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May 10 - 16, 2022

Election Fraud Going to Supreme Court, Says Herald(ry)
Five Moles Over My Well

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow. I have a hard time seeing a good motive for taking this excellent material offline, excellent for customers to discover what exactly is in their Coats of Arms. I've passed on both companies lots of money through my heraldic work, but google suppresses it greatly.

I don't as of today have a heraldry-related investigation to do this week, and it's already Wednesday morning. If you're interested in the Dives/Diva surname, and the Dives variation of Dines'/Diens that I pointed to Dinesh D'Souza in the last update, I've found that Dive(s) surname may have been a Dove/Dow and Dawe branch, for Dawe's have a bend-with swans in the colors of the bend-with-garbs of dove-using Waistells/Wessels. German Wessels use a "horn," and while Horns are listed with Orne's, the Orne river (Normandy) is beside the Dives river.

Load Dives link now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.

The last update pointed Sassy my cat to Dinesh D'Souza's "2000 Mules" documentary on election FRAUD, and that has to do with Sassy SUCKing her tail regularly as an adult. The Souza-like Souch's are also Suchs, and the tail-sucking did point years ago to Souch's/SUCHs. The latter were first found in Orne-like Lancashire, where Dawe's and GorSUCH's were first found. The Dawe's share axes with Dinesh- and Dines-like Dennis', and with Orms', both of whom were likewise first found in Lancashire along with gold-garb Doe's/Dows (not the Dove's/Dows) who are in turn in the colors and format of DAVINports (Cheshire).

The Orne river is at FERTE-Mace, and Mace's/Maceys were first found in Cheshire with a DIVA location, now Chester (in Cheshire), where Ranulph le Meschin ruled whose father was from the Bessin, smack where the Orne and Dives rivers flow. Compare "Ferte" with the Firth variation of Frauds. The Meschins owned the gold-on-blue garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, which are the Waistell/Wissel and Fraud/Firth garbs too. Waistells are from "Vestalis" of the Cottians at Souch / Souza-like Susa, and Cotta's/Cottons/CAUTES' use Ferte-like "fretty." "Cautes" is a motto term of cat-using Cattans who share the "Saracen's head" with Sassys/Saucers.

The Saracen surname was first found in CUMBERland with Waistells/Wessels, and Cumbers are listed with Coomers whose "DOMINabitur" motto term appears arranged by God to point to Eric Coomer, CEO of DOMINion Voting. The Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Susa, with Meschin-branch Masci's, and with Dance's/Donnas' expected form king Donnus at Susa. Cumbers/Coomers have a dancetty-fesse colors reversed from the same of Dives'/Diva's, and the dancetty-fesse of Vestalis-branch Wests is colors reversed from the same of Dive-like Dove's/Dows. The latter are in the colors and format of Potters. Domino-like Domine's are listed with Meschin-related Dunhams who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of French Capote's, important because 2000 Mules points to Italian Capote's.

Cumbers/Coomers list Cambers too, like "CAMBRidge," and while Dives'/Diva's were first found in Cambridgeshire. The Cumber/Coomer write-up: "By example, the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 listed: Richard le Cumbere in Cambridgeshire...William le Combere was listed in the Assize Rolls of Cheshire in 1260..."

For those who appreciated the heraldry over the last two updates concerning DIANE Muschatov's winDOW, I neglected the Dove's/DOWs and Doe's/DOWs in case Windows were a Winn- / Windsor-line merger with Dows. As was said. Dinesh-like Dines'/Diens/Dives' were once said, for a decade or more, to be first found in Sussex with DIANE's/Deans, and Sussex is where Devons were first found who use "sheldrake" ducks (see 4th update of last March for proof) as part-code for Drake's, for Drake's use a "CAPTat" motto term to go with the "CAPTivus" of Devons. Plus, I've got it recorded that "drakes" (show as ducks) are used Yeo's, first found in Devon. The interesting thing now is that Italian CAPOTe's use a giant MULE head to go with 2000 Mules.

"Sheldrakes" are used also by LinkLETTERs while Letters / Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Dove's/Dows and True-loving Home's/Hume's. I explained (last update) why Sassy my cat points to HUMphreys with a "L'HOMME" motto term. See Leto's/Alitto's and Letters in the last update for why they may point to TRUE the Vote's fraud evidence going before judges Samuel Alito and Neil GorSUCH's of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Plus, I was on MuschaTOV's TV antenna when I knocked at her bedroom window, which is why I had looked up both Teve's and Tove's, finding them listed with Touch's/Tows. But, NOW, at the sight of "capTIVus," I was wondering whether there's a Tives surname to go with "Dives," and lo and behold the Tives' are listed with Teve's/Tove's/Touch's/Tows (Cheshire, same as Diva)! The write-up tells that "The Touches were Lords of Audley," and Audleys have a giant FRET in the colors of the same of Berkshire's while Windsor castle is in Berkshire.

I showed (over the last week or two) how the Window lion paws, and the same-colored lions of Fiens/Finis' (in the Winsdor motto), were related to the Sforza lion that itself uses a "quince," and it just so happens that Quince's have mascles in the colors of the mascle at the center of the Audley / Berkshire fret. The Quince-branch Quints share a lion paw holding a gold fitchee with Windows, and they are from Quintus Caepio, the father of Caepionis', and here we go to the Capone variation of Italian Capote's, but also to English Capone's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Dives'/Diva's and early Cumbers/Coomers/Cambers (share Quint chevron). Combs/Cooms' were first found in Devon.

In the last update, I told that Diane Muschatov eloped with me, and that we spent the first night at the apartment of DENNIS QUINN. It looks like a pointer to DINESH D'Souza, for Spanish Souza's share the Diane/Dean crescents. It just so happens that the Coat of English DENISons is a reflection of the Dawe Coat, and it was shown above how Dawe's can be sharing the Dennis axes. The Dove's/Dows (Berwickshire, same as Home's/Hume's) are in the colors and format of Potters, the latter first found in Hampshire with axe-using Drake's, and near the Axe rivers (two of them) of Somerset and Devon. It's now interesting that while 2000 Mules featured TRUE the Vote, "True" is a motto term of Home's/Hume's who in turn have the Teve/Tove/Touch/Tow Coat in colors reversed.

The Teve/Tove/Touch/Tow Crest has fingers pointing, and the Bradys/Gradys, share one finger pointing diagonally to the sun with the Crest of English Denisons. It just so happens that Bradys/Gradys were first found in Galway with crocodile Dene's sharing the motto of Diane's/Deans. The Devons are in the colors and format of gate-using YATES', the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Samuel-like Samsons ("letho"), and with LETTs/Late's suspect in the motto of Letter-branch Lauders. Again, Devons share "sheldrakes" with LINKletters, and Linch's/LYNCH's were first found in Galway too. Is this a pointer to Samuel Alito being instrumental in accepting an election-fraud case from True the Vote?

What might Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates have to do with election fraud, for while all three were Obama's attorneys general, Holders and Yates' were first found in Gloucestershire. We've seen plenty of dancetty-fesses in this update already, but Holders use one too, in both colors of the same of Curtis/COURTis'. The latter are in the colors of Courts/Coverts, first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deans and Devons.

We can now return to the "CAPTivus" motto term of Devons because Gates-like Geddes', with a "CAPTa MAJORa" motto, have "pike" fish in colors reversed from the same of CABOTs (Geddy/Giddy/Gideon colors), first found in the Channel Islands with MAJORs. Scottish Pike's/Pickens share the stars of French Courts, but also the stars of English Ducks while a "duck" is used by Thomas'. Someone said this week that Clarence Thomas is the defacto chief of the U.S. Supreme Court at this time...perhaps because chief-justice Roberts was caught in a scandal so as to lose respect from all five conservative judges. One of the English Thomas' (Gloucestershire, same as Samsons) shares the cross of Rats/Raiders (Nairnshire with Geddes'), in colors reversed from the Samson cross. The "flaGITium" motto term of Samsons looks like it could be for Geddes-like Gideons or Gittings.

The Thomas' remind of my story on waving at Kim THOMSon when she was in a PHONE BOOTH, the last time I saw her. One of the Welsh Thomas Coats shares the Chief-Shield colors of the Thomson Coat, and the phone booth reminds of the phone pings of the last update by which True the Vote caught the election criminals. The Thomson motto is the perfect message for them: "Honesty is the best policy." English Bests translate their motto, "Liberty in the law."

The reason for my thinking that Kim at the phone booth was Arranged is that Kims were first found in Bute with Glass', and while the phone booth was a glass shelter, I've read that BOTHwells were from Bute (beside first-known Thomsons of Ayrshire), and in the meantime the Boths are listed with Booths. Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire, beside GLASgow, and that's where Pollocks/POLICKs were first found who can be in the "policy" motto term of Thomsons. The Glasgow motto includes, "Lord, let," and while Letts/Late's (Gloucestershire, same as English Thomas' above) are expected in the Samson motto, the Lords/Lauds have the Kim cinquefoils in colors reversed. Those heraldic links makes the phone-booth event look arranged by God, and here we can add that Booths were first found in Yorkshire with the Elis' who share the Coat of the English Thomas' under discussion.

Plus, Yorkshire is where Pully/PULLINGs/PULIT's were first found who point to election fraud via Jovan PULITzer, and Bothwells have a "boy PULLING down a pine tree." French Pine's, in Lord/Laud colors and format, share the Kim cinquefoils. The pine tree is used by Contans/Constance's who were part of my JOE's-VAN dream, a pointer to JOVAN Pulitzer in the last update.

The phone pings were pointed to by PINGs/Pongs/PAGANs (Yorkshire again, same as PINCs/Pinks), and this goes with the pike fish of Geddes' because I trace Pike's to the Pek river at PINCum. The latter location is near VIMINacium, which can explain the "WOMAN" in the Elis Chief. Part of the Elis description tells that she's got "her hair disheveled"," and Scottish Hairs were first found in Ayrshire with Thomsons. The Elis and Thomas crosses-with-crescents are shared by Elias' who in turn use so-called "pean" ermine, code, I assume, for the Pean variation of French Pagans/Payens. The latter share "SPUR rowells" (different design) with the Panters, and Spurrs were first found in Devon with a Rattery location, with English Pike's, and with Spurr-like Supers whom I've suggested can be a pointer, where it fits, to SUPReme court. The Rats/Raiders (connectable to pike-using Geddes), sharing the white anchor with Geddes-beloved Majors, share the Thomas / Elis / Elias cross, and Ratterys have a "Super" motto term. Supers (Devon, same as billets) use billets, and Billet-branch Bellows (share Billet Coat) happen to have a Ballot variation so that, perhaps, God arranged Supers to point to fake election ballots taken up by the/a supreme court.

It can be added here that while Cheneys love Majors too, Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Boths/Booths) share the black boar with Boths/Booths.

Election fraud has been the baby of lawyer, MARC ELIAS (formerly of Perkins Coie), and the interesting thing here is that Marcs/Marks (Languedoc, same as Contans/Constance's) have a Coat version of the Boyds (two fingers pointing) while Scottish Boyds (Ayrshire, same as Pike's and Thomsons) were first found between Bute and the first-known Bothwells. The Boyd write-up: "The earliest Boyds were said to be vassals of the De Morevilles in the regality of Largs... Largs (share Glass stars) have the Coat of Biggars (Lanarkshire, same as Bothwells) and Dallas' (Moray, where Moreville's can be expected).

Marc Elias, when he was at PERKINS Coie, was hired by Hillary RODham Clinton to destroy Trump illegally. The Elias' have a "quo" motto term that could be code for Coie's / Coys. The latter share the Cardine pheons while Kincardineshire is where Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's were first found expected in the "ConFIDO" motto term of Boyds. The sleeping bag dream pointed to Perkins Coie with the mall PARKING lot adjacent to a ROAD that I walked across. I then walked through the parking lot and into the mall, and that's where the hips-PULLING event took place that pointed to Pulitzer's work for the Phoenix audit (see "PHOENix" versus "Phone" in last update for that). I'm repeating this because Kim Thomson's boyfriend (in high school) was ROD Gardner (I've mentioned this several times), and German Rods are listed with Roads. I WAVED to her from a road (I was waiting for a red light to turn green), and Weavers (Cheshire, same as Cardine's) use a "FIDElis" motto term that could be partly for Fido's and partly for Elis'.

Boyds are said to have been rulers of Errol, and ErROLs were first found in Perthshire with black-boar Rollos' who in turn share a "Tout" motto term with Oliphants (Perthshire) who in turn are said to have been granted Bothwell at Lanarkshire. Therefore, Boyds look like a branch of Boy-loving Bothwells.

Kim Thomson's first high-school sweetie was Rod GARDNer (I dated her a couple of times after she and Rod split up). German Gardners share the scallop of Dives'/Diva's, but also of Scalia-like Scale's, as well as the Capes' first found in London with Letter- / Aliotto-related Tooths. One can see that both Gardner surnames are related to both Caplan surnames. The Scalia ladder looks like code for Letter-branch Lauders. The latter's "RePULLulat" motto is expected partly with Pullys/Pullings/Pulit's who happen to have the Gardner scallop in colors reversed. The Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs sharing the ROD/Road eagle. Miss Peare with her hips-pulling event pointed with Phone's/Fiens/Vans to the Phoenix audit because Hips' almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat.

I've told several times of the night when I was driving (about 20 years of age) with Miss PEARE and Louise PHILLIPs (points to vote flipping) to my PARENTs' place. The Parent/PEARent surname shares the martlets of Hips' (Norfolk, same as Peare-branch Parsons) and Phoenix's/Fenwicks. On the way, I stopped into the motel room of Rod Gardner, for I had loaned him a COAT at his request that I wanted back. I've never known whether that event was set up by God, but suddenly, with the Capes' and Caplans in the picture above, the mule-using CAPOTE's/Capone's come to mind because the Italian for "coat' is "cappotto." Capote's/Capone's were first found in Florence with Scalia's. It was the last time I saw Rod. The Parent/PEARent quadrants are those also of Leo's/PYRzewski's (likely from the PIERleoni Jews named after pope Leo Benedict).

A Gang of Five Moles

After writing above, I quit for the day and went out to do yard work. After pulling the wild raspberry stems from a dirt mound I had built over the shallow well (three feet wide) to keep it insulated in winter, I started to shovel away the mound because I needed the dirt to level some dips in the terrain, and because I wanted to create access into the well (through the well cap) in case the foot valve (in the well) stopped working (it's almost 15 years old). At one point, I slid the shovel blade straight down into the dirt, and with one throw of that shovel-full, there came out five, fattened screaming moles. I intruded into their cozy sleep and tossed them into the bright sunshine, they were not happy.

As "moles" is like "mules," I began to wonder whether God arranged these moles to point to 2000 Mules. The first thing to do was to check the Well surnames because the moles had build a den over the well due to the heat of the water in winter. I didn't see their NEST as a DEN until now, and suddenly that brings the Diane's/Deans and Dene's to mind. Diane's MUSCHAT's window is coming to mind because I was at that window on the TV antenna that I thought represented phone pings. In fact, the Nest/Ness surname shares the double fesses of Muscats/Musks. But there's more, for while the Window surname pointed both to Fiens/Phone's and Quints, the latter means "five," and there were FIVE moles. Plus, Scottish Ness', having the Nest/Ness Coat exactly, were first found in FIFE.

Ah, wow, I didn't realize until after writing the above that the Nest/Ness Coat shares the double fesses also of Mole's! It's perfect because the Mole Coat is nearly the Wake Coat, and I awoke the moles without doubt, for they wouldn't have all been together in one shovel of dirt unless they were sleeping in a nest! Bingo! I'm amazed. The Mole Crest is a "PHOENix," I kid you not, and the "FOENus" motto term of Mole's looks like code for a Phoenix/Fenwick branch. As the Schims/Schiens (Aberdeenshire, same as Five's/Fifys) share the Mole boar head while also sharing the Washington Chief, let's add that Washingtons likewise share the double fesses of Nests/Ness' / Mole's / Muscats/Musks. The Wake's can be linked to the Wace variation of proto-Washington Wassa's. English Nests share the dove with Schims/Schiens, and the latter's write-up even has them in a place likely named by the Five's: "In this [Aberdeen] county the name has been found in the parishes of Fyvie..."!

