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December 30-31, 2009


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December 30

Russia enjoys a strong, NATO-like relationship with Kazakhstan. We might therefore wonder whether Putin is involved with the following:

"Iran is close to clinching a deal to clandestinely import 1,350 tons of purified uranium ore from Kazakhstan, according to an intelligence report obtained by The Associated Press [yesterday]...

The report was drawn up by a member nation of the International Atomic Energy agency and provided to the AP on condition of that the country not be identified because of the confidential nature of the information.

...A two-page summary of the report obtained by the AP said the deal could be completed within weeks...

...After-hours calls to offices of Kazatomprom, the Kazakh state uranium company, in Kazakhstan and Moscow, were not answered. Iranian nuclear officials also did not answer their telephones."

It's hard to know whether reports like the above are genuine, or parts of schemes to create for the globalists their excuses to remain in the Middle East. It is the task of their news people to give the people a false image of what is truly happening. I never lose sight of the fact that certain Democrats, and especially Obama, know that 9-11 was an inside job brought about by Americans in large part, but also by certain globalists.

The evidence that 9-11 was an inside job is now undeniable, and it's hard for me to believe that Obama has not been made aware of it. But political leaders have surely decided to keep that fact hush, for it represents the fall of the United States. How would the other nations feel about America if the facts were made fully known, that 9-11 was planned and carried out by Westerners in cahoots with the Bush administration...and probably in cahoots with bin Laden himself?

Any thinking person must realize that globalism cannot be successful unless the peoples of nations can be controlled politically:

"...'There is a certain perception in Israeli society that what [the EU is] financing in Israel and in this region is unique, and that these are programs aimed at influencing public policy in Israel,' Andrew Standley said. 'The reality is that these are global programs, and the kind of actions that we are supporting in Israel can and are just as easily funded in places like China, India, Indonesia and even the US.'

Standley, a self-defined 'committed European with a British passport' who took over his duties in October, said the organizations funded deal with global issues, 'whether the rights of women, minorities or support for democracy. These are global programs, so there are organizations in this part of the world that submit proposals and they receive funding just as organizations do in Peru, Pakistan and wherever.'"

The fact is -- and the tactic has been in use in Western nations for a long time -- political organizations, as for example the American Democrats, support women's and minority rights as a means to secure their political support for an array of political causes. The EU is therefore busy seeking to enlist as many groups as possible in as many nations as possible. But why aren't such things as pornography and rampant adultery part of their global causes? Because the globalists love these things, and have expended much effort to assure that they proliferate.

Are Democrats/liberals pointing the dirty finger at Tiger Woods? How is he any better, in the adultery department, than a certain Rhodian, Bill Clinton...whom the Democrats still honor to this day? China and Iran oppose pornography; American liberals love it. What do these things have to do with Armageddon? Everything.

The EU capital appears to be punishing Netanyahu:

"The Belgian French bank group Dexia, which specializes in financing municipalities and other local authorities, is refusing to work with Judea and Samaria local councils, Israel Radio reported [this] morning.

Sources in the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip told Israel Radio that in several cases, applicants were informed that their loans could not be approved as their localities were situated over the Green Line.

...Dexia Israel's decision was reported on various Palestinian Web sites as early as June this year, apparently as the result of a political campaign in Belgium."

Chances are, the Belgian capital of the EU owes its lofty position to "Jewish" international bankers in the Netherlands. It is conspicuous that, while on the one hand I'm wondering whether the so-called underwear bomber is part of a globalist scheme (to enforce intrusive "protective" measures on the masses), the flight went through Amsterdam. If I'm not mistaken, the bedrock of New York's influential "Jews" rested largely upon Amsterdam's bankers. "New York was founded as a commercial trading post by the Dutch in 1624. The settlement was called New Amsterdam until 1664 when the colony came under English control."

Not only was the bomber capable of skirting a string of security measures, but, conveniently, his bomb didn't go off.

