In early 1982, Lambert Dolphin was in touch with the Jerusalem Temple Foundation (Stanley Goldfoot), at which time discussions centered on using sensing equipment to seek hidden chambers in the Jerusalem Temple. Chuck Missler and Chuck Smith assisted in funding the program.

In the spring of 1983, Lambert Dolphin and six others, with the Stanford Research Institute in support of the team, landed in Israel with plans to scout the Temple area and thereby conclude how best to get inside to do their secret work...without the Muslims or Jews spoiling their agenda. Robert Bauval reports that Stanford "came with heavy US military credentials." It was also in 1983 that Dolphin and Stanford opened a Mars Investigation project to give the world high-level opinions on whether the Mars "face" was of alien origin.

The Stanford team had obtained a helicopter in order to hover above the Dome, reportedly to take pictures and soundings, early while Israel was yet asleep...with Dolphin admitting to this version of the plot. But what sort of importance could have been attached to such a desperate act that was sure to bring disgrace? One cannot hover a copter above the Dome and not be noticed, and one knows it before making the attempt.

The task was reportedly to seek the Ark of the Covenant in a hidden chamber under the Temple Mount i.e. under the Dome of the Rock. A tunnel had previously been dug secretly by a rabbi (Yehuda Getz), beginning outside the Temple walls, but breaking through the western wall and then east toward the Dome. The Stanford team was invited into this "Rabbinical Tunnel," as it is called. But on the very night that the team arrived to the tunnel entrance with much equipment, Muslims caught them and had the Israeli police arrest them.

This project was not necessarily at variance with Stanford's Giza projects, for the Cayce hoax had as its heart a counterfeit Biblical Millennium, and such could not be brought to complete fulfillment without the building of the Ezekiel-40 Temple. It is interesting on a conspiratorial level that three major Temple-rebuilding organizations formed an alliance in 1982, just as Stanford was preparing it's scientific equipment.

Dolphin, according to his own Jerusalem report, was under the Temple Mount in 1983, in the Rabbinical Tunnel, being escorted on a tour by rabbi Yehuda Getz, the latter claiming to have known the location of the Ark, somewhere down in that "basement." Doesn't that sound as though there was a plot to plant the Ark in an underground chamber, in order to discover it?

The finger points to modern Templars (i.e. the modern Rose Line) as those having possession of the Ark, since it has been said by many over the centuries that ancient Templars somehow obtained it. But do the Templars truly possess it, or do they merely have a fake? Wouldn't a people intent on bringing about a fake Millennium be also capable of making a false Ark, since, after all, they own so many high-tech industries?

The purpose in planting it, only to "discover" it, would be huge, in hopes of giving the discoverers legitimacy and popular support to begin Temple construction. The problem is, in what manner does a hoaxer go about planting it so that the expected query of how it was not found previously can be logically explained? The answer, I would think, is that an underground chamber must be dug out, for implantation, and made to appear as though it had been sealed for centuries. But for such a sly task one requires the Tunnel overseers to become a part of the conspiracy.

Well, consider that rabbi Getz, the overseer, teaches that the Ark is situated in a secret chamber directly under the Holy of Holies, saying that the Ark has been there since the days of the Biblical king Josiah. Zola Levitt Ministries writes that:

"Rabbi Getz believes that in 1982 he was very close, within 40 feet, to finding the cave in which the Ark resides. He was conducting a search in an old tunnel that had been filled with the debris of centuries, which runs perpendicular to the Western Wall and under the Temple Mount. However, when the Moslems discovered that there were diggings being conducted under the Dome of the Rock, they threatened a general riot and the diggings were stopped. The rabbi explains that, for the sake of maintaining peace with their Moslem neighbors, the Israelis had to reseal the entrance to the tunnel, and it remains blocked up to this day."


The truth may be that Getz had the tunnel dug from scratch to plant the Ark, then had it refilled with debris, and finally had the entrance sealed on the basis of whatever decent excuse the plotters could muster. It was at that time roughly when the Stanford team was involved with the Temple. But finding the Ark would not in itself be enough to enable the Temple construction, for the Dome of the Rock would also need to be removed, no small order, but certainly not beyond the nerve of the Illuminati.

To this end, certain Jewish plotters, apparently connected to some Israeli military units, were caught in the act of attempting to blow up the Dome, in January of 1984, just months after Dolphin and friends were rudely removed from the Temple site by Israeli police. Dolphin felt it necessary to write to the Israeli press denying any involvement with the attempted bombing, after the press came out with a story making that implication.

