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"O my brothers and my sisters, gather around me that I may tell the tale of the Before-Time, of the Golden Age when the gods walked upon the earth with us. Know then that in those ancient days, long before even the grandfather of our Pharaoh's grandfather was born, Osiris the great-grandson of Ra sat upon the throne of the gods, ruling over the living world as Ra did over the gods...All peoples praised Osiris and Isis, and peace reigned over all, for this was the Golden Age"


Certain occult powers of our modern world are seriously attempting to re-write ancient history wherein the pre-Egyptian civilization of Osiris is identified as Atlantis. In line with the portrayal of Osiris as part god, part human, New-Agers today -- including some NASA affiliates -- are promoting the Atlanteans, previous to establishing themselves as humans on Earth, as aliens from another planet. These are viewed as the gods.

In some circles, the Atlanteans are said to have been native to Mars, and this fabulous theory may be the root of NASA's spending (and wasting) large fractions of its space dollars seeking traces of past life and/or water on Mars i.e. so that the Atlantean theory (and atheistic evolution as the bottom line) can be advanced all the more. Just don't expect those involved with this agenda to announce it to the news media...until they get their "proof," for example, the human-like face photographed on the Martian surface in 1976, which was released to the media as a fire storm of debate.

We fully expect atheistic evolutionists or occultists to be involved in these fantasies. But judging from Lambert Dolphin's huge Christian website, as it is now (, one wouldn't suspect that he had worked closely with such devilish organizations. In fact, Dolphin claims to be a Creationist through his articles, and yet not a few websites of others reveal that he was the co-founder of a Mars Investigation project...the goal of which was to discover the plausibility of the pyramid- and face-like structures on Mars originating from intelligent, alien life.

Project leaders wished to link both the structures and the aliens to earthly pyramids and civilizations, especially those of Egypt. And that's where the Atlanteans come in. To that end, in and shortly after 1976, men connected with the occult (e.g. Mark Lehner) obtained privilege to hands-on investigations at Giza, the location of the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx. By 1990, there was a serious attempt (by John West) to re-write Egyptian history...namely, dating the sphinx to a pre-Egyptian era that would coincide more closely to an alleged Atlantean era.

You will find the following quote at various internet websites: "Dr. Dolphin was captivated by Hoagland's idea of a 'Martian Sphinx' - the Face - and , in 1983, was instrumental in helping Hoagland set up the Independent Mars Investigation Project under the aegis of SRI [Stanford Research Institute]." In the decade previous to his co-founding the Mars Project, Mr. Dolphin had been working at the Great Sphinx (in Giza) as the leader of Stanford Research Institute. I've already mentioned in a previous chapter that Stanford was founded by the British Illuminati.

Mr. Dolphin is also a devotee of the Jerusalem-Temple rebuilding program. It is no secret that Freemasons and Illuminatists, especially of the British kind, are zealous for this rebuilding program because they hope to usher in a (counterfeit) Biblical Millennium. But how many know that Illuminatists have partnered themselves with Christian dispensationalists in this cause? By "dispensationalist," I'm referring to pre-tribulationists. What the Illuminatists hope and strive for from the dispensationalists is their gathering of support, both financial and moral, from the Christian masses.

What better way is there to use dispensationalists than to have Illuminatists pose as such and in that posture promote the Temple-rebuilding program as an inevitable and God-desired fulfillment of Biblical prophecy? (But it is not God's will to have the Ezekiel Temple built until after Armageddon). If the Illuminatists can moreover make the rebuilding project appear as a Christian and/or a Jewish one, rather than an Illuminati project, all the better to do what they do best, disguise their involvement in their own plots.

How many know that leading dispensationalists, such as Tim LaHaye, have been secretly involved with the Moonies in the highest levels of American politics? LaHaye is not only an author of the "Left Behind" series of books, but was a founder of the secretive Council for National Policy (CNP), a Conservative/Republican wing increasingly reported as being pitted with, and/or supported by, Illuminatists, Freemasons of the Christian kind, and Kingdom-Now/Dominionist advocates.

