-oxide.

Look: Graphene is carbon, and English Carbons essentially have the Face Coat. The sword in the Carbon Crest is diagonal, same as the same-colored sword of Scottish McGee's while Irish McGee's have leopard faces. Leopards, first found in Sussex with Keeps and Koop-like Coopers/Coppers, share the Cooper/Copper leopard faces, and so the gold Carbon border looks like the gold Kupe/Koop and Kepke/Kopke border. It just so happens that Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with Cope's/Coaps, and with the Spinks sharing the Spanish Corona eagles. The coronavirus. Coopers/Coppers have the Gete/Gettes/Jettin saltire in colors reversed, and the latter were first found in Angers, connectable to the Graff/GRAFFIN anchor. I hope you can suitably appreciate this paragraph.

English Carbons are said to have been related to Cerisy's while Cressys and Cressents were first found in Burgundy with the Loges' sharing the Gete/Gettes/Jettin Coat. Cressents share the Neret Coat, and Kepke's dog, Blacky, points to Nero's/Neretti's (first found in Lock-like Lucca). Cressents share the Coat of French Grands (Burgundy with McGoo's) while Scottish Grands (three crowns for Corona's / Corons) were first found in Inverness-shire with Lock-related McGoo's. Blacks share the stars of Glass' who in turn have a "LUCtor" motto term.

Ahh, Cerisy is at St. Low, where MowBRAY's were, and Brays/Brae's, with eagle legs, were first found in Northamptonshire with Carbon-connectable Face's! Carbon graphene thus works in pointing to Tony Fauci. Maybe it should me mentioned that Lows share the Camp griffin. Mowbrays are in the colors of German and Dutch Camps.

It's the spider-like Spitzers having the tunnel while Tunnels/Tunno's were first found in the same place as Hebrons having a "Keep TRYST" motto term. Trysts were first found in Cornwall with TRISTans who in turn share the Knee stag head, and with mythical Gorlois.

Repeat: "It's spectacular here (new to me) that the Gete/Gettes/Jettin Coat is nearly a colors-reversed copy of the Range Coat!!! Zowie. This does indeed appear to be pointed to by the Get'n Go event. " It involved Miss Hicks, and while Hicks were related to Alans, the latter were in Brittany with Rennes, a location connectable to the Raines' (Essex with Angers), a branch of Wrens sharing the crosslets of Rench's/WRENch's, is that cool or what? Wrens were first found in DURham with the DARlingtons who in turn have the Rench/Wrench, Wren, Gore and Gaine crosslets in colors reversed.

Range's ought to be a pointer to Ranch road. It's the Range's which are new to the Get'n Go event. Let's repeat from above : "...and MARNeys/Marners (Essex with Loges-connectable Angers) while Range's were first found in Champagne's Haute-MARNE region. Marines'/Mariners were first found in Kent with Deerings." While Ainsley Earhardt had proven to be a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty as a pointer to Fox news' bosses, and suspect especially with Alan DERshowitz, Deering-connectable Marine's and Marines'/Mariners both share the Ainsley cross while Ainsleys have the My variation of McGee-connectable Meigh's/Mee's in their motto; both were first found in Nottinghamshire. That' just for starters, and take note that Meigh's/Mee's share the cross of Fauci-branch Face's.

The Ainsley-branch Annas' were kin of Wiggons in turn sharing the Johnson Crest as a pointer to Johnson & Johnson vaccines (this was in the last update). Both Crests use the spur while Spurrs were first found in Devon with KENS'. Ainsley was hired at Fox while working at KENS news in San Antonio (Texas), and Tony Fauci may have been born, Antonio. As Kens' share the crescents of Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire with Gains and Windsor-branch Fenders/Venders), it can be gleaned that the Kens Coat is a version of the Gain Coat, a pointer to Fauci's gain-of-function bio-weaponry. Others/Otters were proto-Windsors while Gains share the crosslets of Windsors, Range-like Rench's/Wrench's, and Gore's.

The Fenders/Venders (otter head) are suspect in the "defend" motto term of Woods, and the Get'n Go is in Camp Wood. Woods were first found in Leicestershire with English Tonys/Tone's. In the Sleeping Beauty dream, I first saw walking around the FENDER of a car to the hood, and the anchor of Hoods is linkable to Fauci-related Angers. Ainsley is a so-called news anchor.

Lookie: the English Cottons, first found in Huntingdonshire, use "HANKs of cotton". Hanks were first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys, which explains why the latter's Coat is almost the Hanker Coat! That's at least fairly new.

After seeing her from a distance at the car, I saw a close-up of her face, sheer beauty, and so I began walking toward the car, at which time I saw myself as a spectator on the beach scene with only my jeans on. This scene looked very much like a pointer, in the last update, to JEANE Marrazzo, which should explain why Fauci elements are popping up here.

Jeane's surname is now suspect as a branch of Marine branches, linkable to Ainsleys. That is, Marines'/Mariners were first found in Kent with the Deerings in turn said to descent from Morinis' who in turn have Marrazzo-like variations. The Deering stag heads are shared by Poppins/Pophams, first found in Hampshire with Marine's/Marins (share the Marines/Mariner / Ainsley cross) and Hanker-like Hangers/Angers. Poppins/Pophams are in Hanker colors and format! I think that's new. I hear a hawk chirping outside as I write, and Hawks were first found in Hampshire too.

Hmm, it works because the Strike's in the Hawk motto share the Legh Coat! For reasons, this makes Hawks look like a Hicks / Hook branch. Hawks even use "pilgrim's staves" while Staffs (Staffordshire with Hicksons) were Tony kin while Stave-branch Steins and Pilgrims were first found in Norfolk with Hake's! Tonys were first found in leg-depicted Leicestershire. Hucks, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, are now said to be first found in Lincolnshire with leg-using Leaks/Leakeys and Anthonys. Gods must have taken the pains to send a hawk just outside my front door. The chirp of a hawk is distinct from other chirps around here.

The Marines and Marine cross is that also of Berks/BURGHs, which looks like a pointer to Deborah Birx, Fauci's partner in crime in creating the LOCKdowns in the United States. Debbie's were first found in Hampshire with English Burghs. That works too...especially, WOW, as English Burghs use "wreaths" while Wreath's were first found in Inverness-shire with McGoo's!!! Can we believe it? French LOCKs/Loches'/Desloges share the McGoo cinquefoils, all very connectable to the Get'n Go in multiple ways! The Berks/Burghs may have named Berkshire, where Windsors were first found.

Fauci and Birx had to get Trump to agree to the lockDOWNs, and while Knee's were first found in County Down, Downs/Douns have a stag in Trump stag-head colors! That's new, and Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with the Tromp-beloved Acorns and VISE's/Vice's, both of which share the Knee stag head. The same stag heads are shared by French Maurels (Morinis fleur-de-lys in colors reversed) while Italian Maurels/MAURINO's (Milan with VISconti's) can be gleaned as a Morinis'/Morazzi branch.

Maurels/Maurino's can be gleaned as Bute/Butt kin while Glass' were first found in Bute while the knee event at the Get'n Go was through its front glass door. Scottish Doors almost have the Coat of Restons, first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys who in turn share the enGRAILed Knee bend, and zowie, more new: Grails/NEILs use LOCKS!!!!!!! I get it. And Neils/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone with Sharks!!! I GET IT. Grails even share the Morgan lion while mythical Morgan le Fay was on mythical Avalon, which I've resolved as Bute. French Fays (Auvergne with Foys/Foix's) probably use a fox, and I'll show soon how Ainsley Earhardt points to Foys/Foix's because this part of the investigation is headed there naturally.

The "vel" motto term of Grails/Neils can be for the Vele's/Veils having the giant moline of Shark-line Sarasins (Brittany with Maurels) in colors reversed. Valiants have a shark, and Vallans have both of those molines!!! The engrailed knee bend is pointing to the shark in the Sleeping Beauty dream. I, a Messina liner, touched her knee, and Saracens lived in/beside Messina. Messeys were first found in Burgundy with Locks/DesLoges, have the Loges and Gete/Gettes/Jettin Coat in colors reversed!!! The Get'n Go is pointing to lockdowns.

The knee event was at the glass door, and GLASgow is smack beside the first-known Scottish Locks, Hardys, and Moray-connectable LockHARTs (see Douglas' for the Moray-Lockhart connection). One Moray/Murray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames had the fetterlock, the Lockhart symbol. The latter share the SCHIM/Schien boar head while Ainsleys use a SCIMitar! Ainsley EarHARDT! Morays were likely kin of Ducs/LeDucs (Brittany with Sarasins) while "duce" is in the Schim/Schien motto! It's pouring sharks and Sleeping Beauty.

The English Rocks in the Grail/Neil Crest were first found in Worcestershire with English Jeans while French Jeans were first found in Languedoc with French Rocks/Roque's. The Messina-beloved Pattys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire too.

Obama is a Down-connectable Dunham in his mother. In Obama's family tree, he's shown descended from the Randolphs, and Scottish Randolphs (Moray with Bellys), sharing the Dunham Coat, have the Face cross along with a bat and horseshoes for a pointer to Fauci's funding of Wuhan's research using horseshoe bats. That's not new, but the following is; I don't know where my head was previously for not realizing it: Dunhams share the Coat of English Randolphs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with the shark-using Valiants who in turn share the Chief-Shield color combination of Dunhams and Randolphs (descended from John de Burgo). Already, Obama's looking like a shark.

The Sleeping Beauty dream opened with a nasty shark which swallowed the head and upper body of a bulldog that was deciphered as Trump's woes from the shadow government. The shark then clamped its teeth around the belly of this bulldog, and Bellys were first found in Moray with Scottish Randolphs! Where was my head for not making this a central heraldic set?

While English Martins have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed, Dunhams have a "marten" in Crest.

Downs are Douns too, and Doun-like Dons/Done's (heavy topic last update in pointing to Jeane Marrazzo), very linkable to the dancette of Haydens, share the double fesses of Morinis'/Morazzi's. Both Hayden surnames were first found in Norfolk with Obama-pointing Dunhams/DOWNhams/DOUNhams/DONhams (they have a dancetty border), does this not make good sense? The other Haydens share the Face and Meigh/My cross. Dunhams are even Domine's while Domino's were first found in Piedmont with the Italian Dance's/Donna's in Dunham colors. English Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with Randolphs.

Oh wow, Scottish Dune's/Dunns even use LOCKS!!!!! Irish Dune's/Dunns share the giant San eagle, and SAN variations are linkable to Snake's/Snooks (Kent) expected in the Earhardt snakes. Ainsley Earhardt worked in SAN Antonio.

I've shown many times how Haydens support the claim that Ainsley is a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Hayden is the name of her daughter. The Haydens sharing the bull of Beautys (Dorset with Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats) share "foy" with the Berk/Burgh motto, and two Foy surnames list "Foix." She works at Fox. One Foy/Foix surname was first found in Auvergne with Fagots/Fageys, a branch of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' who were in turn first found in Perigord with Fauchys. We got here by following Birx-like Berks/Burghs (from John de Burgo of Comyns and Conteville). The Chief-Shield colors of Fagots/Fageys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' is colors reversed from the same of Dunhams above. Obama is proudly a Hell-bent faggot.

The Foys/Foix's above share the stars of Morays while the Moray Coat is essentially the one of Ducs/LeDucs while Bellys of Moray share the eight-pointed Dec/LeDuc star, the point being that Ainsley Earhardt works at Fox and Friends daily with her co-host, Steve Doocy. See Texas' James LeDuc in the last update, who was likely working in the Wuhan lab. Doocys are listed with Duce's, first found in Staffordshire with Tony / Antonio elements.

Steve Doocy's cousin, Mike Doocy, works for Fox news in Dallas, TEXAS (where the children of Miss Hicks moved to), and Dallas' were first found in Moray! That's new. The Texas surname shares the Arms of Meulan while Beaumont rulers of Leicester were simultaneously ruling Meulan. Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with Beautys/BoWOODs, and Woods were first found in Leicestershire.

Back to San Antonio's KENS TV. Italian Tonys/Antonio's use the "flower" while Flowers were first found in Devon with Hoods and Kens'. We already saw Tonys work into things earlier in this update because they were first found in Leicester, the place with the Legro river suspect for creating the leg of Leaks/LEAKYS. The Get'n Go is (or was) at the corner of Range-like Ranch road and Nueces Canyon roads, one of which is called the Leakey road.

While the Deering were related to OSborns and Morinis' together, there is an Os/Oz/Ose surname that could have been a branch from the leg-using Ose's/Hose's, first found in Leicestershire. Though not in the same colors, Os'/Oz's share the bull with Beautys/Bowoods, and the latter were first found in Dorset with the Beaumont rulers of Leicester. The Tosny variation of Tonys is in the Ose/Hose write-up, and Tosini's/Tous' have a "man" wearing a "shirt" said to have "buttons." I had only my jeans on with Sleeping Beauty, i.e. no shirt, and Knee-branch Nedhams were first found at Shardlow while Shirts are also Shards. Bidens are listed with Buttons, first found in Hampshire, near the bull-using Hosts/Osts (suspect in the Shirt motto) and Bulls, both of which were first found beside Dorset.

Buttons/Bidens share the bend of Butts/Bute's/BOETs while I've resolved that the Bowd variation of Beautys/Bowoods (Bulls) is a branch of a variation of Italian Boys/Boets (bull).

In the Stafford write-up, Tonys of Leicester are said to be kin of Staffords who in turn share the chevron of Fagots/Fageys. English Anthonys use a leopard FACE, and Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks sharing the SAN eagle. SAN Antonio. English Anthonys were first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys who share both the Rench and Ainsley fleur-de-lys while Annas' and Wiggons were both first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's/Wrench's and NEWS'/Nuces. Ainsley works for news stations, and while Miss Hicks had the Get'n Go event, and Hicks' share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys.

Though not in the same colors, NEWSons (Yorkshire with Hicks) share the crosslets of Wrench's/Rench's, making it possible that Wrench's/Rench's were kin of a News/Nuces branch. While the "shin bones" of Newson-like NEWTons can link to the Hicks motto, we can now entertain the NEDhams, who share the Knee Coat, as a Newton/Newdon branch. New-to-me-now Newsons come up as Newhams, and they are shown properly as NewHUSE's while English House's (beside Howe's/Howes') almost have the Newton/Newdon Coat. Newhouse's (Oxfordshire, Yorkshire with Newsons/Newhuse's) even have a chevron in Newton/Newdon colors.

Newhouse's look like kin of WHAT's/Whadcocks, first found in Essex with the Low Leighton location of Hicks'. In the Sleeping Beauty dream, God said, "WHAT ARE you waiting for...go wake HER". I woke her by touching her knee. The Are's and Hers / Here's can be linked to Earhardts, and English Here's/Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with Nedhams, and with Are-branch Eyers/Ayers. Are's/Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks, who are in turn in Howe/Howes colors and format.

As the Knee's share the Nedham Coat, note the House-like Hose's with the LEGs. I woke Beauty by touching her leg. I started to KISS her awake, but while leaning over to kiss, I saw my hand brush her knee, and that's when she awoke...probably, I now gather, because Kiss' were first found in Leicestershire with Hose's/Ose's. It just so happens that Os'/Oz's are in House colors.

As soon as she awoke, we rose into the sky, lighter than air, we could say. That is, the Are/Ayer motto is, "Lighter than air." Earhardts are Airharts too, and Airs are listed with leg-using Eyers/Ayers (same place as Nedhams), can we believe it? Why is that dream pointing to these surnames?

It's You She Loves

Look again: "What are you waiting for, it's you she LOVES, GO wake her." Go = graphene-oxide, suggesting perhaps that many of God's people will die from this poison prior to partaking in the rapture. Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire with House's and Bee's) share the fitchee-formee of NEWlands, and VICTORIA Nuland confessed to Congress that Americans essentially had bio-weapon labs in Ukraine. House-like Hose's use legs, and were first found in Leicestershire with the Champagne's who took us to the Door-beloved Bee's.

BEHOLD. Airs/Eyers have an "inVICTa" motto term. The NEWSpaper I purchased in VICTORia led to my purchase of a property from Mrs. Teague, and Newlands share Teague/Teeger Crest. I got the newspaper to check the WANT-ads for vacant land, and Wants (Norfolk with What-like Wheats/Whate's) happen to be in Air/Eyer colors and format! Graphene-oxide in vaccines probably cause AIDS! The want-ADS!!!

Oh wow. The newspaper was purchased the day of the Galveston mugging, and while Fiscs (Norfolk with Wants) use am "ad" motto term, Atha's/Attys, sharing the Fisc Shield, and first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces', use a "Duci" motto term now definitely pointing to James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab!!! Mission accomplished. I have finally deciphered properly (though not likely fully) what God said to me in this dream. The correct interpretation has led me to this paragraph...meaning I can now realize that Victoria's share the stars of Duce-branch Ducks!

As I've said many times, the newspaper purchase was the start of finally purchasing on the NEUCES river, explaining the Nuces' variation of News'. I bought a coffee at the same time, which is what first alerted me that God had arranged that event in Victoria, for Coffee's/COFFERs use a "victoria" motto term. And English Coffers, in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer cups, were first found in Somerset with Ducks!!!