If the following report by the Executive Intelligence Review is reliable, the project under discussion was the work of the Rothschilds:

Through months of investigation, more than 30 interviews, and a review of thousands of pages of primary source documents, some never previously made public, EIR has established that the entire Temple Mount provocation is being run, top-down, by the most lunatic elements within the highest levels of British Freemasonry--with the blessing and involvement of members of the House of Windsor."


That the British Illuminati is being implicated is not a surprise knowing that Stanford University was one of its arms. Perhaps they were attempting to have the Temple built by the 1996-98 Cayce deadline, or by 2000 at the latest. The seven-year Oslo Accords were signed in September of 1993 so that, apparently not by coincidence, the midway point would fall in late March of 1997, smack in the midst of Cayce's 1996-98 period. The Oslo Accords were signed by a supporter of the British Rothschilds, Bill Clinton, and bolstered by the House of Windsor (the title referring to the British royal family as of 1917).

No sooner had the Accords been signed that Dolphin and Missler, with 70 others, visited Israel again (1994). Dolphin wrote, "My specific responsibility on this tour was to organize and host the Third Annual Temple Conference in Jerusalem where Jewish scientists and religious leaders presented ten papers concerned with the location of the First and Second Temples and plans and projections concerning the coming of the Jewish Messiah."

You understand that, "Jewish Messiah," to the "Jewish scientists and religious leaders," is not Jesus Christ, and so may we ask what these Christians were doing working alongside the enemies of Christ in such an important matter as the rebuilding of God's Temple?

According to the EIR, Missler "propagandizes for the destruction of the Islamic sites and the building of the Third Temple." Moreover, "massive amounts of money from American-based Darbyite Christian fundamentalists began pouring into the Jerusalem operations, aimed, ultimately, at blowing up the Muslim holy sites at the Temple Mount..." While EIR language is inflammatory, I do think that the essence of the language is true. Word was being spread to the effect that God might decide to blow the Dome away, or perhaps cause an earthquake to bring it down. We would expect that sort of "propaganda" from those who were planning an explosion.

Keep in mind that this threatening situation was a decade after the first blotched attempt to blow up the Dome, and that the Zionists were desperate if indeed they were striking for an operational Temple, or at least an operational altar, by the end of 1998...or 2000 at the latest.

In his 1994 "tour" of Israel with Missler and 70 others, Dolphin showed that violence, as part of the fight to take over the Temple Mount, was an option: "The time is fast approaching when the Temple Mount will (by one means or another) be accessible both for full-scale geophysical exploration, and for digging and exploring." It sounds as though he was yet angry for being removed a decade earlier by Muslim Temple guards and Israeli police. But he also sounds convinced in his mind that his project managers were flint-faced.

Chuck Smith, Missler's partner at Calvary Church, "when asked by EIR whether he had any compunctions about unleashing a holy war that would lead to the possible extermination of millions of Jews and Muslims, replied, 'Frankly, no, because it is all part of Biblical prophecy.'"

So, you see, these influential pre-tribulationists have no bones about triggering the tribulation of Israel, because, after all, the tribulation is predicted in the Bible. But 1997 came, and still no construction whatsoever had been started. But there is further evidence to show that the Temple was to be built by 2000 at the latest.

For example, certain Jews had announced that a miraculous, fully-red heifer had finally been born, in April of 1997. The purpose in producing this cow was to fuel interest in the Temple construction, but do note that the cow was to be offered in sacrifice at three years of age, exactly on 2000!

"The birth of the animal, to a black-and-white mother and a dun-colored bull, is being hailed as a "miracle" by activists who want to rebuild the Third Temple and prepare the way for the Jewish messiah's entry to Jerusalem.

"The faithful will need to wait until the heifer is at least three before it can be used in a ritual sacrifice. That would enable religious Jews to start the new millennium (a Christian event, but still regarded as portentous) in a state of purity"


I suspect Illuminati manipulation, not only to get the cow slaughtered precisely in 2000, but to get the animal born at all, for, according to the propaganda, a fully-red cow had not been born since the first century. The genetic masters belonging to the Illuminati had probably produced many others just like it prior to 1997, because I don't think they waited until that year, their deadline, to get lucky. Time magazine caught this act and reported that Temple Institute "operatives spent two weeks in August scouting Europe for heifer embryos that will shortly be implanted into cows at an Israeli cattle ranch" (

The Temple Institute had been working with a Pentecostal minister in the United States, Clyde Lott, who supposedly masterminded the raising of red angus cows and then went out on a preaching tour asking Christians to send the cows to Israel for $1,000 per head. Lott truly believed that he was chosen of God to perform this task, to do his part to fulfill prophecy. As proof of his claim, the Bible Code dispensationalists "found" Lott's name in Numbers 19. Forgive me, but this is getting a little comical. Am I supposed to believe that sending 50,000 cows from America to Israel, as Lott hopes to do, is God's need? Isn't it true, rather, that if God wants a red cow, He'll make one, in Israel, for the price of a few bales of hay, and without geneticists taking the credit?

