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The Venetians proper took the power structures of the England throne starting with the Rosicrucians Francesco Zorzi (some websites have "Giorgi" as an alternative surname) and Paulo Sarpi (that surname looks like "serpa/serpent"). The takeover was most profound with the Rothschild sect of the Bavarian Illuminati. But it would be wrong to say, as some do, that Rosicrucians first entered Britain with these Venetians. For the bloodline had been there for centuries beforehand, even before Scandinavians (or Normans) ruled England.

Adam Weishaupt was the official (i.e. visible) founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, a Jewish-Rosicrucian species of Satanism that may therefore have been a Jewish-Gogi mix of blood. Weishaupt's Satanic socialism is well known, having had a political birth under the French Revolution. They were led by Jacobins, that term no doubt stemming from the pro-Stewart fighters of Scotland called "Jacobites." The Jacobites were Freemasons and were in France at the time that the Jacobins arose.

In attempts to implement Illuminati doctrines into French culture, they were disguised as the calling-bells of Freedom and Equality, the same tactic as had been used in America. But the "Freedom" meant freedom from Christianity so that the Equality couldn't have been worth a bushel of beans. To prove it, Weishaupt's socialism became the "Communist Manifesto" of Carl Marx, yet another German Jew, who had moved to France to pick it up before exporting it to Britain. In the meantime, the Rothschilds (also German Jews) had become the invisible rulers of Europe, and were the prime carriers of the Bavarian Illuminati, especially into Britain.

The Bavarian Illuminati founded the Golden Dawn in London, a very Satanic cult linked to the concept of New-World-Order under ancient Atlantean themes, "Atlantis" referring to none other than the Zeus bloodline under discussion. The Illuminati also formed the socialistic Fabian societies (of Britain) in which Lord Rothschild was a member. These societies sprouted the Bolshevik (Communist) Revolution in Russia and was poised to win the world in subsequent decades save for Hitler...who, because he was joined to Aryan Rosicrucians, appears as a traitor toward the Rothschild Illuminati.

The Cold War and the United States have, since Hitler, stood opposed to Communism, but the Cold War came to an end perhaps by Illuminati design. Indeed, for the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall fell much too easily otherwise; it looks as though the Illuminati had simply let go of Communism as a failed enterprise, forcing the Russians to manage on their own, which they did, in much chaos.

But with Russia's stabilization, the time is ripe for The Compromise with the West. But, the problem is, a bitter Russia no longer in the hands of the Illuminati is a Russia that can stand opposed to the Illuminati, and the pure justice of God can be calculated to bring those nuclear warheads, that the Illuminati built in earlier decades, falling soon upon their own heads, in Europe.

Now an American from California, Jack Parsons, was hailed by some in the last century as the father of the space program. He was an Illuminati leader planted by Aleister Crowley, leader for some time of the Golden Dawn and its outcroppings. Both men proclaimed themselves to be the anti-Christ beast, and both, with "Ron Hubbard" (real name, Ron DeWolf), founded so-called "Christian Scientology," a front for intelligence-collecting Satanists of the Atlantean/Aryan kind. "Gog" is evoked where "In the so-called Zeus code Mr. Hubbard is Joko, his wife, Jigo"

Military high-level technology has been the occupation also of Stanford Research Institute, founded by the British/Rothschild Illuminati after the British "Ghost Society" and other such "scientific" divination clubs (this also to be discussed in a coming chapter). In a well-known study of the ludicrous kind, Stanford, the CIA, and Scientology got together to use the third eye of the soul in efforts to "see" the activities of the enemy (e.g. the Russians) by tapping into the spirit realm "scientifically" in what they called "remote viewing."

Stanford Research Institute was an offshoot of Stanford University, founded by Leland Stanford, the founder of the California Republican Party, who in turn was connected to the Illuminati...and no doubt granted power and wealth by it. It is not likely a coincidence that Leland got into the railroad industry, as the Rothschilds were heavily into it...for to increase their power of trade. This big-time trade and materialism is the symbol of Babylon the Great in Revelation 18.

Moreover, the Manhattan Project (i.e. the American quest to build the atomic bomb) was in part a project of the Bohemian Club, an elite-Republican organization (also based in California) with Satanic stripes and Illuminati-like membership; for example, members were/are Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations, an "American" organization but known to be founded by the British Rothschilds...with the purpose of supporting the forerunner to the United Nations, the League of Nations.