The definition of an "Illuminatist" is a wealthy/influential person with occult/cultish tendencies and claiming to have superior truth, knowledge and wisdom for to spread among the masses. Dangerous are the "illuminated" Rosicrucians, for they make it a practice to don Christian characteristics for to plant themselves into Christian leadership positions....and from there they write sound Christian articles/books but with subtle errors mixed in to convert our thinking closer to theirs. It is not difficult to deduce that their aim is to have genuine Christian writers repeat their errors.

For example, when an online Freemason wrote to tell me that he had inside information that Dick Cheney was being set up as the anti-Christ, it was probably said to me in hopes that I'd spread the report in my book.

Take astrology, a Rosicrucian delight. For a century and a half, we have had the teaching amid Christianity that the 12 portions of the Zodiac, borrowed from pagan astrology, are God-given "instruction manuals" telling of historical events...or whatever else the Christian fool wishes to see. Ursa Major is not a big bear, right? But Virgo, envisioned as a virgin by the pagans, has now become Mary, the mother of Jesus in Christian astrology, and furthermore is said to tell the story of Jesus' birth!! But there is no Virgo! The constellation is not a picture of a woman except in the minds of foolish Rosicrucians and other twisted occult systems.

The Rosicrucians among us wish to create a stepping stone to pagan astrology by slipping in a more-benign form of Christianized astrology...albeit they are clever enough not to call it "astrology." Instead, it's called "God's messages in the stars" and other such tantalizing phrases. Lambert Dolphin, at, while not diving into this Christian-occult teaching, incites his readers to become open minded toward it. It seems to be Dolphins consistent strategy to lead readers to the brink of folly while he himself remains a chameleon on the fence so that he can appear either as a fundamentalist Christian or as a devotee of the folly. Perhaps his mind is not made up on certain issues, but then again, perhaps he is a pawn of Satan, in disguise, slipping pagan ideas into the Christian mind.

John Dee, a Rosicrucian leader in the courts of queen Elizabeth I, who acted as a spy for the queen, using "007" as his personal signature, was a magician, astrologer and mystic (i.e. an Illuminatist), but capable of writing Biblical works feigning full devotion to Biblical doctrines. And this was centuries ago; by now, such wolves in sheep's clothing are masters at the craft! It was John Dee, by the way, who carried the New-Atlantis scheme into world politics, a concept that in his day came to refer to the New World, America. And so mark this, that Rosicrucians have been spies from the beginning, for the purpose of seizing power structures, taking the form of anything in order to slip in and prosper their cause. This, what they are proud of, is most wicked in the eyes of God.

Soon after Dee, his British branch of Rosicrucians introduced evolution to the world in a highly-organized scientific format, the Royal Society of London, wherefore we can suspect them as having been promoters of theistic a stepping stone for us to take toward atheistic evolution, the first step toward our accepting that we derive from alien blood.

You can furthermore identify Rosicrucians by their Kabalistic leanings, where Kabala tendencies include emphasis on Zionism and counterfeit Millennialism. One of my nagging suspicions, although I had repeatedly shrugged it off until recently, has been that dispensationalism was originally attributed to Illuminatists...who convinced genuine Christians to carry the error forward. Dispensationalism's seven-stage concept has parallels in Rosicrucian occult.

If, before Dolphin reads this sentence, you do a search on Google for "dispensational teaching of the great pyramid," you will find four results (Jan 2004). Three of the four advertise Clarence Larkin's book, "The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth in the World," featuring as the 32nd chapter, "Dispensational Teaching of the Great Pyramid." You will also find that this book is advertised with special emphasis at the occult website of

I see that, at least at one of Dolphin's websites (, he displays a drawing by Clarence Larkin; his name is just visible at bottom right-hand corner of diagram.