Victoria's were first found in Holland with Os'/Oz's. Plus, the Coffee/Coffer fesse is in House / Newhouse / Newton colors, and while Newhouse's share the chevron of cock-using Whats/WhadCOCKs, Cocks, very linkable to Fiscs, were first found in Somerset too. Fiscs not only share gold stars with Victoria's, but a black pale bar. Irish Victoria's have, I think, the same man's head as Cockers/Cocketts (Norfolk with Fiscs and Wheats/Whate's).

I saw Miss Hicks at church regularly, where she almost always wore a dress, but I never noticed her knees. But at the Get'n Go, I was walking toward the glass door, and with her standing inside the door, she was seen my me with beautiful knees. Why did I get that impression? I suppose God made it happen in my head, because I am to connect the event to Sleeping BEAUTY, and to prove further that God is in this, Leaks/Leakeys share the engrailed Knee bend while Leaks/Leakeys have a leg bent at the knee.

After I saw myself walking to Beauty's car, I wasn't standing at its trunk or hood or corner, but at it's front door (passenger side). I was looking at her through the door's glass inside the car. It may apply to the dream that Lovers use the TRUMPet, but I see no way to verify it.

I've learned how to play this "game" a little by now. When He said, "it's YOU she LOVES," it's probably a pointer to the St. EWE location that Hicks' are said to have been at in Cornwall because I planned on kissing her awake while Ewe's are also Cuists while Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Custs.

The Love's/Luffs were kin of Muscats/Musks, and so, because God stresses my Massey line, I ask where in the Cornwall peninsula there was a line from Ferte-Mace, because Ferte's share the giant eagle of Ewe's/Cuists. Ferte's even emphasize their eagle's legs with a different color, and I awoke her by TOUCHing her leg while Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Masseys and Maceys/Mace's, but also with the Tafts/TUFFS" sharing the "phoenix" in Crest with Knee's.

I think I know where this part of the game is going, because FRETs are used by Speccots, first found in the Cornwall peninsula's Devon, where Hykes'/Hacks and Pine's were first found. The Specks (porcuPINE) have a double-headed eagle in the colors of the Ferte eagle you see, and Specks are said to have named "BRAMPTON Speke in the county of Devon." Bramtons, first found in Norfolk with the Hake's that once came up as "Hykes," share the Coat of Duce's, first found in Staffordshire with eagle-leg Hicksons, and so when we go to the Spike variation of Specks, it looks like a pointer to spike proteins, the thing that make the COVID vaccines problematic, especially when graphene-oxide is a trail-blazer and carrier for such proteins.

The Spike-beloved Pine's (Devon with Spice's) are even in the pine tree of French Constance's while English Constance's/CUSTers have the giant, red Ferte eagle too.

For those who don't know, Kilpatricks use "CUSHions" while Ewe's are Cush-connectable Cuists while Cussons (Burgundy with Gete/Gettes-connectable Messeys/Messier's) share the red Ferte eagle too, blue legs included by both surnames. Either God chose Miss Hicks = Mrs. Kilpatrick because she matches this heraldic situation, or He chose her before the heraldry came to be, and then arranged the heraldry to match her surnames.

The Scottish Johnsons, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, have a red-Chief version of the Kilpatrick Coat, including the cushions, which looks like a pointer to Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines. English Johnsons were even first found in Lincolnshire with Custs and English Messier's, and even the Mussels/Muscels. English Johnsons happen to share the pheons of Fauch-beloved Thistle's/Thissels, first found in the Channel Islands off the coast of Normandy's Masseys.

The Thistle's have a Coat much like the one of Hover-like Overs/Offers who were in turn not only first found in Cheshire, but use a fret on their bend in place of the pheons on the same-colored bend of Thistle's. Sleeping Beauty was hovering in a car when I touched her knee. Hovers/Hoffers (Westphalia with Ducks) use leopard FACE's for a pointer to Fauch's / Fauci's. Hoovers and Hooters use the same, giant eagle leg, and Hoods/HOOTs, first found in Devon with fret-using Speccots, have a giant fret (a saltire with mascle) in the colors of the saltire of Oddie's/HODDE's (Yorkshire with Hicks). The goat head in the Oddie/Hodde Crest is split vertically in the colors of the split Fauci Shield! Hotts (not "Hoot") even share the Ewe / Ferte / Constance / Cusson eagle!!!

Reminder: I first saw Sleeping Beauty walking to the hood of a car. I've said many times that Mike Oddie punched me in the FACE!!!! Now I know why. BUT LOOK, here's from the 1st update of August, 2017, long before anyone knew of Fauci:

On Young's driveway around that time, Vince PIERCE (i.e. Leavell kin) punched Kepke in the face. A few years later, my boss contracted a job with Frank, and the latter brought along his employees, Vince Pierce and Mike Oddie (or maybe Oddey), and the latter had punched me in the face (no reason whatsoever) when I was about 12.

...I was with Jim McGee when Oddie punched me in the face. In my first year of organized hockey, at age 12, Jim McGee was a goalie along with Mr. Kepke...

I don't have enough exclamation marks to do that justice. Vince Pierce was a friend of Glen Phillips who had deliberately and illegally put a KNEE to my FACE, almost knocking me out. I was 20 at the time.

My boss when Pierce appeared with Oddie was Steve Antonacci, and English Antons use the leopard FACE and white goat head. German Antons are super-duper because they were first found in Saxony with the Kepke's who in turn share the white goat of English Kidds, first found in Suffolk with the Mallets in the mallets of German Antons! My boss just connected with graphene-oxide Kepke who got punched in the FACE (at the lip) by Vince Pierce (I'll dig out the proof below). English Antons were first found in Lincolnshire with Custs and leopard-face Restons while the latter were a branch of Risings/Risons that Sleeping Beauty pointed to as soon as I touched her knee!

Restons speak of a Riston location in the Brompton part of Shropshire, and Sleeps were once said to be first found in Shropshire, location of Sleap. As Bromptons are Bramptons too, it recalls Brampton Speke. Shropshire is where Bell-branch Bellamy were first, and Restons share the fesse of Glocks (BELL) while Clocks share the Coat of Deeds/Dade's (Norfolk with Bromptons/Bramtons and Risings/Risons) while Daddys have a saltire in the colors of the similar cross of Risings/Risons.

The 2017 quote above had pointed all along to graphene-oxide not only through the Kepke-face pointer to Fauci, but through the McGee link to Get'n Go. Irish McGee's use leopard FACES, and Scottish McGee's share the boar heads of Meigh's/My's who in turn share the Face and Taff cross. Taffs put FRETTy upon that cross! Surprise. Taffs, who recall the Knee-connectable Tafts/Tuffs', have a "SPES mea" motto term while Meigh's/My's are also Mea's. I see "spes," a common motto term, as code for the Space variation of fret-using Speccots. Taffs share "hoc signo" with the Face motto.

"Spes" means "hope," and is a motto term of Hope's/Hopers (Shropshire), possibly part of the Fauchy "grasshopper." In fact. Bosco's have "tufts of grass", no small thing because Tafts/Tuffs are Tufts too. Hoppers can work into this if they are using the Hill tower closely because Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills while Clocks and Dade's share the Clent/Clint Coat. Clacks were first found in Herefordshire, beside Worcestershire, Shropshire and GLOUCestershire. Gloucesters/Glosters may have been a Glock / Clock branch.

Now watch what happens from the Gloucester/Gloster write-up: "Miles de Gloucester, Earl of Hereford (d. 1143), was the son and heir of Walter de Gloucester, hereditary castellan of Gloucester and sheriff of the shire. 'Walter's father, Roger "de Pistres,"..." That looks like the Pister surname (partly first found in Saxony with Kepke's) showing a PFISTER variation that is not only Pfizer-like, but evokes Mike Oddie's and Vince' Pierce's FIST to the FACE!!!

PLUS WOW, Kepke-branch Kupe's/Koops have the Mile/Mylles moline in colors reversed, and these Mile's/Mylles' even have the Kepke and Kupe/Koop border in colors reversed. We just saw MILES de Gloucester! Kepke sold shoes when punched by Vince Pierce, while Mile's/Mylles' share the star of Shoe's and POINDexters while the latter share the FIST/Faust fist too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Punch's are also POYNTZ's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a mind-blower.

It appears that it was correct to follow the Fauchy-connectable Hoppers to the Clocks, or we would not have had those lovely exclamatons. Miles' (not "Mile") were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's expected in the Fauchy grasshopper. Miles' use a mill rind while Rinds share the scallops of Mallets, the latter first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds.

The Mile/Mylles star is blue, as is the one of Clock-/ Clack-like Slocks/Slacks, a likely pointer to Ukraine's Michael ZLOCHevsy (owner of Burisma gas) because he's online owning a shoe boutique in Kiev, the city to which Kepke's trace.

Kepke sold shoes at age 18 and 19, when he met Miss Peare at Reitman's clothing (where she worked), and Jewish Reitmans with Rotens share the Pister/PFISTer hexagrams. The Kepke-Peare relationship is therefore pointing to Pfizer, I now declare with a trumpet. The war is on. Keep-loving Hebrons were first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams while Hillarys and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills. Clents/Clints share the sheaves of the surname of Bill Clinton's father, Mr. Blythe.

Slocks/Slacks have a different-colors version of the GLEASon Coat who in turn share the Glass stars, which can explain the Gloster variation of Gloucesters. Kepke had a dog, Blacky, in his teens, and Blacks (Lincolnshire) share the Glass stars too. Slocks/Slacks were first found in Yorkshire with the Punch-connectable Gowers/Gore's. They both have eight fessewise bars in the colors of the ten pale bars of Tarrs, and it was Steve Tarr who got the assist on my winning goal in the semi-final match that propelled us to the final match, which we won. The final match was our very next game after the winning goal, and the first goal of that game was when Steve Tarr passed it to me alone in front of Jim McGee. I raised the puck over his knee pad for the score. I was punched by Oddie/Oddey that same year.

Keeps were first found in Sussex with Oddeys and their Hodley branch. As the latter two use pelicans, I've got to repeat that Jim McGee and I has stepped out of a billiard hall, walked a block down Markham road to Highway 7, when Mike Oddie came out of nowhere, and punched me hard in the face, accusing me of doing something I didn't do. Billiards/Billets, now a pointer to Bill Gates, were first found in Maine with Pellicans. English Billets were first found in Devon.

The Bill / Billet pointer to Bill Gates is even without McGee, and yet we have the McGee's showing a MacGETHe variation that must have been a Gates branch. IN FACT, I'm ever-so glad I happened to re-load Meighs'/Mea's again just now (I rarely load them when mentioning them). They share the demi-gold lion in Crest with Gates' and Graffs/Graffins!!! Meigh's/Mea's share the McGee boar heads! ZOWIE!

Prepare to be floored, because the punch sent me backward falling onto my back. To prove yet more that the Get'n GO points to McGee's and GOWS/McGoo's together, regardless of whether they were branches, the eight bars of Punch's are exactly the ones of GOWers/Gore's!!!!! That is an incredible addition.

McGee and I were walking down Markham road, location of the billiard hall, and MARKhams were first found in Nottinghamshire with Meigh's/Mea's. The Markham demi-lion is colors reversed from the giant lion of English Marks who in turn share a full, gold lion in Crest with Markhams, and German Marks share the vertically-split Fauci and Tromp Shield, I get it. But there's more.

English Marks, sharing the Hicks fleur-de-lys, were first found in Essex with the Low LEIGHton location of a Hicks branch, and Leigh's/LEGHs (Cheshire) share the Markham lion. Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys sharing the Hicks / Mark fleur-de-lys. And the My's in the Ainsley motto are listed with Meigh's/Mea's!!! God's trying to make a believer out of you, don't fight it.

The hockey arena where I scored the goal over McGee's knee pad was directly across the road from where Oddie punched me. It's not there anymore. The parking lot of that arena served as space for the annual Markham fair, and Scottish Fairs happen to have a giant anchor in colors reversed from the giant anchor of German HOODs/Hoops/HOOPERbuschs, who even have a Hopfer variation like the "Hoffer" of leopard-FACE Hovers.

Read also as "HooperBUSCH," because Fauchys have a "grassHOPPER" while Bosco's have "TUFTS of GRASS," amazing because Tufts are listed with Knee-connectable Tafts/Tuffs. Everything makes sense heraldically now with the vaccine goons in the picture. English Bush's/Buschs were first found in Yorkshire with Oddie's/HODDE's whose saltire is in the fret of English Hoods, who themselves have an anchor. Anchors almost have the Coat of Fauci-connectable Angers, and while the latter were first found in Essex with Marks, Markhams share the lion of Dutch Bush's/Bosco's/Bos'.

Bush's/Bosco's/Bos even use billets, and almost share the Coat of Bastard-like French Pastors while Bastards (Devon) have a booster-like Boster variation. English Billets share the Bus cinquefoil. Spanish Pastors have a reflection of the English Mark border. French Pastors use FIVE billets probably because Scottish Bosco's were first found in Fife while Fife's and Five's/Fifys share the Bush/Bosco/Bos lion too.

Pfizer-like Pfiefers, sharing a green Shield with Fisers/Vissers, use a giant anchor. If Fisers/Vissers use salmon, we can take it to Salome's, first found in Rhineland with German Bush's/Buschs and Fists/Fausts! It makes the punch to the face look even more like a bona-fide pointer to the murderous company, Pfizer. Fasts/Fastoffs and Falstaffs have the Oddey and Hodley quadrants in colors reversed. Visser-like Vise's were first found in Sussex with Oddey and Hodleys, and with the Hams who do use "salmon", and they happen to be in the colors of the Fiser/Visser fish. Are we pointing to the Bush Nazis here in cahoots with Fauci's attack dogs?

We can even ask why Oddeys might have the Trump-connectable Patria's/Peartree's in their motto. The latter's Crest has a bird apparently pointing to the sun, similar to the Crest of Blond-related Babe's, both first found in Suffolk with the Tass' suspect in the Oddey motto. Blonds put a "foot" on their sun, and Patria's/Peartree's were first found in Kincardine with Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's, beside giant-leg ProFETTs/Prophets. Is Trump the False Prophet, since Leggs almost have the Trump Coat?

"It's you SHE loves" becomes suspect with Dr. Shi Zhengli, "a Chinese virologist who researches SARS-like coronaviruses of bat origin." It is said that Fauci's organization funded her when funding the Wuhan lab. Her surname caused me to load Single's just now, and wow, Single's are listed with Singletarys in Obama's ancestry. Jonathan Singletary changed his surname to Dunham, the surname of Obama's mother.

But this is a wow for yet another reason, because Single's share the black antelope in Crest with Muschats, and the latter, along with Epsteins, have the triple Single chevrons in colors reversed. "It's YOU she loves" can indicate that this phrase is to include Masci liners, and we just saw some. I'm learning how to play God's game of hide and seek.

But there's more because Muscats/Musks (not "Muschat") were once said to be first found in Suffolk, where Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found, and it's understandable because the two almost have the same Coat. So, yes, "it's you she loves" has the meaning of including Masci elements while pointing, apparently, to Shi Zhengli and even to Obama. The Cheshire location, Dunham Masci, was the home of Hamon de Masci, can you believe it? Dunhams are also Domine's while Domino's and Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Italian Bosco's.

SHEE's/Shea's even share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and in case the punch to my face applies, Punch's/Poyntz's may have been a branch of Points, the latter first found in Berkshire with Sheaves'/SHEA's.

The Kiss'/Cush's and Custs use "fountains" while Fountains share triple-red fesses with Love's/Luffs and Hugs, and both of the latter share the same lion. Hugs have the triple Fountain fesses in both colors, important, for as soon as I went to kiss her, but touched her knee instead, she popped into my arms i.e. we were hugging while rising into the sky. Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons, and Italian Fontana's share the Chief-Shield colors of Dunhams.

Rye's/Rise's were once said to be first found in Sussex with Mascals, and with Saddocks using "ears of rye", but are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons and Fountains while French Fontes' share the Rye/Rise Coat. Now we know why we hugged in this dream.

The Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Cass'/Cash's (more fountains), first found in Cambridgeshire with the Love-related Muscats/Musks, and so, if I know how God is playing this heraldic game, I would say that Muscats/Musks incorporate the Sleep Coat in colors reversed because the two surnames were directly related. The Hugs were probably from Hugh Lupus, uncle of Ranulph le Meschin.

Sleeps were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Meschins, but are now said to be first found in Kent with the Snake's in the Fountain Crest. Kent is where Masons/Massins were first found who share the mermaid with Hugo's. I'm descended from a grandmother born, Miss Taddei, and that surname has triple-red chevrons in the colors of the triple fesses of Fountains and Hugs. Muschats have triple-red chevrons too.

Hugs were first found in Languedoc with Fontes' and Font-de-Ville's ("flag" is relevant), and then Fantis' (share boy heads with Meschin-branch Masculine's) were first found in Bologna with Italian Fontana's. The father of Godfrey de Bouillon was a count in Boulogne, and Bouillons share the Taddei flory.

Spanish Fontana's have a red flory cross, which is what the Taddei flory would be in colors reversed. The flory cross is code for elements in Florence, where Taddei's were first found as well as the Italian Fulks sharing the Fountain Chief. English Fulke's, probably a branch of Flags/Flecks sharing the Meschin scallops, share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and Fulke's with Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Fountains. Isn't this fun? Not when I've repeated these things a million times with no end in sight of the finish line.