It's time to stop playing God, fellers. Put down your toys, and go get a real job.

Do Christians in support of Temple projects believe that God would wish to build the Ezekiel Temple on this side of Armageddon, only to have the anti-Christ profane it and Armageddon smash that it will require rebuilding in a post-Armageddon setting?

Now Haggai 2:22-23 says that, after God has destroyed the nations, he will take a resurrected Zerubbabel, the man who is in both of the New Testament genealogies of Jesus, and make him like God's signet. And if you read Zechariah 4 carefully, you might see that Zerubbabel may be one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. He ruled Jerusalem alongside Joshua, the high priest, the latter of whom is said to have been a symbol of things to come, namely Jesus ("Joshua" is the name of Jesus in Hebrew). Where we are told this thing in Zechariah 3:8, the very next verse speaks on the Millennium. Then comes chapter 4, where Zechariah asks God to reveal the meaning to the two olive trees, which Revelation 11 reveals as the Two Witnesses. And the answers that God gave Zechariah led me to believe that Zerubbabel would be one of the Two.

Zerubbabel was involved in rebuilding the Jewish Temple in the days after the Babylonian captivity. He therefore, as he too must have been a symbol of things to come, may be the one who leads the building of the Ezekiel Temple, in the Millennium.

Anyone who is now working to establish Jews in Israel is not only assisting the Rothschild Illuminati, but is bringing the Jews back to face the great tribulation. I would suggest that we let the Rothschilds and the Pharisaic/Kabalistic/Secular Jews fulfill the will of God in this regard because it is they who are slated for a result of not placing their hopes in the true Millennium, through Jesus, the true Grand Master.

"Two weeks after the 1967 Six-Day War which saw Jerusalem and the Temple Mount brought under Israeli control, there occurred the greatest freemasonic meeting in history in London, celebrating 250 years since the founding of UGLE, at which the Duke of Kent was installed as the new Grand Master" (

So, you see, the Temple is the love of Freemasons and British Illuminatists, and they will take your Christian dollars if you offer them, to build the Jerusalem Temple for their Satanic Millennial plans.

"Apart from members of the American based Christian identity movement, whose members recently attempted to lay a ceremonial corner stone at the Temple; would you believe that some of [Ariel] Sharon's most important allies come from within the British aristocracy and European nobility? That's right. Foremost amongst them is the Queen's first cousin, the Duke of Kent, who heads the Quatuor Coronati 'research' lodge of the Grand Mother Lodge of British Freemasonry. The Lodge has an ongoing operation on Temple Mount itself, run on a day-to-day basis by the Seventh Marquis of Northampton, Spencer Douglas David Compton...the Duke of Kent and Lord Northampton are both adherents of British Israelism: a doctrine that holds that the cream of British aristocracy is descended from one of the lost Tribes of Israel.

"According to Lord Northampton: 'I think the tradition of the Kabbalah is very strong in England, because I think one of the lost tribes came to England.'

"...In Lord Northamptons view America was also colonised by another of the lost Tribes...He told an interviewer: . . 'so I think that America and England got the Two Lost Tribes, and that is why they then, in a very intellectual Jewish way, started to run the world!' It gets even stranger because Lord Northampton is, by his own admission, a practitioner of the Golden Dawn rituals of occultist Aleister Crowley. Lord Northampton's right hand man on the Temple Mount project is Giuliano de Bernardo, Grand Master of Italian Regular Freemasonry.


The two-horned False Prophet is implied, I believe, by the fact that such Illuminatists as Northampton see Britain and America as sacred brothers.