But how is it that one of Lambert Dolphin's articles comes up as one of the four results when searching for "dispensational teaching of the great pyramid"? It was curious to find that the article having that title on the internet bar has nothing to do with dispensationalism or pyramids, but is instead about planets and their angelic/demonic protectors. What appears to have happened is this: while getting the planet article into HTML format for internet publication, Lambert was using an HTML page entitled "Dispensational Teaching of the Great Pyramid." He then deleted the article on that subject and inserted in its place the article on planets...but he forgot to change the title in the HTML command so that the article appears in search results as "Dispensational Teaching on the Great Pyramid." You can verify this by checking the page source on that article (click "View" then "Page Source" in your Netscape browser).

Look above the title on the page source and you will see that the article was taken from where the author is a passionate believer in Genesis creation, and yet views Genesis as the beginning of history after millions of years of evolution.

The big question is, did Dolphin once have an article online describing the dispensational teachings of the Great Pyramid??? If anyone knows that he did, I would like to know. Perhaps you will find it as curious as I do that at his dispensation page, Dolphin uses a pyramid to represent the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21 (

Beware, occult spies are among us. But they don't merely spy on Christian movements; they form, drive and manipulate them. Tim LaHaye, involved in a super crusade to strengthen pre-tribulationism against the growing tide of post-tribulationism, is now suspect in my mind as being a Satanist. A certain James Whisler wrote to me one day and shocked the complacency out of me by showing that all four separate stages in the production and distribution of the Left-Behind video fell on all four, major Satanic holidays, each exactly 13 weeks apart. For the write up, see, among other websites,

But while LaHaye co-authored the book (with Jerry Jenkins), the film sector of the venture belonged to Namesake Entertainment, who in turn hired Peter and Paul Lalonde of Cloud Ten Pictures to make the movie. The Lalondes are/were a Canadian team of pre-tribulationist television personalities in the business of expounding upon prophecy akin to the Van Impes. It's not likely that these brothers were responsible for the Satanic dates of the movie; that leaves as suspects Namesake Entertainment and/or the co-authors of the book version.

No sooner had the movie become a hit financially that LaHaye took the movie people to court, apparently because he had given them too much contractual right to the profits. Charisma News Service put it this way:

"Central to the lawsuit is the question of the rights to the "Left Behind: The Kids" spin-offs. 'Publishers' Weekly' reported that deposition papers filed include a letter from LaHaye in which he says that the Lalondes 'think they have found a gold mine' in the children's videos, 'and obviously intend to dig all the gold they can from our terrible mistake...on an all-inclusive contract'"


Tim LaHaye has 40-plus books out, and has therefore made a lot of money on God's Word, yet here he is crying for more, making a courtroom stench of himself in the meantime. To the contrary, his partner, Jerry Jenkins, refused to take an active part in the law suit because he realized that forcing believers to court violates the Biblical guideline set by the apostle Paul.

The Left Behind movie had the pre-tribulation rapture as its central theme. Millions of Christians the world over just disappear prior to the coming of the anti-Christ. I must admit that, though it may sound ludicrous, I sometimes wonder if some of the more zealous Illuminatists have devised a plan to make serious Bible-based believers "disappear" just before setting up their World Order, but blaming it on a pre-trib rapture that they themselves have concocted for that very purpose of explaining the "disappearances."

If you think that to be a silly idea, recall what Hitler did to make Jews disappear, and know that he was not only an Aryan, but involved with Rosicrucians in an attempt to set up a New Roman empire of a 1,000-year duration. That was just a half-century ago, meaning that the same Rosicrucians are yet among us, somewhere, slithering around the power structures of this world, seeking to grasp them. Some Illuminatists want Christians to be eliminated just prior to setting up their World Order because we are a threat to their Program, always exposing them for what they are.

I suspected LaHaye many years ago when reading his Christian sex-guide book (with his wife as co-author) in which he taught us the intricate details of how to make contact with the private parts of our partner. Was he teaching the Christian community so that we would know the Christian way of doing it? No, but he was passing on to us what we had read in Penthouse prior to becoming Christians. Put it this way, that if we can't imagine the Jesus or Twelve Apostles teaching us in detail how to make contact with our partner's private parts, then neither would God dispatch LaHaye and his wife to teach us. But if LaHaye is a Satanist within the Christian community, or at worst a goat, it's not surprising that he came out with such a book.

