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Chuck Missler is one member of the Council for National Policy. According to Missler's own website, Hal Lindsey, "upon hearing of Chuck's professional misfortune, convinced him that he could easily succeed as an independent author and speaker" (

It's perhaps telling that Missler's corporation that went belly-up -- the "professional misfortune" -- was called "Phoenix Group," a common Illuminatist term.

Apparently, Hal Lindsey taught Missler the ropes of making it big in the Christian-book and church-touring industry. Out of that new line of work came Missler's Koinonia House website, a money-making racket with the Word of God as the "product." The Christian book market is one realm into which these types gravitate.

Ask Hal, who had ghost writers, verified by email correspondence to me from an author who confided point-blank that Lindsey had attempted to steal the rights to his book. I won't give any more details, except to say that the book was published by other means. Lindsey is himself selling more material on his "Hal Lindsey Oracle" website, has divorced three wives to date, but is married to a fourth.

Where authors write too many books for one man to write in a lifetime, it's often because they buy or steal the writings of others. One can buy books from authors who have little hope of being published, and then attach their own names to them, just as a distributor would buy coffee from a manufacturer to be re-sold under his own brand name. That makes the author look very spiritual, when in fact he is an imposter. Do you think that Tim LaHaye wrote all of his 40-plus books?

It has been years since I caught wind of Hal Lindsey stealing a book from professor Edwin Yamauchi and then publishing it as "The Magog Factor." This plagiarism made the big press, the L.A. Times, for one. The evidence was so compelling against Lindsey that the publisher removed the book from its list of sales items...and yet the book managed to survive on the market in some way. The Magog Factor was merely co-authored by Lindsey; the other author was Chuck Missler!!

Dolphin writes on a website that he met Missler in 1982 in relation to a Stanford-sponsored project at the Jerusalem Temple site. But this is untrue; the two had met much earlier. But why was Dolphin misleading his readers? Was it to keep cover on earlier conspiracies engaged by he and Missler concerning the Temple? There had been a secret adventure in alliance with Jews seeking to rebuild the Ezekiel Temple and/or to reveal the Ark of the Covenant.

Missler wrote a book on the subject, as he does on other hot issues, called, "The Coming Temple Update," and you can have his opinions on a dollar's worth of paper for only $14.95!! Imagine Jesus writing a book on God's plan to rebuild the Temple, and then selling it for profit. If you can't imagine that, then it tells you how sinful it is for Missler to do it. I'm not going to get into right here how I despise it when Christian bookstores sell the Bible for profit. Only an absolute fool would do that, a lover of money rather than a lover of God's Word. Forgive me if I'm not being harsh enough, I'm only getting warmed up.

I am hard-pressed to find Missler's positions on certain of his hot topics because he merely teases in his ads, to get us to buy his books. Mr. Missler, your generosity to the Christian community is wanting; God forbid that you should share your personal opinions for free!!! What if the apostle Paul had decided to hire a copying company to sell his epistles? Where would his credibility then be? In this regard, Lambert outshines you; although he offers much material online, I have yet to come across one work that he offers for sale. It's not that hard, Mr. Missler.

We not only find a few of Dolphin's articles available from Koinonia House, but in an email to the owner of the "Seek God" website, Lambert Dolphin had this to say:

"Chuck Missler and I have known one another for over 30 years and our doctrinal positions are quite parallel. God is using Personal Update [Misslers newsletter] to help a great number of people around the world. The staff of Koinonia House is godly and all are committed to serving God faithfully and accurately"


There you go. Dolphin knew Missler long before 1982, more like the late 60s.

Missler claims that he became a Christian prior to his becoming a man. Fine. But if that was so, then all of his activities as a man were as a Christian. As a young man, Missler found deep interest with early computer technology, and went on to found (1966) the "first international industrial computer network."

Wasn't that field the realm of the US military, wherein Illuminati organizations were at that very time forcing the tide of computers and the internet? Men engaged with Stanford elements, the U.S. military, U.S. Intelligence, and the leading edge of the computer/internet industry, if in high-enough levels, are very possibly dealing on a personal level with global-minded Illuminatists. If they rise through the ranks unusually fast, they could be Illuminatists themselves.