Although Egypt has joined the chorus of anti-settlement Arab nations, they are far from being off the hook of anti-Israeli Arab states, especially now that it is building a steel wall to counter Hamas' smuggling industry:

"Egypt's upper house of parliament, the Shura Council, likewise issued a document endorsing the government's security measures in northern Sinai and along the border, the government-owned daily al-Gomhuriya reported [today].

In recent weeks photos purportedly showing a reinforced steel wall being built underground along the Egyptian-Gazan border have revived domestic and regional criticism of Egypt's role in maintaining the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Activists from around the world this week gathered in Cairo in the hopes of marching to the Gaza border to protest its closure."

Egypt's opposition to Gaza's government must be the factor destined to bring the "king of the north" to Egypt. I'll report all news tending to set Egypt against the anti-Israeli axis because I'm expecting the Egyptian invasion soon...but "soon" never seems to come, I know, I know. I identify with those of you who long to see prophecy fulfilled.

Here's a statistic you might appreciate: "At the close of the first decade of the third millennium, Israel has 7.5 million residents, including 5.7 million Jews (75.4 percent of the population) and 1.5 million Arabs (20.3 percent of the population). The remaining 319,000 residents are made up of Christians and followers of other religions."

An article of December 24 (I had missed this) gets us a little ways into the mind of Kadyrov, the Chechen president, as per his thoughts on the Georgian controversy. And it sounds as though he wants to attack Georgia:

"In in interview with the Daily Telegraph online newspaper, Ramzan Kadyrov...said Russia should draft new military strategy to resist the United States and other Western powers, which are stoking disorder in the north Caucasus to destroy Russia.

Ramzan Kadyrov, a 33-year-old former rebel turned Kremlin loyalist, said that last year's attack by Georgia, which is a US ally, on the pro-Russian rebel region of South Ossetia was part of a Western plot to seize the whole Caucasus region.

'If they get control of the Caucasus, you could say they'll get control of virtually all of Russia, because the Caucasus is our backbone,' Kadyrov said. 'The Russian government needs to work out a strategy, it needs to attack,' the Chechen president said..'...Georgia, South Ossetia, Ukraine, all this will go on and on. It's Russia's private affliction. Why should we always suffer if we can eradicate this for good? We are a great power, we have everything - an army, technology. We need to attack.' Kadirov said.


Remember, Kadyrov is a Muslim, and can be considered a candidate for fulfilling the Biblical Gog due to his involvement in what was the land of Gog. These words that we hear from him may be the first small noise that we are listening for. It's hard to believe that these fighting words are coming suddenly without Putin's nod. The surprising thing is: this is not a major story in Western media. I suppose the West considers the words to be a harmless threat, but what if Putin is backing Kadyrov? What if Putin has long been planning to use him secretly for the conquering of Georgia?

Also from December 24:

"The so called [Ossetian] Defence Minister Yuri Tanaev stated in his presentation of 2009 report in parliament, that the so called South Ossetian armed forces are ready to protect territorial integrity and sovereignty of the 'Republic'..."

Also on December 24: "Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said on December 24 that Georgia's 'current leadership represents threat for the regional peace and security.'" Them's fightin' words. But why are they spoken now?

Chechnya is on the border of both North Ossetia and Georgia. Chechens have historically resisted Moscow in hopes of creating their own Islamic state based on sharia law, but at times they engaged alliances with Moscow, as in the unexpected twist with Kadyrov:

"Many Chechens dread the appearance of law enforcement officers, whose black woollen hats bear the letters 'K.R.A.', the initials of the president's names, Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov.

Thousands of 'Kadyrovtsy' are eager to prove they are defeating the Islamic insurgency across the North Caucasus that aims to create an independent Muslim state ruled by sharia.

Many of them fought for independence from Moscow but, like Kadyrov, switched sides...

Residents tremble at the sight of the black-booted police, who can 'take us away for being against a law we don't even know is real or even exists,' said one young man called Aslan.