More than a century ago, the Illuminatists Brook Westcott and Fenton Hort were leaders in the Anglican church and yet were simultaneously dabbling in psychic and spiritualistic investigations of the conjuring-up-the-dead kind. What is amazing is that the religious writings of these men read very Biblical; it is quite difficult to flush out their heresies. In 1851, both men were, with others, forming the Cambridge Ghost Society, which was given a more respectable/scientific title eventually: "Society for Psychical Research." Hort said:

"Westcott, Gorham, C B Scott, Benson, Bradshaw, Laurd, etc. and I have started a society for the investigation of ghosts and all supernatural appearances and effects, being disposed to believe that such things really exist...Our own temporary name is the Ghostly Guild. Vol. I [Life and Letters], page 211"


We are not talking a street club here, but quite elitist; the original Ghost Society was founded by Edward Benson, who went on to be the Archbishop of Canterbury, and it was into this utter stupidity that leading British Rothschilds committed themselves. But not just for fun. They were engaging demons in order to run the world by their powers...and Lambert Dolphin knows much about this subject as "remote viewing," yet has not come forward with any pertinent secrets the revelations of which could benefit the Christian community.

I have it on the evidence of a statement made by a reliable source, an occult professor at Stanford University, Willis Harmon, that the leaders of the Society for Psychical Research founded Stanford University. More on this later, but for now just look at the title of this Dolphin article: "Remote Viewing, Channeling, ESP--and the Power of God" (

There was no apparent heresy in that article. It read as Biblical as any Biblical-minded believer could write. But where he wasn't writing on Biblical things, he says

I enjoyed a wonderful and challenging career spanning some 30 years with a large and prestigious West Coast think tank...

The think tank was at Stanford, but note that he doesn't bring up that name. Dolphin continues:

"Because it was known that Russian scientists were attempting to use ESP, (what was later called "Remote Viewing")--to attempt to spy on their enemies, our government funded similar programs. So it happened that I was privileged to become well acquainted with some of the leading American researchers in this area of highly controversial "leading-edge" research. I gained a high respect for the credentials of these scientists and their scientifically sound approach to a difficult area of investigation. All this research sponsored by our government is now fairly well-known to the public and I won't attempt to review it here, except to say that the leading scientists in this field were looking for unknown phenomena in physics that might make it possible for information to be discerned by certain sensitive persons from afar [he's referring to psychics]--without wires or radio signals. Were there, for instance, faster-than-light particles called "tachyons" that somehow communicated information from a distant place? Was there in man some kind of (as yet unknown) receiver in certain men and women called "sensitives?"

Do the remote-viewing investigators truly believe that it's "tachyon" particles that enable psychics to discern information at a distance? Cow patties! But certain government organizations, for the purpose of furthering world conquest, know full well that they are working with people who communicate with the spirit world.

From the outset of the article, Dolphin shares his activities in ESP phenomena prior to his becoming a Christian. After mentioning some experiments conducted under Prof. J. B. Rhine of Duke University, Dolphin then tells us that he himself conducted his own psychic investigations through a "fascinating" professional astrologer (no name mentioned), for "several months," claiming that the investigation was somewhat successful. Next, he says, "the Chinese book called the I-Ching also "worked" for me." Next, he says that he was seeing a psychiatrist three days per week, but for the sole purpose of his "quest for truth." Next, he claims that he investigated LSD when an Episcopal priest in his area, Alan Watts, was investigating it. According to Dolphin, Watts was teaching "Zen Buddhism, Hinduism and related eastern religions" prior to his LSD experiments.

The "Episcopal" church is the American name for the Anglican church, the church which Westcott and Hort belonged to when they were performing similar investigations through the Ghost Society. The early Rothschilds had worked with occult leaders in the Anglican church, the purpose of which was an Anglican-sponsored Zionism; Henry Drummond of the Irvingite church -- the "New Apostolic" cult that founded pre-tribulationism and the charismatic movement -- had special involvement in early Zionism through the so-called "Jews Society." The Anglicans, especially the monarchs, were promised a major role in the rule of the Rothschild Millennium (all of this to be discussed later).