To that end, we find that Missler entered the U.S. military by a Congressional appointment and therefore abandoned his career plans at Stanford University. He then became Branch Chief of the Department of Guided Missiles. Could a good Christian get that far? Would a good Christian go that far? Is it God's will for a disciple of Jesus to help a nation create missiles?

Missler then left the military, not necessarily meaning that he didn't continue working for it. From his own website we read, "[Missler] then went on to serve as a senior analyst with a non-profit think tank where he conducted projects for the intelligence community and the Department of Defense" (

There's no name given for the think tank nor the organization that it operated under, but as it was connected to the Department of Defense, Stanford comes to mind. But there were other possibilities, the Illuminatist organization, the JASON Group, for example, or JASON's owner, Mitre Corporation. Or what about DARPA, that Department-of-Defense agency that, for one of it's recent spy organizations, used the Illuminati all-seeing eye in its logo? After all, "In 1973, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) initiated a research program to investigate techniques and technologies for...the 'Internet.'"

When we read at Dolphin's website that Dolphin's "early career in science was concerned with ballistic missile defense...," may we ask if he was involved with Missler's missile-defense projects?

Here's a sampling of Missler's high-level involvement that's on public display:

"Dr. Missler has served as a consultant, principal, or a director, participating in over 100 high technology investments, acquisitions, or divestitures over his 30 year career. Some specific projects have included:
System Engineer, Subsystem I of the SAMOS Program (highly classified reconnaissance satellite program); principal contributor to major developments in the gathering of ELINT (electronic intelligence) information via satellite...

Personally funded and directed the first microchip implementation of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) of the National Bureau of Standards, in concert with Carnegie Mellon Institute of Research. Served on the Board of Directors with William E. Simon (former Secretary of Treasury), General David C. Jones (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Admiral Tom Hayward (Chief of Naval Operations) and Dr. Edward Teller, (Scientific Advisor to the President), involved in highly sensitive advanced technology projects...

Former member...Order of Old Crows (Electronic Warfare Specialists).

Merely note his expertise in satellite spying and the likeliness of his involvement in computer spying via the internet. I mention that because Missler is now an Advisor to the Board of the SWAN communication satellite system (under construction), founded by the Christian, William Welty. For the latter's purposes, the reason for Missler's involvement in SWANsat could be benign, to secure technical expertise for common humanitarian/evangelical causes. Then again, I have some suspicions because the two men are Zionists while in support of some rather occult Millennial Jews.

SWANsat stands for Super Wide Area Network Satellite, and is a high-data system of global proportions (i.e. the geo-stationary satellites working in conjunction can access the entire civilized world). I would be much kinder to Welty, but he assured me (Feb 2004) that Missler has the shallowest of involvement in this project -- a mere 10 minutes worth of advice once every three months -- and yet Missler had written online that: "Although it will still be several years before it's operational, Koinonia House has been appointed to administer the [SWANsat] satellite over New Zealand..." (

If "administer" still means, "to manage and have charge over," then Missler (and/or Koinonia House) will be the acting boss of at least one satellite, and that is by no means mere peripheral involvement, as Welty would have me believe. In fact, a Welty website tells that Missler is "Presently a principal in the development of SWANsat." Last I heard, a "principal" is not synonymous with slight involvement.

Apparently, because Missler says that the SWANsat deal is that of his Koinonia (publishing) House, he will be selling his and/or other Biblical (and not-so-Biblical) materials...with the Christian community as the target for his sales. This attitude is to be distinguished with that of Welty, who makes it very clear at one of his web pages that he opposes the selling of Biblical ideas for profit. Moreover, at that web page, Welty happens to attack LaHaye's money-grabbing Left Behind prophecy club. That is, Welty is not a dispensationalist.

Humorous and to the point, Welty is the founder of several Foundations, and the founder of a new, internet-viable, "International Standard Version" (ISV) of the New Testament (and soon the Old Testament). He apparently has a heart to use his wealth in ways beneficial to God's kingdom. He has openly attacked the Bush Road Map and the anti-Israeli Muslims.