The game that God is playing is called: Encouraging You With Masci Links to Everything to Make You Write for Decades Until the Work is Finished. I've been like the wind that knows not where it's going, but finally I'm seeing the destination, I think: a 666 in conjunction with vaccine enforcement. I could be wrong, but that's what I'm seeing. The future is sick-sick-sick, and it just so happens that Sichs use the Kiss-et-al "fountains" too. They are used also by Waterfords/Waterville's while Waters/Waterville's were obvious kin of Muschats.

The Sichs even have the Tattons of Massy in their write-up, highly suspect as a Taddei branch. Tattons share the crescent of Touts/Toots in the Hicks motto. That's why Miss Hicks and I hugged in the dream. We were holding each other, and Holds/Holts are in the motto of flag-using McLeods. Helds/Helts share the Hickson Coat. Hicks are suspect from the Hyksos suspect by me as having a hex = sic code at some point in their long history.

The Arms of Traby look like they have a 666 in the strings of the horns, and Trabys/Sadowski's have a "scarf" while Scarfs share Coat of Bathers (Denbighshire, beside earl Hugh Lupus of Cheshire), showing only the wolf head which was owned (same colors) by Hugh Lupus. Wikipedia's article on High Lupus once showed his symbol, a white-on-blue wolf.

The striped Traby horns are shared by Weights/Waits. God said, "WHAT ARE you WAITing FOR, it's you she loves..." The Traby/Sadowski scarf is Q-shaped with a KNOT, and I say it's part-code for Mackay-related Quade's/WADE's because the latter share triple wolf heads (different colors) with Scarfs. For" is twice in the Ainsley motto, likely code for Fore's/Forez's, and Ainsleys were first found in NOTTINGhamshire, said to be named by king Cnut.

Cnuts/KNOTs were first found in Derbyshire with Are-branch EYERs/Ayers (share Weight/Wait / Kiss/Cush chevron) suspect in "EARS of rye," and the "ears of WHEAT" of Chappes'. Sheaves'/Chiava's are also Chiapponi's, and heraldic sheaves are usually of wheat. And guess what? Wheats/Whate's were first found in Norfolk with Fountains and Risings / Rye's/Rise's. The sick-sick-sick is coming, maybe you should prepare for it before the night arrives.

My mother was born in Poggio Picenze, and lived there until 22. It's seven miles from L'Aquila which has a central square with a large fountain. I was at the fountain at age 11. You saw the Shee's/Shea's with the Masci fleur, and then I told of the Sheaves'/Shea's...whose "qui" motto term tells me of their Sheaves'/Chiava branch, first found in L'Aquila and using five keys.

L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital, and Abruzzo is where Massi's/Mattis' were first found who share the Italian Fontana Chief. And Chiava-like Chives' share the moline cross of Mattis-like Mathis' while the Cavii Illyrians were between the Mathis (not the Mat) and Drilon rivers.

Inside the Glass Door, Just Legs But Wow

You are going to like the new sets of heraldry I've just discovered. The glass door may have been arranged because Glass' were first found in Beauty-like Bute, and so note that Calts/COLE's have a giant black bull, the color of the Beauty bull. A Kyle-Society webpage says/said that Kyle's were related to mythical king COLE. Kyle's share the Glass stars, and the Knee / Leakey bend is shared by German GALTs. Read on to see why Galts and Calts are in this paragraph.

The "LUCtor" motto of Glass' can reasonably be for the Luck/Looks sharing the Faux mascle. And then Locks, who can be pointed to by the Get'n Go, were first found beside GLASgow, and so we have, in the Glass motto, what looks like a pointer to LOCKdowns, for Knee's were first found in County Down while it was Beauty's knees that impressed me through the glass door. Downs have a stag in Trump and Legg stag-head colors, and Trump called for the lockdowns.

If you were convinced that Ranch-like Range's should be part of the Get'n Go pointers, then you might be interested in that strange symbol in the corner of the Rangel Shield. It's the very same symbol that Carrick-branch English Kerricks call both a "CALTrap" and a "GALTrop." Calts/Cole's, in Carrick/Kerrick and Carrot/Carew colors, were first found in Cornwall with Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews. Scottish Carricks/Kerricks were first found Ayrshire with Kyle's, which is between Bute and GLASgow, and Glass' were first found in Beauty-like Bute. I saw her knees through the glass door, and I know already that I'm going to the Knee's.

But first: Carew-like Carys were first found in Somerset with the Sticks in the "candlesticks" of Kyle's. Candle's/Kentwells share the annulets of Ladys/LAUDymans in the "Lady Fortune" of Glass-like Klassens/Class'. Kyle's share the Glass stars, and Lords/LAUDs are in the GlasGOW motto. GOWs/McGoo's have already been pointed to by the Get'n Go, and we're now talking about its glass door.

Carricks and Kyle's were first found in Ayrshire with the Nons/Nevins in the Kerrick motto. The Nons/Nevins have been resolved as kin of Knee-like Kness'/Ness', and while the other Ness' are also Nessans, Nissans were first found in Hamburg with German Galts sharing the Knee bend, and with German Drummonds who I say named the Trumps and Tromps that I routinely link to Knee's/Knees'. Kness'/Ness' were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds and even English Galts! I often know where I'm headed heraldically, but surprises often pop up along the way.

If not mistaken, Perthshire is beside Banffshire, where Trope-like Troops/Trops were first found. The GalTROP. See anything suspicious? Val Trompia is at lake Garda while Carricks/Kerricks use a "Garde" motto term, and so Trops may have been from a branch that named Val Trompia. TROPoje is a location near Dardania, and Dardanians named the Darts/Dards who have a fesse in the colors of the fessewise trumpets of Class-like Calles'. I trace the Sleeps to near Tropoje, which can explain why Sleeps almost have the Dart/Dard Coat, yet the Ness'/Nessans (Holland with Tromps) have the Sleep Coat in colors reversed.

It could be vaccine-kill relevant that while Trump's almost have the Legg Coat, a leg is in the Crest of Calles-like Chelles' (same place as Hicksons) who in turn have the Cheile Coat while Cheile's were first found in Lincolnshire with their KILL branch, and with the giant-leg Prime's. Primo's were first found in Burgundy with Get'n Go pointers, including the McGoo-related Locks now pointing to the lockdowns with Knee's.

NOW BEHOLD because Nissans were linked in the last update to the Dons in a pointer to Fauci's replacement, and Dons were first found in Cheshire with Kerricks, and with the Trump-connectable Hands/Hans' in the Coat of German Dorrs. The "calTRAP" and galTROP" are interesting because Trumps are also Trap-like Tramps (same place as Hanns'-branch Hahns), and then Trope-like Tromps share the giant eagle of Candle-like Candels and DORia's, the latter first found in Genova with the Fauci's who share the split Shield of Tromps!!! Can we believe it? The Glass DOOR! It's now pointing to Trump's Werp Speed. But I'm not done.

This outcome can explain why Scottish Doors show nothing but leopard FACEs. The latter have a "signo" motto term while Doria's and Fauci's were first found in the same place as Segni's/Segurana's who in turn have the moline cross of Seagars in colors reversed, who in turn were first found in Devon (beside CALTs/Cole's) with booster-like Bosters/BasTARDs and TARDs/Darts while the TRAPs/Trappers use a giant "busTARD". The calTRAP.

The Trap/Trapper bustard is in the colors of the Drop/TROPE lion, and in the colors of the wings of Jewish Glass', which are white wings seen also in the Crest of German Dorrs, and Wings/Winks, first found in Perthshire with Trump-branch Drummonds, share the lone pile (different colors) with Kerricks. Wings/Winks love the Billets (Devon), a branch of Bellows, first found in Cheshire with Kerricks.

I almost missed it: Cheshire is where Gethins/Gettens were first found (in the colors of the McGee's who had a MacHethe variation), who had been considered by "GET'N Go."

The Wings/Winks, linkable to the Vince's expected in the "vincit" motto term of English Galts (Perthshire with Wings/Winks), share the pile of English Hagels, first found in Somerset with TRABy-related Sticks. The latter's Stich branch were first found in Cheshire with Kerricks, and Perthshire is where Shaws were first said to be from Stich-like "Sithech." The Prests/Press', who probably named Prestbury, where Kerricks were first found, were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's, and moreover the Prests/Press' share the Chief of Neils/O'NAILs.

BEHOLD NOW: The GALtrop can work into this amazingly because Irish Nagle's, sharing the Fauci lozenge, use a "nightinGALE" because Gale's share the saltire of German Nagle's/Neils/NAILs, the latter first found in Westphalia with the Rangels showing the same symbol as the Kerrick galTROP!!! It explains why Rangs/Rings were first found in Norfolk with Drops/TROPE's and Risings/Risons!

Rangels might even be using the Door / Doral lion. Plus, Nagle's named Oneglia, where Doria's married the Arduinici, and Oneglia is near Nice while Nice's are listed with Ness'/Nessans. Candels and BusTARD-branch Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with Gale's, and with the Cantons/Gantons in the cantons of Tards/Darts/DARDs and German Dorrs. DARDanians probably married DAORsi Illyrians, partners in turn of the proto-Arduinici Ardiaei (Illyrians).

Kepke's dog, Blacky, taught me that Blacks, sharing the Glass stars, are from the Naro/Neretva river, home of the Daorsi and Arduinici, because Blackys share the vaired chevron of Nero's/Neretti's. These two Illyrian peoples are on maps also at Rhizon, near the Glass-line Clausula river, itself near Tropoje. That's a neat-little package. Nerets were even first found in Brittany with Sarasins while Shark-like Saraca's were at Kotor, beside Rhizon. But why was it Kepke's dog that makes this paragraph? What in this paragraph speaks to graphene? The glass door.

Bustards use pellets while Pellets were first found in Sussex with the Packs suspect in the "pax" motto term of Bosters/Bastards. Packs use anchors while Anchors were a branch of Angers sharing the Fauci lozenge! English Galts probably have the Patents in their motto, first found in Essex with Angers (Pack colors and format). The Pack anchors are shared by Paisleys, first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgows. hangers/Angers were first found in Hampshire (beside Sticks) with the Marine's in turn sharing the Candel cross.

Candels are linkable to Kyle's, the latter suspect as a branch of CALTs/Cole's who in turn share the black bull with one Hayden surname (Norfolk with Trope's) while the quadrants of the other Haydens are colors reversed from the same of German Dorrs. Black-bull Beautys were first found in DORset with Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats sharing the Hayden quadrants. Hades'/Hats, first found in Dorset with BUSHers, use wings while Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Bustard-like Bus' sharing the cinquefoil of Wing-beloved Billets and Bellows/Bello's. Bosters/Bastards, first found in Devon with Billets, have a "bello" motto term. Billets are used by Boster-connectable English Mays.

The Bosters/Bastards can be pointed to the horseshoe bats in the Wuhan lab because they share the Coat of BATTers/Betters while Bellys were first found in LeDuc-connectable Moray with the Scottish Randolphs (share Bath cross) using both the bat and the horseshoe. James LeDuc helped to set up a part(s) of the Wuhan lab, the proof was still online last I checked months ago.

BEHOLD. Bosters/Bastards and Batters/Betters share the Deny/DeMay/LeMais Coat, which is almost the Coat of Anjou-connectable Gete's/Gettes'/Jettins, which can explain why DEMYs/Demais'/Lemais' have a write-up telling of their branch in or near Anjou. This is amazing because I see the DEMI-lion of graphene-pointable Graffs/Graffins with the Demy surname under discussion, and that demi-lion holds an anchor while Anchors were an obvious branch of Angers! Anjou is in Angers. Hangers/Angers, first found in Hampshire with Graff-connectable Golds, use a giant Graffin-like griffin.

[Late in this update, I think I prove that Graffs and Golds were kin, and that discussion enters new findings on pointers to graphene-oxide]

The last time GETE's/Gettes'/Jettins were mentioned above, they were connecting with the GET'n GO, suspect now to GO = graphene oxide! The Graff's is a gold demi-lion, same as we find in the GATES Crest! Just contemplate on that connection, because it seems that God is snitching on Bill Gates for being part of the globalist-graphene call to abuse populations for the sake of raping their money. Bill Gates and his population-control plots can be the epitome of murderous Babylon the Great.

And speaking of Demys/DeMays in connection with anchor-using Graffs/Graffins, Mayors/Majors have a giant anchor! English Mare's/Mayers have a giant ship while Ships have "bellows" while Bellows (Cheshire with Mare's/Mayers) share the English Billet Coat, perhaps another pointer, for some reason, to Bill Gates. Bills have a rose in Chief in the colors of the three roses in the Mayor/Major Chief.

Mayors/Majors are said to descend from a ruler of Corbeil while Corbeils have a giant, Graffin-like griffin in red, the color of the griffin in the Arms of Pomerania, where German Belows were first found. CorBEILs were probably named in-part by Bellow-connectable Beils; one Beil/Baile Coat not only shares the Demy/DuMay and Belly chevron, but the Mayer/Major roses. The other Beils/Baile's nearly have the Mayor/Major Chief. The sharing of the same rose-in-Chief between Mayers/Majors and Bills recalls that Graffs/Graffins and Gates both have a gold DEMI-lion in their Crests.

Zowzers, the Beils almost have the Coat of Cups/Cope's and Copps (Hampshire with Golds and Chase's) while Kepke's/Kopke's share the border of cup-using Kupe's/Koops!!! It's a pointer to the spider chase that KAREN Graff witnessed. I was running back scared from this spider because I had fear of spiders. The three roses of the other Corbeils are shared in the same colors and positioning with German Rose's, first found in Silesia with Karens!

Ahh, while German GOLDers almost have the Keip Coat, English Goldens almost have the Coat of Peacocks, the latter not only first found in Essex with Hanger-branch Angers and Chase-branch Chance's, but have a motto, "BE JUST and FEAR not." Five points: 1) I had FEAR of spiders; 2) Bee's share the Crest of English Goldens, first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's; 3) Bee's share the quadrants of Besants while Peacocks and Golds use besants; 4) Besants were first found in Middlesex with Fears/Fiers; 5) JUSTine's share the border of Kepke's/Kopke's and Kupe's/Koops.

A sixth point: Peacocks share the black mascle with English Faux's (Essex with Peacocks) while French Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' were first found in Perigord with Fauchys.

Bees are used by Bessins/BEASTs, first found in Cheshire with Mare's/Mayers, and with the Masseys sharing the Bee quadrants. Masseys came from Maunch, on-shore from GUERNsey, where Mayors/Majors were first found. Meschins, who early included earl Ranulph de GERNon, were from the Bessin, and they married the Talbot line. Talbots (Shropshire with Meschins) have the Coat of Greys in colors reversed who are in the Mayer/Major greyhound. Greys were first found in Northumberland with the Tunnels in the Coat of spider-like Spitzers. My mother is a Masci on one side, and her maiden name is GRIMaldi while Gormleys are also Grimes'. The spider chase was in Gormley. Chase-branch Chance's share the Maschi Chief, and Grimaldi's were first found in Genova with Anger-related Fauci's.

Were Mayers/Majors looking like Belly kin? German Belli's have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Poindexters, the latter first found in the Channel Islands with Mayers/Majors. The split Belli colors are in the Hanger/Anger griffin and the Fauci Shield. The Mee's possibly in the Poindexter motto share the Gee/McGee boar heads.

The Hangers/Angers were first found in Hampshire with Potters and Pots, surnames likely of Poitiers / Poitou. The Mayor/Major Chief is in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Poitvin Chief. The write-up of Demys/DeMAYs (almost have the French Pot Coat) says they had a branch "in Anjou at Poitiers." It explains why German Mays/DeMays probably share the rock of Poitvins, first found at the Poitiers theater. Poitvins not only share the Chief of Ducks (Somerset, beside Pots and Potters), but put a jay on their rock while Jays were first found in nearby Herefordshire with Gates-connectable DOORs...stunning where Jays are said to have named Gee-like Gai. Gee's/Jee's are listed with McGee's/MacGETHe's, is that not absolutely amazing? The DOOR at the GET'n Go is where her knee scene took place, I'll explain it again as I go along. It appears that something evil concerning Bill Gates was at that door...because I don't know of anything good about that greedy control-freak.

Irish Doors and Dorals have a giant lion in the colors of the Graff/Graffin DEMI-lion. Poitvins have a Coat looking connectable to the one of French Galli's, a branch in turn of French Gays while English Gays happen to share the Demy/DeMay / Boster/Bastard / Batter/Better chevron. French Gays were first found in Savoy with Mayor/Major-connectable Corbeils, and with Chase-branch Chance's. As French Gays share a gold rooster with Corrys/Currys, the latter may have named CORbeils.


Back to Galts, likely from Galati of Romania where the Prut and Siret rivers meet. The Prut was anciently called something like the "paratus" motto term of galTROP-using Kerricks. Prut-like Prude's/Prats share the Carrick fesse, in the colors of the Rat cross, in case "paRATus" can apply. And it can. We have a story, especially as Irish Pratts were first found in Norfolk with Drops/TROPE's.

"Paratus" is the full motto of Swords who have swords in the colors of the McGee swords. Anything here to speak of? Geds use a "DuRAT" motto while Rats were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'. McGee's were first found in Dumfries with Patents/Patients/PADyns expected in the "Patentia" motto term of Scottish Galts, and Jim McGee had a knee-PAD event!