It seems blatantly obvious to me that Dolphin was employed to make occult investigations wherefore he may have been an Illuminatist himself (i.e. sworn to sacrifice himself for life to the secretive Illuminati cause, or face terrible consequences). His investigations into LSD were quite professional (though that seems like an oxymoronic statement to me), conducted, according to his own words, in a "research studio of a medical research foundation in California." Dolphin didn't identify the foundation, again (no wonder), but it turns out to be the Stanford Research Institute, which indeed conducted LSD experiments as one of its projects!

Dolphin claims that he became opposed to drugs after undertaking these experiments, due to his 1962 conversion to Christianity. And yet, as a Christian, he didn't expose Stanford as a den of Illuminatists, but says that he had "a wonderful and challenging career" with a "prestigious" think tank. Thus in the midst of elaborating on its divination practices, Dolphin shows pride for Stanford.

In fact, he goes on to say that he had been "privileged" to become acquainted with diviners, and instead of exposing remote viewing as an occult scheme from Hell, he praises it by saying that he had "gained high respect" for the scientists working with diviners. Remember, he was saying these things as a Christian! Moreover, the remote-viewing work was conducted in the early 1970s, long after he had become a Christian (in 1962).

Willis Harmon was a former chief at Stanford University and a known plotter in a huge Satanic conspiracy that likewise involved LSD experiments. In fact, the conspiracy was suspected as a high-level program to feed the youth of America LSD (and everything else that went with it) for to make them compliant to, and supportive of, the Illuminati world agenda. Why hasn't Dolphin, who loves to write on interesting topics, looked into the matter of Harmon's conspiracy, on our behalf, while attempting to expose its globalist activities? Where is Dolphin's website exposing Harmon as an occult guru in a white shirt and tie? Where is his article exposing Stanford's role in Harmon's plot? Why is it that whenever he touches on these matters, there is consistently a benign attitude toward the perpetrators of the crimes? Jesus implied that if you're not against the perpetrators, you're for them!

Westcott and Hort were involved closely with Arthur Balfour, who became Prime Minister of England before going as Foreign Secretary, and in that latter capacity he establishing Zionism on a sure footing via the Balfour Declaration of 1917...that ultimately led to the 1948 re-establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. Do not for this reason suppose that Balfour was a godly man, for he was not: he was one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research, and afterward its president. Seances were held in his home, if that helps to make my point, and not just for fun. They were practicing remote viewing in attempts to find demonic support for their political aspirations! Modern Zionism thus becomes a Satanic movement, contrary to what the Illuminatists would want us to believe. No greater support do the Zionist Illuminatists have than in the Christian dispensationalists.

It is now the growing claim amid some Christian New-World-Order watchers that the Council for National Policy has been under-girded financially by the false messiah, Rev. Moon. And not only CNP and LaHaye, but Jerry Falwell and other morality champions have reportedly taken money from a plurality of Moon's Moon's attempts to create alliances with American evangelicals. Apparently, Beverly LaHaye (Tim's wife) received money from the Moonies not only to bail Falwell out in his time of financial need, but to start her own organization.

When I first read these reports, I was skeptical. But as I haven't come across one website denying these charges, neither by the LaHayes nor by their supporters, I have come to believe the reports enough to share them here as likely. What's going on? I was all for the "moral majority" movements, but this is not only going too far into the hypocritical; it's suspect for creating Illuminati ties. For further reading on that topic, see the website of Tim and Barbara Aho:

Television evangelist, Dr. James Kennedy, whom has shot up in popularity in recent years, has simultaneously become a major figure in the political-activist camp of conservative Christians, and is connected to the membership of the CNP and other such movements. At one time I considered him to be one of the more solid and dependable television personalities, only to discover that he views the Zodiac as 12 prophecies from God (e.g. his book, "The Real Meaning of the Zodiac"). And that's all I need to know to suspect him.