Where men wish to build a world government and keep control of it, it behooves them to open Foreign-Affairs offices in all countries and to then lodge their own pawns in those offices. We are not talking a democratic process here, not liberty, nor equality, in the makings of this world government. Those ideas are merely for the naive and the patriots to swallow whole, the much-needed pawns of the rulers, for if you, the common people, should rebel, their world-project is finished!! And that's the kicker, that the Bible reveals the common peoples of the entire world, instead of rebelling, worshiping the dragon bloodline. I scratch my head in shame at my fellow countrymen, bewildered, watching them go down the Dragon-Road totally oblivious.

You will find that Democrats are prominent in the secretive Trilateral Commission, an allegedly Illuminati-based three-way alliance between Europe, the United States and Japan. It was formed in 1973 as a non-governmental group of elitists (e.g. the Rockefellers) with world conditions on their minds. We could say that a two-horned alliance between the US and Europe has already formed. The question is, what part of Europe "belongs" to the Trilateral Commission?

It's interesting that Senator Jay Rockefeller, now vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, opposes President Bush in his war on terror, while the European office of the Trilateral Commission is located in Paris. France is the chief opponent of the Bush war! I sometimes wonder if there isn't a schism between the French and British Rothschilds, a schism that caused the Trilateral Commission to form in the first place while at odds with the Council of Foreign Relations (founded by the British Rothschilds).

The senior George Bush, who was calling for the New World Order during his Presidency, had been involved, not only in Skull and Bones according to the A & E channel, but in the Trilateral was/is Bill Clinton. You will find online websites claiming that Clinton is a descendant of emperor Nero, but be assured that these websites do not make that claim due to my theory in which I peg Nero as one of the seven heads of the beast. In some websites, you will find an amazing resemblance between Clinton's face and the face of Nero as per one of his statues. This tie to Nero's blood, if it's true, doesn't necessarily make Clinton the anti-Christ, so don't be hasty. But I think that it could qualify him for position of the False Prophet.

Henry Kissinger, so deeply involved with Illuminati organizations that he was at one time considered by some to be the 666 beast himself, served as head of the JASON Group in 1955, a high-tech arm of the Illuminati. That same year, he was director of Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy for the Council on Foreign Relations. Now the JASON group is an extension of the JASON Society, both of which are related to the mythical Golden Fleece and the Satanic bloodline that the Fleece depicted. With that in mind, note that in the website below, the Illuminati is said to be called the "Cult of the Serpent,":

"...the JASON Society makes up the executive members of the Council on Foreign Relations and, in fact, the Trilateral Commission as well...the U.S. Government Founders of the JASON Group include members of the famous Manhattan Project...Today JASON continues to offer scientific help the [American] government cannot find anywhere else. They are probably the only group of scientists in the United States that know the true state of highest technology"


I found basically the same thing said at other websites, that the JASON Group was/is consultant to the American government. In fact, the Miter Corporation, from which JASON derived, is, according to its own website, federally funded and, like Stanford Research Institute, a non-profit organization. Aside from delving into its own technologies, Mitre works for the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration -- things right in line with fire from the sky -- but what, aside from all the wonderful things that it openly boasts on its website, is Mitre doing secretly? Some have insinuated or even claimed that military-related Illuminatists represent the true government.

It is known that JASON scientists concentrated on laser technology very early in its existence, wherefore it seems a given that this work was the lead-up to the Star War program pushed by Ronald Reagan. This past President portrayed himself as a Christian, but if he was a more akin to the Freemasons, couldn't that explain why there are so many online reports speaking on his and his wife's associations with leading astrologers and psychics?

The Intelligence people and, therefore, every American President, would be in touch with JASON. As to the brass tacks of the JASON Group, so far as they are willing to disclose, it is involved in such things as aviation-related weaponry, satellite-tracking systems, and climate-data recording, everything that a Greek god would shun Aphrodite for.

In an article on Zeus, Britannica wrote: "Pausanias testifies to a very old image of [Zeus] at Argos which had three [eyes], two normally placed and the third in the middle of the forehead. In general the Greeks simply state that Zeus sees everything, sees and governs all, beholds and notes all that men do, and the like; or that he has innumerable spies to go about the earth and bring him word..." Later, the same article says "...the earliest surviving type of Zeus in art...[has] his uplifted right hand holding a thunderbolt, while on the extended left arm is perched an eagle, the bird of Zeus."