Giuliano di Bernardo founded the Jerusalem Lodge and has reportedly said: "A new utopia may be based on the Cabbala. I see a utopia based on Jewish mysticism, but Jewish mysticism as a place ... a material place, Solomon's Temple.... This is my intention. This is my will!" (

If the Jerusalem Temple is the center of the Freemasonic Utopia, then I am very correct when I say what you may have been scratching your head at, that the Rothschild Illuminati wants to build a counterfeit Biblical Millennium. Not just any Millennium, but the one described in the Bible. Are you going to help them achieve that goal, with your money, and your heart???

"Ritmeyer's work in Israel, in which he claims to have discovered the resting place of the lost Ark of the Covenant inside the Dome of the Rock, has been almost wholly financed by Lord Jacob Rothschild, the son of the late Lord Victor Rothschild, and the head of Rothschild Investment Trust" (Executive Intelligence Review).

The EIR, in referring at least to Dolphin and his team, wrote: "An extensive network of American-based Christian fundamentalists, largely associated with the Darbyite movement and its Dallas Theological Seminary, soon were linked up to the Temple Mount operations under way inside the Old City of Jerusalem." For readers not familiar with "Darbyite" and "Dallas Theological Seminary," both terms refer to pre-tribulationists/dispensationalists, and the EIR was specifying Dolphin, Missler, Smith, etc.

In 1980, there opened up the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. On its "About Us" webpage, we read, "We believe it is Godís desire that Christians across the world be encouraged and inspired to arise to their prophetic role in the restoration of Israel." How wrong is that? Where in the Bible does it tell us to arise to restore Israel on this side of Armageddon? Actually, the Bible hardly speaks anywhere on Jews being "restored" to Israel prior to the tribulation period, but rather the restoration is always after Armageddon. Where it does speak of a pre-tribulation restoration, such as in Ezekiel 38, God does not take credit for it, nor does He treat it as a positive event or blessing, but to the contrary goes on to show that His face turns away from those Jews i.e. His wrath falls, via Gog.

How wise would it have been for Jeremiah to have stood in the way of Nebuchadnezzar when it was God Himself who was bringing that Babylonian king against Israel? Or, how wise would it have been had the prophet strengthened Jerusalem in her resolve against Nebuchadnezzar, and comforted the city with assurances of God's favor? As they were called false prophets who strengthened Jerusalem at that time, ditto, I must suspect, for the activist Christian Zionists at this time. But if not false prophets, then, at best, they are badly mistaken and will suffer shame for it.

The International Christian Embassy was founded by dispensationalists, and this explains their wholehearted support for Israel...i.e. because dispensationalists view Israel as a Body of God rather than the reality, the Synagogue of Satan. When the time comes that God chooses to save a Remnant from that "Synagogue," then will also be time for Christians to welcome the Jews into the Body of God, the Church. But that time will not arrive until after the 1260-day Great Tribulation.

There are indications that the Christian Embassy is also Latter Rain in outlook, even Dominionist. In line with latter Rainists, the Embassy emphasizes the Feast of Tabernacles; in fact, they hold an annual gathering in Jerusalem at the time of the Biblical Feast, and they claim that they have started what will eventually become the fulfillment of the Millennial Tabernacles celebrations as per Zechariah 14. Thus, they believe that they are playing a role in ushering in the Millennium itself.

But, of course, the Biblical Feast required a Temple, and so we expect the Christian Embassy to be in close contact with the Jews seeking to build one. Do not give your money to the Christian Embassy, for they are, in their own word, "comforting" Israel when God is planning to punish her dearly. The sad thing is that the leaders of the Embassy believe that the anti-Christ will soon come to surround and then desolate Israel, wherefore they are guilty, are they not, of bringing Jews back to the slaughter?

Dolphin writes that, in 1811, "Rabbi Zoref was the first Jewish pioneer in Jerusalem to start the redemptive process of the people and the land by rebuilding the waste land." It was just in 1811 that the Jews' Society, soon to become Henry Drummond's pet project, was gearing up in England...almost certainly under some direction by Nathan Rothschild...who had first come to England, already wealthy, just previously in 1799. As we shall see, Drummond, the founder/owner of the New Apostolic cult that brought the world pre-tribulationism, was from the royal-Hungarian Gogi bloodline. Yes, for the Hungarians, a Gogi bloodline related closely to the Vikings, had been extreme northerners in Russia, and before that from Media.

As we shall see, the Jews' Society was led by Freemasons in British politics. It's purpose was in setting up a ruler in Jerusalem under its own banner. Shortly after succeeding in planting the first Jerusalem bishop, in 1842, under the headship of the Anglican Church, the Rothschild family would find significant success in re-locating Jews to Palestine.