From another Aho webpage it is claimed that "D. James Kennedy glorifies Cheiron as a self-sacrificing prototype of Jesus." In Greek myth, Cheiron was, aside from the constellation of Sagitarius, an important figure of the dragon bloodline.

Does it occur to us that it may be the task of certain occult men to become respected leaders in the Christian community so that at a certain time they can oppose, even with persecution, other Christians whom they deem hypocrites? There is a gap as large as Hell between Bible-based Christians who stick to the Bible, and Bible-based Christians who veer off into Kabalistic themes.

In the dimmer CNP scenario, where the CNP turns out to be a secret arm of Republican Illuminatists -- to secure the Christian vote -- we may soon have the makings of the Biblical False Prophet. For, the CNP is allied to the so-called "Religious Roundtable," while the Rothschild Illuminati, if not currently, then in the past, was also commonly referred to as the "Roundtable" (this term originates in the king-Arthur legend, which itself was connected with Templar Illuminatism).

The Council on Foreign Relations (in the United States), without doubt formed by agents of the Rothschild Illuminati in 1921, saw four of its members as members of the CNP in 1988 alone, but the CNP was formed only in 1981. What is the glue that bonds the so-called "Republican base" to the Council on Foreign Relations? And why are the CNP and other such "neo-con(servative)" groups the base of the Republicans in the first place? It just so happens that Stanford University was founded as a Republican-based organization.

It's no secret that the CNP and the Religious Roundtable are avid supporters of Zionism and the interests of Israel, for which reasons a practical alliance with the Rothschilds is a natural feasibility. We can suspect that Stanford is likewise pro-Zionist to this day since it supported Dolphin in a Temple-related project not long ago (to be discussed later). I would strongly recommend that you do not support any Temple-rebuilding program on this side of Armageddon.

Stanford is keyed in with U.S. military and Intelligence organizations (does a university near you work with the CIA???). The global computer industry was flung forward by Stanford's ties to the U.S. military and Intelligence agencies; Stanford provided the expertise.

Even if the CNP and the Religious Roundtable were set up to be antagonistic toward the Rothschild Roundtable, as some suggest, and if they are furthermore sincere and devoted to their said tasks of returning America to Biblical values, it's still dead wrong and dangerous to make alliances with the hard right of the Republican party where that extreme is represented by Freemasonic cults, white supremacists, and money-hogging goats (as opposed to the true "sheep" of Christ). What good is it to keep the secular Democrats from power while giving power to the false Christians?

Perhaps the surest place to find Republican Illuminatists is at the 2700-acre Bohemian Grove, the location of regular, quasi-occult summer "parties" attended by two to three thousand Conservative elite, mostly California business executives. The Grove, by law off limits to reporters, is an all-male gathering suspected as a haunt for secretive power men. Members are connected with the top 800 American corporations, and a Republican American President has never failed to attend since 1923.

At each summer encampment, the Bohemians sacrifice either a human or a dummy in a fire burning before a giant owl called "Molech." This occult ceremony, with several dozens of hooded priests partaking, evokes the child sacrifices that Israelites offered to their god, Molech (if you can believe it, the owl represents "wisdom" in the Bohemian camp). In the ceremony, according to an eye-witness report, priests cart a desperate human sacrifice down a forested path. The scene is across a river from the Bohemian revelers; it's night, and only torches light up the cart. The cart stops and for several minutes remains parked behind some tree-hung drapes so as to be obscured from the onlookers...whom are, I assume, to believe that the human sacrifice is being killed. After some time, the cart approaches a large fire before the owl, and something resembling a person in a body bag is thrown in and burned.

It takes more than a decade to become a member of the Bohemian Club, obviously through the most invasive screening processes. Admired members are asked to give talks at the Grove. Luis Alvarez, a member, often spoke there. Who is Luis Alvarez? Aside from being a big name in Einsteinian (i.e. pro-occult) physics, he was the man who called Lambert Dolphin one day, asking him to conduct underground-chamber hunts at the Great Sphinx.