The Russian human rights group Memorial says the climate of fear intensified rapidly after the Kremlin lifted security restrictions in April, transferring enormous power from Moscow to Kadyrov's militia.'"

Wikipedia's article on Chechnya traces the modern Chechen era to Aryan/Iranian roots, namely to Mansur Ushurma, "a Chechen Naqshbandi (Sufi) Sheikh." We read that "The word Naqshbandi is Persian, taken from the name of the founder of the order, Baha-ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari. Some have said that the translation means 'related to the image-maker,' some also consider it to mean 'patternmaker' rather than 'image maker'..." This is evocative of Kadyrov's image-building program, and of course of the "image of the beast" (Revelation 13). The Mansur article tells that Mansur may have been an Italian involved in Mosul:

"According to another version, [Mansur] was actually an Italian monk, Giovanni Battista Boetti born in Camino (Monferrato, Piedmont) on June 2, 1743. He was sent as missionary in Mosul where he caused a scandal for a love affair with the daughter of the local pasha. Following a lack of vocation, he converted to Islam."

Did he have children in Mosul, who remained in Mosul? Are the childrens' children there to this day? If so, will Kadyrov hook up with them?

On the latest unrest in Iran, Russia's foreign ministry says: "We are convinced that this is the work of those opposed to Russian-Iranian cooperation." At first glance, it sounds as though the Russians are fingering certain Iranians, but, really, does Russia believe that Mickey Mousavi's spoilers are raising their whiskers against A-Madman's brutal horns due to Iran's alliances with Russia??? I doubt that very much. Instead, the above sentence sounds as though "those opposed to Russian-Iranian cooperation" are the Americans/Westerners...and the various Iranian groups supported by the West.

What would be the scenario if Kadyrov were the anti-Christ? Chechen roots in the Iranian "image-makers" could then well explain why Gog and Iran unite in the end times. But the noise that I'm listening for must include some anti-Israeli slurs. There are many in Iran, but so far, Kadyrov seems silent on Israel. But silence alone doesn't disqualify him outright. Chances are, as a vicious Muslim, he can become viciously opposed to Zionism.

There's details on the Iraqi oil deals made in the north; they are in Nineveh (i.e. where Mosul sits):

"Angola's state-owned oil company, Sonangol, has signed deals with Iraqi oil ministry to develop two oil fields in Nineveh province, known as one of the most dangerous regions of the country.

Iraq's Deputy Oil Minister Abdul Kareem al-Luaby and an executive from Sonangol signed the agreement in Baghdad [today].

Africa's top oil producer, Angola currently holds the rotating presidency of OPEC.

Sonangol will be paid between $5 and $6 a barrel to extract oil in the Qayara and Najmah oilfields in northern Iraq...

This is one of the highest fees awarded in Iraq's oil deals, reflecting the risks involved in operations and relatively low quality of oil at the two sites."

That's a high price...that any greedy Gorgon would die for. By comparison, "The [Lukoil-led] consortium clinched the 20-year service contract [in southern Iraq] with a proposed remuneration fee of $1.15 a barrel and eventual output of 1.8 million barrels a day, a target roughly equal to the entire output of Lukoil's fields in Russia."

The point is: the way has been paved, by Angola, for other deals in the Mosul area. Waiting to see what happens there.

It may be nothing, or it may be everything for joining Gog to Libya:

"The Head of Political Bureau of Hamas Movement Khaled Meshaal arrived in Tripoli December 20 for a visit which he described as part of consultations with brothers in the Libya.

...Meshaal made a speech in which he thanked the Libyan people and government for their continuous support of the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

Speaking at the wedding, Meshaal said 'if Gaza bordered Libya, the situation would have different.'

'We are committed to consultation with the Leader and to keep him updated on the latest developments and make such visits a success,' Meshaal said.

Meshaal visited Yemen and Iran over the past several days in a series of trips in part related to efforts to bring an end to Israeli oppression and occupation of Palestinian territories."

