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In 1992, Boris Said, a film expert who was partnered with John West in a money-making venture, said on an Art Bell show (1997) that he had been down a man-made shaft located under a causeway (from east to west, this causeway linked the sphinx to the center pyramid); the shaft was about midway between the sphinx and pyramid (or about 300 yards from the sphinx). Boris climbed down a metal ladder past one man-made chamber/hall (about 20 x 36 feet) until he reached water covering the floor of a 50-foot long hall (this floor was about 65 feet below the shaft's opening).

I don't know if Boris told his partner, John West, about this find, but if it's true that one of the Giza workers showed Boris the shaft for a small price, as Boris claimed, then for certain Boris realized at that point that Hawass had been down the shaft. Indeed, in years to come, the discovery of this hole, to be wrongly called the "Tomb of Osiris," would be credited to Zawi Hawass himself. Osiris is of course connected to Atlantis mythology, and so who really did come up with that name?

Now this Tomb of Osiris, found west of the sphinx, was not the Hall of Records, for Cayce had indicated that the Hall was the other way, east of the sphinx.

In 1993, on behalf of West's work, Cayce's people were still in on the plot by partially funding the publicizing (via NBC) of an EMMY-award winning film shot at Giza, the purpose of which was to fuel interest in, if not condition society for, the New-Age plot coming to birth in 1996-98. Indeed, the film was produced by Boris Said of the Magical Eye, Inc. in case you are doubting New-Age involvement. This effort to re-date Egypt, and to furthermore give credit to another race altogether--the Atlanteans--for the building of the Giza monuments, angered Hawass and his bosses, who therefore kicked West out of Giza (1993) and refused to allow any Cayce people back for over two years.

The Egyptian authorities became so incensed at the abuses by Westerners that Hawass found himself fired. But the Cayce people (perhaps by apologetically taking the blame) convinced the authorities to return his job, and Hawass was reinstated in early 1994. But why would the Cayce people want him re-instated unless he was beneficial to their plot? You can imagine how frightened the Cayce people would have been upon his being fired if Hawass had been their ticket to fulfilling the hoax in 1996-98.

For two years after being reinstated, Hawass echoed his bosses when emphasizing his opposition to film crews for profiteering purposes. Yet, as 1995 drew to a close, he himself was secretly partaking in a film made by the Cayce people...ultimately intended for inestimable world consumption! And in December, the very next month, the film's producer, Boris Said, formed a partnership with Joseph Schor because the two of them could see that Hawass was giving them special and unique access to Giza just in time for 1996-98. Can you imagine their excitement, Hawass included?

Hawass' profound job now was to control the Giza site between 1996 and beyond 2000 in order to allow the Cayce people much privacy. This explains his turning John West down, for one, in his new 1995 bid to continue investigations...suggesting that West, while in agreement with Cayce lore, may not have been privy to the Hall-of-Record hoax. It is an eye-opener to learn that Boris Said, although West's partner in the 1993 NBC/BBC documentary, was permitted to return to Giza to do more filming while West had been rejected for three years and counting. It has dawned on me that the hoaxers may have refused West because Edgar Cayce indicated that three men would discover the Records and thereby change history, and the future, forever. West would have been the fourth man in.

In March of 1996, Hawass gave Joseph Schor the nod, with a five-year license at Giza (covering beyond 2000), but renewable annually. In the same month, Hawass declared that the small door in the Great Pyramid was to be opened later that year...and this may have amounted to small but definite indication that the "discovery" of the Hall of Records was planned for 1996. Days later, on April 14, Hawass also announced that underground tunnels "carry many secrets of the building of the Pyramids." This attitude was a complete turn-around to Hawass' hard-line stand in years previous.

Is it a coincidence that immediately, in April/May of 1996, the Schor team "detected" with their instruments a tunnel leading from the right side of the sphinx, in the westerly direction of the causeway toward the middle pyramid? Nay, but the team had either been in the tunnel, or had known about it by other means, and therefore didn't need to discover it with their detection equipment. The "discovery" therefore seems to have been a preparatory act for unveiling the Hall of Records.

After the Edgar Cayce prophecy, Rosicrucians became so keenly interested in discovering the Hall of Records that we can safely attribute the entire hoax to them. An Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order in the 1930s, as well as the chief of the 1925-1936 excavation project, each knew and therefore wrote about closely-situated Giza tombs, next to the causeway (on its south side), that as yet haven't been discovered or unveiled by Hawass. There is little doubt in my mind that Edgar's fellow conspirators had been privy to these tomb locations from the start, for who would want the underground maps of Giza more than they? The tombs were made known to the internet world only recently, around 2000ish, by Nigel Skinner-Simpson (see website below), who discovered the writings of the said chief of excavations, with detailed diagrams included.