Perhaps these five moles represent the five conservative judges at Washington's U.S. supreme court, for they need a rude awakening due to a couple of them allowing rampant election fraud to go unanswered. There may be another interpretation. I don't use a cell phone, and my camera no longer works due to outdated software, and so I can't take photos for you to prove I caught these moles in one swoop.

The Five's/Fifys and Fife's can be gleaned as a branch of Vivians, the latter first found in Cornwall with Wassa's/Wace's and PENDRagons. When I looked at the Wells last night, the Wellingtons were loaded to see nearly the PENDERgrass Coat, itself identical to the SHARRON Coat, amazing because here's from the first update in November, 2021: "As I've said, the last time I saw one of the Gardner brothers (Rod) was when retrieving my coat from him in SHARON, Ontario..." Wellingtons share the vair fur of Quints.

I found the Sharrons recently due to Sharon QUINN, a Quint-like surname, and this recalls that her brother, Dennis, while we were in high school, asked to borrow my jacket. I loaned it to him, and when after a while I asked for it back, he did this crazy thing: he took it off, and stomped on it with both feet. He was upset that I asked for it back. I have no idea how that event may relate to DINESH D'Souza. I visited Rod at his motel room to get my coat, and Motels share a white, winged horse with Quinns!!! Beauty.

The moles built their nest over the well, and I just showed how Nests/Ness' point to Mole's. But we are expecting to get the Fiens/Phone's/VANs out of this too, if indeed it's a pointer to D'Souza's 2000 Mules, and it just so happens that loading "Vannes" gets the Dutch Nests/Ness'. Plus, German Wells use a giant pelican while Pellicans share the tower of Howells, the latter first found in MONmouthshire with Fiens/Phone's/Vans. The MONS' are listed with Mounds (share Five/Fify and Fife lion), and the five moles were SLEEPing in NEST in the DIRT in a MOUND over the well. Sleeps, with the double Nest/Ness Coat in colors reversed, were first found in Shropshire with English Mounds/Munds/Minds and Wellingtons. The flame-using DIRTs/Darts (Devon, same as Mole's and Maine's) have one of the double-ermined fesses of Sleeps. Pellicans were first found in Maine while Maine's use the dart.

[Insert -- Repeat from above: "Supers (Devon, same as billets) use billets, and Billet-branch Bellows (share Billet Coat) happen to have a Ballot variation so that, perhaps, God arranged Supers to point to fake election ballots taken up by the/a supreme court. " The Ballo's/Ballotti's show nothing but two fesses on a split Shield, and they are in the colors of the show-nothing-but-two-fesses of Sleeps. On the opposite half of the Shield, the Ballo/Ballotti fesses are those of Nests/Ness' / Washingtons / Muscats/Musks.

The Ballo/Ballotti Shield is split vertically in the colors of the same of Bumps, and God showed me by a fistula bump (its job is to issue PUS) on my gum (at the tooth) that Bumps/BumPUS' share the same, giant griffin as Tooths, which is also that the giant one of Letters and Aliotto's. It just so happens that Bumps/Bumpus' were first found in Gloucestershire with LETTs/Late's and the Samsons with a "letho" motto term, and then as the giant crane of Leto's/Alitto's is in the colors of the griffin above, this looks like a pointer to Sam Alito. But why? The tooth with the fistula was sabotaged by two dentists in the same dental office until it needed to be PULLED!!! They were setting me up for an expensive root canal.

I've told this story a few times, but don't remember realizing that the PULLING of the tooth points to the hips-PULLING event that points to election fraud in Phoenix, and to Pulitzer. The hips-pulling was in a mall, which was pointed to by David Morley because he was in the dream, and because Scottish Morleys are also Mauls, and they happen to share the split Shield of Bumps/Bumpus' and Ballo's'/Ballotti's. On the morning of that dream, I identified the sleeping bag (for reasons I won't repeat here), which Morley circled on his motor bike, with the murder of supreme-court justice, ANTONin SCALIA. The Morleys/Mauls even share the SCALE (and Dives) scallops. Scalia was replaced by Gorsuch. The killers faked his death in his SLEEP, and may have finished him off with a BAG around his head to suffocate him while drugged.

[Insert in the insert -- WAKEhursts share the Phoenix and Hips martlets! The gold buckle in the Wakehurst Crest may be the one in the Crest of CASE's (Norfolk, same as Hips') for a pointer to a COURT CASE, for Wakehursts (new to me now) were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts, and the latter share three martlets (different colors) with Wakehursts! That looks like a correct interpretation. End insert in the insert]

As I said, Joe OulLETTE took snow from off of his BUMPer (!!!) and put it into a square container, but I immediately FLIPped the box over and dumped it out ...which caused me to think that Pulitzer's work would be scrapped, and indeed it had been by the governors of the audit. As per ROOT canal, let me repeat what was said shortly above: "After PULLING the wild raspberry stems from a dirt mound..." I was pulling out their ROOTs!!! Roots share the Coat of BAGleys. They show nothing but three lozenges (Bag-Chief colors) in the colors of the four of Penningtons, and this gets us to Louise Phillips, because she was in the sleeping-bag dream with Miss Peare in the mall. The Phillips' are also FILIPs, and Louise was working for Pennington's clothing (in an indoor mall) when I met her.

My bet is that the good guys on the top court have been following election-fraud evidence, perhaps deeper than the news will expose it. My dead tooth may be a symbol of the rot in the supreme court. A loss of a tooth is a loss of bite. I once told a pre-tribber that if he continued to argue the way he does on the rapture questions, "your teeth fill fall out." He took it as a threat that I would punch him in the mouth, but I meant it symbolically, that he would have no bite, no validity.

As per root canal, I've just loaded canals to find it mentioning TOMMASo Canali. Pointer to judge Thomas? Tommaso's were first found in VENice with Ballo's/Ballotti's. English Balls use a "fireball" while Fire's are in Letter / Leto / Tooth / Bumpus colors and format. There's a Venis/Venis surname that could apply to Phoenix / Phone liners, which evokes Kim THOMSon at her phone booth. In fact, the only heraldic "fence" I know of, suspect with Venice-like Fens'/Venns, is from BaumGARTNERs/Baumgardens, and Kim's boyfriend was Rod GARDNER! What might this mean but that Kim Thomson at the phone booth is pointing to Arizona fraud. As little as a couple of weeks earlier, she SLEPT in my bed (no sex, because my new Christian conscience wouldn't let me).

The Baumgartner fence is around a tree (no root showing) in the colors of the tree of Scottish Woods, and then English Woods add a Rod-like ROOT to their tree that's in the colors of the ROET tree. The Roots share the BAGley Coat (Scalia colors), and so Kim sleeping in my bed looks linkable to the sleeping bag for some reason. End insert]

Wellings (Norfolk, same as Larg-like Larks/Laurks) have a Coat like that of Largs and Biggars (Flemish, same as Seatons/Sittens). As these Coats share the stars in the Arms of Wallis canton, and in the Arms of Sion/SITTEN (in Wallis canton), Wellings look like a branch of Wallis'/Wallace's, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Boyds who were in turn ruling at Larg. English Boyds were first found in Shropshire with Wellingtons. The "ConFIDO" motto of Boyds ought to be for Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's who in turn share the FOOT chevron, and I was removing the dirt mound over the well in preparation of having easy, winter access to the FOOT valve in case it needs replacement (try shoveling away a frozen mound). Welling-like Wallings/Walwyns were first found in Pembrokeshire with the Pendergrass' sharing the Sharron Coat i.e. almost the Wellington Coat. Penders/Pinders use a "fide" motto term.

Wallis canton is in Switzerland, and the Feschs/FECHts, first found in Switzerland, almost have the crossed swords of BARROWs ("sufFICIT"). The latter were looked up because I picked the moles up with the shovel, and put them into a wheel barrow. I then put them into a small planter (bucket) and drove them to a field over a mile from home. Hopefully, they don't have Sassy-type, homeward-bound radar. Wells (or Bath and Wells) is a location in Somerset, and then the Battins/Badens (Somerset, same as Axe river at/near Bath and Wells) have axes in the colors of the Eccles axes while Planters/Plants were at ECCLEShall. Eccles' were first found in Lancashire with axe-using Dennis' and Barrows.

The Baths (Somerset) even share the cross of Fessys/Face's who in turn have the Segni's/Segurana's (Genova, same as Fieschi) in their motto who in turn share the eagle of Barrow-like Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Wallis'/Wallace's). Fessys were from the Fesch-like Fieschi while Barrows look like Fesch/Fecht kin. I pulled the WILD RaspBERRY stems from off the mound, and English Wilds have a "Veritas VICTRix" motto to go with Fecht / Victoria/Fichter liners, and to go with the "veritas" motto term of Pendergrass' and Sharrons. Planters/Plants use a bend with rose in all three colors of the Biggar / Larg bend and stars, and the "sine" motto term of Scottish Berrys (Devon) is for Sions/Sine's/Swans (Lanarkshire, same as Biggars). There had collectively been raspberry BUSH on top of that mound.

Planters/Plants were first found in London while Londons (Berkshire with Windsor castle) and/or Lundins/Londons (Fife, share the Fife / Five/Fify lion) were kin of Fife's DOORs/Dorwards. I trace Fife's and Five's/Fife's to Lviv on the Bug river, and while the planter the moles were placed in is a small bucket, Bugs use "water BOUGETs." I see the Neuri of the Bug river as a branch of the namers of Nairnshire, where RAS'/Rose's were first found who are in the Planter/Plant rose. I kid you not, Ras'/Rose's use a water bouget!!! I first pulled RASpberry stems before finding the moles!!! I like that. The "true" motto term of Ras'/Rose's might even be a pointer to True the Vote.

English DOORs were first found in Herefordshire with BARRels who in turn have a version of the Segni/Segurana Coat. The latter surname was first found in Genova with DORia's, you see, who in turn married Arduinici of ONEGLia, a location that's to the Neils/Nails/NAGLE's who in turn have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-axes of Eccles'. The Planters/Plants were at Eccleshall. That set of heraldry all appears Arranged to go with the five moles. Neils/Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with the Ducks who named BAR-le-Duc. The Ducys are in the motto of Mole-connectable Schims/Schiens, and the "fuNERA" motto term of Mole's can go to the ARDiaei and DAORsi on the Naro/Neretva river, for Ardiaei became the Arduinici.

In colors reversed, the Bath Coat is most of the Rhodes Coat, and here we can go back to the Rods/Roads sharing the Child eagle, for Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with SHOVELs (Child colors and format). I had removed about 20 shovels of dirt from the mound, and then, with no sign of moles, I yanked out another shovel load, tossed it a couple of feet away, allowing the dirt to break into pieces, and out of that dirt came five screaming moles, quite a sight to see. They didn't run away, but tried to get under the dirt to hide.

I think God wants me to say that I TOSSed the moles because Toss'/MacIntosh's use the Clan Chattan motto which includes "Touch"!!! That's the Teve's/Tove's/Touch's/Tive's/TUFFs we saw above in connection to Muschatov's TV antenna. They are a branch of Tufts/Tuffs' who share the phoenix with Mole's! The "tufts of grass" of Bosco's can go here with PenderGRASS', and Penders/Pinders have lion heads in the colors of the full lions of English Grasse's, and of the Posts in the Mole motto. The Dutch Bush's/Bos'/BOSCHs and Five's/Fifys / Fife's all share the lion of Toss'/MacIntosh's, and while the latter were first found in Moray, Morays/Murrays almost have the Mole Coat. Irish Murrays have an "Imperio" motto while Oneglia is now Imperia.

As was said, 20 years exactly after Muschatov and I split up, I bumped into her at a grocery store not near to where she had formerly lived. She said she was working at the courthouse. With all of the Barr-like surnames above, including Berrys/Barrie's from the raspberry bush, I wonder whether this is a pointer to Amy Coney-Barrett, one of the conservative cowards on the U.S. supreme court who shunned election-fraud cases (or so is my understanding from reports I had read). In any case, Irish Barretts use so-called "barry" similar to the bars-gemel of Irish Barrys, and this-color bars-gemel is shared by Wassa's/Wace's and the American flag (likely of the Washington line). Again, Wace-like Wake's almost use the Coat of Mule's (Devon, same as Berrys and Beers), and I disturbingly woke the moles, which may mean that God has booted the dozy conservative judges in the rear, somehow, to get them to wake up. We shall see.

AMAZING. After writing the above, I intended to see whether there is any evidence that the five-mole event could point to Coney-Barrett, but my break was over, and so I returned to the well, for I had been removing more of the dirt mound earlier on this Friday. When I got to the well, I was digging around a lamp shade under some waterproof plastic which I had installed to help me get to the well cap easier in winter. I had forgotten all about it. The shade goes over to cap, and so there's only air inside of it i.e. no dirt inside the lamp shade for me to hack away at in case I need to get into the well in winter. The lamp shade, as you know, is a CONE shape!!!!! CONEY-BARRET!!!

OH WOW. It appears that God arranged the Shade/Schade surname to almost have the Coney and Conn Coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lamp SHADE. I kid you not. As I've said, the coney rabbit in the Coney Crest holds a "pansy," and the reason that the Arms of BAR-le-Duc uses the pansy is due to Pansys/Pantzers being first found in Westphalia with Ducks. English Ducks look related to Fife's.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWIE! The Lamps were loaded, but at first I could see nothing in the Coat to tie-in to this set of heraldry, but then I spotted the L'AMY variation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMY Coney-Barrett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cans't thou believeth this? Amys were first found in Cornwall, beside the Berry and Beers while the latter share the black bear with Amys. More exactly, Amys share the black bead head with gold muzzle of Berwicks, which are in different colors with Barwicks (probably a "MOUND" in Crest), the latter first found in Northumberland with Lamps/L'Amys and Amis' (and Lams/Lambs) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT. The buried lamp shade took us to Amys!!! The "Fama" motto term of Amis' (Northumberland, same as PHOENix's/Fenwicks) must be for the Fame variation of Fiens/PHONE's/Vans. Did I just hear the phone pings of thousands of guilty mules and their masters? And the supreme court doesn't want to rectify this horror? SHAME, filthy and corrupt judges, whichever you are. English Lams/Lams (same place as Lamps) even have a near-copy of the Potter Coat while planters are also pots.

[Insert -- I missed this until Saturday. The antenna pointed to Tonys/TONE's / Anthonys, and here we can add that Rabbits (Suffolk, same as Tone's/Towns) are in TONE/Town colors and format. Then, while moles BURROW tunnels, the Tunnels (Northumberland, same as Phoenix's/Fenwicks) are not only Tunno's, but such things as TunNOCKs!!! I was knocking at her window upon the antenna (!), so cool, and Noke's share the red leopard face with Antons/Anthonys! The inclusion of Rabbits suggests that AMY Coney-Barrett is in this because Coneys use the rabbit. Phoenix's/Fenwicks even have a Shield horizontally split in the colors of the vertically-split Tunnel/Tunnock Shield.

Next, we go to the Burrows/Burghs, who share TICK/Tuck/TOUQUE griffin head, and Tonys were from Les Andelys by the Touques river. What are the chances? Burrows/Burghs are said to have been at TICHfield, and TickHILLs (Yorkshire, same as Ticks/Tucks/Touque's) have the Tony/Tone Coat in colors reversed! Moles BURROW TUNNELS (Bill Withers, in "Lean On Me," just sang "borrow" as I finished writing "tunnels"). TickHILLs are interesting where Spitzer's use "hills" and a "tunnel." End insert]

This is one of the best heraldic set-ups I've seen; it's just got to be from Jesus. I feel I should be predicting that the evidence in 2000 Mules will reach the Supreme Court due to His arrangements. But if not, I must be reading this five-mole event wrongly. Is Jesus saying that the five conservative judges are catholic moles who will harm us later when the anti-Christs gang up on us, when we need the top courts most?