On the same day that the article above appeared in the Tripoli Post, we find the headline, "Egypt's Wall of Shame":

"...Reports surfaced last week that Egypt is installing a series of metal sheets deep along the Gaza border to block tunnels used to smuggle weapons into the Palestinian territory.

...Egypt is under fire from Arab and Muslim groups for cooperating with Israel in a two-year blockade of Gaza.

Hamas and other groups called on Egypt [yesterday] to stop building a steel wall along the Gaza border that could block tunnels through which goods and weapons are smuggled into the blockaded Palestinian enclave.

'Hamas sees the continued building of the wall as unjustified and it will bring catastrophe on the Palestinian people,' Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told a news conference, where the group and other factions urged Cairo to end the project."

The steel wall, if it's as good as the Egyptians claim it to be for curbing the smuggling, could bring revolt by the Iran-axis. It depends on how important it is, for Iran/Hezbollah, to get weapons into Gaza. I wouldn't think of predicting such a revolt, except that Daniel and Isaiah both predict the invasion of Egypt by the Cruel Assyrian.

December 31

I didn't fully make my case yesterday when suggesting that the underwear bomber is in reality a pro-globalist tool. My suspicion was born upon learning that the bomber's father is a wealthy Nigerian banker. I imagined him working with international bankers to pull off a fake bomb attempt. The article below, wherein Obama sounds like Bush after 9-11, helps to cement my suspicions:

"President Barack Obama has pledged his administration 'will not rest' until all those behind an alleged plot to bomb a US plane are brought to justice.

...[The bomber] has reportedly told FBI investigators that there are others just like him in Yemen who will strike soon."

Just as the "globetrotters" need the Taliban and al-Qaeda to stir things up so that Western armies can have the excuses to remain in the Middle East, so we now have Obama promising to do something in/about Yemen. But do we really believe that the underwear bomber would confess, and so soon, that other bombers from Yemen will follow? If he wants Americans murdered in a terror campaign, he wouldn't make such an admission. Instead, the admission provides NATO with the excuse to rev-up military action in the Middle East. The article goes on to say: "US officials said at the weekend the accused had told investigators al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen had supplied him with the bomb." Yemen: the new focus, suddenly:

"...One of the [senior U.S.] officials was quoted by CNN as saying that the [Yemeni] plan is part of a new classified agreement with the Yemeni government that the two countries will work together and that the US will remain publicly silent on its role in providing intelligence and weapons to conduct strikes.

The CNN report said that 'by all accounts, the agreement would allow the US to fly cruise missiles, fighter jets or unmanned armed drones against targets in Yemen with the consent of that government.'",7340,L-3827278,00.html

It was discovered later yesterday that the underwear bomber had been to a religious Muslim organization in Texas. The leader of that organization, along with others, said that the bomber did not mingle or talk much, exactly what we'd expect from someone sent in, by the West, to spy. Also, the bomber had been to University College London (he was a "well-mannered" student between 2005-8). All of a sudden, the Yemeni authorities are begging for help:

"Hundreds of al-Qaeda militants are planning terror attacks from Yemen, the country's Foreign Minister said [December 29].

Abu Bakr al-Qirbi appealed for more help from the international community to help to train and equip counter-terrorist forces.

...'The United States, Britain and the European Union could do a lot to improve Yemen's response to militants on its own soil, he added.

'We have to work in a very joint fashion in partnership to combat terrorism,' he said. 'If we do, the problem will be brought under control.'"

Why wasn't Yemen begging for these things prior to this week? Have globetrotters bought Yemen's friendship? Yemen is at the southern end of the Red Sea directly across from the Somalian problem.

This video makes a case that the Bush-associated globetrotters had vastly exaggerated the bin-Laden organization, for ulterior motives...but does not venture to suggest what the motives may be. I tend to agree that bin-Laden's allies are not solidly connected for lack of organizational tools, but this doesn't mean that they don't exist, or that they cannot zealously unite should opportunities present themselves.