Dolphin writes that, today, "The founder and leader of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is Gershon Salomon...descended from Rabbi Avraham Solomon Zalman Zoref" (Italics mine). It is this Temple Mount Faithful Movement that American dispensationalists hooked up to.

In November of 1998, the heifer hoax was called off, exactly what we would expect if the Hall-of-Record hoax was also doomed to failure by then. And it was. In fact, it was in exactly November that Zahi Hawass made a public statement dooming the opening of the Hall of Records slated for late that year! See next/coming chapter. But, of course, we'd also expect the heifer hoax to be called off because the Oslo Accords were at that time so off-course as to be doomed in all practical ways.

But it looks as though they might have another trick yet to play on us, with a certain Ron Wyatt at the center of it, who claimed to have found the hole/socket in the rock that once held the cross of Christ upright. He moreover said that, 20 feet directly below that socket, in a small cave, he found a man-made stone case with the Ark of the Covenant within, suppoedly hidden there by Jews in about 600 BC. How did he know that the Ark was directly below the socket that held Christ's cross? Because he saw a crack in the ceiling of the cave that matched the crack in the socket region of the ground level above. Mr. Wyatt claimed further that there was a dried dark substance (blood) on the lid of the Ark, but also on, and therefore originating from, the crack in the ceiling.

In other words, and this is actually quite beautiful to the point of goose bumps, his discovery was that the blood of Jesus had entered the rock fissure created when God caused an earthquake during the Crucifixion, and after flowing through the fissure it poured into the Ark of the Covenant!! The impression given is that God created the Ark of the Covenant to hold forever the dripped blood of Jesus.

Wow. Another inference is that God caused the Romans to dig the socket directly above the hidden Ark (i.e. which no Roman knew was there), and this would then be absolute proof that the Crucifixion was an act of of God, and that He is indeed Almighty, and beautiful to the Jews who had rejected Him.

As much as I want to believe this story, there are problems. Mr. Wyatt claims to have spent years trying to dig 20 feet down into that cave, in order to remove the Ark, which he said could not be removed by any other means because entrances into the cave had been blocked. MOreover, the way that he had entered just happened to be too narrow to remove it (it figures), and all attempts to photograph it proved fruitless (I don't see why).

The problem is, since the Ark is so fabulously important, there would not only be the will and the money available, from millions of people, to get it out one way or another, but a means to chisel through merely 20 feet of rock is sheer simplicty these days. Am I right?

To this end, the one thing said that struck me as deceptive was Wyatt's excuse that he did not know where to start chiseling, above the cave, in order to dig his way directly to it. Excuse me, please, but if there is a fissure in the rock leading right into the ceiling of the cave, a fissure that he said allowed his tape measure to protrude through to his son on the top side, why not just follow the fissure? What could be easier? Surely three men alternating could chisel through at least one foot of depth per day, and even more with better tools.

And so that's why I have suspicions that this too is a scam, and indeed the story is being sold online rather than being given away for free, compromising the story's credibility if it's true but fully expected if it's a scam. Wyatt claims to have gotten some dried blood of Jesus into test labs, but you've got to pay money to find out what the results were. I suppose that if the underwear of Jesus had been found, it would be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Yet, judging from what is being said on the website, I don't think we're dealing merely with online rackets raking in a few dollars. For, because we're told repeatedly that the Ark will be revealed when God deems it the time right to do so, which is said to be very soon, it appears that this is an Illuminati scam in which the Ark and other Temple furniture, said to be in that one cave, were fabricated by Illuminati technologies, and planted in similar fashion to the planting of the Hall of Records at Giza.

In fact, it's even logical to my mind that the Illuminatists of the 1920s had placed the Ark and the Temple furniture (real or fake) in the Great Sphinx, for to "discover" it there, but that, after 1967 wherein the Jews reclaimed Jerusalem, the Illuminatists decided to remove it from the Great Sphinx through the work of Stanford and Dolphin (in the 1970s), and to move it to Jerusalem by the same Stanford-Dolphin team.

Wow. Would they do that? Consider this, that Wyatt, at the dig site, claimed to have seen and heard an angel, that he says was Jesus himself, who told him that he was in the midst of going from South Africa to the New Jerusalem. Why South Africa? Isn't that Rothschild/Rhodes-Illuminati country? Yes, indeed. For it was in South Africa that both Cecil Rhodes and the Rothschilds, the very people who were the guts of the British Illuminati, took control of diamond mines that were discovered there in the mid 1800s. And they also bought up gold mines, with more than enough gold to create the Temple furniture.