One of the tombs, belonging to a queen, is shown buried not far from the sphinx, and is accessible through an east-west tunnel originating at/near the sphinx and running almost parallel to the said causeway ( This could very possibly be the tunnel that passes to the right side of the sphinx and then continues past the paws to the Hall of Records. It could be that the king's tomb is under the sphinx and connected to the queen's tomb by this tunnel (the "Tomb of Osiris" is now thought to have been a tomb for the king's advisors, etc., for there are seven sub-chambers on the middle floor that were intended to house one sarcophagus each).

Now, Joseph Schor is a firm believer in Cayce lore, as evidenced not only by his life membership in ARE, but in the fact that the Schor Foundation is itself dedicated to discovering the Hall of Records. The Schor project at Giza was financed by the Schor Foundation! Clearly, while Schor announced that his true motives for being at Giza were to restore the monuments, everyone knew that he was there to find the Hall of Records. And if there are any doubts in your mind about Hawass hooking up in the Cayce plot with Joseph Schor, consider that it was with Schor that Hawass took part in the 1995 film...or, more correctly, the practice run of the film. Keep in mind that, after it was shot with Hawass acting as the "star" of the show, Schor could use the film to blackmail keep Hawaas in line so as not to reveal the hoax.

Via the producer, Boris Said, the film got into the hands of Hancock and Bauval, the pro-Atlantis co-authors not privy to the hoax and very much interested in reporting to the world the entire Hall-of-Record progress. During some disappointment that festered against Said and Schor, when they showed animosity against John West, Hancock and Bauval, as West sympathizers, leaked the seven-minute film that

"begins with Dr. Zahi Hawass, chief inspector of the archaeological sites at Gizeh, scrambling into a tunnel leading under the Sphinx. When he reaches the bottom he turns to face the camera and says:
'Even Indiana Jones will never dream to be here. Can you believe it? We are now inside the Sphinx in this tunnel. This tunnel has never been opened before. No one really knows what's inside this tunnel. But we are going to open it for the first time.'

"The film's narrator then says...

'Edgar Cayce, America's famous Sleeping Prophet, predicted that a chamber would be discovered beneath the Sphinx -- a chamber containing the recorded history of human civilization. For the first time, we'll show you what lies beneath this great statue... a chamber which will be opened tonight, live for our television cameras.'"


There must have been some very heated talks between the Schor and Hawass in July. The latter revoked Schor's license in that month, and must have pleaded with his Egyptian bosses, promising to be loyal from that point on. Schor realized that this film was his own undoing, with Hawaas having power to expose the hoax. But while he had Schor by the tail, Hawass's job meant more to him than the either revealing, concealing or fulfilling the hoax.

In August, Hawass tells the world through a news conference that a tunnel into the sphinx--the one blocked up in 1925ish--would be unblocked on November 1...a major Satanic holiday ("Halloween"). Now, according to Graham Hancock, Hawass had earlier said, in the Egyptian press, "that when he [Hawass] opens the doors to the hidden chamber beneath the Sphinx he expects to find a statue of Chephren"

Graham Hancock was suggesting that Hawass was suggesting that someone had been in the Hall of Records since 1993 to plant the statue...and why not plant other things while there!? That statue went missing in 1993, and Hawass had been blamed for it, for which reason, it has been said, he lost his job. And so Hawass went to the press to scare the Rosicrucian stars out of the Cayce people by showing how willing he was to reveal the hoax. The Cayce people then got his job back.

In this regard, and while calling for an international investigation, Hancock wrote: "I'm extremely suspicious about what they're doing. There is no control over what is going on there. It is perfectly possible for anything that is found to be removed from underneath the Sphinx, and for other objects to be substituted...and nobody is going to know. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it's possible."

The big question for November 1, 1996, is: were Hawaas and his bosses in the throws of betraying Schor, wanting to expose the hoax once and for all, or was Hawaas plotting with Schor while appearing to be kissing up to his Egyptian bosses by revoking his license? Although revoked, Schor was permitted to continue on at Giza in an unofficial capacity for quite some time. Whatever the truth was, things went either right or wrong so as to change Hawass' mind about opening the Hall in November. Consider the following segments of an interview of Hawass by Linda Howe, as she asks him if he still plans to open the door of the Sphinx on November 1, 1996:

HAWASS: No, I am not going to open it now. We have other things really to do.

HOWE: How are you going to...It sounds like it should be very interesting to see what's in there?