But Welty is a California resident touching upon the Missler/Dolphin circle of people. In a list of only six men giving online endorsements for Welty's ISV Bible, he chose two of them to be Lambert Dolphin and Chuck Missler. Moreover, Missler, in his endorsement, writes: "When the [ISV] Old Testament is completed, I plan to undertake a Prophecy Bible using the ISV®" (oh no, not another pre-tribulationist Bible). This statement, too, shows the closeness between Missler and Welty. In fact, Missler says that the ISV "truly is the most readable and accurate English language translation of the Bible ever produced." Wow. THE Best, EVER!! Of course, Missler partook in its production and, therefore...(fill in the blanks, or should I say "fill up the bank"?).

It might be interesting that three of the four symbols making up the ISV logo are generally regarded as symbols of Judaism; only one of the four, the fish, represents Christianity in particular.

Another one of Welty's six endorsements comes from Gleason Archer, one who believes that the six Creation days were eons long and thereby places himself with one foot in the Evolutionist camp. Archer was/is a Committee member of the Coalition on Revival (COR), a Reconstructionist (i.e. Theocracy-seeking) organization. I would like nothing more than a Theocracy...if God were in the movement! But when I read the Bible, it tells me that we, at this time, are to be like strangers in the world while waiting for Jesus to set up His Theocracy, at his visible appearance and not before.

Reconstructionism urges Christians to partake/rule at all levels of all political offices, and while I am not suggesting that we as Christians should shun such involvement on principle, the fact is that sustained involvement in a wicked political environment tends to corrupt loyalty to Christ, or at best to compromise his Laws and pleasures. While the Apostles did not forbid our seeking political offices, neither did they encourage it, least of all stress it for the sake of creating a Theocracy. Modern Christians with good will are creating flesh-empowered movements on grand scales, fueled tragically by money-power, and in their desperation to defeat Satan are looking to the goats for support, some of whom are unknowingly in Freemasonic/Illuminati camps.

COR was established by a Fuller Seminary graduate (Jay Grimstead) in line with Tim LaHaye's (and Missler's) Council on National Policy. Fuller gave the Christian world a new kind of evangelism (e.g. "Power Evangelism"), the idea that the Gospel, in order to be appropriately received by lost souls, must be offered by miracle-working ministers. This zealous but misguided movement connected with the Vineyard, Latter-Rain movement. Latter Rain is a gnostio-charismatic doctrine first popularized by Edward Irving's Apostolic Church, the same cult that was first to give us the pre-tribulation rapture, Pentecostalism, European-Israelism, and Evangelical Zionism.

It is perhaps not a coincidence that the Hassidic Jews of Irving's time, who were also working toward Zionism, emphasized the Presence of God in their lives. This would have been fine and wonderful if God had not rejected them so that demons instead moved in, to pose as a counterfeit Holy Spirit in their lives. The very same happened in Pentecostal circles, as we will see in later chapters. In short, Latter Rain is a propagation of a global Holy-Spirit revival that isn't from God...which explains why the revival has yet to materialize after almost two centuries of propaganda from numerous armies of evangelicals. (By the way, I do not oppose evangelism in principle, but was actively involved in various ways, including some work in Jewish evangelism.)

It is interesting to learn that the Evangelical Free Church of America is the sort of Christian society that sacrifices sound doctrine for political partnerships with Roman-Catholic and Freemason-like Reconstructionist elements. This Evangelical Free Church is the root of the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and while Gleason Archer was a professor there, William Welty was its graduate.

The profits obtained by Welty's private SWANsat corporation are to be directed to the SWANsat Foundation, also founded by William Welty; the money then goes in part to his ISV project, and in part to oppose terrorism in Israel (see Welty openly claims that the SWANsat Foundation will not target the public for funds.

But Missler writes: "While this [the private SWANsat] project is still in the early stages, the implications for the Body of Christ in general, and Koinonia House in particular, are truly exciting!" That is, Missler will pay Welty to use the satellite(s) while Missler's Koinonia House seeks to make another fortune "serving" the Christian community. Therefore, the Christian community will be a target for funding the SWANsat corporation, through at least Missler's business participation, and in that way Christian money will end up in Welty's Zionism crusade.