Dinesh D'Souza, according to his Wikipedia article, is a Roman catholic with schooling at a Jesuit school in India...not necessarily meaning he was trained as a Jesuit. Coney-Barrett and the other four conservative judges are all catholics, I believe, who care nothing for purely-evangelical causes. There must be a belief amid catholic circles that Trump's evangelical base can overpower the catholics in the Republican party, and when catholic power-houses see this, they puke. It's obvious that the pope is engaged in a conspiracy to overcome evangelical / fundamentalist powers in the USA, and that entails joining globalist / anti-Christ forces to weaken non-catholic Christians.

The Voter/GOTHier surname (shares the PULLING/Pulit martlets) was first found in Languedoc with Fountain-related Hugs/HUGHES', and with Coat/Cotes-connectable Cotta's/GOTE's/Cotys', but also with Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's. The Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Hips', and the hips-pulling event with Miss Peare, which was the start of a HUG, was also a waist-pulling event while Waistells were, I am sure, from Vestalis of the Cottians, i.e. where I trace Cotta's/Gote's/Cotys. I am not familiar with the Gote variation; it was found only now, and it's working with the Wells, said to have had a Latin FONTIbus variation. German Wells (not "Wells") share the pelican with Pullings/Pulits.

I see the French Conte's/Comites', suspect in the motto of Mole-connectable Schims/Schiens, with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's in the makings of Conteville's who birthed HUGH Lupus, and it just so happens that Lupus'/Welfs/Wolfs (Cheshire, same as Hugh Lupus) share the wolf heads of Schim-branch Skene's/Scans/Skins. We have a fine thing where Italian Conte's share the Wells and Lafin/La Font lion, and then English Conte's/Comitissa's have the English CONE antler. German Cone's are listed with Cohens while Jewish Cohens/Kagans have the Moray stars too. I TOSSed the moles and exposed them rudely to the light of day, and Toss'/MacIntosh's were first found in Moray while Morays/Murrays almost have the Mole Coat.

Irish Murrays have an "Imperio" motto while Oneglia, where I trace Neil liners, is now Imperia. Irish Nihills/Neils are probably in the BERRY motto. If ever you've pulled out wild raspBERRY plants, you know you need gloves. I was probably still wearing my rubber gloves 30-60 minutes after pulling out the last stems, and that's when the moles went rolling from my toss. Glove's, in the motto of CAT-using Toss'/MacIntosh's, look (by their Coat) like kin of Catters, the latter first found in Berkshire with Wilds. I wore the gloves to remove the WILD raspBERRY plants. The Glove Crest is a crossBOW, and the Bows/Bough's have a version of the five, bunched arrows of Camerons who in turn have the Berry Coat.

I just came indoors again after MOWing grass. This is a phenomenal section. I was just thinking that the English Cone's have an antler-version of the Biss Coat while Biss' share the FLAG/FLACK scallops while BRAE's/Brays use a "FLAX breaker." This plays to BRA in Coney-like Cuneo, and so back we go to the bra I reached out and touched (age 9) on a laundry line, while standing on a laundry deck which had a white rabbit(s) underneath it in a cage. Coneys use white rabbits, and the rabbits along with laundry line belonged to the Petersons, suspect as a pointer to Peter Peterson, long-time Chair of the dastardly Council on Foreign Relations, for he married Mrs. Cooney of Sesame Street. This is to say that perhaps God provided the touch-bra event to show that Amy Coney-Barrett is a supporter of the Council on Foreign Relations.

As I said, I was MOWing the lawn as the last thing I did before calling it the day outdoors, and MOWbrays of Monbrai are amazing here because Mole's are also Mows!!! Is that not incredible? What are the chances? Mowbrays were first found in Northumberland with Lamps and Lams/Lambs.

I feel that I'm to go to the English Lawns here for their "Garde" motto term, for Gardens share the giant boar head of French Jarrets/JARRYs while I was at the bra event because JERRY Peterson, a year older than I, was my buddy at the time. Mole's have a giant boar head too. English Jarrets, with a giant lion in the colors of the lion heads of Scottish Petersons, were first found in Shropshire with Breakers. The reason I was using the dirt mound on top of the well to level the terrain is that I'm planting a GARDEN there this year. I've got a couple of hundred seeds planted by now.

Lookie: Breaker-loving Brae's/Brays were first found Northamptonshire with the Cabbage's in the "cabbage's of French PLANTs/Planque's!!! I'm planting a garden. The moles were taken away in a planter. I don't want five moles eating the roots of my plants. The English Plantagenets (London, same as Plants) actually share the triple lions in pale of English Lawns and Brai-like Brians!!! Yes, God arranged for me to be mowing the lawn just before coming in to add to this mole story. While Gardens/Jardens and Jardins were first found in ANGUS, Cabbage's have an "ANGUStis" motto term while Augusts share the black EAGLE leg with Brae's/Brays. Peterson-beloved Eagle's/Hegels (share Jarret / Peterson lion) were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's, and Amys (Cornwall, same as Vivians) have a lone pile in colors reversed from eagle-branch Hagels (Somerset, same as Duce-related Ducks).

The Jarrats/Garrets (not "Jarret") share both the lion, and a "Semper fidelis" motto, with the Arms of Lviv, and thus the touch-bra event at Jerry's may be pointing to the diabolical plots of the Council on Foreign Relations in Ukraine. There were FIVE moles, and I see the Five/Fify / Vivian bloodline from "LVIV." I've been wondering whether Gog -- the anti-Christ -- will come out of Ukraine, and it just so happens the GOOGE's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's/Mows) share the Mole/Mow boar. That's interesting. Wikipedia's Lviv article claims that the city is nicknamed "Ukrainian Piedmont." Bra is in Piedmont. Sempers, feasibly a Peter / Peterson branch, have lions in the colors of the Five/Fify and Fife lions. The Semper Coat is also the BRANton/Bramton and Duce Coat, and Duce's happen to be in the motto of Schims/Schiens (share Mole/Mow boar head).

The Jarrats/Garrets share the Maschi lion, and while Masci's (not "Maschi") were first found in Piedmont too, Maschi's happen to use pine CONE's. Coneys have a rabbit-version of the Meschin Coat, and Meschins share the scallops of Flags/Flacks suspect in the Brae/Bray flax breaker. It appears that the five moles do belong side-by-side with the TOUCH-bra event, and so let's repeat that TOUCH's/Tuffs (in the Toss/MacinTOSH motto) were first found in Cheshire with Masci > Massey / Mace liners, and with the Tufts/Tuffs' sharing the phoenix in Crest with Mole's/Mows. The Touch's/Tuffs had long-ago worked into the bra event because they share the giant, Irish Hare/Garry/JARRY lion.

According to reports, the other pig-headed justice on the U.S. supreme court is BRETT Kavanaugh. His surname shares the lion of Angus' (Fife) while Gardens/Jardens and Jardins (both first found in Angus) were likely a branch of Jarrats/Garetts, the latter first found in Carlow with Kavanaugh's. Jardins have a three-star version of the Angus Chief, making the Jardin Chief colors reversed from the same of Schims/Schiens (Aberdeenshire, same as Five's/Fifys). English Bretts not only have the Kavanaugh lion in Crest, but share the Five/Fify and Fife lion in their Shield. German Bretts share the stars of English Ducks, and English Bretts were first found in Somerset with English Ducks who in turn have a near-copy of the Fife Coat.

So, yes, the five moles may depict the five conservative judges whom have failed the nation and world on election fraud. This is a global crime on the part of the delinquents. Not all five have been unwilling to do election fraud. Perhaps the two or three who wish to do so need to have a little or big talk with the conservative delinquents on the Bench. I don't care how much law they know; I don't care how good they strut their stuff; I don't care how professional they have learned to be. If they are not procuring justice against the powerful players in politics, they stink to High Heaven. DELINQUENTS. The people hire them to protect themselves from corrupt politicians, but now, betrayal by fascist judges serving elite dictators.

We just saw Jardins with the Schim/Schien chief in colors reversed. But now: Gardens/Jardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term while English Jungs/June's -- Staffordshire, same as Duck-branch Duce's -- share the fleur-de-lys of Scheins/Shiners. That's perfect where Schims/Schiens use a "duce" motto term. Plus, German Jungs/Youngs/June's were first found in Bavaria with Duck-related German BRETTs. The Schein/SHINer fleur is that also of Cake's/CakeBREADs, and Irish SHINs share the bend of German Bretts. I point the English Shins/Chine's/Chings to election fraud from China, and this surname was first found in Somerset with Bretts. What do we make of this? Is Brett Kavanaugh part of Chinese corruption? Is this why he refused to do election fraud?

The Kavanaugh-connectable Kevens and Keveneys both have lions in the colors of the giant lion head of Brett-like Breads/Bradds. Amazingly, while the horizontally-split Keven/Kewen Shield is colors reversed from the same of English lawns while Irish Lawns essentially have the PORCi Coat in colors reversed. Compare "Brett" to "Barrett." The Irish Barrett Coat is almost that of PORCH's/PORTIS', and while the German Bretts are in PORCi colors and format, it's just amazing that PORTIShead is in Somerset with English Bretts. Porch's/Portis' were first found in Norfolk with the Cue's/KEWs sharing the Keven/KEWen garb. Then, Porcia's (not "Porci") share the black boar with Gardens/Jardens and French Jarrets. It's as though there is a dual pointer here both to Coney-Barrett and Kavanaugh.

Chief-justice Roberts is a delinquent-galore, a fake conservative dope, an imbecile, a shame to the high court, a friend of anti-Christs. Both Lawn/LANE surnames share the Robert and Proper/Robert/Robin lion. The latter surname shares the ostrich in Crest with the Lawn-related Carricks. My moles live under my lawn at its roots. Porch-connectable Barretts were first found in Lincolnshire with the Grasse's who share the Keveney and Keven/Kewen lion. Welsh Roberts ("ymLAEN") share the lion of Kewen-like Owens (Wales) and Keons/Kewans/Owens. The latter were first found in Sligo with Higgins/Hickins whose motto suggests they share the DOMINo tower i.e. a possibly pointer to Dominion-Voting corruption. Welsh Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers who in turn almost have the Robertson Coat.

Robertsons (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doags), probably sharing the Douglas crown, are said to have been ancestral to royal Duncans / Donkeys (share Dog/Doag and Porch/Portis cinquefoils). The Roys (Lanarkshire, same as proto-Douglas Hardys), sharing the ship in Crest with Duncans / Donkeys, are in the Lawn/Lane motto, and probably in the Macinroy variation of Robertsons.

I can glean Robertsons to be related to Swords (Northumberland, same as Donkeys) via the Skene's/Scans/Skins (brings us back to Mole kin), and to Lupus'/Welfs/Wolfs where Hugh Lupus' cousins, the Meschins (Cheshire, same as Propers/Roberts), married the family of king Duncan. Propers/Roberts have a red-fesse Coat version of the Jarrats/Gerrets, and the latter's "FIDELis" motto term must be for the Fiddle's/Fidelows because they have the Robertson Coat in colors reversed. The Chapman-beloved Ponders (and Ponds/Ponts) use both the Garden / Jarret boar head and the fesse of Jarrats/Garetts (same place as Kavanaugh's/Kevens).

The "gloria" motto term of Robertsons is good for linking judge Roberts to Coney-Barrett because the last update featured Larry Barret and is girlfriend, Laura, and Glorys/Lowrys are an obvious branch of Larrys/Lawrie's (laurel in a cup).

Barret-like Barnetts (new to me here) were first found in Herefordshire with the Barrels. More exactly, Barnetts were first found in CHIPPING Barnet, and this goes to my dream with my Jeep's barrel-shaped part missing from the door handle. The Jeepma's are also Cheps, and Cheppings share the Robert / Lawn/Lane / Plant lion. Chippings are also Chepyns. Barnetts are said to have been at Ely, and if that's at Ely of Cambridgeshire, then it links smack to Chepmans/Chapmans (probably share the crescent of EEL-using Irish Foys).

I've just found a way to link Mole's/Mows to Muschatov's window, for they are said to descend probably from a sheriff of Molesworth in Huntingdonshire. The proto-Windsor Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire while Windsors, who share the Molesworth crosslets, have a "fie en" motto phrase for Fiens. The latter include the Phone's, and Mole's are the ones with the PHOENix, excellent. The Molesworth Crest is even an arm holding a gold fitchee to match the lion paw holding a gold fitchee in the Window Crest. If that's not enough, the Quints, who have a lion paw holding a gold fitchee, share the blue vair fur of Molesworths. The Quint Chief is also the Robert Chief. Thus, we just found a solid Quint-Mole link, and "quint" means "five." There were five moles.

The Molesworth write-up: "The place-name Molesworth is derived from the Old English word MULESword...Conjecturally [Molesworths] are descended from Eustace the Sheriff of Huntingdon who held his lands at the time of the taking of the Domesday Book from Countess Judith, a relation of Duke William of Normandy. "Sir Walter de Molesworth was one of Edward the 1st's Crusaders." Mythical UTHER PENdragon can be gleaned as part-code for Others/Otters, especially as Utters/Otterburns (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's/Mows) use the otter. He mated with the wife of GORlois while Gore's/Core's share the Windsor crosslets too, which can explain why PENNingtons almost have the full Molesworth motto. GorLOIS is also part-code for Lois' (Artois), and this speaks to Louise Phillips because I met her when she worked as a saleslady for Penningtons clothing. Lois' share the ostrich with Propers/Roberts.

Ahh, Penns/Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire, near Windsor castle, and the Pense's are in the motto of ESKINs/Erskins (Renfrewshire) whom I see with ESCHYNa de Molle! She married ROBERT Croc(e) of Renfrewshire while her daughter married ROBERT Pollock of Renfrewshire. I knocked on Muschatov's window, and the Knocks/Knox's, first found in Renfrewshire, happen to have a "MOVeo" motto term while Mole's are also Mowe's! That works. Dinesh D'Souza likes to call 2000 Mules a "MOVIE."

We now go back to Pense's/PINCons (Devon, same as Mule's) of Mont-Pincon, for Pincs/Pinks were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pagans, is that not a pinger of a piece of work? Yorkshire is even where Beckers (compare with Ferrats/Fers) were first found who share the vaired Shield of Molesworths! Pingo!

Beckers have a blue-VAIR version of the Beach's/Bechs (compare with Vairs/Fers') who were in turn first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs who share the Pense/Pincon eagle. Hertfordshire is where the Vince's/FINCH's (share Finchem fesse), expected in the "Vincit" motto term of Molesworths, were first found. Finchems share the triple fesses of Fien-like Feins/Finns (Burgundy, same as VAIRs), and this is a super pointer to legislator, Mark Finchem, of Arizona, for he's assisting the election-fraud fight in Phoenix, perfect. As I've said a many times, God caused me to bump into Lorraine at the FINCH subway station, and here we can repeat that Lorraine's share the Child eagle too.

The "Bis VIVit" motto phrase of Beckers looks applicable to the Five-branch Vivians, and the Biss' (cone colors and format) have two snakes "respecting each OTHER." The each's are probably in the "Ewch" motto term of Welsh Roberts, and it just so happens that French Roberts (Burgundy, same as Vairs/Fers') share the Becker vair but in the form of the Quint Chief. The "bene" motto term of the same Beckers can include the line of French Biens whose axes are in the colors of the same of Dinesh-like Dennis'. It reminds of Dennis QUINN when Muschatov and I slept in his apartment. I lost a lot of respect for her that night, for when I was with eyes closed on his couch, he asked her to go into his bedroom so as not to wake me up (I wasn't asleep), and she didn't come out of the bedroom until morning. I'll never know what happened, but I'm taking it as a Dennis-Dean relationship.

Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with Becker-like Biggs, and perhaps DenBIGHshire (where Welsh Roberts were first found, beside ostrich-using Propers/Roberts of Cheshire) was named partly by Biggs, and partly by Dennis / Diane/Dean liners. The Bigg border is in the colors and format of the Molesworth border, and the Beggs share the Diane/Dean crescents. It's the Molesworth who share the vaired Shield of Beckers. The Begg Crest is a hand holding a gold cross, similar to the Molesworth Crest, and the Begg cross is even the cross in the Molesworth border. Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire. German Marks share the double-tipped spear with SHAKEspeare's, first found in Cumberland with Quints, and it just so happens that "molehills" are used by SHAKE's (Lancashire, same as Dennis'). The Bigg border is shared by English Marks (Essex, same as Biggs and Epstein-connectable Muschats). Sleeping Beauty was on a beach, and I resolved that beach to be on the island of Jeffrey Epstein.

"The Pense family lived in Devon. Their name, however, is a reference to Mont-Pincon, in Calvados, in the arrondissement of Lisieieux, Normandy, the family's place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066." Lisieux was the region of the Toeni's > Tonys, and, as was said, the Knock-like Noke's/Nochs (BUCKinghamshire with Penns/Pence's) share red leopard faces with ANTONs/Anthonys and the Bigg Crest. I was on Muschatov's ANTENna when knocking at her window. Andy Biggs is a Washington legislator representing Arizona.

It's interesting that while Biggs share the lion of Angus' (Fife), the Fife / Five/Fify lion is shared by Buckers, the latter first found in Norfolk with Bucks and Bags (compare with Beach's/Bechs) while Baggers are in Bicker colors and format. Bickers share the stag head of Poppins/Pophams (suspect from Pepin of Landen, father of BEGGa), first found in Hampshire with LISieux-like Liss'/Lise's. To what, via this paragraph, might the gang of five moles point to? I put them into a bucket, and French Buckets share the cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs (Norfolk with Bags), which are in colors reversed in the Bag Chief. English Buckets almost have the PolWORTH Coat.

I've got it recorded (4th update in January, 2022) that Ginsburgs use "buckets," and Coney-Barrett replaced the wicked witch of the U.S. supreme court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Gins'/Gwinns are in Coney colors and near-format. Gins'/Gwinns even share the Barrow swords. Gwinn-like Quints share the Becker vair while the Bene's in the Becker motto come up as the Vims in the Gins'/Gwinn motto. Coneys lived in Lincolnshire, where Pellers were first found who might be in the "repellere" motto term of Gins'/Gwinns.

Enter Barr and Epstein

At this point, I've got to repeat that Muschats share the Epstein Coat, for while JEFFREY Epstein was partnered with Ghislaine Maxwell, the English Maxwells share the double-headed eagle of the Worths suspect in "MolesWORTH." Worths were first found in Devon with Mule's. The Polworths show nothing but three piles in the colors of the nothing-shown but three chevrons of Muschats and Epsteins. As if God wanted to arrange a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein's spy organization in this set of heraldry, Scottish Jeffreys, first found in Aberdeenshire with Mole-connectable Schims/Schiens, share a "Post" motto term with Mole's. The Worths were at Devon's WASHfield, and Washingtons share the Schim/Schien Chief.

Epstein, they say, was involved with Intelligencia in blackMAILing politicians, rich people, and media personalities, and Mail variations are like the Mole / Mule surnames. Blacks (Lincolnshire, same as Buckets) share the Bigger stars, the Begg crescent, and the Washington / Schim/Schien Chief. BLACKmail looks like it's from CIA at the Washington-DC theater. CIA headquarters is in Langley while LANGleys share the six pale bars of Landens. Pepin of Landen (married Miss Metz) was father to Begga, very-likely the line to Beggs who share the letter with Langs. The Begg 'A' is likely for Arnulf of Metz. Landens are also LANDERs, pointed to both by Lorraine (the one at the Finch subway station) and the bra on the LAUNDRY line, for Landrys have this: "The surname Landry was first found in Lorraine at Barrois, part of the duchy of Bar..." Barretts were first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks, and the laundry-line bra did seem to point to Amy Coney-Barrett. Perhaps she's been blackmailed, explaining why Trump chose her for the supreme court, for Trump was hanging out with Epstein. Amys look like Barwick kin.

Bill Barr's father was the principle of a Dalton school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a young teacher there, for high-school kids. Trump chose Bill Barr, the Bushite, deep-state operator, to be his attorney general, but Barr was certainly not Trump's attorney general. The election cheats got more protection from Barr than Trump.

On my first-date offer with Lorraine, we arranged to meet at my laundromat, and she pointed to Pepin of Landen by multiple other means. After bumping into her at the Finch station (a week or two after we split up), I saw her one last time carrying her infant CHILD. I picked all five moles up, one at a time, with my shovel, and dropped them into the wheel BARROW. Shovels, in Child colors and format, were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs and Finch's. The five-mole event now seems to be connecting both with pointers from Lorraine (don't know her surname) and Diane Muschatov. I asked Lorraine for the first date almost directly across the street from the restaurant of Joe Fix, and Barrows, sharing the Fix fleur-de-lys, have a "sufFICit" motto term suspect with the Feschs/Fechts sharing (almost) the crossed Barrow swords.

Steve Papp was Mr. Fix's cook, and Papps/Papadopoli's can be a pointer to George Papadopoulos, who was attacked my the mole, Stefan Halper, part of the Intelligence efforts to reinforce the false, Steele-dossier accusations against Trump. It gets interesting where Halpers (and Halps) share (different paw colors) the lion-paw-with-gold-fitchee of Windows / Quints, and the checks of English Steels (share Bar lion head) while the Steel checks are on a bend in the colors of the bend-with-checks of German Beckers. A bend-with-checks is used also by Papp-like Pape's/Pope's/Pumps (reinforcing the Becker trace to Begga).

Again, the proto-Washington Wassa's/WACE's (Cornwall, beside Washfield) must have been a Wake branch because Wake's almost have the Mule Coat, both having Chiefs in Washington-Chief colors and format. As I did wake Muschatov when knocking at her window, are we to link that event to the five moles living under the raspBERRY plants? Irish Barrys share the Wassa/Wace bars-gemel. The raspberry plants were growing on a mound I had piled, and Mounds/MONS' were first found in Peebles-shire, where Scottish Jeffreys above were once said to be first found. MONmouthshire is where Phone's were first found, and Monmouths share the red lion with Mounds/Mons'. The latter's lion is in both colors of the Legh lion, and the Monmouth lion is missing a leg probably as code for Leghs. Monmouths were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels.

If I could understand how God can program a cell to evolve into a human being in 999,999,999 years less than 100 million, I could also explain to you what all of this heraldry means. Perhaps the blackmail theme goes to Blake's/Caddells (CATTEL kin), for the Howells (Monmouthshire, same as Phone's/FANE's) are said to descend from king Howel, son of CADELLL, and then CATTOLica is beside Fano, the latter location expected in the "fano" motto term of Phone's/Fane's. English Blake's were first found in Devon with Mail-connectable Mule's. The phone pings of 2000 Mules goes to Pence's/PINCons, we may now gather, because Pense's are in the motto of Eskins/Erskins who share the single pale bar of English Blake's. The latter were at CHIPPenham too, recalling the Barrett-like Barnetts in CHIPPING Barnet (Herefordshire, same as Barrels).

As I put the five moles in the wheel barrow, I'm inclined now to think that weight upon the five conservative judges is applied by the deep state in connection to Bill Barr. That makes a lot of sense, that Bushites want control of the supreme court. It was a raspberry bush growing over the nest of the moles, and Coney-Barrett actually got her political start under George Bush Jr. He married LAURA Walsh, and Scottish Walsh's (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's), kin of Benjamins (share Barnett saltire), may have been kin of Irish Barrone's, and may even be with the Barnett saltire. This recalls, Laura, girlfriend of Larry Barret (they may have become married for all I know). Barrows look like kin of Fix-connectable Feschs/Fechts, and "TransFIXus" is a motto term of Irish Walsh's.

Barrows share the anchor of Firmens, first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, and Firmens share the red lion heads of Barrs. It's looking like the moles in my wheel barrow pertain to Bill Barr's circle of gangsters.

[Insert -- It recalls the dream with BARREL-shaped part missing from my Jeep, which dream ended with a barrel-like container catching FIRE around its rim (I tried to put this fire out) that I pointed to the inaction of Bill Barr. The FIRmens may have been in view with that fire, a new idea here that I've yet to explore. Firmens are in the colors and format of the new-to-me WAKEhursts who pointed hard to election fraud / supreme court above. Wakehursts were linked to Hips', and Hips' happen to be in the colors and format of the Christs expected in the "Christo" motto term of Firmens. CHRISTine Peare was in the hips-pulling event. Interesting indeed, but I'm out of time this week to explore this further. End insert]

The Bush's have some ties to Austin, Texas, and Austins, in Maxton colors and format, were obvious Quint kin. Maxtons were a Maxwell branch (both first found in Roxburghshire with Mole's), and Ghislaine Maxwell's father was a British-Intelligence man. My wheel barrow has a CRACK in the metal (doesn't hold water), and Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Crack-like Carricks and Craigie's. Cracks/Cricks were first found in Yorkshire with Craggs and Bush's. Is this proving that the wheel barrow is a symbol of Bill Barr and his Bushite friends? There were five moles in the barrow, and Five's/Fifys share the lion of Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs while German Boschs share (almost) the German Bush Coat.

I've seen the English Bush Coat with a red fesse, which makes it in the colors and format of Thorns. Wild raspberry stems are covered in thorns. The "spiNIS" motto term of Thorns can be for the Niss'/Nisets sharing the Quint / Austin / Maxton chevron. Niss'/NISETs share the Jeune fleur-de-lys for a trace to Junia Caepionis, granddaughter of Quintus Caepio. The moles were in their nest, and Niss-like Nice's (Fife) share the Coat of Ness'/Nests. "SPINis" can be part-code for the Spinks suspect in the Hips "sphinx."

Repeat: "Chippings are also Chepyns. Barnetts are said to have been at Ely, and if that's at Ely of Cambridgeshire, then it links smack to Chepmans/Chapmans (probably share the crescent of EEL-using Irish Foys)." The Foys are in the "FERM EN Foy" motto of Beauty-related Haydens, and Formans/Fermans have the entire Chepping/Kipping Chief! [Evokes the new Firmen link to my Jeep because Jeepma's are also Cheps.] These Haydens are the ones sharing the dancetty-fesse of Dives'/Diva's, first found in Cambridgeshire, and thus they can be of the Dives variation of Dinesh-like Dines'/Diens'. Dennis were first found in Lancashire with the Chipping location of Chippings/Chepyns (Window colors).

Cheppings/Kippings were first found in Berkshire with Windsors. As Chippings/Chepyns look like they use a gold lion paw in Crest, the Window symbol too, it recalls that the Windsor-connectable Fiens/Finis' share the Sforza lion (has a Window-connectable "quince"). This works further because Sforza's were kin of Ottone Visconti's line while Ottone's/Otto's (almost-certainly of the proto-Windsor Others/otters) share the tall, solid chevron with French Chappes'. Scottish Chappes/CHEAPs use "ears of wheat", and it just so happens that Wheats (Norfolk, same as Haydens) share a gold dancetty-fesse with Haydens.

Diane Muschatov's parents have a Ukrainian accent, and Chepyn-like Keeps, along with their Lorraine kin, are from Maria of Kiev, Varangian RUS in the Ukraine capital. Kiplings show nothing but a dancetty-fesse in the colors and format of the mule head of Chepyn-like Capote's/Capone's. The ROSEs of French Capote's/Chapus' can apply to Rus liners, and in fact the Kipling fesse is in the colors of the Rush/Rish / Rosco/Risco / Rick / Rigg fesse. Rich's/Richess' were from Richeza of Lorraine, mother of Casimir, husband of Maria of Kiev. Kiplings were first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs.

It's taken me this long to look at the Wheels as per the wheel BARRow, and it just so happens that Wheels/Weels share the blue boar in Crest with Irish BARRone's. Plus, the moles placed into the wheel barrow had come from a nest over the WELL, and Wheels/Weels can apply! Zinger. Italian Barone's were first found in Tuscany with mule-using Capote's/Capone's. I told about my lamp shade forming a cone over the well CAP, and Caps happen to be listed with Chappes-like Capes' (London, same as Plants and Plantagenets). The cap allows me to get into the well CASING, and Irish Caseys (FERMANagh) share the motto of Lamps/L'AMYs!!! That lamp-shade cone pointed to Amy Coney-Barrett.

Italian Case's/CASINo's were first found in Lombardy with the ancestry of Others/Otters and Ottone Visconti, beauty! English Casins/Cassane's (Hampshire, same as Ponts) share the triple chevrons of Waters, Epsteins and Muschats while Muscats/Musks were first found in Cambridgeshire with Chapmans/Chepmans and Capote-connectable Capone's. Chapmans/Chepmans love the Pont-branch Ponders in their motto, and "points" is a motto term of English Berone's/Byrams who in turn use "hedgeHOGs" while Hoggs share the black boar with Ponders and Ponts. Berone's/Byrams ("ARME" motto term) were first found in Yorkshire with black-boar Bush's, Firmins, and the Formans/Fermans sharing the whole Chief of ARMYs/Ermine's; the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Barry-descended Barretts, and, to boot, Armys/Ermine's even share the saltire of Irish Barrone's (blue boar). Barretts look like kin of PORCH's (Norfolk, same as Case's) while Porcia's have more black boars.

As my well WATER is in the well casing while Casins/Cassane's share the Epstein / Water chevrons, it begs whether all five conservative judges are being threatened and suppressed by the Epstein circle of scoundrels. Again, Bill Barr, once the attorney general of Bush Sr., comes forcefully to mind. Barr publicly stated, shortly after the 2020 election, that there was no evidence of systematic election fraud, and this was his message to the supreme court. One or two of Trump's picks buckled like a COWARD. It's amazing that the Cowards were at Furness smack at BARROW-in-Furness!!! Zikers looks at that. I put the shovel blade into the dirt, and yanked and tossed, and out came five cowardly moles squealing their mouths off. They were shovel-ready to go into the barrow!

Bill Barr's father was the principal of a DALTON school, and so see this: "Barrow-in-Furness is a port town in Cumbria, England. Historically in Lancashire, it was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1867 and merged with DALTON-in-Furness Urban District in 1974 to form the Borough of Barrow-in-Furness." Irish Daltons (look like Pool kin) have five of the eight fleur-de-lys of Window-connectable Chippings/Chepyns (Lancashire). Barrows (Lancashire) love the Furness-related Parrs in their motto. Note "FurNESS, for Nice's/Ness'/Nessans (Fife) may have named the Nissans who in turn share the double fesses of Parrs (share black border of Furness'). The Nusan variation of Nations/Nathans (kin of Cords/McCOURTs) looks like it can apply.

As per the "Arme" motto term of Berone's/Byrams, there is an Arme/Harm surname using a giant besant in the colors of the two besants of Coeurs/LeCOURTs. The Cords/McCourts (Ayrshire, same as Scottish Barrs and Quarters/CHURTers/MacWaters) have a fesse in the colors of the two fesses of Cowards. These fesses are colors reversed from the Coney fesse. The Coward Coat looks related to the Palmers (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flacks), and to the Flags/Flacks expected in the "flax breaker" of Brae's/Brays. Then, Breakers/Brechs (Shropshire, same as COURTis-related Plows) happen to share the hunting horn of French Courts/LeCourts. Churters/MacWaters may be sharing the Well lion because blue-boar Wheels/Weels were first found in Shropshire too, with Hunts/Hunters. German Barrs have hunting horns, and as the attorney general, it was his job to bring criminals of the people to court. Instead, he threatened with court the enemies of the criminals he supported.