HAWASS: I know but that door was opened in 1922 before. We are going to re-open it again.

HOWE: What did they see in 1922?

HAWASS: They entered inside and they found nothing.

HOWE: What happened between the August news conference and now to change that opening up of that door in the Sphinx?

HAWASS: We are just going to open it when we will reach the restoration. We are restoring the Sphinx now and this is what we care about -- the restoration. And this will be opened. You know, those people should know that there is nothing in the door. There is nothing in the door, it has been opened before and it is not really a big deal to open it.

HOWE: When will the restoration be completed?

HAWASS: Um, we don't know...we are not "Raiders of the Lost Ark," we are caring about the monument...But you have to know that there is nothing in that door, really.

(October 6, 1996, Art Bell radio show. From the website of Judith Paulson:

How did Hawass know that there would be nothing in that chamber? Or, why was he so adamant about there being nothing in there? Did Schor have the contents (i.e. the Hall of Records) removed by the other, secret entryway, calling the hoax off because he suspected the Egyptians were attempting to expose it? Or, due to a dispute with Schor, did Hawass clean the Hall out until such time that Hawass would get his way in the dispute?

And why did Hawaas use the word "re-open" instead of "open." I also note his saying that the tunnel had been entered in 1922, three years before the 1925-36 excavation project. But Hawass has been known to voice inaccuracies off the top of his head when refusing to speak what is asked of him.

Because Hawass postponed the opening of the small door in the Great Pyramid, to 1998, after having promised an entry in 1996, I suspect that the whole show, the opening of that door and the Hall of Records together, had been re-scheduled for 1998, still in time for fulfilling Cayce's prophecy on schedule...suggesting that Hawass and Schor, if indeed they had been disputing, had come to some agreement by this time. Indeed, for both Schor and Boris Said were permitted on Giza soil afterward.

In November (1996), Boris Said had opportunity to climb back down the water shaft. Only this time, the water level had dropped enormously by over 15 feet as compared to his 1992 visit. Thus, Boris was now able to see and climb down yet another shaft until he saw water covering the floor of yet a third hall!! On the dry second floor he saw a water pump and two sarcophagi (

Hawass had obviously been in there. And because Schor must have known about the Tomb from the Cayce people even before coming on site, the Cayce people may have revealed it to Hawass, and, as part of the plan, Hawass was to receive credit for its official discovery (obviously, the Cayce people couldn't claim credit).

In 1997, Nigel Skinner-Simpson had no knowledge concerning these Giza events and controversies, and when I first wrote about the Cayce hoax in 2002, I had not known about Skinner-Simpson's "lucky find" wherein, according to his own words, he

"came across a book first published in 1936 entitled "The Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid" written by H. Spencer Lewis, Ph.D., F.R.C. Until his death in 1939, Dr Lewis was the Imperator of a modern-day mystery school known as the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC. My interest was aroused by the appendix to the book which describes an article written in the January 1935 edition of a magazine edited in Egypt and 'more or less privately published in London'. Unfortunately, the magazine is not identified. It was said to contain an article written by Hamilton M. Wright describing discoveries then being made by Dr. Selim Hassan during his sixth season of work at Giza."


What a lucky find these words have been for my part, here in 2004, to help prove that Hawass is a sham. Skinner-Simpson goes on to tell that Selim Hassan, chief excavator, found the water shaft under the causeway in 1934 as a result of his involvement in the 1925-36 excavation project. His men were therefore in the Tomb of Osiris. Skinner-Simpson continues, "At the time [1997] I had no idea that this same location was already attracting interest from other quarters and would end up being named by Dr. Zahi Hawass as one of his great discoveries."

In February of 1997, while setting up cameras near the water shaft, Boris' team stumbled upon a large flat stone lying horizontally on the ground just below some sand, 275 yards to the rear (i.e. west) of the sphinx. With the cap being so shallow, a mere finger-depth below the sand, it virtually proves that it, and whatever was beneath it, was known by others working regularly at Giza, especially Hawass. When Boris asked Schor to alert Hawass about this find, Schor refused. Therefore, in my opinion and probably Boris' as well, Schor had previously known about this secret rock cap.

Boris inspected the cap with radar equipment, discovering a tunnel about eight feet wide directly underneath, and leading toward the sphinx with a 25 degree slope. Thus, below that cap could be the way into the Hall of Records and/or to one or more "undiscovered" tombs to the side of the causeway.