Mr. Welty has denied any falling-in with Illuminati Zionists, or involvement with the Jerusalem-Temple rebuilding program. However, his support of evangelical Zionism, not to mention Judaic Zionism, is undeniable, and is perhaps the theme in his brother's (Charles Welty) "biographical motion picture" on Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, an early pro-active Zionist (of the 1800s). As part of describing this production, Charles Welty writes:

"During the war, Ben-Yehuda and his family are smuggled out of Jerusalem to the United States, where Ben-Zion [Ben-Yehuda's son] addresses a Billy Sunday rally, the first evidence of support for a Jewish homeland by Christian America"


The impression I receive from the words above is that the film promotes the financial support of Zionism, by evangelical Christians, as a positive thing. But when Zionism is seen in its true light, as a Rothschild-Illuminati movement, suddenly we see Christians in bed with Satanists. How could it escape us to realize that there must be Freemasons amid evangelical circles acting as middlemen, seeking Christian leaders to unwittingly hook up with Zionistic Illuminatists?

On at least one of his web pages, I've noted that William Welty urges his readers to "Contribute to the War Effort" by purchasing Israeli products. Welty also offers an electronic pen for sale, saying that the donations will go to Arutz Sheva (or "Arutz 7"), an "illegal" right-wing (i.e. Judaic-Zionist) media outlet formed offshore of Israel (on ships) in the late 1980s. Arutz Sheva conflicted with Labor Party (or left-wing political forces) having had an overwhelming monopoly on the Israeli news media. Attesting to it's power in the face of the left wingers, however, Arutz Sheva was instrumental in lifting Binyamin Netanyahu to the office of Prime Minister.

While I do not know the significance of the timing, it was just three days before the eve of 2000 that hundreds of Israeli police raided the Arutz Sheva operations. More recently (2003), arrests and convictions of Arutz Sheva's top leaders were effected, for broadcasting without a license and violating broadcast laws...although we can gather that there are deep political differences at the root of the animosity. Arutz Sheva (and William Welty...and myself) are absolutely opposed to land concessions to the Palestinians that the Israeli government is considering.

Welty, who plans to open a SWANsat office in Israel, will be a catalyst for the Temple-rebuilding program, whether he wishes to be or not, if he continues to support Zionism. Indeed, while Christians in financial support of Zionism are largely opposed to hands-on support for the Temple rebuilding, one purpose of their donations, whether the donors realize it or not, is to empower Jews to rebuild the Temple. How can Welty not admit that he is assisting in the Temple rebuilding when the founder of Arutz Sheva, rabbi Zalman Melamed, had this to say on a radio broadcast:

We must therefore openly and unabashedly, over and over, declare the simple truth that the entire Temple Mount is ours. It is the site of the two destroyed Holy Temples, and is the place upon which the Third Temple will be rebuilt - soon, with the help of G-d. We have not given up on the Temple Mount, we have no authority to do so, and we will never do so" (Sept 26, 1996)

Consider the following report by Robert Bauval concerning a Stanford Institute (SRI) project in Israel:

The funds were partially put up by two ministers of the Christian Church in the USA, Pastors Chuck Smith and Chuck Missler. In April 1983 a seven-man team from SRI headed by Dolphin arrived at Tel Aviv airport. They had brought with them the latest and most sophisticated remote sensing equipment including high-frequency seismic sounders, high resolution resistivity electrodes, and cart mounted ground-penetrating radar -- the sort of state-of-the-art high-tech arsenal that would normally causes the Israeli security police at Tel Aviv airport to go on red-alert. The fact that SRI came with heavy US military credentials may have, however, eased the way...Dolphin’s main target was the Temple Mount in Jerusalem"


I merely posed the question: Is SWANsat's Israeli office going to be related to the task above? Welty told me, no.

The Arutz Sheva founder had first been the leader of the Beit-el Yeshiva, and, according to the Yeshiva website itself, "The Yeshiva educates its students according to the thesis of Harav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook" (or A.I. Kook for short). This man was heavy on the extra-Biblical (i.e. hypocritical) Talmud, and an avid Kabalist, whose son, also a Kabalist, co-founded the Temple Mount Faithful, the latter being a Temple-rebuilding organization.

Welty and other Christian supporters of the Millennial- and Messiah-minded Kooks need to tackle the question of whether the Kooks are comparable to the Pharisees under God's wrath. How would it feel to learn, in the end, that much Christian money and effort was spent in support of the "synagogue of Satan"? And what for, just so that the anti-Christ can come and possess it???