The "LAUDamus" motto term of Churters/MacWaters can be for the Ladys/Laudymans (Northamptonshire, same as Brae's/Brays) because they share the annulets of blue-boar Barrone's. Coney-Barrett looks like a coward on the court. Courtis' and Plows look like Holder kin, and the "farmer" with "plowshare" in the Courtis Crest takes us to Irish Farmers (Essex, same as Waters) sharing the Barr lion head once again. English Farms/Farmers have hunting horns that happen to be in the colors of the Breaker/Brech and Courts/LeCourts.

Plus, while Scottish Vatts/MacWATTERs share the Coat of Scottish Watts, the latter were at BRECHin while Brechins share a Bucket Coat. Brechins and Buckets share three red piles with Coward-like Cowes'/Coo's (Lancashire, same as Cowards), though the latter call them "pennants."

Wow, I only now went to Coney-Barret's Wikipedia article to see how Bush nominated her, and there I found her full name: Amy VIVIAN Coney Barrett. The Vivians (Cornwall, same as Amy) share the chevron of Five's/Fifys!!! The five moles do include her, apparently! All throughout this section, I didn't know or recall that Vivian was one of her names. She must be a bad person behind that innocent smile of hers.

Vivians show a Vey and Vyse variation, and were first found in Cornwall with the Rosco's who in turn share red cinquefoils with French Veys/Vais'. Dutch Veys show a boot, and AMYs are said to have been "Lords of the BOTIEnne Castle in Cornwall," near Bude. Bude's look like Bute/Butt kin, and Botie's/Bodys/Botters/BODINs (Hampshire, same as Bottons/Bidens/BUDINs) have an eagle bendwise in the colors of the bends of Keeps, Lorraine's and Casimirs i.e. from Maria of Kiev. The BUDINi lived at/near Kiev. Maria of Kiev married the son of Mieszko II LAMBert, and we saw the L'AMY variation of Lamb-related Lamps. One of the Lamb/Lam Coats has the Rosco (and Bus) cinquefoils in colors reversed, and the other Lamb/Lam Coat has nearly the Coat of Potters. The latter were first found in Hampshire with Amy-connectable Botie's'/Botters and Casimir-like Casins/Cassane's. In fact, the latter just came up as Casims! I asked Lorraine for our first date at her BUS stop, and Bus' were first found in Norfolk with red-bend Case's.

I was SHOVELing dirt away from all around the LAMP shade installed over the well cap. Mieszko II Lambert was a Piast, and the Piast eagle is also the Child eagle. Childs, first found in Hertfordshire with Shovels/Shoulers/Showlers, are in Shovel/Shouler/Showler and Lambert colors and format. The Lamp-branch Lambs/Lams are in Lambert colors. The Piasts descended from the Goplo mouse tower, and the five moles looked like mice. Childs were at Wanstead, and Wansteads/Weiners share the fleur-de-lys of Shovels/Shoulers/Showlers. The mouse-using Misls may have the lion of Austrian Weiners because both surnames were first found in Austria.

The Shouler variation of Shovels (Scholfield colors) looks related to Scholfields, the latter first found in Lancashire with Shou-like Souch's/Suchs. English Shucks share "Haec" with Scoots/SCOUGals, which could reveal that Shoe's/Schuchs were a Souch/Such branch. Sassy my CAT SUCKed her tail, which pointed to the Papp/Papadopoli lion with tail at its mouth, but it also pointed to Pape's/Pope's/Pumps of CAITHness, and the Papp/Papadopoli lion happens to be in the colors of the Misl / Weiner lion. Misls are in mythical SiemoMYSL of the Goplo mouse tower, and the "manus" motto term of English Shucks is like the "mansit" of Pepin-related Poppins/Pophams. The latter were at Basingstoke, and Basing(stoke)s share the Weiner eagle. Mythical Popiel of the mouse tower was eaten by mice.

I Felt So Bad For Miss Anderson

Back to my gloves by which I was pulling the raspberry plants above the moles. The three Glove crescents are in colors reversed with the Fane-like Fawns/Faunes'. The latter were at ALDERwasley, which should be read as AlderWASLEY too because Alders/Elders were first found in Midlothian with the Mens'/Mame's who in turn share the Wasleys/Worsley Coat. The "Virtute duce" motto phrase of Alders/Elders is shared by Schims/Schiens, and the latter's Mole kin have a Faunes-like "foenus" motto term. Beauty. Wasleys/Worsleys were first found near Shakerley of the Shake's/Shakerleys who in turn use "molehills." It appears that God arranged my gloves to point to Mole liners as you just witnessed it, but it wouldn't have been written without Fawns.

The Mens'/Mame's and Wasleys/Worsleys essentially have the Coat of Keiths, and the latter were first found in East Lothian with Faughn-branch Faucets. Fawns/Faunes' are also Faughnes'. Glove's are in Vychan/VAUGHN colors and format, how about that. Faughns were first found in Longford with QUINNs while Saer de Quincy is said to have built the Fauxside castle of Faucets.

The Duce's and Fauci-connectable surnames in the paragraph above suggest the vaccine goons, including James LeDuc of the Galveston lab. The SKIN/SCAN branch of Schims/Schiens can predict that the skin code, or mark of the beast, will be a vaccine pass into stores and places of work.

I now recall the story I've told several times when Miss Anderson, sick with terminal cancer, was going for a ride with me down the Leakey road toward Leakey. We spotted something on the road, a FAWN. I took it home because momma was nowhere to be seen, and this fawn looked sick. It died soon after at my place, and so did Miss Anderson die months later (about 2006). The Leaks/Leakeys share the Chief-Shield colors of Wasleys/Worsleys. Any meaning / Message here? Did she get cancer from taking too many flu vaccines? The fawn tried repeatedly to suck milk from behind my knee. Leaks/Leakeys share the engrailed Knee bend.

I've told the following story at least once. I was breaking out in HIVES in Texas for being allergic to some unidentified thing. One night, I took too much antihistamine, and fainted while holding a glass. I don't remember fainting, but do remember waking up on the floor, with blood from my eyebrow and KNEE due to broken glass. I got up and staggered to the bathroom mirror to see how bad I was cut, and then FELL back, almost hitting the back of my head against the corner of the tiles at the shower (this would have been very bad, but I was able to miss the corner). I managed to get up, and get back into bed. I called Miss Anderson, because this was the time period of the fawn, and she came to attend me. I was fine.

But in going for those falls, I can see what it's pointing to, for Falls/Fallis, a branch of Fellers, and therefore of the vaccine-goon Rockefellers, were first found in Midlothian with the Alders/Elders that we met in the Fawn write-up! Bingo, and my HIVES must be a pointer to HIV vaccines. The Fells even have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed. I'm impressed.

Scottish ANDERsons, with the Schim/Schien and Mole boars heads in colors reversed, were at Keith-related Caithness with the ANDRews, and the latter share "fortuna" with Schims/Schiens while Fortune's (stag) were first found in East Lothian with Keiths (stag head). This is a BEAUTIFUL piece of work by God, for while Scottish Andersons share the Glass stars, and while I dropped my glass, the Klassens/Class' use "Lady Fortune". Fortune's are said to be first found in East Lothian and ROXburghshire, the latter being where Mole's were first found. ROXolani were at/near Kiev.

I was standing at the fridge with door open, the last thing I remember before coming-to on the floor. The floor-like Flora's and Flore's share the fleur-de-lys of Montgomerys while the Kerrys, with a beeHIVE, were first found in Montgomeryshire. John Kerry has/had corrupt business in Ukraine.

Scottish, German and Danish Andersons (share Yarborough Shield) together look related to the Stain marriage to YARborough's (suspect from king YARoslav, brother of Maria of Kiev). In fact, there were blood stains on the floor, and Bloods/Bluds, with lodged stags (Hungarian-roots symbol), are suspect from Bleda the Hun. German Hungers share the Hun/Hundt greyhound, almost the Fortuna dog, and Czech Hungars probably have the Grey lion as per "greyhound." My fawn was usually lodged, unable to walk well. As Roets-Beauforts descended from the Croy or Groy variation of Greys, the French Beauforts must be with the Grey / Hungar lion.

AHH! The Fawns are like PHONE variations, and while Kim THOMSon was at the phone booth on Hungar-like Yonge street, one of the English Thomas Coats is split vertically in the colors of the same of Andersons and Yarborough's! What could this mean? Will there be a big leak to the supreme court? Scottish Yonge's/Youngers (Roxburghshire) share the annulet of SCAYLE's, and while Booths share the black boar with Hoggs, Irish Hogens have the Yonge/Younger Chief in colors reversed. Beauforts are linkable to Bogg-like surnames, and Bogers/Bogners/Bogeners happen to have the Thomas / Anderson split Shield too. German Hogans share the Hagan quadrants. Hagans were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'NAILs while Bogers/Bogeners show a nail.

The Kiev-connectable Hebron motto is "Keep TRYST" while Trysts/Trice's are in the "cockTRICE" of English BOGENs, first found in Cornwall with Trysts/Trice's and Tristans). Fauns (not "Fawn") were first found in Devon with the other Tristan surname. It's suggesting the Miss Anderson was from Kiev, possibly from a child of king Andrew while he was in Kiev. That child may have been George, father of Drummonds, who married a woman of Podebrady in Bohemia. German Franks (Bohemia) almost have the Coat of Scottish Andersons! I say that George married Agatha of Podebrady, mother of queen Margaret, wife in turn of Malcolm III, and it just so happens that Malcolms are also COLUMNs while the other German Franks (Bohemia again) use a column! Beauty. The "gold GATE" in the Arms of Podebrady convinces me that AGATha was of Podebrady.

Kims were first found in Buteshire with Glass'; phone booths have glass; Bothwells are suspect from Bute elements. Book-loving Roets married Swynfords who share the black boar with Booths/Boths. Catherine Roet married both Mr. Swynford and Mr. Gaunt while Phone's use "GAUNTlets. Books/Boggs have a HOURglass, and while Tristans (Cornwall and Devon) were related to a Hicks branch of Cornwall, and while one Tristan Coat has the Hykes/Hack quadrants in colors reversed, Hicks' use a "HEURE" motto term translated as "time" (= "hour"). Hicks' share the Leak/Leakey fleur, and the fawn was found in the Leakey road. The leg in the Leakey Crest goes to the Legro Leicestershire, where Swynfords were first found along with Woods. Miss Hicks had a knee / leg symbol in Camp WOOD, Texas.

The Leakey road I'm referring to is officially the Ranch road, and while German Rench's share the lone Leakey fleur, English Rench's/WRENch's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Coys (in colors and format of Fawn-like VAUGHN ) who in turn share the Tristan PHEONs. Coys are in the colors and format of Rains/Raines', and Wrens (share the Rench/Wrench crosslets) are said to be Raines'.

Miss Hicks got her knee symbol at the GLASS door of the Get'n GO corner store on this Ranch road, and the hourglass is shared by Houstons of the GlasGOW / RENfrew area. Renfrews were Wren liners. Glasgows may have been a Glass-Gow merger, and Gows are also McGOO's. Get'n GO. Not only do Leakeys share the Knee bend, but the other Tristans share the Knee stag head. The Get'n Go is in CAMP Wood at the corner of Ranch road and the NUECES Canyon road, and News'/NUCES, sharing the "chaplet" with Hicks', were first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's/Wrench's. More amazing: Nuse's/Newes' were first found in Hertfordshire with Canyons! I think that's new right here, and the Canyon Crest is even virtually the Rain/Raines Crest!!!! The latter have a "leges" motto term while there's a leg in the Leakey Crest. Bash's (Hertfordshire) have reflection of the News/Nuces Coat (the latter's Crest suspect with Cambridgeshire's Chapmans). English Camps were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks.

Lookie: the fawn died one night a couple of weeks after we "rescued" it, and I found ANTS walking in / out of its NOSE. Naso's/Nasi's were first found in FLORence. The Antrims are said to have been at the Ant river (Norfolk), and Flynns, who share the wolf of Danish Andersons, were first found in County Antrim. Meaning anyone?

Maria of Kiev is the line to Casims/Cassane's, and so lets add that the scallops of Pattersons/Cassane's are shared by Swedish Andersons. Miss Anderson kept three cats, and cat-using Catch's/Catchers/KETCH's have the same scallops. John Kerry married the Heinz KETCHup organization! I get it. Kitchens/KETCHins share the water bouget of Banisters, and while the French Banes' share the triple Casim/Cassane chevrons, the English Banes' share the crescent of the Swedish Andersons and nearly the wolf of Danish Andersons. That's impressive. German Hungars were first found in Hesse, and Epsteins, sharing the Coat of French Banes', were first found in Hesse-Nassau while Nassau's are Naso's too. I'm seeing the Nazi's of Ukraine which John Kerry may have armed and trained when he was Obama's foreign secretary.

The line of Maria of Kiev goes to Veringers of Baden, and Scottish Andersons were at BADENoch. Andersons are highly suspect with king Andrew I of Hungary, for he was in Kiev under the protection there of Varangians. Varangi-like Vere's share the blue boar not only with Scottish Andersons, but with the Wheels/Weels who in turn look connectable to the Glove Coat. The Glue's with Glove-like variations have a dog in the colors of the Anderson / Flynn wolf, and while Flynns can be of the Flan variation of Flints, Glue's were first found at Denbighshire, beside Flintshire. It just so happens that Bathers (connectable to BADENs/Battins and Baths) have wolf heads in the colors of the Flynn / Anderson wolf. Are you impressed with this? Glove's use a crossBOW, and Bows/Bough's share a Bogh variation with Bachs/Baghs, the latter first found in Denbighshire.

Glove's and Wheels were connected years ago as per my dream in which I bought carpenter glue for the grease in my wheel bearings.

Flints use "flint STONES," and Naso's/Nasi's use "mill STONES." Stone's share the motto of Craigs (Aberdeenshire, same as Five's/Fifys) who in turn share the Glove crescents. This motto, looking like code for Vivians, is "Vive UT vivas," suspect with Uts (or "Uz"), the first-listed son of Nahor, Abrahams' brother. I trace Nahorites to the Neuri on the Bug river, and Bugs use the water bouget too. Vive-like Lviv is on the Bug-river system. Stone's almost have the Bus cinquefoil, and Buz was Nahor's second-listed son.

Kerrys use bees with their hive, and bees go buzzzz. Bee's share the quadrants of the Cross'/Croce's expected in the crossbow of Glove's, and the Boys who show only bees were first found in Berwickshire with the Bow/Bough-branch Books/Boggs. The Bow/Bough and Roet motto can be gleaned with the Quare's/Care's who share the lion of Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews, and Craigs are in the Carrick write-up as their ancestry. English Carys (branch of Carrot-like Carts) were first found in Somerset with Roets (share Bow/Bough motto). Irish Carys are also Kerry-like Keerys. I'm seeing red. Carys/Keerys (have a Cary location in County Antrim) use the spear while Roets share the boar heads of Speers.

I loaded the Heinz's again, but still had no clue whose fleur-de-lys they share in order to make a story out of it that can be God's story on John Kerry. Then I remembered that Mr. Kepke, a Ukrainian on his father's side, loved ketchup. He plastered it on things as though it was the main course. I'm recalling that Kepke dangled a spider on a web, and chased me with it knowing I had spider phobia. We were at the home of KAREN Graff at the time, a pointer to graphene-oxide in vaccines, something that people think is related to the mark of the beast. As Kepke-like Keeps (from Maria of Kiev) use a "weaver's shuttle" while Weavers are a Webber branch, it seems that the spider-chase event is God's arrangement.

The point is, English Webbers (Somerset, same as Karen-related Roets) share the fleur-de-lys of Heinz's. The latter were first found in Saxony with German Webbers/Weavers! That's it, that's enough to make the pointer to corruption in Kiev / Ukraine by John Kerry. The Crest of English Webbers even shares the fleur-de-lys of MontGOMERy, and the Cimmerians of Ukraine were probably from Biblical Gomer. German Webbers/Weavers look like kin of Weis'/Wise's (share Karen hexagrams) and Wies'/Wiesers (share Webber/Weaver Crest). Amazingly, Wies'/Wiesers were first found in Silesia with Karens! I would have to say that John Kerry, an idiot box, is involved in a graphene-oxide program(s).