After having my own suspicions on the underwear bomber, I found others saying the same:

"The recent failed attack on a US passenger jet traveling from Amsterdam to Detroit was a set-up provocation controlled by US intelligence, author and journalist Webster Tarpley stated to RT.

'[The terrorist's] father, a rich Nigerian banker, went to the US embassy in Nigeria on November 19 and said 'my son is in Yemen in a terrorist camp, do something about this.' Nevertheless, the son is allowed to buy a ticket in Ghana, paying cash, $2,800, for a one-way ticket,' Tarpley said.

After that, a mentally deficient young man who doubtfully could make it from one gate to another managed to illegally enter Nigeria and get on a plane to Amsterdam.

'There was a well-dressed Indian man who brought him to the gate and said, 'my friend does not have a passport, get him on, he is Sudanese, we do this all the time -- that is impossible! said Tarpley."

There's a video featuring Tarpley. I don't know anything about him, but here he speaks compellingly, giving his opinion on what the Globamists are all about in the Middle East, their boldest aim being to topple Russia as a world power for to spread Western imperialism worldwide. There is no doubt that, ultimately, this is what the West dreams. The problem is: Putin knows it, and he is not a weakling at this time, and he's taking the new-found opportunities to become stronger. Pay-day for the West is in his sights, and he will deliver so help him God.

So sooner do we get a large media dose of the underwear bomber that we hear about a similar bomber from Somalia: "U.S. officials are investigating a Somali man's alleged attempt to board a flight in November carrying chemicals, liquid and a syringe in a case bearing chilling echoes of the alleged plot to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day." Perhaps the globetrotters are using the two bombers to justify a re-location of troops in Iraq on and around the horn of Africa.

USA Today has an article on the underwear bomber's visit to Texas in 2008, his last year at the London university. The Muslim organization in Texas, Al Maghrib Institute, has an office in London, the article says.

When Obama said, "It is my job...", we might ask whether he is revealing his task handed down to him by his globalist superiors. He says: It is my job to ensure our intelligence and homeland security departments are working efficiently and people are made accountable." The translation could be: "It is my job to further erode your privacy on behalf of fighting terrorism, and to keep the U.S. military in the Middle East." It's interesting that "On Christmas exactly eight years ago, the British al Qaeda shoe-bomber, Richard Reid, tried and failed to blow up an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami. Passengers wrestled him to the floor before he could detonate the explosives in his shoe."

One could argue that, if al-Qaeda were truly attempting to bomb American targets, it would have succeeded many, many times in the past eight years. The best explanation I can think of for al-Qaeda's "failure" on the American front is its concern for the backlash to American Arabs.

DEBKAfile shares an interesting alliance:

"The strategic and military ties between Greece and Israel are deepening in reverse proportion to Turkey's estrangement from Israel and its growing closeness to Iran and Syria, DEBKAfile's military sources report. Significantly, when the commander of the Greek Navy, Vice Admiral G. Karamalikis secretly visited Israel earlier this month, he won the sort of red carpet which the Israel Defense Forces high command rarely gives foreign military visitors."

In Joel 3, we find an end-time prophecy wherein Lebanon and Gaza are lumped together as Israel's persecutors. In verse 6, they send Israelite captives to the Greeks, suggesting that Greece stands up to take them in, during their great tribulation.

In verse 8, speaking on the invigorated Israelites after the great tribulation, the enemies of Israel are sent to the Sabeans (in and around the Yemeni and Somali domains). This may be clue that the anti-Christ's victory in Egypt (see Daniel 11:25) will have the support of some fighters in what was the land of the Sabeans. Therefore, the sudden emphasis on the Yemeni-Somali region this past week may be the gearing-up of a prophecy-related development.

If the Egyptian invasion occurs in 2010, it could be assumed within a 70th-Week scenario starting in late 2009. That is, I am not inclined to giving up the idea that the 70th Week has already begun, and am "happy" to see the emphasis on Yemen and Somalia at this very time in which I expect the Egyptian invasion.

