ALL YOUR EMAILS ARE RECORDED by telephone companies and perhaps others. I delete your emails from my system and do not save anything replied to you. I do not keep an online or computer email list. I expect to be monitored, sooner or later, by those bringing on the skincode. I do not know the circumstances, or if any are even required, by which government agencies or spies may acquire your personal name, home address, or computer ID number, via knowing your email address. If you don't email me, no one spying on my system, or keeping a record of emailers, will know anything about you. If you email me, one never knows.

If you are not on the property that you expect to use as a trib retreat, there is less reason for you to be concerned in emailing me now, though caution is still the word, as I imagine that a list of names will be kept by those who wish to use them to discover where we aim to spend the final years.

I turn off my laptop's wireless button (on the front of the laptop) even when living in an area that has no wireless capability due to lack of towers for the purpose. That's because satellites may be able to plug into my computer using the wireless port. There may come a day, and it may already be here, when computers no longer have such a button, or, even if they do, satellites may be able to enter computers regardless of that button's position.

In the summer of 2012, I was standing at a neighbors front porch, facing my house, when a lightning bolt went down at my house. It was the only lightning bolt on that day. It was from a lone cloud passing over. Sure enough, when returning home, my phone modem was knocked out, but, also, my wireless capability was knocked out. And, I no longer had sound. But when replacing the internal wireless board, there still wasn't capability, meaning that the lightning knocked out a part of the mother board, and yet, miraculously, the computer worked seemingly as well as it did before the lightning strike (it affected the telephone wire, sending a surge through the modem port). Did this unlikely lightning bolt take place so that I would share this message with you? In the trib, or even earlier, remove your wireless card, cover the camera lens and microphone, and take other precautions if can. Or, don't use the computer at all at home.

Does God know something that we don't concerning satellite-wireless potential to get at computers even in the remote country, even when the wireless button is shut off? In the trib, or even earlier, remove your wireless card.

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