Weis'/Wise's share the Pero/PERINo hexagrams while French Perrins (Lorraine) have an eagle in the colors of the Bar eagle, and thus this is the line of Bar-le-Duc, from Ducks of Westphalia, where Allers were first found who named the allerion = the beakless eagle, used by French Perrins. English Perrins were first found in Northumberland with eagle-using Lorraine's (share Keep bend), the line of Maria of Kiev.

Ahh, the Heinz-like Hinds have the Coat of Perrin-like Parrys in colors reversed, and while Parrys were a branch of "hind"-using Perrys, Rick Perry of Texas was Trump's energy minister tasked with Ukraine energy / gas. Parrys happen to share the three lozenges of French Louis/Loys, first found in Lorraine. Perrys were first found in Hampshire with CHASE's, and with the Flys who share the fleur-de-lys of the neighboring Webbers, and moreover these are the Heinz fleur-de-lys. The Fly chevron is colors reversed from the Heinz chevron. Looks like we have a John-Kerry story in the spider-CHASE event because of the neighboring, Weaver-loving Keeps.

If the Reckitts are in the "Recte" motto term of Perrys (share VERE quadrants): Reckitts share a "VERum" motto term with Roets and Bows/Bough's. Hinds were first found in Essex with Vere's. The hind-using Shaws were first found in Perthshire with CROSSbow Glove's, and Cross'/Croce's share the Perry / Vere quadrants too. The Keys in the Crest of Kays-like Chase's were probably from Shawia Berbers, and the Key-like McGee's (Dumfries with RUMs) share the swords to a point of "veRUM"-using Reckitts. Swords to a point are used also by Scottish Mackays while Irish Mackays share the Coat of Quids/Quade's in the "Quid" motto term of Reckitts.

I don't think I've ever realized before that Chase's were a branch of Kays' (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) who happen to have a "KEPE" motto term! Therefore, Kepke was indeed chasing me with the spider for the purpose of pointing to Chase's, and thus proving that God arranged the event. The Shawia Berbers were also, Chaoui, the apparent makings of Kays / Keys. If Keppochs call their garbs, "sheaves," then note how English Shaws are also Sheaves while Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's use keys. Reckitts were first found in Kent, where Ticks/Tucks/Touque's were once said to be first found, but are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Keys and Kays', explaining why Kays' share the Tick/Tuck/Touque griffin head. Earlier today, in an insert above, this was written:

Next, we go to the Burrows/Burghs, who share TICK/Tuck/TOUQUE griffin head, and Tonys were from Les Andelys by the Touques river. What are the chances? Burrows/Burghs are said to have been at TICHfield, and TickHILLs (Yorkshire, same as Ticks/Tucks/Touque's) have the Tony/Tone Coat in colors reversed! Moles BURROW TUNNELS (Bill Withers, in "Lean On Me," just sang "borrow" as I finished writing "tunnels"). TickHILLs are interesting where Spitzer's use "hills" and a "tunnel."

I've often suggested that the SPIDER that Kepke chased me with was a pointer to SPITZERs. It appears to be fitting. It would seem that Chase's were from CASimir because Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Casims/Cassane's. Perfect, that's why God had a Ukrainian chase me whose surname is like "Kiev." English Case's can be gleaned as Leslie kin, and Chase's share the green griffin head with Leslie's. Both the Chase and Kays Crests have a key in the mouth / beak of a griffin.

As Kepke had a white rat in his basement at the time of the spider chase, I'm guessing that Kays' share the double bends of Ratcliffs (share Anchor bull-head design). But why? The only way I know to unravel the Graff surname (as per the spider chase at the home of Karen Graff) is to begin with the Graff lion "holding" an anchor. When we go to Holdings, we find them at Haslingden, which works with Kepke-beloved Weavers because Haslingdens/HAZELtons (Sussex, same as Keeps) were Hazel liners while Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with the Weavers whose Coat they copy. Moreover, a "weaver's shuttle" is shared between Shuttleworths and Keeps, and Shuttleworths were first found in Lancashire with Holdings, Holds/Holts (share squirrel in Crest with Hazels) and Ratcliffs. The latter, along with Holds/Holts, were first found in Bury of Lancashire, recalling the Burrows/Burghs above who in turn share the Haslingden/Hazelton (and Hazelwood) chevron, apparently.

Hazels are now said to be first found in Devon with Burys. Burleys were first found in Somerset with Webbers. How does any of this apply to graphene-oxide in vaccines?

Oh wow. The Burrows/Burghs are essentially in the colors and format of Haslingdens/Hazeltons, and the Burrow/Burgh write-up even has: "The township of Middleton in Lancashire is of particular historical importance to the family." The Holds are said to have been in Bury of Middleton! Beauty. The Burys and Burrows were branches, and so we can ask what graphene-oxide has to do with the burrowing of mole tunnels. It just so happens that the Shake's (Lancashire again, not far from Bury) use both molehills and the Burrow/Burgh / Hazelton chevron! BEAUTY! They don't use the mole, but moleHILLs. Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Squirrels. Does this help us to understand graphene-oxide better? I don't see how.

Burrows/Burghs use "wreaths" while Wreath's (probably the German Buck lion) share the Chief of Mole-connectable Schims/Schiens (share "Virtute" with German Bucks and Eggertons), first found in Aberdeenshire with BUCKle-using Leslie's. English Bucks (Norfolk, same as buckle-using Case's) share "fortituDINE" with Wreaths, and "Fide" with Burrows/Burghs. Eggertons (share Wreath / Buck lion) add "fido." Perhaps the entire purpose of graphene-oxide in vaccines is to make people trackable, which makes the goons spy moles. Leslie's were earls of Wreath-like Rothes on the spy-like Spey river. There's a Buckie location near the mouth of the Spey.

Graff-beloved Anchors look like Keith kin, and Keith-connectable Wasleys/Worsleys were first found in Lancashire too. It was the Fawns/Faunes' who were at AlderWASLEY, and perhaps Wasleys had come from proto-Washingtons, for Wreaths share the Washington Chief. Worsleys are in the write-up of Eggertons (Cheshire, same as Weavers). Eggs/Edge's, once said to be first found in Cheshire, are now said to be first found in Worcestershire (with Hold-beloved Squirrels), and Worsleys tell of a Worces-like variation. Bull-head Buckleys (Buckle colors) share the motto of Graff-beloved Holdings (Lancashire, beside Buckleys of Cheshire). The Buckley bull head is in the white color of the same of McLeods/Clouds who in turn have a "HOLD fast" motto to go with the "Grip fast" of Buckle-loving Leslie's. It's important below that McLeods/Clouds use flags to go with Flags/Flacks, first found in Norfolk with Fasts.

It's possible that someone formed a Hebron surname because they knew they were from a people from Israel's Hebron. It's where Abraham lived, whose second wife was Keturah. The Hebron/Hepburn surname happens to have a "Keep" motto term, tending to reveal why God used Kepke at the Graff residence, for we can now glean that the Graff anchor reveals the line of Anak of Hebron, whom Abraham knew. The Anchors are also ANNACKers, you see. Plus, I trace the line of Abraham and KETURah with little doubt to Kotor, and that place has been suspect with Cutters. The Anak-like Hanks/Anke's (Anger / Hanger colors) look like they are sharing the white Cutter Chief and blue Shield.

The Fulks of Angers named the Fulke's, first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flacks, and Hangers/Angers were first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi who in turn share the Webber fleur-de-lys. This keeps us on Kepke at the Graffs. It's suggesting the Hebron's Anaki elements named Angers and Anjou.

As Saraca's of Ragusa were earlier at Kotor, it seems that the tribe which named Sarah, Abraham's first wife, evolved into the Saraca's and Saracens of Sicily. The GUIScards who conquered Saracens of Sicily are also WISharts, first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs, you see, and so I suggest that Wishart liners named Ottone VISconti, and from here I go to the VISe's/Vice's, first found in Sussex with Keeps. This works well because the Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns were first found in Cornwall with TRISTans who in turn share the black stag head of Vise's/Vice's.

The Flake's (not "Flack") sharing the black wing of German Fulks, assuring that Flags/Flacks were Fulk liners. Flake's share a long, curved, solid-white chevron with Ottone's, tending to assure that Ottone Visconti is in this Saracen picture. The Ottone chevron is similar to the chevron of French Chappes' who in turn throw in the Moor head, symbol of Murunum (now Morano) on the Sybaris river with SARACENa. Plus, the Visconti snake has a Moor child in its mouth to represent Morano liners.

Sussex is also where Felix's were first found, like the Flick variation of Flags/Flacks. Felix's use a potent cross, likely named after Potentia (Potenza) in southern Italy, not far from the Sybaris river. No Potent surname comes up, but English Patents/Pattens share the lozengy Shield of SCHOLE's/Scayle's, and Hebron had an ESCHOL valley. These lozengy Shields are in half the colors of the same of Scottish Lombards, and Ottone Visconti ruled the Lombardy capital.

Now watch. Italian Lombards were first found in Tuscany with Italian Fulks and Capote's/Capone's. Quintus Caepio, grandfather of JUNia CAEPIONis, can be gleaned to the French Lombards because they share the chevron of Quints while throwing in black fleur-de-lys, symbol of June and Jeune's (same place as English Capone's). The Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with Youngs/Yonge's (share roses of French Capote's/Chapus') who use a "jeune" motto term, and these Yonge's even share the black wolf in Crest with the Saracens, first found in Cumberland with Quints. Scottish Yonge's share the red lion of English Capone's, but it's also the lion of Brocks (Essex again, with Brooks too) who share the Chief-Shield colors of Kotor-like Cutters. Broc is a location in Anjou. Brocks share the motto of Alan-line Stewarts, and French Alans share the Chief of Italian Lombards and French Julians. The latter share the saltire of Windsors, who descended from the lords of Lombardy in the Other/Otter write-up. Chappes-linkable Ottone's are also Otto's. The Chief-Shield colors of French Capote's/Chapus' is shared by SHARK-using Valiants. We are making sense. French Lombards, with the Chief-Shield colors of Capote's/Chapus' in colors reversed, were first found in Provence with Lizarts/SARDE's, and Visconti's had a branch in SARDinia.

It should be added that Scottish Lombards were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks of Rothes castle who in turn married Leslie's who in turn share the green GRIFFin head of Patents/Pattens and Chase's. Case's look like Leslie kin, suspect now from Casimir of Poland, husband of Maria of Kiev. Kepke at the griffin-like Graff residence is a Kiev liner. The green griffin head is shared also by BARDs, interesting as per "LomBARD." It just so happens that Lombs/Limbs/Lumbs (Lam/Lamb colors and format) have the eagle heads of Irish CASEys in colors reversed, and share the gold crozier with Lamps/L'Amys who in turn share the motto of Irish Caseys. Kepke was CHASing me at the Graff residence.

Now that we're on the Crozier's, we've got to go to the Cross'/CROCE's with the potent cross, for the potent cross was made into the shape of the upper crutch for a reason, and that's got to be for the Crutch/CROOCH bloodline that married a Potentia line. The Crutch's/Crooch's look like a branch of Cracks/Cricks, and I've even been tracing the Anchor/ANNACKer Chief-Shield to the Arms of Agrigento in Sicily, a place that was anciently, ACRAGus. Cracks/Cricks were first found in Yorkshire with CRAGs, you see, who share the black dog of Craigie-branch Carricks. The Pattons (not "Patten") even share the Craigie crescent to prove that the Patents/Pattens were Potentia liners. Pattons share the fleur-de-lys of Scottish Croziers.

Agrigento is at the Drago river, and Drake's love the Flys of Flagi in their motto. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg claimed that Vere's descend from the Anaki. Scottish Lombards were first found in Renfrewshire with Anak-like Knocks/Knox's. I showed above why the bendwise eagle of Botie's/Botters/Bodens were from Budini of Kiev, but also why they were from Maria of Kiev, and I can now add that the bendwise bird (could be a falcon, could be an eagle) of Knocks/Knox's is colors reversed to the Botie/Botter/Boden eagle. I knocked on the window of the Ukrainian Muschatov household. There is a falcon in the Knock/Knox crest, standing on something like a stick, and the Botie/Botter/Bodin eagle is said to be standing on a "perch."

I've just accidentally loaded Bodeins/Beaudins to find them sharing the Chief of Italian Lombards. Bodeins/Beaudins add a Catherine wheel, symbol of CATHERine Roet, and while I trace Roets (share GORD boar heads) to the Boofima cult on the ImPERI people, I trace the name of those people to PeriGORD, where Beefs/Boeufs were first found along with Bodeins/Beaudins (Chief is in the colors and format of Roet Chief). English Bodins/BOYDens (share the CASS/Cast chevron) were first found in Somerset with Roets. Roet-beloved Books/Boggs were first found in Berwickshire with Gords/Gordans, and Gordano is in Somerset. Bodeins/Beaudins, who come up as "Bodin" too, have a motto looking related to the motto of Rollo's whose boar heads are colors reversed from the Roet boar heads. The Bodein/Beaudin motto also has "METALlum" (looking like part-code for Lumb / Lamb liners), recalling the Medal variation of Baud-connectable Dougals.

Casimir descended from mythical Piast the Wheelwright of the GOPLO mouse tower, and i trace that place to KOPLik on the Clausula river, the line to Klassens/Class' who use "lady FORTUNE" to go with the "fortunam" motto term of Bodeins/Beaudins. Perfect, for Casimir married Kiev, and Budini were at least near Kiev. The Clausula river is very near Kotor, and Cutters (dragon heads could be of the Drago river) were first found beside Roets (and Drake's) while Roets were beside Streets who in turn share (in their Crest) the red Catherine wheel with Bodeins/Beaudins. The Catherine wheels in the Street Shield are shared by Wheelwrights, no guff, and they are colors reversed from the same of Bodeins/Beaudins. Wrights are very connectable to Boyds.

To top it off, the Res'/Dere's in the "Res" motto term of Wheelwrights share the Bodein/Beaudin Chief, and Deers/Dere's share the six-sectioned Shield (different colors) with Wheelwrights. The giant Bodein/Beaudin wheel is in the colors of the giant rose (Keep-loving Hebrons use it too, not giant) of French Lance's in the lances of the Res/Dere Coat. Deerings are said to descend from Morinis', and Morinis' were first found in Modena with Moor-head Morano's while Morano is on the Sybaris river with Saracena. Mallets use the "deer," and Melita is near the Ragusa of the Kotor Saraca's. We are making sense, and Igor Kolomoisky of Ukraine corruption has a shark tank...we may wonder why God may have arranged that. French Mallets/Malo's share the Case buckles.

Kotor is smack beside BUDva, suggesting that Budini named it. i trace "Kotor" to mythical KODRos of Athens because his son, Medon, is like Medan, KETURah's son with Abraham, and Kodros had both a boar and a fish symbol while there's a fish on a fesse in the this Arms of Saraca. Plus, a fish on a fesse is used by German Butts/Bute's/Boets while Budva was anciently Butua. Butts/Bute's/Boets share the fesse of Keppochs and Buttons/Bidens/Budins, we can't go much wrong with the tracking implications thereof.

It's a wonder what Kodros' boar symbol represented in those ancient times, but there was Artemis' "Calydonian boar" killed in Calydon by an arrow, and Pollocks use a boar shot with an arrow. Mythical king OENeus of Calydon was named after wine, and the Eschol valley of Hebron had huge grape vines, Genesis reports. Oeneus was made the father of Methoni, and the Greek city of Methoni is in Messenia, the thing that named Messina in Sicily smack at the Saracen theater. The Maezaei were on the Oeneus river of Illyrium, we get it, and Artemis was an AMAZon, sister of Pollux-like Apollo, twin children of Leto, and then Pollux was the son of Leda, we get it. PELops of LYDia married the Amazon daughter of king OENomaus, we get it.