The Dure's in "Durat" were first found in Perthshire with the Sword-beloved Wings/Winks, Ratterys, Drummonds, and Pratt-colored ATHELs. Recalling that German Drummonds were first found in the same place with German Galts while Scottish Drummonds were first found in the same place with English Galts, let's go to the Drummond matriarch in Bohemia, whom I peg as Agatha ATHELing, the line to Gates'/Gatts. Agatha married Edgar Atheling who was himself in exile in Kiev, near Galati, with prince Andrew of Hungary, grandfather of the first Scottish Drummond.

It explains why Glocks, first found in Bohemia, have one of the three fesses of German Drummonds. This can predict Drummond elements in GLOUCestershire. Months ago, I was able to see that Mary MontiFEX Drummond was from Marys because they have the Ross Coat in colors reversed while Drummonds descended from Varangian Rus (= prince Andrew's wife). Fex-like Fix's/Fecks can be gleaned with the wavy Drummond fesse in colors reversed. Maria of Kiev was a Varangian.

Marys share the Gloucester/GLOSter Coat, minus the border. Lady Fortune of the Klassens/Class' can be of the Let's/Late's (in the GLASgow motto), first found in Gloucestershire. The source of the CLAUSula river is near TROPoje, a line I suspect in the galTROP. . Marys were first found in Norfolk with Drops/TROPE's while Scottish Drummonds were first found beside/near the first-known Troops/Trops and Banffshire. The earls of Mar ruled at KilDRUMMy, and Scottish Mars share the Drop/Trope lion.

Fix's are in the "TRANSfixus" motto term of Irish Walsh's/Walch's while Scottish Walsh's/Walch's almost have the BENJamin Coat. Fix's share the fleur-de-lys of BANKs in Benjamin colors. They are also the fleur of Arrows/Arras' from TERENTia Murena, explaining why Trans' are listed with Trents, the latter first found in Somerset with Webbers sharing the Fix, Bank and Arrow fleur. Webbers can be gleaned as kin of Pipes in the "organ pipes" of Lets/Late's. Walsh's/WALCHs almost have the Benjamin Coat because WALACHia includes the Rimna river of the Benjamites, near the Siret of Romania, though I don't know what those Benjamites were called in Romania. Any idea?

Back to the McGee's, who share the boar heads of Meigh's/My's having a "BENIGNo" motto term looking like code for Benjamins. McGee's are suspect as kin, at least, of Mackays, a branch of Maceys/Mace's who share the gauntlet with Fane's/Vans from Fano, near RIMINI. Galati is not far down the Siret river from the area of a RIMNa river, named, I claim, from the Benjamites of Israel's RIMMON. Maschi's, with branches in Cheshire with Kerricks, were first found in Rimini. God gave me an ice-CREAM symbol twice, and while the Italian for "ice-cream" is almost "galati," Cremers share the Masci fleur-de-lys.

The ice-cream has been resolved with the Icke variation of Hicks' and Ice's/Ecco's, making the latter's black eagle suspect with the black eagle legs of Hicksons. The latter were first found in Staffordshire with the Arrows/Arras' sharing the fleur-de-lys of Banks (Yorkshire with Hicks and Newton-beloved Prince's). Banks were at Bank Newton while Newtons (Cheshire with Masseys) use "shin bones" to go with the "bon" motto term of Hicks'. Newtons use an "eastern prince" while Easters/Sturs were first found in Manche, the Normandy home of Masseys. Newtons named STURminster Newton at the Stour river, and the new-to-me Newsons (Yorkshire) share the gold boar head with the Eure's (Massey quadrants) suspect in the "heure" motto term of Hicks'. Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, and Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Romania-like Rome's having a Rimna-line Rim variation.

The 600 Benjamites of Rimmon married 400 women from Jabesh-GILEAD, and so Galati looks like it was named from the Gilead region around Jabesh. The following should floor you, from an insert added to the last update while on the Braems/Brame's:

Insert -- Miss Hicks played Sleeping Beauty, who, when she awoke, was RISING into the air, a pointer without doubt (for reasons) to ancient Rhizon, smack beside Kotor. The latter was named from the line of ABRAM (Abraham) and KETURah, and it just so happens that Braems/BRAMe's have a different-colors Coat version of the Risings/Risons, the latter first found in Norfolk with Abram-like BRAMtons [share dog with Carricks] and Bank-connectable Benjamins. It begs whether Keturah was from the tribe of Benjamin. Kotor-like Cutters were first found in Dorset with Beautys. End insert

I've shown many times why Glass' and their branches trace to the CLAUSula river near Rhizon. Miss Hicks was at the glass door of the Get'n Go as an extension of her wake-and-rising scene. KOPLik on the Clausula is the line to Kopple's sharing the rooster in particular of German Gallus' i.e. a Glass-like surname. Italian Gallus' have Galati-like variations.

The Banks were in that heraldic set because their cross is the Braem/Brame cross in colors reversed. The thing that should floor us is that the Braem/Brame cross is that also of Rats/Raiders, first found in Nairnshire with GEDDES,' a surname that can be pointed to by the Get'n Go. Are you floored yet? If not, let's go to the Gethin/Gettin write-up: "The surname Gethin was first found in Cheshire, where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor near MALpas. The main stem of the family is said to be descended from David Goch..." Cheshire is also where the Malpas-connectable MALLs were first found who in turn have the MalBANCs in their write-up!

If you're not yet floored, let's add that Gochs/Gough's/Goffs (Rad colors) were first found in Rat-like RADnorshire, and that Rads virtually share the Coat of Keturah-like Kate's/Katterbachs (Virtually and Hagar(d)s!!!! Hagar was Abraham's concubine! Kate's/Katterbachs even have the Chief-Shield colors of shark-using Valiants (Yorkshire with Banks) while Sharks were from the Saraca's who had lived in Kotor.

The Rimna river is near the Buzau river (Siret tributary), which can explain why Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Benjamins. I saw the ROXolani stamped on a map at the Buzau river, and ROXburghshire is where Googe's were first found who share the Goch/GOFF/Gough boars. They are in the colors of Gophers/Gofers, the latter first found in Oxfordfshire with Kotor-like Cotters.

New: French Benjamins/JAMMES' (who I almost never mention) share the black bear with Galati-like English Galts, the latter first found in Perthshire with Hagar(d)s. And wow, the JAMES' have three lions in the colors and format of the three Rad / Kate/Katterbach hexagrams. Plus, English Jeans, who were involved in Sleeping Beautys wake-and-rising scene, share the James Crest, most excellent where Jeans were first found in Worcestershire with Rocks and Rooks. The Rooks were, until recently, said to be first found in Oxfordshire. I touched her knee for the wake scene, and Knee's share the bend of German Galts!

The Gopher/Gofer saltire is colors reversed from the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/GEDneys, and the shark in the Sleeping Beauty dream was in a kidney-shaped, residential swimming pool. Geds use a "DuRAT" motto term while Rats, sharing the Brae/BRAME cross, were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'/Geddys. Door-like Scottish Dure's (expected in "DURat") were first found in Perthshire with Hagar(d)s.

French Dore's were first found in Brittany with French Dure's/Durels. The latter share the Shield of CLIFFords, first found in Herefordshire with English Doors/Dorrs! Cliffs share black wolf heads with the Quids in the Dure motto, excellent, and while the shark was in the kidney-shaped POOL, Saraca's have a black wolf, and, to boot, the lion heads of French Dore's are in the colors of the giant Pool lion. Cliffs were in Cheshire with the Kerricks in turn sharing a "paratus" motto term with Cliffords. In fact, Cliffs married STICHe's of Cheshire while Dure's can be shown as a branch of SITHECH-descended Shaws. Cliffords are excellent, for having the Sempers/St. Peers in their motto, because the latter share the Bramton Coat.

God seems to have framed the Get'n Go event to point even to descendants of Abraham. These descendant are expected heavy-duty in Kilpatricks and/or Hicks'.

The Trabys married Stick-line Astikas' while Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped "scarf" suspect as code for the Quids/Quade's because both they and Scarfs have three wolf heads (different colors). Scherfs are listed with Schere's while the other Schere's have a "stick". The Sheera variation of Irish Kilpatricks applies here, especially as Kilpatricks share the dagger with Shaws.

Schere-branch Shere's are excellent because they were first found in Surrey with the James' in turn likely in the Douglas motto. I'll soon show how Douglas' can be pointed to be the Get'n Go, but suffice here to say that Douglas' had a location near the Kilpatrick castle, and therefore at least near the Geds. James' share the POOL lion, you see, and where they were related to Geds, it speaks to the kidney-shaped POOL. Beauty.

It's telling me that Geds were a KidNEY/GedNEY branch. English Neys (Knee/Nee branch?) share the Coat of Finns/Feins suspect in the PRESley/PRIESTley motto term, "fiNEM," and both Neys and Finns/Feins share the fesse of Vince's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with PRESS'/PRIESTs and Horns'/Orne's. The Nems are listed with Nons/Nevins, the kin likely of Knee-like Kness' ("non"). Horns/Orne's have "Nil deSPERANDUM" while Nems/Nons/Nevins have "VIVIS SPERANDUM." Carrick-branch Craigs have "Vivo et Vivis" while Craigie's (Ayrshire with Carricks/Kerricks and Nems/Nons/Nevins) use "vivo" too.

Shere's share the black dog with Carricks/Kerricks and Craggs. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with the Presley /Priestly who once showed the design of English Kerricks that the latter call a the caltrap. Presleys/Priestlys have two names for that symbol; the initial description I saw called it a "grappling iron," and Irons happen to be listed with Orne-like Orions. Press'/Priests, first found in Hertfordshire with Horns/Orne's, share the Chief of Neils expected in the Horn/Orne motto.

Later, the Presley symbol, when it no longer showed as the Kerrick caltrap, was changed to "grappling hooks," and Hooks have a blue-Shield Coat version of the Hicks', first found in Yorkshire with Presleys/Priestlys. The latter share two symbols of Abreu's/Abruzzo's who in turn named Evreux at EURE, and "HEURE" is a Hicks motto term. Dreux is in Eure while Dreux's are in Drake colors and format while Drake's share the red wyvern with Cliffords which Presleys use as a red cockatrice.

The Arms of Traby has a "horn" while Horns/Orne's were first found in Middlesex (and neighboring Hertfordshire) with the Fiers from Fier county, near the proto-Dagger Dexaroi of proto-Kilpatrick Antipatria. French Dure's are also Hure's while English Hurons/Herons could have been a branch of French Hurons/Hure's who share the Shark trefoil, which can explain why "Nil" is a motto term of Horns/Orne's and Hurons/Herons i.e. because Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils. The latter share a Nail variation with German Nagle's/Neils who in turn have a saltire in the colors of the Kidney/Gedney saltire-by-fish. The Sleeping Beauty dream was obviously from God who, centuries ago, fixed the heraldry to fit the dream's particulars.

While Trump JUMPed into the kidney-shaped pool, the Patria's in the Dure motto phrase, "pro patria," share the stag head of Jumps and Trumps...which can suggest that Kilpatricks, first found in the same place as Trump-connectable Leggs, were a Peartree/Patria branch. In fact, the Dure Crest is essentially the Shaw Crest, and while Shaws and Dure's were first found in the same place, I know that Shaws use the dagger, the Kilpatrick symbol too. The Pero's/Perino's have the Hagar hexagram in half its colors.

Geds were on the Nith river (near first-known McGee's), in 400 AD, location of the Kilpatrick castle, and Sleeping Beauty is played by Mrs. Kilpatrick. One Geddes article telling of Geds on the Nith adds that Geds gave their swords to the Mackays, which can explain why the Quids/Quade's share the Irish Mackay Coat. The Nons in the Dure motto were, I've argued, a branch of Knee-like Kness' (Perthshire with Dure's).

Scottish Mackays look (by their Coat) like kin of McGee's, and "Quid" is a motto term the Ricketts/Reckitts who share the chevron-shaped, swords-to-a-point of McGee's, much like the daggers-to-a-point on the Mackay chevron. This suggests that McGee's, who were also MacGethe's, had been a Ged branch. Now that McGee's have been plastered to the glass door at the Get'n Go, I can advance the theory stronger than before that Gates' were a Geddes, or even a McGee, branch, for the Gates Coat is a reflection of the English Door Coat. Why might a Gates surname be pointed to by that glass door?

[Later in this update, I find a BalMAGIE location near Castle Douglas, but of ASTOUNDING SIGNIFICANCE, a Mugg-connectable surname is found with almost the Gates Coat, suggesting that my Galveston mugging can be, and probably is, a pointer to Bill Gates' part in vaccine distributions.]

Hmm, the Bills use "WOOD bills", which can point to Bill Gates because Get'n Go is in Camp WOOD.

Plus, after struggling to see how the Songs could point to Bill gates, not seeing anything possible at all, I found something. The Songs can apply because, after entering the Get'n Go, I spoke with Miss Hicks at the check-out counter, telling her I enjoyed the two songs she had sung (about an hour earlier) sang at the 9-11 memorial.

Aside from Songs being first found in Devon with Gates' and Bill-branch Billets, I could see no way to link the Songs to Gates'...until I realized that the brown horse head in the Song Crest is in the design of the black one in the Crest of English Bute's/Bude's. That's not a sufficient link in itself to Gates, but, as I always say: the fish of German Bute's/Butts/Boets is in the colors of the Geddes' fish!!! Plus, Glass' were first found in Bute. The GLASS door speaks! God arranged Miss Hicks to sing songs for what we are reading here.

Geddes' use pikes, and Pike's were first found in Devon too, beside the HENTERs/Enders and Bute-colored Bude's/Buds. I ENTERed the Get'n Go. Henters/Enders share arrows on blue with Bude's/Buds.

I've said many times that English Este's once showed the black horse head in Crest as have Bute's/Bude's, which makes sense because the latter have ESToiles. English Este's were first found in Essex the Phreeze's/Freys' who share the courant horse of Songs.

Bills were related to Roets who in turn share the motto of Bowd-like Bough's/Bows in the bows of the Bude/Bud Coat. I think I'm convinced that Bill Gates is inside the Get-n Go.

Ahh, Pike-like Picks/Pix's share the Wood fitchees!!! They are also the Rattery fitchees while Hoods were first found in Rattery of Devon! Woods share the rooted tree of Roet-branch Roots, and Roets were Bill kin! It's working. PICtons/PichTONE's share the lion of Kings, first found in Devon, and Knights/Nights were first found in Suffolk with Towns/TUNE's. Tone's/Tonys were first found in Leicestershire with Woods!

Ahh, Roots share the lozenge of Fauci's, first found in Genova with DORia's! The glass DOOR. Nailed it. Roots have the lozenges of Irish Nagle's in colors reversed, who in turn named Oneglia, where Doria's married the Arduinici. These Nagle's use a "NIGHTingale" while Nights/Naughts, from the Nith river of pike-using Geds, share the giant PICton lion!!!

The Boet variation of Bute's/Bute's is shared by Italian Boys/Boeddu's who in turn share the bull (different colors) with Beautys/Bowds/BoWOODs. Camp Wood. Bills use "wood bills." The hovering scene of the Beauty dream showed that the Beauty bulls were of the bull heads of Walerans, first found in Devon, yet Walerans are said to descend from Waleran, baron of Essex. The German Voss' suspect in the Waleran motto were first found in Mecklenburg with Hicks-connectable Ice's/Icke's who share the Pike trefoil! It never ends. After looking dismal, the floodgates have been opened.

Dutch Voss/Foss' show only three bends in the colors of the Knight/Night pale bars, and the latter use the spur while Spurrs and Supers were first found in Devon too, with Rattery even, explaining why Ratterys have a "Super" motto term. The "DuRAT" motto term of Geds can include Ratterys, first found in Perthshire with Dure's.

It was probably easier for God to set up all this heraldry, to suit events that He would cause in my life, than to design and create just one bodily cell. The hard work comes when He needs to get me to figure out what the heraldry points to. I'm the rusty-rotten link in the chain. Give me another decade, and I should be finished. I'm 66 as I write.

At age 12, in my first year of organized hockey, I scored the first goal in our CHAMPionship match, as I've said a million times before, by backhanding the puck over the KNEE PAD of my friend, the goaltender, Jim McGee. He had kicked the knee pad out trying to block the shot well to his right. I assume that Jim was born, James! I get it. French Champs almost have the Douglas Chief! DuGLASS' share a "Jamais" motto term with James'. Champs are listed with Camps/Comps. Camp Wood had the knee event. Camps/Comps were first found in Warwickshire while Warwicks share the triple James lions.

We won that game, but what might that goal and victory mean as something good for Christians facing the globalist persecution? We are the champions. New: English Champions (Hampshire with Kepke-connectable Mile's/MILLs/Mylles') are in the colors and format of Irish McGee's! And much of the other English Champions (share the Mile/MILL/Mylles border) are in the colors and format of Padds! McGee kicked out his knee PAD. Padds use MILL rinds! Padyns/Patents were first found in Dumfries with Scottish McGee's. Miles' share the Chief/Shield colors of Scottish Simsons while Padds were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons. Nutters (listed with Knutts) are suspect in the Simson motto term, "nutrior." Knee's could have been of the Nith river. LOOKIE: I SCOREd into the net, and Nets are listed with Nights/Naughts, first found near the Nith. NEDhams, sharing the Knee Coat, have a "phoenix" that shows as a gold, spread eagle and flames at the tail, and a gold, spread eagle is in the Score Crest!!! I'm beside myself here with this new find (at least I don't remember it) because the Nuns, twice on the Nedham motto, "Nunc aut nunquam," share the Score saltire! Score's are in Flame colors. This is a good way to trace Knee's to a branch of Nitts/Naughts.