Had Boris publicized this cap, even if only to some inner-circle authorities such as Hancock and Bauval, it would have jeopardized the Hall-of-Record hoax...and moreover would have made Schor look like a fiend. Whatever the full circumstances at that point, things continued to be hot and bothersome for Schor, and we can imagine how it increased Hawass' tensions if Schor told him that Boris had found the cap. It is no wonder that Schor parted company with Boris at that time, even though they had made a lucrative deal in filming the up-coming revelations such that one man could not make money without the other.

The Egyptians were considering once again to fire Hawass, but he behaved by the end of the year, forbidding all investigators at the Giza site...except Schor, who was there in November and again in February of 1998. After assuring one state-of-the-art sounding team (Operation Hermes) that they could carry on investigations in 1997, Hawass gave the team the run-around and the cold shoulder late that year, betraying the team completely in early 1998. That team had the belief in, not one, but three Halls of Records, worldwide, and was therefore not privy to the hoax. Thus, Hawass and Schor had much privacy in 1997 and 1998. They reconditioned the sphinx throughout this period and Hawass, albeit playing the fence, was promoted in 1998 for his apparent loyalty (he was promoted once again in 2002, to "Big Cheese" of the Antiquities Organization).

The sphinx was restored by May of 1998. And there was a large end-of-work celebration at the site on May 25th. It was in this month also that Hawass was on the Art Bell show announcing the discovery of the Osiris tomb. He shared that one could access a network of tunnels...and in fact some divers had previously explored the tunnels. But this seems like a lie or an error, for other eye-witnesses, including those of the 1930s, had seen/reported no tunnels in the tomb. Naturally, the goal in building tombs is to hide them, not lead a network of tunnels to them so as to make them easier to find. Still, perhaps the tunnels do exist, but enter the lowest hall on its floor, underwater where they cannot be seen. Hawass first hinted as much, but then changed his mind. An alternative explanation for these inconsistencies is that Hawass was referring to water-filled tunnels in another tomb or chamber altogether...which he decided not to reveal.

As Hawass, in April of 1996--two years earlier--had openly implied the existence of these tunnels, why did he not come out then, immediately, with their revelation? Probably, as part of the plan, he wasn't to reveal the underground tunnels until nearer to the time for the revelation of the Hall of Records, slated for later in 1996. However, as per the re-scheduling of that revelation to 1998, Hawass may have re-scheduled the "discovery" of the Osiris tomb for 1998 as well, for he did come out with that discovery in that year. But he didn't only announce it in 1998, but claimed to discover it for the first time in that year, the year after Boris Said had discussed it on the Art Bell show!! Mr. Hawass, come clean and redeem your respect before things get worse. Lions desire to pounce on you.

And speaking of lions, they remind me of Mars. In that year, NASA had put a ship in orbit around the planet, and could therefore take pictures of the Mars face, said by many pro-alien buffs to be the face of a sphinx. I note that this NASA event was just in time for 2000. What I mean is, that the hoax begun in 1976, with the first picture of the face, could now be continued in order to reinforce the alien theory, which is what the Giza hoax was itself much about. Take a look at these three images wherein the face is made to appear as though it were carved upon a coat-of-arms shaped platform...which more-obviously suggests intelligent builders. Computer-altered pictures have enhanced the platform so as give the impression that a professional crew of government working Italians had been on Mars; and note that the human face begins to take on lion-like features. Can we expect some wisps of whiskers on the next stream of images?

In July (1998), work started secretly (i.e. low-key) at Hawass' order, on the third level of the Osiris tomb. The object was to clear the water and debris from the floor. Hawass claimed that it took a month to drain the water, which seems inconsistent with a report of the 1930s claiming that after four years of pumping, they could not drain the water. In any case, with the effort to clean the tomb after having re-conditioned the sphinx, and with Schor at Giza again in September of that year, it seems that the Hall of Records and other "discoveries" were to be unveiled late in the year. But 1998 went.

Why didn't Hawaas keep his promise to open the blocked tunnel after restorations to the sphinx were completed? His attitude after that point seems to have been, maybe later (

But listen to this incredible story. In mid-1998, the Egyptian government announced that a gold cap--with metal frame--would be lowered by helicopter onto the Great Pyramid at midnight, January 1, 2000!! Then Robert Bauval requested that Hawass permit a podium to be set up in front of the Great Sphinx on the eve of 2000. Hawass agreed. In November, Hawass reiterated the government's announcement and therefore confirmed this plan to cap the pyramid. In fact, Bauval claims that it was the brainchild of Hawass himself. Therefore, while the Cayce people may have desired the unveiling of the Hall in 1998, Hawass may have taken things into his own hands by planning a much bigger event on the eve of 2000. When one comes to think of it, wouldn't the globalist Illuminatists have wanted just that way, anyway?