I can now suggest that God arranged the Wine/Winn surname to share the eagle of Grave's/Greafs to prove that Graffs/Gravs have an anchor as code for the Anaki of Hebron. Is that cool or what? The same eagle is shared by Lutons/Loutons while Lotan was the brother of the wife of Esau's son. Edom had an ancient black-boar symbol, perhaps a deliberate affront to the Israelite-branch Hebrews. As Lotan was from Seir, he traced to the mythical Lotan dragon of SYRia, this is child's play. Lotan was a seven-headed dragon, and so we need to go fishing for the reason that Revelation would choose seven heads for its dragon. Clue; god hated Esau. Another clue: God hated the Amalekites from Amalek, son of Esau's son with Lotan's sister as the mother.

Potentia/Potenza is near Apulia/Puglia, and I trace Pollocks to Apulia elements, suspect from the Biblical Peleg, brother of Joktan. In the Bible, Joktan's sons, which included HADORAM, lived at SEPHAR, and the god of Sepharvites was ADRAMmolech ("molech" means "king"). Abraham descended from Peleg. Abraham married Sarah, and if the tribe after whom she was named became the Saracens, then it's conspicuous that Saracena is on the SYBARis river. It appears named after Sepharvites, and to this we can add that Taranto in Apulia was settled by SPARtans. Mythical POLLUX was a PUGIList (like "Puglia"), and he was a Spartan. Pollux's brother was CASTor, and Cass'/Casts may play into this Casimir > Case picture, especially as Casimir was a POLOCK! Sybaris is known to be settled by Greeks from Boura, near CORINth, and mythical Coronis was the daughter of Peleg-like Phlegyas. Moreover, Coronis the crow was the line to the Ceraunii Illyrians, and to the Crauns/CRANE's while Saraca-line Sharks happen to have a crane. Scottish Caseys use the crow.

It just so happens that Cass'/Casts use "a pair of SCALES." Waddaya see? I see the Eschol-like Schole's/SCAYLE's! Bingo. The border of Cass'/Casts is shared by Scotts (and Scoots/Scougals) whom I trace to lake Scodra at the Clausula river. These Scotts have more Catherine wheels, and a Graff-like Griffin. Graffs are also Graffens, like "graphene"-oxide, and if this material is going to be part of the mark of the beast, it underscores the seven-headed dragon we crossed shortly above. I trace the seven heads of the Revelation dragon correctly to seven Roman emperors. If this book was written in about 90 AD, then the sixth head, said to be ruling at the time, was Domitian, son of the fourth head, emperor FLAVIUS Vespasian of Roet-line Rieti. The Flagi location of Flys is said to have been "Flavius" too, you see, and while the Arms of Rieti (fish) uses a "PRATus" motto term, English and Irish Prats have a Coat like that of Flys.

Why do English Prats share the black wolf in Crest with Saracens? Why do French Prats share the green trefoil with Sharks? Why do Irish Prats share the Knock/Knox Crest?! Why do French Prats (Auvergne, same as Bauds) share the Nock/Noke fesse?! That's all new. Irish Prats were first found in Norfolk with Flags and Fountains, and "fountains" are used by Scale-loving Cass'/Casts who share the Prat chevron. Scale's share the scallops of Caiaphas-like Caps/Capes' while English Josephs (Hampshire with Roet-connectable Caplans) share the double fesses of CHAPlains. Josephus claimed to descend from the Israeli priests, and so he may have been a grandson of Joseph Caiaphas, capable of explaining why Josephus was made the general of the Israeli army in Galilee. He was warring there against Vespasian, but then murderously betrayed his Jewish people and allowed Vespasian to win to save his own skin. He thus became the infamous Flavius Josephus.

Wikipedia's Rieti article removed the motto from the Arms of Rieti, either because the Internet is running out of room, or because the control goons don't like how I use it to trace this dragon line to the Rhodes bloodline, and to the two Joseph surnames from Flavius Josephus. Flys were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs, and have the martlet of French Josephs in colors reversed.

Why are the fish in the Arms of Rieti in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish? Why is the horizontally-split Shield in the Arms of Rieti in the colors of the same of the Cattans who uses "Saracen heads." Vespasian was the son of Flavius Sabinus, and the Sabine's were first found in Norfolk with Cattans and Irish Prats? Sabine's share the red scallop of Pullys/Pullings because Vespasia POLLa (Apulia liner?) was the wife of Flavius Sabinus. Pullys/Pullings, who share the martlet of French Josephs, share the full motto of Patents/Pattens, the ones sharing the Schole/Scayle Shield. It seems that the Biblical dragon traces to nasty thingies in Hebron. Isaiah and Ezekiel have the demise of the anti-Christ (Gog) in Edom similar to the burnt toast of Sodom. There's got to be a reason for this. God hated Esau.

As Polla-line Pollocks built Rothes castle, it's a good bet that Rothes and Rothesay (Bute) were Rieti > Roet liners.

Now that we have the Prats known to be from Rieti elements, we can see that French Prats have a fesse in the colors of the fessewise bars of Webbers, the latter first found in Somerset with Scottish Roets. Then, as German Roets share the sleeping moon of Karens, we can take this picture to Kepke chasing me with the spider on a web at the home of Karen Graff, for the Graffs share a gold and demi-lion with the Crest of French Prats. Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Prat-related Flys of Flavius, and Case's were first found in Norfolk with Flags and Irish Prats. Prats may have developed from Parrots/Perrots / Pierro's who were in turn from Flavius Petro, father of Sabinus, and husband of Tertulla, the line, we can safely assume, to mythical Tertullus, grandfather of the Anjou Fulks.

Pattons were first found in Shropshire with the father of the Pollocks, and the "PATONce" crosses of Chase's is in the colors of the cross of Bouillons (Auvergne, same as French Prats). Chase's and Patents/Pattens share the green griffin head of Leslie's, who became earls of Rothes by marriage to Pollocks of Rothes. Heraldry has a big mouth, exposing the hair legs of the Rothschild bankers. EVERYONE HATES WORLD BANKERS. GOD HATES BANKERS. Woe to the Rothschild empire. You had best start running to hide now. The rocks will soon fall on you, Rieti dragon liners, traitors, bastards without a father in Heaven.

The fish in the Arms of Rieti are now showing on white-on-blue fretty, the colors of the fretty of Caens, first found in Dorset with Kotor-like Cutters. Wikipedia's Saraka article tells that they lived first at Kotor. Thus, the fish on the Rieti fretty must be in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish because Saraca's merged with Rieti liners at some point. Caens and Cutters were first found in Dorset with Poole, and the Griffin-loving Pools/Pole's (Dorset) happen to share the giant lion of Rieti-like Rita's to expose that Poole was named by a Vespasia-Polla line. When we go to the French Pole's, we find the lion of Sforza's (Rome, same as Rita's), apparently, but this is also the lion of Griffin-like Graffs/Graffens.

The Pool/Pole Crest is the Doberman Crest (see also Dobers), and the Doberman bend is that also of Jewish Pollocks while Scottish Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Dobys. Dober is a location some three miles from Goplo-line Koplik, and while Pollocks were named after a Pollok location at Glasgow, Glass' with Glasgows can be traced excellently to "Clausula." DOBRawa was a wife of Mieszko I of the Koplik > Goplo line. It's child's play, historians, just word match.

One wonders what the Pollocks were prior to taking the name of Pollok, but I suspect they moved to Pollok because they too were Rieti liners. If a Crest is innately code for ancestry, then the Pollocks look like they descended from Cup-loving Bole's (black boar shot with an arrow). The Culp variation of Cups/Cope's is in the Pully/Pulling / Patent/Patten motto, and moreover the "copia" motto term of Reeds works into this because Scottish Reeds, sharing the book with Rieti-line Roets, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Culps/Cups/Cope's and Leslie's.

The Ore's/Orrs (Renfrewshire) use a cornuCOPIA and two Bone-like motto terms suggesting Bononia elements. The Pasi's/Pascels, first found in Bononia, share crossed spears (different color) with Speers (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks) who in turn share the Roet boar heads. Pasi's were to Paisleys/Pasleys that named Paisley in Renfrewshire, and the Paisley/Pasley ANCHOR (Anak line, right?) is that also of English Packs (Sussex, same as Keeps and BONE's) to go with the "Pax copia" motto of Reeds (Northumberland, same as Keep-related Lorraine's). Polish Packs, not surprisingly, share the red bull of Sabine's.

As it seems certain that Caens and Cave's share their fretty with the Arms of Rieti while the Bessin is at Caen, we can ask whether God is giving clues in this set of Kepke-based heraldry as to the nature / origin of the mark of the beast, for Bessins are also Beasts. Cave's may have been from the Cavii along with the Chives' of Tarves, and the Tarves Shield is suspect with the one of German Marks. English Marks can be gleaned as kin of English Grass', and from here we go to the "grasshopper" of Fauchy's because I expect the mark of the beast to be a vaccine-proof DOOR PASS. They are calling them PASSports or passes, and Pasi's are suspect from "VesPASia," mother of the main guts of the Revelation dragon. Fauch's (not "Fauchy") were first found in Forez while Forez's love the Tarves-linkable Traves'/Travers. If Fauci's were Fulk liners, then they are of the Rieti > Fly line.

As per passPORTs, the Ports play well into this because they were first found in Hampshire with all sorts of surnames linking to the Flavians, including the Josephs in Port / Caplan colors and format. Caplans share the white griffin head in Crest with the neighboring, Polla-line Pools/Pole's and DOBERmans, the latter likely from Dober near Butua and Kotor. The Ports use the BUTE/Butt estoiles in their Chief, and we saw how German Butts/Bute's/Boets link to the Saraca fish in the Arms of Rieti.

The ARDiaei and DAORsi (suspect with Dorset, where Cutters and Pools/Pole's were first found) lived at BUTua, and here we note that ARDens, in the motto of Prat-like Perts/Petts, share the cinquefoils of English Grass'. I have it recorded (1st update of December, 2013) that Perts/Petts use "A biturn SETTLing in the REEDs", and that gets us to Rieti liners indeed. Biturn-like Bitars/Butters look like more Butua liners, and this recalls the butterFLY of Tulls/Tullia's, beauty. Settle's were first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworth's who in turn share the Keep "weaver's shuttle," BEAUTY. Settle's share the lozenges of Stars/Stairrs (share "Vive" with Stone's), first found in Wiltshire with Hoppers to go with the Fauchy grasshopper.

Tullia of Lyon was in Auvergne's Clermont-Ferrand, and she's to the Tulls/Tolle's/Tollesburys. English Marks (Grass kin) are said to have been under Eustace of Boulogne at Tollesbury. Eustace II of Boulogne (or Bononia) was father to Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with their BAUD kin. Budini everywhere. Italian Bologna/Bononia is where pass-like Pasi's/Pascels were first found, and Pass'/Pascals were first found in Essex with Marks. Coincidences? Or is God pointing the mark of the beast to Rieti liners and company? Pass'/Pascals (in the motto of Roet-connectable Rollo's) probably use the Piast eagle in colors reversed because they share the lamb with Lamberts (Child colors and format) and Lams/Lambs...and the Arms of Grasse (France). Beauty.

The Arden / Grass cinquefoils are used also by Stone's who in turn have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Arms of Rieti. Stone's (almost the Piast eagle) were first found in Cornwall with a Bude location, and with Bude's/Buds who have the colors of English Butts/Bute's. Butua is now BUDva. Stone's are the ones with the "ut" motto term for a trace to the son of Nahor, Abraham's brother. The Ardens look related to the Butt/Bute/Boet Coat, tending to assure that they were from Ardiaei.

The Ardiaei and Daorsi were also on the Neretva/Naro river, and then the Nero's/Neretti's may have developed from Nero, the emperor who ruled the year of, or the year before, Vespasian became the emperor...after three emperors in succession (between Nero and Vespasian) were uprooted to fulfill Daniel 7. That is, the 10 Roman horns (kings) of Daniel 7, minus the three uprooted ones, are the seven heads of the Revelation dragon. Nobody but me teaches this, so far as I know, and I'm shocked by it. Where is everyone's heads? Brainwashed by the pre-trib blockheads? Looks like. It's time to do your own thinking, not treat every pre-trib writer as though they were infallible. They lie on many prophetic topics.

The Pert/Pett Coat looks related to the Case Coat for reasons I won't mention here. I just want to add that the Stants in the Case motto are listed with Stains who married YARborough's, suspect from Yaroslav of Kiev, brother in law of CASimir, tending to explain why case's and Perts/Petts have red bends. If I recall correctly, Yarborough's use chaplets, and Chaplets, first found in Lorraine with Casimir's wife, use black swans in both colors that French Josephs were once showing. Josephs are Rieti liners. The Grass-like Grazio's (Kopple rooster?) share the pomegranate with Crispins of Lorraine.

The Diss'/DICE's in the Case motto were from Diss (Norfolk, same as Case's), and have a gold-eagle version of the Tarent Coat, and Tarents have the Child Coat in colors reversed while Lorraine's share the Child eagle. QUINTana's use three DICE, all showing 6. Quintus Caepio named the Caepionis', like "Cupionich," the alternative name of Koplik, the line to the Goplo mouse tower, the origin of Piasts who share the Lorraine / Chile eagle. The Capote's/Chapus' (share roses of June-related Yonge's) almost have the Baston/Baton Coat, and the BASTons share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters while Kotor is near Cupionich. A "baton" is used by Coughs/Cuffys who in turn have the June fleur in colors reversed, and June's were first found in Staffordshire with Baston-like Bassets. The Caepionis line to Jungs is in the "jungit" motto term of Case's.

Webbers use a "disc" likely as code for Dice of the Diss'/Dice's, and this disc is a blue roundel shared by Bude's (Cornwall, same as Stone's) and Ardiaei-line Arthurs. The Diss/Dice eagle is also the Stone eagle, and even half of the Grave/Greaf eagle (this latter part is warranted here with the Webber-Graff link = pointer to graphene-oxide). The Stone Coat is a near-copy of the Gates and DOOR Coats while Gates' throw in the Mark / Grass lion, very important because Bill Gates likes to think of himself as the vaccine king. The Gates-like Geddes' have fish heads in the colors of the Bute/Butt/Boet fish, and my Sleeping Beauty dream taught that Geddes, Geds, and Kidneys/Gedneys were kin of Sharks / Saraca's. The dream began with a nasty shark in a kidney-shaped POOL. The vaccine program comes in conjunction with Remdesivir, a deliberate plot to maim and kill, for this latter drug causes kidney failure. Geddes' are also Geddys, as are the Gideons/Giddys (Hampshire, same as Flys of Flagi) who use a Rieti-line flag.

I've just checked to see whether God pointed to REMdesivir by loading Reme's and Deas'/Daisys (as per "RemDESivir). Reme's share a bird pointing to a sun with the PATRia's/Peartree's who in turn share the Trump stag head, a super piece of work so far because Trump called himself the "father of the vaccines," or the "pater (patria) of the vaccines." Patria's/Peartree's, because they share the Sabine / Pully/Pulling scallops, are likely from Flavius Petro! Trump assigned the military, which created Remdesivir, to distribute vaccines nationwide. The military also contributed in creating the COVID fright and the COVID scheme in paving the way for mass vaccinations.

The Patria/Peartree Chief-Shield colors are those of Cutters, first found in Dorset, where Babe's were once said to be first found until recently. Babe's share the hand pointing to the sun with Bradys, both surnames from gate-loving Podebrady, where the matriarch of Trump-like Drummonds originates. Podebrady is in Czechoslovakia, and the Czech Babys share the Rheims'/Ramis Coat!!!