One of the Champion surnames, with a "patria" motto term able to include a Kilpatrick branch, translates its motto with "king," and Kings with Kingstons share the Net/Night/Naught and English Simson lion.

Nutters/Knutts, first found in Gloucestershire with Lets, share the pheons of Glasgow-beloved Lords. The Glasgow motto, "LORD, LET Glasgow flourish." Gloucesters are also GLOSters.

It's worth mentioning now that while one of the English Champions were first found in Bedfordshire with Lutons, the latter's giant eagle is shared partly by Graff-connectable Grave's/Greafs (Gloucestershire). The other half of the Grave/Greaf eagle is the Champion eagle. The "jaMAIS" motto term of DuGLASS' evokes the DuMais variation of Demys who I took initially off of the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffins. The Get'n Go is pointing to graphene-oxide, and Camps/Coms/Champs even use GRIFFIN heads while French Champs/Deschamps have two-thirds the Douglas Chief. In place of the third Douglass star, the Champ/Deschamp Chief has an owl.

Due to Pero's suspect twice in the Champion motto, I'm guessing that Belgian Champions have the Peerless/Napier saltire.

French Champs/Deschamps use "ears of corn" because Corns share the Camp/Comp/Champ chevron. Corns were first found in Cumberland with Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers. Docks/Doxeys use so-called COMPony. As Champs/Deschamps were first found in Picardy while Scottish Picards were first found in Moray with Duglass', it not only tends to prove that Camp liners were descended from a Duglass variation, but allows one to point the glass door in Camp Wood to DuGLASS' for some particular reason(s). It just so happens that French Picards, first found in Picardy, have a giant lion that is the Gates lion, in the colors of the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffins (!!!), and the Gates Crest has it in demi form too!!! can we believe it. I actually stumbled on this after writing most of this paragraph. I didn't know what French Picards had until the last sentence. It tends to prove that Graffins and Griffins were branches.

Plus, Woods were first found in Leicestershire with Campens/Champagne's sharing the Shield of Bracebridge's, and while the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Leicester-connectable Leaks/Leakeys, all perfect for Camp Wood, Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with bee-using Doors that almost have the Gates Coat!!!! Bracebridge's have a "Be" motto term.

Kilpatrick castle is near Castle Douglas (a community). Douglas' have a conspicuous DuGLASS' variation that can explain the knee event at the GLASS door of the Ged-like Get'n Go, for Knee's may have been a branch of Knights / Nights suspect as Nith-river liners along with Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries). Knee-branch Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with Knight- / Naught-like Cnuts/Nots. Nottings, first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's, even share the pheons of Glass-like Glaze's, as well as the pheons of the Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto phrase, "Lord, LET." Nottinghams share the annuLETs of Benjamins, gold like the Lady/Laudyman annulets.

New: with Geds on the Nith, it appears that the Nitt/Naught lion head is in the colors of the giant lion of Gethins/Gettens due to their being branches. Plus, with Castle Douglas being near the Nith, it's even more amazing that the Manders, suspect in the Duglass salamander, have an "OMNibus" motto term, for my Texas OMEN, a large part of the last update, pointed to JEANE Marrazzo while Knightons/Nitons were first found in Worcestershire with a Knighton location and the first-known English Jeans!!! I started the last sentence not yet realizing that Omens were first found in Suffolk with English Knights/Nights!!! ASTOUNDING. Knightons/Nitons even share the green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks!

I already knew, before starting the last paragraph, that "Omnia" is a Nitt/Naught motto term! But I did not know it consciously throughout the last update when Omens were a large topic. The Dons (same place as Gethins/Gettins) with an "Omnia" motto term were linkable to Jeane Marrazzo's surname.

Kilpatrick castle is at CLOSEburn, and the Close's who have a green Crest too share the spur with Knights/Nights. Scottish Nights/Naughts were first found in Kirkcudbrightshire, named after Kirkcudbright some 10 miles only from Castle Douglas, itself 20-25 miles south of Closeburn. KirkCUDbrightshire is in eastern Galloway while the Geddes article above says, "Geds of Galloway." The Close's share the stars of BRIGHTs, Maceys/Mace's and French Bride's, tending to explain "KirkcudBRIGHT."

But why might English Jeans and James' share the giant Galloway lion? We can ask their James-like Jane variation. As James' can trace to Castle Douglas, ditto with Jeans/Jane's.

Brights were even first found in Cheshire with Gethins/Gettens and Masci-branch Maceys/Mace's while Kilpatricks share the Masci / Hook fleur-de-lys. The Wake-like Walks/Wachs were first found in the same place as the Nith river. The bulldog in the kidney-shaped POOL is Trump, and the Trump stag head is colors reversed from the stag head of Hanna's, first found in Wigton of Galloway. The Wigton Chief looks related to the Sabine's, the latter descended from the proto-Pools. Pools love the Pollets, first found in Somerset with the Saffins who once came up as "Sabina" for good reason as per Vespasia Polla of Sabina, home of Safini.

The Cudds and Cuthberts use the "dart" for a trace to Dardanians at or near lake SCODra, the namer of the first Scotts, in my opinion. Darts/Dards/Tards (Devon with ALBINs and Hooks) use one of the ermined bends of Sleeps, the latter from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians at lake Scodra (ALBANia theater). The green Close lion can be the one of Lorraine's, first found in Northumberland with green-Shield Cudds in both colors of Risings/Risons. Rhizon is near to where Selepitanoi are usually found on maps, and Sleeping Beauty was rising into the SKY as soon as she awoke from sleep. The Island of Skye is near or in Dal Riata, part of ALBA prior to the Scotts.

The Geddes article calls the Geds as part of the first Scotts of Dal Riata, and Vespasia Polla of Rieti is to the POOL surname. The Arms of Rieti use fish (on fretty), though I'd like to know what they are officially called (don't know).

Meanwhile, the shark in the pool represents Saraca's of Kotor i.e. a sleep-walk from Rhizon and a witch's broom flight from lake Scodra. Witch's have Wake-like variations, and Brooms (Kent with Scotts) are suspect with the Bromton variation of Abram-like Bramtons (share Duce Coat). Witch's/Wage's were first found in Cornwall with the Wassa's/Wace's and Trice's/Trysts in the Broom cockaTRICE. "Tryst" is a motto term of Hebrons, first found in Northumberland with Rieti-line Reeds.

The reason I saw myself WALKing toward the WAKE scene is that Walks/Wachs share the sheaf of Wakefields (Yorkshire with Hicks and Walkers). The dream could have shown me simply standing at Beauty's car. Instead, I, as a bystander looking on, saw my whole self walking toward her car.

Vespasia Polla was married to Flavius Sabinus, and Sabine's share not only the Pully/Pullen scallops, but the ones of English Jeans! The latter share the Crest of James' who share a Duglass motto term! Douglas' were first found in Moray with the Terras' sharing a Scott Coat. The Arms of Taranto use mythical Taras, and Taranto is in Polla-like Apulia. Tarrs/Taras' were first found in Somerset with Sabina-line Saffins and Trents. German Terras' use rooks while Rooks were first found in Worcestershire with the Jeans sharing the Pully and Sabine scallops. Near Apulia is Shark-line SARACena and the neighboring Morano which named Morano's, first found in Modena with Morinis'/MORAZZI's. Jeane Marrazzo the new shark on the block!

I now need to repeat what I've said quite a few times years ago. I'll come back to topic. Upon buying the newspaper in Victoria, immediately after the mugging, I looked at property prices in southern Texas. The first property I went promptly to see was one on highway 83 between Uvalde and Leakey. I remember seeing a political sign where a Mr. MORENO was running for some office. Then, while Leakeys are listed with Leaks, the founder of WikiLEAKs was being protected in a London embassy by the president of EcuaDOR. His vice-president was Mr. GLAS, and I saw the legs of Miss Hicks in the GLASS DOOR on the Leakey road. They were just legs, but there is so much that this one scene can point to, including the Leak/Leakey leg.

The next president of Ecuador. Mr. Moreno, put the WikiLeaks founder in a British prison by giving him up to British police when in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. While Moreno's are listed with Murena's, we just crossed the line of Terentia Murena above with Taranto elements. I'm not a-pulling your leg, Hickens/Higgins (descended from Neils) use TAR drops while Tarrs/Taras' were first found near the first-known English Doors, and near also to the first-known Jeans/Jane's while James' share the dolphin with the Arms of Taranto. The Coffee's, in the coffee that I bought along with the newspaper that got me to the Moreno sign, almost have the Arms of Taranto.

French and Spanish Jeans share the lion Galloways, and of Irish Doors, first found in Galloway-related Galway with Teague's/Teegers/CAIGE's. Cage's have the vertically-split Shield of English Doors in colors reversed. Dorals, sharing the Irish Door lion, were first found in BUCKinghamshire. The Cage Crest can have the Hicks buck because Cage's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the News'/NUCES' sharing the "chaplet" with Hick's.

I ended up buying a NUECES-riverfront property from Mrs. Teague, born Miss Friend, and perhaps the Italian Ferrands can apply because they share the checks of Nitts/Naughts while English Ferrands were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks'. English Ferrands are the only ones I know of sharing the vaired cross with Rhizon-connectable Reesors/Reasons, and the latter happen to share the brown wolf in Crest with Teague's/Teegers. Reesors/Reasons were first found in Lincolnshire with Hicks-connectable Leaks/Leakeys.

The founder of WikiLeaks revealed that the U.S. military was happily murdering civilians in Iraq, in the war that was started on the concocted excuse of 9-11 destruction, and I saw her legs through the glass door minutes after she an I left the first-year anniversary memorial for 9-11. We left the memorial separately with no plan of meeting, but we both stopped off at the Get'n Go on the way home. Uvalde was the scene of a government-sponsored false-flag event not long ago. The operation faked killing school children, shame, or worse: one or more were killed.

The Geddes article starts like so: "Here in the upper Nith Valley, the Scottish Geddeses - chidren of Niall - made their first home in Caledonia." Niall named the Neils/O'Nails, first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and "Nil" is a motto term of Scottish Nights/Nets!

If you can't yet bring self to believing that God set me up at the Get'n Go with Mrs. Kilpatrick, and also arranged the event to jibe with this heraldic set and much more, you might miss out on what He's planning through me. I'm not trying to be self-serving, or to coerce you into reading week-to-week, but I think it needs to be said that God's up to something through these updates. I often get impatient because this is a marathon work, but somehow, I keep slugging along due to the endless heraldic links that fascinate me. The full picture keeps getting clearer with time.

And by the way, Dume's/Dome's, sharing the crane (different colors) with Sharks, may have named DUMfries, or vice-versa. The Dume/Dome Crest might even be the Hicks buck because Hicks were at Low LEIGHton while Leghs are in the colors and format of Dume's/Dome's. Leghs were first found in Cheshire with Dunham Masci (location) and Dons while Kilpatrick-connectable Masci's were first found in Piedmont with DOMino's while Dunhams/DOMINE's were kin of Randolphs (Yorskhire with Hicks') from Ranulph le Meschin of Cheshire. The Domine's share the black tower with HICKens/Higgens with a "Pro PATRia" motto. The Coat of Hickens/Higgins (Hickenson branch) looks related to Hills, first found in Worcestershire with Jeans now suspect at the Castle-Douglas area of Dumfries. Dume's/Dome's are in Ewe/Cuist colors and format while Hicks are said to have been at St. Ewe too. Ewe's/Cuists share the Ferte Coat while Masci's were of Ferte-Mace. Ewe's/Cuists and Ferte's share the MacDONald eagle while Dance's/Donna's were first found in Piedmont too.

The omen pointed also to James LeDuc of Galloway-like Galveston, and so we can keep eyes peeled for why Camp Wood might point us to German Camps, first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers/Dockers and Nagle's/NEILs/Nails. I have a theory already (as to why) because the latter's Coat is similar to the one of Knightons/Nitons, and I think the latter has already started to pointed to Jeane Marrazzo. German Camps show nothing but a dancetty-fesse on red, and there's one also in the Chief of the Haydens who in turn share the Beauty bull. These Haydens even have a white lion touching that bull, the color of the Nitt/Naught and Gethin/Gettin lion.

Westphalia is also where duck-using Velins and Velens/Valance's/VOLANs were first found, the latter suspect in the "volanti" motto term of Nights/Naughts. English Valance's/Vallants, are very connectable to shark-using Valiants, have a reflection of the Knighton/Niton Coat too. Everything is clickety-clicking along like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling from the sky into place.

Valence's/Vallants were first found in Kent with the Morinis-related Deerings while Morinis' are the ones with Marrazzo-like Morasso/Morazzi variations. Amazingly, Morinis' share the double fesses of Dons, and while Gethins/Gettens were first found in the same place as the Dons, the latter's "dona" motto term can take us to Italian Dance's/Donna's. Jeans share the lion of Docks, first found in Staffordshire with Duck-branch Duce's/Doocys, and the Schims/Schiens with a "duce" motto also use "COMITE fortuna" while "fortunae COMMITTo" is a motto phrase of Nitts/Naughts. Comets are suspect as a branch of Comyns sharing not only the Kilpatrick dagger, but the sheaf of Wake-connectable Walks/Wachs, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river. English Daggers/Dackers were first found in the same place with Dockers, making Ducks look like they descended from Dexaroi of AntiPATRia.

Dexaroi are also called, DassaRETae. Wikipedia: "The Dassaretae may refer to the: Dassaretii, an Illyrian tribe; Dexaroi,..." Rita's use "pieces of wood" to go with Camp Wood, and they share the giant Pool lion. Dexaroi may have gone through Rieti to Dal Riata because the latter is in ancient Alba while Dexaroi were from Albania. Albanys may be sharing the Dock / Jean lion closely, therefore. Italian Albini's, sharing the Shark trefoil, were first found near Modena, here Morinis'/Morazzi's were first found.

Plus, while it's the Reines who use a "comet", the Raines'/Rains and their WREN branch both share the Nitt/Naught lion (head)!!! That's a big WOW because Wrens share the crosslets of RENCH's/WRENch's while the Get'n Go is at Ranch road. Wrens even use a broken spear with their white lion head while Broke's/Brocks (Essex with Raines'/Rains) share the Chief-Shield colors of Schims/Schiens.

Mrs. Kilpatrick has a Reines-like Rena middle name. The "AUT leges" motto term of Raines'/Rains ought to be for the Trump-connectable Leggs, first found in the area of the Nith river. It can explain why I woke sleeping Beauty at her AUTo by brushing her leg with my hand. "Aut" happens to be a motto term of Knee-branch Nedhams. Hands/Hans', first found in Cheshire with Gethins/Gettens, and with the Dons sharing an "Omnia" motto term of Nitts/Naughts, can be a branch of Hanna's with a stag head in colors reversed from both the giant Legg and giant Trump stag heads. The Speers in the Wren spears were first found in RENfrewshire with the Orrs/Ore's having another "omnia" motto term. Wake's can be gleaned as Orr/Ore kin.

I almost missed it, but a map I have opened showing Castle Douglas shows a BalMAGIE area about two miles to its west, and Magie's are listed with McGee's, first found in Dumfries. This is now amazing because, while Douglas' share a motto term with James' that shows close kinship between the two, James' were first found in Surrey with Maggie-like MUGGs/Mudge's and Madge's/MACHEts!!! My mugging in Galloway-like Galveston can point to Muggs/Mudge's (show only cockatrices), and Balmagie is at the Galloway theater. Galloways share the James and Jean lion. But why should the mugging connect to McGee's / Geds or any other part of this heraldic set?

Madge's/Machets (Cudd colors) share the Hicks and Ainsley fleur-de-lys while the My's in the Ainsley motto share the Magie/McGee boar heads. I think I now know why Ainsleys share the scimitar with Ricketts/Reckitts, for the latter were shown above as McGee kin. Ainsleys were a branch of Annas' who in turn almost have the Wiggon Coat while Wigton of Galloway is near Balmagie. The scimitar is suspect with Schims whose "duce" motto term connects to Ainsley Earhardt where her co-host is Steve Doocy, but as the mugging was on Galveston, where James LeDuc is the boss of the Galveston National Lab, I think this heraldic set now speaks for itself. But why are Fox and Friends hosts in this set?

Schim-branch Skins/Scans (possible pointer to 666) have swords in McGee-sword colors, and Schims even share the white boar head with McGee's.

Give'em Over

[Insert -- On the morning after writing here, the first thing I did was look for a Mudge / Madge-like surname that may have been ancestral to Muggs, checking first of all for a Mattick surname. It reminds that, for my trip, I was lucky to have thought to put a spare key under the floor MAT. After the mugger ran off with the keys, I was able to go on my way with the key under this mat.

Matticks happen to have the Gates Coat minus a lion (a big deal), and because Matticks have two lions in pale, they have the Coat of Duce's/Doocys (same place as Docks/Dox's) in colors reversed, amazing because Madge's/Machets share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. Matticks even show MadDOCK and MaDOX variations. Matticks have the split Door Shield in colors reversed, and the mugger left my driver door wide open when he fled (the truck wouldn't start for him when he turned the key). Therefore, let's repeat from above:

This suggests that McGee's, who were also MacGethe's, had been a Ged branch. Now that McGee's have been plastered to the glass door at the Get'n Go, I can advance the theory stronger than before that Gates' were a Geddes, or even a McGee, branch, for the Gates Coat is a reflection of the English Door Coat. Why might a Gates surname be pointed to by that glass door?