The main agency for the Department of Defense is DARPA, which recently established its Information Awareness Office that keeps tabs on what we email as easily as we can find any word on Google's data bank by the click of a mouse. If they want to know who the Christians are, they type a key word, for example, "Jesus," and a list with your email address appears on their list if you're any kind of serious Christian. How would I know that search engines would allow the Department of Defense into their databases? Because I'm Illuminati-smart enough to figure that the Illuminati, the biggest Big Brother of all, would as a high priority be in the business of operating search engines...and sharing its data bank with other Illuminati organizations.

Hmm, "Google" sure does evoke "Gog"...not to mention "Ogle" from which I believe the word "eagle" derives. Coincidences??? And the logos of the Department of Defense and State Departments use an eagle having arrows in its claws, while in Greek myth lightning bolts were considered the arrows of Zeus. In fact, I have seen a logo/seal of a US office using a logo displaying an eagle with lightning bolts in its claws. I'm not claiming that the entire leadership of the Department of Defense is Illuminati based, as I haven't the knowledge enough in that area to make such a claim, but I am suggesting it as a possibility.

But as for DARPA, it appears that they themselves are advertising their Illuminati colors, for, behold, DARPA's logo for the Information Awareness Office dons the same all-seeing eye that is on the American dollar bill, pyramid and all!

So, if you've been so kind as to identify your physical address and other such private information on your C-drive, or even if you've written emails with personal information included, well, they can find out. This is not good news for those who want to evade Satanic forces in the last days. I would suggest that you not hook up to the internet while living on your trib retreat, but if you must, don't give away that you are an anti-Satan Christian, or even a serious Bible-based Christian. And do not give online Christian organizations, from which you make purchases or receive free information, the physical address of your trib retreat...because Illuminati agents will also mask as Christian organizations to collect data on Christians.

Do expect the Image of the Beast to represent something virtuous, like Freedom and Equality, or Peace and Prosperity, but know that totalitarian socialism is its true face, and that totalitarianism begins by keeping a watchful eye on everyone in order to keep them in line. Never before in their wildest imaginings could the Illuminatists keep tabs on long as we use the internet and the telephone. There may also be truth in the report that television systems will be equipped with microphones and cameras, as computers already can be, that can allow the government to listen and perhaps watch the viewers as we sit in our living rooms.

What Gog will do to the United States is unknown, but if his partner, the False Prophet, will be an American, as I currently believe, then it would seem that North America as a whole will be protected from Gog's military campaigns for the entire Week, until Armageddon at least. But this does not mean that America's wilderness saints will have nothing to fight, for they will combat (with non-military weapons) the False Prophet, both his mark and image-of-the-beast programs.

Those who believe and teach that America must be conquered by the anti-Christ in a terrible war, just so that he can rule the world, ought to think hard on this, that he will not need to conquer if his partner will be an American leader. And the same applies for Babylon the Great, that since she is an ally to the anti-Christ, she will not be invaded by the anti-Christ...until the very end when God's Appointed Time arrives. And so stop listening to those "prophets" who tell you that there's no use preparing a trib retreat because a nuclear war in America will make it fruitless. I would point out, however, that the Muslims might succeed in hitting US soil with one or more nuclear warheads so that you might consider having a retreat upwind from major cites (west of most cities is better than east of them).

I have been very concerned with the brand of Christianity that George Bush appears to espouse. He calls the Muslim religion "a great religion" when, in the eyes of God, it is an anti-Christ religion simply because it replaces the true Christ with a false prophet. I am sorry if this offends you, as I know there are many pro-Bush supporters out there in Christian land, but I as a Christian understand that it would be a great sin to claim that Islam is a great religion serving the same God as the God of Jesus Christ. Period! You need to do some soul searching if you think that Bush is a normal Christian.

After being a Bush supporter for the Christian virtues that I hoped he could bring to America, I must now recoil, sit back and watch carefully what he does, and pray that he realizes what exactly he is involved with. I know this, that if the President were a faithful man of God, he would now speak much differently having won his second and last term in office. Prior to the election, while Bush had a 6-12 point lead over Kerry, I asked God to make him eek out a victory over the Democrats (just enough to keep the liberals from power), and moreover to have him fall to humiliation in his second term...IF he is not a true Christian. The first part of that prayer came true beyond what I could have expected.

I had prayed that prayer at about the same time that I asked God to humiliate the pro-Democrat media, just before Dan Rather of 60 Minutes came crashing down. I don't think that God answered my prayers so much as He inspired me to pray what his will had already decided, so that I would know his will in certain matters of importance.