Podebrady is in Bohemia, which may reveal that Patria's/Peartree's are using the bend of Bone's/BOHUNs (share Gates lions), as well as the Pully/Pulling bend. Bone-branch Bonns/Bunns were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Bee's. Amazingly, the Deas/Daisy Crest has a bee on a daisy while Bee's almost have the IVER/Eure Coat, impossible because just look at "RemdesIVIR"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's impossible unless God arranged this. RemDESivir took us to Deas'/Daisy's, and Deas'/Daisys took us lickety split to Ivers. I just didn't expect this to work so well when starting out on the possibility. It seems that God is blaming Trump for the killings by Remdesivir.

Bradys were first found in Galway, and Galways may have named Galvestons. James LeDUC of the Galveston National Lab helped to set up parts of the Wuhan lab, but nobody is talking about this...too hot to handle I suppose. It just so happens that Reme-like Remmingtons almost have the Coat of German Ducks, hmmm. Remingtons are also Rimmingtons while Rims/Rums/Rome's almost have the Coat of DESS'/DAISHE's (looks like a Deas/Daisy branch)! Man that was surprising.

I've just looked this up, new to me here: "Oct 22, 2020 FDA approved the antiviral drug Veklury (remdesivir)..." VekLURY caused me to seek a Lury-like surname, which took me to flag-using Lure's, a sept of flag-using McLeods. I thought it was Galway-interesting Lure's were in Galloway, and when checking to see whether "McLurie" brought up Lure's, it brought Clears/Clareys up instead, first found in Galway! VEKlury behooves a loading of Vecks, who show nothing but one pale bar, as do Deas'/Daisy's and Eskins/Erskins in different colors. Eskins are included here because they share a "pense" motto term with Ponts/Pointers who in turn show a hand pointing. Pense's/PINCons can be of the Pincs/Pinks, first found in Yorkshire with Rolls, and with the Pings/Pongs/PUNGs expected in the "Pungit" motto term of Rims/Rums/Rome's.

Ahhhhhhhh, the Vecks show only a pale bar, in the colors of show-nothing but a pale-bar-by-column of Bohemia's German Franks! Pense's/Pincons (Devon, same as Fauns) share the Faun eagle while Miss Anderson with the fawn pointed by her surname to the other German Franks. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Fawn-like Vaughns are also VYCHans while Vecks are also Vicks! It appears that Sinclairs (Roslin, beside Faucets) lived in a location named from Faucet / Faughn liners. The Faucet lion may be in the Coat of Bohemia-related George's.

Clears/Clareys look like Clare's, and then Claro-line Sinclairs are said to have been at L'EVEQUE, that being of the LeVECK surname. Sinclairs come up as Suns, and that may be why Reme's use the sun! Zikers. Levecks/Leveque's use the lamb (with possible flag) of both Pascal surnames. English Pascals come up as "Passe" in the motto of Rollo's, and king Rollo formed the treaty of St. Clair with France. Rollo ruled from Rouen, and Rowans are Rome's too, as are Rims/Rums. Rowans/Rome's look like kin of Fortune's (beside Sinclairs of Roslin) in the Rollo motto. Rowans/Rome's and Fortune's both share gyronny (different colors) with Pense's/Pincons.

Rheims' (not "Rheim") are listed with Rhymes'/Reams/RAMes', and first found in Essex with Rams, Rains/Raines'/Reimes', and Passe's/Pascals. This reminds that when someone devised Romulus and Remus as the mythical founders of Rome, they had to depict something in the real world, and I trace it all to Benjamites of RIMMon. The McLeods above were first found in Skye and Lewis with Rimmons/Crimmons (said to be pipers for the MacLeods).

Rimmons/Crimmons have a "caetera divis" motto phrase looking partly for some Keturah line, probably for the Catchers (Norfolk, same as Benjamins) in the "fly catcher" phrase of the translated Drake motto. Drake's are well traceable to Mosca's at the Agrigento theater, for that's where the Drago river is, and the "muscas" motto term of Drake's is what's translated "fly," yet it's a variation of the Mosca's who happen to use the leopard in the Chives Crest, yet the latter call it a "cat-a-mountain." Mountains were first found in Essex with Rheims'/Rames' and Rams, and then Maschi's were first found in RIMINi. The last update had me catching a FLY ball off of Larry Barret.

Catchers have a semblance of the Rimmon/Crimmon Coat, and even share the Ram chevron, though the Ram Crest has the Rimmon/Crimmon chevron. The Tibbs expected in the Ram motto term, "tibi," use cats in the colors of the Rimmons/Crimmons, and a cat is used also by Catchers and Cetins/Catters; the latter use Saracen heads to identify with Saraca's of Kotor.

Mosca's were first found in Pisa, and the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed with the Rheims-like Reines'. "In the 13th century the marriage of Manfredi Chiaramonte to Isabella Mosca, united the two Sicilian counties of Modica and Ragusa." Saraca's were at Ragusa in Croatia, and the Arms of Croatia have checks in half the colors of the Rheims/Rames checks. Note CHIARAmonte, for while we saw the Clears/Clareys above that came up as McLurie's, Chiara's are listed with CLARO's...and use a red bull feasibly of the Sabine's, first found in Norfolk with Catchers, McLeod- and Lure-beloved Flags, Fulke's, Luce's, and PALMers. "The town of Chiaramonte Gulfi in (province of Ragusa) and PALMa di Montechiaro (province of Agrigento) are both named after the Chiaramonte family."

Luce's are added to the Norfolk list above because Pisa is beside Lucca while Lucca's use the giant cat. The Luce and Luciano fish thus become connectable to the Arms-of-Saraca fish. "Luce is in Orne in the bailiwick of le Passeis," which looks connectable to the Passe's/Pascals. As "the family of Lucy was made by Henry I of the lordship of Dice," compare the Luce and Quintana/Quinto Coats (same colors and format), noting that Italian Quintana's were first found in Messina (eastern Sicily, same area roughly as Mosca's of Chiaramonte). We were on the topic of the mark of the beast as we entered the Remdesivir section, and the three Quintana/Quinto dice do not show a five each, as one would expect from the surname, but a 6 each for to spell 666. The 5's are on the top of the dice, but it seems the family prioritized the 6's. Why?

The Quinns have a Coat looking related to the Reme's that started this Remdesivir section. The Reme's look like they have the Belgian Gands/Gendts in their motto because both surnames are in the same colors. The Gand/Gendt Coat is almost the Sarasin Coat, and Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Flys. Where there is a stink and rot, there are the flies. I neglected to realize until now that birds in the position of the Reme bird are often said to be rising. Risings/Risons (share green Shield with Reme's) were first found in Norfolk too, and Kotor is smack beside Rhizon. Ardiaei were at the Rhizon theater, which should explain why Reme's were first found in Artois (Belgian border).

I kid you not, that I got all the way down here before remembering that I trace Romans, not only to the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon, but to their 400 wives from Jabesh-GILEAD (see Book of Judges). "Jabesh" must have evolved, when its people migrated West, to "Japodes," a peoples near Romula (see top-left of light map) that likely named mythical Jupiter, the chief Roman god. THE POINT IS, I crossed the Benjamites of Rimmon above after Reme and similar names brought them to bear, but I didn't remember until now that Remdesivir is made by GILEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jabesh-GILEAD! YOU CAN'T BELIEVE IT. This is too much for you. You're thinking I crafted it all. Impossible. "Veklury (remdesivir) is a nucleotide analog invented by Gilead..."

I'm not making it up: "It was found that 400 virgins remained after the battle at Jabesh-Gilead and these were given as wives to 400 of the scattered Benjamites..."

Ahh, the Rheims/Rames checks are shared by Dutch Flamings!!! The Benjamin Crest shows flames!!! Italian Romans share a giant and upright wolf (different colors) with German Flamings/Flemings. The Roman wolf is on the Shield of Carrick-related Groce's/Greggs/Graggs, which look like the namers of Agrigento when it was called, ACRAGas. Romneys share the Pully/Pulling bend-with-scallops for a Roman-line trace to the Roman dragon.

The Rimmon-like Rimna river of Romania is near the Buzau, tending to explain why Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Benjamins. The Cotesii on the Buzau are suspect to the Cottians at Susa, and Susans are in Reme colors. Sassys share the Saracen head with Norfolk's Cattans, and the latter's "Cautes" motto term is listed with Cotta's/Cotys'. The Coats/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Trots, from the Trotus tributary of the Siret, not far north of the Rimna river. The Siret has a mouth at/near Gilead-like Galati. The people of Sicily's Gela location founded Agrigento. I read that Aeneas, the mythical founder of Rome, was at Agrigento.

The Benjamin saltire is that of Walch's too while the Rimna river is at Wallachia. I can never over-stress this trace. It's a big deal. The Benjamin and Walch saltire is in colors reversed with English Noons (Norfolk, same as Benjamins, Sabine's, and Risings/Risons) while Irish Noons have the Rising/Rison Coat in colors reversed. The bull head of English Noons is half red and thus linkable to the red Sabine bull. Irish Walch's use a "NON" motto term. If it were all red, the Noon bull head would be the Crest of Anak-suspect Anchors/Annackers, and The Arms of Agrigento once showing at its Wikipedia article shares the Chief-Shield colors of the Anchor Coat. Norfolk is also where Place's were first found suspect in the Rim/Rum/Room motto.

Noons share the gold saltire with English Franks (and Pollocks) who in turn have a "non" motto term. The Frank saltire is in both colors of the similar Rising/Rison cross. The "nobis" motto term of English and Scottish Franks suggests the Nobs/Nobbes' because their PATONCE cross is in the colors of the Scottish Frank saltire. The Patons' can be a branch of Patents/Pattens who share the SCHOLE/Scayle Shield for a trace to the Eschol valley, which was not far from the Benjamites at ancient NOB!!! That's super because Benjamins share the annulet of Schole's/Scayle's. Nob is a couple of miles north of the walled Jerusalem. SKALA is a city on PATmos, perhaps indicating that Patents / Pattons' were from that island. Scottish Patents/Patients share flames with Benjamins, and black crescents with Fawns. Nobels were first found in East Lothian with Fawn-connectable Faucets.

I suspect the namers of Skala with the Sicel namers of Sicily. The Anaki of Hebron were likely at Eschol, and I propose that the Anchor/Annacker Shield is that of Agrigento too. Samsons use a patonce cross, as do Eatons whom I trace to ETNa at Messina of Sicily. The Samson / Meschin SCALLops are for Sicilians. Messina has a Patti location to explain the patee crosses of Messina's. Child's play. Messina's have a version of the Masci Coat, and Masci's share the fleur of Patons' (Shropshire, same as Meschins and Tailard-like Talbots). Samsam was a Saracen ruler, of Sicily I think. Samsam and TIMna joined Guiscard, and TIMMs/Time's (Kent, same as Masons/Massins) share the Patons / Masci fleur too.

The "NoBIS" motto term of Franks can be part-code for Biss' (share Samson / Meschin scallops) who in turn have a Coat like that of Cone's in the Maschi "pine cones." The Tailards/TAILORds who have another patonce cross were first found in Huntingdonshire with proto-Windsor Others/Otters, and while Windsors share the crosslets of Gore'/CORE's (Kent), and while the lion-using Tailors are also Tails in the same-colored lion tails of Corks/CORE's, zikers, this looks related to Chora, another city on Patmos. Italian Milans, who we may assume were of the Lombardy capital, were first found in Messina.

LOOKIE: Ali's/Aliotto's, sharing the Letter and LAUDER Coat, and therefore connectable to the "letho" motto term of Samsons, were first found at Ali Terme of Messina! This can jibe with the LADDER of SCALia's. That is, it appears that Skala-of-Patmos liners became the Scalia's in particular after they had become related to Lauders, for they played off of a ladder to get "Scala." Some Scalia variations makes this line look like they had been Schicks / Shicks, yet when we look at those variation -- Scicolone, Scicli, Scichilone -- they look like a Germanized (i.e. with "Sch" for the Anglo 'Sh') form of "Sicel." Scale's share white scallops with Samsons and Meschins, but in both colors of the Tailbois scallops (Meschins married Taillebois').

German Tanners use "pine cones" while English Tanners have Moor heads traceable to Morano beside Saracena. The Tanaro river flows where Masci's were first found, and the Tailard- / Tailor-connectable Chives' named Chivasso near the Tanaro.

The Roots use a ram while the "divis" motto term of Rimmons/Crimmons can get us to the Dives' sharing the three SCALE scallops. Walch's are also Welch's, and Welks/Wilkins use a giant anchor in black, the color of the Graff anchor. Mr. Kepke at the Graffs involved a spider and therefore the weaver's shuttle of HEBRON-beloved Keeps. English Wilkins use a wyvern dragon, the species of the Drake dragon...for a Walch-line trace to Drago-river elements. English Wilkins share their green dragon with Lewis' (Glamorganshire, same as Wilkins and Cattan-connectable Tillers).

Wikipedia says/said that Porcius CATO had land in Sabina, which is the land of Rieti. Cato's/Chattans ("OmniBUS") were first found in Roxburghshire with the Walch's who almost have the Benjamin saltire-with-annulets in all three colors. Lucca's share the cat with Clan Chattan ("bot") while Italian Botters/BOTINs (sharing Chattan bend) were first found in Lucca. English Botters were from Budini. Bots are listed with Butts/Bute's/Boets. Recall how mythical Kodros had a boar symbol, for Porcia's use the black boar while Cato's may have been from variations of "Keturah," or whatever named her.

Ahh, French Bots are listed with RAM-using Bauds! The ram is in the colors of the Ram ram heads, and is positioned as a bend to match the Botter/Bottin / Cato/Chattan / Chatan bend.


Here's a super election-fraud video exposing multiple form of organized fraud in a county of New Mexico:

Below is a Yahoo-news video ( a few months old) with a witch spewing deflections and smoke-with-mirrors on a story that condemns people like biden and trudeau, etc. The story is that Pfizer's COVID "vaccines" are not effective for protecting 7 out of 8 children from contacting COVID, but the witch has nothing to say other than protecting Pfizer, pretending that Pfizer was straight with the public before this revelation became public. The fact is, children who are diagnosed with "COVID," or who are tested positive for it, may not have COVID at all. The powers are in full-deception mode. To put it another way, it is not necessary to vaccinate children with COVID "vaccines," PERIOD, and it is a crime to vaccinate them, the crime of mass-murder and mass-maiming. biden and trudeau are worse than useless eaters, get rid of them. Reduce world population TODAY by injecting poison into their veins, make the world a better place TODAY:

The data showed that efficacy for children was 12-percent (one per eight) for the first seven days only, and me thinks this is an exaggeration to begin with because Pfizer is a deception machine. According to reports, the efficacy dropped to one-percent after seven day i.e. useless. In the video above, you probably noted that the witch said nothing about the efficacy rate for teens or adults. It's all hush-hush, the powers are guilty of a massive crime, yet nobody is being punished with arrests; all powers are pretending that there's no crimes at all because the news orgs are not reporting crimes. Therefore, the first arrests to be made should be the news bosses, because it's their job to tell the people the truths. But isn't it also the job of political leaders -- those who head up vaccination drives -- to tell people the truths from sources beyond news reports? Of course. These wicked people must not get away unpunished for what they have done.

The goons have put the world in a pickle. It was very suspicious of them not to test people for natural immunity before vaccinating. The truth must be that there was no wide-spread COVID threat at all, and that testing people for natural immunity would only reveal that hardly anyone has natural immunity...because COVID -- whatever it is deemed to be -- is a rare virus. The goons have put the world in a pickle because they counted all viral infections, and even bacterial infections, as COVID infections. This means that, if they ever force us to prove natural immunity in order to legally sidestep COVID vaccination, most of us won't test positive for natural immunity. You can see how this will play to forced vaccinations. On the good side, the good guys will begin to realize that, with so few people testing positive for natural immunity, there never was a pandemic.

I would be remiss if I didn't share this video, where the speaker is convinced that there's an engineered starvation program in the works from lurking evil. Weakened immune systems from "vaccines" combined with lack of essential nutrients will increase risks of acute illnesses...and the goons will place the blame purely on poor nutrition:

Here's the futile backlash on 2,000 Mules:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture

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