The mugging is connecting with the glass door for what I see as a powerful pointer to Bill Gates. The mugging caused me to change plans, leading to my purchasing property near Camp Wood. When the mugger was winding up to thrust a weapon into me, I raised my LEG and blocked it with my KNEE, and this was a minute after he pushed my head into the rear-view MIRROR, knocking it off the windshield = GLASS. It turned out to be a fake weapon, but the point is that the heraldic mermaid, in the Glass Crest, has a mirror, code, with no doubt at all, for the Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou with the Lock-connectable Gete's/Gettes/Jettins (share Loges Coat)!!!!! Can we believe it? Bill Gates is probably in support of LOCKdowns. The Gettins are in the colors of the split-Gates Shield.

As I've said many times, his attack on me, as I was reaching over the passenger seat to unlock the driver door, started with a hard push on my back, causing my head to knock off the mirror. As I turned around to defend myself, he put both hands around my NECK, and German Neckers share the pale bar of Knees-like NUSE's/Newes'/Nuce's (possible News/Nuces branch) who pointed to Jeffrey Epstein's NOOSE around his neck. It is now known that Bill Gates was visiting with Jeffrey Epstein, and they were scheming together, meaning that Bill Gates may have participated in Epstein's jail-cell event.

The super thing is the Teague-connectable Cage's who have a reflection of the Gates Coat. Cage's not only have the saltire of Gete's/Gettes'/Jettins in colors reversed, but were first found in Cambridgeshire with the News/Nuces' who pointed to by Miss Teague, the owner of a huge and active RANCH (thousands of acres) on the NUECES river, beside the huge ranch of her brother, Don FRIEND. Miss Earhardt and Mr. Doocy work for Fox and FRIENDs.

The Friend stag head is the one of Dutch Necks/Neckers in colors reversed. Meaning? The murdered body of Madalyn O'Hare, an infamous atheist who got prayer out of schools via the courts, was dug up on Don Friend's Cooksey Ranch. I kid you not. Meaning?

While the mugger had his hands around my neck, he twice said, "GIVE'EM OVER, give'em over." He wanted the keys to the Nissan truck. He wanted to drive away with everything, leaving me stranded on Galveston. Meaning? The point is, Biggars (share Dallas Coat), first found in Lanarkshire with Scottish LOCKs, use a "GIVING" motto term, is that not amazing? The Overs, first found in Cheshire with Jettin-like Gethins/Gettens and Masseys, have half the Gete/Gettes/Jettin saltire!!! This strangle event is connective to the Get'n GO because French Locks/DesLOGES, sharing the McGOO cinquefoils, were first found in Burgundy with mirror-using Sire's/Sirets, and with the Loges' who share the Gete/Gettes/Jettin Coat, colors reversed from the Coat if Messeys/Messier's (Burgundy again). English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys sharing the fleur-de-lys of Madge's/Machets, the ones who found for me, this morning, the Matticks with nearly the Gates Coat.

The Givens in the Biggar motto happen to share the swan of HEART-using Swans/Sions and Locks, both first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars. The give'em-over event seems to be connecting to Sleeping Beauty, especially as she was HOVERing in a car when I was told to wake her up. Hovers/Hoffers (leopard FACEs) look like a branch of Overs/Offers. Hoovers have a giant eagle LEG.

Biggars share the pelican with Meads while the third Fox-and-Friends host is Brian Kilmeade. The Prets (share Duck stars) in the Mead motto not only share the Mattick/Maddock lion while the latter can have the Duce/Doocy Coat in colors reversed, but "pret" is a motto term of Morays while Dallas', sharing the Biggar Coat, were first found in Moray with Duc/LeDuc elements. Steve Doocy is Kilmeade's co-host! Meads were first found in Somerset with the Cocks in the Mugg/Mudge cockatrice.

A pelican with a KEY in its mouth is biggar-than-astounding because he wanted the keys while that symbol is used by Propers/Robins/Roberts (Cheshire with Gethins/Gettens) who share the lion of French Roberts (Burgundy with Gete's/Gettys/Jettins!), which is the Mattick/Maddock lion!!! Half the lion of Welsh Roberts is the giant Gethin/Getten lion, tending to prove that the Mattick/Maddock Coat is a version of the Gates Coat while revealing that Gates' were a Gethin/Getten and Gettes/Jettin branch. I'm floored by this paragraph. God made me laugh while discovering it just now. A pelican head with a key in its mouth, wow.

Welsh Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with the Bachs/Baghs sharing the blue-VAIRed fur of French Roberts. Beach-branch Beckers use blue-vaired fur. The "FORgiving" motto term of Biggars can connect to the "for my" motto phrases in the Ainsley motto. The "FRET" on the Over bend can be of the FERRATs/Fers who share the Coat of Italian FERRANDs/Ferrants i.e. Friend-like, which are almost the Becker Coat. The Vairs/Fers, with almost the same Coat as Ferrats/Fers, were first found in Burgundy with French Roberts. The symbol of French Ferrands is the white one in the Coat of warp-like Werps.

It's probably relevant to Jeffrey Epstein's beach that Welsh Roberts likely have the giant Welsh Jeffrey lion round-about. The "for my country" phrase of Ainsleys notes that Countrys share the pile of Beach's while Sleeping Beauty was on Jeffrey Epstein's beach, or so goes my claim for reasons. Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Nuse's/Newes'/Nuce's that point to Epstein's neck.

The mugging's neck scene could seem as though people in relation to James LeDuc are the ones who dealt with Epstein while jailed so that he would not talk. Epstein was in jail shortly before the lockdowns were enforced.

French Ferrands are highly mentionable because they will point to Bill Barr who participated in covering up the Epstein-jail event. The wavy fesse of French Ferrands is in the colors of the wavy pale bar of Alda-like Aults, and the Ault/ALT Coat, if it's pale bar were not wavy, would be the Coat of German Neckers exactly. Bill Barr's father was the principle of a DALTON high school when a young Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher there, and Daltons are listed with Alt-like Altons. I've said it before that Scottish Alda's/Alts, sharing the fesse of English Daltons/Altons, were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Barrs.

These Daltons/Altons were first found partly in Staffordshire with Duce's/Doocys, and with the Hicksons having eagle LEGs in the colors of the DORia eagle. Irish Daltons/Altons share the fleur-de-lys of Hicks-branch Hooks, first found in Devon with the Hoods in the Robin Hood of the English Dalton/Alton Crest. Miss Hicks was Sleeping Beauty at the hood of a car. Hoods are also Hoots while Hooters share the giant Hoover eagle leg.

Hoods/Hoots share a fret on blue with Hoover-like Overs/Offers while Hotts have the Neck/Necker stag head while Hicks' have a chaplet around the NECK of a buck's head. Chaplets were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with English Daltons/Altons. Lorraine's share the eagle of Childs who were in turn first found in Hertfordshire with Nuce's/Newes'/Nuce's and Beach's. News'/Nuces' have another chaplet...all of which is good proof that Sleeping Beauty was on the Epstein-island beach, and island called, Little Saint JAMES'. James' were first found in Surrey with Clapps/Clappers sharing the vaired Shield of Beach's.

The vertically-split Shield of Italian Alda's (Florence with Italian Ferrands) just happens to be the vertically-split Gates Shield. Just look at that, as though God arranged a pointer to the dealings between Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein. Scottish Jeffreys have my cloud-over-sun omen that turned out to be an omen to the Galveston mugging hours later. Omens were first found in Suffolk with the Rush's/Rish's who share the Alda/Alt and Daltons/Alton fesse, and Rish's can be a branch of Rice-branch Reesors/Reasons sharing the vaired cross of English Ferrands. Rish's/Rish's were even first found in Suffolk with Tigers while Teague's/TEEGERs/Caige's are pointing to Mrs. Teague, born with a Friend surname.

This gets more amazing because the Rush/Rish and Dalton/Alton fesse is shared by Rosco's/Risco's, first found in Cornwall with the Trysts/TRICE's in the Mugg cockaTRICE, and with the Tristans sharing the Knee stag head. The amazing part is where "Tristus" is a motto term of Irish Daltons/AlTONE's/AlTOWNs. Towns/Tone's were first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's. It reaches astounding because English Daltons were first found in Northumberland with Tunnels/Tunno's, and it's spider-like Spitzers who have the "tunnel" while Kepke's spider chase pointed to GO, or graphene-oxide in vaccines!

The "FIDELis" motto term of Irish Daltons/Altone's is amazing because they share the lion of James', first found in Surrey with Fiddle's/FIDELows. "FideLIS" can be code also for Scottish Lise's/Lease's (Dumfries with Geds, etc.) while English Lease's, with a cloud over the sun, were first found in Northumberland too. The spider chase pointed to Chace's/Chase's, first found in Hampshire with English Lise's/Liss'.

The following section was written prior to the section you are now finishing, and originally flowed from the section above this one that had the Benjamins. Sorry for breaking the flow, but the importance of the insert carried me away.

Swine's and Swans

Swintons are an obvious branch of Swinfords almost having the Booth/BOTH Coat. BOTHwells, said by one to be of Bute, where Glass' were first found, were first found in Lanarkshire (beside GLASgow) with Swin-like Swans/Sions, and I've just learned that there's a Douglas location at Lanarkshire.

By the way, Dutch Boths probably share the fleur of German Bush's because English Bush's (Yorkshire with Booths/Boths) share the black boars of Booths/Boths. This can mean that Dutch Boths are showing a salmon because German Bush's were first found in Rhineland with Salome's, who've long been suspect from the Sadducee family of Salome BOETHus!!! Surprise. German Butts/Bute's are also Boets, and I've been suggesting strongly for a long time that the Sadducee house of Boethus is from Boeotia, location of Schimatari, where I trace scimitars.

It appears that the Sadducee house of Boethus needs to have ancestry at Butua (where I trace Boeotians), to the near-north of the Cavii Illyrians who've long been suspect (by me) in naming the family of Joseph Caiaphas, who became the high priest of Israel when he married the daughter of the Sadducee high priest, Annas. We just saw Annas-branch Ainsleys with a scimitar. Annas' were first found in Cambridgeshire with CHAPmans and Capone's, and with the News'/Nuces' using a "CHAPlet" while Chaplets use swans for connection to Swans/Sions, first found in Lanarkshire with BOTHwells. The Chief of Dutch Boths is in the colors and format of the Chiefs of DuGLASS' and Lockharts (Lanarkshire!), and the latter use the Schim boar head in their Chief!! That is really something. Glass' were first found in Bute.

Duglass', sharing a "Jamais" motto term with James', have a salamander-in-flames in Crest to go with the flames in the Crest of English Benjamins (Flame colors) who were in turn first found in Norfolk with Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire). Pero's/Perino's call their hexagram, a "flaming star". The Douglas Chief is a version of the Lockhart Chief while Lockharts share the boars of Gochs and Googe's. We saw above that Gochs were ancestral to Geddes-like Gethins/Gettins, and so the glass door at the Get'n Go, where Mrs. Kilpatrick got her knee symbol, can point even to castle Douglas because it's near Kilpatrick castle.

Plus, on a google map of the Closeburn theater, there is a Cample corners at a Cample river, a mile north of Closeburn, and Cample's/Campbells use a "Ne" motto term!!!! This can be why there was a touch-knee event with Sleeping Beauty. Gamble's (not "Camble") even share the Hicks fleur-de-lys! The Gamble Coat is almost the one of German Rench's! Incredible.

By the way, I had the Sleeping Beauty dream while living on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill), and DeMaine's share German Rench Coat. Camp-connectable Kemps use a pelican while Pellicans were first found in Maine with Demaine's. Maine's share the hand-with-dart with Cudds and Cuthberts.

The touch-knee event took place in Beauty's CAR, and so see the following from the 1st update of this past April:

Alert. Campbells have a motto, "NE obliVISCARis,"...Knee's/NEE's share the VISE stag head, and once we remove "vis" from "viscaris," "caris" remains. There is Scottish Carris surname listed with Carsons [Dumfries with Cample] using a motto, "Ne m'oubliez," assuring that Carris' are indeed in the Campbell motto. And English Cariss'/Carris', first found in Lancashire with Cars/Kerrs, share the Car/Kerr chevron-with-stars...but on an odd blue-colored Shield.

It can be added that her car was resolved as an auto too because Auto's/Otto's (Carrick/Kerrick colors) share the black bull with Beautys. BUT, WOW, the VISconti's of Milan started with Ottone Visconti, and Ottone's are Otto's too. It thus appears that Visconti elements were with Campbells. Due to both Chappes surnames, I see Visconti's as a branch of WisHARTs/Guiscards, and the royal Guiscards were from HAUTeville's! King Guiscard was a son of Tancred, and Tancreds were a branch of TANKERville's whom I trace to "Tanagra" and SCHIMATARi! Carris'/Carsons use the SCIMITAR!!! I claim Schimatari was named by Shechemites of proto-Israel, partners with Kennedy-like Kenites.

Carris'/Carsons can be gleaned as a Carrick branch because they share the lozenges of Brix's/Brests, the latter from Brescia/Brixia along with the Bruce's whom the Kennedy-related Carricks married. This is phenomenal, suddenly, because Tancreds share the Jean/Jane scallops while the Jean/Jane lion is also the lion of Bruce's (Yorkshire with Tancreds). That lion is in the Chief of Douglas-related James' while the Carris/Carson Chief is in the colors and format of the Duglass Chief! Beauty.

These Dumfries entities have now got to be the reason, finally deciphered, why I brushed her knee in a car. Irish Kennedys have another scimitar, tending to assure their trace to Biblical Kenites via the Kennati priests of Ajax in Cilicia. The latter country was mythicized by ancient writers as Cilix, brother of Cadmus, and the latter landed and settled in Boeotia, location of Schimatari. I trace "Ajax" to Jacks (Yorkshire with Tancreds).

The English Cariss cinquefoils are shared by Kennedy-connectable McKinneys, but also by Kims, first found in Bute with Glass'. While Ainsleys have a scimitar, Ainsley Earhardt's first husband was Mr. McKinney.

Two miles west of Closeburn is Keir while English Cars are also Kerrs. Keirs happen to share the engrailed Compo (and Sinclair) cross!!!! Camps are also Comps. Can we believe it?

Plus, no human who fashioned heraldry knew my Sleeping Beauty dream or the Miss Hicks who fulfilled it, yet the "heure" motto term of Hicks' has got to be code for the Eure's/Evers sharing the Cample/Campbell Crest.

The Neil line to Sweeneys (Argyllshire with Campbells) are said to have been close to MacCarthys while Campbells are said to have been close to MacArthurs, which can explain why Swintons were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs. Camps/Comps and same-colored Campbells were both once said to be first found in Yorkshire, where Sweeney-branch Swine's were first found. The Tree's in the Swinton Crest are also the True's in the motto of Home's/Hume's (Berwickshire). Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire, where Camps/Comps are now said to be first found. Warwicks share the three lions of Duglass-connectable James!

I should add that while Catherine Roet married Mr. Swinford, Roets or their branch named Rothes, where the Pollocks, who share a brown boar in Crest with Swintons, built a castle. Roets were kin of Bills using "WOOD bills" while Swinfords were first found in Leicestershire with Woods. CAMP WOOD!!! Bills share the pelican head with Biggars, the latter first found in Lanarkshire with black-boar Hardys = Douglas ancestors. The Hardy cross is engrailed and on white, ditto with the Compo cross.

A way to help show that God arranged Bills to point to Bill Gates is where Gates and his helpers are now seeking to sabotage the meat industry in order that he can make lots of money in his fake-meat investments. What kind of a BIG PIG do we call a man like this? Well it just so happens that Meads/MEATs share the pelican with Bills, and both surnames were early in Somerset. Bills have a billet-like item between pelican heads probably because Pellicans were first found in Maine with French Billets/Billiards. Maine's were first found in Devon with Gates' and English Billets. French Billets/Billiards share the Moray stars while Meats/Meads share "pret" with the Moray motto. Bill-beloved Woods share the rooted tree with Roet-branch Roots, and Bills share the Chief-Shield color combination of Bills (Somerset with Roets).

Swinfords, Sweeneys and Swine's share black boars with Swintons who in turn have a not-bad reflection of the Camp/Comp Coat, but also of the Magie/McGee Coat. Swintons and Magie's/Magee's have three white boar heads in the same positioning, and the three of Swintons are in the colors of the three leopard faces of Irish McGee's while Face's share the cross of McGee-connectable Meigh's/Mys. Face's have the Segni's in their motto who share the moline cross of Campbell-related MacArthurs.

Luce's can be in the "Lucem SPERO" motto of Camp-connectable Kemps (Wiltshire with Tree's/True's) because Kemps essentially share the Coat of DEEDs/Dade's, first found in Norfolk with Luce's. It should be added that the Deeds/Dade's share the Clent/Clint Coat while the Clent Hills are in Worcestershire with Nith-connectable Knighton, and with James-connectable Jeans.

The Speers/Speyers suspect in the Kemp motto were likely of the Spey river, location of Rothes, and Speers/Speyers were first found in Renfrewshire with the Pollocks who in turn share the saltire of Dade-like Daddys/Douds and Scottish Harts/HEARTs. Renfrewshire is near Lanarkshire, where Flemings were first found who have a "DEED" motto term. Douglas' (HEART) were Flemish, and said to descend from Hardys of Lanarkshire who in turn have more black boars.