[Update, October 25, 2005: "The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas did not get much chance to lay down his usual list of demands and gripes in his talks at the White House with US president George W. Bush Thursday, Oct. 20. [2005] Instead, in contrast to the jovial mood of their joint news conference, Bush crushed his visitor’s hopes of a Palestinian state in the foreseeable future. 'Not during my term,' the president declared firmly, according to DEBKAfile’s Exclusive sources Washington. Abu Mazen is described as coming out of the meeting pale and shaken, with nothing to show for his Washington trip" (full story).

This statement by Bush came when his favorability rating hit a low of 39 percent. Understand that Bush had promised, as per the Roadmap to Peace, a Palestinian state by 2005! Hopefully, his change of heart was due to his recognizing that his support of a Palestinian state was equivalent to sacrificing God's support of his own government, not a good deal whatsoever!! end Update]

[Update September 28, 2006 -- At the following website (a short video with Bush being interviewed by ABC), Bush says that there are "different routes" to Heaven, and does not deny that Muslims are unable to get there: End Update]

The Democrats lost the last two elections in such ways as to pain them to the max, for they wanted to win for no other reason than to make this society as anti-Christian as possible. God is in control and is working to humiliate them all, so take heart, and keep on His side while the Illuminati attempts to take you to its side. We are learning every day that to die for one's country is a heroic thing, and so let us die for our country, the Israel of God.

American governments have worked hard and long to advance monetary causes with the greatest of priorities. As the Clinton-ites used to say with dry jocularity, in emphasizing what the American people hold dearest, "It's the economy, stupid." Simultaneous with money holding top spot, the American government has removed God from virtually all of its public domains, to the point that scriptures found on government buildings are treated as unlawful -- a violation of the sacred Constitution at the roots of the American way of life.

How much do we think the US Constitution is appreciated by God when it upholds the pursuit of financial happiness while used to undermine his moral codes and to welcome every false religion as equal to His Christ?

No, but if anyone attacks the buildings representing that financial god, do not be surprised if the Living God turns his back and allows it to happen. I would remind you of what Jesus said, that not one bird can fall from the sky apart from the permission and knowledge of God. Wouldn't that apply to hijacked planes as well?

I felt shock, sadness and anger like everyone else as a result of what happened to the people in those planes and buildings. But here is President Bush vowing to protect Freedom when Freedom is responsible for rampant pornography, homosexuality, pagan culture, and all manner of sin that is the very thing responsible for the tragedy in the first place! The lessons in the Bible suggest that God would not have allowed the terrorists to succeed if the American people, starting with the government, so much as began to say in their heart of hearts, "It's not the economy, stupid. It's the moral state of the nation!"

Shouldn't President Bush, rather than protecting the great American goddess of Freedom, be pleading with the American people to become enslaved to the requirements of God, to seek protection from Muslim extremists by setting proper limits on liberties? It could be much easier, and cost a lot less, to rid the nation of pornographers, violent movie makers, God-mockers, gay-pride movements, etc., etc., than to chase terrorists the world over. And deep down we know that a nation that is bent on having its way with these things will be overcome with destruction in its many forms, don't we? And guess who else loses when a nation goes down? The innocent. If God is slow in bringing destruction to a nation that deserves it, it's because of them. Us. The people of God.

If it's true that he who kills with the sword shall be killed by the sword, wouldn't it also be true that they who invent the bomb and use it shall be destroyed by the bomb? Isn't that Armageddon in a nutshell? The False Prophet will use fire from the sky as a glorious thing, and by it will bring the peoples of the world together in a sense of security. And so how do you think God will treat those who go for security to the bomb? Is the bomb the protector of the United States? Or is it God. Choose this day which of the two you will stand with.

If you support Bush wholeheartedly, you must support his Iraqi program as well, but remember then what Jesus said to the Pharisees when he chewed them out badly (Matthew 23), that those who decorate the tombs of the murdered prophets are in part guilty of murdering them. Likewise, because God is about to punish Iraq, as per Biblical Prophecy, because of the Iraqi hatred for the Jews, how will God feel toward those who now support the Iraqi rebuilding program?

Iraq is the place wherein Gog will arise to become the anti-Christ beast, and the False Prophet will send fire from the sky on behalf of the beast, in hopes of making the world worship the beast. Might that fire not come down be in Iraq?


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