The world awaits to see whether Obama retaliates against the Yemeni terrorists, but the war had apparently begun the day before the underwear bomber was "caught":

"DEBKAfile's counter-terror sources report that the air strike in eastern Yemen Thursday, Dec. 24, which left more than 30 dead, was in fact a US drone attack which wiped out a large part of al Qaeda's leadership in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Among them were...the American imam who preached to US. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the gunman who murdered 13 US military personnel at Ford Hood, Texas last month.

They were all meeting at a hideout in the province of Shabwa..."

Texas again. The emphasis on Yemen appears to be retaliation for Fort Hood.

They are not going away; they are still trying to topple the government:

"A car bomb and a suicide bomber struck a government building in the city of Ramadi [yesterday], killing at least 24 people...

...The bombings in Ramadi follow a string of about 40 assassination attempts in the past month in the western province of Anbar, mostly targeting politicians, police officers, religious figures and tribal chiefs, according to Iraqi police officials. "

The insurgents who ended up largely in Mosul had come from Anbar in the first place.

Unbeknown to myself until now, there will be a "duality of power" in the EU, government-on-government to pay for:

"On January 1, 2010, Spain will take over the rotating six-month presidency of the European Union. Compared to Sweden, which it will succeed, it will have far fewer powers.

In accordance with the Lisbon Treaty approved in November, the Council of Europe, the supreme governing body comprising the heads of the EU states and governments, will have a permanent president. Herman Van Rompuy, the former Belgian Prime Minister, will begin his first 2.5-year EU presidential term on January 1, 2010.

In fact, Spain will only preside at the EU Council's meetings of foreign (and sometimes other) ministers, which is held to prepare the regular spring and fall EU summits and to coordinate EU foreign policy.

But the Spanish have never been too shy about breaking with formalities. Until Europe gets used to having a permanent president, Van Rompuy will share his powers with the country that once called Belgium the Spanish Netherlands.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero has promised that the Spanish presidency will leave a noticeable mark on the history of the EU, despite this duality of power.

It is said in Brussels that the Iberian presidency may propel the EU towards the signing of a new partnership and cooperation agreement with Russia to replace the PCA, which was prolonged several times after it was due to expire in late 2007."

The article goes on to say, "The 'Roman component' of the new EU presidency..." Hmm. Am I missing something? What is that Roman component???

The article thus tells that Spain will now work in the foreign-affairs department...and must therefore co-ordinate matters with Cathy Ashton (Rompuys foreign-affairs chief).

In the past, I have somewhat highlighted the Spanish surname, Moreno; a variation of that surname is "Moratin"; the current foreign minister of Spain is Miguel Moratinos.

A variation of the Zapatero surname is "Sabato," and may therefore trace to Hebrews. Spanish Hebrews are collectively called Sephardics, a term that I suspect goes back to the Joktan-based Sepharvites. Interestingly, it is a known fact that Joktanites were in Yemen, and I trace Spanish Hebrews largely to them. For evidence that Sepharvites were in Yemen, see the term, Hadoram, in my article, The Dragon Cult, but also Wikipedia's article on Hadoram.

A Turkish article on the new EU verifies the duality of power: "'The great weakness of the Lisbon Treaty is that it maintains the rotating EU presidency,' said Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Green group leader in the European Parliament." We then read: "'We have made a gentleman's agreement,' said Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos. 'Mr. Van Rompuy will preside at the meetings, but Mr. Zapatero will be beside him playing a key role.'" In my opinion: Europa is about to go insane with multiple-personality disorder.

Did I say the Ayers surname is fundamentally opposed to Israel? Now the proof:

"Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers, a close associate for years of President Obama, is one of 431 academics to sign a petition calling for divestment, boycott and sanctions against Israel.

'As educators and scholars of conscience in the United States, we fully support this call,' reads the online petition by an organization calling itself the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel.