Biggars, another Flemish family, who named Biggar in Lanarkshire, share the pelican with Kemps. ROTHESay became the island of Bute, where Glass' were first found. Lanarkshire is where Luce-like Locks and Lockharts were first found while Lucca is where Bute-like Botters were first found.

Douglas' probably got their DuGLASS variation because their Hardy ancestors were first found beside GLASgow. That's GlasGOW, a pointer to Get'n GO. Gows/McGoo's share the cinquefoils of Lock-branch Loges' who in turn share the saltire of Gete's/Gettes'/Jettins who sure smack of Gethins/GETTINs. It's a blue saltire, the color of the Kidney/Gedney saltire. The Hardy cross is in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/GEDNeys. English Geddys/Gideons use a flag while Flags were first found in Norfolk.

Galati is where the PRUT meets the Siret, and Prude's/Pride's, first found in Lanarkshire, use "lampreys" while Irish Prays were first found in County Down with Knee's/Nee's (now expected in Cample ancestry). Irish Pratts were first found in Norfolk with Benjamins while French Prats are also Prude's who share the fesse of Carricks and Cords, both first found in Ayrshire with the "Ne"-using Varns. Cords share the heart with Duglass' and Lockharts of Lanarkshire. Varns are in Sarah/Sayer colors and format, and Abraham's other wife was Sarah, suspect to the Saraca's. Varn-related Grahams/Grams were first found in Yorkshire with Varni-connectable Wagers whose hearts in turn are connectable to the giant heart of German Grams.

The Duglass salamander can be part-code for Manders having an "omniBUS" motto term, and even Lanarks share the Bus cinquefoil, as do Douglas-like Dogs/Doags, as do the Hamiltons, first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow. Miss Hicks married Dr. Hamilton Kilpatrick, a family doctor who had patients, and Scottish Patients/Patents, suspect in the "Patentia" motto term of English Galts, were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatrick castle.

Geds share the "pike" fish with Geddes'/Geddys while English Pike's share the trefoils of Hicks-connectable Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's, first found in Mecklenburg with Kate's/Katterbachs. Fish-using Hake's were first found in Norfolk with Bramtons, Benjamins, and with the Luck-like Luce's/Lucys whose "lucy" fish are pikes too. Galt-like Glats almost have the Coat of Butts/Bute's/Boets while Glass' were first found in Bute, an island expected from Butua, beside Rhizon and Kotor. Butts/Bute's/Boets have a fish in the colors of Geddes-fish colors.

The Dure's suspect in the Ged motto have the Chief-Shield colors of Galt-like Glads while the Chief-Shield colors of Glaze's is in colors reversed, meaning that Glaze's share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters. Glaze's, sharing the pheons of Lords in the motto of fish-using GlasGOWS, even share the green cinquefoil of Gows/McGoo's and Loges', and so we can glean that the Glaze cinquefoil is on the Douglas and Lockhart heart. Loges' were first found in Burgundy with Sire/Sirets, and the Siret river at Galati was also the Hagar-like Agarus.

English Loge's/Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with the Rish's/Rush's while "flouRISH" is a Glasgow motto term. Rish's may have been of the Rye's/Rise's because the latter were first found in Norfolk with Bus' who in turn have a cinquefoil colors reversed from the same of Rosco's/Risco's who in turn share the Rish/Rush fesse. The thing is, Norfolk is also where Risings/Risons were first found which makes it appear that the Scandinavian Rus, who included the Dane's and the Varn-like Varangians, were descended from the namers of Rhizon (near CLAUSula river).

Varns, sharing the scallops and Crest of Grahams/GRAMs, were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks/Kerricks and PRESTwick while English Kerricks of PRESTbury use the GALTrop. Galati is in the region conquered by the Varangian Rus. The Varni people group (predated Varangians) at ROStock were in Mecklenburg, where hexaGRAM-using Kate's/Katterbachs were first found who trace excellently to Kotor, beside Rhizon and Butua. The Roxolani of the Dane-like DNieper were in Kiev environs, the Varangian capital region. German Grams have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of YARborough's and English Neals, while Irish Neils/Neals, first found in Tyrone with Saraca-line Sharks and Hagar-like Hagans, share the Prest/Press Chief. Yarboroughs are expected from "Yaroslav," king of Varangians.

English Neals share the black wolf head in Crest with English Pratts in helping the latter trace to the Prut river, and Saracens, in French Prat/Prude colors, use the black wolf in Crest.

German Grams share the heart on blue with Wagers while WAGRians lived on the Warnow river of the Varni. Wagers were first found in Yorkshire with Buzau-line Bush's and Wallachia-line Walkers, which can indicate that Wagers had been Wallachians. The Rimna and Buzau rivers were in Wallachia, or at least very close, and Benjamins almost have the Coat of WALCH's/Walsh's, first found in ROXburghshire with Gog-like Googe's. Roxburgh was named without a doubt by Rock and Rook branches, both first found in Worcestershire with James-connectable Jeans (James' may have been purely from French Benjamins/Jammes').

Spanish and French Jeans share the Hagan lion, in case it applies closely. Hague's (Hagan / Hagar colors) were first found in Yorkshire with Rookbys, and Hague's share the saltire of Googe-connectable Gophers/Gofers, first found in Oxfordshire, where Rooks were said to be first found until recently. The Hate variation of Hague's can suggest marital links to Hats, first found in Dorset with Beautys, both related to Haydens, first found in Norfolk too.

Hagans not only use a BOOT, but a fish in the colors of the Kidney/Gedney fish. The shark was in a kidney-shaped pool. Pools were first found at Dorset with the first-known RUSSells, and with the Beautys/Bowds sharing the black bull with Calts/Cole's suspect in the Kerrick CALTrap. Calts/Cole's were first found in Cornwall with Bude, and Butua is now, Budva. Boots (show boots) were first found in Berkshire with Katterbach-like Catters/Cathers, potentially from the Khazars, which can indicate that Keturah was named after proto-Khazars. The Varangian Rus conquered Khazaria. The Rus look like one of the many nations from Abraham's descendants.

Musk is the Masked Bandit, Zero

In the video below, Musk shows as a player in the global beast, and he's even for carbon taxes, and for YOU to pay for some of his electric cars when others buy them, but it gets worse when the Jaxen Report reveals that Musk's SpaceX is in cahoots with an organization. In-Q-Tel, that looks like the operational boss of sorts of the CIA...which you as a post-tribulationist don't want because Musk owns a satellite system that provides internet specifically for people in REMOTE regions (where cell towers are not available, or are maxxed-out). If you are using Internet now on your future tribulation retreat, and if you're using Musk's satellite to get the feed, I assume he sells your private data, including your home address, to the CIA. You don't want the end-time government knocking on your door in the first year of the final 1260 days. It would be much better in the third year.

There's even a question on whether Musk's Starlink satellite company is in cahoots with Xplornet satellite Internet due to the 'X' in that company name:

The video above verifies that SpaceX is funded by NASA, meaning that Musk may be just a figurehead owner of SpaceX. The same Michael Griffin who was the middleman between SpaceX and the CIA went to work for NASA too. Musk lately looks like an Intelligence mole trying to worm his way, by deception, into the trust of conservatives and anti-globalists to alter their thoughts and positions. A brain chip in combination with 5G waves blasting from his satellites can change our thoughts, probably, by injecting interference into our natural selves.

Don't miss the part with Joshua Haldeman, in the 21st minute of the video above, grandfather of Elon Musk. It means that Musk's mother is Miss Haldeman, and while Haldemans are listed with Oldhams, they use owls while Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with StarLINGs/Starlincks, Lynch-like Lings, and Tigers. Lynch's, first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers, share the Coat of Bothwells, first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions while Swintons are in Haldeman/Oldham colors and format. Teague-like Teggarts/TegGARDs use the brown owl, and while English Gards look like kin of Pullys/Pullings, Irish Gards have a brown wolf, the colors of the Teague/Teeger wolf head.

Bothwells, first found in Lanarkshire with pelican-using Biggars, have a "boy" said to be "PULLING down a pine tree," and while Tree's/True's were first found in Wiltshire with the Stars suspect in "Starling," Pullys/Pullings use the pelican while Pellicans share the tower of Howl-like Howells. Boys were first found in Berwickshire with True-loving Hume's/Home's and Elons. I suppose the question is whether God has arranged those heraldic connections as a pointer to Musk's Starlink satellite system, for a reason.

Pully is a location in Switzerland, and Graffs/Graffins were first found in Switzerland with Sion. The thing of concern is that the Haldemans/Oldhams share the Mayor/Major Chief while the latter use a giant anchor, symbol (in different colors) of Graffs/GRAFFINs. The MAYers/Majors appeared above where the Demys/DuMAYs were at topic from the DEMI-lion of Graffs/Graffins. It's of concern because Starlink was, according to the Jaxen Report in the video above, facilitated by Michael GRIFFIN. And graphene-oxide, said roundly to be the key ingredient for human manipulation using 5G waves or better, was pointed to in Mr. Kepke's spider CHASE at the Graff residence. The thing is, English Kidds, first found in Suffolk with Starlings/Starlincks, share the Kepke/Kopke goat. Is there anything to this? Is Musk working with companies pushing graphene-oxide into peoples' bodies?

I've told before that Starlings/Starlincks almost have the Coat of Leslie's, kin in turn of Chase-connectable Case's. Starlincks share buckles with Leslie's, and Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with Starlincks. Ignoring the Haldeman/Oldham Chief, Buckle's are in the format, and mainly in the colors, of Haldemans/Oldhams. I'm pretty sure that Buckle's use wreaths, and if correct, we can add that Wreath's were first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGoo's, the pointer to Go = graphene oxide! What are the chances that both Elons and Buckle-branch Buckleys use two "nec" motto terms in their mottoes?

Brain chips suggest a look at the Chip/Chipman surname, the write-up of which has a Mr. Chepe of Sheffield while Sheffields are in Keppoch colors and format, i.e. Chips/Chipmans look like a Kepke branch. As I've said, the Chase's/Chace's were first found in Hampshire with Keppe's/Cheppe's and Ponder-branch Ponds. The Starlinck buckles are square while Square's/Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with Chips/Chipmans. Haldemans/Oldhams/OLDENs were first found in Lancashire with HOLDENs and Holds/Holts, and the latter have a squirrel. Buckle-branch Buckleys share the full Holden motto. Holdens share beakless eagles (in colors reversed) with Keep-related Lorraine's. Ponders (Cambridgeshire with Chapmans/Chepmans) are in the Chapman/Chepman motto, and the latter share the Oldenburg/Olden/Aldon crescent while the latter's Crest, I KIDD thee not, has the same demi-lion as do the Graffs/Graffins. Elon Musk must be in the spider-chase event, look out.

Graffs/Graffins share the lion of Golds while Goldens/Coldens are Olden-like. This potential Olden-Golden link might not be much to advance if it were not for Golds first found in Suffolk with Starlincks, and with the Owls/Howls in the Haldeman/Oldham/Olden Coat. Jewish Golders almost have the eagle (Cold/Cole colors) of Oldenburg's Cheps/Jeepma's, which can explain why German Golders almost have the Keip Coat.

Kepke-branch Keeps were kin of red-antler Casimirs (because Casimir of Poland was husband of Maria of Kiev), and Necks/Neckers emphasize a red antler. Colts/Cults/Celts, first found in Perthshire with Golder-beloved Wings/Winks, share the red Neck/Necker stag head, itself in German Golder colors and format.

Now baby! We gots to a bingo-bango here to prove that the Golds have the Graff lion. Goldmans/Goltmans/Coltmans/Galtmans, with a red stag to suit the Colts/Cults/Celts, were first found in Thuringia with the German Roets sharing the sleeping crescent of Karens, and this part of the heraldry can point to KAREN Graff. You may say that there's no reason to point Karens to Karen Graff, but I say that God provided the reason where Karens add the two Weis/Wise hexagrams while Weiss', first found in Saxony with Kepke's, share a goat (different colors) with Kepke's! One can even fathom that the Goat surname was related to "Golt." Plus, Thuringia is where Talls were first found sharing the Karen hexagram!

The spider chase was in front of Karen Graff, and while Karens share the sleeping moon of German Roets, Scottish Roets, first found in Somerset with Wing-connectable Hagels, own the Colder/Colter Catherine wheel. Colders/Colters almost have the Coat of Demys/DuMays suspect in the Graff/Graffin lion. Therefore, Golds have provided a compelling case for linking the lions of Graffs/Graffins and Golds, yet we can add that while Golders use what look like hammers (if not mallets), symbol also of German Hammers in turn having nearly the Gold Coat, English Hammers were first found in Sussex (beside Keppe's/Cheppe's) with Keeps.

English Goldens are in the colors and format of English Pine's...recalling that Starling-connectable Lings are connectable to Lynch's sharing the Bothwell Coat while Bothwells have the boy PULLING down a pine tree. Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire with Golders/Calderwoods (share Douglas Chief) and Colders/Colters. Booths/Boths (Yorkshire with Pullings) share the black boar with Ponders and Ponds/Ponts. Lynch's were first found in Galway while Galways share the bridge with Spanish Ponts and Italian Ponti's.

But there's more where Cheps/Jeepma's were first found in OLDENburg while Haldemans/Oldhams come up as "Olten." How can that be coincidental? It appears that the spider chase points to Elon Musk, absolutely. Olds have martlets in the colors of the Haldeman/Olten owls while the Old martlets are shared by Levins, first found in Westmorland with Oldenburgs/Oldens.

Lo. Holdens call their beakless eagles, "allerions", because Holdens share the red escutcheon with Allers. The latter were first found in Westmorland with Ducks who named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. "Duce" is a motto term of German Ash's who in turn share the demi-lion of Oldenburgs/Oldens, not surprising where Holdens took us here, yet it's the demi-lion also of Graffs/Graffins while CHEPs are the ones first found in Oldenburg. Plus, Lorraine's and Keeps are both from Maria of Kiev, and moreover Duce's were a branch of English Ducks, first found in Somerset with English Webbers. German Webbers/Weavers were first found in Saxony with Kepke's, and the giant Kepke goat must be in the "Gott" motto term of German Webbers/Weavers.

The Webber/Weaver motto has a "Gott segni" phrase while Segni's/Segurana's were first found in Genova with the Italian Maria's whose black, nebuly bends can be of the black, nebuly fesse of Dutch Graffs. The spider was dangling from its web.

Oldenburgs/Oldens/ALDons recalls Daltons/Altons and Alts, pointers to Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Barr. Oldenburg is in historical Saxony, where Kepke's/Kopke's and Koops/Kupe's were first found, and while Musk hired Bari Weiss to give appearances that he, as the Twitter boss, was gung-ho for a renewed honesty with the public, Weiss' were obvious kin of Kepke's/Kopke's.

Ponds and Ponders share the black boar with Swinton-branch Swinfords while Swintons are in Haldeman/Oldham colors and format. Why might Swintons have been first found in Berwickshire with Elons while Ponders were first found in Cambridgeshire with Musks? Looks very conspicuous. The Nuse's/Newes'/Nuce's (look like Alt kin) went with the neck noose on Jeffrey Epstein, and while Musks are listed with Muscats, and while "nec" is twice in the Elon motto, Epsteins share the Coat of Muschats (share Barr lion head). Jeffrey Epstein was an Intelligence goon-of-goons likely on behalf of Jewish / Israelite international bankers.

The Banker surname is even in Starlinck colors and format. Banks share the fleur-de-lys of English Webbers. The spider was dangling on a web, and the run-up to the mark of the beast, likely to be pushed by banking institutions now on-the-ready, may include graphene.

While Haldemans/HOLDemans/Oldens were first found in Lancashire with Holds/Holts, the latter were first found in Ashworth. I can link AshWORTHs to Epsteins, but first, let's add that Lancashire is where ShuttleWORTHs were first found who share the "weaver's shuttle" with Keeps. Plus, as said a few times recently, Lancashire is where satellite-like Settle's were first found while Shuttleworths are also Shettleworths. If that's not enough, Settle's share the lozenges of Stars (Wiltshire with Weaver-connectable Webbs, beside Webbers) in "Starlinck." That looks like a finger of God pointing right to Musk's satellites.

I highlighted AshWORThs and ShuttleWORTHs because Worths share a giant and black double-headed eagle with Cheps/Jeepma's. Though in different colors, the latter put a hexagram on the eagle's breast, as do English Constance's who in turn share the full Ashworth motto. French Constance's have another pine tree, and Tree's were first found in Wiltshire with Stars, and with Webbs sharing the Ashworth cross. Ashworths, English Ash's/Esse's (Devon with Worths), and Webbs all have red Crests, and Webbs have a red eagle, the color of the giant Constance eagle. English Ash's/Este's use a red cockaTRICE while "Keep TRYST" is a Hebron motto while Trice's are listed with Trysts.

When we get to German Ash's, we find them with the Coat of Eppsteins, first found in Esse-like Hesse, in colors reversed. The "APPEtitus" motto term of Ashworths can be for Apps'/EPPs, once said to be first found in Middlesex, near Epping, the latter near the first-known Muschats and Waters both of whom share the Eppstein Coat. The surname of Elon Musk's mother took us here, and she was the daughter of a technocrat pioneer, the thing that Musk himself is championing: global "order" (as in "do as I say or else") by cutting-edge technology.