A.I. Kook spent the better part of World War I in London attempting to convince the Jews there to support Zionism. He played a role in the events rolling out from the Balfour Declaration of 1917, a Declaration (sponsored by Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild) that made the British government herself the official overseer of Zionism. After the War, Kook returned to Israel to become the chief Ashkenazi rabbi of the Jewish settlers...who had been settled predominantly by Edmond James de Rothschild. Kook was known for making alliances with secular Jews, the latter known as the "Maskilim" ("Enlightened Ones").

In light of these things, my suspicion is that Kook had joined his religious-Zionism to the Rothschild Illuminati, wherefore Arutz Sheva may have been, initially anyway, a Rothschild-sponsored organization. Indeed, Arutz Sheva was supported financially by a wealthy Jew from England, and has ties to France to this day perhaps on account of Edmond James having been a member of the French Rothschilds. Edmond founded the Rothschild Jewish Colonization Association that later became the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association, wherefore we are not surprised to find that Zionism became a partnership between the British and French Rothschilds. The "British Mandate for Palestine" was an official Zionist program (1922) of the League of Nations that was officially committed to the Balfour Declaration, but the League of Nations was itself in large part a partnership between the British and French Rothschilds.

Clearly, Welty and the Arutz Sheva, as players in support of Zionism much smaller than the Rothschilds, are supporting the Rothschild agenda...whether or not Arutz Sheva is on side with the current Rothschilds. As the Arutz Sheva website already features Welty articles, while Welty already supports the organization financially and vocally, we can easily imagine Arutz Sheva with a role in the SWANsat system. After closing the radio station in late 2003 due to the legal harassments upon their leaders, the Arutz Sheva people were suggesting that satellite radio might be the way to continue. As of now (Feb 2004), Ariel Sharon (with his government) is working on passing a bill that can legalize Arutz Sheva for good.

Welty is no small player in the satellite business. He writes: "In 2003, I obtained the first-ever issued authorization to conduct satellite telecommunications operations on an international scale in the W-band"

In somewhat of a humorous yet defiant tone, Welty signs off his anti-terrorist articles with, "Domain at War." But with Missler as an advisor to the SWANsat Board, might we fret that there is some actual military warfare (not to mention electronic spying) being planned against terrorist Muslims? Let's hope that this is just my imagination getting the better part of me, for anyone who gets in the way of the Muslims in these final years is like Zedekiah resisting Nebuchadnezzar...which was equivalent to Zedekiah resisting God, for God had determined to bring that Babylonian king against Israel.

Welty writes online that his purpose is "to improve the margin of safety for those who live in Israel and are committed to avoid seeing Jews--and all pro-Israel Zionists, for that matter--being pushed into the Mediterranean seas...soon I'll publish what I'm calling my Israeli Homeland Defense Manifesto" (italics mine) (

It's my impression that he is being humorous in those italicized words, but then again he may have closer ties to the Israeli defense forces than we are to know. It just can't be true that he's acting alone. God is about to weaken the Israeli Defense Force as a dam weakened by the onslaught of an unstoppable flood. Get out of the way, Mr. Welty! And do not invite Christians to your war!!

I should share that the previous satellite company owned by Welty, the Continental Satellite Corporation (California), was taken from him through legal but unethical means by Loral Aerospace. One can find all over the internet the story of how Bill Clinton, in return for Loral's huge campaign contributions, signed a special permit allowing Loral to bargain in missiles with the Chinese. Through those business dealings, China reportedly ended up with U.S. weapons secrets, including the ability to deliver long-range nuclear weapons on target. To that situation, Welty writes: "Twice during the time frame of Loral’s takeover of Continental of California, China publicly threatened to 'nuke' fourteen west coast US cities if it failed to obtain trade concessions it was seeking from the Clinton Administration."

Missler and others like to tell that there are three instances in the Bible referring to the building of a third Temple, one each by Jesus, Paul and John. But this is badly mistaken. Jesus merely said that the anti-Christ would appear in the "holy place," a term that can refer to the Temple grounds rather than the Holy Place of the Temple building. John in Revelation 11 did NOT say that a third Temple would be rebuilt during the 42 months, but, to the contrary emphasized only the Temple grounds as the entity to be desecrated by the though the Building were not present. That leaves only Paul's saying that the anti-Christ will sit in the Temple of God...a statement that can perhaps be fulfilled without a third Temple, or with a Temple only partly built (i.e. not operational). The "wing" of the sanctuary, in Daniel 9:27, may very well be referring to the present Western Wall sanctuary, and the "regular offerings" may be referring to the daily prayers offered there.