My understanding is that the cap was to come from France. There would be a laser/light show, with a huge Masonic eyeball shone onto the cap. The number of attendees were to be up to three million until the Egyptian government invoked a 250,000 limit on behalf of monument safety ( In light of this affair, consider the following prophecy made by Edgar Cayce several decades earlier:

"The apex, the crown or apex (or capstone) was of metal; that was to be indestructible, being of copper, brass, gold with other became very fitting that there should be the crowning or placing of this 'symbol of the records...'"

(Excerpt from Secret Chambers, Robert Bauval).

Clearly, whomever planned to drop the cap were attempting to fulfill the Cayce prophecy, and you can see in Edgar's words that the capping was closely related to (i.e. the "symbol" of) the Records and their purposes...of ushering in the return of Jesus and the Biblical Millennium. But just so you comprehend what the New-Agers were/are up to with all this, read this part of Cayce's prophecy:

"For with those changes that will be wrought, Americanism with the universal thought that is expressed and manifest in the Brotherhood of man into group thought as expressed in the Masonic Order, will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world. Not that the world is to become a Masonic Order, but the principles that are embraced in the same will be the basis upon which the new order of peace is to be established"

Robert Bauval:

In April of 1999, Hawass appeared on Fox TV and denied the existence of tunnels going out from the Tomb of Osiris. Where, then, were the tunnels he had spoken of that promised to change the way the world thinks about Egypt?

In August, Hawass promised to give Schor a license to resume chamber-hunting below the sphinx. The license was to be issued late in the year on the virtual brink of 2000 so that one could get the impression that Schor (and others behind him) had planned to open the Hall on the eve of January 1, 2000, to usher in the Age of Aquarius with a Hall-of-Record bang! Schor could then provide films shot in 1996-98, which did not find their way to Hancock and Bauval, to prove that he had been in the Hall in that that Edgar Cayce would not go down in history as a fraud.

But what happened to the gold capping??? Why didn't we see the celebrations on television on the eve of 2000? Alas, at the very last minute, only weeks before 2000, the Egyptians changed their minds "amid accusations of bizarre 'Zionist' plots and strange 'Masonic' machinations" (see Bauval's website above). The Rothschilds come to mind in the phrase, "Zionist plots." In other words, while Hawass and his bosses wanted a focus on Egyptian glory, the Illuminatists were out to usher in the counterfeit Biblical Millennium. Perhaps the Lord God, the true watchful eye in the sky, Lord over all, praise be His Name which lives not in the Underground, didn't want the fiends to succeed on that night. Besides, it ended up too foggy to fly a helicopter, and not even Osiris, nor Lucifer, could make the party what it was supposed to be.

It's no surprise that the sounding license promised to Schor for November/December of 1999 was also canceled. And in mid-2001, Hawass indicated that he wanted no more investigators at Giza for two years, into mid-2003. What now? Plan B? New prophets? New prophecies? Or patch up the old? Waiting. Watching. Anticipating.

In line with the Illuminati calling the hoax off, NASA released true (i.e. not tampered) images of the Mars face from a 2001 expedition. In the 2001 picture, the face was suddenly gone!

But wait. "According to new documents discovered by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), Edgar Cayce predicted for the year 2004 the emergence on Earth of a Fifth Root Race...Dr. Little said he believed that the children of the Fifth Root Race:

will have an evolved DNA with unique qualities of rejuvenation;
will have a higher level of sustained energy; and
will have a higher level of the element phosphorus in their bodies"


In Rosicrucianism's spiritual alchemy, "phosphorus" refers to bright light/illumination. As for the Fourth Root Race, we are told that it was the ancient Atlanteans.

It may be that the above is not Cayce's prophecy at all, but the agenda of ARE and others merely dressed as his prophecy (yes, another hoax).

I think that God is preparing a Gog who will come to Iraq and then to Europe to ruin the Illuminatist agenda completely, for it is evil to the core, and without repentance. God's Records have been available to all, our true history included, and His Millennium is coming; we proclaim it openly, without secrecy, with nothing to hide. Unlike the prophecies of Cayce, the Biblical prophecies will come true, on schedule. We await only to see how great the Kingdom will be. In the meantime, we must tolerate a mind-control program that has festered on earth, in an Illuminati effort to fill us with the polluted illuminations and energies of an underworld god. God calls this "maddening wine" (Revelation 17), and so do your best to protect yourself from it, for a mad person betrays God more easily.


The Ark of the Dragon Line
The cults tell us that, at the very end times,
God will reveal the Ark of the Covenant
and then rebuild the Temple.

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