'We urge our colleagues, nationally, regionally, and internationally, to stand up against Israel's ongoing scholasticide and to support the non-violent call for academic boycott, disinvestment, and sanctions,' states the petition.

The petition claims Israel persistently violates international law and carries out 'illegal' discriminatory policies comparable to apartheid in South Africa."

It sounds like Jimmy Carter, which is interesting because I had found evidence to link both the Carter and Ayers surnames to Ishmaelites. The article continues:

"...Ayers helped launch Obama's political career with a fundraiser in his home. Obama served on the board of a Chicago nonprofit alongside Ayers. The terrorist later hired Obama to serve as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a job Obama later cited as qualifying him to run for public office.

While at the CAC, Obama and Ayers both granted funds to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN.

WND columnist Jack Cashill has produced a series of persuasive arguments that it was Ayers who ghostwrote Obama's award-winning autobiography, 'Dreams from My Father.'

Ayers, and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, were two of the main founders of the Weather Underground, which bombed the New York City Police headquarters in 1970, the Capitol in 1971 and the Pentagon in 1972. The group was responsible for some 30 bombings aimed at destroying the defense and security infrastructures of the U.S."

I have room in this final update of 2009 to trace mythical Remus and Romulus. The largest clue available is in Virgil's myth wherein he linked the twins to Aeneas, a mythical ruler of the Trojan war and closely related by blood to king Priam of Troy and his son, Paris. I have identified the latter two as a Mysian peoples at Parion, who were Gorgons that almost-certainly led to the Parisii Celts, founders of Paris, near Troyes (France). BUT Aeneas can be traced in at least two ways to the Greeks that fought against the Trojans in the Trojan war.

First, the mother of Aeneas was Venus, and as such we assume that she was the extension of the Greek, Aphrodite. If true that Venus was myth code for the Veneti, then Aphrodite can be identified with the Heneti Lydians (founders of the Veneti). Since myth made Pelops the Lydian ruler of (H)Eneti, we can venture to trace Aeneas to the Syrian Baal-and-Anat cult (that surely became the Lydian Pel(ops) and Heneti). Lydians were Trojan allies, BUT Pelops was given Atreus for a son, who in turn fathered Agamemnon and Menelaus, the Spartan brothers whom the myth writer, Homer, viewed as the chief rulers of the Greeks in the Trojan war. Thus, the Trojan war was essentially between two Myso-Lydian peoples after Lydians of the Pelops fold had gone on to found the Greek land of Peloponnesus (where Sparta was situated).

Thus, "Aeneas" depicted a peoples that were Trojan allies, and yet his bloodline traces to the leaders of the Greeks who warred against Troy. In an independent realization, and only because I have an Italian mother who likes lamb, it dawned on me that "Aeneas" was play on words with the Lydian>Latin "lamb." The Italians use "agnello," while the French use "agneau." Making the 'g' silent in the Latin, "agnus," likely brings us very close to what the Lydians used for lamb, and so my senses were strong toward "Aeneas" being code for the two golden lambs found among the sheep of Atreus. In the myth, the lambs had the power to make Atreus a chief ruler of the Peloponnesus.

I realized that the two lambs were portrayals of the golden-fleece cult...that I had previously identified as the Laz>Lydian line (the Laz took over Colchian domains, where the golden fleece had been protected).

Apparently, Aeneas depicted the Lydian stock of the Pelops cult that did NOT remove to Greece, but rather remained in Lydia...and therefore fought alongside the Trojans. In this picture, Remus and Romulus, descendants of Aeneas, were from the same Lydian stock, and being from Aphrodite, they had been Kabeiri-based Hebrews. Quite possibly, the proto-Romans had been on the Hebros/Maritsa river, Thrace, the river that I think was named after the Kabeiri.