Here's an online report on Missler's beliefs (or past beliefs): "I was shocked by what Missler said! I could not believe what I was hearing. He thought the face on Mars indicated that there are Martians who are planning an attack on earth via the moon which would signal the start of the Tribulation"

In his book, "The Mysteries of the Planet Mars," and other such writings, including "Alien Encounters" and "Return of the Nephilim," Missler seeds the Christian community with tantalizing ideas to the effect that aliens are absolutely real and things to be very concerned with...and then has his tapes and books offered for further consideration, for a price. Here's how he sees/saw it: "[The Nephilim are] supernatural monstrosities created eons ago when fallen angels mated with human women. Their existence inspired God to cleanse the earth with the flood, but now they're coming back as ET's, reseeding earth women for dark purposes that predicate the imminent final battles." He claims that, when the Nephilim died in the Flood, it was their demonic spirits within them that arose to become the spaceship-wielding aliens.

Now I do not know what to make of reports involving Dulce, New Mexico, where it is claimed that the military, including DARPA, has been for decades involved in genetic engineering and cloning attempts that produced monsters, and in particular half human, half lizard creatures, that, when their existence was leaked to the public, were passed off as aliens from outer space. Ignore the reports wherein these creatures are said to be an species natural evolution that came to live in subterranean regions. That has got to be an Illuminati facade if ever I heard one.

This falsehood is easier for the public to swallow because UFO sightings have been associated with Dulce, but if you're not that naive, you'll realize that those UFOs are secret U.S. military craft. I am fairly certain that I know roughly how the craft are made to "fly" as they do, by a non-mysterious anti-gravity technique, and by remote-control (i.e. unmanned). If one traps enough heat into a container, one can make it float in the air, as any hot-air balloonist knows. The trick with making metal balloons is to fill them with sufficient heat while not melting the metal walls. By utilizing electromagnets on the walls of the craft, as was done in the fusion program, the heat within the craft can be trapped in the center of the craft (i.e. in its air pocket), as plasma, so as to minimize the heat on the metal walls. That is why these ships have been seen glowing in various colors, as the various metals tested (each glowing in its unique color) were brought to glowing temperatures as high as possible without melting them. And that explains how the craft could be turned at sharp angles while in fast flight without killing the pilots, for there were no pilots, as it was too hot to have them on board.

In the leaked reports, the human-lizard creatures are called "Draco," and the sign for these beasts is a red cross within a circle. It doesn't escape us that those in charge of the world's blood supply are called the "International Red Cross," founded not be a follower of Christ, but by a Freemason.

The cross within a circle is the chariot wheel, for the dragon bloodliners were at first the Scythians and Amazons, who invented the chariot and worshiped horses. Helios was himself depicted as a chariot wheel in the sky, pulled by a team of horses.

The Celts, who were of Scythian bloodlines, also used a cross within a circle to depict their false Christian religion. The Rosicrucians use the same symbol, and in fact the rose-on-cross symbol is sometimes alternated with a circle-on-cross image. After some confusion, I finally realized that the rose depicted the island of Rhodes (off-shore of Asia Minor) and the dragon bloodline that lived there under the myth codeword, "Cercaphos." Rhodes, which means "wheel," was the island granted by the myth writers to Helios, whose first son with the goddess Rhoda, was Cercaphos, which I think is an eponym for the Circe Gorgons that I have mentioned in previous chapters. Not only can you see the similarity between "Circe" and "circle," but you can find online that "rhodes" also meant "rose"! Hence the Rose Line!!

Note that Illuminatist genetic experiments are also conducted at Roslin Institute (Scotland), where "Roslin" is no doubt a form of "Rose Line." The Rosicrucians of Scotland originated in France, and it just can't be a coincidence that the Ruthene/Rusyn/Rusi of France, who descended from the Rhos peoples of Caucasia (that region also called "Circasia"), were alternatively called "Rodez," meaning "wheel," who not only originated in Rhodes, but were the inhabitants of Rosellon, France. Surely, this is the French Rose Line.