The conveivable purposes in this scam is to get Christians to give fabulous amounts of money and moral support toward the rebuilding of the Temple, and, hopefully, to get the non-Christian Jews converted to Christ...and thereby on-side the counterfeit Millennium as devised by Illuminatists in the Anglican church who depict themselves as the rulers of Christ on earth.

The Anchor Stone website, operated by Wyatt's confidant, Jim Fry, is itself selling Wyatt material online, and not only on the Ark, but on Wyatt's supposed discoveries of the true locations of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Red-Sea crossing, Mount Sinai, and Noah's Ark. Clearly, the targets of these selling tactics are both Christians and Jews. A true man of God does not think to make profit on such discoveries as these.

Fry claims that Wyatt began excavations in 1979, but didn't enter the cave system to discover the Ark until 1982...which was the very time that the Stanford team was gearing up for its Temple project -- which occurred early in 1983 -- to be followed by an attempted bombing of the Muslim Dome in January of 1984. It can therefore be hypothesized that the cave was stacked with the Temple furniture just prior to the date planned for the blowing up of the Muslim Dome, so that the "discovery" of the Ark could occur soon after in order to give world-wide impetus for the building of a Jewish Temple instead of a re-building of the Dome.

According to Fry's May-2000 online Update, Wyatt told him that 4 angels had appeared in the cave in "street clothes," cautioning him not to reveal his discovery, at the pain of death, until the mark of the beast is enforced in the world. Wyatt had died (of colon cancer) a year previous to this Update, and so we are to believe that his death was due to his revealing the discovery to the world, wherefore Fry himself now has a case, before the cries of his critics, for not revealing intricate details that would tend to discredit the discovery. Of course, everyone wants to know the location of the cave, but Fry's not telling.

If this Ark-of-the-Covenant story has origins in the Illuminati, it would appear that their post-2000 Plan B is to bring out a commercial skincode before going ahead with the Temple rebuilding. I would therefore caution you once again not to wait until the Temple is built before you have your tribulation retreat ready for self-sufficient living. And stop listening to pre-tribulationists who could just as well be agents for the Illuminati than for God. The idea that a Temple must be built prior to the Millennium is a very Illuminati concept.

Perhaps the Illuminati now feels that the best time to build the Temple on the site of the Dome is when the opposition, led by Muslim terrorists, can no longer make purchases without being tracked down and caught. Under this scenario one can see that the West will essentially force Muslims to both use the skincode and to honor the Image of the Beast. Those who do not honor that Western system are without doubt going to include the Muslim terrorists, wherefore the False Prophet will have some of them killed.

Fry writes online that, on the day that Wyatt had seen the four angels, they had swept the cave clean of rocks and even positioned the Temple furniture for some video footage that Wyatt was supposed to take and reveal only after the skincode was enforced (Fry takes us for fools). To Wyatt's further delight, the angels had even cleared the main tunnel into the cave i.e. the one supposedly used by the Jews 2600 years ago when storing the Furniture in the first place. But the angels, in "street clothes" remember, keep guard over that tunnel and cave today (as they have been doing for 2600 years), and so there's no problem if the tunnel leading to the cave is wide open fopr anyone to take.

The truth seems clear to me, that it's Illuminati agents who keep guard over the tunnel and cave, and the tunnel was never in the first place blocked up with debris, as Wyatt had claimed, but the Furniture was planted, by the Illuminati, through that tunnel.

Fry writes in a 2003 Update:

"We have seen recently, with some claimed Bible archeology discoveries (James Ossuary), that ancient artifacts can be faked and that people are very skeptical if the evidence of authenticity is not iron-clad. So how can the discovery of the Ark and tables of stones be authenticated? BY THE BLOOD!

Clever men can make a fake ark and deceive people. They can make a fake set of commandment stones and pass them off as the real thing. But even with today's technology men cannot make fake human blood. The blood found on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, tested in a forensic manner, will provide the authenticity needed to convince even the most skeptical BUT honest-hearted critic."

I beg to differ, for the Illuminati has for a long time been in the very business of secretive blood and DNA studies, and it could conceivably produce a unique blood type that can for various pre-deliberated reasons pass as the blood of God's son. They could even create a blood having 24 chromosomes.



The Time Arrives for Schor
As the time approached to fulfill Cayce's prophecy,
things at the sphinx began to heat up...
and then came 2000.

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