The Romans give us another clue, for they had Remus and Romulus suckling a she-wolf. I identify this wolf as the Avellino wolf-line peoples called Hirpini, and I think it's obvious that they were of the Apollo cult. I tend to see "Apollo" as a variation of "Pel(ops)," noting that Apollo was given Leto for a mother, a term that should link to the Lydians under Pelops' rule. We can then draw a line from the Apollo Lydians to the mythical Spartan, Leda, and her son, Pollux, wherefore it becomes fairly plain that they were the basis of the Pelops Lydians who had named the Peloponnese. The idea is clinched where we learn that Pollux' sister, Helen "of Troy," was married to Menelaus (of the Pelops line).

One cannot keep Hermes out of the Lydian picture, for he is always involved with the Pelops cult, and with the golden fleece ram. He is also the same as Harmonia, the daughter of Ares, and the similar terms must equate with the Hermus river of downtown Lydia. Since Harmonia (think "Armenia") is the Ares dragon that protected the golden fleece in Colchis, and since Hermes (= Cadusii Armenians) was depicted with serpents, she and he are further identified as the Ladon dragon itself, and therefore as the roots of the Revelation dragon. In myth, Ladon was given 100 heads, suggesting many tribes, while Pelops was portrayed as many peoples. As I've mentioned before, Ladon was likely the evolved Lotan, the seven-headed dragon of Syria that lost a war with Baal and Anat.

I'm assuming that the winners and losers were united in Lydia in forming the many heads of Ladon/Pelops. Out of the chief heads of the Lydian fold came the Romans; Virgil's myth claims that Aeneas came to western Italy with Tyrians via southern Italy, but does not mention links to Spartans so far as I can recall. The "Sparti" were born from the Ares dragon when Cadmus (probably a part of the Cadusii-Hermes cult of Tyre) defeated it. In marrying Harmonia (daughter of Ares), Cadmus was marrying the Ares dragon, you see, though, more properly, I think that the Cadmus Tyrians defeated the Ares Armenians, but in a subsequent alliance they formed the Spartan/Ladon dragon. The Ladon river and the official birthplace (Arcadia) of Hermes are on the north side of Sparta. AND, Ladon was in particular made the multi-headed dragon of the Hesperides apple land, a term that looks like "Sparta/Sepharvite."

I think that the most-secret part of Roman history is in its Spartan roots. It's no secret that Romans came forth from Lydians, Ares and Apollo, but these developed into Spartan Greeks, an idea that myth bares out only with some difficulty for those not familiar with it. Even Hercules (a chief Roman and Etruscan god), considered a Greek (i.e. not Trojan) god, was a royal bloodline in Mysia (i.e. the land of Troy) that developed into mainline Lydians. In fact, since the Lydian Hercules has been equated (by others) with Sandon, he appears to be the same entity as Tantalus (father of Pelops) whom the Tuscany-based Etruscans trace.

Homer knew that Aeneas was a line from Pelops, for "Homer, in the Iliad, mentions a daughter [of Aeneas' father] named Hippodameia." Pelops was given "Hippodamia" as a wife, you see. Thus, the father of Hippodamia, Oenomaus (king of Pisa in Elis), must have depicted roughly the same peoples as Aeneas' father, Anchises.

But who was Oenomaus? A son of Ares and Harpina! The latter was, therefore, the likely root to the Hirpini wolf peoples to which Remus and Romulus belonged. We read of this mythical Harpina that she depicted "the city of Harpina, not far from the river Harpinates, near Olympia."

I wish it were as easy as finding a Rome-like term in the Greek world. But "Roma" may have developed locally in western Italy, and "Remus" and "Romulus" may have been created on any fabulous basis whatsoever. Just the same, once created, a migrating Roman peoples may have carried the mythical terms to far-off places...such as Reims and Romney/Rumellenum. Those Romans may have persisted to the present day as the Rompuy family (and of course other surnames).

For those of us who belong to the Israel of God, this is not new year's eve. Janus was a Roman god whom we do not celebrate. But be happy anyway. I'll talk to you in 2010.


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