Elon Musk has caused us to be on the Holdens and Holds/Holts, and then Holds are in the McLeod/Cloud motto while the Flags in the McLeod/Cloud Crest share the double fesses of Elons. The McLeod/Cloud flags are on either side of a bull head in the colors of the same of Buckleys, the latter a branch of Starlinck-beloved Buckle's.

Plus, I've just remembered that Graffs/GRAFFINs are also Gravs while English Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with GRIFFIN-using Holders in turn having one of the two fesses of Holds/Holts of Ashworth. Holder-like Halders/Alders/Elders share the motto, "Virtute duce," with German Ash's. The latter share the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffins, believe it or not. The Ash lion is shared in the Buckley Crest, except that Buckleys use the whole lion. It looks like God is pointing Elon Musk to the graphene-oxide spider chase.

The "EXaltavit" motto term of Holds/Holts can be a pointer to Musk's obsession with 'X'. "ExALTavit" recalls the Alts, and zowie, I wrote that before loading the Alts to see that they too share the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffins, Ash's, and Oldenburgs/Oldens. Musk just renamed Twitter to X, and Twitts/Thwaits were a branch of Tute's/Tuits possibly in the "Virtute" motto term of Ash's and Halders/Alders/Elders.

I've said it before: Karen Graff lived at the corner of Union and Doner in Gormley, Ontario. Unions (Sussex with Keeps) were first found at Grinstead while Grinsteads are also Grimsteads while Gormleys/Grimes' have the Grime'/Grimm martlets in colors reversed. That appears like Intelligent Design to confirm that God is the author of the spider-chase event. Grime's/Grimms have a Pavia Coat three times, and while Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, Pero's/Perino's use two "flaming STARs" that show as the two Karen, and two Weis/Wise, hexagrams. Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire with Grinsteads/Grimsteads, and while stave-using PilGRIMs (Norfolk with CASE's!) are in the "pilgrim's staves" of Hawks, the latter were first found in Hampshire with Golds and CHASE's.

German Grimms were first found in Prussia with German Goldens who in turn almost have the Keip Coat! That's a new snucker-upper on me. Golds were even first found in Hampshire (beside Keeps and Unions) with the Mills in the mill rinds of Unions.

It's amazing (but not new here) that Mills have the moline cross of Kupe's/Koops (East Prussia with German Pots) in colors reversed who in turn share the border of Kepke's/Kopke's, kin of Weiss' (German Pot colors and format). English Pots and Potters were seen connectable, earlier in this update, to GRIFFIN-using Hangers/Angers (all three in Hampshire with Chase's and Copps), thus connectable to the Graff/Graffin anchor. Rinds share the scallops of Mallets, first found in Suffolk with STARlinck-beloved Buckle's, and with Kepke-connectable Kidds, and then French Mallets/Malo's share the Case buckles. I rest my chase.

OHHHH WOOOWWWIE. I take up my case again because I've just realized that the two Doner wolves are in the colors and format of the two, comBATTANT dolphins of English Hammers while German Hammers almost have the Gold Coat!!! The Graffs lived at the corner of Union and Doner. English Hammers were first found in Sussex with Unions and Keeps!!! Is that not a BIG WOOOWWWIE?

Battants are listed with Badens while Keeps share the Arms of Baden because the Veringers of Baden shared the red antler with Keep-related Casimirs, the latter from the husband of Maria of the Veringer-like Varangians in the Ukraine. Kepke's father was from the Ukraine. Elon Musk has plots using his satellites in Ukraine.

Unions are even in the colors and format of Goldens and Pine's, how can that be a further coincidence? Repeat: "English Goldens are in the colors and format of English Pine's...recalling that Starling-connectable Lings are connectable to Lynch's sharing the Bothwell Coat...Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire with Golders/Calderwoods (share Douglas Chief) and Colders/Colters." Lings are in Feller colors and format while Lynch's almost have the Feller Coat. I'm about to go to Rockefeller and Rothschild elements, starting with Bothwells, that speak of poison vaccines.

But first: after the Graffs moved promptly away from our Doner road, I didn't see her again until I saw her for the last time some ten years later at the home of her boyfriend (possible future husband), DAVID Oullette. Oullette's are said to be from Falaise, and Falls'/Fallis' almost have the Feller Coat. Did God arrange that last meeting to point even to Musk's mother, since her surname uses owls while OULlette's were Owl liners? Davids were AIDS kin, and AIDS is acquired from too many poisoned COVID vaccines. German Hammers have an "AD" motto term.

Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire with a Douglas location, and while the Scottish Golder/Calderwood Chief is a version of the Douglas Chief, Colders/Colters have the Roet wheels in the colors of both Chiefs while Roets named Rothes (beside the ROSE clan) in Moray, where Douglas' were first found who share (in their Chief) the stars of LeDuc-connectable Morays. Then, the Manders suspect in the Douglas salamander share the besants of English Goldens.

Manders were first found in Devon with BILLETs, and with the Roquefeuil-related Rods sharing a blank, GOLD Chief with Quinns. Rods were kin of English Rocks, first found in Worcestershire with the Jeans who share the Crest of Douglas-related James'. French Jeans, sharing the Gold lion, were first found in Languedoc with a Roquefeuil location (uses gold BILLETs), and with the French Rocks / Rockets in Gold colors and near-format. Having said that, English Goldens now bring me to a new thing from some previous pointers to poison vaccines.

English Goldens were first found in Oxfordshire with the BEE's sharing the Golden Crest (green dragon), and Bee's were pointed to when Sharon Quinn, a pointer to poison vaccines, said to me, "don't BE a FOOL" (when I revealed that I had become a Christian). She had moved to my area from Bracebridge, and Bracebridge's use a "Be" motto term.

Therefore, fool-like Foils, who have a ROSE for RoqueFEUIL (proto-Rockefeller) liners, can now point to the GOLD FOIL that Pfizer used/uses with graphene (Karen Kingston revealed this). Bee's even share the SALE bend-with-fleur to possibly go with the SALamander. Manders were first found in Devon with ROOSEvelts who in turn are in the colors and format of the giant Foil rose. Face's have baron Vesci's in their write-up while Roosevelts have a "VESCItur" motto term.

Foils, in the format of, and colors reversed from, Rockets, were first found in Hampshire with Golds. How about that. Foils, first found beside Fole's/Follys, are even in the colors and format of Fauci's who in turn have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the diagonally-split Gold Shield. This helps to show that the Gold lion is the Graff/Graffin lion closely because the latter surname has an anchor while Anchor-branch Angers share the Fauci lozenge. Angers were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found.

Sharon Quinn (old friend of mine) pointed to Fauci branches through Fawcetts/Faucets and Faughns (same place as Quinns), and so I'll repeat that Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with Fole's/Follys and Quinn-like Quincy's (built Faucett castle). Karen Kingston fled to Mexico last month, where Giovanni Martinelli was murdered, according to La QUINta Columna, for investigating graphene-oxide in vaccines. Ms. Martinelli was either a paid or non-paid worker for La Quinta Columna. Quinta's, a Quincy branch, show a 666 by three dice. Fole's/Follys and the dont-be-a-fool topic appeared in the 1st and 2nd updates of last month.

The other Quinn Coat looks related to Scottish McGee's if the Quinn Crest is a white boar. It could be a wolf head except that the fang looks too large, more like a tusk, and other wolf heads with open mouths show no fangs in houseofnames designs. These Quinns add snakes while Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent with white-wolf Gore's, which might explain the white Quinn Crest looking both like a boar and wolf head.

The McGee's point to graphene-oxide, and were first found in Dumfries with the Bullys and Hains, both of whom share the Quince/Quincy mascles. Dumfries was home of ancient Geds, the proto-Geddes, first found in Nairnshire with Rose's. Bullys use a heart with flames to indicate the Douglas-related Flemings (Lanarkshire). English Hains (Somerset with Bulls) even share the Quinn and Oldenburg/Olden crescents. English Hannitys, showing variations from Irish Hannitys who in turn show Hagen-like variations, use leopard FACES in the colors of the giant Foil rose. Dutch Hagens (Fell lozenges in colors reversed) share the lozenges of Carris'/Carsons, first found in Dumfries. The Carris/Carson lozenges are in Chief in the colors and format of the Douglas and Golder/Calderwood Chiefs.

Carris'/Carsons entered my files years ago as Corsons because an old girlfriend, Karen Whelan, lived on Henry Corson Place...along with Mr. Kepke under discussion. Whelans (Waterford with Corrys/Currys and Corrins) have the Carris/Carson lozenges in colors reversed, and show a Roquefeuil-connectable Failin variation, and we just saw Fells linkable to Carris'/Carsons. Fells have the eight-pointed LeDuc stars in colors reversed.

I'm learning to play God's game better. As Kepke was still with Peare when I dated Miss Whelan, the Peartree/Patria stag head must be closely related to the one in this Arms of County Waterford, and it's the Trump stag head. Peartree's/P:atria's share the scallops of English Jeans in turn first found in Worcestershire with the Lily's in the "water lilies" of Waterfords/Waterville's. Tromps were kin of Fauci's while Peare's have leopard faces while Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with Waterfords/Waterville's. Isn't this a fun game? There's hope because God saw long ago the Fauci-and-company goons, and he decided the nature of their irrevocable torment ahead of time, perfect judgment, as they deserve.

Peartree's/Patria's (beside giant-leg and Trump-connectable ProFETTs/Prophets) use FITCHees while Waters/Waterville's were first found in Essex with FITCH's/Fitchets/FITTs (share gold leopard faces with Peare's) and Muschats/MontFITCHets. Fothes'/Fette's are likewise Fitts. The Peartree/Patria fitchees are shared by Sewers/Shuters (nearby Angus) while Shute's were kin of trumpet-using Calles' (Wiltshire with Shute's and Pero-connectable Stars). As per Henry Corson Place, I can trace French Henrys to Henry of RODez, son of Miss Roquefeuil, explaining why Rods and Rocks share the green treFOIL. Rocks and Rooks were first found in Worcestershire with Waterford-beloved Lilys, but Rooks were previously said to be first found in Oxfordshire, where Lille's and BEE's were first found. I dated Miss Whelan (at Henry Corson) at age 20, less than two years before the don-t-BE-a-FOOL event. I'm now floored by the fact that I remember one of Whelan's favorite groups, the BEE GEES!!! Lookie there what just turned up, an apparent pointer to graphene-oxide and 5G transmissions via the Gee's/McGee's.

Lille's (possible Mile kin) even use a fat cross in the colors of the similar saltire of Gete's/Gettes'/Jettins! The "HONESta" motto term of Lille's can be for the Hones', first found in Hampshire with Geddys/Gideons and Mile's. The latter share the blue-on-gold border of Lille's, and both add a blue-on-gold cross. Geddys/Gideons use a flag while Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with the Mileham of the Alans, and with the Fulks from Anjou, where Gete's/Gettins/Jettins were first found. My very-old girlfriend, Karen Whelan, took us here.

Tromps share the eagle of Italian Fulks, black like the eagle wings of German Fulks, the latter in the colors of the Hickson eagle LEGs. See? It's as though Someone knows what He's doing.

It may be meaningful that Gees'/GAS' (Hamburg) apparently have a play-on-words, giant goose (could be a duck) in Gee/McGee colors. The Gee's/McGee's are of the Get'n Go GAS station! It may have been that Gees'/Gas' once showed multiple "geese." In any case, it just so happens Goose's/Googe's were first found in Roxburghshire, a place definitely named by Roquefeuil elements.

"Whelan" may have been a branch of duck-using Velins. French Henrys (Brittany with Alans) share the martlets of French Alans (Languedoc with Roquefeuil) that once showed as ducks, even as the same-colored Velen martlets once showed as ducks. The Bee Gees speak, I'm impressed. They could be pointing to James LeDuc.

Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with Irish HAGENs and Sharks while French Henrys were first found in Brittany with Shark-branch Sarasins.

Rodez's happen to share the lion of Irish Hannitys/HEGNeys, and English Rhodes' (once said to be first found in Lincolnshire with English Hannitys) were Mander kin, meaning that these Rhodes share the Golden besants. German Rhodes' (Prussia with German Goldens) almost have the English Golden Coat in colors reversed, and Irish Hagens may therefore be using the Gold lion. Irish Hagens and Hannitys/Hegneys both look like they have the dagger-in-hand while German Daggers/Decks have a fair reflection of the German Golder Coat.

The Coat of Irish Hannitys/Hegneys, because it's like the Place Coat, reveals them from the Ananes Gauls at PLACEntia. Placentia elements are in the motto of Rums/Rims/Rome's, first found in Dumfries with Scottish Hains.


Is the Musk satellite company providing into orbit the DEW weapons that you will see in this video:

Do we just talk about this matter-of-factly only? People are being fried, even disintegrated, in their homes and cars. And will the people allow this? Are the powers daring their own people to fight back with guns? It's time. It's time to shoot the human demons, no doubt about it. It's time, and it's justified. But how? How can the people organize a war unless the spy systems are taken from the goons first. How can that happen? The people outnumber them by far, but what are they to do, start terrorist / sniper groups, start bombing the homes and cars of politicians, police departments, media empires? What will be the backlashes? But if they don't fight, the goons will continue to kill, steal and destroy.

The Dew weaponry needs to be destroyed, and the lunatics shooting them need to be put out of their misery. Let's see what God decides to do about this. If nothing, then we do nothing, but if He moves people, it/they cannot be thwarted.

The speaker tells that the weapons shoot microwaves that attack metals and water especially, heating them to extreme heat. He proposes that the Trade towers were melted with these microwaves. You may have seen one of the Trade-Center buildings, from a sky view, with it's central inners gutted out. A DEW weapon there makes sense.

If the video below shows an authentic neighborhood (not a doctored scene), then I would say that it shows a crime of a high magnitude from a government, and since the government of the country in which the destruction sits has not blamed it on a foreign government, it stands that the community was burned by laser radiation by its own government. This laser weapon apparently does not target trees automatically, and can be programmed to strike both some homes and cars but not other homes.

Apparently, the radiation burns the homes so fast that the trees don't get hot enough to ignite. How else to explain it? Communities with many people putting out anti-government sentiments, or views that tackle government policies / programs, can be targeted like this. It is now looking true what the neo-Nazis are saying, that the world would have been better off had Hitler won the war. That is, the winners of the war, the Rothschilds, are 10 times worse than Hitler.

Since even before the second world war, dark Jewish globalists have been stacking institutions and government bodies with their own kind in a bid to be able to control everything, and they also formed directorate government offices and NGOs that can facilitate the control of key sectors of society in one swoop from the top. It's going to be worse than a waste of their time; there's going to be Hell Fire as their reward. God is going to show that the sinners deserve to burn because they are happy to burn and torment their enemies as if humans were trash. Therefore, the globalists and those who support them are the trash to be disposed of. That's what this is all about.

Pfizer refuses to tell Australians how its COVID vaccines might cause heart disturbances, but this question should not go away:

Here's some news on the Syria situation, where Biden's military is acting as a terrorist group...while simultaneously accusing some American whites / Christians of being internal terrorists. I've had a strong sense for about a decade that, out of the situation as described in this video, the anti-Christ will arise. A good theory is that he will take an army into Israel through south-east Syria, where Americans are still allied with ISIS to this day:

Here's TheQuartering, once trustful of Elon Musk, now blasting him for becoming worse that the previous Twitter:

With twitter no longer pretending to be for free speech, it may as well support the next vaccine thrust by marginalizing anti-vaccine voices. But God is bigger than Musk, and truth is much mightier than a deceiver.

Karen Kingston appeared on a Mike Adams show this week to imply that she was out of her normal mind to accuse Dr. Robert Malone of trying to kill her. Throughout the lengthy show, neither she nor Adams said a word about the reported murder of Giovanna Martinelli in Mexico about the same time that Karen Kingston fled to Mexico. The mystery here is that both women were speaking out against graphene-oxide in vaccines. There seems to be a deliberate silence from Ms. Kingston on Ms. Martinelli, which I find mysterious because La Quinta Columna, whom Martinelli was working for, is the very one that reported her murder. Possibly, the killers warned Kingston not to publicize it further. Possibly, they knew that Ms. Kingston would want to publicize it.

Here's evidence that "Biden's military" is going anti-Israel:

It's hard to understand that the American shadow government, to a large degree a modern arm of the British "Illuminati," the Fabians, should become anti-Israel when the Illuminati is a Jewish institution going back to the founders of modern Israel. A way to explain this anti-Israeli trend is, Obama. He, like the Fabian Illuminatists, is a communist. And so, apparently, the Obama clown show that is behind Biden must be working to turn the traditional shadow government into an anti-Israeli one.

Only a fool-clown goes against the agenda of God, but the thing is, God will choose a fool-clown to invade Israel because Israel has been governed by the Rothschilds, and that sort of infestation at the top has trickled down to make the people, far and wide, like trash before God. The same Jewish or Khazar trash that feeds America the most vile behavior is the epitome of modern Israel.

If there's any religiosity in some leading Rothschilds, they may think they are destined to become leaders in the Biblical eternal restoration of Israel. The fool-clown, the anti-Christ, will think he's fighting against God when invading Israel, not realizing he's doing God's will by doing so. FOOL-CLOWN.

The news this week that Biden's losing the Black vote may be a ploy to make Democrats favor Michael Obama as the next president.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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