Yes, the French Rose Line is usually attributed to the Merovingians, but they were a Germanic tribe of Franks, and as you must know, the Scandinavian Vikings, who used a dragon as their symbol, were also Germanics. The Varangian-Rus Vikings derived from a "Rodskarlar" family (in Sweden), that term based in "rud'r," which looks to me like the makings of "rotor/wheel." It would seem that the Varangian Rus were related to the Rodez Rusi, therefore, and if true the Rodez Rusi were likewise Germanics.

Any symbol having spokes that radiate out to form a circle, whether four, six or eight spokes, is suspect by me as having future involvement in the coming "Image of the Beast" program. The Freemasons who are not of this bloodline and who are therefore going to be treated as pawns of the bloodline agenda, without their knowing it, will be told that this and other symbols mean else wise. Oh naive Freemasons, you are being taken for fools by those you esteem and serve. Be not afraid to reveal what you know, and a hero you will be in the eyes of common humanity, those of us with normal, modest aspirations.

The half-human, half-lizard creatures of Dulce are right in line with the dragon bloodline stemming from Zeus and Cecrops, who in mythology were depicted as half human, half serpent...for the purpose of depicting ancestry in the dragon sun god of Babylon, Utu. In the Caucasian theater, he was Helios, and in Phrygia he was Atti(s). Athens was named after "Atthis," no doubt the same as Atti(s), and the first ruler of Athens was Cecrops. Because the pine tree was sacred to Atti(s), he is thought by some to be the root of pagan Christmas.

Missler doesn't teach that the aliens are from other solar systems, yet the demons drive spaceships, drag women away for procreation, and plan to use the offspring for the end-times drama. But this is a similar picture drawn by those who are leaking the Dulce details, and I fully expect that the Illuminatists are even abducting women for their experiments. And so the question is, is Missler warning us, or conditioning us to swallow the Illuminati line, that the creatures are "aliens" originating in subterranean caverns?

Missler seeds Christians with the possibility that the pagan myths, when speaking of the gods, were referring to the demon-alien Nephilim. He moreover seeds our minds with notions of Atlantean lore when suggesting that the pyramids are older than the Egyptians. The implication is that the aliens designed the pyramids, and this has Chariots-of-the-Gods underpinnings. While it is possible that the bloodline of the dragon sun god were Nephilim, perhaps explaining why the Gogi were depicted in myth as giant Kuklopes (English "Cyclopes") and Gigantes," they were NOT aliens from Mars, nor capable of going to Mars. They were simply an evil breed of powerful peoples at the forefront of technology, which in those days was simply the chariot wheel and the science of metal smelting/galvanizing, but having such large egos that they portrayed their ancestors as god-like. Today, they are the space-program Illuminatists seeking to become their ancient gods.

It could be that the nut bars in the Illuminati planned to use the monsters to convince the world that aliens from other planets do exist, for the same reason that they, via NASA, are spending so many space dollars in solar-system projects, to prove that evolution occurred, as that would tend to evaporate Faith in a Creator.

But it also occurs to me that the Illuminati would be zealous toward bringing to some reality the fantastic concepts of the Greek gods, and so if possible they will attempt to make a half human-half snake product such as Zeus and Cecrops were once depicted. But then there are also centaurs (half horse, half human) that were a part of their bloodline, and satyrs (half goat), and minotaurs (half bull), and...well, you just want to puke when you think that they might be attempting to raise such monsters by implanting certain DNA of animals into human eggs, or vice versa.

The Department of Energy co-ordinated the "Human Genome Project" spanning some 13 years recently, for to uncover the secrets of human DNA. You might not find it very interesting that the DOE logo uses both the eagle and the lightning bolt as its main features, as one would expect a department of energy to sport something like a lightning bolt, but, then again, the eagle and lightning bolt together just happen to be primary symbols of Zeus.

In light of that, take a look at the logo used by a DOE-sponsored website speaking on the Genome Project, and see if you don't see what I see, an image mirroring the ancient Sumerian motif, that ancient sun-god worshipers used, of a coiled serpent spiraling around a penis, where the serpent depicted Utu, and the penis depicted his "son" (i.e. his bloodline) Tammuz. Keep in mind that "Helios" was probably named after the same root that gave us "helix," meaning "coil/spiral," and you must know that DNA is portrayed to us as a helix.