Firm believers in ancient Atlantis believe that the empire was destroyed by a chunk of space rock crashing into the earth. And so what do we make of Alvarez, who gave the scientific world the fantasy, that you no doubt have heard of by now, of dinosaurs dying out due to a chunk of cosmic rock crashing into the earth 65 million years ago? That theory is a much-needed plug for merely one of countless holes in the greater fantasy of Evolutionism. Dolphin claims that Alvarez's root belief in a crashing meteorite has merit.

Alvarez was able to collect money from other members of the Bohemian Club to fund the Manhattan Project. Aside from contributing to the technical development of the first atomic bomb, he flew in a plane behind the Enola Gay in the Hiroshima bomb drop. Although he thus witnessed the blast with a bird's eye view, he went on to advocate even larger bombs. In the 1950s, he became involved in a Supersecret National Security program.

Illuminati ties to the missile/bomb portions of the Defense Department are important to Biblical prophecy because such weapons have developed into a viable fulfillment of the False Prophet's fire from the sky.

May we ask if Christian Republicans involved with the Council for National Policy (CNP) are for or against the Bohemian Club? After all, the Club is highly active in setting American policy in many other U.S. policy-advancement organizations. In 1990, a study on policy councils revealed that the most-influential three were the Business Council, the Business Roundtable, and the Council on Foreign Relations. In the Business Council during 1991, 26 percent of the Board of Directors were Bohemian members, and 12 percent of the Directors in both the Business Roundtable and Council on Foreign Relations were Bohemians. Moreover, 18 percent in the Trilateral Commission were Bohemians. These figures are from

But the Bohemians are merely California based men for the most part, meaning that there are similar Illuminatists from other states that are involved in these and other policy-making organizations.

The Hoover Institute (dedicated to Herbert Hoover) was formed on the property of Stanford University in 1919 just two years prior to the formation of the Council on Foreign Relations. Thirty-eight percent of the Directors in the Hoover Institution (10th largest policy-making organization) were Bohemians in 1991. On the Institution's website we read, "[Hoover] soon became one of the largest archives and most complete libraries in the world devoted to political, economic, and social change in the twentieth century." That's a nice way of saying, "we want to control the world our way."

I note that Rosicrucians have typically been in the business of changing the way the world thinks through libraries. In fact, the Rosicrucians gave us the encyclopedia...explaining why early volumes were seeds of evolutionism. The Hoover library has 25 miles of shelving, with books mostly on Communist themes. Yet the Institution has as one of its programs to spread democracy what we see happening in Iraq right now (2004). Indeed, a Senior Fellow at Hoover (Larry Diamond) is linked to the National Endowment for Democracy, "a nonprofit organization created in 1983 to strengthen democratic institutions around the world," and allegedly a branch of the CIA. The current President, George Bush, is in Iraq with the National Endowment for Democracy as his rally flag.

But the False Prophet could just as well turn out to be a Democrat who comes down hard with persecution on the Religious Right. President Hillary Clinton, with a vengeful Bill at her side while he's in a United-Nations post, comes to my mind as a frightening two-horned beast...that may appear before us in 2012 to swallow us whole!!

It is well understood that Bill Clinton has been seeking a post in world affairs because he is involved with the British Illuminati; it is also understood that Hillary has been planted into an elite Senatorial position by those who wish to raise her to the U.S. Presidency.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a democracy, but the very form of government that Democracy opposes, a dictatorial Monarchy! But it's a Monarchy having a Good and Reliable King who hands down perfect justice every time. We either trust him or we don't. There will be no freedom of religion in the true Millennium, except in the religion of Jesus Christ. If that's not enough freedom for the people of this world, I can't imagine what ails them. What more could we ask but God Incarnate as Leader, all the knowledge of the universe in one mind, and true wisdom superimposed upon genuine love? If I can have that combined with eternal life in an immortal body, I'll take it hands down over this world's raucous.

The democracy of the modern dragon bloodline comes from the Cecrops bloodline of Athens, a Gogi bloodline in my estimation. From that line came a certain Theseus, the founder of modern democracy. And that would explain why the architecture of a number of America's buildings is Greek.


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