To no surprise, the Department of Energy got the JASON Group to review the Human Genome Project, and a Steve Koonin, the current chairman of JASON, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, gave a dissertation...but I think that the JASON Group was involved in the Project from the beginning and was asked only formally to review it, making it appear as though JASON had just come into the Project at that time (latter half of the 1990s).

During another Missler speaking engagement, where the Christian at the following website considered Missler and his people a little on the lusty/demonic side, Missler "claimed to have 'inside information' about the Mars landing, that it would be diverted to investigate the "face" (

How could NASA have the nerve to divert a ship to the face when NASA had promised to use no space-program dollars to visit and investigate that face? Just one day before I had read the Missler quote above, it had dawned on me -- by inspiration of the Spirit, perhaps -- that the recent ships landing on Mars, which NASA claimed as going dead to its communications systems, were not dead at all but were at the Mars face taking pictures, etc.

After the 1998 pictures from Mars showed quite convincingly that the sphinx "face" was a natural structure, Lambert Dolphin had this to say: "To me, Mars is more fascinating than ever, and I myself still think some of the strange features on Mars may be artificial" (

There is little doubt that he and Missler were exchanging ideas during the Mars Investigation projects. Dolphin wrote that James Hurtak, a science-minded yet spiritual man, was his friend for many years. Hurtak was also involved in the Mars Investigation Project, but behold here the kind of Christianity that Hurtak embraces:

"While I was in the act of prayer calling upon the name of the Father, asking how to know the meaning of life and for what reason I was called into the world, my room suddenly became full of a different type of light. And in the presence of this 'Light' a great being stood before me who announced he was Master Ophanim Enoch. The being had so much Love and Light, I felt as if I were a child in the presence of this divine Master Ophanim. The being asked if I were ready to go with him into the Father's midst, and I said I was. And with that a great field of light was placed around my body and I sped upwards into the heavens; first into a region of stars called Merak and Muscida"

(James Hurtak; "The Book of Knowledge: The Key of Enoch").

And speaking of the occult, the above website claims that Missler was a pyramidologist, although I have yet to confirm it, or what sort of pyramidology is being implied. We will be meeting pyramidologists in coming chapters, false Christian apostles filled with demonic powers and thereby appearing to the world as leading Pentecostal/charismatic faith healers. Indeed, never mind demons posing as aliens in the midnight skies; they are posing as men of God in your face!!!

It's not a far cry from occult numerology to the recent scream of "Bible Codes," championed by yet another book-happy pre-tribulationist, Grant Jeffrey. Missler supports this "science." As Rosicrucians were infamous for interspersing codes into their written works, may we wonder if the Rosicrucians aren't behind this new scheme...especially as Hebrew groups with Kabalistic leanings also support the Codes. With these Codes, the Bible could be made to say whatever the Code experts wished it to say, and I note that the emphasis of discovery is on historical events. Have they yet found "Atlantis" and "Martian" in the Bible?

So you see, the occult is being disguised as a variety of sciences, and this trend toward Scientifo-Utopia has been the long-term task of Rosicrucians, as evidenced by the formation, by Rosicrucians, of the Royal Society of London, a scientific (and yet quasi-philosophical) organization. Isaac Newton, past president of the Royal Society, was a Rosicrucian, and I note that Dolphin has an article extolling the man and his Christianity.

Dolphin claimed in 2004 that he is not a Templar, but in 2002, I ran across one of his pages concerning the Ezekiel Temple; it was an all-black background with obvious Templar symbols; I can no longer find the page because it has been replaced with a white one i.e. with no Templar symbols. The disappearance can be explained by Tim and Barbara Aho's exposure of occult links at Lambert's website, wherefore he removed most such links/material. The Dolphin links were as follows:

Existentialism Ring
Circle of the Muses
Critical Psychology Webring
Fairy Tales, Folk Tales and Mythology Ring
Unity of Spiritual Experience Webring
Circle of Light Ring
The Open Your Mind Ring


On a major Templar website (, I found a link to Dolphin's home page, apparently showing that the owner of the site had reason to believe that Dolphin was himself a Freemason/Templar and/or promoting such (that website is no longer online, at that address, anyway).


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